The first time I saw it, she was still at college, she wore a white dress, which appeared very alcohol. At that time, I just had high school, although I was only 14 years old, but the body has been developing very well. I have a private life. I know that my chicken is sixteen when erection. I saw a beautiful look and bumpy body, my lower body can’t help but hard, but only this is only, I don’t dare. But her beautiful shadow has become the object of my fantasy.

The name is slight, I always wear the white dress when I fantasize her masturbation, and I took off her skirt before calmly, and then touched her tits. Her private parts, I will get my own penis to the hand is getting faster and faster. Finally, I think about the penis inserted into the small hole. Every time I can’t help but call her name, “slightly -, slightly -, let me date you – “The thick semen is sprayed. Every time afterwards, although a little sinful, this kind of incest is still remained.

I have always hope that I can see the body, but after several years, I can only think about it with her.

I have just admitted to the university, and I have been married for two years with my uncle. I have n’thing in the summer vacation, just play in their home.

One day, they are not at home. I went online for a while, I feel that the lower body is rising. When I want to solve it, I suddenly remembered that it is not very good. So I opened the bedside cabinet. Sure enough, there was a panty in the panties in the panties, and even a few lusts, it was too stimulated. I can’t make homemade, and I will open the laminated drawer. The things inside let me feel stunned. There is a disc, the above label is English nine hundred words, I want to put it back, but I feel that this CD is so conceived, let go.

This is the woman’s body I saw in my life, the light body, tall and straight nipple, full of hot private parts, and her lascivious open their own private parts, waiting for the penis into the way, full of temptation and desire Celled bed, after reading this CD, I have been shooting seven times, the glans and urethrough are a bit hurt. I once had a fantasy, inserted my chicken. When I am ready to put the disc, I am going to move, I want to think about it, so the beautiful light butt has been left in my mobile hard disk. That time I found out that I saw uncle’s medical records, doctors scribbled, seemingly written, semen thin, leading to infertility – no wonder I saw the condoms of the sandwich drawer, it is already a year ago . Now that they have a condom for their sexual exchanges!

I went to the field to get to the third grade of the university, more than three years, which video masturbation, I don’t know how many times, the period, although I also pocked with the present girlfriend, but I still want to feel the meat hole. I don’t know if I can have the opportunity to dry.

From the June of last year, I returned to Wuhan from the school, and I was temporarily living in my uncle. The next day I came back, my uncle just went to Shenzhen to travel.

In the June of Wuhan, the weather is particularly uncomfortable, and on the afternoon of the afternoon, I want to go out, and I don’t dare to go outside the sun. At home, the air conditioner is still very hot, and it is very thin, white short skirt can see the sexy red, full of panties, and the full thigh white is very dazzling. Although the chest is not very full, it is very attractive. This may be because he has not yet giving birth. I am uncomfortable, I have a spit, the chicken is hard, thank you of the shorts very high, I have to hide in the toilet, but I can’t shoot it, but I can’t shoot it. I have to pretend to be on the room. Look.

Hey is the kind of very kind woman, married for 5 years, has no child, but two feelings are still better. I secretly think, it may be because she can be frequent Japanese, although they must have hope that the sunrise results can be coming. I suddenly had a sinful thought, why not let me help them give birth to children! I have passed this ridiculous thought, but I saw the embarrassing flesh of the room lunch break, my lower body changed! rape? I really don’t dare, I still don’t know how to implement it!

In the evening, I said to buy a little thing in the supermarket. I just watched TV. Wait until she went out, I got the gods into her room, and I saw a similar harvest a few years ago. I still turned into a medical record of uncle to see a doctor, may have been treated, but the semen is thick!

There is no other harvest, just when I criticize the drawer, I found a small bottle of storm, my heart was slightly treated. Two pieces were crushed, I gently poured into the half bottle of the bed in the bed.

