“Don’t make trouble – go out!” Ying into the bathroom, I have been tapping her rain, I have been taking her rain, and I will put the water in your body again! “

I saw the breathless look, and the lively and moving rainwater had to go out of the bathroom. On the side of the bathroom, she squatted. “Is it just a joke …”. When I saw Rainwater, Ya Yi smiled straight, and Xiao Wen, another side smiled. The bathroom is also open to the taps like it is like playing, and there is a burst of water.

“You are too much, know that the Ying Ying wants to take a bath and catch her!”

“I don’t mean deliberately, just open a joke.” Rainwater’s face like an innocent child.

“Okay, I went to the house with Yaci to watch TV, you can’t go?” Xiaowen asked.

“Don’t go, it is a soap opera and handsome guy, boring. I am playing computer games in the living room.”

In the evening, the sound of a newly completed residential building in the suburbs came to the country. Four beautiful college students live in a two-bedroom in the fourth floor, this is the house they rent together, so they have not been renovated, naturally more than other residents, this building is currently only their households. They have already adapted the environment of the environment, so they live very comfortable, but they don’t feel very worried, but it is all this, and the four young beautiful girls are pulling into the dark …

“Hey -” has knocking on the door.

“Who?” Rainwater went to the door.

“Downstairs downstairs. Water leak downstairs, I want to see what is going on here.”

“Then come in.” Rainwater did not have doubts, unscrew the door.

When the fifth person came in, she finally perceived the same, but it was too late, and a knife had already horing her neck. She watched the seventeen migrant workers walked into their rooms. The last migrant worker smiled and closed the door …

There are several people walk into the house, Xiaowen and Yayi are worried about the fate of the owners in the series. However, it is really worried, it is just that their own destiny is, and they have not waited for their reactions to break into the way, their mouths have been strict and strict.

“There is only three, and there is a little one to brothers.” A bald head said to a person with a knife on a face. The knife did not say, just referred to the lighting of the bathroom, and the bald smiled immediately …

“The head, you bring nine people to the house to give the two women, the three brothers are waiting in the living room, Along Yaqing will go with me!” Said the knife, The shot clothes go to the bathroom.


The bathroom is very large because the sound of the shower and the sound of the game in the game, and there is no feeling at all. She is cleaning the body that is very proud, and her hands covered with aroma shower gel are sliding on the beautiful body. Her hands first gently slided from the neck to the double millet, and smashed in the breast through the slippery, the breast was blocked, and the shape of the breast was also struggling. Under scrubbing, her double breast is more standing, and the two cute nipples have grown hard. Her hands slipped again to the abdomen, after the dry inclusions were wet, tightly attached to the inside of the vagina and thighs, covering the moving crack of the genitals, and then she is full of shower gel The hands are gently sliding on the vagina, the vaginal and yam have a lot of shower gel, and then sticks a lot of shower gel on the butt, she rubs the vagina and butt, that is, she uses her heart. Slowly scrub her carcass. At the same time, the evil footsteps are approaching the beauty of this bathing …

“Light!” The door of the bathroom was pushed away. Because the house is a girl, Ying Ying did not lock the door of the bathroom. I heard someone pushed the door, she thought it was still naughty rainwater. She used the hand to have some water preparations and taught rain, just at her back, she was shocked!

She stood three naked strangers in front of her! ! !

She immediately screamed “Help – Come – Rainwater —- Save me —- Help —-” knife smile, step by step, take a step close, she is close to her. . “You call it, now fucking is at night, the sound of the decoration is so big, there is no living here, see who will save you, I advise you to stay with the old man, one side.” Say to continue to approach helplessness.

“You want money, I will give you, please don’t come over, I will give you money -” 莹 is forced to the corner of the bathtub. She wants these wolves to stop the evil footsteps, but that is impossible.

“Laozi wants you!” Along with the scream of the grace, the knife slammed her, put her in the bathtub.莹 由于 了 了 性 性 性 双 性 性 性 压 压 压 压 压 压 压 压 子 压 在 在 压 压 压 双 双 双 双 双 双 双 双 双Then move towards the towering double breast. Yi Ying desperately dodge, did not let him kiss himself, but when his hands grabbed the twilled breasts, his lips finally kissed the lips of the graceful lips, and took her no pursuit. First kiss.

“Hey —- ah – -” The kissed, the Yingying is still calling, but others can’t hear what she said.

The knife bad breath makes the 莹 简, but the pain from the breast has made her have to return to the reality. The hand of the knife is raging, and he uses it. , Pinch, scratching the nipple, and the twiluch of the 莹 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 形 自己 形 形 形 形 形 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己However, the knife scars did not have the meaning of pity. The strength of his hands is getting bigger and bigger, as if it is the same as two pickups.莹 ‘s pain only has her vague shouts: “Ah – – 呜 – – ah – ah —-“

After a while, the hands of the knife were finally opened from the twilled double breasts. His stinking mouth was also left from the lips of the 莹, and Xi Ying finally could clear the words: “Don’t – seek Ask you – ah – Help – Save me – “

The knife is satisfied with the beautiful woman who is screaming and rushed again. His teeth bite the left milk that is already hard, the left hand continues to smash the right milk, and his sinful right hand is slowly extended to the bustling of the girl.

“Ah —— no – painful —-” The pain from the left milk makes the tears of the 莹. Alert from the lower body makes this beautiful girl shake.

The right hand of the knife, the girl, beautiful under the body, the cute navel, smooth thigh, plump ass, he didn’t miss it, and finally his hands stopped in the mysterious forest. The knife begins to explore the vaginal narrowed vagina with his right hand.

“Ask you – pick up – not good – ah -” 」无 无 的 叫 没有 没有 没有 没有 没有 没有 没有 没有 没有 没有 没有 没有 没有. 没有

Side of the knife feels with the pleasure from the left hand, while putting the right hand’s index and middle finger, slowly inserting the vaginal vagina, the warmth of the fingertips makes him blood, but also makes him difficult to inhibit her desire, His finger encountered a thin hindrance.

“Still a woman, hahaha -” knife to remove the left milk from the 莹, said a word, the obscenity laughter is almost equal to the voice of the dead. The right hand of the knife began to gently pumping, and the 莹 禁 地 地 地 地 女 女 女. 女 地 地 地 女 女 女 地 女 女…………. The knife can already feel the slight shaking of this youthful beauty.

“Don’t – don’t —- No – ask you —- ah —- no – help -“

With the thrust of the knife, a inexplicable feeling is impacted by the brain of the gentle, but once called it, they will be more exciting, but a virgin that has never experienced this excitement. How can I endure this kind of violation? About 5 minutes later, from the mysterious vagina, the white mucus was out of the mysterious vagina and more and more movements in the knife.莹 紧 着 不 不 信息 给 给 信息 信息 信息 信息 信息 信息 信息 黑 信息 信息 信息 了 黑 了 了 了 了 了 信息 了 信息 信息 黑 信息 黑 黑 黑 黑 黑 黑 黑 黑 黑 黑 黑 黑 黑 黑 黑 黑 黑Ready to start the beautiful virgin under the rape …

“Aolong, lifted her left leg!” Seeing Aqing can’t wait to vent it in the twiluated twillet, the knife has not been able to wait for Along. You will put the right legs of the 莹 on the right shoulder.莹 has understood what they have to do, began to struggle, twist their body. How can a young girl can host the enemy to have three desires to be entangled? Her hands were tightly held tightly, a pair of beautiful legs were scared on the shoulders, and the lips of the 莹 can already feel the temperature of the penile penis. Poor 莹 can only be crazy, but this is nothing.

“Ask you —- don’t – can’t —- can’t —- let go – spare me -” Yi Ying’s grief crying, and the knife scarred and looked at her.

“No !!! Lake! No !!! Help!!! Ah – 不 阴 阴 阴 了 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道On the side, Aron and Abain have been waiting, A Long shouted “Boss, did this,” said the hand of the Bai Bang breasts more powerful.

“Ah —— no —- painful —- no —-” 莹 证 证 她 了 洁 洁 破 破 破 破 破 破 破 证 证 证 证 证 证 证 证 破 阴 阴 阴The penis of the knife is inserted into the end, and that huge penis runs through the 莹 阴 阴 直 口. The bodies of the 莹 convulsive. It seems that you can’t stand this kind of violence, and the big droplets are rolled down from the eye angle. However, the knife did not stop, and immediately started deeply in the virgin, and did not pity. Every shock is accompanied by the scream of gracefulness. Every shock is straightforward. The homotheque, each shock has brought out a virgin blood, dyes the water in the bathtub into pink. The penis of the knife feels an unprecedented pleasure. He began to express it with a down-stream, so that the lying 失 莹 is more painful. “Fuck, so cool, small, truthful, I poke, I poke, I poke, my mother will die.”

