There is a family, couple two people and a daughter. Because it is a neighbor, we often cross each other, long time, everyone is familiar. There are only two people in the day at home. Lao Li’s wife is a piano, a art teacher, and I am teaching in a school, we are working in an office. In summer, the piano wears a green suit, dyed a red long hair pressure of roses, the big bend is scattered on the shoulder, and the well-modified face is radiant. The eyelash is radiant, a plump body, a thin suit chest drumging, a pair of full-puzzled breasts, short skirts next pair of abundant long legs wearing a pair of meat-colored transparent stockings, white High-heeled sandals more like Zhang Min, charming. Their daughter Li Lina, the standard melon face, the smooth forehead has a granules of the sea, the darkness of the black, and the same long eyelashes like the fan are a pair of clear black and white, the nose is straight, that ratio The cherry can’t get a small mouth and tender and tender, and it is equipped with a delicate and smooth skin, and the perfect face, she exposes a faint smile, it looks quiet and elegant. At that time, Lina was 12 years old and elementary school just graduated.

One day, I came to Lao Li’s home, sitting on the sofa of his house, teacher. When the teacher gave me water, I crouched Li Na: “I will call my uncle.” Larina this little demon saw me, ran over, sitting in my thigh, small hips tight packet in jeans In, there is already a girl’s elasticity. She is back to me, if she can’t put my mouth, the little butt is twisted by my cock. It is long, and the fragrant black scorpion is also swaying in front of my nose. I am rushing to change the sitting, but the mulled meat stick has been woke up, let me break, the standing glans is the top of the tender meat of Lina. If the small disaster is actually shaken before and after, I have to push her on her, let her go to the TV. I saw her beautiful big eyes, beautiful face, my heart thought: “This little scorpion, I want to do her! Do her!”.

When she graduated from junior high school, she was fifteen years old. One day, I came back, just hit her from the toilet. This day she wore a tight-fitting jacket, but also adjusted her brass strap from time to time. Good soft shoulders! I watched the semi-circular breast of her chest, I couldn’t help but licked the dry lips. The round ass wrapped in tight shorts, making me more. I can see that her slightly pilot, a legs have also turned from the child’s bone feeling into a girl as a girl. Unfortunately, she is wearing a ball shoe white stockings, making me see that the pair of pretty pins. I looked at Lina, I can’t help but feel that she is no longer a child, and it is gradually a beautiful girl.

Just after a day after dinner, the hot weather, the piano called me: “The younger brother, the big sister wants you to help, give the Lina Coaching. I don’t know if you have time?” “Good opportunity!” I am a happy , Busy and unlaminated: “The big sister feels that the little brother, then try. When is it?” “If you have time, come first this evening. Good? But I can’t help you, I have something to go “Don’t be polite, as long as Lina is going on at home.” Hanging on the phone, waiting to hear the piano went downstairs, I have stepped to her door, gently pushed the door to go in. In the micro-light of the table lamp, I saw Larina to wear T-shirts, and the lower body was only wearing a light blue trip, the white legs, which hidden in the shape of the bra in the T-shirt, so I can’t see non-non-non-non-non-non-non- : “Lina, you are a small salary, I must do you, my big dick must put your vocal point !!!”

And because I quietly carefully, read it, wow! She didn’t wear a bra! It should also be too hot, she is drinking ice water. I didn’t touch her beautiful back for a while, my heart only thought: “Do her! I want to do her!” My dicks also reacted. I am afraid to scare her, I will cough. She seems to be so fast, I came here, panicked to drink tea, and the sorrowful call: “Teacher!” It is not as good as it is too stressed, and a big mouth, cough. The body swayed and went wrong.

Before I saw it, she helped her, her body is on my body, and the little butt of the meat is tightly posted on my lower belly. I put her little waist with her hand, and the other hand took her back and said, “Don’t worry, slowly drink!” I saw her T-shirt in front of her. A part of it, I saw her full-scale breasts, nipples, and it was very clear.

Lina stopped coughing, surprising that his clothes were not entirely (I only wore a four-pool of pants), and I also felt that one thing was gently touched her butt, the face was red, rushed out of myself. s room. Leave me, think about her, ashamed, aflaimed. On the evening, my thoughts were chaotic, and there were several topics did not solve it. The topic has lost the chic and smooth in the past. Luna took my abnormality, smiled, lifted his head and asked: “Teacher, what’s wrong with you? Is there any discomfort?” I stared at the eyes of her clevergou. ” Money! “Li Na seems to see what, beautiful faces are ashamed to blush. To prepare for the senior high school entrance examination, I can see the determination of Lina’s efforts. It is a must, so many time nest in the room, very serious, in addition to the tea, eat, take a shower, go to the toilet, almost no The door, only two days (Tuesday, Friday) must go to the English tutorial class to review the course.

