I am thirty years old, and I will enter my year for a month. After graduating from college, I changed a few times and now I am working in a joint venture. Everyone in the joint venture knows that unlike domestic enterprises to be promoted to the back door, where you have the ability to go up, just a morning and evening, this is why I am here.

I have been working for a few years, although I have not risen to the departmental supervisor, but I am faintly the three hands in the department.

Here I want to explain, our company mainly do some easy-consumables, sales and after-sales, and many orders are original companies to continue signing, so there are two heads in the department, one after-sale, one main sales.

The head of our department, surnamed Li, nearly 50 years old, very honest, but also very powerful, he is mainly responsible for managing our after-sales, and another head is also surnamed Li, very small, natural sales is his long I have habitually used him to sell.

Say that we have to renew a contract, naturally, Li sales, but very unfortunately, our Li Sales in our plane tickets, drinking problems, drinking problems, drinking problems, and enters the hospital.

And our Director Li, who cares for his sick mother in the hospital, absolutely impossible for five days. So this will have to fall on me.

I have sent it a few times, and the plane is still a big girl. For this difference, I deliberately spent nearly three months of salary, from underwear to the suit, I have a clean net, because I am not just a signing of a sign, it is directly related to me in the company. The future!

Air attendants have always been one of the best objects of Wolf Friends YY. However, I saw at the airport, perhaps they have a great inner beauty, but their external beauty, oh …

In addition to a few welcome beauty, other people feel that it is not so good, people rely on clothes, and horses. The style is good, but people are different, this chest is big, the leg is long, but the clothes are the same, the big wave MM is like a mild.

Security, check, boarding, just like this, there is nothing, there is something that is something, in order to improve our company’s image, our company is generally a luxury cabin, and I take us for sale. Light, Otherwise, if I travel, it is estimated that the economy class!

The luxury cabin is a luxury cabin. The flight attendant is much better than I have seen before, one, about 30 years old, painted a touch of makeup, bending eyebrows, red lips, very good, look at it Very elastic, her body is very tall, the chest is very full, and the height is estimated to be a month, which is the highest in these flight sisters.

That pair of jade legs, thin and long, in the flesh stockings, the conservative estimate has to have a long, which is the high heel of the system, I don’t like it, or a high feat.

There is also a flight attendant, it is relatively slightly short, one meter six or five, small face, big eyes, painting the eyelashes seem to speak, the skin is very white, the calf is very well and well-known package in meat Inside, I really want to touch it, even if it is good ~!

The first time I felt was still very fresh, but for my image, I still worked hard, I took the magazine, I saw everything on the plane, especially busy. Two flight attendants helped for guests.

The plane finally started to slide, my heart also jumped quickly as the plane accelerated, and finally took off.

My hand gradually sweating, and my breathing has begun to urgently, with a long ring with the call, we flew on the sky, watching others gradually relaxing, and I gradually felt not to be strong, the heartbeat did not slow down The faster, the body starts to be cold, but the hands and feet are sweating, I know, I have aircraft phobia!

Inversion, big mouth, stop, stop, take out, suck, pause, call out a similar information as long ago, pressing the slow adjustment of self-adjustment to himself before he said: “Relax, to relax, don’t be nervous …” When I finally moved my eyes from the magazine used to relax, the plane had already entered a smooth flight stage.

In the distance, the flight attendant has pushed the door of the drum car appeared at the door of the end. I was still early here. I went to visit the toilet on the plane. I shook it (the aircraft phobia was not so easy to overcome, to the toilet It is also because of nervous and urgency) as far as possible steadily forward.

Of course, after two flight hostess, I still saw them a few eyes, and it seems to see the white skin, whitening neck neck.

“Mr., what do you want to drink?” The pleasing voice sounded in the ear, I looked up (in fact, I waited for them, but I continued to watch magazines for the image), I didn’t expect the high beauty body. Ok, the sound is also so good, although it is not the kind of crisp voice, it is very soft, that is gentle, and people feel very comfortable. “Is there a green tea?” I asked, I have long seen someone in front of it.

“Some, sir.” “Then come to the glass of green tea, thank you” I don’t have to say “Mr.” Mr. “Mr., this is your green tea, please take good.”

I looked up, and then quickly went back to watch the magazine. It seems that there is a very important thing in the magazine to attract me, the hand is naturally picking the cup. Of course, I took the head and gently held her hand. superior.

In an instant, a feeling of touching the ancient jade is coming from the finger pointed, a word, soft, two words, delicate, three words, really touch, four words, I still have to pretend very surprised to look up Looking at her, then try to take a cup of cups, not smooth, my heartbeat is not 200, I have to have 180.

“Sorry!” I made a smile I think is the most charming. “It doesn’t matter, sir, please don’t care.”

It seems that her voice is also very good, in addition to the fragrance of the tea, it seems that there is a very light and light fragrance, it seems to be on her body, I slowly smell, slowly.

