From the beginning to the present, I don’t believe this is true, but in the past two years, my life has changed greatly ………

01 can’t ban the banquet two years ago, I am a nine-night office worker. I am only in Taipei. There are not many friends, but there are not many foreign workers, but in the rice branch of the company’s colleagues, drink a few cups with Xiao Peng Duo. On the same day, on the week, the company has spread, and the two people are less tetched under alcohol. After the second billet, other colleagues have returned home, and the time is 2 o’clock in the midnight. Xiaoe proposes to go to his family, I think anyway tomorrow is On Sunday, both people are single, nothing is inconvenient. So the two took a taxi, I was asleep because I can’t sleep hard in the car …

The two eyes opened in the glare light, and the glare in the white light, only listening to Xiaoe’s voice “to take a shower,” I can’t think of too much in the … ! ? ! ? On the right is Xiao Peng, who is the black man who is dark and dark?

02 I’m touched by my arms, it is a warm body, a little bit, God, three soft J, I have to ask Xiao Peng, I have been put on the massage bed Xiao Peng saw my horror, smiling “I am relieved, he is Xiajie, is my good friend, today you come to me, I will only make you cool, don’t worry !!

Take a bath … “The warm water has been broken, the four is covered with the hand shower, this is not a Thai bath? Just the person who serves the past is a fish, now become a colleague Xiaoe and the other Unfamiliar man, just being mad, he is so dark, and the big J is bloating, I can’t help but twist the four hands, “

Your colleague has been waited. The head is lightly rubbing my glans and horses, enough!!! Strong wants to make me but your ass stepping, you want to set up big J, but that death is just right, I don’t give me a set. I have the opportunity, when I can’t stand it, Xiajo puts up the Lotus head to push the three people to bathe, and let me sit on the wallside bench, two people stand in front of me, give me a good end These two men’s naked opportunities. Xiao Pei is high and thin, not very handsome but clear, white face, the next day, the teacher killed her hand, now I see his micro-pond chest muscles with a thin skin, pink The color of the color is really beautiful, I have been touched by me. Under the navel, it is slightly brunette than him, about 17, 8 cm greetings, see next to it. It’s a clear contrast, that Xiajie is not fat, but the lower body has only one “thick” pencil, the thick calf thigh, the thick black curly leg hair, the long-sleeved incapacity is like an angered hair rush, such as a fist Two halo-like pills, ah !! The most amazing thing is the penis, rough as baby arm, about 14, 5 cm top, with a black rose mushroom head, along the black hair along the abdomen is thick The chest muscles, purple black uli is 50 yuan copper plate, and there are several short hair in the hard red bean nipple. I am in front of these two naked men. Especially in two styles, but they are as fierce. I don’t know where to be focused before I don’t know where I don’t know where I don’t know.

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