“Painful —- stop —- Ah —- can’t – stop – pain – pain -“

“Don’t want money, my mother is dying. I exercise, a lot of water, I will die, you”

“No. —— pain – ask you – don’t —- don’t —-“

The movement of the knife is getting faster and faster. It seems that the 莹 is fainted, but the Ying Ying did not fainted. Maybe she would rather fainted to rape. Her slim body was pressed tightly under the knife. The two legs have been broken by the shelves. What makes her unbearable from the lower body pain, the vagina seems to be bloated, the residual female film is rubbing by the penis, and the homework has suffered a hit of the beast. Yi Ying feels that he seems to die immediately.

“Ah – to die —-” —————— “

The sword suddenly felt that the knife on his body came up, maybe everything was over. But the fact is not the case, the knife puts the hand on the stomach of the graceful. And very hard to press it.

“Mom’s little girl is really fuck, you come to press, I can touch my own dick.” The knife screamed. So there are two hands to be extended, but the painful pain is uncomfortable. She shouted: “Don’t —- pressure —-” —- hurt – hurt —- Ah – “but does not stop the movements of those evil hands.

“Really!” “The old hurricane, I can’t help but.”

The knife began to sprint, and the piston movement over and over again made the 莹 死. She can’t resist the rape of this violence, only screams and tears can be done. The lower body is numb, and the insertion of the knife is completely unpleasant. There is only endless pain.

“Ah —- I – hurt —- hurt – light —- slow a little —-“

In the sleevement of the knife, Yi Ying feels that there is something to flow from the vagina. At the same time, she heard the horrible laughter of the knife. “This little girl, haha, really comfortable, virgin is a woman, really fuck comfortable, hahahaha.” The knife scar is more quickly. After a while, the knife scarred the beast’s hiking, he used to force the penis into the uterus, a liquid shot from the penis of the knife, shot into the uterus of the 莹.

The knife puts the two legs of the 莹, 自己 自己 站 站 站. At the same time as he pulled out the penis that has been soft, the mixture of semen and virgin blood came out from the vaginal mouth of the 莹 大 大 阴. When he was in the end, he had been weeping. The pain of the lower body made her painful. She thought that everything was over, but after the Allowed and Abu celebrated her, she saw the root of all her pain again. She looked at the knife at her horror, I didn’t know what he had to do. At this moment, the two hands who grab the grabbing were released, and she was weak and weak, she fell into the bathtub.

“Said goods, now you are a broken shoes, and come over and have my dick.” The knife said to her, she hit her head and retired, but I didn’t know when Aron standing in the bathtub stopped her.莹 is clipped in the middle of two men.

“Faster, otherwise your face, not biting, mother.” Aqing took a dagger that had been put on the side of the dagger.莹 无 选择 选择The tears will not flow out from her double moving big eyes.

“The tongue is fast, I don’t think about it.” The knife does not seem to get too much pleasure. He shouted with his hand with a fan of the sun. What can the weak women of chastity? She has to use the tongue to lick around the stinky penis. In a short, the penis of the knife has been stunned, but the Ying Ying has no choice but to continue to bring the pleasant pleasure to take the most valuable people who take her most precious virgin. But this helpless succumber is even more exciting, the knife is not satisfied with the slow sucking of the grace, starting with his hand, starting with the head, just not in the vagina, delicate and delicate vagina. In her mouth. His penis deeply inserted into the throat of the 莹, almost let the 莹 suffocate, but this is not the most fearful, the most fear is that there is two in this narrow bathroom. The animals are even more challenged, Aron has grasped their ass. She wants to escape, but there is no way, I can only succumb to fate. Alan’s desire fire has not been able to curb, just grabbing the butt, the buttocks who have been squeezed, and they can’t satisfy his desire. His penis has not been waiting. At the same time, he was forced to hand in the knife, he also prepared for the rape, the sexy woman just being broken, he tightly grabbed the slight waist, backward, and aligned with the penis Like the horse, the goal is in the body, with force, hard, like iron, and inserted the vaginal bleeding. He is a shock of the gravity under his body.莹 crazy get rid of the knife to take the hand of his head, spit out the penis, screaming: “Don’t —— hurt —- broken —- Ah —- no – “

However, this group of animals are the dead life. In the 莹 呻 呻, the knife gave the tweezers of twisted tweezers and re-put her head to the penis that was hard like iron. I heard the scream of the gentle, and the Along on the other side was more excited, and more powerfully, the thick penis was very painful.

“Painful —- no — seek – —- —-“

The knife rushed again with the penis into the warm oral cavity, and seeking the pleasure of beasts from the blowjob that makes it unbearable. Alan carefully observed the beautiful sexy woman in front of the continuous thrust: a white girl supported on a bathtub full of pink liquids with hands and feet. A elegant long hair was viscous on a smooth ridge with sweat, which appeared to be particularly charming. The moving flux is swing before and after their strength. This is undoubtedly more exciting, but when he lows his head to go out of the penis, a straightforward feelings will always let him pay immediately: Two full and cute white hips have rhythmically, the middle The anus has been convulsted because of pain. It has formed a huge difference in his black and white body. This made Aron realized that he was raped, a beautiful college student who had already been eyeped. This makes him more powerful, and the blisters of the green-killer expansive penis are filled with white mucus and virgin, and the delicate vaginal can’t bear this violent invasion, congestion. The penis has been thrown out of the penis, the pink viscous liquid in the vagina has no big labipings, and begins with the piston movement of the giant, some flows to the penis that is being enjoyed. It is crying that the pain is crying. More in the thighs flowing down, with the white skin in the bathroom, there is a slutty color, so that the animals are more excited, so that the sun is more uncomfortable.

“Ah —- shot, really fucking. This girl’s mouth will be able to get it. It’s a sluggish.” Stop the movement of the whiteling head and stopped the movement of the penis. Live the hands of the gentle, put the soft bab rods yourself from 莹. When the mouth of the 莹, the smell of mucus was started. It was the semen of the knife. The smell of the smell made the 莹 莹 作 作, she starts coughing, I want to spit these evil liquids. However, the knife’s dagger is in her beautiful face.

“Drink, Laozi gives you something, do you dare? Drink!”

Yi Ying had to hold back to breathe, leaving the knife to the sperm of the mouth and drink. I sprayed in the sip of the penny and mixed the sip of the sip of the sip and tears slowly flowing through her beautiful cheeks in the sobs of the gentle, so that the knife has a new impulse. The penis is not tired and standing up. On the other side, Aqing can’t stop the original animal desire and rush to the knife: “Big Brother, let me try this girl?”

It has been trained twice in the beautiful body, and I have a rush to look at the monkey.

“Come on, good exercise, don’t want money anyway. But don’t just go up, you will come down.”

The knife rusted from the front of the sun, took a bathtub, and went to Aolong. Aqing rushed to take the position of the knife, pick up the penis in the mouth of the mouth. At this time, the lower body has been basically numb. In addition to pain, there is no other feeling again. Aron pushed the penis to bring her a bit of pain. Now, you can do it, only waiting for the end of this nightmare. Her thinking has been disordered, and if the mouth is in the mouth, there is no post-words, just express the pain when it is raped: “Pain – no —- Ah —- please don’t —-” – hurt — not —- “Aqing stood in front of Xiying, seeing such a beautiful city youth girl is naked in front of himself, and the desire of abuse immediately rushed.

“Give you, I heard that there is no.” Aqing’s penis made a painful voice into a sound. In the heart of the Ying Ying, it is completely desperate. She can only use the tongue to suck the penis of Abena. But she didn’t expect that Aqing who had watched a long time was even more urgent to rape myself. When he grabbed his head and smashed, he had to force it than the knife, and the head hit on the abdominal muscles of Aqing.

Almost almost suffocate. Suddenly, Yi Ying felt that his own double milk was worked hard, and then a low number is called, followed by a hot flow, and rushed into the uterus of 莹. She thinks, people who are raped in their own should have ended. Thinking of this, the heart of the Qing put it slightly.

