Inspector Koleman and Skvasky sit in the patrol car, patrol the car to the opposite parking lot of the bar.

They are observing a young young woman drinking alcohol with friends, this skin is dark young woman wearing a blue long-sleeved loose shirt, a knee skirt.

“Good things.” Skvasky said calmly.

“I think we should try it in her.” Coleman agreed with Skworth’s statement. When the young woman drove to leave the bar, Coleman launched a patrol cart with her car, after two blocks, he opened the patrol warning light. Young women slow down the speed and stopped on the roadside. Coleman walked down the car, indicating the young woman shake the window glass.

“Please show your driver’s license.” Coleman captured the young woman showed the look of fear, and he didn’t touch the color: “How many cups have you been drinking tonight?”

“Two cups.” The young woman replied.

“I see more than two cups you drink, you are shaking.” Coleman said with the mouth. “It seems that I have to give you an alcoholic clearing test.”

The young woman did not make a sound, and Coleman knew that she was more and more afraid, and the heart was dark. “You don’t want me to do it, it seems that I have to take you to the bureau for a while.”

“Please let me go, my family is near, and I really didn’t get drunk, really.”

Coleman thinks it is time. “How to be a transaction, if you can give me some good people, I will go.”

“Well, how much do you want?” Asked the young woman in the horror.

Coleman suddenly reached into the top of the young woman, and pulled two three buttons, revealing young woman white lace bra, Coleman pulled the breast with hand. The young woman was frightened with the eyes of Coleman’s evil staring at the breast. Coleman screws the flashlight photo of a young woman being pulled out from the bra.

“I don’t want money, I want to play this, it will be.”

“Please don’t do this, I will give you money.” The young woman got on.

Coleman watched the young woman trembled because of fear, “listening, just a while, you won’t be a meat.”

The young woman silently lows, nothing to say. Coleman unveiled the buckle in front of the bra, and took a pair of breasts. He kneaded the breast with his hand, carefully examined the brown freckles on the breast of stress, and moved to the right. On, this is just slowly along the shape of the breast.

“Your tits are good, is it a C cup?”

“Well, um …” The young woman covered with tears.

Coleman continued to play the breasts of the young woman. This changed to pinched with a thumb and index finger. After the addiction, Coleman simply sat in the position of the car, he pulled young women. Skirt, pulling the white underwear to the thigh, reaching into the thick thigh in the thigh, slowly touched along the inside of the thigh.

“Coleman, there is a situation, we have to go.” Skvasky screamed in the patrol car shouted.

Koleman took the hand from the young woman, leaving the young woman’s car. “Remember the next remember or called a taxi.”

He returned to the patrol car, and his head did not leave.

“How about it?”

“Battles, mature, full breasts, good hand, good hand, she even gave me into her thighs to touch her Yinfu, I don’t know why she is doing so, she is not so bad. “

“She is afraid?”

“The puppy is like a puppy.” Coleman said with a smile.

“Miller may be further.” Skvali said.

“Yes.” Corman nodded. “Miller can always know how far you can go at the beginning.”


On the other end of the city, the patrol officials and Krabi are tailing with a car that dances in a dancing, until the vehicle is scarce, both sides are the bubbles of trees and bushes. They stopped the front of the car, and the two got off the bus made a drink for alcohol. They let her take the straight line, touch their nose, then bend his own big toes, she is not good, she can only be considered.

Lap and Kraby have repeatedly asked the girl to bending over to see her low waist shorts showed red underwear, of course, this girl is very beautiful. After intimidating her back to the police station, Krabi came to the girl’s last pass. “You have to accept it, take off your clothes.”

“What? Why?” Girl asked.

“Don’t ask why, do it, take off your clothes.”

“But I didn’t have a bra.” Girl protested.

“Finally, let’s take off your clothes.” Clarbe is an evil command.

The girl slowly pulled the edge of T-Shirt and took off up. At this point, her upper body is completely naked, she has a hands to cover her body in her chest, and unlock the black long hair. She is now close to naked, only to wear high heels and her short red hot pants, Krabi and Lape greedy eyes slipped through the girl conical breasts, brunette and flying nipples in the air.

“You said that your home has only three blocks?” Kraby asked.

“Yes.” The girl with naked upper and answers.

“Ok, then you will go home now, we will follow you behind.”

The girl is incredibly to read a policeman, but the two staff are just returning to their patrol cars.

The girl had to pick up her clothes and began to go to the house. Two staff in the patrol car sat in the car, staring at the buttocks that the girl moved, two sexy buttons were alternately undulating with footsteps in tight red hot pants.

“This ass is good.” Lape is sitting in the car. Comments. “Although it is not the best, it will go.”

“How do I do?” Kraby asked.

“Based.” Lapu said.

“I have done this street with Miller. That is a big day, and I am not far away. Mom, now I really want to find a girl in the evening. Right, you said Miller not Will let this girl take off her pants, and in the end, she will pinch her nipple? “

“This is not good. Miller can always know how far he can go at the beginning.”

“It’s okay. He has this talent.”

“There is still experience. When I was a rookie, he began to do this.” La Pu and Krabi all the way “escort” girl returned to her home, then slammed the car and left the last god Give the girl to walk when it is still twisting hips.

In the alleys of the other end of the city, the rookob criminal Glaham sat on the trunk of his patrol car, listened to the “」 」不 不 不 声 声, 着 着 坐,,, At the back row of the patrol car, his body fell into the shadow of the bus. A slim prostitute is doing mouth for high-end police officers, and she is a fast rhythm and smart actions completely have an experienced prostitute to do. The senior policeman Miller finally comforted the semen in the mouth of the prostitute. The prostitute waited until the senior police officer Miller ended the body’s convulsions. She opened the door and spoys a full mouth of semen. Senior Police Officer Miller tightly pulled the staff of the police uniforms, holding a small glass bottle in the bra’s bra.

“What is this, Shahua? Do you want to tell me that this is Coca-Cola? Or a hundred things?” Miller asked.

“You are right.” Sabana replied.

“I think I have already brought this thing.” Miller said.

“Fuck, don’t take them all, this is a lot.”

“Ok, I will take half.” Miller poured half of the white powder in the small bottle, and put the remaining tanks to Shahua, she immediately walked back. Miller then let Glaham drive the car from the small alley.

“Kid, you don’t come to some desserts of the Paina brand?” Miller asked Graham.

“Still don’t have it. I don’t touch the woman’s things. Operating a tender and letting a prostitute help you free your free mouth is two yards.”

“I know what you mean.” Miller said. “You can only do what you can, this kind of thing is sometimes caught once a day patrol. In addition, when you borrow, a heavy meat buttock suddenly sat on your knee. As long as you know how to make a deal, then things go back to the original situation, I am still a police, I have never happened anything. So … Miller ended his long story with a sentence. “We have time to open your eyes and don’t let go of any chance.” The second chapter of the park in the park started, Dad promised to drive me and sent me a teammates who came to participate in the competition, but he suddenly received a business trip. Task. It can only be changed to my mother to drive us to participate in the competition. Other teammates have their own parents to drive, and we have to put a few parents, I am not very familiar with them, just together Training. In the first game, I found a secret that they were very interested in my mother’s body. They don’t deliberately cautiously in front of me, because they don’t know the woman they are observing is my mother. “You see it, the long leg woman’s nipple is really big.” I heard this way to see the direction they said, it turned out that I was talking about my mother. They continue to talk, talk about it, talk about it, can you engage my mom.

“Take a look at our muscles, our dicks, she must have no love, hehe.”

I heard this, I am somewhat uncomfortable, even thinking about a special guy, but I feel very strange, why I am angry, you can call it hot, and you can also swell.

I also tried my mother’s body to make myself excited. Sometimes my mother will not wear a bra, wearing pajamas walking at home. I still remember that there is another one of our family to go to a reservoir side, In the evening, my mother wore pajamas. I saw her cleret and pajamas couldn’t hide the inclusive. I was excited to hide in my tent, fantasy, the mother wearing me in her wardrobe, she used to pass. Black sexy pajamas, standing in front of me to spoiler, I said to me: “Son, I need you.” And then take off the pajamas, sitting in me, let me exercise her.

On the summer vacation, I came to the carpenters of two repairwalls, I noticed that he secretly looked at my mother, she wore a very casual short-sleeved shirt that day, when she bending, she exposed the cleansing or even see her big nipple. The two carpenters have a secret number, and I suddenly think that if I am not at home today, the two body-strong carpenters will not be able to fire, put my mother to the second floor of the room. She may also fainting her into the small bread to sell to Eastern Europe, or simply kill her after the death of my mother, I think of them, I think they live in my mother’s neck, and she naked naked The breast is struggling, and the face is red, and the two kicks kick it on the thighs of the vagina from time to time. I can’t restrain the room to masturbate. At this time, I realized that my mother may be the type of a lot of men like, and I also realize that I may have some metamorphosis. I actually have this cruel and terrible sexual fantasy for my mother. This is usually Thoughtful performance is completely two things.

