Standing on the podium, tight sweating on the forehead has been trying to class, I have just been in the class, I just served as Huang Cuixia, who was the English teacher. The teacher is in the lecture, and the student under the stage is talking: this new teacher is simply devil. Infit – a plump breast, long legs, hypertrophic butt, if you can taste the milk, a masculine of Huang Cuixia, a vagina, and Huang Cuixia, the anus, and Huang Cuixia, the teacher, this is good NS!

“My name is Huang Cuixia, everyone can call me Huang teacher or misswong!”

“Do you marry the teacher?”

“I am still single!”

“Teacher, tell women” I want to be with you “, how do you say?”

Sitting in the corner of the classroom asked, people in the whole classroom laughed.

Just as the teacher’s Huang Cuixia, there is no ability or guts to hide the boy’s half-joke. However, it is not an angry. As a result, only red face is helpless, so the boys are more likely to be soothered.

Of course, if Huang Cuixia is not a beautiful woman, the boys will not love smile in this enthusiasm.

A chic atmosphere of life in foreign countries, especially showing women’s beauty, is enough to cause curiosity of Spring boys.

This day is also the same as usual, and the boys don’t have any mouth.

“Teacher, what color underwear is wearing today?”

“Talk about the experience of a one-time hand!”

“What do you think about the sexual behavior of high school students?”

Things can’t be cleaned in this extent.

The girls who rely on the teacher will only quietly say “I hate”, “Good Color”, and expose curious expressions waiting for the evolution of things.

Huang Cuixia stands on the podium.

“Hey! You are quiet, the teacher Huang Cuixia is too poor.”

This suddenly stood up and protect Huang Cuixia, it is the cross-leader.

“Feng Zhang, don’t pretend to be a good student, you are in love with Huang Cuixia!”

“Yes, right, he probably fantasy Huang Cuixia teacher’s naked masturbation.”

Retraunment again. Just just rang the ringtones under get out of class at this time. Looking at the students, you have a tat stroke, Huang Cuixia’s heart is full, heard the ringtone is loose.

Of course, Huang Cuixia also knows that now education is different from the past, has gradually left the sacred impression.

But in the consciousness of Huang Cuixia, the classroom is still the idea of ​​the sacred place. But in fact, this level is, because the duties of teachers have been expected, relatively, Huang Cuixia’s distress is also great.

When I walked out of the classroom, I went back to my desk. I saw a white envelope on the table, I didn’t have a sea, there was a letterpress, it seems to be a woman’s handwriting.

Teacher Huang Cuixia has a very important thing to think and delvet. At eleven, in front of the equipment room of the gym, because it is a secret thing, please don’t let others see.

Who is A from A? Why don’t you write a real name? School has a talk room, why should I choose a gymnasium?

The more you think more, but I think that the other party is a girl in Spring, I feel that it is not very Tang.

And students find her business, so still, I still feel very happy.

In short, let’s take a look at it.

After the class bell rang, wait until the nearby calm down, before I went out of the faculty room. Fortunately, I didn’t encounter anyone to arrive at the gym.

The other party has not come yet. After five minutes, there is still no movement.

Is someone joking with her? Such a possibility is also great, but what fun doing it?

When there is no intention to turn back, the door of the instindline room is half open.

Is it in there waiting for me ……?

Went equipment room door, is preparing to look inside, suddenly reached out a hand grabbed her hair and forcibly pulled her into the equipment room.


Stable, and throwing himself on the mat, Huang Cuixia lie on top of the first reflective look back. Slender face was filled with frightened expression.

“You … You are Bevada classmates …” standing in front of Berva, according to other teachers, in the last semester, very honest, students are also very good, but starting from the next semester The character is deteriorated, and there is a problem that teachers has become a problem.

“What is going on? In this place …”

Huang Cuixia pulled down the dress and told himself to keep calm.

“I am waiting for the teacher, I have read the letter!”

Beva looked at Huang Cuixia, one side of the door of the equipment room.

Huang Cuixia saw the other party’s frowning expression and found his heart full of murderous. Of course, if you panic now, you will only make the opponent’s urge.

“The original letter is written. Because the deposit is a child, I thought it was a girl … looking for me … What is it?”

“Teacher is a simple woman, but it is a bait, it is to attract you. I just want to have sex with the teacher.”

I heard the kind of tons directly, so Huang Cuixia was shocked. At the same time, what happened now.

The inner heart is afraid that one day will face this scene.

“What are you talking? Calm, I am your teacher, how can the teacher may promise this requirement!”

I feel that my face is getting hot, and Huang Cuixia uses the sweat on the forehead with the upper sleeve.

