Opened the door to find a black black, do you have anything wrong with your daughter? I didn’t think so much. I hurriedly busy the door to go to the bedroom. I suddenly saw the daughter’s door opened, my daughter actually naked his body. I jumped in my heart, I quickly slammed it, and then heard the opening of the bathroom and opening the lamp, my daughter was going to wash the hand, but how did the last toilet be naked?

I am full of belly, I quietly walked to the daughter’s room to look forward to it, I want to see if someone is another person, but I see the empty space in the room, the computer is driving, my daughter is chatting with MSN, and a video column is twenty years old. The boy is also waiting for the body. And the daughter’s video is covered.

Therefore, the black black in the video column heard the flushing sound of the toilet. I quickly retracted the bedroom. I saw my daughter ran into the room. I just hurriedly closed the door. My heart is a hop. After a gently walking back to the daughter building, he heard the daughter in the inside: “I only went for a while, you have to be impatient, I will find someone else.

The sound of the boy came from the speaker: “Don’t don’t don’t, I just want to see you, little sister, can you tell me what your name is? Your body is awesome, so beautiful.”

The daughter snorted: “Can the name of this lady come to people casually?”

Boy: “Then you have the least show me what you have to look.”

I am a bit amazed, exploring a head to see it, I saw a little smaller, I can only see her chest, her cute little breasts are not very clear on the video.

Xiao Yi snorted: “Warning you don’t want many requirements, this lady’s body gives you unfair, hurry up, hurry your little guy to play, or I have to change people.

When the boy is busy, I promised, and I took out his ten centuries long meat sticks. Xiao You will look at God, saying that it is not good to say, “This thing is not very good, they are too exaggerated. What 18 cent is long, the cup is so thick, I think so.”

I moved in my heart, I thought of a idea, I returned to the bedroom, revealing the door, then turned on the Internet, and I immediately applied for a new QQ number, namely the invincible old man, search for my daughter immediately after landing in a safe way. MSN number, after a while, I will search, see her, said it is called a curious girl. Just add it as a friend, showing it to verifying, I am going to meet your curiosity a few words.

After a while, I passed the little certification. We were in the chat interface, I played: “Little sister, what kind of curios you want to satisfy, although tell me, I am called invincible old man, the general thing is difficult to fall.” I have made past.

Xiao Yi also replied by typing: “Many people in my classmates have been in bed with men. They privately said that they have more stimuli, saying how long is it, but I have never seen it, so today. Looking for someone to find someone on the Internet.

I will continue to typing: “Oh, how old are you this year?”

Small answers: “Fast seventeen.

I said: “You are very strange, this is very normal, do you have a video?

Xiao Ke: “Yes, you want a video? But I didn’t wear clothes now.

I said: “It doesn’t matter, I also take your clothes, everyone will not be revealed.

Xiao Ke: “Okay.

I said, “But I am very dark here, only the light of the video head, you don’t mind?”

Small: “No problem.

I took out the clothes in three or five, and the video header was applied for a video call. Waiting for a small and her naked, I have shown it on the silver screen.

The light here is very dark, and I can’t see the laying behind me. Xiao Ke, there is more, and her profitable breast looks very strong. The pink is slim, the nipple is also like Liu Zhen.

The little sound is passed out: “How old are you?”

I put down the sound: “This year is over forty.

Xiao Ke, I’m: “That’s almost my father, can I call your uncle?

I replied: “Of course, how is your Internet score?

Xiao Ke: “I only talk to one by one, the guy just wants to see my other places and ask me, I hang him.

I laughed: “Young people are always in anxious, did he give you an answer?

Xiao Ke: “You have seen his guy, but I only have a top ten centuries long, and I have no friends say that the 18th cent of my friend is so long. I:” That is a short, tell you these Is your best friend?

Xiao Ke: “Yeah, she is my best friend, she is also loved by the man recently.

My heart jumps: “Oh, how do you know her, do she take the initiative to tell you?

Xiao Ke: “It’s not yet, I recently saw her very abnormal, sometimes I laughed without reason, sometimes I didn’t know what I want to get in the god. I know that she must have an unusual thing, so I Ah, I watched her every day. Later, she said that she told me that she tried to love my heart with a man: “I have seen your friend a little like this man who loves to be love. .