It’s okay to think, under the piercing of the vaginal and strong visual plenity, Alan shot. He reluctantly took the penis and took a bathtub. When the next body, the lower body is already a mess, the man’s semen is mixed with the vaginal secretion from the vaginal mouth, and the two-piece whitening butt has been hit by Aron’s abdomen. How many hours ago, she is still a vagina that has been bleed now. The semen of two men in the womb completely let her pregnant with the flesh of the gangsters. It is nowherence you have long since you have already taken care. Aqing is in the mouth in her mouth, less crazy, less than 10 minutes, Abu is burst in the mouth. The semen filled her oral cavity, so that she is unbearable, but the Aqing and the knife, the knife is forced to drink it with a knife …

When Abai leaving the bathtub, it was weak, and the pink water is fell, although there is not much water, but it is enough to make the Ying Ying shouted. She is really thinking, everything is over. But when the knife pulled her, she knew that she was wrong. The knife is proud of the stalks, let her shook it.

“You – What else do you want?”

Ying Ying did not get any answer, she was put into a posture just now. The penis of the knife has made the gentleness of the gentle and genus to feel the heat of fear.莹 闭 眼 眼, wait for the impact of the knife. But she was wrong, the goal of the knife was that she didn’t think of it, it is a pale brown anus in the middle of the twist.

“Ah —- there – ah – no —- can’t — pain – will die -“

“Laozi wants you to die, hahahaha -“

“Ah —— Ah ——– hurt —— Ah Ah ——“

With the scream of 莹, the penis of the knife rushed into the anus of the graceful. Just go in a glans, you have been hurt to endure, but a small cutting penis in the knife into the penis is warm and comfortable. He is a force, and the remaining part will begin to continue to move into the anus.

“Ah ——– pain ——– can’t work ———-“

莹 began to shrink the muscles near the anus, intended to block the further intrusion of this foreign matter, but this makes the knife feels pleasant, he is more powerful, very fast, the whole penis enters the anus.

“Ah —— Ah —— pain ——– Ye ——–“

Yi Ying felt hot spicy pain, she could hardly endure. The blade of the penis is very comfortable, and the anus of the graceful anus is tighter than the vagina, which makes the knife, and starts with force.

“Ah —— stop —- stop —— Stop —-“

The knife is not igniting the cry, with the plug of the penis and rubbing, the 莹 ‘s anus starts bleeding, but the knife has got an unprecedented pleasure. He has taken forward, and every moment is straight to the end. On the side of Aqing and Along see the scar comfortably, I also want to vent myself in the anus of the Yingying … soon, eight minutes have passed, the knife began to sprint, there seems to be The anus of the 莹 不 不 不.. “Cry your disabled, really, my mother is tight, I will vent, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.” He called the monster. Then, the body of the knife was twitching, and then he took out the soft penis, letting blood and semen flow out from the eggs with eggs. As he left position, Aqing immediately rushed to pick up the position, and started another round of the anus of the graceful anus. Aron began to grasp the twilled double breasts. Seeing these, the knife walked over to the other side, grabbing the hair of the grace, put the penis with the dirt into the graceful cherry mouth. “Give me clean, hurry!”

Yi Ying had to hold back the unpleasant smell and start the penis “service” for the knife. Her standing double milk has been played, and the white-tender breasts are both dental printed and indulgence, and there are several bleeding. The mixed liquid in the vagina is still flowing outward, the red water has become deeper due to her blood, and the size of the ladle is convinced, and it is impossible to cover the bunch of the girl. Many injured in the anus will still endure Abai’s pump … 莹 is venting the desire to vent it in the middle of the three-headed wolf, and poor 莹 can only use crying and scream to express the body and spiritual pain … That night, the light of the bathroom was always open. Inside, the teenage girl’s scream and a few men’s laughter …

Small black and the three men are using the color of the eyes to enjoy the helpless rainwater, and the cold dagger makes rainwater from the bottom of the heart. She was killed by this group of migrant workers, and she was a corner of the living room. She was the wall of the living room. She looked at Xiao Black with horrified eyes. I didn’t know what this man took the lead. However, when Xiao Hui gave the migrant workers next to the dagger, when he fought, Yu Wei immediately knew his intentions.

“What to do —— Hall up —— can’t do —— Help -” Rainwater while using the violation of small black, while calling for help with the fierce language. However, in this residential building with no residents, there will be no hand of the rescue. Xiao Hui smiled and said: “Call it, Sao. Little Macro, grabbing her hand.” There are two migrant workers firmly grabbed the hands of Rainwater. Rainwater can only be kicked with a feet, but how can this happen from a man who wants to vent it. Xiao Hui quickly grabbed the legs of Rainwater, he lifted the rain, whiten legs, and the white miniskirt wearing the rain lost the ability to block the body for the owner, Xiao Black saw Rainwater. White small panties, this undoubtedly make him more impulsive. He handed the legs of Rainwater to the little fierce next to him, and the little fierce and tightly grabbed it, and there was no opportunity to struggle with Rainwater. Rainwater can only look at the small black pawls to his bottom.

“Ah —- What to do —- Help —-“

With Rainwater scream, white underwear is split in small black hands. The girls it hidden is forbidden to expose to the small black, but the small black is not eager to move, he also set off Rainwater again. The blue T-shirt wearing the upper body, pulling the black bra. Then, small black grabbed rainwater’s double breasts and started playing, the two tall towering breasts kept in their hands. He seems to be not satisfied, after a while, his movements began to fierce, smashed, scratched, smashed, and smash the rainwater.

“Hand take —- open —- fast —— don’t ——“

When the hands of Xiaoxi took the rain from the rainwater, the two pink cute nipples have been hard, and the two breasts are covered with barbarism. Rainwater has never been abused so, she is angry with a small black shout: “Quick roll —- rolling —— stinking migrant workers ———-“

However, there is no wish as she is willing to leave, but picked up rainwater, put her face on the table next to it, and let Xiao Gang smashed the legs of Rainwater. Rainwater began to be afraid, she started to ask for small black: “Ask you —- don’t —— people ask you ————–“

The small black did not pay attention to the Congrat of Rainwater, and he stretched his head to the middle of the legs opened by Rainwater, and started to use the tongue to lick the rainwater. Which girl’s body has been stimulated and began to tremble. The small black saw the reaction of the rainwater, and the tongue stretched the tongue to the pearl in the place of the rain and started sucking.

“Ah – itching – what – ah —- ah – don’t, – ah – ah —-“

Rainwei’s voice began to become charming. Her snoring is not entirely anger and painful expression. With the movement of Xiaoxi, the sound of Rainwater began to have a rhythm: “Ah – Ah —- ah – Ah —- Ah —- “When the small black re-raises the head, the bottom of Rainwater has begun to secrete women’s excitement. Rainwater was wetted with a small dark mouth, and five men could not stop the eyes of five men. Rainwater was unveiled by Xiao Black, when a small black eyes focused on the pink film in the vagina, his excited voice sounded in the living room.

“This scorpion is still a yellow flower, I exercise, today is really fucking.”

Rainwater closed his eyes, listened to the laughter of the migrant workers, she knew that the three sisters were also honored as jade, but the first time they were very likely to be taken away by these gangsters, think of this, a line of tears Slow down on her corner. Suddenly, she felt that there was a hard Bangbang that crowded into their own labians. When I saw it, I had taken off the little black of the trousers and smiled and stuffed the penis between the mouth into my vagina. Rainwater began to struggle, not let the small black penis moved forward, she clearly, as long as this penis moves forward, she guards for more than 20 years, the female chastity will be in the moment, she absolutely Can’t let this devil wish.

“Come out —— Ah —- Help —— No —-“

The little black looked at the rain, the rainwater, who was desperately struggled, did not hurry to attack immediately, because the struggle of Rainwater made the vaginal wall and his own glans, I feel very wonderful, he closed Eyes, slowly enjoy the pleasure brought by Rainwater for him.

“Ah —- no ———————————-“

Rainwater was still struggling, the sweat drum of Bean was rolled from her forehead. Struggling exhausted her almost all strength, very fast, her slimged body stopped twisting, just at the same time, the small black penis began to devastally.

“Ah ——————– painful ———-“

Small black penis breaks through all obstacles and has been topping to the end of Rainwater. Zhenwei’s vagina is more narrow than a general girl, and the small black coarse penis is tightly clipped in the vagina of Rainwater. This makes the small black penis feel very comfortable and warm, he is excited: “I have already worn her, real fucking -“

Immediately, the small black begins before and after, the resistance given by the vagina makes the penis more excited and starts to quickly flip using a second time.

