Since the Miss Bo X Xe became the most powerful woman in the city, it took a lot of women to eat incense. Of course, these women must have a huge breasts like Bagge. Ailing is one of them. She is not very old, only three years old, but there are at least 37 吋 before the chest! So being the title of “small Box” by the relatives and friends. In this regard, I will not resent it, and I’m more sight, but she is appreciating her reputation, but I have a little regret that I have been married so early. If you haven’t married it, you may be In a large number of pioneers, I will choose a lot of money, marry into the giants! However, she married Ajian two years ago. Ajian is a decoration worker, and it is also a door to the door! Iiling is a factory girl, and Ajian is more than 20,000 yuan. When I am married him, I appreciate his man, and it is also appreciated that he is not good, never let her go hungry. A Jian appreciated her body, and she had a strong pursuit to her, and many stunt have finally chased her. A nample characters are actually, in the bed is a strong hero, killing love in bed. I Ling is not strong in terms of nature, it may be a young age, the age of truly enjoy sexual love, so A Jian’s performance is for her, sometimes I feel that it is too much. However, people always have a shortcoming, Ajian’s hobbies in the smoke, gambling, women, all men, often full of tobacco tassels, making her quite troubles. Ai Ling had a few times for him to play a woman with him, and later habits. Ai Ling believes that Ajian’s behavior is still forgiven, because he is only a play in the court, and he did not deliberately got a girlfriend outside, or a golden house. This night, she was seriously protest to Ajian. When she didn’t love her in bed, she was never had to have tobacco and alcohol. If she drunk wine, he had to eat himself! When everyone is talking about her Baohua, the manager of the personnel is also recognized. She was only a small car clothing in the garment department, but now transferd her to the personnel department, and specially responsible for the workers who met the job job, and she was more responsible for the male workers. Her joined the Personnel Department, which suddenly rises in the employment of the personnel department. It is said that the young workers attracted the beauty of Ailing, no more choice, sign up to work. The Manage Manager gave Ailing a special bounty, and he said that he had a friend of a TV, and there is a chance to introduce her an audition, try to make a star’s taste. Ai Ling listened to the heart, and it didn’t matter if you take the opportunity for the Male. She felt that her entire world changed, it seems to be full of hope and sunshine, and the future is bright. At least, A Jian also became more obedient, even smoking, it is necessary to secretly touch, no longer like the previous big man’sism! However, A Jian may not know that there are many people who are in their private products. Due to the popularity of Ailing, many men are coveted, which is more powerful, and is the personnel and public relations manager Zhu Shu. This Zhu Shu is the relative of the boss. Since the temporary taught to the Personnel Department, he has witnessed that the proud achievements of the proud achievements, in the public, he has to pay this wavelet to itself. So he opened a position to I Ling, which has greatly gives her salary, and the position is the manager of the public relations. This is a relatively high title, the increase in the increase of 90%. Yu Ling is happy, thanks to Zhu Shu. However, doing a public relations recruitment manager to pay more services. Recruitment is usually carried out in the day, but the public relations work must be liaison at night. Due to the job needs, many times, I will can’t go home to give birth to dinner. In order to make money, He Jian will not propose protests. The problem is, what is her public relations? She is very nice to her husband, usually in the customer’s office, or eats. In fact, no matter where she is open, they are a sign. Have her occasion, because her double-peak cloud, usually a relaxed occasion, customers talk very happy. I Ling has more confident to your body, because customers have to admire her eyes and appreciate her, and I have brought her in the sky. Ailing gave the guests to the oil, but also it didn’t matter, sometimes even deliberately with your huge bars, and then appreciate the people’s disappearance. Under the arrangement of Zhu Shu, she made a business. She can also have some commissions. Ailing is more and more feeling that I can make more money using my own beauty. Zhu Shu is trying to enjoy the ingry of Ailing.