Xiao Ke: “Yeah, I feel weird. I usually talk to the boy with the boy. How can I go to bed with a person. I will ask her, she said that it is very good. And told me how long is the man who cherish her, his guy has a long time. I will not believe that the man will have such a long, or how to put it into our one. I suspect She lie to me.

I asked: “Do you refer to your little hole?

Xiao Ke may be a bit shy: “Yes, is it so clear?”

I said: “You want me to solve your curios, we have to be frank, no can’t say anything. Let us not know how to say anything else?

Xiao Ji agreed: “Yes, you are really invincible, say what I love.

I will continue to say: “You just have the point of view, the girl’s small hole is flexible, and it is also very deep, so the 18-cential meat stick is not inserted. If you can’t cause the hole in the hole. Do you want you first Take a look at my meat stick?

Xiao You immediately promised: “Okay, it is dual, I am afraid I can’t see it.

I talked, pick up the video, aligned my meat stick, and lifted the meat stick straight, so that Xiao can see more clearly.

Xiao You can shite: “Yeah, it is really so long, and so thick. It’s terrible.

I put the video and let my meat stick on QQ video, and the hand is gently set. Said: “In fact, men have more and more thick, some have even twenty cents long, but too long is too thick, girls can’t stand, so the size like I is best.

Xiao Ke: “This, I have said so much with you, I feel that it is itchy.”

I said: “This is a girl’s estrus, it is normal, you can try to touch your own breasts and holes will be better.

I heard the breasts, I taught her to use my fingers to stand my own masturbation. After a while, I could start to estrine. I will show a small hole on my computer to touch the small hole. The small hole is just a piece of flesh, and the inclusion is like her mother, but it is not lush, it is like a layer of fluff in the roots of the thigh.

Looking at the daughter on the video, my meat stick is hard, I can’t hate it immediately to take it into her daughter’s house. Suddenly I sprouted another idea. So I said: “I still have something to go, have the opportunity to talk.

Small can be masturbating, just, hm, no talk.

I quickly shut down, put on my clothes, walked out of the bedroom, I just walked to the small door, I got out the door, I slammed the door, and called: “Xiao Ke.

Xiao Kehoi has turned around with the computer chair, and one hand is also pinching the nipple, the other hand’s fingers are still in the small hole, and the face is surprised: “Dad!

I also put a shocked expression, open your mouth, my eyes looked at the little cute breasts, which lasted for ten seconds to react, even quickly put the legs, see looked for clothes.

I saw her clothes next to it, I got it and went to hand to her: “Don’t panic, growing some of the behavior of venting emotions is normal.

Xiao Khong said: “Dad, you have to come in and don’t knock.” When you took your clothes, I looked up at my eyes and still stayed on her breast. It’s as shame, she is busy, suddenly crying out: “Dad, you are bad, you bully me.

I said: “How do Dad bully you? Dad tells you sex with you is a critical condition, masturbation is not a bad thing, Dad is sometimes masturbating when you are lonely.” Small can cover your body, pumping I don’t believe in pumping: “I don’t believe it, you have a mother who is still useful … self …”

I smiled and watched her: “When I came, I wouldn’t necessarily find someone to solve it right away, I had to get it in the placement or no one.

Xiao Ke can look at me: “Really?” Cantonese thinking, and he said: “But you haven’t tried to find it, which is like me, I will see my father for the first time, I am so embarrassing.

I smiled and said: “It’s because I am a father, so it doesn’t matter, we are the most pro, what is wrong?

Xiao Gui, I am angry: “It’s good to listen, is you willing to show me when you do that thing?

I pulled her hand touched her hand, said: “If you are willing to have anything, it is big. Also, you should know how this love is.

Xiao Ke Zhang did his mouth: “Dad, I know that you are comforting me, let me have a good point, you are right, but also give Dad, if you see it, I can lose it.”

I smiled and said: “I have a loss, you don’t suffer, you are still afraid of others.

Xiao You didn’t agree: “You don’t want to lose, that’s good, you are also masturbating to see me.” After reading it, I found that I was wrong, Zhang Da looked nervously, I was afraid that I was angry.

She doesn’t know that I am seeking, I am busy smiling: “You have a baby daughter, you have to lose your loss, it’s good, Dad will show you, you are satisfied? Don’t you have no interest in Luo!