“Ah ——– painful —— Tap —— Don’t, —–“

The pain of losing his virgin, let Rainwear can’t stand, almost dizzy, but the little black is not guilty of Yu Wei, continue with his piston movement, the penis takes out the virgin, which has put the rain below the vagina White miniskirt is red. This makes a small black feel excited, and he is more powerful.

“Ah —- can’t stand it —— broken —— to die ——“

Rainwei feels like he was surrounded by a few wolves in the deep mountain Lao Lin, one of them fell to bite her own body, from the big lace, small labia, the vagina, I have been biting by the uterus. Go down, I have painless pain, but the evil wolf did not stop, and the other wolves began to jump. Suddenly, the two paws of the wolf stretched their own chest and grabbed their breasts. Desperately knead. The giant pain made Rainwater awake, she found that Xiao Black handed into her T-shirt and grabbed her breasts and played hard.

“Oh, no —— can’t work ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

Small black looks at the beauty called beautiful woman, the blue t-shirt on the upper body, the white stockings on the lower body and the white socks on the feet make such a young beauty especially attractive attention, look pure and lovely, T-shirt Don’t have a column emblem to prove that she is a college student, the big eyes of the water spirit will have to make many boys who have not forgotten. But she is being cruel rape, and the penis that is twisted in the vagina is black. All this is even more crazy, and his plug is more powerful, and the hands are more energetically squeezed with rainwater breasts.

“Ah ——– painful —— can’t —— Ah ——-“

Yu Wei’s piercing screams, but this does not bring even a little bit of advantage for her. Thrusting her body with black swings. Yuwei suddenly feel a hot pants, a surge of white liquid jetting out from the mouth of the uterus, but also the whole body limp down. Black is the bubble of Yuwei sexual secretion penis seems to get bigger every time Choucha are in line in the end screams Yuwei in. Yu Wei’s screams as always with the accompaniment of the Choucha black. After another ten minutes, with the black gave a low roar, almost an hour accumulation injected sperm out of the penis from the surrounding black veins, into direct Yuwei uterus. Three others just black scenes Yuwei adultery becomes not wait to make next. It was only black fine shot left Yuwei body, small fierce immediately excited to Yu Wei’s body turned over and let her feet on the ground, the body lying down on the table. Yu Wei had no strength to resist, vaginal throes almost made her even without the strength to speak. She was just waiting for the insertion of a small fierce, and now her body only mercy.

“Oh, oh —— —— ——– pain can not —- ah -“

Watching two petals Yuwei eversion of the vaginal opening in a steady stream of flowing pink slime, small fierce no longer tolerate their own desires, their own long head erect penis is inserted into the vagina Yuwei has just been adopted by the sparse, Yu Wei’s body twitch, because although some small penis and shoved, but was more coarse than black short, small fierce insert undoubtedly make Yuwei painful. With the small fierce thrusts, Yuwei the size of the labia are constantly being brought out again all was to go into. Yuwei in addition to vaginal pain has no other feeling, the feeling behind her own rape is not a person, but a tireless steel machine. Small fierce seize Yuwei smooth and soft white ass, while thrusting aside blasted pressed down, white meat stocks immediately shoved the gap between the small finger squeezed out.

“Ah bleeding —— —— die —- —- Give me a break.”

Yuwei Gurao received a positive response from small fierce, he is more hard, every time the same as the final sprint straight in the end. Because of his thrusts, Yuwei had been standing on the floor legs dangling, and accompanied by a small fierce action, “Puchi – Puchi” sound let every man next to unstoppable desire to burst, Meng small voice of the abdominal muscles and buttocks impact Yuwei issued “pops” the more they immediately wanted to rape such a T-shirt and miniskirt girl. See Yuwei poor way, I feel like a small fierce grasp over a well-dressed beautiful women on a busy street in situ ripped underwear as rape. This makes him more excited, and soon there will be a feeling of carried away, it was almost shot out. He pulled out a penis, made an effort, Yin Xiao said: “The force damn tight little tart, I almost just clip was shot, look at my brothers speak of her death.”

Carter, a small Meng took his thick cock back hard against the outward flowing into the vagina Yuwei pink liquid, Yuwei screams again pass into all men’s ears.

“Do not come ah —— —— —— ah not stop – stop ah —-.”

Yuwei vagina seems to feel as cut off, like, every movement of both small and shoved her feel burning pain. She knew these animals will not let go of their own, next to two people had not entered their bodies, they will not give up their chance of rape, but still Yuwei helpless cry for help, she hopes these criminals in someone conscience or a miracle will happen, but nothing, still desperately fierce small vent their desires. Saw what had happened, just as a person is playing with the pump and the same, but that is a small piston is fierce pumping of thick penis, and that is the trachea height 172CM, Christina 21, wearing a T-shirt and miniskirt is small fierce Choucha under crying beauty students Yuwei vagina. Frequency little too hard gas faster and faster, it seems sure to like this soft trachea off the hook. Yu Wei has been made of his brutal actions can not move, can only wait for the pain in his lower body in the end.

“Ah – do not stop ah —— —— —— stopped ah.”

Xiao Me suddenly felt that the semen in the penis had a feeling of spraying, and the last sprint began. He is inserting a lot of frequent frequently, and every time, it is straight to the hustle and closing of the rain. Finally, the little mammoth couldn’t help, in the tragic scream of Rainwater, he put all the semen into the uterus and vagina. Xiao Summit is still unfained to pull out the penis, and Xiao just immediately came again. He turned Rainwater, and helped her to stand in front of himself. Just when Rainwei, I didn’t know how he had to do it. The little fierce right hand has grown the purple sandals of Rainwei left foot. With the raising right hand, Rainwater is already full of vaginal It also appears in front of him. The lower body of Rainwater has flowed everywhere, and the vaginal mouth is slightly out of shape, and the semen source is moving out from the inside. Seeing this, Xiao just can’t wait, his penis straight into the vagina that rainwater is not shaking. “Ah —- Ask you —- Ah —- don’t want —— can’t stand it —“

Rainwater’s screaming proves that the little penis is deeply inserted into the vagina. Her body is weak because of the rape just, and the strong impact of Xiaogang makes her almost fall back. Xiao Gang found that Yu Wei stands instably, immediately put down the left foot of Rainwater, and two hands grabbed the slight waist of Rainwater to ensure that his pins were not interrupted, and his mouth also kissed the doubles of Rainwater. lip. Two people’s posture is like a pair of kissed couples, only rainwater picked up miniskirts and small unlocked belts can prove that their grounds are intense, and rain is unable to push the hands, with the vagina Xiao Gang’s inserted semen, rainwater sent from time to time, and her tears on her face can further prove that Rainwater is raped by a gangster. Xiao Gang’s dramatic movement made Rainwater’s body, and two towering breasts kept jumping with Rainwater, seeing this tempting scene, Xiao Gang’s two hands immediately grabbed Go, playing the lotus breasts like playing the ball. Rainwater has given up the no effect, and the two hands are weak, and the body is brought by Xiao just violates his body. The small black next to the small black has a small number of times, when the number in his mouth arrives at 843, the actions of the small just have become more intense, when the number reaches 926, the actions of the small just stopped. Rainwater felt another semen entered his body. After the little penis stops ejaculation twitching, he picked up a few more pleasant pleasure to pull out the soft gun, his mouth also left the lips of Rainwater. At the moment of his hand, the tempting body of Rainwater immediately fell on the floor of the living room, and the rape just raped the last strength of Rainwater, she can’t support her body. However, the fourth migrant worker next to him is not half a little pity. He picked up Rainwei, after placing her on the table, a long-awaited penis immediately inserted rainwater has been scarred and tired. The vaginal, force Stripping, rainwater became weak: “Ah … seek … you … stop ………… very painful ………… …………………


Just that night, Rainwater was taking a whole night in this group of animals. They exhaled all kinds of patterns to vent their desires in the beautiful body of Rainwater, and the vagina, anal, breasts, and mouth were man The fierce insertion of the penis, four men have accumulated a long-awaited desire to be satisfied in the body of Rainwater. Poor rainwater can only wait for the second day of dawn in endless pain …

The bald head and the nine men laughed around Yayi and Xiaowen, some people said, “Today we can have some play.” Today, he got the consent of others. Seeing this terrible reality, Yayi and Xiaowen’s hands are holding together, afraid that someone goes to face the more terrible future.