He cast a trick, is to take her to Taiwan to do business, to the night time is two days, due to the short period of time, He Jian did not protest, nor Aileen suspected him. However, to Taiwan, only a few hours to talk about the business with the customers, is to make a sightseeing tour along the time. Zhu tert brought Ailing play a day, both sides wearily back to the hotel room. When Aileen was fast asleep, the dreams begin. She dreamed Ajian playing with her breasts, his technique is very delicate, and different weekdays. A strong weekdays only get two to three chops, take off her bra, start melee combat. But this is different, Ajian gently stroking her Wanbian each cell bimodal, still hang around at the endless nipples, mouth and suck her nipples, nipples nibble from time to time, you have to get her unbearable, constantly twisting Jiaoqu indicate the other quickly into the territory, suddenly changed Ajian purpose, actually licked his mouth triangle. This is never more has not happened, because Ajian not always do so. She provoke each other in the mouth, twisting a more powerful, and under a strong hit, mowed down the Ajian, servant in her lower abdomen, also hit her awake. When she woke up, found lying in the lower abdomen was actually Zhu Shu, he then being embarrassed to come up with a stick in the mouth pubic hair. Aileen “Wow” to call a strike, Zhu Shuli snatch bridgehead that is, the mouth buried between her legs. She struggled, but how can not leave the position he has seized. Lick it lick, Aileen, could not. When she first was desperate resistance, but then the twist is obviously put a soft body, she has been very wet very wet, and there are an unprecedented intense pleasure. Zhu tert spotted the opportunity, free hip into the sky, with the fastest way to capture her inch of land. Ailing while still protest, protest Zhu Shu take advantage of, but she just verbal opposition, and did not take actions to get rid of the monster only to break into, but from time to time pricey buttocks, hands clutching Zhu t-fat waist for mating together. T know Zhu has been successful, then cast his time, slowly enjoy it. After Zhu Ailing to t a good meal to feed, spoiled asked him why he can come in and tampered with the original Zhu t even across the room two doors, the door did not sell, secretly went to bed. Ailing After this time affair, after breathing, did not have his back to the room, but around her sleep by the Zhu Shu. Ailing life only done with a man loves, this change of taste, fresh irritation that has not yet healed, and sometimes can not sleep. Ailing thought for a long time, so give Zhu Shu, it is worth, so deliberately burst into tears, he awoke crying from a sound sleep. Zhu t see her crying like pear tear, quickly took out a wad of bills have prepared well, give Aileen, the board said it was given to her extra commissions to thank her contribution to the company. Aileen see that pile of money, breaks through his tears, Jiaochen curse Zhu tertiary position of vulnerability. Zhu put her arms around t kiss, and then again with her comeback. This time, they have no psychological burden, play more fun, Aileen is never tried, sex can have so many fancy, you can have such a kind of stimulus to enjoy. After having an affair with tert Zhu, Aileen kind of guilt, she desperately to go home after a bath, the body of a second man wiped clean smell, it seems to calm down a little so that we can own guilt. A firm before going to sleep at night, pestering Aileen, and she must line adult sexual relationships, even though she turned down a lot, but there are still lingering fear psychological, if he has found a man to this place when insist forcing, may she would cut into two pieces. Aileen Zhu and tertiary after catch, I feel sorry Ajian, in fact, she was very Ajian feed too full, she did not need to carry him having an affair. Aileen for it, and Uncle Zhu affair, to her advantage is that there is a significant amount of additional revenue. This evening, especially tert exhort Zhu Ailing, told her to dress blooming point, it is best to wear thin and narrow shirt, revealing the pair from the already impressive giant wave, because there is a big customer, has about a dinner, also involves a contract with a major, if it became a business, she can at least make a million. Aileen see him put so nervous, so specifically to wash your hair in the afternoon, and then go home dressed up for appointments on time. Dinner place is a hotel restaurant, only Zhu Shu and that the guests, the guests called Mr. Zhang. At dinner, the two sides did not mention the contract thing, only romantic. Ailing Under persuade the guests to drink a lot of wine. After dinner, everyone on hotel rooms for business. It was a great suite, Mr. Zhang bluntly, for the robe and talk to them before. Between Aileen inadvertently saw a prominent belly, when she was found inside Mr. Zhang’s gown he should battle vacuum, within nightgown nothing. It is also more than a glimpse of not only pregnant, but also to see under the belly, there is a living weapon, but also in preparing for the state.