After that I stood up and unlocked the belt, the outer pants fell to the ground. My meat stick has long joked in the underwear. I didn’t rush away my underwear. I looked at the little expression. I saw her greatly gaze on my high-raised underwear.

I am in my heart, it seems that my plan has succeeded more than half. The next is how to teach you to accept my caress, then she is mine.

I smiled and said: “Xiao Ke, my father is going to take off!” Said that the underwear was slowly pulled down. Small face is full of nervous expression, the eyes are not blind, even if the breasts are revealed, they have not found it.

The meat sticks played out in underwear, Xiao Ke, said: “It turns out that Dad is so big.

I used my hand on the meat stick, smiled and said, “Small, I don’t want to touch it?

Xiao Khong shakes his head.

I said: “I said that we are the most pro, what is the relationship, you touched it, Dad agreed to do this.

Xiao Ke hesitated, finally reached out and moved it on my meat. When she thought, I grabbed her hand and separated her hand to make her hand hold my meat stick. Ask, “How do you feel?

When she had a move, she had a sound of her chest, her breasts were exposed to me, I sighed: “The little chest is so beautiful.

Xiao Ke low-ascensic out of the breast, and the face is more red, but did not deliberately Just pressing my instructions gently set my meat stick.

I also said: “If you still want to know more about sexual love secrets, you don’t want to look at some adult videos, so I believe that you will basically understand, come, wait for Dad to hold you out.” After saying it, it will be smashed. You can take the whole one to walk to the lobby. Then I took the top of the DVD to put it up.

Xiao You can put on the T-shirt and underwear. After a while, a pair of men and women kissed each other, and the actor’s exaggerated snorkens and the meat sticks exposed by the male protagonist were clearly uneasy.

I pulled her hand and said: “If you don’t understand, ask Dad, know?

Xiao You can move to me to move on me: “Dad, the man is not your roughness.

I smiled and said: “This woman is even more beautiful.

I can hear my praise, smile sweetly. In the light, I saw her nipples two points on the T-shirt, and the heart was erected immediately. From just now, I am still light.

Small, I can pay attention to changes in my meat, my eyes go from the screen to my meat stick. I said: “If you think, you can touch your father here.” Said finger a meat stick. Xiao Ke, there is no action, I think she must have not put down I am a burden on Dad. It seems that I have to take the initiative.

I have been holding a small shoulder, this is the action that I often do, I’m don’t feel anything wrong, but I can do this and usually completely different for me. of. My hand naturally grabbed the waist from small shoulders. The other hand holds a small hand to play.

The men and women on the screen began to formally switched. This is a close-up. I saw the meat stick in the male protagonist slowly fell into the heroic meat, and started with the small breathing. I took the opportunity to pull a small hand on my meat stick, and I can naturally install it. And my hands don’t want to be so honest. It is gently touched in the small belly in the t-shirt, and the mouth is close to the little ear. “Small, Dad wants you, can you?

In the past few years, I often kissed my daughter, but my daughter slowly grew up, I didn’t want to do this action again. At this time, I made this requirement, Xiao Yi is a bit shy, but she Being fiercely in the TV screen infected with love, there is also an impulse that I want to be caressing. The eyes did not leave the screen.

I clicked a small waist and kissed her face, and stroked her small abdomen. I reached into the T-shirt. I took my face after I left her eyes. I forced her to close my eyes. I took the opportunity. The body is in front of her, and the hand who stroked the lower abdomen also increased in her. The mouth immediately printed on her mouth. Xiaoba is shaking, and the hands are pushed to my chest. It seems to be resistant. I quickly tied her, tongue tried to open her lips, but she didn’t compromise his mouth, but also touched me again.

At this moment, I didn’t dare to speak. I am afraid that I will destroy the atmosphere, continue to kiss her mouth, put her small milk in her hand. When she opened her mouth, my tongue was embarrassed and hugged her more. She struggled, I had to let my tongue and handless to do it.

The little breasts and Liu Zhen are as very strong, but it is just a little bit more than Liu Zhen, and the palm is just right. The nipple has been hard because the stimulation has been hard. My two fingers gently rubbed the peanuts like the nipples, and the little body is getting hotter.

This is entangled in a few minutes, and you can break away from my kiss: “Dad, do you want to make love with me?

I was a little bit of measures, and I asked again: “If Dad thinks, can you be willing?”