At this afternoon, my mother and other students, the parents of teammates sat in the audience, and one pair of home lived on the streets opposite our side, saw the men outside the father and my mother and let me talk. Some are unbelievable feelings unhappy. Today’s weather is very hot, I wore a little orange short sleeve before going out at night, and I also wore a rough long and knee skirt. I was afraid of hot, so I didn’t Dai Ping, but I wore one. Threaded thin bras, which makes the mother’s chest to expose two “stiffness”. There are a few classmates, don’t have to praise my mother’s body, and my mother smiled and I didn’t pay attention. Before the game, there were two teammates to go to the bottom of the audience, they want to see the underwear in my mother’s skirt, I think they feel that if they are lucky, I can see the crack in the undergar, although although I also want to join their ranks. However, this auger who knows that they have always been observed before, so try to avoid me, not in front of me, I haven’t finished it, I pretend to pay attention to these situations, continue to warm up on the court. I don’t know who’s father bought a bottle of cold drinks, I also talked my mother to the rest of the seating area for a while, but my mother quickly came back, holding a soda in my hand, when she bent over When I took the audience, I worked hard from the top of the auditor’s seat, and I was excited when my mother was bent over, and I was excited, I have already worried, so her When the hand was held with soda, the other side held his short sleeve neckline, but unfortunately, it could only make clothes more tight, the shape of the breast was more obvious, and in the process of returning to his seat, mother’s The breast seems to jump out from the bra, she carefully uses the pose that is not perceived as much as possible, because she is always looking for me on the court, so I didn’t pay attention to it. In fact, her one move was seen. In the eyes, I have me, I was sitting behind a few cheerleaders, so she didn’t see me. However, I took the wrong direction, sat on the laughter of the other school’s school, so I was why I was surprising, I didn’t know this, and I didn’t seem to have hostile to me. I still put it without anything else. I guess how they are? As a result, we lost this game of the same city. The furious coach called us to the open-air stadium, and my mother was anxious to give me a gesture in the audience. I can only put it, I know her. I wanted to go home before the peak of traffic, and I didn’t see the two teammates of our car when I left. Paul. Wilde and Jessi. Kamuel, later I found them in a wholly man outside. So, my mother, Paul, Jessi, Dature Lun. Brown, Mike. Tektroni, Rick. Saviqi drilled into the van with me.

When the car was launched, there was a faint blame when the carriage, smelling the bonfire when the summer lake was camping, but I think this taste is somewhat familiar, and suddenly alert this fucking seems to be the taste of Haiki smoke. .

Mom launched a car, there was a police car in front of leaving the parking lot, in the front, in fact, it has been following us from the parking lot, just everyone, no one notes. Mom began to think that there is nothing, I still want to accelerate the police car. The police car immediately lit up the police light, and slammed the siren. After the mother stopped, the two police officers came down from the police car, close to our cars from both sides.

Mom shakes the window of the cab, sitting behind the two teammates smiles, and the mother turned whisper to drink them, and explain: “For a while, no one will be opened, I will deal with it.” She After returning, a hair is full of grease and dandruff, and the staff who bored the sweat in the hat, explored the head into the carriage, to my mother as a driver’s license, he looked at the driver’s license, suddenly vigilant Looking up: “I smelled the taste of Hai Hai.”

Mom looked up, at this time, the policeman looked at my mother with a vigilant eyes, my mother said some of the Barbani: “Um … um …, this …”

“Stay now, pull the key.” The staff command said. At the same time, I held the radio on his shoulders: “… There are seven suspects, request support, our position is …”

“Ms., please get off.”

Mom is somewhat helpless, unplug the car key, unlock the seat belt, and open the car to get off.

“Please stand before the front patrol car.” The staff said. When my mother walked around him, the staff of the police glanced over the mother’s body.

“Go to the side of the patrol car, put your hands on the roof.” Mom turned and looked at us, according to the instructions of the police, put on the roof of the patrol car.

Our van and police cars blocked the exit of the parking lot, and the back is a long team. Everyone will take off the bus, there are many of them or my classmates, teammates, and their parents. I saw the police ordered my mother on top of the police car, and everyone came over. The hair of the hair is very oily, and I get to get off at the deputy driving position I sit. “Let your hand on the top of the bakery.” After I did it, the police officers who cut the flat head stood around me, and the hair was very oily police and opened the door of the van. “You all get off, once Next, one pick one down, don’t be too fast, don’t worry. “After they all took the car, I also put it on the top of the bread like me. At this time, the policeman made us a row. At this time, there was a police car, one of the two is a police officer, the shoulder is higher than others, his forehead is very light, the child is very high, it seems that it is a person who is ordered. The hair of the hair said to him: “Six men and a woman, I saw two men who took a large smoker, then hid into the car, the female driving, I want to escape from us, let us let After she stopped, she also explained other people who didn’t talk. We now just let them get off the car on the top, and have not searched suspects or vehicles. “

Said that my mother wants to drive, escaping this is purely nonsense, but Paul and Jessic may really take a smaller smoke before I found them, which makes us lose the ball this evening looks worse.

At this time, the young police officer under: “You and Coleman searched those men’s suspects.” Two, starting to stop our police, start searching us, first inverting me. The flat criminal police started from my shoulders, two hands, the arm, down the side of the body, then the thighs, inside, and even the lower body also searched, others were so search. One.

The senior police officer drilled into our small bread truck, and the hands of my mother’s wallet was swayed.

“I have to review the female suspect.” I swearing that when he said this, the staff of the grease rushed to the high-end staff. I may not be sure that the original police officer is the case, but my mother suddenly became the center of the event. The patrol car is still rotating, the engine noise is mixed with the bicycle. All our people look at my mother’s horses, the hood of the patrol car, she tightly skirt is very short, smooth thighs, at the same time Her voted nipples also flicked. After the senior police officer slowly walked to the mother’s body, he didn’t send his hand on his mother’s shoulder. Quickly cut her hand after she clipped with her hand, then with his big hands around my mother’s waist, Then put the other hand’s elbow on her waist, and the palm is put on my mother’s chest in the shirt, and my mother began to breathe. I am standing on the back of the van, away from my 6 teammates. Here I can clearly see the senior police and mothers of 12 feet, I saw him at the mother’s shirt, and hardly squeeze her breasts from the bra, and even reveal the shirt. He quickly rubbed my mother’s breast with his hands, starting from the lower part of the breasts and kneading her breasts in the circle. He pressed his body in my mother, and his hand picked up my mother’s ripple skirt, and immediately stretched in the thigh she didn’t wear stockings, and I have been touching the shirt. Mom was pressed and could not be turned, and only a protest, just when my mother shouted, the senior staff took a hard part of the fork of the roots of the mother’s thigh.

After the senior staff had temporarily retired, my mother who was helping his hands was panicked before the patrol car, and she gave birth to her mouth. I looked at my teammates who saw me just now, I saw someone else, I found that there were 50 guys and saw the scene of the mother who was violated by senior staff, and of course all of my teammates. There are also five other teammates’ father and the least two students’ mother. One of the students’ mother is angry to his husband’s husband: “He can’t do it so much, isn’t his husband just huddled Shoulder. So she shouted in the senior police officer: “You can’t do it, you must search for women must be made by female police officers.”

The senior police officer retired step, looked at the mother of the classmate with the eyes of the mocking eyes. “If this does not have a female police officer, I have the right to bother to seabors for women.”

“What is a rebentman?” A father of a classmate asked. “I heard that only two children smoke big knitted smoke.”

The high-end staff glared in the father of the classmates, and he picked up my mother’s wallet and took a small glass bottle from it. “This is the cocaine found in her wallet, which has constituted a rebentman from the quantity.”

The crowd suddenly became quiet, this is too surprised, I think this should be misunderstood, and there may be something else in the glass bottle. I haven’t realized that this is a planted. Some people in the crowd were indignant, and finally the senior police officer took the radio, “call female police officers to support!” Senior Policeman Miller opened my mother’s handcuffs ordered: “Now turn over, my face is straight. Then close your eyes, two hands raised from the side, touch your nose with your index finger. “He gave my mother to do a clear test,” Use the right hand, not the left hand. “Mom had to do it as he ordered. In the face of so many people, do such things to make mothers feel humiliated, especially thinking about people around you just have to play with her body. At this time Miller, let her mother stand on a small piece of empty ground in two parking spaces, and the front is behind the straight line.

My mother started to take the straight line according to Miller, and just got a few steps, Miller made her turn away, and she started against the direction of the patrol car. “Now stop, close your knees. , Then bending the waist to touch your left foot of the foot. “My mother hesitated and bending slowly. Her clothes today were more tight, and a slender skirt slowly tightened buttons, worse What starts to fall down, reveal the back and hips, when her arm has just went to the half of the calf, the skirt has almost slipped up the thigh, and the pink underwear is a lot, “Keeping it.” Miller Command. Mom had to keep her pose, at this time, all the staff, and my teammates are staring at the mother’s bag on the pink underwear on the ass, and clamping the tight thigh middle The small patented in the panty, the brunette is visible. Mom has been keeping a pair of possessions, until Miller let her stand up and then returned to the patrol car on the top of the patrol car.

