The first chapter mother, I stroked my face, and the spicy slap printed is still hurt. I hate my father, every time I don’t move, I am hit me. Sometimes it is even a little wrong, he will not let go. Not only me, my mother, my sister, my brother has suffered the same situation. Sometimes I think, how my mother will suffer.

There is a bit winding outside the window, I slowly pull down the curtains, gently wipe the tears, ready to rush a hot bath, forget the trouble today.

I walked into my room and took a few underwear and pajamas. Suddenly the chest is slight, I smoked, it seems that I have just been accidentally hitting. When the tears, I can’t packed up.

I contained tears and rushed into the bathroom, and I saw my mother looked at me.

I closed the door, took off my clothes, I saw it from the mirror, happening happened to see it. I quickly opened the waters, across the bathtub closer my eyes, let the cool water from top to down, faint, I seem to hear my sow.

“Why can’t I have a happy home like another 18-year-old girl? Why?”

“Hey, Hey, Hey” came a few knocks on the door, and it was a mother’s voice: “I can go to my mother.”

“Mom? Coming in.”

Mom pushed the door, and closed the door again. I went to my face on my face and found that my mother is holding tears and looking at my chest.

“Mom” My tears can’t help but I don’t care about the moisture on my body. I have hung my mother.

“Sorry, sorry, is a mother is wrong, the mother never maintains you in these years, my mother is not good.”

“No, no, I know that my mother has been greatly wronged, my mother, I have never blamed you.” … Just like this, we huddled each other.

After a while, my mother launched me, then slowly unlocked her top, while said, “I still remember that you have always take a shower with my mother.”

I nodded my hard.

“Do you make your mother as a mother’s responsibility?”

I didn’t answer, but I gave my mother to unlock the bra.

Moms this year because they have been forty-first, but they have always been very young, and the body has never been able to go. Sure enough, when I solved my mother’s bra, a pair of full-scale breasts fame out.

I immediately gave my mother to take off my pants and underwear. The dense climate, delicate and snow-white skin, Yinhong nipple, slender legs, everywhere this mature woman’s charm.

My mother stepped into the bathtub, let the water still worked together, and then hugged me.霎霎 霎, I feel very quiet.

Mom’s hand slide into my chest, I gently stroked.

I suddenly felt a crunch, I couldn’t help but tremble. I feel so comfortable, happy.

“Mom”, I am not worthless. A hand is holding a mother, and a hand can’t help but reach between my mother’s legs.

At that moment, we seemed to find comfort and found an object that allowed yourself for many years. We have forgotten our identity, mutual distance and our family.

Mother’s hand is not going to walk, jeze my breast, pinched my already hard, my waist, my thigh, my lower abdomen, my …

The cool water drides the mother, her soft labello is more filled with mucus. I use the middle finger around her clitoris, slightly, slightly, slipped into my mother’s vagina.

The mother “ah” in an instant is awkward. She is holding a five finger on my breast. My feeling has floated up, I trembled, squatted, I went up the left leg hooked my mother, so that my genitals can rub outside my mother’s thigh. At the same time, the fingers that draw in the motion vagina increased to two. I found that my finger has been filled with sticky love.

Mom’s right hand raised my lifting thigh, so I lost the balance, and my double was lying down. In this way, my finger slipped out of the vagina’s vagina, and my mother also broke my legs and made the tongue to my genital.

Mom is not surprised, she first licking inside my thigh, swing outside my big lips. Until I can’t stand it, the breathing is getting more and more serious, and this began to attack my heart.

I feel that I have been following the good out of juice, and the mother’s saliva run my sensitive areas. Mother tongue moving faster and faster, but also occasionally reached into my body. I could not help my waist subconscious twitch children with the mother tongue up and down. I am soft on my breasts, my wet pussy by the water, I forced my legs wanted to stay more open, that I may get more intense orgasms. I keep moaning, panting: “ah ah!!” No, I can not do, a shudder, I finally reached a climax, I’m closer to my mother, Minato to her lips, she kissed deep down. Near her mother’s lips are full of me out of the sexual secretion. Add an exotic flavor mixed with sour taste, I tempting and extends into the mother’s vagina. Mother’s vagina already fiery swallowed my three fingers, I constantly have to twitch back and forth, but also dark red mouth sucking mother’s nipple. I forced inhaling, a little milk-like liquid overflow from the mother’s nipple. Mom bit his lip, eyes closed, irresolute red cheeks are enjoying the fun paramount.

Mother’s Aiye Chung continued, her lower body more and more soft, overcast whole have become deep red. I pick up a piece of soap, painted slowly around her mother’s clitoris. Who knows down the mother’s sexual secretion, soap “puff” would slip into the mother’s vagina, leaving only one-third is still out.

While her mother “ah” strong groan a bit. I took out the soap, turned around, also astride the vaginal My vaginal delivery and the mother of one another. I do not know soap or Aiye off our interest, that slippery feeling, so that we rub each other more smoothly, more intense.

I deeply feel the soft mother labia, fiery. We have an erection of the clitoris, to each other or even feel. Our kinky sounds, and the impulse sound of water, as well as friction sound we make our pleasure sexual secretion as people unbearable, we once again to a climax.

My mother and I and wash each other for a while, I’m a little ashamed, in the end that she was my mom, my mom … how can seem a bit awkward, if we have just too much of it? Or, we do not ignore our family, but another way to make up for the years of generation gap it!

We dried her body, put on pajamas, I took my mother into my room: “Mom, you can sleep with me tonight with me?”

Mom smiled and nodded.