“Si face your brother, this girl is in my own, you bring the girl and four brothers to the room.” The head pointed at Yachan to say the face.

“Cheng, which is enough to make the brothers are cool.” The face promised, he immediately grabbed the Yalian force to pull, but Ya Yi killed Xiaowen without leaving the situation, seeing this situation, the hemp face is coming one Brothers pulled Ya Yi from Xiaowen with him, dragged it into another room.

Looking at the back of Yaci falling into the collision, Xiaowen is afraid. Five men in the house looked at Xiaowen dressed in thin pajamas with obscenity gaze. It seems that it is about to flutter. Xiaowen suddenly gone courage, and ran to the door. The bald head took force. She only grabbed Xiaowen’s pajamas. Xiaowen pulled off the pajamas. There was only a brass and her underwear. I didn’t run two steps. I lived in her breasts, Xiaowen regarded the binding of everything, she ran forward, two towering breasts followed her footsteps. At this time, there was a person grabbed her underwear. Xiao Wen was crazy. He rushed to the door, but when she was going to rush into the living room, a person hugged the naked Xiaowen, Xiao Xiao We look at it, it turned out to be the hemp face that just grabbed Yachan.

“Don’t let this chick run, the bald brother, or you have you can’t play.” The hemp face smiled and said to the bald head. “Row, thank you.” The bald head is not good.

The hemp face is smashed with Xiao Wen’s soft and white body. His left hand eventually stopped Xiao Wen’s right milk, and another hand touched Xiaowen’s genitals along Xiaowen’s hand. The other five men’s eyes in the house. Stay on Xiaowen’s double-share. The hemp face looks at your right hand to spit some saliva and erase Xiaowen’s hairy. Xiaowen’s incomprehension came with it, showing this group of gangsters can’t wait to insert the vagina. The pink lip is aware that she is just a young sexy girl, making it hard to stand all the men’s penis.

“Ah — What do you do ———- Don’t touch —- Ah -“

Xiaowen screamed, both hands trying to pull the hand that opens his own labia, but it is useless. The right hand of the hemp face still touched Xiaowen’s clitoris and started to hook up.

“Oh, —- Ah —- Ah —— No —- Ah —-“

The girl’s call is not only painful, there may be a natural reaction of a little body. Because the hemp face only plays a small meeting, although Xiaowen’s obscene is not flowing out, but her face has become blush, the two nipples have colored, and it is up to the plump breast. Seeing this, I have long said that I won’t be impatient: “Si face, fucking there is another one, this is my face.” The hemp face has to stop the movement of the hand, holding Xiaowen to the bald head. Xiaowen is trying to escape the hands of the hemp face, but she didn’t succeed this time. The hemp face handed her into the light head, and the bald head quickly let the hand to catch Xiao Wen. Xiaowen still tried to escape, the bald head saw Xiao Wen, whoever did not want to be a somewhere, and tied Xiaowen’s hands behind her. She took off her grungy clothes lying in the house. On the left side of the bed.

“Fast, fly, hold her.” The head command.

Fei Li hugged Xiao Wen from the body and went to the head.

“Separate her two legs.” The bald said.

Feiyi immediately understood the meaning of the bald head, and the three migrant workers next to him began to “嘿”. Feiyi grabs the left leg with the left hand, the right hand grabs the right leg to open the legs, and Xiao Wen in the pussy hugged the bald bed. The balun seems to have been urgent, but also say: “What are you waiting for, quickly let the mother put it up.” Fei Yi hugged Xiaowen and went to the penis that was standing upright. penis. Xiaowen also understood their sinful intentions, calling loudly: “Help —— Don’t —- Save me ———- Help -“

At the same time as Xiaowen call for help, Feiyi has left the two hands who seized Xiaowen’s legs. Xiaowen’s call rescue immediately became a scream.

“Ah ———- pain ——– Ah ——“

Xiaowen’s body sanks immediately, and the bald static penis broke through the defense line of Xiaowen’s size labia, run through her female film, top to Xiaowen’s homework. Xiaowen carefully protected the girl’s virgin to take the sinful penis, and the giant pain from the vagina made Xiao Wen’s tears flowed out.

“Mom, or a woman, the little force is really tight, really fucking.” The bald is excited, with it is Xiao Wen’s pain: “Help —- Pull —– – come out —- pain —— Ah —— “

There is no prelude to any sex, the penis of the bald head is inserted into Xiaowen’s vagina. Xiaowen’s dry vagina can’t accommodate the giants of the bald, and don’t mention the giant, but also smash Xiaowen’s women’s film. Virgin blood came out from the integration of the dual-human body, which made the bald head more than just in the vagina of Xiaowen, but also pushed up. Xiao Wen’s positive body was shrugged by the penis of the bald, she could only support the bald head in order to keep the balance, so as to prevent himself down, but the double milk that can be moved in the chest, but he watched the bald Direct, he The two hands were not honest, and one hand grabbed Xiaowen’s breasts. Xiaowen feels that his lower body has been torn by the penis of the head. She is painful, I want the bald to stop the barbaric movement: “Ah —- stop —— don’t want it —— Stop —— stopped – “

The photographed did not stop, but inserted more powerfully, Xiaowen’s narrow vagina brought him extraordinary pleasure, and then thought that a beautiful flower college student was sitting on his penis, and he inserted it. The penis between the crotch seems to be more thicker. But these Xiaowen can’t be unable to uninterate, the blood in the vaginal flowing out of the bloodstone’s lower belly, the bald penis is stained with Xiao Wen’s blood, and began to enter and exit in Xiaowen’s vagina. The hand of the pair of Xia Wen is also released by Xiaowen’s white mountain peaks, and began to grasp Xiaowen’s floral waist to help their penis will further open the vagina. When the action of the bald head is slow, Xiaowen feels that he seems to ride on a evil Trojan, the vagina is deeply inserted by the wooden wedge on the back of the Trojan, and the body is up and down with the movement of the Trojan. Pain makes Xiaowen’s happiness, only endless pain, but Xiaowen’s body has the most primitive reaction under the pumping of the bald, a chanting from Xiaowen’s uterus to the pound . “This girl is vented, seeing me to die.” The bald head roared, the penis is very fierce. Xiaowen’s body has no power, and the upper body fell on the chest of the bald head. The balt looks like this is no more deeper. He hugs Xiao Wen and turned it. Pressing weak Xiaowen to start more crazy, Xiaowen is tied to waving on his head, his mouth discounted The voice has also become more cumbersome: “Ah —— slow —— painful —- pain —- ah – pain -“

In the scream of Xiaowen, the bald head reached a climax. He put the penis into Xiaowen’s most ended, released a semen that accumulated half a hour in the penis. Xiaowen’s body has finally stopped there is rhythm vibration, soft soft paralyzed in bed. The bald head left Xiao Wen’s body, and the other four people watched the eyes of Xiaowen. In the vaginal mouth from Xiaowen, the source of the pink viscous liquid is continuously flowing.

Fei Li quickly couldn’t help it. He lie on the bed like a bald head. Then Xiao Wen lying next to it, “Fast, hurry up, or I kill you!” Wen was already tears, and she slowly climbed up, looked at Fei Tei with the horrible eyes, crying: “Just ask you – I can’t do it, spare me, ask you.”

Can Feiyi will be hired by Xiaowen’s tears, he saw Xiaowen as willing, he went to a dagger from another migrant worker. “You don’t come, I will put this into your little. Do you believe it? Fast fucking.” Xiaowen saw the shining dagger, I had to give my vagina to the thick penis. Slowly sitting up.

“True fuck is slow.” Feiyi caught Xiaowen’s floral waist with both hands, hard to pull down, stand up, all entered Xiaowen’s vagina.

