She works with me in an office, the people are general, some black, due to the subordinate units, business and computers are not very skilled, often have something to ask me, sometimes I need to be demonstrated on her computer. It’s hot, she is wearing the top of the brain, give her help each time, she bends next to it, I can see her Mimi, so addicted.

Once, when I helped her, she turned back, her pair of Mi Mi completely showed in front of me, she didn’t wear a bra, watching her Mimi, I want to touch her, she also noticed me. The expression, just some blush, did not say anything. On Tuesday morning, my text message rang, it was her, SMS said thank you for helping her last week, did not let the leader criticize her, if I don’t have to have a punishment, please ask me to eat. I can’t say it back, but she must ask, I have to promise. After eating, she asked me what I did. I said that I am playing a game. She asked me that she is near, she can’t go, hesitate, I haven’t been to the door.

Come to her home, her home is very big, I asked her, her husband. She said that her husband did business in the field. I heard these, one of my thoughts appeared in my mind, I sat in the living room, she changed the pajamas, sitting around me, saying that if not me, she is dead last week, two wrong Contract, the unit should lose hundreds of thousands, but fortunately I found timely. When I listened to her, I didn’t listen to it, I only pay attention to her body. I am trying to pay attention, I fierce her, kiss her, she didn’t object, but responded to me, I unconsciously reached into her clothes, stroking her breast, her breasts. At this time, she said, let’s take a moment, I said.

We took off your clothes in the living room, together with her home, her body is good, just a little black, in the water, I stroked her body, she gave me a feeling of her, her careful strokes Body, in the end, she carefully cleaned my brother with her hand. After we drunk, we came to the bedroom.

I am somewhat not suitable, after all, I am the first time in the bedroom and other people’s wife to make love. She is quietly lying in bed. After I kissed her lips, she started kissing her double milk, I used her hands to touch her double milk and labipings. I pressed her down and kissed her lips, stroking her breast, I started touching her labony with my brother. After a stroke, I estimate that she should be moist, and start to use your brother to attack her, but I am looking for not to the place, she caught my brother with her brother, but I felt that she was very dry, she seemed to know. Tell me, since her husband is doing a business, she and her husband will have a chance to make love, every time they come back, they will make love, probably because she is less chance, her is very dry, gradually her This is the case, it is not interested, and the more like this, the more dry, before, she saw a woman in the same situation on the Internet, after having a marriage, dry, so today There is no objection to me.

I heard these, I have a sacred feeling. I am, she is letting me treat her.

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