It seems that this is her little hand. By sending drinks, snacks, and blankets, I talk to her and she talks to her, I don’t ask for me, but if I want to give her a better impression.

Since my trip is very long, it is time to fly, many people have already slept. When the cabin is quiet, I will not be quiet.

It’s not that I don’t want, but I can’t, I am clear that the heart of calmly begins to fly, and the bladder has risen, and I always want to go toilet.

Once, twice, three times … I have ran five or six toilet, every time I can see the position of the flight attendants rest, and the high picking sister is right about this, she looks at my expression, so hard. I can only smile but I am embarrassed.

I sat on the seat and continued to work hard again. Suddenly, the plane was violently shaking, and it was the feeling of acceleration, and the plane climbed.

“Please pay attention to the passengers, the plane encounters a violent airflow, the plane will sway, please don’t be nervous, please take advantage of the safety belt ….” Not good, you have to pee, this time is really not a time. I have to stand up again and walk towards the bathroom.

“Sir, please sit down, now the plane is shaking, please sit down, fasten the seat belt.” Because the plane shakes, the two flight attendants check the situation in the cabin, and the high pick-up beauty discovered my behavior. I am busy talking to me.

“Sorry, I … I have to go toile your hands.” 」尬, absolutely embarrassing, I know this time still don’t move, but I really want to go toilet ~ It seems to have been to me so many times. Has been used to, the flight attendant seems to have confidence in the captain. She didn’t do too much block, just called me.

Just walked into the toilet, I just latched the door of the washroom. The plane was shaking again, didn’t bolt, latch, and didn’t bolt, forget it, I was dead, and most people were sleeping, others People don’t dare to move, very fast.

Stand in the position, take out the gun of the gun, aim at the position, brew, not coming, reproduction, still do not come ….

I don’t know everyone, it is not that I really want to urinate, but my aircraft phobia is in the monsters, especially if this plane is shaking, this is not snowing!

I feel so long, still not coming out, my forehead has begun to sweat, “” the plane is dramatically shaking, I have not stabilized, swaying a semi-circle, holding the washing station station, I I haven’t understood what is going on, and I’m turning away, the door is opened, accompanied by a person’s shadow, a fragrant wind.

It is her, high picks of flight attendants. She probably saw that I didn’t go out here, I didn’t think about it, I didn’t expect that I didn’t latte the door. I didn’t think that I didn’t stand it. She didn’t stand well. I was in an emergency to grab the handle of the door. I pressed the door handle. Also shaken, she has already lost her balance.

I rushed to my arms, and at this time, she worked hard, grabbed my brother outside, a pair of autumn water eyes watched me less than twenty centimeters, and my hands. Holding this flying.

It is very unexpected that we are still not moving, I am absolutely not wanting, and she estimates that she is somewhat scared. I smelled her good scent and looked at her. Work hard to make my mouth to her, the success or failure is this time. There is no more words, I kissed her wet lips, she didn’t avoid it, my ability slightly opened his mouth, sucking my tip of your tongue.

I gently bite her rich earlobe, she didn’t resist, only more and faster breathing and continuous increased temperatures: I took the deep gully between her two peaks along the uniform’s cut line. Her breath Again, I gently drive her hands on the sticks I have already hard, and her eyes began to blur.

I solved her neckline, pulled down on the side of her purple lace, biting her bean nipple, she touched her breath but gently snorted, enjoy my invasion, one side, continue to set up My meat stick, I have already convinced a strong heavy giant, and it is highly filled with a brightly litten secretion.

She bent down and enjoyed my hands, and gently opened her red lips to my chicken chicken. Warm, moist, from the feeling of the glans, let me unknow the strength of the hands, and a more dramatic pleasure came.

I slowly raised her, let her lean on the washing station, smashed her halver in the big mouth, all said that the big breast, fruit is really ah, one hand picks another luxury, right hand to her Skirts are slowly touched, and it is warm and seems to feel some wet.

Heaven, I touched the stockings, can’t her underwear have been wet. Thinking of this, the meat stick is a boy, and it is a lot.

Gently fade with her pantyhose, really, the transparent liquid on the black tribed trousers is pulled into a long silk in the light, and I am fierce, I am in that sexy zone, deep deep Deep sucking the mystery, meticulousness, slightness, slightly saliva under the black.

“Well ~~” The sound of the soul came from above, just like a shot of the shot, I quickly took off the trousers, of course, I closed the door of the bathroom. I can bolt on the door this time, I don’t want it. Some people will destroy this hammer.

“Fast, ~” I can’t think of this time, her voice is still so soft, no need to discontinory, shot, horses, sprint.

It is already so wet, enter, slowly plugging into the roots, then fierce, “ah ~” is another voice of the soul, it seems to be effective, I will send it, I’m, I’m, I’m. Re-enter.