“Ah —— painful —— no —— ah ——“

Xiaowen’s screaming once again, but this does not satisfy the desire of Fei Ri Yan’s college students. He turned his head to call other migrant workers. “Stupid monkey, fat pigs come, let’s play this Sao.” There are two migrant workers immediately, and the stupid monkey push Xiao Wen in the flyer, revealing the penis to Xiao Wen The anus, embarrassed, he used to force, and even let your penis directly drilled into Xiaowen’s delicate anus. Xiaowen did not expect that he would destroy himself so. Her scream is more sorrowful: “Ah ———- no ——– hurt ——– Ah —- dead —- —- No —— metamorphosis ——– you —— Ah —- “

However, the fat pig did not give Xiaowen’s right to scream. He squatted next to Fei, pulled over Xiaowen’s mouth, stuffed the giant in the mouth of Xiaowen, straight against the throat, almost let Xiaowen can’t breathe . Fei Yili shouted: “Let’s kill her together, come, first, two, three.” Xiaowen’s three penis began to flip, three colors were more powerful than one, Xiaowen was plugged in Have almost sucked. She is just a 21-year-old young girl, how can she bear three men who have no vents who have no desires. The light head next to and a middle-aged migrant worker named the old yellow is “sex” to see these three men who have the sexy naked girl in the middle, suddenly, the bald thinks that I have brought the digital camera stolen at the previous day. He immediately took out from the backpack. It took more than ten shutters and wanted this girl in the camera as it would be in the camera. In the view window of the camera, he clearly saw three migrant workers raped Xiaowen’s scene: Fei Yi’s hands force kneaded Xiao Wen’s double breast, it seems to be blotting these two white breasts, His waist is stunned, and everything seems to be on top of Xiaowen. The stupid monkey grabbed Xiaowen’s smooth butt force squeezed, and the snow-white stock meat has become a pink of congestion under his squeeze. His penis is almost completely extracted, and they are all squeezed into Xiaowen’s narrow anus. It seems that the anus stupid monkey who is not blocked and broken, is not willing, every time the movements are so fierce, 20 cm long penis is all incoming. The fat pig grabs Xiaowen’s hair in the other side. Crazy in Xiaowen’s mouth drove his penis, in front of him, a young woman is looking at him with pleasure and begging, this is more excited. The desire, he used the right hand to pin Xiao Wen’s temporary face, enjoy this young girl to give him a big pleasure … The stupid monkey who is inserting in Xiawen anus first can’t help it. He used to make the final impact, and the semen rushed to spray out from his penis, shot into Xiaowen’s anus. The fat pig has also reached the vertices. His semen fills Xiaowen’s mouth. The fat pig also shots the remaining semen on the face of Xiaowen. Xiaowen’s tears and semen mixed together, let the original Xioli’s people’s Xiaowen becomes more desire to have a few animals. Not long, Fei Tei also ended his abuse of Xiaowen. He pushed the semen into Xiaowen’s uterus. When he opened the body, Xiaowen’s body has been unbearable by them. witness. Xiaowen is full of men’s smell, she is taking a cough by the semen of the fat pig, I want to spit out the semen in the throat, but there is no effect. Her breasts were scared by men’s dirty hands, and several skin were scheduted, and blood was blocked from the wound at a little bit, but this is not the most painful place. The size of the vaginal mouth is raped completely above, which is covered with light red liquid. Xiaowen’s vagina constantly flows out of the liquids that belong to the migrant workers, including the mixture of bloodsides that Xiaowen’s vagina has been injured, but this does not prevent the desire of the gangsters, and then her vagina still has to be forced to accept the insertion. foreign body. Xiaowen’s anus has been completely bloated, the hole is supported by the penis of the stupid monkey, from the inside to stop the blood of Xiaowen and the semen of the stupid monkey. Xia Wen is on the bed, and the two legs are unable to open, she has no strength to go to the legs of numbness. Just when Xiaowen was fortunate, the old yellow came over. The annual old yellow looked as a heartless old man, but his whispered penis confirmed his desire. Since his wife died in his 45 years old, he did not taste it. The taste of a woman is now lying in front of the youthful beauty, how can he suppress his desire? He slowly went to Xiaowen.

“Is the woman, have you learned a dance?” Lao Huang asked Xiao Wen who was crying in bed.

Xiao Wen, who went to see the old yellow, did not rush, thought that it was a savior, and quickly nodded from the old yellow.

“Can you jump? You have to be able to jump to let you go.” Other migrant workers who saw the old yellow eye and smiled and nodded.

After listening to this sentence, Xiaowen, unknown, desperately climbed from the bed, and the old yellow helped her to go to the ground and helped her unlocked the rope on his hand. She looked at the people around him, whispered: “Can you let me put on clothes?” Lao Huang looked at her, slowly said: “Is your clothes not shred with them? I saw it No need to wear, anyway, you don’t wear clothes, you don’t wear clothes. “I heard the old Huang said that Xiaowen did not dare to dispute. She just walked two steps, and her legs fell on the floor. Just a moment she wanted to give up, she heard the voice of the old yellow. “If you can’t jump, I can’t help you, you can do it.” Survival can let Xiaowen don’t know where to get strength, stood up, and began to jump her studied ballet. During her jump, the eyes of the five men stared at the twilies that jumped with the dance step and still slowly flowing out the semen, the bald head is constantly pressing the shutter of the digital camera, do not want this ballet. A action reveals the past. Xiaowen endured the bodies of the body, strong jumping. Her white skin is more accompanied by the rhythm of the dance. However, the old yellow stopped them. They had to watch this seductive dance by a naked youth girl … The last move of the dance is the whisper of the legs on the ground, and Xiaowen Jiao, who is in the last move. Putting, she thought she could flee this everything, but did not pay attention to the old yellow. At the same time as Xiaowen’s god, the old yellow took off his pants and waited for more than ten years without launching the penis immediately jumped out. Lao Huang approached Xiaowen, Xiao Wen found that this penis that had just been still with the elderly of the elderly is very old, just in the surprise of Xiawen, while the old yellow pressed her fork.

“What do you want to do – – What?” Xiaowen asked with a hoarse voice that has already shouted.

“Nothing, hammer, let’s say that you are not happy.” The old yellow smile, push Xiao Wen’s upper body push down the floor, and pulled Xiaowen, white legs, pulled 180 degrees.

“I – can not repeat – seeking you -” Xiaowen still hopes that the old Huang can save her.

“No, hammour, or you can’t fuck you.” Said, the old yellow put the penis that had a long-awaited penis into the pussy in Xiao Wen. He began raping on the ground, she was 40 years old, and she could make her granddaughter’s beautiful college students. Since Xiaowen’s legs were pulled 180 degrees, the old yellow penis can be very deep, which makes him feel that the pleasure has never been, and he picked up very quickly.

“You —— lie —- ah – hurt —- stop —- don’t, —-“

Xiaowen re-infringed at the lower body, knowing that this old man is an old-colored wolf, but everything is too late, this old colored wolf has raped himself. Xiaowen’s two legs were too strong because of the old yellow, so that Xiaowen felt like broken, the leg was opened, the old yellow penis was more deeper than other migrant workers, his penis continued to impact Xiao Wen’s closed child, very fast, Xiaowen’s body has a physiological reaction, and the old yellow feels Xiaowen’s homework slowly opened, and finally after the plugging of more than 600, the old yellow penis Entered Xiaowen’s uterus. Soon Lao Huang felt a warm liquid in his own glans, he laughed and asked Xiao Wen: “The woman is being cooled by me? More cool is still behind, you will Slowly wait. “Xiaowen has unable to pay attention to the words of the old yellow, the endless pain and the friction in the back and the ground make poor Xiaowen can only close his eyes, let the old yellow, the old hooligan in his own Pavilize his desires.

Lao Huang saw Xiaowen closed his eyes and knew that this young girl has given up resistance. He decided to play with college students in this city. He stopped and pulled Xiaowen’s hands to his penis. “女, give you a good thing, or you just ask them a few in your face.” Xiaowen had to use his hands with the old yellow penis, she was forced to have a dark thinking If you can let the old yellow dribble can make your vagina suffering from some hardships, but I haven’t seen the trend of the old yellow for a long time, but the old yellow penis expansion is bigger. Lao Huang was in Xiaowen, let Xiaowen have their own penis, with her hands to touch Xiaowen red and swollen lower body, suddenly, a vicious thought appeared in his brain, he smiled.

“The bald head, help the pen.” Lao Huang took the pen handed over the bald head, and the pen rushing Xiao Wen’s body and put the whole pen into Xiaowen’s urethra.

“Ah ————– hurt —— you —- Ah —–“

Xiaowen screamed and desperately twisted his body to avoid the old yellowness, grabbing the old yellow penis. “Don’t give you a gap, you don’t know you.” Lao Huang Xiao opened the tender meat next to Xiaowen urethrough, put the second pen and didn’t pity the meaning of jade. “Ah —— pain —— pull out —— Ah ——“

Xiaowen quickly grabbed the old yellow penis and played, and I was afraid that the old yellow is again. She feels that her urethra has been cracked, and the lower body has passed through the boss.