When she went out, I would take her mother to buy a vegetable, slipping into the balcony of Li Na clothes, exploring it … Lightly browsing. First, attracting me is that Lina is hanging in the window to dry underwear, and most of them will be washed with hand after her bath, and the windows in their rooms are hanked. I couldn’t help but close the beautiful bra and underwear that shook it. At this time, I was hot, I would like to be blushing, very nervous.

I will take it gently, get carefully ornamental, pink bra, fine texture, slightly small, marginal lace lace, so tempting, underwear is so small, it is difficult to imagine how Dunnina, a mound, a round ass. With a half transparent, slightly invited in-to-inventive atmosphere, I put her beautiful bra on the bed, she placed in the drawer, the few different colors and models in the wardrobe, and were also removed by me, one And place, placed on the bed like the exhibition exhibition.

I trembled, I didn’t hang, and I didn’t hang, naked, looking at these beautiful clothes, fantasy with the owner of these clothing – Lina, I loved her in this room, I was crazy, she was, and she is Light pain: “Oh! …! …”. I picked up Li Na’s underwear, put the panties in the pantry position on my vulgar penis, handshed, and kept before and after. feels so good! I am intoxicated.

After a few minutes, in a dramatic pleasure, I shoot the semen … my left hand. I took a good sperm in my hand, and I was careful at Lina, I was originally placed in the panty pants position of the window, and the remainder of the semen wiped with paper, lost to the toilet, then be careful The removed bra is folded back according to the original sample, and then check it again.

In the eyes of the eyes, in the past a week, in addition to visually enjoy – Due to the summer, the clothes are a cool T-shirt, with a short skirt or hot pants, sometimes in the lower or bend, from her Loose necklaces will often see her full-scale towering breasts and cleansing, wearing a bra color style, a few randant sews in the living room to chat with her mom to talk to her, with the oblique sofa to see a little Clear-long legs sprinkled tribes … all will make me deliberately watch.

And when Lina went out, I also grasp the empty time, and be careful quickly into her room. I browsed it, and I played her beautiful care clothes … Turquoteling her books, documents, diary, especially her. Album … I hope I can know some of her privacy, and many times in her room for sexual imagination, masturbating … have also been a few times to Lina’s breasts of breasts, rubbing cocks in the panties, The grain of the cock is against the mouth of the Ponina, and the genus of the middle of the two thighs, shoots hot white pulp. All of this is careful, so she doesn’t know that I am on the other side of her full of fantasy.

On the night, I sat in the living room of her house to watch TV news. Lina just took a shower, I still rushing on the body, the beautiful face is a little red, and the black brightening hair is not completely blown. Hair filament is still wet, such as usually wearing T-shirts and sports shorts, showing her good figure, breast, fine waist and legs.

She also sat on the opposite sofa was wiped with a towel, and she looked at the evening news with me. I turned my attention from television to her. She seems to see the whole god, and did not find that my porn teacher is different!

Oh! Lina …… …… I think u kneading tall soft breasts …… I want to plug your small early female beauty points, …… teacher to do it! Lina …… Oh …… you little waves stock, little bitch, I want to plug your Nenxue rotten “, as the same kind of rape, obscenity often produce feelings of guilt makes my heart, but my body is there but with erection to respond. And such a wonderful life and a beautiful picture, but also because after she finished the exam the end, I do not know the words into action, regardless of the medium she passed the exam or not, she would not let me extra lessons after hard to have the opportunity to get her. Night after the exam, Lina and her mother happily have invited me to her house for dinner. Hey, chance. I went out to buy a delicious bowl of soup bowls, in Lina and her mother to eat pork ribs soup, nervous trembling joined pounded powder medicine stirring and mixing, asked them to eat, they have no doubt it’s fun to eat do …… finished soon, watched television, Lina went to take a bath, and she mom tired to sleep, they walked back to the room.

About the space of little more than half an hour, I heard her mother Lina producing a low sleeping snoring …… I know is a drug produced a utility, I do not worry, a few tentative want to wake her, she was sleeping as before, there is no reaction, so I feel relieved.

