The 2 office beauty was moved in the two other sectors because of the unit decoration.

The two girls are not short, one 167, one 172. Among them, 167 and I am old acquaintance, I have nothing to do with me. This gimmick is good, it is fat, but if the fat is fat, the chest is very big, a pair of big tits, with her, rolls in the chest, let people want to be non-non-non-non-non-

172 sisters are new employees. It is said that when I go to school, I am too flat. It is really beautiful, and I look at An An, I am smile, very cute. This female legs are long, the skin is tender, and a long hair has been to the hips. 172’s chest is not 167, but there is also a considerable gang, plus fine small waist, absolutely one. ]

Two sisters were arranged in front of me, and they can see two good sisters, and they become quite eye-catching in the office. It was in the summer, and the two women were not worn, and 167 very clearly, their own advantages were bust, often wearing a low-chest, V-neck clothes, 172 summer ultra short skirts, two white legs in front of me It’s really tempting to sway.

My work is busy, I am busy, I’m busy, I usually have the sky with the two sisters in the office. Although the 167 girls and I know, I really don’t have a lot of interest in her, but I want to be close to 172, so I often talk to her in QQ, and I have to say anything. I found that although this girl looks quiet, but I dare to say online, there is no lower limit at all.

I sometimes tease her, say some yellow jokes, she is not quite right, sometimes I like her, praise her legs, chest, she doesn’t have a disgusted, I still laugh..

Once I got off work, we also chatted on QQ, she sent me a photo. Although she was shaped on the photo, I blocked the upper body, but I still saw that this girl didn’t worn, so I asked her: “Is this what you are now?” “” Yes. ” “How does it seem to wear clothes …”

“I never wore clothes at home …” I 」I 呦 呦, I think this is enough, actually naked at home, and then think about her usually long legs high, chest, thin, buttocks I can’t help but excite it. At this time, let’s talk about a wig, I will bring her a wig to take a photo, she certainly knows that she is blocked by her body with her hair, I let her wear a wig, she is going to with me Fang Cheng meet, I don’t agree, I don’t have anxious, just asleep.

At noon the next day, I wandered her to eat, watching a movie, she didn’t refuse, in the movie theater, I remembered that she said that naked naked at night, and some excited, she reached her hand. She earned a little, actually no longer struggling, I took the opportunity to pull her around and grabbed her waist. In her ear, I said: “What did you get naked last night?” She also said: “Yes.” “You have a photo, I haven’t fell asleep once a night, how to compensate me?” “Hey, I No matter what you can’t sleep. “” I will go find a place for a while, don’t you go? “” Don’t go, I don’t have to make up. “Just, we said a few words, no I am thinking about her movie, I will walk away from a small hotel.

I entered the room, I was on the door, I grabbed her a mad kissed. She began to push me, but I quickly grabbed me, kissed me, and took the initiative to stretch the tongue. Holding her little tongue, holding her slowly, moved to the bed, and push her on the bed. Finally, the hands of liberation, understand her shirt in one hand, and touch her thigh.

She is full of red, hm, no stopping me, hands are still on my waist. I quickly felt in her skirt, I touched her narrow underwear, I found that she was still wet. At this time, I also unlocked two buttons in her shirt, and I went out of her chest, I also kissed her chest and kissed her chest, licking it on her chest, biting. She made a burst of embarrassment, struggling to unlock the remaining button left in the shirt, I took her breasts to pull down, a beautiful breasts came out, white and tender, two nipples were bright red, they were already hard. I bite one of them. At this time in her skirt, I have already opened her underpantger’s crotch, and I touched her wet lower body, and a finger inserted.

She lifted my head hard, entangled in the legs, and made a loud noise in his mouth. I feel that her lower body is a burst of lock, tightly absorbs my fingers, I hit it slightly, she suddenly made a scream, a warm stream passed my finger pointer, sprayed out from her small hole. She is actually so sensitive.