Xiao You can say a breath: “I am your daughter, can I do this?”

I replied: “As long as you are willing, there is nothing wrong.

Xiao Ke said: “But this is incest, if people know, how can people see you, how to see me?

I have to be patiently understood: “There is much more people in this world. Some places are still legal. Our laws are not allowed to do so, because I don’t know how to call it after I am afraid of incest, I am afraid that the role like my mother. I am not accepting. But I will not let people know, it is completely unhappy.

Xiao Yi low-headed head: “I am afraid that I am sorry for my mother.

I am busy saying: “In fact, your mother is a very open person. Do you know what she is doing now? She is now with her boss to make love in her, so she won’t be against us, and she will not blame you. Xiao Ke said that he did not believe in: “Do you say that my mother loves to do with other men? How can this be? Dad, do you know? How can you prefer?

I said: “I can make my beloved people are willing to be willing. I am not willing? Xiao Ke, just let Dad know you are willing to do love with Dad, and other things make Dad to solve, never Will hurt you, ok?

Xiao Ke doesn’t seem to know how to answer me, murmite: “I don’t know, I am afraid in my heart.

I know that I can put it unfair, I know that I can only step by step. So say: “This way, I will only tell you that incest, my father promises you, as long as you don’t want, Dad doesn’t have sexual intercourse with you, the most is just like just like a pro, touch it. ? You see that we have also touched it, pro, I have passed, and there is no relationship.

Xiaowei thought about it, finally nodded.

I am very happy, staying in the child’s breasts to continue playing, saying: “Small, Dad will make you feel comfortable. Do you believe that Dad will not hurt your business, ok? You know that Dad is love you. Xiao Ke closed his eyes and nodded. Let me kiss her.

I will be smashed on the sofa, take off my own clothes, and the sound of love on TV is still coming, and I am tightly attached to the body.

I turned the little t-shirt to reveal the breast, and gently bite two nipples with the mouth. The snoring of the nose begins, and the hands are naturally placed on my head. Enjoy the pleasure to bring her.

I used two hands to light her two nipples. When I handed her mouth, she tookively opened his mouth, I told her to hand my tongue to me to suck her.

After a while, I said: “Small, here the sofa is too narrow, I hold you to the room, she said softly:” I want to be in my room. “

I smiled and said: “Okay, what is all, who told you is my good daughter.

After taking her, she entered her room, and her room was not closed, it was much more bright outside. When I put her bed, I took the opportunity to take off her underwear. I didn’t wait for her to respond. I immediately pressed in her. My action caused her panic, opened my eyes and looked at me. Voice: “Dad, you …

I said smiling: “Don’t be afraid, I remember my promise.” I immediately said: “Xiao Ke, your body is so beautiful!”

Xiao Ke blush, said: “What is beautiful, mother is only beautiful.

I said: “Mom has a mother’s beauty, my little can have another beauty.

Xiao You can’t talk, my mouth is on her breasts, and my hand moves up in her body. Her skin is very smooth and very tender, and it is very strong, my feel is very good, If you want to fight, you can’t help it.

Xiao Ke suddenly said: “Dad, you have something below me.”

I look down at a look, my meat stick is on the small vulva, so I smiled and said: “Nothing, Dad will not insert it.

After stretching, grabbing the meat rod frictional friction outside. The stimulus on the glans makes me tatched it in a small hole again and again, and I will also give me the meat stick to breathe. Plus me pinch the fingers of her nipples constantly aggravated, I found that the glans had already sticking to small love liquid.

Xiao You can start to twist the body at this time, and there is a whispered in his mouth: “Dad, you make me very hard.

I deliberately said: “Is it? What should I do?

I can drag a piece of bedding, she said in the bed sheet: “I don’t know, I is very itchy, my father helped me.

I should have a good, separated her thigh, and the little sewing is also open, I gently stretched a little bit to go in the small sewing outside. Small can be loudly in the bed.

This made this for a while, I kneel on her body, kick out the bed, I saw the small face full of red. I care about her.

I heard her suddenly said: “Dad, will we really know if you love?

I have a jump in my heart, and I replied: “Of course, this is our secret. No one will know.

Xiao You can embed the head in my chest, said very small: “That … then do it once?”

My heartbeat is crazy, lifting the little face, looking at her: “Do you really?”