Chapter 3 The undressing search patrol of public cases took my teammates’ dressing bag from our small bread car, “I found marijuana cigarettes.” He said to open the bag, from inside, some look like it is The sideline of the big heel tag gave the senior police officer, I don’t know who the fucking is the package, but I guess it is who the bag in Paul or Jessi. Another policeman took out a large volume from the trunk of the patrol car. Yellow warning rubber strip to block the scene. “There are too many people, we don’t have so much handcuffs.” So he began to pull the yellow warning rubber strip, let me put two hands behind, then bundle my wrist, other teammates are also like this. . However, they gave my mother to the metal handcuffs. After the mother’s hands were copied, the chest had already slipped from the bra more protrusted, and I dared to say that when I just bent over, most breasts have been from bra. Slide out, now they look larger, more full and the nipples firmly hold her shirt, and they have been able to see a light brown uli of the left breasts from the neckline. Mom apparently watched these things, she is very afraid and anxious.

A few minutes later, the third police car finally came, this time a man and a female two staff came to support. The female police had a golden hair with a head after the brain. The face is still not bad. Her body can also be too wide in her shoulders, and the butt is a little bigger, and there is still her body. The masculoid is too much. I am very surprised to myself, because I am actually scared in this case, but instead of comparing the breasts wrapped in the police uniform to the mother to be bigger than.

The senior staff said to the policewoman: “The wallet of the female suspect has been searched in the wallet, I just made a search for him, but I need you to do more detachable search, all those who are likely to hide the small things. Can’t let go, such as … “The senior staff aimed at my mother’s ass.

The policewoman comes to the surroundings around it. “Is it here?”

※ | JKF Czech Forum “Please remember your responsibilities first is a policeman. East.” Senior criminal police said with a strict tone, but he kept at the crowd when he said this. For the couple, for the command of “comprehensive search” in the scene, the couple is quite dissatisfied, and it is shouting to protest.

The female police walked toward my mother, and the mother was almost a minute from the back and down. The policewoman gently put the finger into the brown hair of the mother and shoulders, and the wing was checked, which was probably the gentleness of her last showed. “Turn over.” Mom puts away according to the police, her hands are still behind them, can only be poorly pair of policework in East. “Open your mouth.” The policewoman said impatiently, using the flashlight into my mother’s mouth. “Lift your tongue.” She carefully looked at my mother with a flashlight, until she was satisfied, and then let her mother continue to turn.

Mother is standing up towards the hood of the police car, and the female police let the mother go to the hood. She just said that she roughly slammed her mother’s shoulders on the launch of the police car, my mother’s upper body It is kept firmly on the hand cover. “Expand your legs.” Mom slowly separated the legs, from my point of view, I should have enough police to search, but the policewoman may feel insufficient, she kicked her mother’s legs, let two Legs are larger. I looked at my mother and I apologized at the same time, I think my lower body started hard. What is this policewoman thinking? Teams who are standing in the same angle look at mom, and they also have parents who gathered in the parking lot. Other adults, some adults, and some people who are just joining and lively. I think this will be more than 70 people.

Ister learned the high-end police officer, and his hands took a round of the two ribs of my mother. Subsequently, her hands touched her mother’s waist, from the shirt, put it into the clothes, put my mother’s shirt from below Along the neck back, the mother’s smooth back and the white bra is completely exposed to the public.

Although East’s movements are very fast, but in my eyes, just like watching a movie slow lens, I can even leave the gods in any subtle action fragment, and East puts the mother’s shirt, request Mom was holding hands to turn around, she immediately reached into her mother’s bra, rudely, her mother was ashamed and hooked, nuts to the side of the face, let the breasts from Jumping out in the bra, hanging in the air.

I heard Jessia to say: “God.” At the same time, others also sent a whisper similar to embarrassing or admire, but also mixed a few whistle, I even heard two women are also low. Sound from it. These people are all staring at the mother who dances, and the mother’s breast now looks mostly when they are in the bra. That pair of cute chest is white, and I am from now on. They are particularly white, and the nipples are particularly black, and the contrast of high contrast makes mothers’ breasts look full.

The policewoman is not paused. She took her mother’s breast to sway the mother’s brown big nipple, and the other hand stretched into the bra and search for drug. I watched my mother’s nipple in the air. The moon is shaking, my mother is low, pretending to have anything, but I know that my mother is very scared at this moment. Although this process happens very quickly, I think I will never forget how my mother’s nipple is jitter in the air, and I will always remember. I have seen this beautiful breast hiding in my mother’s pajamas, from the traces of the nipples to guess what they are like, but today I look at East’s breasts, let the nipples are in the air, and Mom can only humiliate the pair of breasts, let me get rid of her breasts, and I have risen myself, I am very angry, but from another aspect, they still put my mother’s breasts There is a clear place in my eyes. I can share my mother’s sexy breast with others. And my mother can’t say anything, and the feeling of sharing is really a heartache, heartache. It is from being shared with people, and one aspect may be a feeling of secret to internal injuries. This is not a naked pornographic picture, and the heroine is my mother, I am can’t stand it, this is too fucking. Stimulate.

East handled his mother’s head, but she didn’t want to pull my mother’s skirt. She first made my mother’s breast, make a pair to check the shelf in the lower edge of the breast, then let her mother’s breast bounce back The mother’s shirt and bra are also hanging on the breast, so that these two full of breasts are invisible.

Then, Iste is pinching his mother’s butt, checking my mother’s thigh along the surrounding. Suddenly, she used a full-experienced fast action, pulling the skirt on the skirt, and he had been onto the mother’s underwear. The skirt was pinched into a knot, fixed in the mother’s waist, mother’s body still keeps the posture held by the police car, the pink cotton underwear tightly stretched the big ass in my mother. On, East uses a movement of lightning, suddenly pulling the undergarment to the mother’s knees, this suddenly caused a new round of attention, some people whistle, some people whisper, some people applaud, some women are complaining My teammates are obviously agreeable to this scene.

Mom’s two pets are tightened in the middle, because East wants to do this, she is carefully checking the edge of the panties in this mother, knowing what this is to say about “your ass to me”? Perhaps Isrates after the mother’s armpit, suddenly leaned into the mother’s furry underbiddering, which made the mother instinctively clamped his ass, I want to use the thigh to hold East’s hand. , Don’t let her touch it on my own hairy. Of course, from my current point of view, I can’t see my mother’s body. I can only see a slap in the lower body of the mother twisted, this is the same as her hair, before this, I used to see a few unclear hair from the edge of the mother’s swimwear, but I didn’t expect her inclusion. Istri reluctantly scrapped his mother’s non-cooperation, and then once again separated his mother’s legs, then she took out a doctor’s natural rubber glove from the backpack, carefully set in the hand, then order mother’s body Relax, she bent down on my mother’s ass, the nose is about to poke my mother’s ass, she reached out, inserted the mother’s anus, only listening to my mother “ah”, screaming. Get up, the whole body arches, hurts in the hood of the car, the East’s fingers have also been squeezed out of the anus, and the East is taking the hand on the mother’s full buttock. You have to obey my command. “Ister once again put his finger at a little in her anus, and the fingers inserted into the brown anus, then agitated in it. Her fingers moved slightly, my mother cried like electric shock. I can see her painful expression from her face behind her, and the five senses are curled together. Tears continue to slip from the eyes. East ruthlessly pressed his mother’s shoulders, firmly pressed the mother’s body on the hood of the police car, the mother’s breast was squeezed from both sides of the body, and the nipple on the left jumped out of them. It is upstairs.

The crowd made a buzz, and the woman who once reserved protest once again called to the earliest police: “Why do you do this? To know this is in public!”

The police got the police and laughed: “Legal stipulates that the pollice has the right to naked the female suspect, but there is no strict accordance with what occasions, and what is not good. So, we rely on law.”

The woman’s husband is angry and said: “Get it, don’t say these stupid words, you certainly know this is wrong.”

The senior police officer took a big step forward and said to the protest. “You are all giving me a good time. Now we are investigating the case in accordance with the legal program, if you are Who wants to obstruct the police, it is a crime! There are people who think that they are very smart. If you talk, you can do it, I can borrow your handcuffs to put yourself and then send you to the tail. Take a small holiday, and it is immediately, right! “

This harsh warning will soon be quiet, no one has protested against the staff’s practice, compared to the handcuffs to hold it because “seeing righteousness”, everyone, I think it is still quietly appreciate my mother. The “exposure” step is safe.

This meeting, East ended the inspection of my mother’s anus, she quickly took the finger from the trembling my mother’s body, my mother is like a breath, and the whole person is soft in the police car. The engine covers the big mouth to gasp, and East came to continue to stretch out to my mother’s lower body. She suddenly put the middle finger into my mother’s big probes, and smashed. My mother has just experienced pain for a part and started again. She began to tighten her body, crying whisper, and accompanied by pain.

