I was 18 years old, and I was attended in the first grade of a famous university in the provincial city. And a girl in the same class is standing for the age of seventeen, and people have a pure and beautiful, and the petty is fascinating. Later, I called her. Perhaps our two are the smallest sakes, so we naturally become friends, then we have a spring spring.

The year of the first enrollment is catching up with the fourth national college student literature, maybe the student of the school’s art department has a virtual name, maybe I and the high school stage are the literary backbone of their respective schools. Anyway, students will take me and 调To the performance team, a female dance teacher helped us to reach a double dance.

This female dance teacher named Liu Wei, more than 30 years old, there is a charm in the minds, in my teenager’s mind, she is perfect, she is perfect, I have been articulated by her dance art. Understanding and understanding, as well as the unparalleled elegant temperament in her deeply, in her body is a kind of beauty that makes thrilling beauty.

Under the careful counseling of Liu Yi teacher, I won the first prize in the fourth national student literary stress in the fourth national student. The news came, and the school was vibrating, I became a school in school, and there were more people who saw me in a young man.

Back to school soon, afternoon, Liu Yi teacher invites me to go to her at home, she wants me to work for me. It is also skillful that the parents of that day are born to the provincial city, and I will go to the hotel to see her parents, I only go to the Liu Teacher’s home.

Before this, I only knew Liu Teacher’s lover is a **. It has been going abroad for two years. Liu Teacher has a girl who lives in Beijing’s grandmother. Liu Teacher lives in a set of eighty. It is a very luxurious apartment in the age.

That night, I came to the home of Liu Teacher with a hedge cold and the snowflakes. After the doorbell, Liu Teacher opened the door, greeted me in the room, and a shackles came, although the outside is cold, but the indoor is integrated.

When I went to the living room, when I watched Liu Teacher, I saw a black swan trousers wrapped her bodybuilder, and the next day, the black waterfall, such as the black waterfall, such as black waterfall, is a choked into a bun. , Exposed, tanned neck, ivory, hidden red halo, shallow smile, is fascinating. Tonight’s Willow Teacher is the most beautiful side of the most, the kind of thrilling beauty that makes all men are moving.

In the restaurant of Liu Teacher’s home, I watered the exquisite kitchen art of Liu Teacher, I really can’t think of the elegant, and noble Liu teacher did a dish. After a meal, I and Teacher Liu returned to the living room. Sitting on the sofa, Liu teacher asked me and praised the cultivation of the cultivation of the students and the cultivation of the student, I put the situation in Beijing, and said to Liu Teacher, she agreed Listen, give me coffee and fruit from time to time.

I don’t know how to pass a few hours, and the hour should point to nine o’clock in the evening. When I realized that I left, when I got up, Liu Teacher took me and said, “Hey, don’t worry, take a while, chat with me.”

Liu Teacher is soft and boneless, holding my hand, full of eyes is looking forward. I can’t help but sit down again. This time, Liu Teacher is tightly sitting around me, a unique body incense to be angry, and there is a hidden in my side.

Teacher Liu told me her family. Her husband and daughter talked about my impression of me and said that she looked at me: “Hey, you are the best seen in the years. Boy, I really like you and, I … I, can you stay tonight, come with me? “

At this moment, I have understood the true meaning of this. Looking at Liu teacher became a blush cheek because of shy, I smented the body of the fascinating young woman, I seem to be in the dream.

I pulled the hand of Liu Teacher and muttered: “Liu teacher, I … I really like you, I …” I didn’t wait until I finished, Liu Teacher opened his arms and put me in her warmth. In his arms, she passed her beautiful face tightly on my face. After a while, she took her ruddy and sweet lips stuck in my lips, tight sucking.

Teacher Liu was surprised to find that I didn’t kiss her woman. She put the lilac strip-like tongue into my mouth, gently stirred in my mouth, but also megading me, my heart also picked up the tongue In the mouth of Liu Teacher, I stirped in her mouth, we wrap each other and kissed each other, this is my first time I kiss with a woman, and I kiss my most admired teacher.

I don’t know how long it took, Liu Teacher said in my ear: “Dear, let’s go to bedroom.”

I know what is going to happen, it is a goddess, with the warmth of the idea, I am not very high, and the rich Liu Wei is hugging in the arms, holding her into the She is full of female breath. When I put Liu Teacher in her big double bed, Liu Teacher was enthusiastic about her cheeks, showing a soft blush, showing blurred, eyes blurred, eyes blurred, eyesight Honey, she twisted the rich body, the whole body curve, the real is a breast, slender waist, fat hips.

“Hey, come, help me take off the skirt, this evening, I will let you learn the skills that you can’t learn in the book.”

I tremble my hands, pull the zipper of Liu Wei, gently fade, an almost naked glamorous young woman is in front of me, Liu Teacher has stretched his head, solving the hair, two rich, repair The arm stretched up, revealing the black mane, and his firm ** under the black lace breast.

With the twistedness of Liu Teacher’s body, the small and exquisite navel looks in the white, flexible belly, plump, rounded thigh, repair, and stroke.