Xiaobo nodded: “I want to try it, just once.

I quickly said: “Well, Dad will make you happy.”

After saying that her legs are good, they are paved on a small waist, so that it will prevent the bed to blur. Then just kiss her and stroked her breast. One hand held the meat stick to the small flesh, whispered in the little ear: “Small, Dad is going in.

Xiao You can hold my head in my hands and nodded.

I used the glans in the small flesh, so that my glans will go in, when I go in, I have hindered. The little meat hole is more tight than Liu Zhen. It has not been mixed with a half of the glans to be nervous, saying in my ear: “Dad, will hurt.

I said: “There is a little bit of the girl’s first pain. Dad slowly taking you to endure it.

My glans in my words gently smoked, using the method of dealing with Liu Zhei to put the glarets. So small, there is really good, but still crumpled. It’s hard to put it in the whole glans, I am already sweating. At the last level, I said to Xiaoke: “Xiao Ke, my father has been half a time. After half, you will have some pain. If you endure. If you don’t expect it, you can think that it will be very harmful, call: “Dad, I can’t do it, I have a very painful, do you come out first?”

How can I be coming out at this time, busy saying: “Just a sudden, Xiao Ke, Dad kiss you.” Let’s kiss her mouth, one hand knead her chest. One hand hugs her. This trick is a pavilion, preventing her from pushing me because of her pain.

My ass slair, with the little twisted hips and mouth, my meat stick finally went in a larger, then twitching a few times, the meat rod finally entered.

Inserting a daughter’s meat hole is similar to Liu Zhen, it is so tight, so warm, every twitching brings me unlimited thrill. When you start, you will have your face and pale. After you push it, you will feel the fun of love, your nose follows my pumping. I released her little mouth, she called out, said: “Dad, just hurt me, have you entered?”

I said: “Go in, don’t believe you.

After taking her hand, I touched the body, because I looked up my body, so her hand touched the body, and my eyes look to me, I’m going to see it. The result of sex with daughter. I saw my meat stick in a small cavity, and I didn’t get into it. The slutty scene and because I inserted the unpredictable stimuli of my daughter, so that my glans stimulated. Almost spray it out.

I quickly stopped and stopped, and I went back to Xiao Ke, I saw Xiao Ke gentlely looked at me, and I was full of passion and sexual desire. I kissed her, knew her breast: “Don’t you hurt now?

Xiao Ke said: “It’s good, but it’s very good. Don’t hable, Dad, don’t insert it so heavy, ok, I said,” I will be told.

Here, I will continue to smoke, because the glans have been too stimulated, so I don’t dare to scour too fast, Xiao Ke also feel good, slowly immersed in the joyful entertainment, the nose is getting more and more Loud, my mouth also begins to murmite: “Oh … dad … It’s itchy, ah … you have a good comfort … ah … ah … plug-in …

After about twenty minutes, I could start to twist her body, and I took the initiative to kiss my face and mouth. I had a hard work. The voice is not murmured, but it is sentimental. The big shouting, she is fierce than Liu Zhen when she is alive.

When I feel that her little hole is very powerful, I know that her climax is coming, the glans will feel unparalleled after her honesty. I quickly put the tongue into her mouth, and vigorously smashed her breast. The lower body was quickly pumped, and then I plugged more than ten times. I was boring, and the semen took a few times into the daughter. Inside.

The empty emptiness after ejaculation made me a few minutes after my daughter. I love my little mouth and said: “Xiao Ke, my father is shot, is your feeling?

Xiao Yao, I said, lazy: “Dad, I am very comfortable, will you have something to be in me?”

I smiled and said, “That little can help my father, you can open your eyes:” Dad …

I saw her panic, I said with her nipple: “Dad is joking with you, waiting for the father to eat contraceptives, absolutely nothing, listening to me, letting down, put the mouth and say: “Next time, I have to use the condom I listen to the big joy. I still want to continue to make love with me later. This daughter is completely mine.

I pulled out the meat stick, I saw that the meat stick was my semen and the little love liquid, and the little flesh stun revealed a pink meat hole as I pulled out, and the meat is slowly leaving. Squirting and a shallowed blood. I am busy with the paper towel, I can clean it clean. I see the clock, the time has been almost three in the middle of the night, my documents have not been finished, see Xiao Ke closed the eyes, tired, pulled it to her In her ear, I said: “Small, you have a rest, Dad still have something to do, my father is very happy, thank you.” Let’s kiss her.