————————————————– —————————— Chapter brother I never thought that one day I will enjoy mother nature together fun, and now I not only mother and kinky comfort one another, even bored. Although, my mother and I have a little awkward, but it had just been a fierce and terrible climax, prompting I took my mother came to my room.

Mom seemed to want to give up, dressed in pajamas and I silently into the room.

I do not know just in the bathroom is not called love, I got an unprecedented climax, but I have not because of the hymen broken.

I closed the door, he looked back and saw my mother take off the pajamas, is preparing to get into my bed. Mom wearing only a half cup bra, two small pink cloth, simply Zhe Bule Big Mama chest, that deep cleavage, like buried in a mass of warm fire.

Mama briefs is pink, if still a little translucent, careful stare, looming outside untold punishment attractive.

As a woman, we have a fully than man’s place. That we can continuous sexual excitement. So when I saw my mother seductive body, an unknown desire unwittingly starting from however.

I also took off his pajamas, and even bra, leaving only a pair of underwear into bed.

“Mom, I … I want to.” I’m ashamed to tell my mother how I feel. I know that maybe I can feel the past few years the only day motherly love.

Mom holding my hand, lead me to touch her body, from face to soft lips, her mouth slightly open, tongue licking my fingertips. Then again my hand into her thin neck, shoulder slippery, then the breast, nipple.

I was free hand caressing my mother a pair of breasts, rub me with, strumming, my head buried in between the breasts, carefully biting, licking.

Mother’s back moving up and down swinging, legs apart and she took the initiative to take advantage of riding on my belly. I felt my mother’s underwear soaked in rubbing my belly move forward, watermark a mother do that a few red lips ready to come out.

I trembled her mother’s small panties, and the soap scent just taking a shower. I moved my body and took my mouth to my mother’s genitals, combing the haired hair near my mother’s big lips with tongue. Mom’s waist is more powerful, she is ignored her breast milk, pinching the reddish milk tip, gaining a meaningful voice in his mouth, “Well, Well”

In a short while, I am all my mother’s obscene, slippery, I’m tangled, put my pointed right breasts to my mother’s vaginal mouth, continue to rub with my mother’s sensitive area with my hard nipple. The breast meets the hot labipings, which is integrated with each other.

My left hand is not idle, I can’t stop inserting my wet vagina, stroking the erection clitoris, we feel passionate each other, waiting for the climax of the fairy.

Suddenly, I heard a burst of pusher, turned around, I found out that my fifteen-year-old little brother did not know what Zhang Dazhao looked at us.

I can hate and have a hole in my mother. I feel that we are all ironing and shameless.

For a while, we look at our face, and a sentence can’t say it.

Finally, still mother is more old, she crossed from my body, covering more important places with quilt, and then saying that there is nothing to say: “What happened, is there something to find a mother?”

The younger brother woke up, crying, face, said to me and my mother: “Hey, Dad, Dad, he hits me again. Mom, good pain.”

“Come over, let your mother look.”

I saw the younger brother on the green, I couldn’t control again with my mother’s tears. Mother does not hide his body, hugging your brother, and I also hug it with them. . How long is the ㄙ 器 L, Mom took off his brother’s coat and said: “Not too early, we will sleep together today.”

Watch the lamp, your brother sleeps in our middle, and there is a string of tears on your face.

For a long time, somehow, I can’t enter the dream, a series of stimuli, so that I have raised my whole body, I’m trying to touch the body, I’m still so wet. I am wondering, suddenly a plump and tender thigh across my body. I turned around, surprised, I found that my mother was separating his legs, and his hands were touched.

I can’t stand it anymore, turn over the brother who is half-sleep, pressed in my mother’s body, my double milk happened to touch my mother’s big breasts, a burst of pleasure happened.

Our next yin is wet, does not need further caress, we will quickly twitch your fingers in each other. I used the labipings to shrink the two fingers of my mother, suddenly see a stinging, it seems to be that my hymen is broken by my mother, I can’t help but call.

The younger brother were woke up, and I looked at me and my mother again.

However, this time we can’t help it, we don’t have your brother, so I will do my best. More arrogant, I didn’t think I didn’t think it would be useful to enter your brother’s underwear, and I seized the meat stick that had become thick. I touched my brother’s urethra with my fingers and found that there were a few drops of sticky liquid.

“Hey, 喔” the younger brother.

After a while, the younger brother took off his pants and turned over into my mid. At a time, the brother’s mouth just gave a splash of my prostitution. The younger brother also brought out his tongue. The little penis that has been a little developed, is losing her mother’s lips, her mother closed her eyes, hesitated for a few seconds, but lunning still can’t resist sexual desire, a mouth with a brother’s glans.

After all, my brother is the same as me, not a few times, it takes a hot dry semen, all on my mother’s face. Mom didn’t care, continue to use the tongue to tighten the brother’s glans. The room is a strange semen taste.

The younger brother is worthy of young people, the penis has not been erected again, this time I turned, put the butt and the neutrical department, and the mouth and the mother wet, I sucked my mother. There is a small laboy of the taste, and the younger bodies can use his little sticks that once again erect into my pussy, and a very innocent and strong will be straight through my whole body. I scream, I am squatting, I am struggling. Twisted the waist, I ruthlessly bite my mother’s clitoris.

Perhaps the younger brother has just been shot once, this time I haven’t worked for three minutes, and finally, I almost dissembled in bed, my mother also used the quilt to rub my own labipings, and your brother, because of the transition, Or for the first time, after shooting a second fine water between my legs, even his genitals did not pull out and closed their eyes.

A soft Soft Six is ​​in my body, I have a shangle that I can’t tell it itch, and the semen of the younger brother is also flowing in my body. I can’t bear out the brother’s penis. Fourth, I gradually slept.

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