However, let me feel the heart of the narrow black lace tripping, a few words of the lonely, like the red apricot, the wall is playful, and the flow line-like generic contour is told me. I have never seen the wise world. I saw the blood, I only felt that I was trembled.

Just listening to Liu teacher said: “Hey, do you think teacher beauty?”

“Beautiful, teacher is beautiful …”

“What do you still have to stay?” Liu Teacher said with a shy and exciting, stretching out of tender, and the slender hand pulled me to her. A burst of mature young women frankly like a silk, I only felt a blur of the blur of the blur.

In the meantime, Liu Teacher took off my coat and only one shorts. The first time I only wear a shorts in front of a beautiful woman, I can’t help but protect the lower body with hand.

At this time, Liu Teacher won the black lace breasts, that is full, pointed **, such as two white pigeons, the small, lavender ** is reflected in the skin color of the condensed skin, such as ripe The grapes showed extraordinary beauty; then, she slowly faded the beautiful black blossom strand trip, showing a mature, glamorous young woman in front of me.

The fans are the same, the beautiful young woman is the genitals of the young woman. For the teenager, I am a new continent that never already enlisted, a dark, thick inclusions such as the forest, the triangle is distributed in two rich, white tender In the middle of the thigh, it is covered with a micro-tapered **, dark red, hypothyroid, slippery big ** has been separated, showing pink slidden small ** and slightly open ** mouth, across a narrow will be yin, It is a small, dark purple, such as a chrysanthemum buds.

I saw the blood, I only felt that I was trembled. At this time, I only heard the teacher. “Hey, what else you still see, you can’t come over.” Pull me to her.

A burst of ripe young women fans are like silk, I only feel a blur of blur. Unconsciously, Liu Teacher has taken my coat, and only one shorts left in the upper body.

At this time, Liu Teacher has back to the back, unlocking the black lace breasts, that is full, pointed **, such as two white pigeons, the small and exquisite lilac **, in the condensed Under the skin color, it looks divided into beautiful, then she slowly faded down the beautiful black blossom strand trip, showing a mature, glamorous young woman, showing in front of me.

The fans are the same, the beautiful young woman’s genitals, for the teenager, I am a new continent from the unassigned, a black bright, thick incapacity such as the forest, the triangle is distributed in two rich, white thighs In the middle, it is covered in the micro-tapered **, dark red, hyperbited, slipped big ** is already separated, revealing the pink slidden small ** and micro-hoisting ** mouth, across a narrow slightly overcast, is Small, dark purple, such as chrysanthemum buds.

Looking at this beautiful people, I looked at the fire, and the dream of the young woman ripe, my ** rose as if it was in general, put the shorts, urgently need to find A gentle place releases all of them. At this moment, Teacher Liu can only describe “one side is an angel, one side is a devil.”

Looking at Liu’s face, full of red, beautiful, there is a swell, there is a lascivious, and there is an end. Her one hand went to pick up his nephew, if there is no, if there is no, the time is interrupted, the soul of the soul, the other hand pulls my shorts down, my ** Like the sword of the resurrection, you will now look straight now. Seeing that I have a long time, and it’s thick, and big. The fiber portrait is holding my **, 18 years, the first time has an almostxity, a mature, glamorous woman puts my **, an electric shock feeling from ** spread throughout the body.

In my life, I will never forget the one-eight-year-old winter night, and the cold is cold, the cold wind is cold, the big snow is flying; the indoor smashing, tenderness is like water, spring color Berior.

I and the long-term gratiance of my long, the gods of the female dance teacher ** barely filled with infinite spring, she gently held my **, love not to release the floor; I am like primary school students , Greedily looked at the big double bed and charming, enchanting, sexy, rich mature young woman.

I saw Liu Teacher white tender, the slender fingers were separated, and the middle fingertips looked with a small amount of Yīn Ti, from the charming **, there is a colorless liquid flowing out, moistly The genitals, a string of beautiful, the soul of the soul from her ruddy lips, I saw her eyes, full of red, Feng Yu, sexy ** twisted, intermittently said: “绛 … hurry … put your ** into my ** … I want you, the teacher gives you yourself … “

Teacher Liu divided his legs into M shape, pulling me on her soft body, I was impulsive, put the ** ** to her, this is my first time, ** The first time I contacted the woman’s genitals. The feeling like a dream, it is difficult to say. My ** touches the genitals of Liu Teacher, how can I not insert her **.

Teacher Liu realizes that I am a child man, I am happy: “Oh, I didn’t expect, you are the first time with women **, I … Hey, I am so surprised, let me come Teach you. “Said, Liu Teacher sat up, let me sit up in bed, I rose **, big, and thick, and long ** such as Qingtian’s column stand upright.

Liu Teacher will play my **, the feelings are like watching a rare treasure, after a while, she went down, back to my head in my yin, squatting on my body, fat and beautiful Paste your hip to my face, actually kissed my **, she put me ** ** in the mouth, the ruddy double-lip can take me with my **, the tongue tongue Touch **.

