I am a young doctor who graduated from Medical University. I graduated from a small hospital in Guangzhou. I recruited more than this year. It is worthy of yourself to become a love expert.

Originally, I went to surgery. I didn’t expect that I didn’t think that I didn’t want to transfer me from the surgery. I just started feel embarrassed. I saw the women of different ages to take off the pants in front of you. Out of the black lacquer, even when checking out all the pants, sitting on the chair, swaying, showing you that only her husband has the right to watch the small hole, any man is Unbearable, let alone, I am young, but also a man. However, it’s been accustomed to it, just don’t understand why our director always go home very late after get off work, usually there is a beautiful lady to find him.

An unforgettable day.

It’s still half an hour, I am sitting alone in the clinic. Suddenly come in a 20-year-old girl, I will ask her, I will ask her, you are uncomfortable. Let me help you? She stayed in a ten minute, she suddenly swallowed her, and her boyfriend suddenly made her down, she refused to be angry with boyfriend, and I didn’t know how to do it, I didn’t dare to ask. Mom, finally thought of the doctor. I feel very funny, my heart thinks that there is a woman who knows this kind of thing for more than twenties. So I explained some of the attention of the attention of love, in fact, the doctor did not learn these things, it was a learning from those magazines, but she never practiced. I was still very embarrassed, but she also listened to the taste of Jinjin, and asked me when I was “the difference between the penis inserted, or the best thing for all kinds of love posture.” I know, I have to pay I am. together. But in the end, she is still satisfied.

At night, the director actually wants me to overtime, I don’t agree, the final director has to make me more than an hour. I have to sit in the clinic, occasionally there are patients to visit, there is not a special meaning. When I have to get off work, I have just come, this time is a cooked, she is not sorry, sitting in the chair, said: “Doctor, I think about it outside, still have a lot of don’t understand If you tell me more about it? “I thought about how to have such a stupid girl, who is looking for such a girlfriend, is still anxious, beautiful, what is the use? I didn’t say goodness: “I am sorry, I have to get off work, tomorrow, let’s say she actually said:” Well, you go to my house, give me carefully, “I am surprised, I am surprised, I am surprised, I am surprised, I don’t want to think about it. It is a circle, and I will introduce me to her home. I don’t know if a group of people killed me. I can’t go, suddenly my heart, it is better to go to my dormitory, I will teach you. She does not think about thinking. So I started to count, and I went to my virgin.

The place I live is not big, there is only one bed, a table, and a computer. She came in behind me, I closed the door, she was sitting on the bed.

I opened the door to say: “” Do you want to learn the skills of love? Why do you learn? “

She said: “I am happy with my boyfriend.”

I have been sad for her boyfriend to have such a girlfriend, but there is no such person, what do I do?

I turned on the computer and put it into a disk. The nature of the deficiencies immediately appeared in the lens that I couldn’t stand.

The story is that a woman is alone, two strangers come in to rape her. I admit and admire people’s vision, they take a film, the angle is very in place, especially the lens has been rotating around the penis and vaginal contacts of men and women, from all angles, the two men’s dicks Long and thick, in the woman’s small hole and farthered, the woman inserted the woman excited, the madness of the obscenity, the immersed sheets were wet, and it took more than an hour, all kinds of postures It’s all over, the woman experienced four or five climax, and two men shot delicate in her holes and ass. In fact, I didn’t know how much it was. But after I finished reading, I still had the impulse of masturbation. I looked at her in front of her. She sat more red, and his eyes looked at me. I know that he began to ranom.

I sat around and said softly: “Do you want to know how to make love? I will teach you now”

After finishing, I put it from her collar into her chest and gently compromised her bra. She began to whisper, I said that your boyfriend did not touch you, she shook her head. I got to unlock her shirt, revealing the black sexy bra, her chest is not big, from the bra 34 吋. I took off her shirt, she and cooperated, I started to solve her bra with the bra, she began to rebel, it might be a little shy, but unfortunately I also did this for the first time, so that I did five Minutes, it is really shame. However, her resistance is not very violent, the bra quickly took away, her pair of little but very strong tits, white, lovely, the middle point in a small pink nipple is the world beauty She shy with both hands, I gathered it gently, gently compoot her nipple with her hand, start to feel her trembling, I can’t help it, I still have a little, she is Big, I want to push me, but I have already used your hand to take her, I have the first nipple outside the mother, I feel very cool. Take the method introduced in the book, first use the tongue to lick it, around the circle, occasionally bite with the teeth, she started to squat, can’t help with my head, hugged my head, desperate gasping. I ate for a while, and the erect’s chicken is hard, put her on the bed and started to handle her belt. She used one hand to die, I can’t say it. Don’t say it. . Don’t you do it now?