East has inserted three fingers into my mother’s lower body. My mother’s cry and wheezing have become more so hard. Ister is full of enthusiasm, she uses another hand pressure in my mother’s lower abdomen Search. It seems that my mother has always tried not to make a sound, because she also knows that it is very shameful, but East is really unbearable, after the intermittent crying and embarrassment, my mother suddenly high I got a head, “ah …” is screaming, this sound sounds the creepy, and her body is like a sharp tremble like an electric shock.

After East ended the search of my mother’s genitals, she slowly took out the finger, then carefully put the glove from the hand, and didn’t care on the ground. Mom finally could breathe, her distorted body On the engine cover, like the animals, wheezing, closed eyes, spit from the corner of the mouth. I am surprised to find that my mother’s nipple is actually standing. East took the eyes of the eyes and glanced at my mother. I quickly pulled my mother’s trousers to put her pants backwards, and put the shirt that was excited about the crowd. After Stelard, I took the shirt with my mother’s shirt with my mother’s chest. My mother looked at it and didn’t have it. I could only let her play, who knows that East is only looking at clothes. I have been overwhelmed, and I pulled it away. I grasp my mother’s breasts to her bra. The action is both fast and rude. I heard the population. A dull buzz, this is a disappointed buzz. East’s small break returned to the high-end police officer, she deliberately speaking with a lot of voice, even I can hear the dialogue between her and senior police officers, she said: “You see the woman. Is the final trembling? Can you believe? This scorpion actually gave a climax in her search! “

The crowd heard the words of Ister, everyone began to whisper and smiled with unresponsive, my teammates smiled especially. My mother who is nowasting, I heard the rest of the crowd, and her head is lower.

Chapter 4 Now, we have been imprisoned with hair multi-oil staff to enter the senior police officer to report: “Miller, we have already searched it now, but a total of this smoke pipe is found.”

“It’s enough, these are enough to give these guys in it. You listen, Lapu!” Miller thought: “You and Kraji wait for the trailer to drag this small shuttle. East, you put these three little guys into your car back. “He pointed to Paul, Jessi and Mike. “I will get the remaining three and the female suspect in my car.” I listened to his orders, I came to jail with my mother, and the dead Durong and Rick.

I looked at the other person to drill into the East’s car, and the remaining people included I only drilled into Miller. “Let the female suspect sit in the middle position, do not let them string in the car.” Miller said with him. The people around you still continue to wait and see. They looked at my mother’s hands in the car behind Miller. Her shirt is still messy, the skirt is also a low side, even her bra. It’s still a mess in the clothes, I noticed that my mother’s left nipple is still standing outside the bra, and the shirt is quite obvious.

The two staff opened the right side of the Miller patrol car, and helped my mother carefully in the car, because my mother’s hand was in the back, it was very inconvenient to act. The patrol car is high, the mother lifts the left leg to drill into the car, because the skirt has not been smashed, when she lifted his leg, I saw her naked lower body, pink underwear again. Subsentered, was pulled on the thigh, could not cover her yell, thick woolen hair and dark labia, which made me and other crowds were very excited, I think my mother is not known. Everyone has a free and exciting adult show. Dai Lun, Rick and I were put into the last row of the patrol police car, and my mother sat in the middle, the policeman Miller sat in the position of the co-pilot, and a young staff was responsible for driving.

I screamed again, I saw Miller on my mother’s thigh, slowly stroking, pulling the skirt, my mother did not send, both eyes stared at the window, whispered . Suddenly, the car launched, I suddenly was smashed on the back door, and I got it again.

“What happened? Du fucked me to sit well.” Miller said.

“The female police just didn’t pull my bra back to the original position.” Mom trembled. “The lower edge of the cream is very hurt!” I think my mother must be painful, I dare to say.

“Well, let me help you.” Miller said with a fascination, he hosted from my mother’s shirt, I can see his hand all the way, pinch my mother’s nipple, look It is really like adjusting my mother’s bra, but from his pleasant expression on his face, this work does not mind if he doesn’t mind using a lot of time, especially his hand comes back in my mother’s breast. Knead.

“Ah … this, this … Please stop!” Mother turned into an angeled. Miller smiled and slowly swallowed the handle from my mother’s nipple and smoke it from the shirt.

Obviously Miller did not make any “help” at all, after a while, my mother swayed, said, “” Enough, please respect some. “” “Ok, you are troublesome, don’t Fucking is coming again. “Miller said.

At this time, I once again explored that I took care of things carefully. The original Miller’s bear claws through my mother’s skirt. It seems that he is using his left hand to make my mother’s labie, my mother doesn’t complain again. She can only pretend to pretend what is nothing, while looking at the window, she is trying to twist her body, and the astholic will be suppressed. I think this should not be a search within the law. As Miller said, all the search work on the suspect should be completed by East, which is just the “additional” of the staff. ” Accompany. Miller’s hand is obviously driving my mother’s “climax” step by step in the trouble, watching the mother’s cheek is getting more and more red, and her eyes gradually began to blur, emitting gentle snoring, My dicks have been hard again, watching Miller smiles with her mother’s lower body, and mother awarded her legs with Miller’s “search”.

Finally, I finally drums to call Miller, “You give me your dirty hand.” But my mother is quite complained by the strange eyes, and at this time, the police car has already Opened the police station.

We were taken to the waiting area of ​​the main part of the police station, and then told us that we can sit in the plastic chair in the waiting area and wait for the transcript. Work desk, a South American duty staff sitting on the back behind a cabinet, watch, radio, and a pile of cameras against us on the wall. At the left side of the desk, a walkway that can be opened on both sides. At the end of the walkway, it is a small room with metal doors. The only glass window is also pulled on the windows.

In the process of waiting for, the “beloved” Miller police officer and his partner Glaham, East also have Varlic and others are busy filling out various forms arrested. Miller told me to say: “OK, East put the female suspect to the room of 103 for search.”

Ister grabbed my mother’s arm pulled her, “Let’s go.” She pulled my mother through the whole hall and walked into the second door of the right hand on the lobby.

They just walked into the door, Miller said to the South American civilian police: “Essalaran, adjust the monitor channel to 103 rooms.”

In fact, from the place where we sat down, he kept to see 103 rooms, (these guys are extremely visible! Translator’s note) The light on the room is on, indicating that this room is in use, but the door is open.

Miller, Glaham, and Variik’s words are gathered outside the room, and the hair multi-oil staff also has his partner Clarby also appeared in front of Miller, of course, and less Man and Skvasky two guys.

Paul rushed to Rick whispered, and the monkey of Escarlant was watching, and then he explored my body and said: “Your mother is on the TV.” I am charter Looking at the past, sure, I can see my mother standing in the direction of the camera, and the back of East is also appearing on the picture.

Escarlant is interested in opening the volume, so I can see that East is talking to my mother. At this time, my mother’s handcuffs have been unspeakted, she is taking off her shoes and socks under Ister’s monitoring.

“Take off the top.”

“Can you just have to search?” Mom complained.

“Listening, these are necessary procedures before we send you to the detention center.” Ister replied.

I looked at the mother in the monitor to cross my hands, pulling the pullover from the top of the head, ready to take off.

“Hey! Buddy!” I called Escara, “Why are you? Is this an entertainment channel? Look at a lady to be searched?”

Escarlant looked at me sharply and shrugged and said: “According to the provisions of the superiors, we must record the process of naked search as one of the forensic means, not just us, many cities are also Do this. “

“So her … is now what you are watching? She is recorded?” Mike asked.

“I am very doubtful.” Escara said. “Camera in another room, through the double-sided mirror, shooting the room interior. But the microphone is in that room.”

Just when we talk, the third on the third pair of people, Lape and Coleman came in, they quickly got into the followers of Miller. Glaham, Lapu and Varik have come to the next door of the 103 room, there is no lighting, but through the double-sided mirror, I can clear the internal inside of 103, I guess what they can see, my mother is The whole process of naked search, but the face is thicker Miller and Coleman stand directly at the outer room of the 103 room, and looked at the 103 room without covering. I have faced my teammates, but everyone will soon vote on the monitor. My mother only worn in the room with a bra and underwear, and the back of the Ister had disappeared in the picture. “Take off your bra.” She ordered.

When my mother slowly put his hand behind, bend the waist and unwind the buckle, and then slowly slowly explained it. Her fat breast quickly jumped out of the sponge bra, and did not retain the appearance in front of us. Thank Sony’s color monitor, I found that my mother’s big nipple and uli are so clear in front of me, the nipple looks brown black With a little deep red, the uliness is close to the dark brown, they look very big in the monitor, I don’t know why, I think my mother’s breast will look very sexy, and even more than those common porn. The star, her nipple shape is a bit like oil olives, although there is no high rise as the nipple in the woman in the porn movie, but at least the angle should be parallel to the ground, this shows that her chest is somewhat sagging, but I think it is normal. The shape of the breast is perfect, I feel heavy, I didn’t add the fake feeling of silicone, that is, a pair of hands worth playing, I think my mother can rely on the natural breast, you can in Arab Slave market is sold to a good price, although this female slave is a bit big, but that is really worth it to praise the breast, this should be that I first look at my mother’s upper naked, I think it is too cool. Even if I am now being shut down in the police station, it is worth seeing.

