I remember that it is a mid-summer afternoon. I am in the city, I am hot, I can’t, the trees on the road are baked soft, and my mood is also bad. Because I parked the car in the road a few days ago, I was parked on the side of the road, and I was taken on the spot of the traffic police. I am in the hallway of the vehicle management office. I will accept the penalty. Under the guidance of others, I came to a window.

Perhaps it is the reason of the hot, there is no one in the window, and there is a female traffic police. Although the heat is hot, it is like steamer, but it looks out, it is another world. Under the role of air conditioning, the temperature inside is very Pleasant. The female traffic police is looking down in the newspaper, I have a simple explanation with a glass. She said there is a saying: “Drive, Driving License”, and pull the slip window open a small seam, I will Handed in the documents, he opened the driving license, checked the computer, and picked up the driver’s license. He looked at me in the opposition. It should be said that she is still good, 31 or two years old, Dan Feng Eye , High nose, from the neck, it is still a fine meat, but I am no longer flowers, because the distinction is disdainful and disregarded in her Danfeng’s eyes, so that I am disgusted. At this time, she finally started to talk: “According to the road traffic management conditions (that is not a traffic law) and the relevant regulations of the city’s motor vehicle management, you should punish the violations of normal road traffic should be punished. Gold 200 yuan and 3 points, if you have any objection to the upper car management department, I will give you a ticket, if you have no objection, you go to the door of the Industrial and Commercial Bank to pay back, do you have any objection?

I think, rely! I have an objection? I dare! Not enough to toss. I have been saying: “No objection”, so she took out a ticket to fill it out, then her mobile phone rang, she first looked unhappy to see the electricity number, and then smiled and listened, but I just listened two sentences. I can’t laugh, good, good, good, mom, don’t worry, I will come back soon, “said that I have a phone call, turn it, I have to go, I suddenly remembered me, I turned it around me. The documents are thrown back, say “I have an urgent matter in my family, you are here tomorrow. “Then pull the window and hurried. I rely on! I am really burning in anger, but I can’t figure it out, I want to be unfortunate, but I have to run again tomorrow. I just got a few steps with disappointment. Far, suddenly she came from the window, shouting me: “Master you, etc., are you driving? “I said yes, he said:” Can you send me back home, I have an urgent matter? “I am in my best, I am not willing, but I think, maybe it will be with her set of set of porcelain, maybe she can let me put me, don’t you earn?

So I installed a pleasant look and promised.

On the way, she simply gave me the reason. Her mother is a widow. Now I live, I suddenly suddenly the faucet is broken, and my husband is getting bigger, and her husband is going back, she has to return it. Family repair. I want to be a big stupid hat, what is your woman’s home? Not called for repairman or friends, wait until the place, then find someone in three autumns, but I don’t remind him, anyway, I will leave it, if she thinks, let me pick anyone, The work can be delayed, because her mood is anxious, so I don’t talk very much, the atmosphere in the car is a bit embarrassed, but it is not too far, it will arrive.

But she hasn’t got off the bus, “Ye! I have used it back, I will not repair” How can I still!

No way, who makes me not remind her, ~~~, this is really unlucky, my mouth is busy, do you want me to take you with you? “,”real! That’s great, thank you!

Going upstairs, hey! It’s too wolf, and a faucet in the bathroom is broken. The water is sprayed out. It has spread to the whole house, and even the stairs are water, the old lady sees us like seeing the savior (in fact, the savior), I said that she said a long time, her daughter quickly comforted her. I saw this scene. I didn’t hesitate to rush the past, and I took a towel to wrap the water, and the water was launched towel into the sewer. My whole body is lysted, and I can’t care so much. “Is there a tube pliers, faucets and raw materials?

I got a negative answer, I am busy letting them help with a towel, and they will rush down the floor to find a hardware store, buy enough things and rushed back. Soon, the troubleshooting, the mother of the mother finally showed a smile, I helped them packed up the hygiene and then prepared to resign.

However, the female traffic police said nothing, “My own house is also upstairs, you will go home to change clothes, don’t worry about it,” I’m full of tones, I bowed It’s really enough to look at it, it’s not good to say, follow her, I will return to her home. Entering her home, a look is a rich family, the house decoration is still taste, the home is put, it is a high-end thing, with her mother is not a grade, I am looking at, she I have already taken a pajamas from the bedroom, saying to me: “My husband’s body is similar to you, you go to the bathroom to change it, your wet suit gives me, I will help you, see her That policeman’s unique tone, I have only to say it, I entered the bathroom, handed her wet clothes from the door, I stood in the bidet, simply rinse it, and changed the clean clothes .

