Foreword: One day in the summer vacation, accidentally opened the TV to watch Cai Kangyong’s turning book electric shock king, seeing him in introducing a Japanese painter, it seems to be called Isoun two? The cover of his work made me shocked. The cover is a middle school girl sitting next to the table, there is a home teacher next to accompany her to study, and her brother is buried in her skirt, standing at the door is the mother who wants to come in. Mom. Mom. Such a scene looks a very harmonious family, but hides the messy message. I can’t express the feeling of such a feeling, so I want to write similar things to write: A whole day of activities are a family, but most of the details are related to sex, incest, obscene, And all the parties think it is normal, and it is not a violation. I want to express this feeling, so I will not deliberately describe the scene of sexual love, just as usual as usual. My writing is not very good, just want to express my feelings here, if there is a person, I use the word bad, please advise, if someone thinks too much allergic or violates morality, I will not continue to write.

PS 1: Write this article on this article report: Father wants to go to find a woman, mother pointed to her daughter said: Don’t spend money to find a woman, there is a home. So Dad played his daughter. (This is really reported, not chaotic tiger.)

PS 2: If anyone knows who I am talking about, and if there is a book that Cai Kangyong introduces the book, can you trouble you to share his great work? thanks.

PS 3: This article is written in this family a whole day, if there is any similarity, it is purely fictitious. I think the family of incest world: the first time you dedicated to your mother, my sister should be opened by my father, my parents should teach children to make love skills, my brother should often learn to make love skills ………

In the morning, the sun passed through the window, and an annoying ringtone woke up the mother of sleeping. Mom opened the eyes of sleeping eyes and looked at the alarm clock on the bed, dared to wake up and sleep around her husband.

“Dad, I will get up! Wake up with me!”

“Oh ……… um … What time?”

“It’s been half a half! It is late to be late.”

My mother said that I pulled down my father’s sleeping pants, and the tender jade hand stretched into the masculine of Dad, and she started to pick up the mask. The penis also seems to be awake, gradually hard.

“I have already prepared your tools. Now I have a hard tool to wake up my daughter! I went to wake up my son.” Mom showed a loving eye, no matter what Dad woke up, I took my father. The tools under the umbild walk, go to the son with the daughter’s room, Dad has to have a bitter, step by step, follow the mother. Soon, I came to my son and my daughter’s door, and my mother let go of my father, pointing at the daughter’s door:

“Come on and wake up your daughter! I went in to give my son to get up, and I will come over again.”

Dad nodded, soon opened the daughter’s room, and I went silently. After the mother looked at my father, I opened my son’s door. At a look, my son was sleeping in a comfortable bed, I was very sweet, my face with a happy smile, probably a dream! Mom thinks like this. Look down, the lower body of my son didn’t wear sleep, but exposed an erection of the mask. Although the son talent is born, it is not lost to the adult. Mom is secretly praising himself to have a good son and weekday training. But very quickly, the next half is so easy to cool, or it is like a son as usual!

At this time, the mother opened the mouth of the red, and the son’s son was son, and the son’s half-unsusteed mask was in, and the start of lively uses the tongue, and licks the glans and surroundings. The meat stick was gradually becoming more and more hard by her mother’s mouth. Mom felt that the meat sticks in the mouth were unable to tremble, and it seems to have reached the extreme, and these sweet pleasure have passed to my son’s mind. When the son opened his eyes, I immediately felt surrounded by warm meat. I immediately thought that my mother came to call him to get up, and I took the upper body. I saw my mother who made my mouth with my mouth. I said: “Good morning! Mom!”

Just finished, the pleasure has reached the vertices, and I can’t help it. So I put the hot semen, a brain injected into the mother’s mouth, my mother knew that the son woke up, and only ejaculate, swallow the hot semen , Use the tongue to clean the son’s mask, just raise the head to say to the son:

“Go to brush your teeth, you should be late!”

When I said, the corner of the mouth flowed out of some white turbid liquid. After reading, I kissed my mother, and the residual semen was clear from the mother, and immediately got up and went to the bathroom. When you attempt to awaken your son, Dad is looking at daughter lying in bed.