After dinner, my mood is nervous, and I am picking up something, I am watching TV in my room, I am watching TV outside, but I have never known what. Meet, I borrowed the toilet, I want to see if I fall asleep, but I have found that she has locked the door. Is she guarded me. Forget it, she locked the door, even which kind of cool, I can’t go. Go back to the room to sleep. I am going to sleep, I have slept, but I found a sideline of the TV. I shook it gently. There was a key to the key. I am essain, but I don’t dare to have her room. Key Even if you don’t know if she has been locked from the inside, if she has already drank? I have been waiting for 11:30, during the period, I haven’t come out, but the light is bright, TV set Also open, I estimate that she may fall asleep, but I still don’t want to knock on the door. Twelve o’clock, I installed it from the toilet, I am very angry, then I will ask: Hey, why don’t you turn off the light? I have asked a few times, she didn’t answer, I’m knocking on the door, from light weight, still there is no reaction. I finally tried to open the door with the key. More than a dozen keys, when I tried to the seventh, the door opened.

My head is a dizziness: white flowers are in a hurry to open their legs sleeping on the bed. That half bottle is gone, I started boldly watching the flesh. She is lying flat, it looks, her milk is not very big, but the nipple is red, the most versatous is, her hand is placed on the scrim, very awkward. I am still very nervous, I have walked over, I am afraid to wake up, I called:! no response.

I touched my arm or didn’t reflect. Finally, I went out and shake her thigh, still didn’t reflect, she breathed very uniform, and she was so sleepy. I finally made a determination to do this woman, my uncle’s woman! Take off your trousers, the chicken will play out. When I just climbed the bed, I thought I should take my DV to be put on the bed. The moment of physical contact, I am excited, chicken put it hard, and the stimuli of incest makes me a little dizziness.

I started to kill my mouth, down to the nipple, and the chicken was not eager to enter, but put it in the genitals of. I have also observed her expression, I am afraid that she wakes up, but it turns out that my worry is extra. In the continuous grinding of the body, I found that there is no obvious reflection, it is even more bold. I ride on her chest, put the hot chicken to her mouth, and aligned the horses, too excited, I want to shoot a few times, I played, I am a bit tired, I started climbing in her The lower body, lick her meat, first time, the body shook, my heart is mentioned in the mouth, it is ok, she didn’t wake up.

Finally, this a few years ago, I was eager to get the bottle, I was a bit mad, pull the bedside, lifted her legs, giving the chicken, slowly looking into, tense looked at Her face finally got in the roots, she didn’t wake up.

To be honest, the vagina, the vagina, is not as good as I imagined, but it is still tight, mainly there is no child. But inserting in mainly feeling very stimulating, the pleasure brings more comfortable to the Japanese sin. I started to pump, I have not been reflected, I am very happy, the twiggy is getting faster and faster, I feel that I am so wet, I don’t know if it is obscene or sweat, I Inserting insert, the sound of the genitals is getting bigger and bigger, I started like a few hundred fantasy masturbation, gently shouting the name: slight – slight – Said goods finally shot, I feel anal The muscles are striking in a strong contraction, and my penis is also rushing in the body of the body. She seems to have snorted and did not wake up. I am squatting on the body and touching her nipple. Finally, the penis slides from her body. I looked at it and she was sleeping, and finally used her head to open her meat, with DV, a secret written in her vagina with DV. After the camouflage scene, I went back to the room to sleep.

That night, I slept well.

I am almost ten o’clock the next morning, I was woke up, I wanted to work in the evening, I was afraid of death.

But just let me eat early, don’t sleep. When she was eating, she also said that she was asleep at night, and the TV was not related. I am just smiling, saying that I also slept very early.

After two days, I will return to Shanghai. But after a month, I actually listened to my mother and said that I was pregnant, saying that my uncle had bought any medicine, and it was letting it. My chest suddenly shock, I know, I must be my child. I don’t know how, there is a pleasant pleasure!

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