Because I have the relationship with the party, I have visited Africa last time, I have participated in the business group.

In these years, all foreign investments in the motherland are almost all of the investment projects in Africa, and companies have reached a thousand. Total, with a total amount of more than $ 1.5 billion, and its investment face, more covered all 48 There is a bianxian country ~ However, I am interested in investing in Africa? I just listened to some friends who have been to say, “African trip” originally played ~ this time “African trip” is access to 11 African countries, and the debt of them is 10 million (this is the big country. ” The wind!). It is more than a month to enjoy the reception of the heads of the head of the head of the trip to each country. There are probably two things in the place – investment projects, eat and drink. I am most interested in investment projects, so there is always half a day can’t come out. But when you eat and drink, I will immediately spirit!

This country is still poor in Africa, don’t say a nightclub, even the tourists can’t find one. However, the motherland has been robust here, and these countries have established a high-end service in the morning, and the ancestors have enjoys the staff of the country (including medical, architects, etc.). The service is the local girl with a certain color. They only use the compatriots in my country, and they use the AIDS and so on to protect the health and safety of the compatriots … Quality is quite good, but it is just “chicken”

And yourself, I am not too excited to play ~ until the last country – Ezhai Russia. This is a country that is more than 1 million people in the Eastern area of ​​Africa. Before coming here, in fact, there is half of the business group, leaving first, because there is not much investment. I don’t pull, anyway, I will be traveling ~ But backward is backward, go to visit the presidential palace, the government headquarters does not have air conditioning! The “hotel” of the living is just a high housing … Fortunately, there are 4 winds * ~ 2nd day, I follow the brigade, “Confucius Xuetang”, which is funded by the motherland ~ I thought it was a sultry trip, but give I found good goods! The students of “Confucius Xuetang” are a young man in the age of more than a young man, but I have discovered a nine- or older girl … I walked over and asked her, her Chinese was well studited.

She said that Ma Tay is 28 years old, and it is a local construction of the motherland. I feel that I can contact the motherland and have a good way in the future, so I will give up the original work to learn Chinese.

I took the opportunity to talk to her, the more far, so slowly took her back to the room. After I arrived in the room, I immediately exposed my face! I am in a hurry, Matt, I saw it, scared to turn the head, and I wanted to win the door ~ But I flew it, I blocked the door, said to her: “What? I am Give the chance you ~ You grasp well, it is our dedicated translation; it is not good … I am afraid that in China’s capital enterprises, there is no chance to be ~ “Matti is a smart person, although there is a moment of swallowing, but immediately Changed, slightly taking tears: “Enteral giving the opportunity slave, let the slaves do a good job, the slave is not good to grasp?”

After finishing, she took off the zebra shirt, revealing a pair of about 33C black milk; trousers, rope, shorts, fell on the ground ~ I don’t know the copper, black, slippery skin, plus Upper good figure … This exotic land, let me get into the body!

I took her shirt, indicating that she kneel, then pulled the trousers, the cock bounced on her face! I tangled the cock, on her browful hierarchical face, with the glans, I have to give her a “sausage” in China.

The taste ~ Matai hand slowly grabbed the cock, look at me, I hope to open the chicken bar, I will only open the mouth, turn it, I finally squatted ~ I put it in her head, pushing slightly Let her slowly swallow in the cock … she doesn’t understand, just use force sucking, I will open her hand, let her absorb deeper ~ She swallowed the dick to the throat, “sip sip ~ “, Desperate absorbing, soon to take out my soul … Looking at my cock, inserting her black mouth, I am really exciting! I caught her skull, I can’t help it, I was moving before and after ~ she also consciously got, the head continued to sway, one down, the selling force sucks the cock …

I took her mouth, I took my phone for me, I took my mobile phone, dialed a call: “Lao Hua, come over, come over, I have a room ~” “What?” “There is a good thing for you, you But? “” Of course, come … “, he did not finish the line … this business friend, there is a benefit to give some herself, this is the friendship on the mall ~ I am talking about the phone When she still took the head, I was very moving! She slammed the cock and returned to the head and returned, and she kept up to make it up. It was too cool ~ However, constantly repeating the action, I have not met mine, I have to guide her. : “Contains a glans!” “The tongue should circle on the glans ~” 舔 舔 部! “” “With a meal ~”, she takes me, I will get started! First The front and rear squeezing; reaching out, dialing on the glans; finally in the roots of the cock, slowly licking it slowly, every part of the cock, was taken by her, and I made it feel comfortable. Woolen cloth!