It’s so fast, my daughter is already a high school. It seems that she is giving birth to her yesterday. At this time, I can’t help but feel the flight. But now it is not a sad, look at the daughter on the bed, I am in my heart: I am so big, so ugly sleeping position, if it is seen, I still marry!

The daughter seems to have heard the words of his father. If you are interested in rebellion, turn it over the body, become a big word, and the breasts that don’t wear a bra are not big, but the shape is beautiful, the nipple is like it is Father announced: I am already a big woman. The beautiful waist is a pure white underwear. I don’t know why I am wet, I have wet, soaked in the inside of the thigh, my father wants: This bee will not be a spring dream? The old way wakes up with her, so that the mother will come in and let it come in a lot. Thinking about the triangle of the head to the triangle of the wet, with the top of the tongue with the mother, lick the daughter in the panties. In addition to moving up and down in the flesh, the tongue is touched from time to time, so exciting is also quickly passed to the daughter’s brain, but his daughter is like a pleasure to enjoy such a pleasure, and it is not meaningless to open his eyes. , Dad wants: Ok! Do you deliberately do it? Look at me! Dad stretched with the bow of his daughter’s waist, quickly unlocked it, the pink meat is immediately presented in front of the eyes, the clitoris has erected, and the two beautiful labipings are also open, as if waiting for the father. The next step. Dad pumped tongue, starting towards her daughter’s small hole, and her hands are not pinching on a white breast. The daughter has a stronger sexy, and the mouth began to make a clear sweetness.

“Oh … um ……… 喔 ……… 喔 …..”

The honey sauce of the pussy has flowed out, and the father’s movement is more powerful. At this time, after the mother of the next door, after waking the son, I also walked into the daughter room, see the daughter lying in bed and burying his head between husband Dad, I can’t help but say:

“Dad, you haven’t woke up the girl yet? How do you move so slow?”

“There is no way, she has already used the trick. She is still unwaken. This little Nizi seems to be deliberate.”

“That ….. I have to do this!”

Mom first got up, then pulled the daughter’s thigh, and dial the daughter’s small hole with his finger, said to Dad: “Plug your meat stick in! Daughter seems to wait for you!”

“Then I am coming! Daughter picks up!”

Dad’s thick mask with his mother’s assistance, slowly did not enter the daughter’s tender pussy, followed by slowly pumping, and daughter couldn’t stand it again, and the slender legs watched his father’s hips, white tender The hands hook the father’s neck, couldn’t help but call:

“Oh … ah ….. is good! … Dad ….. more …………………..

“The daughter gets up! I am late for class! I have to force me and my father will come up every day.”

The daughter struggled to climbed up, and the eyes of sex and ruddy showed the expression of the naughty.

“Sorry! Mom and Dad are early!”

“Dad, pull your tool out! You should go to clean!”

“Don’t take it out! Dad! I want Dad to plug me, hold me to go to the bathroom to brush your face.”

“Really, you are so arrogant, okay! Don’t take advantage of it!”

“I don’t care about your father, I got the kitchen for breakfast, you will come down and eat it!”

“Yes, mother! Dad, let’s go!”

After the end of your father, Dad is inserted from behind, holding his daughter’s legs, while walking into the bathroom. The daughter exposed a happy smile: “I like the meat sticks of Dad!”

“Small point, your mother will hear it, will be jealous.”

Mom listened and shook his head, looked at this to the loving father and daughter entered the bathroom, smiled and went to breakfast. Mom for meals in the kitchen, I still heard the snoring of my daughter upstairs from time to time. After the son was installed, I went to the dining room waiting for breakfast, and the house was mixed with my mother’s meal and daughter. This is a day of this home.

After making breakfast, my mother urged her family to eat, Dad and daughter have been finished, and their clothes are wearing clothes, and enjoy my mother’s love. A family talked at the dinner table, at this time, the younger brother said:

“Sister, which underwear you wear today? Is it the black lace that I bought?”

“No, you guess it!”

“Well … purple dip pants?”

“Dad is not right! Then that the younger brother’s semen was blurred yesterday, take it.”

“Transparent silk!”

“Or is it a mother. You look!”

The daughter stood up and pulled the skirt to the chest. Everyone saw that it was a transparent underwear, and the closed lips were in the underwear. If the brother took the head to the underwear, I took a breath and said:

“Good fragrance! Sister’s small hole is really fragrant.”