“Hey, I will not let me do it, I have to rape.”

Bevinad said, unfair on the door.

What did he say, this is the 19-year-old high school student? What is the difference between and rogue?

Although I want to keep it calm, Huang Cuixia’s heartbeat is getting more and more faster.

“Bervada classmates, do you understand what you have to do now?”

“I don’t want to listen to the teaching. I am so excited.”

Bai Wennda took the zipper of the trousers, pulled out the fierce thing from inside. Said to pull out, it is better to say that he jumps out, and does not stop the venue.

Huang Cuixia saw the sin of the things that should not be seen in an instant, and immediately closed his eyes. But I feel the movement of Bevin’s start, and open my eyes.

Just like a burn red iron rod, it has been hanging in the following, the obscene meat bag is getting more and more approaching her eyes.

If Huang Cuixia has a rich male experience, it may be able to deliberately deal with such a scene, but Huang Cuixia only has a handshake and hugging experience, and it will not pretend to hear, and then take the opportunity to escape, it is no wonder.

“no, do not want!”

Huang Cuixia lifted the right arm on the head and took the posture of his own. Haven’t got a man’s body, was taken away by such a furhead kid, and Ning died did not want to promise.

“Teacher, give me!”

Bai Wennd took down Huang Cuixia and was pressed against Huang Cuixia desperately trying to escape.

“Can’t do this … Bevan classmates!”

Huang Cuixia took out the strength of the whole body, pushing the body of Beiwen, picked up the basketball on the hand on the face of Bai Wennda.

However, after a few seconds of dispute, basketball was quickly taken away.

“Teacher, don’t resist, actually like people to pay for men!”

Huang Cuixia was overwhelmed by strong power on the mat and struggled. I think that I’ve been seen as a beautiful light floating woman, and the gas bite cut teeth.

“Bervada classmates, you know what will happen! You can’t stay in school …”

“Don’t worry!”

This day, Huang Cuixia is wearing a light blue suit and a top with a lotus blouse. Because the buttons in front of the shirt are not buckled, the Bai Wennda’s hand immediately caught the mammented breasts from the shirt.

“Don’t! I beg you, don’t do this!”

Huang Cuixia wants to push the other party, but because the waist has been hurted, it is not possible. Moreover, the skirt is getting more and more, even the thigh is fully exposed.

“Teacher’s tits, more plumps than I think.”

Students who are full of youthful beans are rude to touch the feeling of breasts, and they will only make Huang Cuixia. Huang Cuixia still can’t want to escape from Bai Wennda. Use one hand to push the shoulder, and the other hand pushes Beivin, revealing the face of sexuality.

Huang Cuixia’s face is caught in the mat, and the sweat is rushed into the nostrils together.

“Ah! … let me …”

Huang Cuixia passed the face, and then creep, but so that the Bai Wennda caused opportunities. Bevhen reforms her back from Huang Cuixia.

Immediately pull shirts, buttons soon earned, revealing the snowy bloating bra, then pulling the brass without scruping, letting the beautiful breasts exposed under the day.

A lot of hands immediately grabbed the breast.

“no, do not want!”

After the breast is caught, Huang Cuixia uses his best to twisted his body and want to push a man’s machi. However, the fingers fell into the meat, refused to relax easily, but the attention of Huang Cuixia is in the chest, Bai Wennda is thought to pick up the skirt.

“you can not do that!”

Huang Cuijing is afraid that his legs are also revealed. When you use your hand to pull down the skirt on your thigh, Bai Wennda’s hand moves into the thigh root.

“Ah! … there! … can’t!”

Huang Cuixia clamps the thighs in this moment, but Be Wennda also took the opportunity to press her, so she formed a shequipta’s arm naturally pulled the suplasses.

“Teacher, don’t make trouble, now you have a good thing.”

Can you still have this situation?

Huang Cuixia seems very followed, but the personality is also very strong, there is no such thing, it will not choose teachers and occupations.

Today’s high school students have been much higher than that of the past, Berva’s physical style is not a large number, but it is still enough to overwhelming a weak woman.

“The taste of the teacher is so good, and the breast is so soft …”

Bai Wennd has now fully controlled the body of Huang Cuixia, leaning on the tips of the nose in a slight shaking breast, as if the dog has been smelling.

“no, do not want!”

Huang Cuixia felt very panic, desperately turned to kick at the same time. At this time, Bevin has rides on Huang Cuixia, unlock the skirt, pull down the chain, a little fade, immediately grab the chest of the pantyhose, even the skirt, pull it to the knee.

