Miao Chei, the female netizen, married, she didn’t live in a family life at that time, and her husband was almost returned every day, and he often took the continent, and she would make her visit to the Internet, and I also became her first derailed object.

She is surnamed Pan, I called Pan Ji! Pan Sister has been married for many years, there is a child to read, she is also teaching primary school, graduated from the research, and the high 168cm weighs about 58kg. It is a full-scale voice and the word is rigid. Yes, like a female artist in front of the past.

At the beginning, I met Pan sister, I saw her netizens, I saw her information in the dating site, wrote a long and very sincere e-mail to her, she was in reply that she had no feelings, so attached The mobile phone number wants me to talk directly, so our understanding is almost through the phone.

I called for the first time, I feel very comfortable, and the speech is divided into a definition, and I know that she is a premium woman. She is teaching elementary school, family life is not happy, because of her, often running the mainland, even in Taiwan, often go home in a hundred nights, and even don’t go home. And I don’t know if I don’t have any questions in my home, and I also care for children and her. So she lived very painful, and it seems that there is no man care about her. It is even more no need to live, sometimes I have loved it for two months.

Several times, Pan sister said in the phone that would have helplessness and even wept, I would like to talk about comforting her, but in the end, I said “Less, you comfort me again, you don’t save I! “In fact, she might want to be able to do love with other men at that time.

I don’t know, Pan sister is suffering from the spiritual and practical life, so she is in Taipei from Miaiji, and she is looking for a psychologist. The doctor also has a drug to her. Later, doctors encouraged her to actually be actually affected once, and she could alleviating her a lot of pressure. It would have a positive help in the future. This is the reason why she is going to do with me when she goes to bed, and she will be able to derail this life in this life.

I met her about Miaoji on Saturday. I parked a fixed point in a road that she stated in her, waiting for her in the car, about 20 minutes, my phone rang, she confirmed my car number and color, Then I told me that she was wearing. Sure enough, I saw a short hair body black dressed up to about 30 years old, dressed well, a black upper clothes plus a black narrow skirt, also wearing black stockings, all body is black, showing it How sad inner heart is.

After our car, we immediately took the highway to the stage. She also gave me in the car. I didn’t know what it was, I was hot. I drove her while driving, I feel very warm. After the Central Qing exchange, we wanted to go to the coffee shop first, but he could not find a parking space. In the case of 2:30 in the afternoon, she had to pick her daughter in the evening, so I went for her to agree to the text On the heart, a Motel opened, after entering the room, she really didn’t know how long and thirst, I lied me, two people lying on the bed, wearing clothes first, holding it, hug, roll, I will swear first Into her short group, see her body tremble, she clasped my hand, and later she said it, but also washed together.

Enter the bathroom, the equipment is very good, jacuzzi, there is a TV, I will start the bathtub, I started to put water, put water at the same time, let’s take a shower, apply it to the milk, I have been squatting, full But not to hang, then touch her points, slippery, I don’t know if she is obscenity or soap, she keeps touching my meat stick and two eggs. After you are rushing, the bathtub is also enough, so We poured into the hotel prepared, so bubble together in the bathtub.

Of course, we have died in the bathtub. The kind of buoyancy makes my extravagant feels quite wonderful. I will be a bit tired. After all, the oxygen in the bathroom is too small. I have a bit breathed, I will try it with her, just think so, It is not too effective, because of the buoyancy.

Later, we wiped the body, lying in bed, and did the final battle, she was really very waves, she didn’t hold it, she called very loudly, although she opened the cold, but also made me flow a lot of sweat (possibly The relationship of hot water)

I want to take a break early, but she wants me to endure, say she hasn’t enjoyed it for a long time, I have to do it for a long time, I was originally dried to have been half an hour. The car posture, so that I picked 20 minutes, and finally rode my battle for 10 minutes. My semen is taken, I am shooting in her body, because she has only served contraceptives, I don’t know if we fell asleep after shooting. Also wake up by Motel’s Miss: “Mr., tell you that you have a rest time,” we will hug someone, she insisted that I have to help me again, seeing her help me with hand, I will know that she is very fraud, and we will leave after shooting.

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