Jessi and Paul have been a while, Jessi turned his head to me: “Langdi is really sorry, but I can’t help but erect, she is really a sense of sex.”

At this time, Krabi, the hair of the hair, more grease, came out of the aisle while taking the smoke. He heard Jessic’s words and started laughing, while staring at the monitor without turning his eyes. East was carefully checked my mother’s bra, she took the bra in her hand, and then threw the bra on the ground one inch. “There is also your skirt.” Mom only had to unlock the skirt, when she faded the skirt, the full pair of breasts swayed in the air, and it seems very attractive.

Mom is now only in the room, I remember that my mother was white in the underwear in the home wardrobe, only about two colored striped underwear, because my mother thinks that the patterns look too sexy. Some, not solemn, but she still retains some, unfortunately, she is wearing a pink small panties today, the underwear is tightly wrapped in her under the body, and there are some wraps from the edge to floating. Although my mother’s lower abdomen has some drums, but it is good for a 40-year-old woman.

“Don’t be stupid, there is underwear.” Ister said impatiently.

My mother bowed, using a thumb to hook the edge of the underwear, slowly take off the underwear for a while, people who guarded before the monitor shouted breathing. I first paid attention to my mother’s big breasts that once again hang in the air. The breast trembled and shakes the Kraby to see “啧」 “, but everyone is staring at my mother. That black-black triangle, soft brown incapacity covers if there is a fucked dark ladle, which seems to have some moisture.

“Mao can be enough.” Durong can’t help but comment.

“I like this mature woman.” Jessic connections.

“I am also.” Krabi spit a smoking ring and agreed to nod.

“Now, you are in place, hard to do it, until I shout stop.” Ister continued to issue the instruction.

For East’s orders, my mother’s answer is a doubt and resentment, and East has repeated her command once. My mother had to press East’s instructions, while hopping in the original place, raising the arm as the body’s beating.

“Why do you want to do this?” Paul asked.

Escarlant is asking questions like an old friend. “If she puts what prohibited items are hidden in the body, such actions will shock small items.”

Rick and Jessi looked at the breasts in my mother beat. When my mother jumped, her breast would fly up, and the nipples got to the position of the chin, and when she fell, The nipple fell to the navel with the breast, when East wants my mother to jump higher, the breast suddenly became up, and the left and right directions were not moved, sometimes two breasts left one right. Draw a circle before the chest, sometimes hit together, my mother is painful “」 “. Kraby looked at our 6 people interest. No one came over to register our name, naturally there is no police aware that I am a son who is playing with a female suspect. “How do you like this woman? Do you want a copy of this video?”

“I am, I want.” Jessi, Paul and Rick almost shouted at the same time.

“Hey, Escarlant.” Clarby turned to take advantage of: “I will prepare 6 copies to the children.” Essaran didn’t care about it, and started to prepare, just like this is a daily work. Same.

Kraby continued: “I will give you later. But first, you have to tell me who the cannabis smoke is.” I suddenly realized that this is a circle, but I still don’t believe that the police will actually use my mother. Naked video comes to the bait.

“Turning around.” Ister continued. Mom then turned into the naked big butt of mom on the screen on the screen. “Put your hand on the table, then separate the two legs.” There is a wood table in front of the mother, and the mother is like in the park on the park, then leaned forward, the legs are straight to the East I have a big butt of myself. I really like the hip meat of my mother’s shape, even from the separate two legs to see some fluttering hairs.

I looked around, there are two staff outside the 103 room, two in the waiting room, two are watching the monitor, plus us 6 people, then there are 12 men to enjoy my mother. Naked, this makes me a inexplicable pride, I am happy with the charm of my mother. I love my mother, I never imagined a family woman to become the protagonist of everyone, although I am also one, and because she suffered the shame, although I know everything happened in the park, of course There is also a naked search that she is enduring. I will bring my mother’s physical and mental damage, but I still feel fun, I think my mother will never know how much thing is, the evil single-sided mirror has looked at her. Naked man in the mouth of the water.

East once again reached into my mother’s yin, she stretched out after a while, she took her hand on my mother’s breast, especially the breasts, after a clutter, after a closer look, I also lifted the breast. I think that East will even take a closer to my mother’s breast, and then she took the breast with a disgusting look. Mom hurts, I Vi is impatiently taking a lot of buttocks on my mother. “What is it? What is pity, I have seen it like this.”

East then took out a rubber glove. After wearing it, it was painted in both lubricants on both sides, and then she opened the two petts of my mother butt, put a finger into the fingers. My mother’s anus, my mother who loudly, her tears made 12 men who were watching and excited. East put the fingers into my mother’s anus, then moved to the big circle to dig it in the mother’s body, the mother trembled, crying is even more powerful, and sent a trembling miserable call. “what…

… “This time I use my time than I think is much longer than I think, there are many.

Is finally pulled out her wet finger from my mother’s body, and then squatted behind my mother, and her head with my mother’s butt, holding a foot of my mother’s ass seriously. Getting on my mother’s vagina, then she gently pinned my mother’s two-petal ladle left and right, then she also changed a position, so that the monitor can clearly take my mother’s vagina, brown The two-piece labipings of the hypertrophic reflective, the flavor floated, let Isrt turn frown to the lens, Kraby “Oh”, I want to say anything. East then reached the middle finger into my mother’s vagina, and my mother tightened at this time. It has begun to support the foot of the body began to shake. The female police stretched three fingers, and her hand was gently moved. My mother gave a violent breath, I can see my mother’s sweat from the neck, slipping on the back. I suddenly remembered that when I was doing this kind of check, I was saying, and she said that she said another villain to my mother: “Your fucking is going to climax?”

Miller opened outside the room. “Pay attention to your words, East.” I guess he probably reminding East to record it by the camera. East uses her another hand to rub my mother’s vulva in front of my mother’s body, mother biting his teeth, rushing, the whole body is like electric shock, her 呻吟 is getting bigger and bigger, The body’s shake is also more dramatic. With the action of Isrt, my mother vigorously smashed the ass, the sweat “cooperated with the policewoman to her search,” Ah … ah …, ah … “she depressed It hungs like a mother and beast, and the trembling body smashes the sweat. Mom is weakly put on the wooden table.

Istet laughed, “Sure enough, you are a squid.”

Chapter 5 of the prisoner’s raid East put my mother’s bra and underwear, and then mother put on underwear in our “gaze”. “Okay, I have finished checking, you can send her to the detention center.”

“Can I give me my clothes?” Mom asked.


“Why isn’t it?” Mom is anxious.

“Because, this is a command.”

Coleman walked into the room to send my mother to the face photo. Due to the judgment of the test, my mother walked out of the room in Coleman, maybe because only wearing underwear, I looked at my mother’s ass Twist is particularly exaggerated. Coleman brought my mother to a room on the left of the corridor.

At this time, Miller finally transferred attention to us. “Okay, now I will be registered with this smell of sons.” I have also taken the 103 room, take off the clothes under the gaze of Glaham, but fortunately no one has brought my hand into my asshole, Glaham I didn’t even let me make a quick start, he quickly gave me all my clothes, except for a pack of sports bandages in my pocket. Then they took me to another room. After my mother finished the face of the suspect, the police collected my fingerprint. When collecting fingerprint, the police complained that the taxpayer was a guy, so the police station There is not enough funds to give the suspect “no ink” collection, but also to use the old set of ink fingerprints. My mother is also in this room, they gave her a blanket, which won’t turn into a “erotic photo” wearing a bra when shooting facial photos, but then they recovered the blanket. I was sent in a narrow cell, I greedily stared at my mother’s body, and my mother turned to avoid my sight. At the same time, I tried my best to protect my body. She was at home. Never allow me to have similar behaviors.

In our next part, there is a smash in 3 small cells, the middle cells are detained a black woman, while the left side is closed with a caucasian man and a Hispanic man, and the rightmost is the most crowded. A total of two caucasian men and a black buddy. When these men discovered my mother only in the corner of the smock, they started to whistle whistle, called some vulgar words, or tried to wave my mother’s attention with insulting words, and I Mom is just more frightening, and even seeing me. At this time, Coleman is not bad on the side, just standing quietly.

Suddenly, he opened our cell, bringing my mother, my mother thought it can change a place, and I grateful to Coleman, but Coleman has passed my mother to the opposite three cells. In the middle of the middle, and the black woman is close together.

I sat on the canvas bed and looked at the center of the cell. She squatted on the ground, protect her thighs and ass, and her black woman with her room was only cold and cold. Do not send it. There is only a iron fence between the three small cells in the opposite side, and there is no wall without a wall. The bed of the mother’s cell has been occupied by the black woman, and my mother smashed on the ground to the small bed on the right.

Those men are exciting because of my mother’s arrival, they keep moving toward my mother to send autumn waves, or yelling. “Hey, baby, let us see how your milk is? Take a look at what is in the dog’s fart.”

“Old girl, are you a prostitute? Why didn’t you retire?

“Come here, come over the baby, let me touch you.”