A hot flow is spread throughout the body from ** such as electric shock. The fibrary tongue put my ** goblue itchy, so that I float, there is a feeling of feathering deserted fairy, from **, it is a burst of pleasure.

Willow teacher is white, Fengqi, fat and beautiful ass, in front of me, from her genitals, a beautiful young woman unique body fragrance, a inexplicable impulse makes me use my hands with my hands with my hands. I started to kiss her young woman mature, beautiful genus.

When my mouth kissed on the ** of Liu Teacher, she was trembled, and then she was excited to teach me how to kiss her. I use the tip of the tongue to separate her **, the tongue reached into her slippery ** Stir, then use the lips to raise her, such as the small mouth, beautiful yīn.

My nose is on the dark purple, such as the chrysanthemum flower buds, Liu teacher twisted the white and tender buttocks, a colorless, tasteless, transparent liquid from her ** flowing out, flow in mine The face is on your mouth.

After a while, Liu Teacher got up and squatted in me, and the ** mouth is moving to me. One hand is separated from my own **, and the other hand with thumb and middle finger holder My **, the ** is the same, the dream is beautiful, the dream is beautiful, the mouth is already humid, the hole opened, and her fat hips slowly sat down.

My ** ** is touched by Liu Teacher’s fat, lubricated **, as she is slightly wrapped with her ruddy little mouth, she slowly sat down, I **, rough, and Long, big ** was swallowed by her **, and her inner wall of her ** slipped, tender, and wrapped in my **, the mature young woman’s ** is such a wonderful.

Inserted in Liu Teacher’s **, I am so uncomfortable ** as if I find home, I feel very comfortable. Gradually, her ** is all over, her fat hips are completely sitting on my two shares, my **, boost, and thick, and big ** Her **. Her ** is in the ocean, ** deeply as if there is a soft, seems to be wrapped in my ** **. The first time the first completed the intersection of men and women, and the last time the ripe ** inserted the mature woman. In the young, glamorous female dance teachers in the longer, the glamorous women’s dance teachers, in her tight, soft inner wall, slip, with wrinkled **, my ** is the first time. Quality leap, I also turned from a child man into a truly man.

Liu Teacher’s body is up and down, ** tightly set my **, size ** is strongly clamped my boost **, my **** touched her ** In the depths of the murder, the meat, every touch, Liu Teacher will send a dream like a fascinating snoring.

My hands helped Liu teacher fat and beautiful, knead, Liu Teacher suddenly in my body, twisted the fat butt, after a while, the face was posted with my face The face asked me softly: “Hey, women?”

I don’t wait for me to answer, Liu Teacher asked again: “Do you know what we are doing?”

Liu Teacher is slightly shame, put his face tightly on my face, twisted his body, stunned my **, said: “Teacher’s name is Xiao Sao bī, you This is called big **, let’s dry now, the big ** Juhua bī. “

Thinking about Liu Teacher’s white elegant, quiet, how can you imagine such a sensual words to say from her beautiful little mouth, listening to her lascivious words and shallow and smirking, I force up to send up Holding the body, ** is inserted to Liu Teacher **, Liu Teacher also twisted fat and beautiful big butt, sliding, with wrinkled ** powerful set of me is big, ** ** .

Teacher Liu is asking for a while, calling, the sound is really a beautiful music, really called people. Liu Teacher Liu suddenly, the hair was floated, and the breast was blunting with her body, she saw her powder surface, showing blur, petitening, fragrant sweaty.

Liu teacher suddenly took a few tens of times, then riding on me, twisting fat, white and tender buttocks, making my ** completely into her **, ** grinding Flower heart.

We have been interleaved by the snoring of the “” pleasure of **, the whole room is full of spring opinions, love is boundless. A burstless transparent liquid is slowly flowing from her **, making it greasy, sticky, Liu teacher in my body, will reverse the abdomen, Send “哧哧 哧哧” sound.

Liu Teacher’s ** is tightly packaged with my **, small ** is tightly clamped with my **, which is powerful, ** I feel like a beautiful young woman. I am trembling, ** is like electric shock, itch, from the spinal cord to the whole body.

At this time, from Liu Teacher’s **, a hot flow is strongly stimulating my ****. At the same time, Teacher Liu also accelerated the speed of reverse, and the voice of the squid has also increased much.

“Ah … ah … ah … Xiao Sao Bī makes big ** more comfortable … big ** is really true … ah …”

I also felt a burst of itch from the spine tail bone, a unknown force, gang ghosts, did not help but autonomously, the lower body, the mouth was also loud: “Ah … Teacher … Xiao Sao Bī is too … ah … “

In the sound of our two, from the central nourde, itching, stimulating the root of the **, a hot flow also could not control, from the rapid shot from the root of **, powerful The spray in the ** of Liu Teacher, hit her ** deep and interteiled meat.

My body kept moving, ** strongly in Liu Teacher’s **; Liu Teacher’s body couldn’t hurt, ** wall and small ** strongly contracted, clamped me **, that hot flow is sprayed, impact.