I sat in the living room watching TV news, Lina just showered out, who still steaming, some beautiful face bright red, beautiful black hair is not completely dry, more than half of hair or wet, a loose robe over her same good figure, Breast, waist and legs, just because the neckline is too open, you can still see her plump breasts, staggered, and disappeared the next.

She also sat on the sofa across from the ramp being towel dried hair, side chatted while watching the evening news with me, I will gaze shifted from television to explore her wavering. Lina said a little dizzy for a while, go to the following rest, I was very glad. Lina stands bulging breasts, plump ass twisted slightly upturned, a little shake and went to her bedroom. I took the opportunity to stand up, with his right hand ring holding her small waist, left hand leaning on her left hand, she was holding a half, back to Lina. Lina seemed to feel out my unusual move, was unable to push me, and said: “Teacher, please do not forget to go back to our closed the door on the outside..” I agreed with, retreated to the living room. I am unable to bear the hearts of burning desires, but five minutes, and again went to Lina’s room, knocked on the door of temptation ……

See you later knocked does not respond, then turn the handle to open the door, the room lights still illuminated in, saw the hook one soul goblin lying on the desk, like her mother general of fast asleep, I gently shaking her shoulder: “after Lina, get up! bed to sleep!” called a few times to determine the sleep she no response, I ventured picked up from her desk chair and put her in bed to lie down. I got a bad heart at the moment, I feel like quick jump out.

※ | JKF Czech Forum I turned and locked the door first, go back again to Lina T-shirt and shorts off, when the edge strip was hand trembled involuntarily, can not wait to gently stroked her Jianting breast, soft hips. Although separated by beautiful bras, panties, I speak well excited ah! Tonight she belongs to me.

I stripped the fastest own clothes, went to Lina’s side, carefully close to her to enjoy every inch of skin, it into his right hand could not help but translucent silk, covered with pale blue lace panties petals in fumble. Dough pubic hair, soft mons, oh! …… I use three fingers gently stroked back and forth touch Lina labia, oh! ……Oh! …… then with both hands together to unlock the bra hook behind her, raised her hips down panties …… Oh! ……Wow! ……Oh! ……So beautiful!

And finally her beautiful naked body of a glance, I can not describe the excitement of the moment, I am afraid the only first to wake her soft hands, touching her fair complexion flawless every inch of skin, though he knew she would not wake up so fast but this dream like night and day, even on such a real show. Oh! …… two nipples on small breasts towering, thick black pubic hair. Oh! ……Oh! …… We are now relatively naked, my erection has shown a stout 45-degree angle stands like a long time.

Lina’s breasts has been basically mature, delicate delicate, rounded molding, a pair of girl’s Rudi has tilted proudly, wore light brown nipples, buttoned size of the areola, nipple only about as big rosary. My eyes passed her flat stomach, and looked between her parted thighs. I can not help but took a deep breath ︰ mons so that micro-long soft white attractive, pubic hair has not grown, only a sparse few, it seems that in the middle of baked bread sandwiching a slit of the hill, just spit out the labia minora, It is no longer a little girl’s pussy.

One end of the small seam has already seen the thin petals covering the juicy nucleus: Peach is mature! I started to squat above her breast, play with a long-growing penis, touched Lina’s beautiful sleeping face, lips, like a penis to help her paint red. Oh! …… Slowly touch the breast in the upper and down … Oh! …… nipple … belly … Yin … Hey! ……. I am finely appreciated, she is different from my wife’s color, my wife has been married, and I often make love with me, and my labia is a bit dark red. I put my face near Lina’s genitals, and slowly dial the small tender bun, using your fingers … Wow! Fantastic! The interior of the virgin is a cute pink, thin little labie hiding inside, like a lips, tiny dew beads vaguely visible.

There is a small opening at the end of the little labia, and the meat around the meat should be a hymen. There is still a small diaper mouth. Oh! … I extended my tongue and started licking La’s labians, yuki … um! A bit salty and salty urine, the tongue is coming back and fell back.