I used one hand to continue her breast. The other hand continued to solve the belt. She slowly obeyed, only the strength of the mouth, two hands grabbed the sheets and cried. Itch. I faded her jeans, there is a small white silk trip, the haired hair is not very black, I fade in her underwear, I am very strange that she did not refuse, I finally saw her small hole The whole picture, although I have seen a lot, but I am still and excited, her incapacity is very shallow, the black is golden yellow, which is one of the kind of mature, only a little bit, and then down It’s all glossy, I gently spoke her legs, carefully observed the structure of her small hole, generally said that it is still hypertrophic, two large labips thick, pink, top is triangular The little protrusions, although I know that it is a woman’s clitoris, but I still can’t help with my fingers, she ah, my ass is moving, I am secretly funny. I gently put the index finger into the lips, you can see the round red little hole, it’s really different, the junior wedding vaginal exit is dark red, some is black, and The small hole is bigger, this kind of virgin is really beautiful. I will continue to feel, slippery, and her prostitute flows out, and she is still there, I don’t want to say no. Call, who wants to listen to you? My hand finally felt the feeling of being surrounded by warmth, a feeling of feeling, I almost shot, fortunately. When my finger continues, when my entire finger is inserted, I feel the resistance of the hymen. I touched it, she called a pain. I have to let it first, just use my fingers to go back and forth in the small hole, and still turn my fingers in the hour, she started a mixture of 呻 吟 and wheezing, my movements are gradually bigger, starting with the middle fingers in the small hole And the thumb is gently rubbing her clitoris. She still can’t stand it, but the ass begun to have rhythm, slowly flowing out of water from the small hole, more and more. I tried to use the tongue to lick her clitoris, and the regularity jumped with the tongue, and I still see her reaction, while gradually tongue has already reached into the vaginal mouth, and inward, she can’t stand it, the whole body starts Uneasy, I want to call and want to be embarrassed. I know that she has been can’t stand, but I am also the same, the chicken pain in the following, I strictly get up and take the whole body, so that we have become naked naked, my mouth also surrounded her small hole, the body is slow Slowly transferred to her head, grabbing her hand to my cock, she didn’t seem to understand, holding the cock, I can’t move, I am anxious, holding her hand in the next set, as a guide, she slowly understand The little hand also begins with the set of cocks, and feels hard, I can’t help but speed up the strength and speed of the tongue, but also try to insert it in the hole, and finally use the mouth to cover the clitoris. With the hardship, she is called, but the buttocks are accelerated, so comfortable, it is better than I don’t know what I do, I suddenly took her hand, she smashed Know what I want to do, I suddenly extended the dick to her mouth “Come, give me also lick,” how she did not agree, how did it take a mouth? I am a little angry, suddenly The mouth contains the clitoris to bite. She hurts, my dick is in the face of her cherry, she is very wronged, I want to cry and be embarrassed. I said that she said nothing, give me a lick, but she is not dry, hey, this little girl is really temper, I have been anxious to wait for me to give me an mouth, I quickly dropped my body, volve in her Body, separated her two legs with your legs, take the cock to her small hole, she understands what happens, there is no resistance, just talk about begging, I am looking for you. I promised, I didn’t say that I was also the first time. I can’t help but I have begun to enter the small hole, she grabs my arms, her brow is crunchy, I don’t dare to force, I can only move forward at a point. The whole glans have entered it, I feel unprecedented, so comfortable, I have produced the impulse of ejaculation, but I have retired, my ass will move again, she caught, I feel good, I feel The dicks took the hymen, I rushed up, I took her to wear her! She is crying, tears come out. I can’t bear it, I didn’t dare to move. When she saw she calmed it, she started to teach, and this movement finally took her desire to tease. She began to be a pain, but after a while, she only groaned, the buttocks were shaking, sometimes I was twisted to cater to my thrust. I also started to put it, the speed and strength of the throduction were also increased. She began to be loud. I was afraid that I was blocked with her mouth. I remembered that I have never kissed her for so long, I don’t know her. What is the taste of saliva, I put the tongue into her mouth, she began to catering me, the tongue and my tongue wrapped around, and even the sound came. And my dick has been crazy, I have been crazy.

I feel a little tired, maybe I am not used to it for the first time? I have a lot of ways, I stop, she disagree, the small hole is tall, I said that I am tired, you are above, she shook his head and said that I won’t, I said I teach you, I will Next to lay down, I took her to me, she didn’t understand. I let her sit on me, the small hole is sitting hard, she has no thought preparation, ah, there is a hurry to pull out, my hand tightly put her waist force down, the cock is inserted into the small hole In this way, I took my waist as a sweat with my waist. I have to stop, I have to change one, I’m busy, put it on the bed, squatting her behind her, squatting her ass, holding her butt, holding back, she became a kneeling in bed The posture, I also hurriedly put the dick into her small hole, pulled her so much, but like this is too stimulated, I feel that I am shot in a few minutes. I don’t want to do it again, and the simply big movements have been doing it. She is really can’t stand it. I called not, I suddenly felt that my head was hot, the waist is cold, the chicken is numb, I took a look, I feel for a long time, because the cock has been moving, she is also old, she is in bed, and finally I am tired to squat on her, and the cock is soft and slipped out. Red red, she is really a woman. When she wore clothes, she suddenly kissed me to make me smashed, but she didn’t say a word, and I still run around, and the posture is very happy.

The next day, she came to me again. I wanted to ask her that she was very satisfied with her boyfriend, but she and her boyfriend broke up, because she wanted to be my girlfriend, I stayed, although I didn’t have I promised her, she was very sad, but I saw it, she has matured much.

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