When I came out, my clothes had turned up in her laundry facilities, and the air conditioner also started to play, see me, she is busy saying “You first look at the television TV, I wash, please go out to eat. , I am really thank you, I don’t know what to do without you. ” I have to eat at home, I will come to cooking, “I said to go to the kitchen. She said while laughing:” Is it kind? “I said:” I am embarrassed, today let the police officer often. The craft of civilians “,” You don’t have to damage me, you are really funny, then I am welcome. “I entered the bathroom.

My father is a premium chef, from a small to the big ear, the kitchen is of course not a general person, after a while, it makes 4 color fragrance, and it is brought to the brine, At this time, she also took a shower and took the iron and ironing board. I was ready to give me clothes.

The meals are in place, and we will join, because the two sides are pulled into a lot, and the two people have naturally a lot. She said, “Do you want you to drink some beer.”, I said: “I dare, you now want me to drink, I will catch up with my drink, I am bigger, I am big.” She laughed from the refrigerator. I took a few listeners. In front of me, I said: “You don’t come?”, She said that I won’t drink, you drink it. ” Let’s open a beer, I can’t drink it.

We chatted while eating, weird, we talked to the special proceedings, there is no strange feeling, and she talks, there is no unique police unique, and the tone, chat, chat I also have a big covered understanding of her, her surname, 35 years old, married for 7 years, my husband is a senior foreign company, responsible for local business, due to work relationship, often travel, but the income is rich, two people It’s a good feelings, but it’s a lot of life after marriage, life is very flat, I have never had children, so there seems to be more cold compared to the general family, the child is not wanting, but I can’t live, two people go I haven’t checked, there is no problem, the hospital has went a lot, the medicine also a lot, but no matter how two people can’t say anxious, but they must be another matter.

My alcohol is not good. In the case of a little hot reason, I have an anxious thing. I have been a little dizzy when I listen to the beer. As the saying goes: the wine is strong, I should see that the wine is color, I didn’t feel anything. Now I started to pay attention to her. After she finished cooling, I changed it at home. The upper body was a white old man, loose big, the body swayed inside, and wear it A sports shorts, the kind of Li Ning brand, a little bit of pure cotton, it seems that there is a year, it is white, but you will know that it is very comfortable, although it is very casual, it is better than her. The police uniforms of the dead can make people feel much more, her height is about 160 cm or so, the body is the kind of tall, I suspect that she is not a soldier, her skin is really white! And very delicate, you can see some of the part, let me think of silk, the chest looks too much, but it is not a tablet, very quite a kind, butt, the thigh is round, The knee is down, but it is also bright, she has a habitual movement, which is often sent to her hair. When she do this action, the whole armpits are open, wow! There is no hair in there, I am sure that is born, because there is also a light slide, I’m going to look down, it is a stunned amazing, and then I will blocked by the hateful cloth, but the sight The blocked is not to stop my imagination, I started to think of nothing, of course, my mouth is not idle while appreciation, we are happy, suddenly she said “Hey, there is nothing, it is better to accompany you too. Click here to say that I don’t care how my reaction is, I will have a drink and drink it. Conduct, we are very speculative, from our respective families and friends, from the space shuttle to underwater creatures, from the Gulf War to the neighborhood dispute, from law morality to intervene in love, final We talked to both sexes, she even told me that she only made two or three times a month, and the loss of illness was obviously revealed. At this time, alcohol has made my body to become soft, but only A little awareness tells me that it is a favorable opportunity to attack her. At this time, her heart is empty, her body is hot, and her emotions are excited. It is already a lamb that I am slaughtered in front of it, but I don’t play JB. The same is the destruction of alcohol, the change of the flavor, a slap in the mouth, then she also drunk, there is no lady’s style, talking about the way, spending the branches, the sadness, cry Tears, we have said that the tone is more than the usual, and the two rushed, although they are unlocked, but they are also smirked by the other party, until later, I didn’t know anything. I can only hear the other person’s laughter … I woke up when I was awakened by my own snoring, I still remember the posture of the time is the four chaise of the four chaise, the neck is in the chair On the back, the head is pulled back, that is too uncomfortable, then wake up, I have never returned to the kitchen, turned to the kitchen faucet, and fierce a cold water, but also rushed to the blessing to restore it. Ideal, gradually recalling, and then she found that she also slept, she was sleeping on the table, her hair was scattered, and some witches were immersed in the dish. I laughed, I thought than I was. So I woke up her, but she didn’t wake up, no way, I took her up and try to put her in bed, but I felt the sky in the restaurant, I felt the two legs, I am active. I want to stand if I still have to stand the body, and the two seriously fell on the thick carpet in the living room. This dropped her wakeful, she found himself on the carpet, and I still kneel In her body, her body is obvious, first shock, then try to open it away, but the hand pulls it softly, at this time, I have been completely awake, mine. The first reflection is now standing, but in her body, I am completely changed from autonomous, her petite body is so soft, the chest is fierce in front of my face, I looked at her, she looked at her I, from each other’s eyes, we have a clear: I have to happen slowly to extend your lips to her lips. She hesitates, and she catering her lips, and our lips are gently touch. Let’s slowly separate, everything is so gentle, and each other is slightly closed, like the aftertaste, when you come again, the action and breathing become tapped, our tongue is lingering Together, I want to extend the tongue to the deepest place, so two people have changed the angle, her hand holding my head, and my hand attacks from her top, at this time at her chest In front of her bra, she is her bra, for understanding It, I strive to get up to hold her. She is very cooperated with my legs. I will unlock her bra later, then the right hand holds her back, the left hand pinned her front. Little peas, she got up, gently, two lips are separated, my right hand goes to the arms, her lips return to my lips, two tongues and greedy entangle Together, my legs have suffered huge pressure at this moment.