“Okay! Brother, don’t always use your nose to Sao, my meat hole! Wait a moment to flow out, I have to change the underwear. Oh, yes, Dad, today our school has a game!”

“What game?”

“One year, one-year-old port,”

“Daughter, mother’s mouth has already taught you, you can’t lose! I want to have a champion of two Oral Tournament in high school! Don’t give me a face!”

“Yes, I am falling in love with your mother.” “Reassure, parents, I will take a trophy to come back to you.”

“Don’t say anything, you have to be late, Dad, drive them to school!”

“Yes, my wife is adult.”

My mother rushed to the car and kissed my father, and said:

“Dad, drive care! Daughter, come on!”

“Mom goodbye.”

My mother looked at the car and gradually went away until I disappeared in the sight, I went back to the house to start a whole day. On the way to the school, Dad saw her daughter’s expression from the rear view, and I worked some worried about the question:

“Daughter, what is it? Is it worried about today’s game?”

“Yes, Dad, I am still a little unassured.”

“Sister, this is so good, I still have some time, my mask has exercised you.”

“Brother, you are so good to me, come so come!”

My sister quickly unlvesmed the brother’s pants, pulled into the knee position, the meat stick came out of the pants, and the sister’s cherry, the sister was immediately, and the tongue is also Like a living organism, entangle the penis, more often licking and glans, the white hands are not idle, playing with a scrotum in one hand, one hand in the brother’s buttocks. The younger brother looked at my sister, which was revealed on her face in order to win the championship, but it was too much too much dry, and the whole movement was a bit messy. Dad said to her daughter:

“Daughter, you are so anxious, the rhythm of the penis is completely wrong, thinking about teach you before, not necessarily good, let the man feel pleasure, will be very fast.”

“Oh ……. um …”

The daughter replied with a vague voice, said she already knows that when the rhythm of my sister is normal, my brother feels that the climax is gradually getting bigger and bigger, the glans have spilled some transparent liquids, my sister also felt, more stimulating your brother. Sexy belt.

“Oh ….. …. Sister, I can’t help it, I am shot.”

After a few days, my brother’s penis was violently jumped, and the warm semen was shot in his sister’s mouth. After the sister swallowed a lot of semen, he licks the liquid left on the brother’s meat, and looked up and said: “Brother, put the pants I. Thank you Dad’s guidance. “

“Well, the costume is organized, the school is here, I will pick you up again.”

“Dad good!”

(Author Note: In order to make the reader to read convenience, it is necessary to set the name of this family, so it is convenient for the author to write, but at home or son, daughter, mom and dad said it.

Son — Yanxian

Daughter – dance clothes

Dad – Earlychuan

Mom – Jiangmei

The reason why the Japanese name is afraid to cause misunderstandings, and then emphasize once. If there is a similar, purely a coincidence)

Those who are class in the school:

When the dance clothes go to the classroom, they saw a group of women to survive her best friend – good beauty, 叽 叽 I don’t know what to talk, and the dance clothes are happy with everyone, curiously asked: ” What are you talking about? Is there any good thing? “

“Dancer, yesterday is a beautiful birthday, she is talking about yesterday’s birthday!”

“Oh, well, did you receive any special gift yesterday?”

“Um …. Yes, my father gave me a big gift!”

It has been smiling and smiling, so that this move has caused everyone’s curiosity, and it is not necessary to say that it is good to say. Liangmei can’t hold everyone’s request, showing a little shy and happy expression, saying:

“Yesterday my father ….. help me open!”

After a long time, I have a sensation, and I have a good idea, and some people have a seven tongue memories of their father, let themselves become a woman, and the smoking of the classroom is getting bigger and bigger. At this time, I didn’t know who said a teacher. It’s coming, everyone will come to the beast, and they go back to their own seats. After the teacher enters the classroom, they will make each other good morning with the students, and the dance clothes will make a speech. The teacher asked her to talk, she is very happy:

“Teacher, good beauty yesterday birthday, her father made her a woman!”

“Hey, is this? Congratulations, good”

“Teacher, we have to celebrate the beautiful beauty.”

“That’s good, everyone will celebrate the beauty as a woman according to the traditional practice!”