Gradually, my teammates were put into my cells in one place. Everyone watched the appearance of those men who were screaming in my mother, my mother was scared, and contacted her canvas. The small bed didn’t dare to move. She tighted the body against the two white meat of her chest, and the men stared at the mother’s naked body. The two eyes were red, and I can’t wait to bite the iron fence to rush to my mother. The caucasian man closed in the left side of the house called his dick, while shaking while rushing at my mother: “Come, the scorpion, come over, see it is sweet or salty.” That black should also be called: “Show your nipple out to the sun, what do you fucking?” Mom faced the tuning of these two people, put her head is lower, She is crying, but she daresters the sound, I am afraid that I will more stimulate those crazy prisoners. After the black man shouted, suddenly the iron railing stretched with my mother, I wanted to grab her arms, my mother was scared to get down from the canvas bed, stand in the middle of the cell.

“Latsha, you pushed me that the scorpion, I will pay you 20 yuan when I was released from prison?”

Black men screamed with black women with my mother with my mother.

Latsa thought about it, he stood up and didn’t say. He pushed my mother to the side of the cell. The black man and two caucasi suddenly grabbed my mother’s arm when they grabbed my mother’s arm. To yourself, the black man screams and struggled to fight my mother’s breast, soon quickly pulled her bra, my mother got a free breasts and got a freely, and several hands grabbed The breast or the nipple made it hard, and the mother’s upper body moved. Although she worked hard, she could only let her body was smashed behind, black, smiled with her finger with fingers. Mother’s nipple. Pulling hard, mother hurting faces.

“Hey, I caught it, this meat is really good, baby makes me bite a lot.”

Seeing this, I can’t help it again, “You fucking her.” Dai Lun called me, but the opposite people did not put us in the eyes. I think this kind of champion may give the staff a policeman, but I have not seen a movie.

Mom managed to break away her left hand, but in this way, those people grabbed her right hand, she was turned over, turned into the front of the body on the railing. Those people have pulled the two hands of my mother, so that mother’s chest is also close to the railing, a pair of breasts are separated by a steel strip, explore the private room next door, three The man is playing my mother’s breasts. They are pinching and squatting, and they also pull the nipples, all the torture makes my mother cry and call, and this is the three people more excited.

“Help! Help! Save me!” Mom hair was scattered, a caucasian prisoner worked hard with my mother’s cheek, like a dog, disgusting her tears, mother pushed him with hand, but Hands in the hand were pulled on the railing. Black people grabbed my mother’s lower body, I took a force, I suddenly heard the sound of the bra’s rupture. Sure enough, my mother’s underwear didn’t become a fragment. Scattered on the ground, the black man has firmly grabbed the mother’s fat butt, and she swayed her ass.

My teammates fell into the park in the park again. We can’t do anything, you can only look at those men play with my mother’s body in riot, but I think we can’t prevent it from watching a naked. The year woman was sexually infringed by three criminals. Their next step may be to move my mother’s thigh, then rape her, they have three people, they can always put my mother to four people.

Those staff are now looking for our sports bag or a van. We have no things at all, and the hollow is empty. At this time, I suddenly think of a thing, so I glanced over the other teammates, sure, they The tent has been taken from the trousers. Of course, I am no exception, and everyone seems to have no need to cover up.

I watched the black hand in my mother’s snow white butt, squeezed, his fingers didn’t try to insert my mother’s ass, mother is still a crying: “No, can not be like this ……

Please, beg you, let me go … The guy of the pot cover with his mouth with my mother’s nipples, and another guy keeps the other side of the breast, and it is crowded and pinch. It seems that I want to squeeze out the milk from my mother’s breasts. Mom Just like this, it is easy to play in the iron railing, and it is also necessary to prevent one of the people to suddenly make a movement of the pants. The guy who sucked my mother’s breast suddenly pulled my mother’s hair. I have to scream, the guy pinchs my mother’s cheek with another hand, then use strength to kiss my mother’s lips, and reach the tongue into my mother’s mouth, my mother spit is nothing, she The mouth was firmly blocked, and it seems that it seems that even the tongue is sucked.

The black people loudly said: “Do you have a good.” He used one hand tightly hit my mother’s ass, the other handed over my mother’s lower body, my mother has been aware of the crisis, and suddenly makes milk. The strength twists the waist, don’t let the black dirty hands, but the black people quickly pulled a few yin hair, took advantage of my mother and hurt, and the body was close to the moment, put me into me. Mother’s vagina, my mother’s mouth was blocked by the pot, yelling, looking at the black people did not leave in my mother’s body quickly, the mother closed the tears DC .

After my mother’s soft lips, the pot cover suddenly opened his trousers with one hand, ordered the other two people to say: “Let this scorpion give me a blow to me.” He seems to be a leader. Sign, other two people suddenly worked hard my mother’s shoulders, my mother cried: “Don’t … don’t … don’t …

… I don’t want to die. “” Mom, Let me not believe that I will pinch your throat now. “Black tightly pinned my mother’s neck, his thick arm almost had my thigh thick, just a hand pinched my mother’s neck, Her body is almost all giving him, my mother’s face is popular, and the two eyes are full of blood, and “huh, huh” in the throat, and the two legs are in the air, and that is scary. The black man suddenly let go, my mother fell on the ground, I haven’t waited for her body to be steady, I will give the brach of the arm, the green bulls of the boiler, and the mouth of my mother’s mouth.

“Fuck, give me, or you still want to come again to hang?”

Mom only had to humilize the lips, the hole is in the mouth, and the half of the cock suddenly inserted into my mother’s mouth. Mom’s eyes suddenly smoked, and the cheeks were flourished and cough, but even When you cough, the lid head is also inserted in the mouth of the mother in the mother’s mouth, the white spit is moving out of the mother’s mouth, dripping on her body trembling, with a rushing breast, after a while, lid head Stopping the action, firmly pressing my mother’s head, mother “ah … ah …” screamed a few times, the throat jittered a few times, sent out the sound of swallowing, I know the pot cover in my mother’s mouth Your mouth, mother was pressed by the head and could not spit out the semen, and only all swallowed his stomach. Looking at her because of humiliation, it was also because of the painful expression of the semen, but it looked so sexy. Have a desire to violate her desire.

At this time, my mother’s body suddenly pulled up, she was in a puppet, as a puppered, because of being played, even being “outstanding”, my mother seems to have lost the will of the resistance. Black taking off his pants, showing his black mask, but although he is very thick, it is obviously small, and even Latsa smiles, black and cold, “Not allowed Laugh now, I am happy to Laozi. “My mother’s legs were half-faced. When the black cock tatched into her body, the mother had no resistance, just crumpled, she closed her eyes, she closed her eyes. The black man is hugging her body quickly and fly, the flesh and the body of the body have a “啪” voice, and the mother is half-mouthless, until the black man is trembled with her body, she is There is no reaction.

“It can’t be shot inside, that is evidence.” Another white reminds the black people, the black people suddenly realize that he took out the mask from my mother’s body, picking up a piece of my mother’s underwear, wrapped in my own cock to one side Go to the last job.

This process is always as long as my mother seems to be as long, but in fact, it is only about 10 minutes, when the corridor comes to the footsteps of the police, the three people pushed my mother back to the center of the cell, comfortable I have returned to my own canvas bed. Just when Coleman opened the iron gate of the cell, my mother was a little awake. She quickly grabbed a few bras and underwear fragments to cover their body, “Wow”, I started crying. Coleman did not say, just pulled up my mother’s arm. We looked at my mother’s broken cloth covering her own water, one hand is full of squeezing breasts, barely followed Kortan disappeared behind the iron gate. Chapter VI ‘s old tricks “Kid, this marijuana Tute is your right?” Lape looked fierce, I think this is just a start, they still have no exact evidence, so I can only use intimidation To scare me, I was taken to a single room with the 103 room, just opposite the 103 room, I was brought into in the door to see the door of the 103 room was critical – I would be the mother is 103 rooms inside? Lapu continued to make a small call, he came back to try to increase my psychological pressure, and he said his assumption: we breathe marijuana, and sell marijuana and card in the park to give other youth, in fact, a little memory, I found that I didn’t do any proof investigation at all on-site Lapa, but this will say that it is a bamboo, and the iron can be like a mountain. He suddenly attacked from time to time, smashed my collar, shaking my body, but he didn’t dare to move me. And Coleman, he sat quietly in the corner of the interrogation room, did not send, indifferent.

I know that Lape is to do, he also said, he hopes that I can confess, admit that this marijui is mine, I clearly tell him that this is not mine, he wants me to recruit this pipe, who is, I said I don’t know, and I don’t know.

Kraby rated like a ghost, he called Lape and Coleman out of the interrogation room, then he left me alone. After we saw a while, he left his eyes, and finally said to me: “Listen, kid, Lapu really want to know who has been operating marijuana and drug trading in the park, in fact, we fundamentally Don’t care about these little fart, we only have the big head, tell me who is that the pipe is, let’s let it say that the name, then you can go home, no one will remember Tet this evening. “

I was a bit confused, but I quickly reflected it. These two guys are playing with me “good staff, bad staff” game, Lapu fuse, and Karaby wants to be with me. Something let me relax, these are stupid, don’t you know that there is a kind of things in the world? Are they never watching a movie channel?