“Rape by students, how can you happen, God, save me! ……”

The opportunity to leave the upper body of Beiva, Huang Cuixia thought about breaking free, but the skirt is wrapped in the knee, and the action is hindered.

Just when turning over a body, the last white underwear was also pulled down.

“Ah … can’t be like this!”

Plenty of white double rings, slightly revealing obscenity, swing left and right.

“Beautiful ass, it can have a little flower.”

Bevin’s crowded troops swung, and he struggled with Huang Cuixia with agile movements, took off the skirt and pantyhose, and underwear. At this time, the shoes are also shed, and there is no such thing as a lower body of Huang Cuixia.

“do not want!……”

When the lower body of Huang Cuixia is free, I will play the foot and try to do it. Ben Wennda’s eyes, shot on the thigh root of Huang Cuixia exposed. Under the white belly, there is a black grass, and there is a crack of meat below.

“See the teacher’s yin … I can’t bear it!”

Bai Wennda, excited to extremely, regardless of all, crushing the Huang Cuixia, desperately resistant. Although Besida pushed Bai Wennd, it was fully suppressed immediately.

Bevin’s hand touched from the thigh, the disgusting feeling made Huang Cuixia’s body trembled, so she had to struggle to escape as much as possible.

At this time, many mats were poured next to it, played in Bai Wennd, Huang Cuixia took the opportunity to climb from the mat.

But immediately by Bevuna to catch the feet.

“Teacher, don’t let me be too trouble!”

Bai Wennd turned Huang Cuixia’s body and pressed against her. This time, I immediately brought the hot meat stick to the secret of the secret of the woman.

“Ah … no … can’t … ah …”

Huang Cuixia, which has been completely consumed, has not pushed the strength of Besda’s body.

Huang Cuixia felt that she didn’t have a virgin portal that she had touched yet, and there is a man’s different hard beam western pressure on it.

How proficiency in Bai Wennda is half a day, although there is no way to insert dry flesh in a state of receiving state, there is a lubricating oil.

Bai Wennda started to touch the lips of Huang Cuixia with hands, because it is lacking, making Huang Cuixia a subtle feel.

When the finger breaks through the flesh, when it comes to the most sensitive part, Huang Cuixia produces unbearable coke feels, exhausted to twist the body.

Probably such a reaction stimulates Bei Wena, and starts to concentrate on the small meat ball with your fingers.

“Ah … don’t … don’t …” Huang Cuixia said that it is not good, but her heart has begun to melt, and the vagina has been very scratched.

“Bevinar classmates, beg you not to do this!” Huang Cuixia took out the final power resistance. But hugged the Bai Wennda on the head of Huang Cuixia, using the knee head in the legs, cleverly controls the body of Huang Cuixia, and uses the tongue to lick the chest, while playing with your fingers.

“The teacher’s tits are elastic, beautiful.”

“Ah! Don’t … don’t … don’t …”

Bevin’s finger simultaneously attacks two most sensitive parts of the woman, making the woman’s body gradually hot, and can be described in a painful, spread to the entire lower body. Bestei found out from erecticulum, and Huang Cuixia’s sexy increased, so it expanded the scope of finger activities.

Huang Cuixia began to blame his own destiny. However, in contrast to the mood of just now, there is a slowly oozing from the depths of the petals, which is what she has no way to control.

Bai Wennda felt warmly on your fingers, put the petals, insert your fingers into the depths. Huang Cuixia instinctively wants to clamp the thigh.

However, the knee of Beva is in the middle, but it is expanded.

“See it! The teacher’s waves come out.”

Bai Wennda said in the front of Huang Cuixia, while suddenly inserting the finger more deeply.


Huang Cuixia was gently called, while frowning, the foot tipped, slightly shaking slightly.

“When you get it … The teacher is comfortable …”

The fingers inserted in the petal are rotated like a stir bar. Open petals open in wet, could not help but clamped.

“Ah … don’t … don’t …”

Huang Cuixia can’t be active, and if you want to cut off all your feelings. But in the body, the fingers, make her no way to feel.

At this time, Bai Wennda’s body began to move down.

“I want to take a closer look at what the teacher is here.”

Haven’t finished it, Huang Cuixia’s legs have been in the very sensual posture.

There is a flesh in the center of the thigh and what is bright.

“Ah … can’t!”

Shame, make Huang Cuixia ran together, feet force. But Bevin put her legs on the shoulder and made her unable to force.

When the body is evacuated, it is pulled in the past, but in turn forms a body confuting.

“Just ask you … don’t do this.”

Huang Cuixia did not head his head and shoulders without his head. However, the body becomes a confluent posture, which cannot be configured to stop the threat of Bai Wennda to stop attack, and always become a posture of the female birth center.