After finishing, some male students seven hands of eight feet and arranged a collected rice area, and wipe the table clean.

“Liangmei, you come in front, take off the skirt, lying on the table! Other girls’ penis is blowing hard!”

“Yes, teachers.”

Before going to the flat table, take off the skirt, put the skirt on the side, then take off the pure white underwear, lying on the table, open the small legs to the limit. Under the stimulation of the male classmates in the classmates, a meat stick is standing in the sky, and it is good.

“Male classmates are rinsed, according to the rules, the action is almost, we still have to go to class!”

“Teacher, the beautiful small hole is too dry, I will let it wet.” The dancer has opened the well-closed labipings with his fingers, and the tongue is coming back, and the tongue is inserted into the vagina, yesterday In order to become a woman’s beautiful, this excitement, soon, it has been humid, and the dance clothes left the lower body, and said to the first male classmate:

“Okay, start to celebrate, you have to be gentle!”

Male classmates spit some saliva on their own masks, and inserted it into a beautiful hole. He smashed the beautiful breasts, and said with the waist and said: “Congratulations, you have become a woman. “

“Oh …. Thank you.”

The first male classmate pandered five, pulling the meat stick, the next male classmate, the first male classmate, also said to Yanmei after inserting:

” congratulations! “

“Ah … thank you.”

“Congratulations, you finally became a woman.”

“Well … Thank you.”

” Congratulations. “

“Oh …. Xie …. Thank.”

” Congratulations. “

“喔 ………………………………………………………..

Due to good beauty, I just became a woman, although every male classmate only took five times, but she was still not able to endure such a stimulus, and the holes experienced a variety of different shapes, the size of the size, so it quickly reached After the first climax, the whole class male classmates have congratulated her, she has already vented twice, and they arrived at the third climax again. At this time, she only felt that the climax is getting bigger and bigger, and the sexual desire is getting higher and higher. The mask of the teacher is in the spring, even more hard, and the round and big glans, the thick penis, not the male classmates can be better. Finally, the teacher insert his own meat stick into a beautiful point, and said with caring expressions: “Liangmei, finally by the teacher to celebrate, and give you the teacher’s semen, I hope you can read it more, good School. Come, together with the teacher to reach the climax! “

In order not to waste the class time, the teacher did not deliberately pat the vaginal. After inserted into the vagina, it was fiercely and fierce, and the beautiful, and the body kept chaos. The waist has always been upright. The corner of the eye is a pleasant tears. The top two stronger climax quickly came. At this time, the teacher felt that a warm liquid flowed from a beautiful deep place, so accelerated the action, and the hot semen sprayed straight into a beautiful uterus.

“Ah ……… ……. Thank you …. Xie Teacher ….. The fine … ah …. …”

“Okay, dance clothes, you take a beautiful to the health room to rest, the way to help her clean up, other students restore the desk and chairs, take the English class, start class.”

The whole campus is full of clear reading sounds, and it has been half a day.

The author note: the previous article said that I want to create an article with that feel, but the more I found more difficulties, whether it is prepared or used in terms of words. The original idea is to write it more The better, the better, so that the readers are immersed in this imagination space, the special lusts brought by the sexual scenes and the incest let the readers imagine. But the belly The pen ink is limited, it does not meet the ideals I want, this story can be said to be a failure. But no matter what, I still try to complete this article under the whole premium, I hope I hope me. People may have to let you down. But I really will finish this article, believe me!

Big B continued

(Thu Jan 15 08:53:05 1998)

Survey preface:

The story architecture of this article is very different from the idea. It is a must-have thing to look at sex and life, and there is no such thing in this world. It is full of sexual love. Glory, a “sexual world” that we can’t imagine in our real life.

On the occasion of the supe, in addition to the contradiction problem of the main people in the article, in order to write, the main character is changed with the spokes in the play, the rest continues the “main purpose” of the original text, please enlighten me!

At noon, I haven’t seen my mother to help me with my brother, so I will go to the younger brother.

I haven’t heard the lax, I will know that my mother will send it. Mom, like other male students, is squatting on the younger brother’s table, picking a mini skirt, fusing the tripping pants on the thigh. And the brother’s meat stick is inserted into my mother’s little hole from the back of my mother, while doing my mother, I will eat it.