“Ah ——– painful —— you —- ah – painful ——“

The third pen is inserted into it …

When the old yellow inserted the sixth pen, Xiaowen hurt almost fainted, her look has become embarrassed. Lao Huang looked at Xiaowen that has been bleeding with six strokes. The obscenity look came out of his face. He pulled out six full of blood-filled pen and put his penis into it. Xiaowen’s urethra, but things did not go smoothly, even though Xiaowen urinary tract was supported, but there was no big in the old yellow imagination, the old yellow coarse penis was only in a big half. There is still a small cut in Xiaowen’s body, but the old yellow does not stop, and he moved the fainted Xiaowen to the corner, with Xiaowen’s body to resist the wall, he hard to force it, the whole The penis is hard to insert Xiaowen’s urethra. Xiaowen was re-pulled back to reality, she couldn’t stand the giant pain of the entire penis into the urethra, screamed to ask for old Huang rare, but the old yellow, but did not stop this vicious infringement, but inserted Get up, the blood floods from Xiaowen’s urethra, and the old yellow penis is covered with Xiao Wen’s blood. He is inserted with Xiao Wen to tear the tragic scream.

The light standing on the side is afraid that there is no girl to give them a girl if he will rape Xiaowen. Only inserted more than forty old yellow bodies unfolded the penis out of Xiaowen’s urethra, stepped into Xiaowen’s mouth, Xiaowen thought it was a light hair, she would know, The bald is just a few desires in her body, otherwise it will take care of her life. Lao Huang was inserted in Xiaowen’s mouth for more than 30 minutes, and she still didn’t shoot, so he reinited the penis into Xiaowen’s vaginal desperate, Xiaowen’s legs were retracted 180 degrees. After 25 minutes, in the scream of Xiaowen, the old yellow finally launched the semen for the savings. This time, he raped Xiaowen more than 90 minutes. The bald wrote that the old Huang had not had a woman too long, so endurance is forever. Kawen was killed by the bald, and her lower body has been everywhere, and the urethra is perverted. The concentrated source of old yellow is constantly flowing from Xiaowen’s vagina. Xiaowen’s whole person fell in the corner of the room, even the strength of talking, but could not stop the migrant workers from raping her footsteps, and the bald penis was once again inserted into Xiaowen’s vagina ……

Whole night, Xiaowen didn’t know how many times they were raped by this group of animals. She has been raped several times, and every time I wake up in the giant pain. When the sun is re-illuminated, the extremely weak Xiaowen has not feels any feeling from the lower body. She is all the blood and men’s semen, but the nightmare does not end …

After the hemp face gave Xiaowen to Fei, turned back to the room in Ya. Yacany is being surrounded by four men in the middle of the house, she desperately pushed the hands of men, and a long hair was smashed by her and appeared. Charming. One of the migrant workers is that it is going to go up to the clothes, and the appearance of the appearance is stopped.

The hemp is smiling to the front of Yachan, slowly open: “We just want you to help us with your blowjob, you still don’t want to fuck your forced.”

After listening to this sentence, the four migrant workers turned to the head to see the hemp face. “But since we all don’t farten, you are best to take your clothes yourself, otherwise things can be controlled, Hahaha. “The hemp face does not pay attention to the doubts of the companion. I heard here, I looked at the obscene look of the migrators. Ya Yi had to slowly take off the short-sleeved shirt of the upper body. The pink bra blocked the migrant workers to shoot the nature of the breasts, which Migrant workers are eager to see the naked carcass.

They became more anxious, urging Yaci to take off the lower body. Yacany saw that there was no way, I had to take off the lower body jeans. She took off her clothes very slow, but her idea of ​​delaying time was written by the appearance, he said: “If you want fucking too slowly Don’t blame me. “

Yacany had to add a slightly slightly spent the speed of the cows, and then she took off the white socks on the cute feet. Now Yayi is only brach and underwear. She stopped a movement, and she asked me. “This can be.” The hemp face is nod, and I pulled the Yachan’s bra, drag the Yachan to myself . He took out the black and bright penis, directly into the ya’s cherry small mouth, Yayi’s disgusting for the dirty penis in the mouth, but she is afraid that the man is not satisfied in her mouth. I will raind myself, and I think that the thick penis will break the symbol of their own virgin. Ya will feel cold, she uses the tongue “service to serve” with the penis of the face, but the face is still not satisfied, starting in the Yachank mouth Plug.

The migrant workers around them saw a young woman who was only in panties, and the penis between the face was more urgent. The hemp face was satisfied with the beauty of the beauty, smiled, and he smiled, and he smoked more, it seems to regard the Yachen’s small mouth as a narrow vagina. Didn’t go to 20 minutes, the hemp face is ejaculation, he shots that the Ya Wei is full of faces, which is a white mucus, satisfying the soft penis, next to a man who looks forward that the boy who is called the dog is immediately squeezed. Come over, grab it in front of the penis to put the penis into the mouth of Yayi, and Ya Wei saw this child than his childhood five or six years old.

However, she is already unpalatable, can only lick the penis of the dog, let him feel a pleasant pleasure for him. But the dog also learned before and after the appearance of the hemp face, Ya Wei found that his penis was not small, and every piece of pumping was inserted into the throat of Yachan. However, in order to avoid the tragedy of the vagina that is inserted into the vagina, Yayi can only endure the pain of the dog’s blowjob. The dog saw such a beautiful sexy only to wear the sister of panties, excited for his own blow, and the frequency of flipping is getting faster. Soon, I shot out in Yaqian. However, there are three standing penis waiting. The big time did not pay for the Yachan, and insert the penis into the oral cavity of Ya.

Finally, the five penis were ejaculated in the Yachank. Ya Wei Tian really thought that everything was over, but when she looked up again and saw the stalks of the hemp face, scared playful. However, everything is too late, the hands of the hemp face have grasped only the underwear on Yachan, and he jeopardizes the last barrier of the Yalian body. The surrounding migrant workers looked at the nature of the body, and the saliva was quickly flowing. The hemp face hugged the rushing Yaci put her on the bed, he broke the legs of Yacany, with hand compootting the ya’s incapacity, ready to insert the penis into the vagina to start real rape. Ya Yi began to cry: “You can’t -” You tell me no —- you can’t —- you ——– “

The hemp face is laughing: “I am lie to you, how, my mother is lie to you, just want to fuck, how?” The people around them laugh. Yaci is grief looks at the face of the penis that has been aligned with his vaginal, keeping your own charming body trying to prevent the soon to insert, but all this is in vain. In the painful scream of Yacany, the penis of the hemp is accurately inserted into the vagina of Yachan, piercing the Yachen Mask, straight top Ya’s uterus. The giant pain in the brokenness makes Yacany pain, but the fierce setting of the next fierce, which makes it feel a tearful pain. When she is quiet, she is screaming at this time: “Ah —- no – —– Stop —- pain —— Oops —- Ah – “

I heard Yachan’s scream, the rape, the pleasant college students can not help but make the sluts that have floated, and the elegant vagina is tightly packaged, although the vaginal of Yaci is not fully enabled. Lubrication, but this still makes the hemp faces have never been unprecedented. He felt like a small mouth in the vagina in Yachan in sucking his own penis, which made the appearance of the appetizy in front and rear in the vagina bleeding in Yala, and made the rapeful elements great pain. .

“Ah —- you – ah – painful —— you —- slow – Help -“

The people around them are excited to look at the face rape and a beautiful woman. As the face is fast, the scream of Yachan is low. The darkness of the skin is dark, and the strong contrast of the Yacany who is pressed under the body is a strong comparison of the Yaci, which makes their penis than before, and stand up higher. The waist in the bed is constantly horing and is getting faster and faster. Yacany under the body is no longer struggling, just with the rhythm of the hemp face inserted.