In the same night, dreams of a beautiful, mature young woman, I sprayed my life’s first note jīng liquid in it, and I grew more than a year of glamorous, wind, sexy, enchanting woman. Dance teachers have to bear the baptism of her love …

I don’t know how long, we have gradually calmed down from ** **, and the emotions of excitement gradually come down. Teacher Liu was in my body, kissed my face, my eyes, my lips, my eyebrows were slightly tender, the situation is clearly the pity of my brother. In the body of Liu Teacher, I can’t see the shadow of the soil, lascivious, and the shame of the beautiful young woman. She is shame on the white cheeks, and teaches themselves, and the students are indeed a very exciting and stimulating. Feeling a difficult thing. My ** is also inserted in Liu Teacher’s **, Liu Teacher’s ** is still wrapped.

“Hey, I really didn’t expect this to be your first time. Maybe I am wrong, but I really like you, I can’t stand the, you may think that I am a bad woman, no matter what you believe Don’t believe, you are the first person in my marriage, “Liu Teacher is shame, softly said.

“I am more than you than you, but I don’t want to figure out what, I only hope that you can remember me. In the past few years, I have lived alone, I have always hope that there is a feeling of my ideal to soat my lonely. Heavenly, there is a place in my life, it is not just your handsome look, it is more important to have the kind of different temperament, your knowledge, your talents. Deep attracting me. Hey, why, the creation is so tuned, we have to be more than ten years old, why don’t you have you young when you are young.

Listening to Liu teacher’s words, I was very touched, I looked at her rich body, kissed her beautiful face, kissing her tear droplets, whisper: “Liu Teacher, I am so happy, you Maybe I don’t know if you are the teacher of my most admired, I didn’t expect to have such a beautiful charming. I would like to be unforgettable. I love you, Liu Teacher, I will never forget this charming night, it is You use your body to learn to teach the teacher, I have learned something in my book. “

At this time, my ** has been completely soft, slipped out from her **, Liu Teacher also squatted on me, listened to me, Liu teacher couldn’t help but be shy and blush, and smashed the head buried My arms, “哧哧” softly smiled, half a day, there is: “Hey, you will pay a woman, hey, have today’s experience, don’t call me” teacher “, we both This looks together, listening to you, “Teacher”, my heart is straight. “

Looking at Liu Teacher’s shy appearance, I felt a inexplicable impulse, I put her hand to her fat, white and tender buttocks, I took it hard and said, “Just call you” teacher “, so that there is only Passion. “

Teacher Liu was smashed and excited, I forgot to kiss me: “Small bad guys, you are really people, I am willing to be with you, the teacher can’t let you call, I will teach you male. The secret of the female love, let you not only conquer the appearance of the woman, I will have the bed of conquering women’s bed. “

Teacher Liu hugged me in his arms, and the pointed ** was close to my chest. After a while, Liu Teacher said: “Hey, we went to the bathroom to wash a lottery.” Said that from me.

Looking at Liu teacher, white skin, abundance, bodybuilding, my heart is really beautiful, seeing the beauty is a kind of enjoyment, watching the beauty of ** is a bigger enjoyment.

Stri, slender breast milk, slender, flexible waist, although given birth, but the abdomen of Liu Teacher is not a bit meat, one is smooth, radiant, Feng Yu, fat, repair, tall legs and The thickness, soft hair, slip, and hypertrophic. Liu Teacher’s ** wet, she twisted the waist, and the fat hip was shaken, she held my shoulder, I walked together with her waist into the bathroom.

We sat in a large bidet, Liu Teacher was washed with her, and my hands were also touched on her rich body. But our hand is more or put the opponent’s genus.

Teacher Liu carefully puts my **, scrotum, and uses the slim hand to lightly, my soft ** gradually became hard in her hand. Under the suggestion of Liu Teacher, I washed Jin Liu’s Yin, I used my finger into her **, gently stir, Liu Teacher twisted her body “giggling”, I With your fingers, it is a shower gel in her slippery ** **.

Teacher Liu smiled and said: “The scorpion can be taught, you are a student. But there is a place you haven’t wash it yet.” Said that she took my finger from her **, gently The grass is clouded, and finally parked on her anus.

Liu teacher’s anus is so small, tight and touching, and it feels very hard. She twisted her body, her mouth in my ear, shameless, her face: “绛, this place is also playing place , You will help me wash, we play a quickness. “My fingers were shining, gently pressing the chrysanthemum buds of Liu Teacher, under the command of Liu Teacher, the index finger slowly, gently explore In her ass, Liu Teacher’s ass is very tight, and the lantern is wrapped in my finger. Liu teacher is like a silk, and the mouth is a burst intoxicated snoring.

My finger completely inserted into the anus of Liu Teacher, Liu teacher twisted the rich butt, my finger was in her ass, the bathing liquid got a lubrication, gradually her anus relaxed down My fingers can be free to go, in a large bidet, I took the full and beautiful Liu Teacher in his arms, and washed her ass.

We both came out of the bidet, hugged together, I kissed Liu Teacher, reaching the tongue into her mouth, stirred hard, she took her ruddy, sweet mouth sucking, my erection * * The ** is in her soft, flat belly.