Her cave is very tight, there should be not much experience, I will pick it up, I bite her uniform, I will be slightly delayed and the parents are gently shaking right milk, “Um … um … I … fast …”.

High-tech beauty, leaning on the edge of the hand, I looked with her waist and made her support, she lifted the tightening of the tightening in my waist, she also wore a black high heel on her elongated legs, I used The whole palm caress wrist her slender thighs, her two legs were more tight, my meat stick could hardly and then rhythm before and after, so they had to save.

“Ah …” she finally couldn’t help but call out: “I … I am coming … I have been right … I have hit G point, shrink so fast … once … Second … Oh” I heard her low sinking, I couldn’t help but excite and pumped faster and deeper. She also reached out to love to play my scrotum: “You … so thick … plug in … Top to the uterine neck …” I Soading more faders, high picks of flight sister red lips slightly “Is it good?” I certainly like to change a different posture, in the high sky of Military, who can have this happiness ~!

I quickly quit her body, she turned over, and the flight attendant in the dream has long been covered with the entrance of love, riding from the back of the back, her hand grabs the sides of the washing station, two people’s sexual organism It is a piston to pull, my meat stick seems to be big in her body.

If she is my wife, how good I think, I think about her waist, one side, my own, my world, “Good … I like this … From the back …” I am very waist, one side Asked to her ear: “What are we doing?”

She said that she had already framed whispered: “Ah ~~! I hate ~~”, 嗲嗲 呻 呻 差 让 让 让 让. 失. 失 失.

In order to meet more sports, I only continue to ask questions, teasing her lust, more self-extension: “You haven’t done it for a long time, your small hole is so tight?” She is so red face is almost to drop. .

I slowed slightly, I kissed her waist. Her waist is very thin, there is no meat, when I bite her waist, I feel that she will shrink a few times: “You said we are Where are we doing …? “I feel that I am like a devil, she afraid that I stopped, can’t let the climax continued, using almost no visual voice,” We are on the plane … “I added up. A few times, then stop going to ask her, “What we do on the plane?” “We love it on the plane …” Her voice is getting smaller and smaller, and the two words behind are almost invisible.

“Do love ~ I am doing love with you, is it, what is it? I’m saying that I want, don’t say I will pull it out ~!” Don’t, don’t go out, I said, still called the line, but also called round room ~ ” I quickly picked up “No, these two are too soft, talk about it, don’t say that I immediately pull out”.

She is clamped my legs. I am afraid that I really go out: “Mating … Gong …” She knows that I will never pull out, but I may stop, but she will never want to see it.

From the mouth of such a temperament, it is really not generally stimulating: “St. f ** K, returning to 肏 …” The last word is almost shouting.

I feel that I am going to shoot, I can’t help this passion, I have turned over, I use normal position to enter her depths, I am crazy to pumping hundreds of times.

She has been speaking, I haven’t gotten by me: “Ah … I am going to me … I am … I do … I kill me …

… “This high pick flight attendant has never said this:” You are big … you are so comfortable … You are so full … ah …. Ah ….

Yes, come, fast, fast, dry me, do it on the plane ………… “I know that she wants to achieve the final climax, I am struggling and then a long I have a full force to use my hard bat to her cervix, “Ah …….” contracted, and slash.

With a hot liquid poured on my glans, it’s too stimulated, I can’t help it, I took a breath, and I fierce again, ah.

Silcuffs started to quickly cover the entire glans from the glans, and passing the penis to the back, I know, I am shot, and then a sharp plug, then quickly pull it out, although I want to shoot inside, but I don’t want to in trouble.

When I pulled out, I saw the high-tech empty sister’s shock. When the climax, the closed eyes were just opened, I saw a weapon in the dramatic tremble, and I spurted a white liquid, falling on her exquisite. The face is on her mouth, she immediately squatted, Zhang opened her tender lips with the murder in the mouth.

Ah ~~, too exciting, let me shoot her mouth, I thought I could only spray it on the wall, the huge stimulus brought the great vibration, spraying a huge amount of liquid.

Let’s take another more than 20 times, and there is no waste in the mouth of the beautiful woman. I know that she has already entered her stomach with a lot of larynges that she swallowed. ……… There is no waste, all, including the liquid on the penis, is cleaned up with her mouth …

I gently stroked her face, “Can you meet you?” She looked at me, she took a long time, “Forget it, you are very like me, um … is my ex-husband, we are two Divorced before week, he has other women outside … “I understand, she still loves her ex-husband, and I just made a substitute, for her residual love. This more!

Silent clothes, I am going to go out, she suddenly smiled: “Women who want to do before, my fake is tomorrow, um ~, you can shoot inside, hahahaha …” She laughs Going to open the door, the laughter is very pure, except that the mites.

I only left a silly me in the bathroom.

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