Kraby smiled and added: “Think about it, this is a little harm for you, and your mother is very concerned about you, she, but at all, I want to make you out, and I will be willing to make a transaction with us. “

“My Mom? What deals?”

“She is willing to conduct some physiological services for us, if we don’t sue you.”

The words of Kraby said that I was caught in thinking, but just a while. My mother took the initiative to put forward these guys to sleep in exchange for my freedom? I heard this, let my penis erection, I can think about how my mother is with the feeling of being embarrassing, and the lips of the refined spots are still flowing with strong kneading breasts, she presents this requirement? Direct view Krabby or Miller’s eyes? Have she twisted with the waist and seduce them? No, this is impossible.

“You fart. She will never say this.”

Kraby smiled very happy, he admitted: “Ok, she didn’t say this. But she has been a matter of this matter, but she didn’t say it. She said she won’t tell this thing. No matter How do we play her, because we threaten to list you as the first defendant. But the child, as long as your mother doesn’t say it, we certainly will not send you the court. “

“Where is she? What do you do for her? I want to see my mother.” I worried that I have submitted the requirements that I may not be realized, but it is worth a try.

“Listen to the boy, she is your mother, I think you still don’t see her.” Clarby replied.

“Why? I want to see her, I have this right.” I insisted.

Kraby was eating and smiling, suddenly said: “When she is searched by her naked, I don’t want to turn my eyes, listen to me, are you a little bit?”

“Mr., I don’t know what you are talking about.” My heart is in a chaos, and my eyes did not have the eyes of Kraby for the first time. “Let’s go.” Kraby suddenly stood up. He came to 102 rooms, it was the room with two-way mirror and the camera. Glaham and Varik were already there, and the two were sitting behind the mirror.

Mom is in the 103 room. She is sitting behind the table, sitting on the mirror, Miller and Coleman sitting on her sides. She still worn her handcuffs, but this will be a hand on the front of the body. When the mother’s lower body, she touched the thigh, but she could see the hairy triangle area. The upper body also hangs the wreckage of the bra, only the shoulder strap and the sponge pads that are pulled, both breasts are exposed. Miller and Coleman held one side, put it in his hand like a big bread, fingertip, knead his mother’s dark big nipple. Miller’s trousers unwaped, huge cocks were straight out, my mother sat nervously, her body was tightly tiered, and the two hands held in Miller on Miller’s pistol. I swayed the penis, interesting is that my mother’s hand is still with the ink when I finished the fingerprint, and this Miller’s dick is like a zebra dick, there is a large block of black spots, the whole scrotum It is also a flower whistle. I carefully detained my mother, her face with a shame, close my mouth, my eyes stared at the bottom of the mirror, when I was trembling in Miller or Coleman’s “caress”, but always There is no call. I know that these are her forced.

“Hey, it’s good.” Miller said. I can hear his voice from the speaker of my head, listen carefully, and my mother’s heavy breathing.

“Do you have this also video?” I turned and asked Clarby.

“Don’t be stupid, we don’t do this.”

Miller and Coleman, this is a blue-owned police uniform to people, which will also wear a blue staff uniform. With the demon-like dug smile, play with my mother’s breast, this already It is the devastating of my mother tonight. Miller pinching my mother’s breast with two fingers, one will pull the nipple up and down, and use the index finger to paint the circle on my mother’s bream, and Kobman smiles with appreciation. Holding Miller, my mother is going to be crazy by them. I saw her tightly frowned, and neat teeth biting the ruddy lips, but she wants to scream but to bear the expression. The other hand of Miller also grabbed my mother’s hair from the rear, pushed her face to him. He kissed my mother’s cheek, smelling it above, licking, all the way, finally I smashed with my mother erect, my mother closed his eyes. Coleman plays the other side of my mother, and his other side has slide into my mother’s lower body. He opened my mother’s legs, and stroked the thick hairy on the pussy, and then played with hand In my mother’s vagina, first is a finger, then two, three, and finally reach four fingers.

※ | JKF Czech Forum “It seems that this scorpion is already wet, otherwise it can be stretched out.” Warik, who is watching after one-way glazes. Miller pulled my mother’s hair and pressed her head down until his thigh. “Now, give me a good life, don’t say that you will not be this.” Mom whose, but from the action. Mom leaned over with the elbow to support her body, pick up the hair, then licked the lips, first breathe a breath in Miller’s lower body, I gamble must smell, but perhaps than just in her The prisoners in the mouth are stronger. My mother took the mouth and licked Miller’s penis and scrotum up and down, until the whole purple glans shiny, I can hear my mother’s mouth from the speaker, tongue and lips and saliva lingering sound, she Take the glans in your mouth, swallow the glans on the side, while licking each place in the penis while using your tongue.

“Ah … you have a beautiful, Mary, this is only obedient. Now let us all be comfortable.”

Miller said, standing up, sitting on the table, he had a wrinkled buttocking to put the table, and the glossy glans filled with my mother’s saliva It is straight to stand up in the air.

He let my mother stand on the edge of the table and then leaned down. My mother put the elbow on the table and supported my body, and then buryd the butt and buried the head in Miller. Due to the change of my mother’s posture, Coleman also stood up. Two staff continued to play with me. Mother hanging breasts, Miller continued to direct my mother, when he carefully emphasized the details, mother looked up, looking up from Miller, and there were some fears in the eyes, and they also fought.

Korman played a while my mother’s breasts and after I took a moment of smoke, I looked at my mother for Miller. Then, he walked between my mother’s legs, pulling down the shackles of the trousers, a thick-standing hormon suddenly jumped out, Coleman felt my mother’s thigh, put his hi in my mother. The buttocks, slowly, slowly let your penis slid into my mother’s two-petal hip meat, I don’t know if he wants anal sex or is just ordinary sexual intercourse, but I am very expected. “Come, continue, plug in.” I encouraged Coleman in my heart.

Soon, Coleman put his dark red glans into your pussy, “唰”, disappeared in thick incapacity. He slowly let the penis shuttle in the crack of my mother, and occasionally take the whole wet penis and re-insert. Whenever this time, my mother’s body has a dramatic trembling, including Miller’s dick Whine.

“Ok, take her, exercise your hard guy.” I shouted loudly in my heart. While Coleman is in my mother, I also use my hands to play my mother’s body’s mad, and use your finger to use your fingers.

“Just like this, you raped my mother.” I gave Coleman in my heart. “Something is fine. It will be stimulated when I can still have this time.”

After a burst, Coleman’s body is sinking, and the whole thick penis is completely inserted into my mother’s vagina. There are only two black pills that are covered with the lips covered by the inclusion. I can see the penis to shuttle in the vaginal mouth, and the mother’s brunette is full of white mucus, and the Korman’s glans is also covered with my mother’s love, slightly with a little fluorescent reaction. (It is faithful to the original, quite scary, with fluorescent, is it a planet?)

Mom will feel pleasure, it seems that her vagina is already like a tide. Because I took a cigarette, Coleman was squinted with my mother, and the smoke drifted into his eyes. I really don’t know why he is still holding it, and when the soot falls falling in my mother’s back. On the time, Koleman is always waiting for a while to put the soot, and he let the soothe the theory stimulate my mother’s body and make her more painful or more excited.

During the process of porting Miller, Mom occasionally muttered two times, always looks all the gods, for the laigo to make their own Coleman seems not to be very unrestrained, although tremble with the climax of the body. I am hard to distinguish whether my mother is forced to still be half-pushed, she should know that she is raped, and tonight is still alive. However, I have to feel such a hot blood in my life. I can’t wait to change the position immediately. I am fiercely inserted into my mother’s shaking body with my own mask. Hold her full breast, play with the two dark brown big nipples.

Mother’s head fell in Miller’s mouth, she closed his mouth to the biggest, so they can contain Miller’s penis as much as possible, and with two thick men to play, mother The thighs are somewhat shaking, and her breasts are like a pendulum, and they are swaying with Coleman plugging her physical frequency. From the speaker, Miller’s voice, he is still further directing my mother to suck his hi, “use force to suck, use some tongue,” “quick point, speed up the frequency” and so on.

The staff around me looked at my mother, and the pants under the blue staff uniform were brought into the tent, they looked very enjoyable this two men and a woman’s performance, occasionally Speaking of some “professional” comments, explore each other’s body part or her mouth skill, or she can get climax in Coleman’s thrust.

Miller’s mouth sounded, he was trembled: “Ok, I want to shoot, baby.” Then, my mother issued a suffocating low voice, she lifted her head upright Miller’s glans, in that moment, Miller’s glans broke out a white liquid fireworks, thick sperm shot on my mother’s face, on the eyes, the nose, the face is full, and some Then flow from her mouth to the neck.

“I have come.” Coleman screamed, the movements were obviously arch, with my mother’s waist, his hood was extremely rapidly impact on my mother’s butt, ” Even if you don’t have a speaker, you can also hear a clear Chu. After his body, his body is like sluggish, and he slowly took out his mask, put the penis with his hand, spread the semen in me. Mom’s ass and rear back.