Lina suddenly snorted: “Well ~~” is shocked! She still sleeps, I should also do the spring dream! I think. Then I took my finger to reach into her vaginal mouth, a bit tight, a bit of warm temperature and moist, I was considering whether it would pierce her virgin … I thought about it, what if I fate? What should I do if she feels a little pain in the yin? ……

Thinking, the two fingers of the right hand are still in the vagina about one-third of the depth, keeping back as a movement that is smashing, and gradually secreting some slightly smoking in the vagina. Oh! ……Oh! .

no! Can’t live! Looking at her naked beautiful body, “Let go in!” I have repeatedly shouted in my hot heart. I jumped out of bed and took a dry towel to the bathroom. He was put below the buttocks of Lina. She is also worthy of death! The hiped glans will be pulled down by excited, close to Lina’s delicate, and I can’t wait to insert it. The coarse glans just explored the opening of the secret, I have already Feeling the impulse of the lower body, Lina’s secret is warm and narrow, obviously never accepted the openness of the opposite sex, and the advancement of the meat stick will soon encounter resistance.

I think that I am about to account for the body of Lina, I am very excited, and the bottom of Lina is pressed down, then the hips are hard, so tight! Re-use! Insert it! Oh! ……Oh! … completely enter! Forced to open the soft secret of Lina. “Ah”, with the sleeping lunar 呻 吟, I just felt that the feeling of sudden falling in the empty, the resistance of the meat stick suddenly disappeared, I know that I have broken through her female film, then a warm heat The bright red liquid was blocked from the meat stick and the lips. The first time the woman was first involved in the man’s meat stick. Although there were some moist in the mystery, it was still very narrow, and the energetic resistance, so the speed of the meat stick was not too fast.

I punctured the soft girl mask in Larina’s narrow vagina. I finally blended with Lina, haha! When I went deep into the petite vagina again, I finally got to the heart of Lina’s vagina. Lina Heart trembled, feel the ultimate feelings from the deepest gods from the end, in a sputum, and the woman’s tender and soft shame, and then The hot glans on the palm sticks in the vagina kiss tightly. I turned away again with a lot of hard enough to put the lunal vagina, but now the hot meat stick in the deep vagina is even more harder and harder, and more burden is smoothing. The tender and bustle, more deeply in a small virgin vagina.

“Oh, … 唔, um!” In my connected role, the girl tenderly hooked, the core was trembled. I feel the warmth and pressure of the female vagina. I can’t hold it. I will soon to hold back, and I will take the meat stick in the end, and then began to push it, and try to grind the extrusion with the glans. The mucosa of the vaginal wall, red flesh flows out more honey juice under friction. As I ruthlessly squeezed and rhythm, a lot of secreted love liquid mixed with me forced into the mucosa to break out from the vagina, slowly dropped to the towel under her ass, every time my big The “哧” sound will be issued when the meat stick is delivered.

Lina’s carcass was folded throughout, two thighs were pressed to the abdomen, and the feet were rackded on my shoulders. The original crystal clear white breast was put on the yellow, I used a hard red lotus, and I was full. The small nipple is also congestion under strong stimulation. Lina Jiaoen’s tender hole ushered in a rare raging rain, and the friction and squeezing of huge masks near the vaginal mouth were swollen.

My movement is getting more and more rapid, I am confident that there is a strong and powerful invasion to really conquer the beautiful Lina. So I continued to change the position, and continued to ravage in the body of Lina. The huge mask hit the soft cervix like steel braking. When I crushed this last barrier, the sacred secret of Lina Finally, I was already opened, I saw Li Na, my eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, “um ~~” snorted, still lying down. I hurriedly relaxed and gently inserted hard, and the penis was packed tight. Oh! ……Oh! …… It’s cool to die! I am not eager to eat immediately, I have to enjoy the following. So I started to slow down the slow motion, the penis reciprocated, and the hands were slightly smoked, and she was smashed with her tits. At her brow, her brow is still slightly wrinkled, because the thrill is thrown, the prostitutes she spread out of the penis is more and more. Oh! ……Oh! … If she is awake, should it be painful and happy? !

Because Lina’s vagina is really tight, she is so beautiful, under the very pleasant feeling, about fifteen to twenty minutes, then I can’t hold it, I only feel the chicken explosion Turning, the turtle hair numbness, I am afraid that Lina can’t explain after pregnancy, I will hurry to pull the penis, and a thick whitewashite is sprayed in her belly, close to the navel!

Afterwards, I wiped her body, especially the Yin, but also took the scissors to cut a few her inclosures, in the drawer, to prepare for future aftertaste. The towel below Lina’s hip is taken out carefully, put it into my jacket pocket, and organizes the scene for a while, help her to wear the original clothing, cover it, determine that the patrol is in turn, after the original, it is as low as it is like Dear beauty usually kisses her innocent beautiful face, only quietly goes to the home, and go to the home to sleep.

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