Morning is a lot of people who are awake to prepare for rework, but for the ancestors, it is the time to go home, because he is a night.

The ancestors have been married, but because his wife can’t stand the life of his day and night. After marriage, I have been divorced for a few years. From then on, he will live with the only childhood, live a dull life. The ancestors are rare to meet with the ambition, but he is a twenty-four filial piety. Every day, I will give my dinner to go to work, while the morning is on the time to give the daughter.

Although the Meihui has grown up, it has already understood itself, but the ancestors have no change in this habit or the wind and rain.

Once, the Meihui has been going out after eating breakfast. After the ancestors opened a night, although it was already tired, he still didn’t want to sleep, because he remembered that he did not wash the sheets, he intended to change the new bed order to sleep, he advanced the daughter’s bedroom, Sheet is removed. At this time he found a photo book under the bed. The ancestors opened it with hand, the first phase inside was a nude photo of a girl about twenty years old. Although she hides the triangle of the lower body, she can certainly have a lot of shame, because the shame from her palms and fingers is more than the palm of the palm.

The ancestors have never touched other women since divorce, and today, the monk looks at the triangle in the nude photo. He feels that the madam inside the trouser has always been impulsive to boost.

The ancestors moved the line up and saw the girl in the other side of his hand on his chest. In addition, with the hand of the breast, holding a banana that peeledly peeling the skin, dressed in a face of obscene, as if it is a niche.

At this time, the ancestors carefully noted the appearance of the people. After he hoped, he scared his hands and shocked. Even the madam that had already urged was so soft. The original girl is not who is not who is not Is his baby daughter beauty!

I believe any of the parents, if you find a daughter to shoot nude photos, the first idea in your heart is that the daughter has been cheated by a man, and the ancestors are no exception. In order to find out who is this man, then continue to open the album. I hope that I can find a little spider mart, but the more I feel, the more I feel sad, because the original nude photos are all naked, but the three-point part is always hidden, but the nude photos are getting more and more bold, first is revealing Milk, then even the triangular zone is also moving, there are a few big close-up when you use your fingers when you have a masturbation. When the ancestors looked at most, he saw a double photo, when he saw a double photo. When he saw the people around the daughter, he really didn’t know if he should be relieved.

In the original, another female tale was a good friend who was played to a big friend, and Zu Guang also met her for many years. I know that she is not bad girl, maybe two girls have a series of nude photos In terms of current social atmosphere, a lot of girls want to make commemorations of the youthful film nude photos. And the ancestors are not ancient people. He sees the daughter since collecting this nude photo, I believe that there will be no other people to have seen these phases, and these phases are them, it can be estimated that the US is not Men deceive, the ancestor is finally rest assured.

But what you worry is that in addition to ordinary nude photos, there are some kissing, and they are touched to each other, and even the photos of each other, it can be seen that two girls are gay “tofu girl”.

Originally, the Meihui and Xiaoyu were grinding tofu. The ancestors didn’t have to worry that the daughter will be got a big belly, but he only had a baby woman, his wish is to find a boyfriend, then marry the child, live Flat and happy life, now I have found that my daughter is actually tofu, he can’t help but worry for her daughter, he is resolutely demolished this pair of tofu.

When the ancestors thought of a way, he continued to flip the album. Most of its second half is a single nude photo of Xiaoyu. The ancestors saw her big, but never pays attention to her body, she and the Meihui Although the same year, but the body is much better, a pair of riped breasts can’t be blocked, the top of the nipple is bright red, and the ancestors can’t help but kiss the two kisses. As for the shame of her lower, it can be seen that her two big lips are in a sparse shame, but there is a small piece of small labia to drill from the slices.

Zu Guang did not help but have a great interest in Xiaotong. He secretly took a little nude photo in the album, then put the album back to the original position, and then put the old bed back to the bed, so that the daughter will not find him. I have seen this photo book.

This evening, Meihui thought that Dad was going to start, and then gave a little time after the work, I plan to go home and then grind the tofu. Who knowing that they have not finished eating, and the ancestors returned home. He said it is a taxi fee form. I can’t start, the two girls feel so good, Xiaoxi has to pay back home, and the ancestors will automatically say to drive her. “Xiaoxi, I have always been a friendly girl, I have something to ask you, you have to answer me.” In the secluded parking lot, when she took the ancestor, the ancestors I didn’t drive immediately, he took out the nude photo of Xiaoyu: “Do you have a daughter with me?”

“It’s not my business!” Xiaoxi saw that the ancestors took her nude photos. She didn’t seem to be naked by him, she was shy, and she did not conceal this matter, so I replied. : “The initial beauty is asking me to be like this! In fact, I want to know the boy, but I am afraid that the US is not happy, so I have been with her.”

“In other words, you have thought about enjoying the true sex of the man!” Zu Guang said here, suddenly stroking Xiaoyu thighs said: “It’s better to wait for me to give you a real man!”