The mother of other male students is the same, each puts out various postures to welcome their son’s meat sticks. The whole classroom is crowded with people, and each window is opened. Every window has one by one by his son, and the mother who is rowned to the sky is coming soon.

I only remembered that this is a mother and a waist called in Monday. This is a traditional game. The criteria is the content of clothing, sound, expression, obscenity, and lasting, most sensual, and most exciting to get the week. The mother who continuously won the two-week championship can get the “model mother” medal recognized by the state. The referee is held by the president and parent. Mom last week is Zhou Championship, it seems that today is a must.

I only heard the mother’s voice covered someone else.

“Ah … Son … Hello thick meat stick …. Mom’s small hole … is filled with you ………………………………………………. God … parent son … Mom’s small hole is beautiful …. Night …. Mother uses a small hole with your meat stick … comfortable …………….. …. Dry death mother … Mother is leaking three times …. Your meat stick is plugged in … Mom will vent …. You have a tick …. Mom is ventilated. … Mom is happy …. I like you to do it …. You are the pride of your mother …. Momi you came out … .. Just let you do your mother …. … you are a born dry hole master …………………………………………………… Breaking you …. ah …. Good news …. Mom is ventilated … it doesn’t matter … you continue to do your mother … don’t stop …………. Mom. … ah …. ok … change your posture … “

Mother flipped the body, pulling the upper clothes, showing fat breasts, sitting at the table, holding your brother, holding the younger brother, lifting a thigh, then put it again, starting to twist the hips again .

“Ah …. Ok …. another mother …. ah … a good son … Your father will be proud of you …. You are getting out of blue … Mom is happy … .. Mom is touched out of your holes ………………………………………………………… Pregnant …. Mom knows … because my mother is being taken today …. Dry the most cool … ah ….. ah …. Shoot …. Mom is pregnant …. Mom wants to take this bonus …. go to shrink the holes … Narrow … Let you do more comfortable … ah …. Ah …. shot … ah … “

The government has been legislated many years ago. If the mother is pregnant because of his son sex, after confirming, you can get a considerable subsidy. If you don’t want to be born, you can be processed free of charge by the Community Committee.

The government puts a large amount of money and humanity in the artificial abortion, there is a considerable progress, “artificial abortion” is one of the courses of school basic education, so everyone will do itself, I can deal with themselves.

I saw that the principal looked at the mother frequently nodded, I knew that my mother defending was no problem. My heart is happy, if my mother got the “model mother”, I am also honored. Just I didn’t expect your brother’s acupuncture skills to advance so fast, today I must let him do it well.

Many male students have brought the semen into their mothers, and they have been sold, and some mothers have no strength after leaking it. The younger brother and mother have been supporting all people. After the end, the younger brother shot the semen into my mother’s uterus.

The whole competition also plays a sentence in the last high-scapered sound of my mother, the winning and negative is quite obvious, and there is no other winner, many mothers have already circulated to my mother, and keep teaching to my mother. How can I still have a secret behind it?

In the congratulations of everyone, the mother has received the honor medals of “Model Mother”. And under the request of everyone, the brother demonstrates the sexual intercourse of the champion mother and child.

This is in a happy atmosphere.

In the afternoon, a school has held a “school teacher-student love park” for the school, without going to class.

I went to a circle in the garden tourist, I was inexplicable after being worked out several times, I was too small by the teacher and the partition class. I suddenly thought that my meat is too thin. I suddenly remembered Dad, only Dad’s meat sticks I get climax and satisfied.

So I left the school to Dad’s company to find Dad.

Dad is a general manager in the company, he can have today’s position, completely with his strength, step by step. Dad’s sexual intercourse is thoroughly conquered, and each year’s annual performance is ranked, even the chairman of the chairman is constantly praising the directors of the big points in front of the chairman. She wants to die.

At a year-end business review, at the request of the chairman, the lady on the spot and the chairman showed a sexual intercourse for up to two hours, won the admire between all employees, and rose to general manager.

As I entered my father company, I saw my father is helping new company’s female staff to do “interview.” More than a dozen candidates, one after another took off his underwear, stand in a row against the wall. Under password soon, everyone bent over quickly raise the buttocks, do everything we can to expose pussy fluffy, Dad inserted one by one all the way in the past. Half an hour later, more than half of them have been unable to vent Jiaochuan sitting on the ground. The rest is still standing, still the spirit of excitement of the final candidates continue Langjiao all accepted.