I no longer attacked her chest, pulled her white and slender thigh, squatting down her trousers, pulling out the hard-working meat stick, aiming at her under the body. She was almost never taken off at this time, only naked his chest, the skirt was pulled up on the waist, the underwear was also moved to the side, and the high heels were still in the beautiful feet, they have been inserted by me. When I use my finger to insert her, I have already felt that my lower body is tight. When I really entered it, I know that this is really the best, her vagina is tightly packaged, and it seems to be Some suction, constantly put me in the inside, I will put it in the suction of her down, and I don’t add more cool. My guy is not big, but I can do more than one hour each time. This time, it is endless, she is very sensitive, but it is also very obvious that I am deeper to insert her, constantly power Hold my ass, I am gradually, her feelings are getting better and better, and I have accumulated a big pleasure again and again, then it is a climax. She has a loud embarrassment, not yelling: “Ah … ah … …Very good…

… brother … you are too powerful … How do you so long … you have a deep … ah … hurry up … I can’t … ah, brother, you kill me … good … good Comfortable … you are so good … I am coming, I am coming … ah … “When she came to a climax, I didn’t stop moving, let her go to a top peak on a peak, she is in bed Six times, I changed a posture and continued to do her.

This time, I made her down in bed, but the ass, let me insert it from behind. This time is longer, there is a big mirror in the hotel’s room, I will do her from behind, I can see her in the mirror, two breasts are revealed from the shirt, with my movement The snow, the white buttocks, the long legs huddoo, the feet are still in the feet, which makes me more excited, I feel that my cock has to explode, it seems to be big. She is not stopping under me, there is no sentence in his mouth: “Brother … hurry …

… The rod is a bit … ah … you have a cock … ah …

… thicker … getting more and more thick … ah … Dry me … I want to fly it … “I don’t have this to vent it, and the whole person is squatting on the bed. I ride on my body. Dry once.

She has been half-state this time. I held her to sit up, sitting on me, and continued her with a woman, she shakes the sitting, but because of the position, I am inserted this time. The final is deep, she felt, but they didn’t force, just scream, gasp. I saw that she didn’t have any strength, turned over to put her down, and dried her up with the fastest speed. Her lower body has been swollen by me. It was a very tight vagina now, and I can’t stand it again, and a full of a full shot into her body. She was hot by me, screaming Called up, actually leaking again.

I have seen the time, I have passed 3 hours. Suddenly I feel that I breathe, my backache, and it has also reached the limit. However, this time I didn’t feel tired when she was in her body, because she did enough enough to be surcast, let me forget it.

After that, we will always date, every time she is in her house, she is naked, with different wigs, wearing a beautiful high heel shoes, squatting on me, as long as I like, always put her at any time In the ground, the legs were dried in, in her home, there were still a few kind of sex supplies, I also tried it in her …

Later, I found a chance to get 167. 167 Although there is no 172 beautiful, it is also enough, and the mouth is also the best breasts. It is a bit a little unexpected, and the company Chen is calling me with 167 to accompany the US customers, leading customers to the hotel. That old, I saw 167, I have been drunk on the best breast house, so I can’t hit me when I eat, I want to drink me to make me ugly. Who knows that I didn’t fall him, but I also drunk. High, during the period 167, there is a lot of not a few people, and the cooperation is very tacit. I went downstairs with the foreigner.

On the road, I took the wine and said, “Let’s go to the room!”

167 listened to my arm, she pulled my arm and said it, but took a few steps, she told me no one in my family. After listening, I am excited on the spot.

Go to her home, take the door, we are looking forward, let each other. The wine is full, the 167 face is red, holding me, the hot tongue is drilling in my mouth. Holding 167 face, side with her hot kiss, stroking her soft ear, soft, cold. Turn it to enter the 167 room, I pull the lamp open, the 167 child’s clothes have been taken off, leaving only breasts and dingly pants. Under the light, her skin is more beautiful.