Xiao Ke open your eyes and said: “I am also very happy, my father, I love you.

I smiled and took her, and when I went out of the room.

I slept very late the next day, or I woke me up.

Brush the teeth, I saw that I would prepare breakfast waiting for me. I laughed: “My baby will get breakfast to eat it.

The little is full of happiness, smiling: “I am studying with classmates, if you don’t eat dad, don’t be reluctant.”

I ate a block sandwich taste is not bad, and it is a little bit. Xiao Ke looked at me to eat.

I care about her: “Xiao Ke, did you sleep last night?”

It was mentioned last night, Xiao Yi’s face suddenly opened to his ear. “Dad, you are bad, I don’t have to walk nature today.”

I laughed in haha. Said: “Will n’t get next time.

Xiao You can hear me said next time, his eyes flashed, and he didn’t talk low.

Looking at her look, I feel that the meat stick is ready to move, reach out, she said: “My little is really too beautiful, last night is the most memorable night in my father, my father is very satisfied, thank you, small Can.

Xiao You can take the initiative to take the head on my shoulders: “I am also very happy, I didn’t expect my first man being my dearest father.

I urgently lifted a small face with my hand, kissed my deeply, kissed me with me, I entered her clothes to look for her breast, and opened her bra and played in the breast. After a while, the little breathing is heavy, I asked her to ask her: “Will it come again?”

Xiao Ke closed his eyes, I picked up she put it on the sofa. I went to her body clothes. Because I didn’t have too many foreplay, three or two will take my own light, mention hard The meat stick is directly inserted, and because there is no predomat, Xiao Ke can have a lascivious water, and then the little canal is too tight. My meat stick is very hard, and I have a little bit of pain. . The little can be more painful, called: “Dad, it hurts, how is it so painful for the second time.

I comforted her: “That’s because the little holes are too small. Dad slowly gets slowly. I can’t hurt my meat hard. I don’t dare to put the meat stick. I will push it in the hole with the glans. Keeping a small body, I really feel that the small meat is smooth, and I will send the meat stick to the inside. I finally put it in the root. .

Xiao But, I also started to feel the stimulus on the organ and I was more than Liu Zhiyu, and I took the initiative. The hip will gain up with my movements, which makes me feel on feeling and The organ feels more excitement, and the smashed meat cavitation put my meat stick, so that my glans reaches the unparalleled excitement, I have used a lot of force to shoot my semen immediately.

This time, I have a lot of time to do last night, I also changed a few postures, improve her right leg, my legs done her legs, so my meat stick is more deep into her. The meat is, and I will increase her legs. I am half-kneeling on the sofa. Waiting for her posture to make Xiao Ke, but I don’t use the latter dog type, because this is a little bit Hard work, she just started to contact sex, I tried to avoid some of the posture to her hardest.

After half a hour, Xiaomei has reached the second climax, and my meat stick can’t stand it in her hot love, and I can’t stand it. Get up, when you pick up, only the glans are in the inside, inserting the whole root, and then my concentrate is once again injected into the small hole of the loved women.

After cleaning the battlefield, I just got breakfast, Shufen came back, I saw her gods and flying, and I knew that she had to do and he didn’t know how many times after I walked last night.

Xiao You can see Shufen, because of the thief, it is called a mother, but it is good to pay too much. She just came back from the lover’s home, and there were less embarrassed in front of me, said: “Eat breakfast? I will do it for you.

I mentioned the bag and said: “No, you can do it, the taste is very good, there is still, you can try it. Yes, small, have you come back?”

The little face is red. She is back to the Internet is to go online, how can this be said to export, say: “I will wait for it, go back to school.”

Shufen went in to go in the kitchen to find it. I was close to Xiao Ke, reached out, put it on her full hips and said: “Baby, in a few days, I will go to your school to find you?”

Xiao You can take a shock, looking back, looking at the kitchen, whispered: “Dad, you have to die, mom, when did you go?

I smiled and said, “I went to the room and contact you.

Xiao Ke is red, nodded.

I opened the door, I saw the sun outside, my mood was so happy, because since then in sexual life, my choice is much more than before …….

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