“Each ~” knocked down, I immediately took out the dick, walked over, let the old Huang entered ~ She immediately covered the pussy and chest … The old yellow saw naked, black The skin of Maty, I laughed and smiled. “It turned out that there was an authentic food, really thank you Zhao photo ~” I laughed and smiled, I loudly: “Not called Huang Boss?” ~ “, Lao Huang is a bit surprised to say:” Ah … understand Chinese ~ “” I understand Chinese, I am playing numbness! “

I sat on the floor, the straight cock didn’t come up ~ “Fast, sit here!” I loudly, she heard, immediately climbed, holding a cock, slowly sit down … When the head is entered, I am so embarrassing, put her whole, and the chicken is in her body! “Yeah ~” She was scared, but she quickly adapted ~ She is squatting on me, starting to swaying up and down, I also extend my hands on her tits, I can’t stand it. “丫丫 ~ “The call … Suddenly, I said to her:” I don’t accept the boss of the boss? “

Lao Huang heard it failed, walked to her … she has been shaking, unlocking the old yellow belt, and then pulling the leggings, the dick is bounced on her face ~ she opened The mouth, I swallowed the old yellow cock! I booked her, and I was topped up. She immediately “丫” … I started this moment, she got a piece of thrust, one side, the old yellow, the dick ~ her hands, put it In the old yellow leg, the head is in front of him, and the selling force is absorbed for him … I have never been behind, and I started to reach out, labeled her neck ~ in my Under gentle, she has just learned, making it on the old yellow body: she let go of the mouth, tongue to the roile of the cock, gently lick him; then she improved his head, using tongue to move the sensitive glans …… I press her nipple at this time, and vigorously smash it!

“Ah ~” She can’t help, call out ~ Lao Huang immediately pulled her hair, pulled her head, back to the cock … She pitifully looked at the old yellow, this look is really loved! But it caused her desire to be bullied by the old yellow to the desire ~ “I am slamming!” The old yellow is drinking her, she has to listen to the old yellow ordered … she has a hardcore, frenzy, her head Swing, crazy kit, the old yellow is so cool by her, unconscious, start to put on the waist, and put her mouth …

Affected by two sides, it is really a bit of hard, she is “呜 …”, the brow is bright, the old yellow is more inserted, and her head, strong swing waist, The dick is in the throat, and she is so hard … he is more cool, but “啪 ~ ~”, the stomach does not stop her face ~ Matti can’t stand, I want to push him He told her back! He finally couldn’t help, put the dick to the depths, just broke out in the throat ~ Old Huang still didn’t let go, waiting for her “osteole bone ~”, put the semen to swallow, only put the dicks out …

Lao Huang shots the fine, I have to come to the gun! Maty is still coughing, I caught her little waist, from the bottom, constantly frenzy … She is weak, let me put it, let me insert twenty Many times ~ I am going to pull! “Yea ~”, I pushed her to the ground, pulled out the cock, just on her ass, I sent a gun … White semen, shot on her black butt, this picture is very interesting? ~ Dried by our two, Matti is tired, so sleeping on the floor ~ Old Huang also returns to his own room. I rushed to the water (in this place, rushing through the water, it can be said to be extremely extravagant), then, I also go to bed to call into sleep ~ “Each …”, I will walk away. Open the door … It turned out to be a breakfast, I can’t think so fast, I slept for 7 hours! This time this breakfast is roast chicken, and it tastes quite fragrant. “Oh ~”, Matai also woke up, come over to eat breakfast … Her nose is also very spiritual ~ She pulled the chicken wings in one hand, one, eat very taste ~ look at it , Give me something interesting! I took a video recorder and started a video against Matai … she didn’t know what I did, I had to laugh with me. I taught the angle, I sat to her side, I started to go up and down to her … My right hand stretched into her shirt, slowly slipped to her tits, the fingers shouted her little nipple … left hand also swimped to her Between the legs, it is touched her private parts ~ “Yeah … don’t like this ~” She smiled, I didn’t listen to her, put my fingers inserted in! Before and after the finger, inserted Maty, she was just “~”, handed down the chicken leg, continued to eat ~ I quickly speed, “Zi Zi ~”, in her The vagina, the hardships of hardship ~ She is a crepe, still eat chicken legs … just like this? I got my fingers and shouted gently, stimulated her vagina ~ She bite her chicken leg, I was closed by me, my brow’s micro-skinned … She gently grabbed me. Hand, want to stop me! I certainly don’t come, but also more powerful, digging her vagina ~ Looking at her tach eyebrows, smiling, my heart is more cool … “Yea!”, She can’t help but call it. Come out, the pussy spurts out of obscene ~ I put the hand of the immersive, mentioned her, and she also sipped, put her own prostitute, sorrow and clean!