I took a breath, and the 167 in front of me saw the gods reversed, and the skin of 167 was white. The body was full and elastic, and the white bra was wrapped in a pair of towering breasts, her thigh was full, The narrow tartar panty highlights her full triangular shape private part, she looked at me, and her appearance was a bit shy. I held 167, put her up and put it in bed, buried my head in a deep ditch in 167, sniffing her seductive fragrance.

167 hugged my head, fingers extended to the thick hair.

I grabbed her waist, I reached into her breasts in one hand, fades the cream, 167 breasts and jumped out, the snow is full, the shape is beautiful, like a bowl, two nipples are proud, nipples It is very small, still pink.

I have held the 167 delicate breasts, and the hands and soft and rising, elastic, gently touched, and put it back. Put her nipple with the tongue, and the fresh nipple becomes wet. [167’s face is even more red, breathing begins to urgently, my hand is compromising the heat from the breast, so she is full of hot.

“Oh … …” 167.

I feel that the 167 nipples in your hand are slowly hardened, and the other nipple is also standing upright by me. 167 full body crisp will be slightly shaking.

167 a pair of white tender thighs on the bed, I reached out to her hips, slowly fading her buttons underwear, 167 collaborate. I lost her dine inner panties and leaned over, and 167 pussy was revealed in front of him. Her pussy is full of fat, full of drums, detachable soft paint black fur into it, and a narrow meat is slightly closed.

My hand touches between the 167 legs, and the palm feels her slender hairy. 167 pettessory. I feel that she is hot in her, I stroked two petals like a big laboy, gently rubbed a while, and it was already a little wet. Open her two-petal labia, revealing her wet vaginal mouth, the tender meat is tender, the meat hole is slightly shrunk, can see the meat cavity in it, I feel the finger, slippery 167 closed eyes without stopping the waist, the plump and tender thighs are not shake. She grabbed my hair and pulled it, my mouth kept.

My lower body is already hard! 167’s little hand is biased to my hood.

She holds my 物, “Oh” in his mouth, it is very hot enough. 167 stood up, she pushed me on the bed, under my arms, volts, and put my mask up and down. She glanced at me: “Brother, you are here!” Said, she opened his mouth, including the mask who lived straight.

“Oh!” I screamed, the mask at 167’s little mouth, felt her warm oral, tongue particles friction. I can’t stand it again. He is busy blocking 167 movements, it is very hard, then like this, do not email it.

I pressed 167 under the body, opened her legs, helped my hook, and the 167 flesh was slowly inserted. Net narrow, warm and humid, 167 fleshy wrapped my mask. After I pushed it, I slowly took out, I put it in, started with this fat little little girl.

167’s hips raised and falling down, catering my pump, 喔 ………….

Gently snorted.

167 white blush, eyes blur, tapip the hips, waist to twist, white jade full breasts, shake, a burst of milk waves.

In my continuous delivery, slow in the middle and quickly exhausted rapidly. 167 bright face rose red, excited to scream, unfortunately, someone can hear it, the bed is dramatically swayed. The joy is already a wet muddy, and the sound of “rising” is endless.

We both intimately, admiring 167 moving charming, while smashing, looking at themselves, the mask is in the 167 legs, the thick broth in the 167 legs, the freshly close meat into and out, 167 big legs, The bumbler is swaying, the meat cavity is dripping, it is almost ten minutes.

167 呻 吟, I think she is laughing in the outer surface of Haha, the squatting is not asya 172, the same mighty into the bone, the reaction of sex is also the same. But I am galloping in the 167 full white body, I feel really different! Fantastic!

The impulse of ejaculation. But 167 is desperately moving hips, indicating that I will lose it. I took a breath, fierce a burst of fast delivery, 167 air didn’t pick up the gas and breathed, and if I couldn’t understand, my mouth didn’t understand, the hips were high, the waist is quite high, the meat Strong convulsion shrinks, making me almost jet.