Liu Teacher started a leg pan in my waist, let her ** mouth is facing my erection **, I hold her fat hip, the body is forward, Liu Teacher’s body Also tangled forward, only listening to “Tugger”, as Liu teacher is called, my ** has been inserted again into the dreams of Liu Teacher, and the fascinating **.

Liu teacher is tightly licking my shoulders. I sent it to the lower body with force. I held a slim waist with Liu Teacher. He holds the fat hips of Liu teacher, ** is in her ** ** Teacher Liu’s tightly with wrinkled ** inner wall sleeves, my **, small ** tightly wrapped my **. The tongues of us have collided and entangled.

I have hugged the fatty buttocks of Liu Teacher, and Teacher Liu took my neck with her rich arms, and wrapped her bodybuilder’s legs in my waist. ** tightly wrapped my **, Ubah flutters in the brain with the impact of me **.

Liu Teacher is full of red, andsitate to say: “Oh … little husband, kiss baby, I love you, big ** 小 Sao Bī … Oh …”

I hugged Liu teacher’s abdomen, Liu Teacher slept in my waist, my ** is inserted in Liu Teacher’s **, Liu Teacher’s ** tightly wrapped me **, I took Liu Teacher in the arms, ** inserted into her **, walked out of the bathroom, came to the living room, put her on the sofa.

I stood next to the sofa on the shoulder, and the body was pressed on her body, and ** deeply inserted into her **, swaying his butt, ** in Liu Teacher’s ** , ** Touching the end of the group in the end of the group soft, warm meat. Liu Teacher is fascinated, full of red, petitening, squatting.

“Oh … 绛, heart liver baby, kiss the little husband, the teacher makes your big ** to die … Oh …… 力 操 ……”

“Teacher … Kiss Sao teacher … Teacher’s Mercai Bī put my ** set too beautiful … I have to fuck you … Oh … kill you … oh …”

Liu Teacher stood up, my ** slipped out from her **, she squatted on the sofa, picked up the fat hips, showing glamorous, her big ** has been confusing, small ** It became deep pink, yīn is already erected, the dark purple, such as chrysanthemum buds is fascinating in white.

“Hey, come,” Liu Teacher holds the sofa one hand, touch the wet percussion, and praise: “Put the ** from behind.”

I use my hand to help Liu teacher’s snow, Feng Yu’s big butt, hi-quaint ** touched her yell, causing her a while, she twisted her body, shakes her buttocks, hold a hand holds My **, with ** in her erection, like the sorrowful yīn, the mouth has passed the tempting snoring: “Oh … heart of the liver … Your big ** really … oh … I teach you, put the big ** from the back into the teacher’s bī, this is called “dog intersession” … Oh … Yes, this is plugged in …… hard … Oh … hard plug …… Kiss Xiaolong … Big ** I am so dizzy … Teacher makes your big ** more comfortable … Oh … “

Teacher Liu guided my ** from her, inserted into her **, my body hit her fat hip, ** in her tightly smoother slippery ** ** .

I hugged the brother’s abdomen, the small abdomen hit her white big butt, ** Every plugged over, ** will hit her ** deep, warm meat. Her little ** is flipped with the gorgeous petals with my **. My arms have a flexible waist with Liu Teacher, one hand to touch the yīn Trummented YīN Tie, the fingers, the fingers are slightly smashed in her **.

Liu teacher also touched my scrotum and gently rubbed it with his fingers. She twisted her body, shakes her buttocks, forgetting: “Oh … teacher’s Sao Bī is more comfortable by the students … Oh … heart of liver baby … big ** in Bī plug It’s so beautiful … Oh … oh … make it strong … Oh … oh … oh … oh … “

After a while, Liu Teacher lie on the floor, two snow white, Feng Yu, slender legs were opened, high raised, I was in her soft body, put ** The ** was grinded in her **, which was stained from the prostitutes from her **, grinding small **, grinding yīn, grinding **.

“Oh … little bad guy … cool to death … Quickly put big ** into the teacher’s Sao Bī, … Oh … soon, exercise me … Oh … soon, put the big ** insert … Oh……”

Liu teacher called, but the butt was sent up, and a hand put me ** big ** aligned with her stream overflowing **, another hand, back, back One pressure, only listening to “Zi”, my ** plugged into her **.

My chest is tightly pressed on the white and stunned **, and I crowded around, while pressing the ass, accelerating the ** ** in her **. Liu teacher twisted his body, ** tightly set my **, pointing to me ** skills from time to time.

I will let me insert the ** root into her **, twist the butt, huge ** deeply buried in the deep part of the ** in the deep, warm meat; I will let me take the ** only **, and then put the ** to ** in ** …

On the couch, coffee table, on the table, dining chair … everywhere is the battlefield of our love, in the bī of Liu Teacher, my ** foot ** is more than an hour, Liu Teacher is caught by me Soft buffet, ** rush, fragrant sweating, petitening.

Finally, in the excitement of Liu Teacher’s forgotten, I put the jīng liquid and shot in her **, and strongly impressed her uterus. We are exhausted in a large double bed, holding each other, happiness.