I used my eyes to swept around, there was a American in the right 3 meters away. I swayed over. The two immediately fell into it. At this moment, my JB is already roaring like an angry lion. It is necessary to rush out, try to get rid of the shame of the pants, I ride on her body, get up and take off the clothes, she can’t wait for half-sitting, quickly faded the clothes, we can’t wait to hug together, ah! A so comfortable body, holding her like a pillow holding a silk, soft and smooth, suddenly, I feel a holiday, we have rolled into the carpet, I am now I am, and she rides. In my body, I dragged her hips in my hands, and her yin has arrived in my mouth, borrowed by light, wow! It’s a rare art, big labia, small labia, clitoris, humid, rare, rare, there is no hair, white skin, delicate, and any one of my eyes is smaller than I see. Exquisite, my mouth puts a gently kiss in the past, and she is in the mouth of her big ladle. She has a bleak, and the whole person is swayed before and after. Find the place to support the center, but inadvertently met my JB, so she quickly turned to hold JB with his mouth, greedy with mouth, she across my face, my tongue, my tongue, to her vagina Running a wheel attack, every time I enter, I will greet her clitoris, and her is shaking, I also want to burn, I can’t immediately put JB into her body, and finally she can’t stand it, she turned For me, support my JB, my buttight, I will act so slowly, my waist is one, even with her vagina “ah”, a miserable voice, I opened Looking, her face has been distorted, the expression looks like the pain, but the snoring is so painful, I am really worried that the neighbor is heard, because her voice is too big, her body Be careful, my JB is crispy by her little hole, I am idle, get up and put her down, launch her attack, every time I pull it out, come out and get out of her body. , Then insert it quickly, every time you enter, you feel the intense collision to her uterus, and every coming back, she squats loudly, in her cry and my body collision with her butt In the sound, her climax came, I felt that her small hole was contraction, her body was also violent, she couldn’t find the center of gravity, two white legs were in the air, shaking It is like two lonely little white sails in Wang Yang. Her voice has been completely out of control. When it is shouting, I’m going to ask “Ah … ﹍ … ﹍ My baby, stop, beg You, I can’t do it, ah … ﹍ ﹍ … ﹍ … ﹍ ” To the back, she immediately rose on the back, I grabbed her two legs, I was standing behind, I stood in one, and I launched another round of offensive in her hinterland. She screamed again. Suddenly I feel that JB head is hot, I feel that her vagina is hot. She is ejaculation. In her excitement, my horse is can’t do, I am called, a thick paste is about to I burst, I waited a little reason to remind me that in order not to give her trouble, I should shoot it outside, but if this is a pleasure, if I pull it out, I really affect a lot of happening, just as I tried to love the sad side When she seems to realize my thoughts, she is struggling to be a butt, I understand what she meant, so I will no longer have the idea of ​​pulling out, and continue to interact, she uses the last strength to catering I finally, the volcano broke out, the source of concentrated slurry continued to flow in the vagina, the JB of each solution will make her Body treasurer, we called to ushered in this most exciting moment, I hugged her tried her lips from behind, and she also held the same idea to approach me, but we are all worker. Insufficient, finally gave up this idea, she could not move on the back, I was soft, like a old old banyan tree, and fell to the floor like a old banyan tree, soon dying.

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