“What are we here?” What did Xiao Yu just want to say, Zu Guang has interrupted her, he smiled and said. You’re different, men and women do love are justified by the sky, where are they do! “

On the side of her, she talked into her hern skirt, she was a little rebel, but gradually became half-push, and finally relaxed that the whole body made the ancestors for what they want, so the ancestors easily solve her belt. Then, then took the skirt to pull the dress up to the heart, and the ancestors took her underwear again. At the same time, she immediately revealed her bust, and the important part of Xiaoxi’s body was naked.

Although the ancestors have seen her nude photos, now naked Xiaoxi is in front of him, nothing to see, can also play, can also smell the faint girl’s body fragrance, when touching her I appreciate her snoring, and the madam of the ancestors becomes hot and hard under this stimuli. At this time, there is no shadow in the parking lot, so he hugs Xiaoguang to the back row. On the seat, I can’t wait to attack her pussy.

Although Xiaoxi is the first time I tried to the man’s madama, her vast film was dug in the grinding finger in the grinding rot, so the madamus of the ancestors can be inserted without blocking, but When Xiaoyu is grinding, the Meihui will only use one or two fingers to insert, and the ancestral madam is certainly more thick than the two fingers, so Xiao Yu still feels that the pussy seems to be torn. But at the same time, she felt a pleasant pleasure than grinding tofu. After she put all the pains in the brain, enjoy each of them, until the ancestors took the semen into her uterus, she still uses her feet. Hold him ass, it is not allowed to take the meat sausage.

And after their body is separated, Xiaoyu uses a paper towel to scouring her pussy, and then discovered the reddrops. The ancestors didn’t think that I didn’t want to go, so I said. “Xiaoxi, I am sorry, I don’t know if you are still a woman, I see those pictograms, think that you are playing with my daughter.”

Xiaoyu drilled his head to the arms of the ancestors, said: “Don’t touch it, in fact, when I am playing, I have broken the female film, but you only have a thick and long, so I will open me thoroughly.苞! “

The ancestors said: “I am sorry, I just hurt you!”

Xiaoyu relieved from the ancestors and said.

Zuoguang Road: “Since Mei Hui’s mother left me, I didn’t approach the woman, so I saw you charming the flesh, I couldn’t help but put you thin. I just too lost!”

Xiaoxi said softly: “When you get me, I am not willing to be in my heart. But when you enter the body, I will default yourself is your woman. Now we are no longer strange, Don’t speak polite.

I was not ready to go home tonight, it is better to find a place overnight? “

Zuoguang: “Of course, it is good! I usually carry a stealing men and women to Jiulongtang, I have been familiar with the location of those villas, but I have never involved in the dust, so I don’t know the Neuri Qiankun. It is better to try it now. ! “

Xiaotong Road: “Will it be very expensive?”

The ancestors laughed and said: “It’s hard to have such a chance, and you should go one more!”

After the ancestors said, he immediately drove and took Xiao Xiao to a villa in Kowloon.

In the room of the villa, Xiaoyu is very shy. After the ancestors were disbanded, she hid into the bathroom. After the ancestors took it back to the red light, they followed the bathroom. Under the soft light, he saw the whole body naked Xiaoxiao is more charming at the moment. Her whiten breasts are full and scared, and the sparse inclusion is the flesh crack of the buring. The ancestors wanted to rinse with Xiaolan, and Xiaoxi was shy and itched by him. The ancestors were carefully helped to wipe each part of the body. He has loved the bones of this delicate girl. This man who is in the middle of the year has also made Xiao Yu Fangxin. Her bird snuggled in him, let him play with her breasts, and let him insert the rough big mask into her pussy.

Asked the ancestors: “Is it hurt now?”

Xiao Xiao replied: “Not very hurt, just started in the car, starting to have some pain, and then you continue to pump, I am full of merits, I am so excited when I am doing, I have been so excited.

The ancestors caress the flesh of Xiaoyu, and she passionately: “Xiaoxi, you are really fascinating, but unfortunately, I am too old, otherwise I must marry you Mrs.”

Xiao Xiao said with a smile: “You are still very strong! I have no parents, I only follow my aunt, I am very happy to marry you, because I think it is very happy with you. I think you will also I love my. “

“Really?” The ancestors were excited to shake, he took Xiao Xiao tightly, and said excitedly: “If I want you, I will be sent to the bed! Let’s go to bed! I have to be good Play with you again.

Xiaoxi let his body and the ancestors out, she gently dried his water. The two worked hands out of the bathroom door, and the ancestors pushed the little pink body of Xiaoxi and slowly put it on the bed. He took her a pair of small and exquisite little meat and kissed and licked, but also used the tongue to drill her toes. I am smirking.

Then, he kept her pussy along her calf. He stretched the tongue into the vagina, and Xiaobang smashed a white hanged leg.

Xiaoxi is very grateful to the ancestors love her into bones, and also put into the peachs, saying that I have to bother for him, so the ancestors are on the bed, and they are in Xiaoyu, and the two play “69” fancy.

Xiaoyu’s mouth is not skilled, but the ancestors are already satisfied, because he is still the first time, let the woman take his penis and suck. He can’t hold it, he will vent it in Xiaoyu.

Since this evening, Xiaoxiao fell in love with the ancestors to die, although she can be a grandeur in the age, but they will become married later, she has become aesthetic. Backwards.

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