Coleman and Miller’s trouse trousers have not been pulled, Glaham and Varik are rushing to leave from me and quickly rush to 103. At this time, my mother got a short breath, tired, she climbed on the table in Kortan, like the fetal posture to rest on the table. Gerlaham and Warrick certainly won’t let my mother get full cultivation, they let her lying on the table, then standing on both sides of my mother, they let her play a pistol for them, and two Then, like Coleman, Miller, one person divided my mother’s breasts, while playing with soft and flexible flexon, kneading the nipple with his fingers. After Glaham, the intermittent masturbation of my mother, he urged my mother to lift his head, first served him, and the mother of Glaham had. Instructed in your mouth. From the age, Glaham and Varlic are only 25 or 6 years old, and the two people are full of interest in the years of their mother’s mature flesh. Variik is also tied, and the guys on the above are all available, the pistol, handcuffs, batons are the same. Because my mother is working hard to handle Glaham, I will touch my mother’s ladle with hands, he rely on the vagina with his fingers into the vagina, pinch the two petals, soft and wrinkled thick labia Separate left and right, after a while, then didn’t take the baton of the waist, suddenly insert it into my mother’s vagina, and then put the baton inserted the baton in the same time, I was pulling out. Mother Ham port will feel the same as the lower body. She lifted her head. When I saw a dark baton, my mother broke out a hoarse mourning. “Don’t be like that, please stop … stop …

…what. “” “Give me a mouth, do what you should do.” Glaham took my mother’s hair, pressed her head to her own, put the penis strongly into the mouth of my mother’s mouth In the middle, “I have to give me the real way, or let him put the guy in your stomach, listen to it? 婊子.”

Mom is afraid to nod, more exclusively lick the Graham’s glans.

Warrik is carefully inserted into my mother’s lower body as a piece of art. I looked at my mother’s body, and my mother was in the whisper, like the whirlpool, I got her two legs, and her vagina swallowed the snake. Some resistance to swallow the baton, Warrick warned my mother said: “Don’t mess, you should not be hurt, but yourself.” I think this will have probably have some 6 inches that have entered the vagina, and this number It seems that it is gradually increasing.

I am secretly praying in my heart. I hope that Varik can finally insert 10 inches without hurt my mother, and Varik also is getting slower and slow as the baton is deeply, more cautious, although his The attitude looks unlike a sick cruel, but it has always been an exploration of the baton, and his face is always a smile. Mother’s body turned, she wrapped around the batoss with two thighs, in the long sharp call, she tangled her waist to cooperate with the police, and seem to be in the process, she is enjoying an unprecedented thing. Like a fierce god of nuclear explosion.

Glaham enjoys my mother’s deep throat, the mouth does not know anything, excitedly shot the semen in my mother’s face, her face has also left Miller to gradually dry up. Squirting, the warm Glaham semen makes my mother’s face blur, I can’t sure she has been sticking to the eyelids now. The launch of Variik’s gigraham has finally gave up the game of the baton. He took the baton that was covered with my mother’s body fluid. It is that he has already “solid a rock”, his hand is busy. Climb the table, slightly slid down in the middle, laughing in the police officers around me, and some people patted my shoulders. Variik’s penis should be unobstructed to enter my mother’s body, and his body is like playing the chicken blood, and the front and then the piston movement makes my mother’s thigh in the air. The position was shaking, and her nipple was also swinging in the rhythm. I felt some funny scenes, and I looked at my mother’s nipple. It hit it on her chest.

The long-lost East has entered the room at this time, she stands opposite Glaham with “kindness”

The expression looks at the breath of Varik. If she gently use her hand, she is in my mother’s nipple. It is riding with the Varik ram like my mother. I want to exhale it. Compared with the scene of pigs, East is simply “compassion”. After a while, Variii finally slowed down his own action, and the hair wet was hanging on his nose. He was weak, and there was no strength to go to the hair. Variik slowly took out his mask and shot a few drops of extracts in my mother’s soft belly. Skvalky has also entered the interrogation room. He took the position of Varik, and all his mother’s lower body, and East continued to knead my mother’s nipple, from her action. Smelling a hint, this guy must be a lesbian. Sure enough, she made my mother sat up straight, grabbed her hair, and kissed her face and kissed her face. I can see her tongue to reach out in my mother’s mouth, and she is for my mother. Some dissatisfaction in touch with the emotions, embarrassing my mother’s two nipples, “You’d better cooperate with some.”

East then started taking off her blue uniform, unlocking her white bra, she held her pale breasts and my mother’s breasts on the top, she pinched her pink nipple with his fingers and knocked me. Mom has a deeper color, while the size is also a nipple.

Scrosski squatted on the table and put his hiking in my mother’s thighs, waiting for the opportunity to enter her body. East once again pushed my mother, let her lay flat on the table and paved the road for Skvaski. The Skvaski passed his own dick, piercing my mother’s body, mother “Oh … ah, the place, got some rest, the body is about to fall again. Skvali grasped his mother’s legs and lifted his shoulders and then in the vagina in the vagina.

This situation obviously makes East have also begun to invest in fighting. She pulled off her trousers, first is the pants of uniform, then white underwear, mixed golden and light brown haired triangle is exposed to air, she Climb the table, put your own body to my mother’s head, hold your body, swaying the snow whispering butt, slowly, using the yin hair with my mother’s face, “Fast, give me fast Lick it, let me feel comfortable. “Her groa is converted from low to roar.

The ears rushed through Skvasky’s voice of my mother, the body collision. Look at East, it is obviously quite enjoying my mother “tongue” as she did for her, because East is squatting: “Oh, ok, ok, fast, sweetheart.”

The handled hand is launched behind the head, so I can’t see my mother’s face, and the surrounding staff said that I rushed me from the side, I can only look at East Pediary. Ass, and two thighs on the shoulders, East two white strong legs in the mother’s neck, she is half closed, one hand, her own pafe, mouth If the dream is generally said in ambiguity.

I am very lively in the interrogation room, and the police officers who are unfamiliar are squeezed. They pass the beer and cigarettes, and they are generally discussed with each other. They waved in the air for Skvasi or Ister. But more is talking about my mother. Some people noticed that I rose pants, with “goodwill” laughing, I like this real person porn. “Your mother is really big enough, right?”

“How, do you want to go in and try, we can make her eyes in advance.”

“Have you seen your father?”

Also, some police are shamelessly holding a beer to enter 103 rooms. Watch my mother’s close-up from the near distance, and occasionally use the empty beer tanker. The more excited, the more excited, the sound is getting bigger and bigger, which is simply being sent to the general lively.

East’s voice is particularly penetrating. She sometimes takes a long-awaiting, sometimes she is light, “Ah, you are the goods, oh, Mary, the dog, pig, hurry, hurry, 舔, ah … … ah … “She touched my mother’s cheek or a chest with her palms, and grabbed her hair and shaking, I couldn’t think of her is a police.

And Skvalky has also been tired, his movements are slow, and the mother holds my mother is full of sweat butt, his breath is accompanied by my mother’s cry, he shakes, he It seems that I have plenty of my mask from my mother’s body, I became the first policeman who left “evidence” in my mother’s body.

After Skvaski was helped from my mother, Skarrane entered the 103 room, and he took the atmosphere tonight into a climax. The policemen seem to know what will happen. They cheered with the arrival of Escara, rushed East from my mother’s body, and left my mother’s body to give him a person. Escarlant grabbed my mother’s wrist handcuffs pulled her down the table, and then put her face forward on a single-way glass, just a few inch, mother’s cheeks and breasts. They are squeezed into deformable tablets by one-way glass, and the squeezed part lost blood color, which seems to be more white than usual. Escarlant first knead my mother’s breast, then his hands were in front of the body, touched and slammed my mother’s body behind my mother, and did not let her leave one-way glass. Then he fell to the ground, and slammed his face tightly on my mother’s ass, the police said once again, they laughed, jumped, and encouraged Escaran with rude speech. I looked at him with my tongue, I lick my mother’s anus and put my tongue into the ridge, my mother was hoarded and posted on the glass creepy body. Then, Essaraite stood up and pulled out his trousers, holding my mother’s body back to the table, this time he is lying on her face, squatting on the table, putting the butt highfully, he climbs The table was buckled to dig my mother’s anus. Mom was shaking, she already know what to happen, she whispered, but there was no person to pay attention to her, and Escarran suddenly inserted the penis into my mother’s liver. The door, my mother screamed, tears, she hurts, she hurts like electric shock, but the surrounding staff is holding the seven-handed eight foot to firmly grabbing my mother’s body, Essaran The special cock can be accomplished in my mother’s anus, but it looks very hard. Glaham stood in my right, took my shoulder and comforted me: “You don’t have to worry about her, Escarlant, is a famous fast gunner.” Essaranda distorted his face My mother’s anus, and my mother can’t struggle or twist the body to reduce pain, can only cry, hit the desktop with a forehead, and someone will take her hair immediately.

“This is not, it will leave traces.” Glaham said a barley.

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