Teacher Liu gave me the first time of her newlywed night. He said that her husband’s ** put her feelings in her **, and she said that her husband had alone in the spring. Lonely helpless, often looks at the yellow video, spent the annoying long night. Telling this snowy night, the first red apricot is the first spring breeze with the students of her ten years old, as if it is a newly married night.

I put Liu Teacher in his arms, kissed her, Feng Yu, and her in my mind is beautiful in my mind. Liu Teacher’s hand is gently holding my **, my hand swims in the patenta of Liu Teacher, laughing.

After a while, Liu Teacher got up to me, squatting on my body, buried between my legs and kissed my relationship between my legs and kissed my **, snow white, fat and beautiful big butt picked up in my face Before, Liu Teacher’s little mouth took my first soft and soft **, wrapped in, and gently rubbed my scrotum.

I held a white and tender big butt, kissed her yin, and the tip of the tongue was separated from her size. .

My ** was wrapped hard by Liu, Liu teacher put it all in his mouth, I feel ** ** has touched Liu Teacher’s throat, Liu Teacher’s mouth, ruddy cherry cover Wrap me ** **; I held a white, smooth, fat, fat hip, the tongue reached into her **, stirring, nose in her lavender, chrysanthemum bud, beautiful anus superior.

Liu Teacher’s ** out of the **, flowing in my mouth, my face, my tongue licked Liu Teacher’s meeting, and kissed her lavender, smashed beautiful, like a chrysanthemum flower buds.

After I kissed, I kissed a smile, let me kiss my tongue, I can’t help it, and I can’t help but tell me the ** into her anus. go.

Liu Teacher squatted in bed, put the fat butt highfully, his legs were very open, revealing that I kissed the wet chrysanthemum bud, on the white, smooth, buttocks, the lavender The anus is beautiful and fascinating. I can’t help but squat on the rich fat hips of Liu Teacher, kiss the small and exquisite chrysanthemum bud. After a while, I took behind Teacher Liu, holding her round, rich fat hip, holding a strong, ** **, ** to the teach of Liu Teacher, beautiful, beautiful chrysanthemum flower bud The anus and slowly inserted.

The chrysanthemum bud is covered with my saliva, and it has played a lubrication, so my ** is not too much effort to enter her narrow, tight anus, the anus is not too the same, expanded The muscles are strongly clamped with my **.

Teacher Liu twisted his butt, told me to continue to plug in, I lighted ** **, ** extends a little in the asshole of Liu Teacher, gradually flew over the eyes, my ** also It’s entirely inserted, and I am inserted into the fart in Liu Teacher.

I ** **, Liu Teacher twisted the body, showing flying, fragrant sweating, petitening, depriving the muscles have rhythmically contracted, clamped my **.

“Ah … big ** farthered to be too cool … hard … re-use it …” Liu Teacher called.

Liu Teacher’s anus is completely slipping, my ** can be **, and her anus’s demarcation is forced to be **, don’t have a taste.

“Teacher, original, farting can also fuck, I really didn’t think that there are so many places to play on women.”

“Yes, there are many places to play on the teacher. The teacher is willing to teach you to play, when do you want to play, when do you play with you, how do you want to play, the teacher will play with you.”

** In the anus of Liu Teacher **, Liu Teacher’s fingers gently rubbed my scrotum, in the asshole of Liu Teacher, my ** was laid by her asshole, ** For a long time, I finally shot the jīng liquid in the anus of Liu Teacher.

Cleaned from the bathroom, I hugged with Liu Teacher to lying in bed, Liu Teacher took me in her arms, my mouth kissed her **, and her hand pinned her fat buttocks, Liu Teacher’s Holding my ** gently set, tell me, she must cultivate me into a ** master who loves women, and exercises the tips of the **.

Liu teacher hugged me, taught me how to be with women, how to kiss with a woman, how to be with a woman; how to be with the virgin, how to be with young women. I said that I demonstrate, I made my **, and I opened it again in the ** of Liu Teacher again.

This night, my ** in the mouth of Liu Teacher, ** and the anus, finally, Liu Teacher Li put me in her abundant arms, my ** plugged in her ** Sweetd into dreams.

I don’t know when I woke up from my sleep, it’s already bright, and when I look at it, Liu Teacher is not around. I wore pajamas, walked out of the bedroom, came from the kitchen, I walked into the kitchen, I saw Liu Teacher wearing pajamas and is preparing breakfast.

Looking at the fascinating figure of Liu Teacher, I remembered the sweetness and mad last night, looked at Liu teacher’s slim waist, the round abdomen, my ** couldn’t help but slowly, I walked over from behind and hug willow Teacher, Liu teacher returned to me and smiled softly, kissed me, turned it again and continued to be busy.

I ** ** across pajamas on the soft buttocks of Liu Teacher, in her pajamas, ah, Liu Teacher’s pajamas did not wear! My hand stretched into her groin, and the finger explored her **, gently stired, pressing yīn Tiji, Ji Liu teacher is only slightly laughing, later, her ** gradually moist, her The hand gradually stopped, supported on the console, gently gasping.