Aileen strange embarrassed to sit on the couch I do not know what to do. Mr. Zhang put his body depend on the couch, the hem gown spread out, revealing an arched matter. Zhu suddenly t stand up and say drove back to the company to pick up a document called Aileen must wait for him, followed put a note stuffed in her hands, open the door and go. Mr. Xiang Zhang Ailing smile, go into the bathroom, open the note, the above is Zhu tertiary write the words: “Any other requirements to be accepted, do not lose the contract.” Aileen I do not know the meaning of this word is in what came out from the bathroom, still unsure of how they should do do. Mr. Zhang put the briefcase on his lap, suddenly tired from the inside out a stack of money, saying it was a gift given to her. He admits pour Mu Ailing reputation, are willing to spend lots of money a pro-Ze, has obtained the consent of Zhu Shu, he took his swoop over. Aileen had a chance to get away, we have given Mr. Zhang clasped bimodal, he bluntly across her old sexy low-cut shirt, hastily put his head buried in her cleavage. Aileen thought: “Why does this man so fly capture big bite, he said, has been agreed to Zhu Shu, then, is Zhu t betrayed me?” Aileen then hand that is holding a pile of money, she did not push each other hands. To give up this pile of money, not dumb it? She hesitated a moment, Mr. Zhang has pushed up her shirt, bra also pushed up, mouth desperately sucking her nipples, then stretched hands under her skirt. Aileen Johnson cried, issued a slight protest, but she made only minor protest, because she has not pushed over the other, on the one hand she has the need, on the other hand is also a bill in trouble! On the contrary, Mr. Zhang is pushed her down on the sofa. She softly straight on the couch, Mr. Zhang constantly sucking her breasts. I do not know what time, He has put aside robe, leaping out deadly weapon under the belly. Although he has been fighting the state, but may be due to stomach too, by contrast, that place becomes very small. He crouched beside the sofa, opened a skirt Aileen, and around her thighs desperately sucking. Ailing in the makeup smoothly between the thighs also sprayed with perfume, this perfume mixed with the smell of sweat and that special place, seemed very much appreciate Mr. Zhang, he paid tribute to Aileen endless, and began to take off her clothes . Aileen is still undecided at this time, if you want to listen to Uncle Zhu told, later then I thought, this guy body fat so small, I believe that the effort is not certain what, if just a few minutes there resolved, she decided to accept the s arrangement. After a naked, she gave Mr. Zhang reluctantly onto his bed, Mr. Zhang stood beside the bed, Aileen only feel that he slipped forward, small penis will slip inside. She felt there should be little business ethics, so lightly twisting the body, who knows when she was a twist, Mr. Zhang has not help, then all of a sudden fall in Aileen’s bodies. A pot belly pressing Aileen breasts, that weight is very considerable, she took the opportunity to moan a little, but Mr. Zhang can no longer move. He probably felt a little too fast, could not enjoy life like they missed so slowly down on the bed to rest. Aileen figured, had a few minutes to make a deal, this is a pleasant thing. In order to prevent his comeback after the break, Aileen decide to leave quickly. She propped himself, then one pair of giant waves and rock in front of Mr. Zhang, like two big bell. She asked Mr. Zhang if you want to rest, if not mind, she would have to leave. Mr. Zhang nodded, then Aileen will be dressing to leave. In the hotel lobby, she immediately called to find Zhu Shu, meal preparation cursed, but could not find him, had to rush home to take a shower. Aileen has been carefully packed in advance again, but saw Ajian, her guilt has filled. A Kennedy asked her why she should look so hot, whether to smuggling, Aileen is outright. A Kennedy to her sexy clothes made from sex, insist on the spot pulled her sex, she can not afford to push the clothes were quickly stripped. Ailing really afraid Ajian found the place was just played, fortunately Ajian has put his dick put into it, and did not look carefully. Mr. Zhang just to mess meal miserably, now fortunately there Ajian to take over her duties to play with feel intoxicated. The next day at work, she tertiary punitive expedition to Zhu, Zhu tertiary warned her not to say it in the office. After work, she castigated Zhu tert meal, but Zhu Shu said about has been signed, she can get a substantial commission, Aileen spot turn anger to joy. Under Zhu Uncle half coax half push, the two went to a nearby restaurant to play for over an hour.

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