Wife’s mother suffers from high blood pressure, his wife occasionally will help her mother to the hospital for medication. A few days ago her mother phoned his wife and asked her to go to the hospital the next day to help her medication, his wife just temporary problems, they do… Continue Reading Pre-pregnant girlfriend in the hospital

I have been in the company for more than half a year! Especially the relationship of work is soon become a good friend who is better than a colleague in the factory, but because of the age of almost, the two of the two people become a dead party. One… Continue Reading Colleagues’ sister’s celebration 4P

I am a woman who has just been divorced, I have always lived very calm until her appearance. I am taught in a middle school. In the semester, because of the original foreign teacher suddenly left, the school has been looking for a replacement teacher. Her name is Sally, Americans,… Continue Reading Loss of wedding women and foreign female teachers

I have been married with my wife for more than two years. The wife Lin is 29 years old, very nice, 7 of the height, a well-known figure, the big eyes always flashed, the slender legs always wear tight legs or even Pants stockings. I am in a cultural enterprise,… Continue Reading Juveniles dedicated to the 19th wife (1-4)

Susan petite, 160 centimeters tall, but the proportion of moderate, pale oval face and cherry mouth, the taste of classical Chinese beauty, white and shapely legs, narrow waist and rounded peaks firm. I will not help any man to see her attention for a moment. Susan is familiar with the… Continue Reading Middle-and-ex-female colleague

It’s so many years with your daughter, and Junming is so nervous. Junming family often take a shower together. He and his wife often often make love, remember the first time and his wife in the bathroom, the daughter is not one year old. Wife doesn’t feel anything, as the… Continue Reading Help your daughter taking a shower

I know my wife Yialian, she is 16 years old, she is 35c, 24, 36, I know less than three months, I will marry when she is married, she can get married, she is less pregnant after marriage, she is grateful. Daughter is cald, I am very happy with Yaline.… Continue Reading Temptation Xiaoyan. Daughter ~ Three people