I picked up her pajamas, here, Liu Teacher’s legs have been separated, I put me ** ** to her **, only listen to “Zi”, my ** In the ** of Liu Teacher, Liu Teacher is called, and the ** is tightly wrapped in me.

I support Liu teacher’s rich fat buttocks, and I hit the **, and the scrotum hit the **. After Liu Teacher first supported the operator. Later, I was able to work on the console, Jiaojiacker . Here, our pajamas have long been on the ground.

In the restaurant, I and Teacher Liu were on the consignment desk, my ** was in her with wrinkled, warm ** **; Liu Teacher’s ** was wrapped in me The thick, ** **, the size ** is powerful.

After a while, I picked up Teacher Liu, put her on the table, let her lay on the table, Liu Teacher separated his legs, I stood between her legs, ** deeply inserted in her In the **, the nine shallow is deeply **, when Liu teacher is a starry, petitening, face the peach, fragrant sweat. ** 里 里 出 出 出,,, 部 部 部 部 部 部 部 部 部 部 部 部 部 部 部Under Liu Teacher, I sat on the dinner chair, Liu Teacher sat in me, I licked her slim waist, holding her fat and beautiful abdomen, the long ** from below Inserted in Liu Teacher’s **, Liu Teacher keeps his body, turning, warm, inner wall with folded ** tightly, set with me **.

I sent it up to the **, one side with his mouth and the beautiful grapes like a ripe grape, gently wrapped it, kissed in her rich **. Liu Haofu fell in the brain, floating like a dark brown waterfall.

At this time, breakfast has been done, I have no SHè’s signs, Liu Teacher will go up from my body, put the breakfast end, I pulled Liu teacher to my side, let her sit on my leg, Liu teacher is gentle, like a wife, fat, and soft butt, sitting on my thigh, fed me a bit, sometimes, I still fed breakfast in my mouth.

Teacher Liu said that she is already a woman, and the students who love their beloved are the spring love that can’t control the sprout, can’t afford the hunger. Put a child with a child to be a real man by the boy, with his own young woman mature beautiful ** to complete the 启 蒙 and teachings of the beloved students. Said, separate the legs, plunge my ** into her **.

Teacher Liu told me that she has given a call, and she will come to Liu teacher at night. At night, Liu Teacher will let me feel the different tastes of women and young women.

On this day, I slept for a whole day and prevented my spirit. When I woke up, it was already in the evening, I came out of the bedroom, and I was chatting with Liu Teacher in the living room. Looking at me, I showed a shame on the face, and then said: “It’s not ashamed, I slept for a day, I just got it now.”

Looking at Liu Teacher Jiao Wei, Tian Dynasty God, my heart is warm, smiled; “Don’t come, I will not come, I only sleep, and keep the spirit.”

The face is also a red, but I stunned, and then it hangs down the eye, and I want you to wait. “

Teacher Liu smiled and said: “If you don’t want to fight, you are really” not your family. “

I have a high-class student in Chinese. In this case, we can not know that it is a famous dream in the Red Mansion, and we have a look at each other, and the heart is sweet and sweet.

After dinner, we sat in the living room and chatted for a while, Liu Teacher and Yao went to bath. After they came out, I went in. When I came out, Teacher Liu was not in the house. Only a person sitting on the sofa of the living room, watching the merchant of Teacher, see me, she first shocked, then ashamed, I was deeply fascinated by her ponders, approaching her side. A faint fragrance drifting into nose.

“What do you see?” I didn’t tell the words and sat next to her.

The face rose red, I don’t know how to answer, I look, it is the photo of Liu Teacher, there is a person, and her husband **. It is no wonder that he will see so nervous. I know, this is the teacher who is deliberately arranged, just say: “Do you look together,?”

I looked at me in the shame, pushed the shadow to me, and I am sitting in front of the couch to watch Liu teacher’s club. I extended his arm and grabbed the waist, put the face on her beautiful face, and the face was hot, I said softly: “, do you like me?”

“… you … I like me?” Asked me.

I force the 怀: “What about you?”

Yan Birds relieved in my arms, ashamed: “Hey, I like you from seeing your first day. This may be” Love at first sight “.”

I kissed the shame and red, like a spring flowers, muttered: “I am also the same, dreaming of her thousands of Baidu, raising the head, but the man is in a dim light.”

I kissed the sweet little mouth, she kissed each other, and the young male girl’s love was induced by Liu Teacher. Our tongue agitated in the mouth of the other party and entangled each other.

The temperature in the house is very high, we only wear a shirt after we take a shower. In the single dress, I feel the heat of the body, slowly I put my hand into the blouse, and half of the half-pushed my hand, I reached it into her, because I didn’t wear a shield. When my hand touched the 坚 翘NS. Has moved true love, the girl’s ** has been ignited by my touch. She is slightly closed, let me caress.