167 white tender carcass showed a while, she closed her eyes, and the breast was screamed. I also stopped, breathe it slightly, let myself take a break.

After a while, 167 opened his eyes, looked at me, smiled slightly, and her nose was soaked, his face was pink, and the breath was slightly down.

I caught her, hugged her, and the masher dialed it from her meat hole, or it was very hard, filled with wet milk white liquid. 167 Touching his hi said: “Still this hard! Oh!

sorry. “I flipped her in bed, 167 understood that I have to come back later. She takes place to see me with the eyes of the question:” Is it still? “

I nodded, so I was obedient to the bed, the bow was born, and my hands were on the bed. For me, the legs opened on both sides, and I went up the round white hips.

The hips of the girl are really big and round, which is related to their usual habits. 167 The big and snowy round hips are high, and the flourishing black hairy is full of wet, and next to the white liquid, the wet hair is also together, two white tender The thighs of the people are smashing, and the fat snow hips presents a round arc, in my eyes, beautiful.

I opened the 167’s flesh, revealing the blushing meat hole, grab the 167 two petals whitening hip meat, put the hiped hips to her round butt, inserted, from behind .

167 hips and hips, welcome the top, and she also likes this position. I extended out, grabbed her shake breast milk, the lower body is very moving, and I feel the intimate warm enclosure in the 167 meat hole.

I quickly saved in the 167 meat hole, changed his hand, grabbed her snow and hip meat, kneaded, slipped and tender. The 167 light brown hips closed from the relationship between breathing, she slammed, and sometimes it turned back and smiled.

The 167 meat hole began to flow out a lot of obscene water, and my mask issued “咕唧 …

… 咕 … … “The sound, her snow white and soft buttocks shakes the next hit, plump fat and white hips with my abdomen, and they are piled up with a pile of piles.

I looked at the 167 meat full of big snow hips, excited to quickly smoked. 167 The narrow meat in a narrow meat put my mask hard to make this close meat more stimulated.

My masher was taken by 167’s tender meat, and the whole body was comfortable, and the mask was very hard.

“Oh … oh …” 167 whisper called.

I looked at my thick mask in 167 two white gliped buttons and pumped into and out. When the 167 meat hole contained the masculine, the color was tender, and the white prostitute was stained. When inserting, the entire mask is full of depth, and the 167 tender meat is squeezed. I can’t wait to insert all the hoods into the 167-hot tight small meat hole.

I am more energetic, and I will flourify it in a row, and every tender meat in the 167 meat cave is swallowed, which is strongly contracted, and her snow white fertilizer round hips will throw. I also feel that the glans is screaming. I feel that I am going to discharge, so I will step up, 167 pettages, my mouth is still “brother … brother”, round hips to greet the top.

I listened to her petitude, and I was ambiguous, grab 167’s fine waist, desperately sloping, finally a high pleasure, glans, jitter, shake the hot semen sprayed out.

167 I feel that a hot liquid sprayed in her meat, she suddenly fierce, and her meat had a sharp contraction, climbing my shake shovel, and shaking, round hips. The tender meat on the morning is dramatically shaking, and then the limbs are like a whole body, the body is soft in bed.

After calm down, the two covered this quilt, hesitated for a while, 167 asked me: “Brother, do you have someone else?”

“Yeah, can you mind?”

“No, don’t we hurt her?”

“Oh, no, how do you tell you?” I scratched my head, I thought you know that 172 was also asleep, I didn’t know why I thought, I feel that I just don’t explain, say: “In short, not Will! “167 slight smile, she held me, whispered:” Brother, you are really great! “

“Is it?” I have a little proud. After all, I have been praised by the girl. Every man is deeply proud. The only 167 has been died by himself, and lying on the bed, I am weak, I know her [is really true .

I didn’t stay overnight on the night, but since I had this time since I and 167, I began to be fascinated with her sexy flesh. Sometimes we go to work during the day, we will go to the top.


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