“Ah —- hurt – you want to die —— Don’t —- – ah – pain -“

Pock-marked seem to have been satisfied with such a thrusting, he straightened up, pulled the two legs a smooth elegant instrument resting on his shoulders, forced to start the final sprint, each and all of the top to the elegant instrument vaginal end. In the continuous attack pock-marked penis, vagina elegant instrument out of the sexual secretion, and with a pock-marked Choucha flow more. With the insertion of pock-marked “Puchi – Puchi – Puchi -” the sound of water and “crunch – crunch – crunch -” bed voice. Pock-marked the penis is inserted sooner, elegant instrument helpless screams, pock-marked gasping sound like a love made of a strong bull. I do not know how long they had, pock-marked lying tightly around her slim body in elegant instrument body, while speeding up the intensity and speed of impact, then growled, exhausted all efforts to plug into the end of the elegant instrument vagina. Ya Instrument feel pock-marked penis in jitter and convulsions, followed by a surge of hot liquid injection instrument Ya vagina. Pock-marked vent over their own desires, not enough fun yet elegant instrument like to leave the body, so that location to other people.

Ya no other instrument could react, a thick penis is inserted into the vagina once again she had just ravaged. Take over pock-marked position is big, he slammed the Ya-meter leg push into M type, with hugs at the elegant instrument chest. Pants penis is desperately Luantong, he also seems to feel that this posture is inserted deep enough, every once regarded penis all out, and then fiercely fully inserted. How can a young girl ya instrument to resist such brutal rape, her screams rang again: “Do not ah —— —— —- hurt ah —- ah – —– “

Big pity did not mean, more than 20 centimeters of penis make ya instrument pain very tough battle. Virgin bright red blood and semen clouded with big pumping drips from the cracks in the vagina and the penis out and saw these big one is more excited, he enjoyed the elegant instrument flesh of once per second. Ya Instrument painful twist in his body, trying to avoid that vicious attack, her body has long been a fragrant perspiration dripping, long hair was wet with sweat, a dip in the white sheets.

Big impact did not diminish the meaning of the speed increase, thick penis in elegant instrument soft warm vagina wanton thrusting forward, let ya instrument afflicted. But after this beast will consider how ya feel the instrument, half an hour, finally met a big shot in the vagina elegant instrument of evil, and elegant instrument had vaginal commitment not satisfied so much semen, extra semen Ya instrument labia along slowly flow out. Ya big let go of clinging to the hand instrument legs, pulled out his penis stood beside the bed. Ya-meter legs down to the weak side, red mark on the sheets to prove her chastity group of migrant workers have been mercilessly taken away.

Ya almost unconscious instrument still whispered: “pain – not hurt —- —- ah – ah — hurts —- not stand -“

Watching such a sexy teen idol, Gouzi could no longer suppress their color centers. He rushed to the bed and shoved elegant instrument in the past, the elegant instrument left nipple into his mouth with both hands the instrument’s lower body Moxiang ya, ya start a root unplug the instrument bushy pubic hair. Pubic hair is pulled so elegant instrument from the brain of a chaos back to reality. Her big eyes looked frightened lying in his body Gouzi mouth cry cried because of the pain. Gouzi see ya instrument awake, he looked up, directed at the elegant instrument, said: “Sister, your tits big Oh, also a lot of hair, I plucked it for you.”

No other instrument ya answer, Gouzi grabs a lot of pubic hair. In the screams and laughter Gouzi elegant instrument in the pubic hair that was pulled down Gouzi severely. But this Gouzi not good enough, he turned over the instrument ya, make ya instrument with fours posture waiting for their insertion. Gouzi again two large dressing room mirror moved to the front of the instrument ya, ya instrument so you can see every movement Gouzi. Gouzi side of the alignment of the erect penis vaginal bleeding elegant instrument, and said unto Jacob instrument: “Sister, you see, oh, I’m comin ‘to rape you.” Ya instrument frightened look in the mirror and Flanagan thick and long penis slowly approached his body, could not help shouting out: “no – no ah beg you —- —- —- spared me ah —– —- “

Yaci glanced at the penis that watched the dog into the vagina that he was swollen. It is a giant pain that follows the lower body. When the dog’s penis, I took it to the end of Yayi vagina. His hands worse the exquisite body of Yayi curve. The lower body of the lower body began to move around, and the dog’s penis continued to rub the ya’s labia. The blocked labia is tightly covered with this source of all pain. Due to the mirror, whether it is a dog or Yacany, you can clearly see a thick-black penis that is ticked in the vagina of Yachan, which makes the dog are particularly excited, and Ya is more painful and shame. . Ya Yi knows that he is raped by a male child smaller than himself. He is moving his penis behind him, satisfying his desire to rape a beautiful and sexy sister, think of it, Yayi’s face is shameless. The dog can think about what Ya is thinking, he is hard to put his penis to the deepest place of Yacin vagina. His heart is very excited, so raped a good sister than yourself, he is still the first time. He used three ages of the small migrant workers who have worked together to rape a 10-year-old city, but the feeling of this time and the last time, he only enjoys the narrow of the little girl. The vagina did not have too interesting to the girl’s body, because the body of the little girl has not started to develop, but the butt and breasts are small, and the short vagina can’t even let the dog insert all the penis. The dog saw the naked little girl did not have an eager to rape her thoughts, just venting her own desires. This woman didn’t know how many times the last time, the mature girl was so moved, the vagina is more easily discounted than the little girl, thinking of this, a desire to be angry suddenly The brain. The dog quickly pulled out the penis, settled the god, and re-embraced the body of the Yaji tremble.

Ya Yi thought that the illusions of the dog were over, and the cold did not directly insert the end of their vagina. It was once again tightly invaded by the penis. The hands of the dog is not satisfied with the waist of Yayi. His left hand touched the left milk of Yalian. The right hand took the right hand to play the empty buttocks, “,,” sound The dog’s penis is more powerful. Can Ya, how can Ya have this kind of abuse, the dog’s palm has left a red palm in the skin of Yachan, so that Yachan is painful. The dog has been playing more than ten minutes, and the double hip of Yali is covered with his palm, but his ass is played by him. Seeing such a picture, the dog excited to start with the left-handed fiting the email, which is more crazy, one does not leave the gods, and a semen incident into the vagina. The dog is not satisfied after ejaculation. He gave the position to the fourth migrant worker, and he helped the upper body of Ya Yi began to smash the jaee by him to start the blood of the breast …

“Ah —- no —— pain dead —- I have made me —- ah ——” Yacany’s scream once again resounded throughout the room …

This night, Yayi was raped over and over again, which also included the dog than yourself. These five people have raped five rounds in her fair sexy body. Yachan clearly remembers once, her mouth and vagina were inserted in, both hands were forced to be masturbation, that dog also went to “sucking the milk” … Waiting until the sun raised again At the time, Yayi has been admired by migrant workers, and the sheets are red in the bed and the semen of the man …


In the morning of the next day, this group of animals finally suspend their actions. The knife so that the migrant workers eat a variety of food in this room, and I have called some takeaway to supplement their lost energy. Waiting for their wine, the four female college students have focused on the spacious living room. Ying Ying was taken out by Aron from the bathroom. Rainwater was directly from the table, and Ya Yi was blended by the dog. The most pitiful is Xiaowen, because the lower body bleeding is not limited She is very weak, but the gangsters still dragged her from the house.

Four girls were thrown on the floor of the living room, and the knife sailed Aqing gave them four bowls of rice on the floor, and then called four migrant workers, let them shoot delicate in rice, then Forced the girl to eat, the smell of the smell makes each girl nausea, but the knife scars put the dagger in their neck, forced them to eat rice into the belly. After eating, the knife took them into the bathroom, so that the migrant workers gave them a bath, the people of the migrant workers couldn’t live in the girl’s double milk, thighs, and genitals. After this is the end of the bath, the girl is re-thrown on the floor of the living room. This knife stands next to Rainwater, and Xiao Black is born with Xiaowen, and the head kisses the Ya, The face is even more urgent to put the penis into the vagina. The four girls in the living room have been screaming, and the people’s penis turns inserted in the body of the girls, flying the photo of the direct head from time to time, the photo of the photo, that is, the girls I was gangted a day away … When the migrators finally left, the girls helped each other into the bathroom and strive to clean the sins left by the migrant workers. Then Ying, Rainwater and Yacany lifted the lower body still flowing about the blood of Xiaowen to a few hundred meters away. When all this is over, a few girls cry, they don’t know why such a tragedy will happen to them, but the nightmare is still not over …

Third weeks later, the girl received a letter, the letter is the photo when they were raped, one of the photos, wrote a few 歪歪 twisted words: “You will know what should I do.” They are silent, If the alarm is unworthnary, those photos will be exuded out, this is a few young female student to bear? Finally, they follow the address on the envelope, find the knife of the letter, ready to endure the endless pain … (End)

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