Dad is indeed the general manager, still no sign of ejaculation even after more than a dozen women did, I did not miss this opportunity, take advantage of this time quickly in the past to hold Daddy’s cock.

“ㄚ头, how do you come?” Dad smiled and said to me.

“Well people want Daddy!” My father spoiled rubbing his cock.

“Dad wants to fuck you is not? What are we waiting?”

I immediately got into the large conference table, set off their skirts.

“Dad, you see, all wet in such a way, quick to help her panties off it!”

Dad-hand poked me that piece of transparent yellow silk underwear.

“Wow, how wet like that? Well, let Dad to insert a plug of it!”

Dad spoke to poke my soaking panties, “Zi” sound, thick cock inserted into my pussy.

“You looked good, this is my daughter, to see how I plug the hole.”

Father against all men and women staff in the room said.

“Ah …. Dad … Dad … you really pro will dry hole … daughter of points thrilled … ah …. ah …. Dad … to tell you the good news … noon mother Langjiao game is again a champion …. mother had a “model mother ….. ah …. good brother … the original will plug the hole …. did mom has been called cool …. …. father … ah …. daughter so comfortable …. hello will do …. ah …. good thick cock …. ah. … I went back today … I have to call my brother a good job …. we really happy family …. ah ….. ah …. what a great …. it’s beautiful … . “

“Well, indeed the father’s daughter, well.”

Both sexes have admired next looked at our daughter’s sexual intercourse.

An hour later, I finally met vent out of pity father deliberately semen shot me, shot into my pussy.

When afternoon came home, the door is packed with a bunch of women.

The original near neighbors heard her mother to get a model mother thing, have not yet Kaibao with their daughter to ask his brother to help them Kaibao, with his son and some claim insert a plug of this model mom mother pussy.

I went into the living room to see his brother is a group of fourteen or fifteen Kaibao little girl, my mother also duty-bound to accept the breaking ceremony melon those little boys, but these little boys only small penis in his mother’s crypt pumping a few under ejaculation, inserted into the opinions and some have not shot out.

A few hours later, the younger brother for almost the entire community which have not yet Kaibao all the girls opened the bud, and her mother was a few small boys was not satisfied with a small penis is inserted, and finally ask for her brother to help insert a plug.

All people have been dispersed, leaving his brother in the living room doing the mother.

“Ah …. ah … or their own son ….. ah … ah ….. good son …. Mom …. Mom really happy to get a model mother .. thanks for your help this root cock …. ah …. well ….. ….. AIDS … AIDS thrilled thrilled …. …. inserted as the mother did a good mother happy …. ah … your father will be dead jealous ….. ah …. hard …. fast …. fast …. do it …. dry bad mother pussy …. insert bad mother pussy ….. parent son son … …. mother’s good points …. ah … good son …. look at your sister. … seems to have can not stand ….. wait …. you dry as her right ….. ah …. “

I would have sexual secretion flow thigh was wet and sticky, take off the side of the briefs, masturbate together.

Just after her mother vent, my brother pushed me immediately picked up, into my pussy.

“Ah …. good brother …. I did not expect so you will plug the hole ….. .. usually did so much ….”

“Sister, I want to teach my mother is usually hidden strength, make good use of the time to keep the game, so usually when you plug in, are deliberately reserved, soon ejaculation to you, today is different, I’ll fill the cool sister . “

“Great …. ah …. future sister in addition to my father …. there will be a dry hole brother …. ah …. so happy …. Mom … we and her daughter was so happy ….. ah …. good … sister thrilled …. ah …….. “

I vent again and again. After my father came home from get off work, our family to celebrate this special day, but also in the living room partying.

I took my mother on the floor, on the sofa, let Dad and younger brothers turned to we, Dad and your brother continue to exchange. I was so bad that my mother was so bad. Later, I accepted Dad’s semen, my mother also made your brother into her small hole, and our family hugged each other and fell asleep, ending this aestyle day.

P.S. After writing, I feel that the plot is really ridiculous, but I am very fun, what do you think?

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