Put this short film online, there should be a lot of people watch it ~ It is better to call “Eating the passion of chicken legs”, hahaha! After the climax, Matte continued to eat roast chicken, but it seems to be ashamed … she eats the whole chicken, even the fingers are clean, really cute ~ “Ok, breakfast After eating, it’s time to shoot! “I said loudly.

I heard it, I went to bed and waited for me to make … I went to her, buckled her hands to the back of the back ~ I took a rubber paper, put her hands The layer layer is ring! She didn’t know what I did, I was so bonced to put her hands … I saw Matti, I thought of the black slaves before the two century, but the owner of this time is our – Chinese!

In fact, Matha’s skin, black is very tender, let people love to hug, I hug her, kiss in her neck; at the same time, I pulled down the leggings, showing iron hard cock Press in her vaginal mouth, slowly insert it … Only when I insert it, she has been “咿 咿” low ~ I didn’t prevent it, I took her back, hard Hard pull up, rest after my neck! In this way, her body was forced to forward, but the ass crised my belly … she is round butt, really a sense of meat! I just twisted the waist, Ironted on her butt, she called “丫 ~”, I started to swing the waist, every one of them, she will naturally hit it … I am really cool ~ I struggled with the waist, “~ ~ ~”, the ass hit him, the dick suffers from the impact, it can be very comfortable … “Ah ~ Ah …” She pumped, The next time, I heard me more soul!

Every hit, the cock has gone to the vaginal wall, and I have made her “ah” called it ~ I have a waist while I asked: “Is the Laozi strong is not strong?” “” Strong … so thick ~ Dry me ~ “… Her suspension is too good! I caught her butt, I used her to pull her, and my waist was forwarded forward. Every time I hit into her deep place, I strived for more than a dozen times ~ Her “ah ~”, the vagina suddenly Tighten … I bite the teeth, I didn’t let myself vent it. She vented her body, “嘿 ~ 嘿” breath ~ I have a low head, let her hands, from the neck Then slipped down ~ She all people volve in bed, I pulled her ass with my hand, took out the dick, and press it on the gantry again! “Don’t! Don’t!”

I started moving my waist ~ Her Chrysanthemum is very tight, it is very cool to move! I slowly put on my waist, let’s get together … I’m getting faster and faster, she can’t get it, loud: “Stop! I don’t want it!”, I stopped: ” Ok, I can’t insert it, but your translation work is … “, she didn’t choose, only tears promised:” I want … Continue me ~ “~ Get her promise, I am more If you have no arbbuly, I will push it up against my “black slave” … I look at the dick. In the black butt, I will enter and go out, I am inexplicable! I strongly sway the waist, the cock is smashed, frenzy, spending her chrysanthemum door ~ “Stop ~ stop ~” “Hao pain!”, She hurts, but her call, right I am a rhyme, which makes me get more cool ~ I am catching her small waist, put the dick, “~ ~”, constantly impact the chrysanthemum … “Ah!” I called a sound, I can’t help it, I still can shoot in her big intestine! After the discharge, I took a cock, but I still hold the gantry. Let me see how it is shrinking ~ When I just took out, the gamper is still very big, putting the nap into in, and Zhuo Zhuo; Slowly slowly, I really got up … After reading it, I am tired, I am too tired, booth for more than one hour, suddenly there is something, touch my dick! It turned out to be Maty, I lick the cock, put the remaining semen, I also licked the net ~ her eyes, I also smashed the tears … It seems that she wants to please my heart, also Very firm ~ She simply makes me happy and busy, as a result, I will stay in the local area for a few days ~ Rare, in these poor countries, what is money? Once, the girl who is half-handed 3, 4 years old, or it is ok!

Will those peacekeeping troops, don’t use food, is it a girl? Just I have no such interest … and, I have to know Chinese, I have to play it ~ Matta is to wait for me, I will have followed the commitment, let her have a translator … For Ezhai Russian Asia, many large companies in the local area are Chinese. When a translators are really delicious in the local area ~ In this poorest place, she changed this extent, it can be said to be “entered the hell” NS!

I heard that in addition to doing translation work, she also made a lot of private “hospitality” for merchants in my country.

It seems to be with my “transaction”, but also let Matay open, hahaha ~

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