Jialing is a very pure and pure and pure, a high-level, a high-level cup of high school, and only b is the first Jia Ling. Fantasy One day, he heard a friend when he chatted with a friend, he took me to know the boss of the fun supplies. He took me to go to the store and saw a look, I found a strong spring medicine, I have listened to the boss. I realized that it turned out that after listening to the new medicine that went to a woman, I immediately bought it. I waited for the medicine in the backpack waiting to have the opportunity to use.

Finally, I have the opportunity to play on Saturday, my parents will go to the east. I have to go home for 3 days. After I hear it, I know this is a good opportunity to be invisible. I will come out.

Zoo, watching movies, eating for 6 points, I am sorry, I have to go home first, Jia Ling is embarrassed to talk to me to go home? Still come to my house? I don’t have to ask if I don’t want it? Your family should all talk to the station at Jia Ling. They go out to play a big days. I am really? Then I ask my family to see, I know that my conspiration has already achieved half a mother, I can go to my classmates today? Jia Liling asked, um, good Jia Liling hangs away and said that my family said that I can say it. I will call the car to bring him back to my house. We turn to the night. 12 o’clock, Jia Ling said that she wanted to sleep, I will bubble a glass of milk to give him a drink. Of course, there must be a super spring medicine bought in the past few days, I will sleep after I will sleep, and I am waiting next to watch the play. Sure enough, I have passed, Jia Ling said to me: I am so hot, take off a piece of clothes I know that the drug effect has already sent me: then take off some clothes. Jia Ling said: I don’t dare to do it. I have been known for so long, I also want to see your naked, I said, what do you say? Jialing didn’t seem to have clearly clear, hurry, I said, but I took off my pants, I finally left a panty, I climbed to bed, took the clothes on Jia Ling to take off Jialing When you come, what do you want to do? Don’t take off my clothes, Aka Liling seems to be very afraid that I have thought that I said that she pulled her underwear and struggled, I pressed her, she was very horrified, I was still so close to look at it. She, her eyes are not big, very embarrassing, not very fascinating, but TK, I kissed her, she shocked out tears, I started to touch her grandmother, too soft, original The woman’s breast is like this. She cried even more, but she cried, the more excited, I said, anyway, you must be assured by me, but I always grab her. Breast, this makes she don’t have it, I just want to rape you, watching her resistance to more exciting desires, I said: I like you like you, you struggle, hahaha. You are called: the beast, let go … she is a sentence I touched her, half an hour passed, she was no longer. I said: Jialing, I am, today you will sacrifice for me, I want to fuck, I have tied the rope to tie Jia Liling’s hands, save her to block my beauty. I pushed her pants, it was a pink Little autumn library. Two long legs kicked. I smiled and said, I kicked me Jialing, you have to apologize. Said that I took the lovely small autumn library, and the green trousers appeared in front of me. I also concentrated on the upper part of Jia Ling, the jade milk tower, and the sling is up with breathing. I take yourself. The chicken has been very much 180 degrees. The bright big talents swayed. Jia Ling saw the man’s body scared. I said: Don’t be afraid, you will be happy, haha. I put the big chicken into the sling, picking up sexy sling at a little bit! Jialing actually wearing a milk cover, it is a conservative girl. Unfortunately, I have to be smashed by me, the shedding of the milk cover, the beautiful grandmother suddenly exposed, I quickly grabbed it, I grabbed it. , Too cool, Jia Ling’s soft little tits are stiff, and the little pointers are also bright. I buried my face between the two crispies of Jia Liling, smelling the frankincense, comfortable. I grabbited her inner treasure and asked her: Jia Liling, there is a small hole in this. She is confracted by her legs, and she shouted for what I arrested. God real girl, I will do it on the day, you caught me in the sky. She still tightened his legs, not letting me get the hand, but my chicken has been can’t stand it, I decided to take her jade milk, I ride on her small waist, put the big chicken bar into Jialing. Double breasts, then force her grandmother, chicken, she closes her eyes, don’t want to look at the moment of obscene, there is not a few, I can’t stand it, I am a charming in front of her. Double eyes, hey! I have been playing in her eyebrows in a row, but she closed her eyes, or she was blinded. It turns out that rape is so exciting, Jialing’s breasts make me play like this. I used my inner library to help her, my face, I also helped her to add a surprised tits, I would like to start raping, I said softly. I use the thigh to open the legs of Jialing, pull her green small Kura pull down, this is still good, pink this time I tightly grab the waist of Jialing, then force the top of her honey Go in, sitting on Jialing, looking at her chest excitement: Also white and tender chest, it is good!

After I finished, I put his mouth entirely to my chest, and the other hand continued to pick up the other chest. My move is very rude, Jia Linghao begging for mercy: hurt … Ah! … bite your smart … pain …

After I bite a big bite, Jia Ling’s chest also became red and swollen because of my bite.

I will continue to insert 20 minutes, I can’t talk to Jia Liling. You are ready to help me have a child, hahaha, tense, hit your head: Don’t! Don’t shoot it!

I still tightly, I have to go to the gongs like the gougite.

I feel that there is already a long time for three minutes. A, I want to shoot, say that my semen into Jia Ling’s N Jia Ling, cry, said: Don’t shoot again, pull out .

My meat stick is like being liberated, and the uterus of Jialing is placed in the uterus, and finally, the semen fill Jia Ling’s honey pockets slowly flow out.

And the uterus is also brought to my semen through my semen through my semen, and Jialing is sad.

I am so weak to Jialing at this time, and Jia Ling’s hands cover his eyes.

After I took a break, I climbed it. I saw Jia Liling to cover her eyes with her hands. At this time, I took my soft meat stick, and the thick sperm in the honey category was slow. come out.

I opened the hands of Jialing, looked at the eyes red, and then said that you are already my woman, you have been raped with me, I also took some naked shroud your abalone, I also shot. I grabbed Jia Liling’s head to my meat stick and said: I have been over!

My rude action is scared, Jia Ling is afraid that I will do it for him, Jia Liling has to be afraid to open my meat stick.

Less hands, Jia Ling did not tell the way to control the depth of the meat stick, Jiali only continued to absorb the glans and did not dare to put the meat stick into your mouth.

After a period of time, I held the head of Jia Ling, and then put Jialing’s head tightly spanned, and my meat stick was completely inserted into Jia Ling.

The glans on my throat, Jia Ling anti-evil until the tears, when Jia Ling is uncomfortable, I will pick up the meat stick.

Jia Ling gasped at the tears, Jia Ling thought this is over, but I like this deep throat feeling, and once again insert the meat stick into Jialing’s mouth.

Just a few times, I finally felt that I had to shoot my mouth, I finally took my mouth, I was shot in his mouth, Jialing, was suddenly a semen, and I didn’t want me to put it. After the nude photo came out, I would like to tell you that you can’t say not to say, I went to the balcony to smoke into the room, Jia Ling had already fell asleep. I know that I have a love for me. Woman

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