I picked up into the bedroom. On the bed of Liu Teacher, I slowly gave the blouse, the face was shameless, and I didn’t dare to look at me. The girl’s Clear body is in front of my eyes, such as jade, such as the jade. Pure pure. Ah, this is the girl’s **, although there is no Liu teacher’s rich, but it is the same as her, and the young woman is strong, strong.

I am squatting on the body, kissing her white neck, such as the velvet radiant chest, kisses her strength, strong, and round girl. I used my mouth to smash the smart **, and another hand rubbed another **, and the body trembled, and the body was unrest, and the face began to become red, she reached out The delicate hand is gently stroked with my head. I will slowly take off her luminous pants. A girl’s ** naked body is completely present in front of me.

Unlike Liu Teacher, Glamorous, Fengzhuang, and there is a kind of charm, petite, delicate, but also round, charming. Compared with Liu Teacher dark, thick hairy hair, 阴 阴 毛 毛 一些 一些 一些 实 实 实 实 实 实 实 实 严 实 严 严 实 实; 实;;;;;;;;;; 实;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 实- Different from Liu Teacher, Liu Teacher’s small ** is slightly separated, can clearly see the ** mouth.

Smdroined anus tightly makes up, such as red chrysanthemum buds, laying out of the snow white butt, beautiful, beautiful. I was deeply fascinated by nature this beautiful creation, embedded in two rooms, laid the girl’s chastity, deeply smelted the fascinating, fruity of the girl.

The yin is hot, her fluffy, soft yin whisk, I can’t help but kiss her – a girl’s genital. When my mouth touched her **, the body was trembled, I couldn’t help but gently, I kissed her ruddy, slip, and fatty big **, with the tip of the tongue, Separate, kiss the red and bright little **, twisted with the delicate body, breathe, put a hand in his mouth, gently bite, suppress, do not let yourself be called.

Red Yanyan’s little ** is congested, slipped, and I use the tongue to distinguish the small **, go to the mouth of the **. Due to the female film, the mouth is not like Liu Teacher’s ** mouth, you can arbitrarily in the tongue, a circular block is in the ** mouth, so that my tip is not moving forward, at this time, * Secretocar Slit, greasy **, ah, this is a girl’s emotional **, it is a nectar in the depths of virgin.

My tongue, the lips are covered with the nectar of this thick girl. I touched the tongue, like the smart, like a beautiful yīn, wrapped with a double lips, and I have been kiss this time, I have a charming snoring in my mouth: “Oh, 绛, don’t …… Oh … oh … I … “

At this time, my ** has risen **, I take off my trousers, I am separated from her legs, and I am firmly in the yen, I can put it. On the legs, I use your hard to separate her legs. One hand is separated from **, revealing a fascinating ** mouth; another hand holds ** **, put the ** to the moist, slightly ** port insert.

When my ** ** touched the 的 口, 泓 微 微 眼 眼 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地Love you, but I have never been like this … you are going to be slight, slow …? “After the finished blush, unlimited shy.

I just kissed her emotionally, “Don’t be afraid, I will slowly, gently, let you enjoy happiness, happiness.”

My ** ** has been covered with ** from the **, slowly inserted into the **, and the people’s ** is tight, and the smile is frowned. I put the ** inserted the **, the radiant ** touched the hymen, I slowly put it straight to the deep circumstances of the ** **, frowned, endured the first ** pain.

The women’s film is closely in the ** **, I used to send forward, I only listened to “Oh,” said that my hurt is coming, my ** also broke through the female film, to the girl’s ** Plug in.

“Ah! 绛, hurt, don’t, stop!” The eyes closed the eyes out of tears.

I am squatting on her, ** is inserted in her **, I can’t move. Holding her with her, kissed the tears on her face, caressing her, comforting her: “, don’t be afraid, I will come slowly, relax, right, relax, I will not hurt you.” I slowly Slowly, gently put the ** in the ** **, the girl’s ** is tightly wrapped with my thick **, more wrinkled ** inner wall cover, and gradually calm down , The fairy, with my ** **, and gradually feel the thrill and happiness from the pain of the initial **, the wonderful show is slightly opened, and the eyes are blurred, such as dreams.

I also gradually accelerated the speed of **, ** completely inserted into the **, ** Take a look at the end of the group, the group is like a soft meat. I was got from me, and I couldn’t breathe, sweating, full of red.

The virginity is tight, compared with the Teacher’s **, the ** is much more than Liu Teacher. Red Yanyan’s little ** is touched with my **, wrinkled ** inner wall package, and set my **.

的 深 深 流,,,,…… 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 阴 地 地 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴泓 地 地 地 地 深 深 深 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 麻 麻 麻 麻** Strongly sprayed jīng liquid shot in the teenage girl’s **.

After a long time, we have slowly calmed down from the passion. My ** gradually succeeded, slipped out from the **, so that I took her white silk scarf and wiped her. The blond marks on my **, the blood of that some virgin, on the white silk scarf, such as the bright peach flower piece. At this time, the 口 口 口, 红 艳, such as the rain, the peach is beautiful. I hugged her, kissed her, and the birds were snuggled in my arms, and the crystal tears were flashing.

That year, I became 18 years old and seventeen.

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