“Ah, this scenery is really noted.”

Besida saw pink cracks, excitedly gasped, close nose close to the secret. Hold your thighs, a special feeling is generated in the most sensitive part.

“No, hate … don’t …”

The shame turned into nausea, but nausea has become a pleasure.

“Ah, this must be mistaken”

Huang Cuixia thought that he was dreaming, and he would like this.

However, a bunch of dust-filled mats, jump boxes, basketball, and a bunch of judo-collected rice … There is no doubt that is the equipment room of the stadium, and now Huang Cuixia will be raped by his own students. “No, there is absolutely can’t happen.”

Huang Cuixia was pushed on the head near the head. The net used to grab it to the shequid that is attacking the lower body center.

Accidental attack makes Bei Wena to start. When you take the net on the head, take the opportunity to reverse your body and climb the door.

The plump double rock is filled with flexible, and the petals that are oppressed on both sides emit a demon.

“It is impossible to escape.”

Put the net, quickly take off the Bai Wennda of the lower body and underwear, immediately rush to Huang Cuixia. In Huang Cuixia, this is the final hope of escaping, but has not climbed to the door, it is easy to catch it by Bai Wennda.

When you shout, you may have heard … I have this idea in my heart, but I have been discovered that it will become a joke of the whole school.

“Don’t resist it, is the teacher not already wet?”

Grasping the Beiva of Huang Cuixia waist, just starting the petals full of honey juice with the pose of the male dog buttock. “Ah … Help …”

Huang Cuixia twisted the ass when I want to open Bei Wennda, Berva took force to grab two meat, dial the extent to the limit, and then started the secret stream, crazy.

The sensitive tender meat is thoroughly chaos that Huang Cuixia’s brain is completely dismissed.

Hemuls and shames are mixed with pleasure, Mercedes-Benz, Huang Cuixia wants to maintain normal awareness, and began to feel difficult.

Huang Cuixia thought: “Ah, no …, I am very … itch, I have … I can’t help … I will go, I … I want … I want …”

“Ah … no … don’t … stop … ah … don’t … stop … so cool … ah … so cool … fast … fast … I want … I want”

Bai Wennd deliberately difficult Huang Cuixia said: “What do you want?”

“I want … I want … you … you … dry … I …”

“What do I have, what do you do, Huang Cuixia?”

“Beva Classmates, no, it should be called Thunda brother. Wendo brother is fast … fast … with you … dick … Insert me … fast”

I immediately arrived the mask in her vaginal mouth, and the prostitute sprinkled on my glans. I took the hood in her inside.

“Ah, ah … is good … I am so comfortable … ah, ah …”

Obviously, this insertion is very smooth, it seems that Huang Cuixia has adapted to my mask. In order to increase the stimulation, I grabbed her lumbar, constantly taking the mask, Huang Cuixia was also excited by G. It has been automatically refused to twist the waist, and the hands and feet do not know how to hold, I repeat the end of her vagina.

She is even more awkward: “Ah, ah … ok … so cool! … dry me … ah … Dry me! Ah … ah … ah!”

“it’s time!”

Huang Cuixia called: “Go … Go … ah … ah … ah … fast … fast …”

After Huang Cuixia’s body, after Bai Wenda, it was very powerful. Since she can’t save the semen of Bei Wennda, when Bei Wennd took the mask, the semen plus Yinjing fell out, and it was all Yes.

I thought this is, but I have seen Huang Cuixia, where the soft lying on the ground is not satisfied, and the love liquid will still stop from the pussy, and her mouth is sent out, I asked her: ” Isn’t you not enough? “

“Yes …! Thun brother … brother … fast … fast and … Cuixia … milk”

“Good! There is this breast, not breast, I am really sorry.”

Move the body, pull the “big wave” of the milk cattle Huang Cuixia, Berva put the masher in her cleans, a loose hand, Huang Cuixia’s elastic breast bounces back to the original position, put the Bei Wen Dazi tightly; Bai Wennda also grabs Huang Cuixia, four hands continue to pull the double milk, the two meats continue to stimulate Bai Wennda’s baby, Bervada can already feel that their meat stick is gradually full, grinding five, sixty The cover in the sleeve is once again launched again.

Huang Cuixia, the mouth is the thick fine of my Bei Wennd, I Bei stand halfway halfway, put the mask to her mouth, want to reach out of the tongue, clean Beiva cannon, Cuixia It is also not considering the same, the glans is also licking, and the Beivan semen will be sent in the entrance. After cleaning up, everyone will leave the equipment room!

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