From ordinary cold, there is no different sex friend, and we will soon talk from the strangers into acquaintances, and the topics are also in-depth. We start talking, I said that I have been married, but I am not satisfied; she said she has had a boyfriend, but she hasn’t been loved for a long time. I asked her that she didn’t want to make love; she asked me that I would like to be willing to love with strangers. I said that there is something; she doesn’t care. So we almost a shot, if it is not allowed at the time, we have to meet immediately. So we agreed to meet near Madian near Madian, mainly when I can escape from my wife. After a long waiting (actually only 5 days, I have never seen the netizens, I have been so long), 9.1 is finally coming, and I also drive to the agreed meeting. Because she has my photo and I don’t have her photos, so I have to wait for her. I stood on the street and looked around the people who went around. He kept sketching her appearance, even if it was too sorry, I would have left. After about 5 minutes, her short message came from the mobile phone: “I am here, I hope you don’t be disappointed.” I am more nervous, I will look at it all around you, see which girl will come to me. Suddenly someone laughed on the opposite street, it is a woman! I hesitate to be her, and I looked hesitated. The girl smiled and went to the next 5 meters in front of me, and I looked at me. My heart jumped up, I want to laugh at her, but I can’t squeeze, I am still hesitant to be her. At this time, she left, she stood, turned her head, and tried my hand. It’s her! I finally squeezed an awkward smile and walked quickly. She is very familiar with my arm, Q: “I have not disappointed!” I quickly said that there is no. I am really not disappointed, she is very high, plus high heels is almost high. The hair is long, the eyes are round, the lips are full, but the butt is just a big, but I like, Very woman taste. We talk on the same side as the real couple. Because it has been exchanged online for many times, there is no strange feel at all. She said she specially picked up a suit of the clothes that I wore clothes, and I was also touched in my ear. I watched the sandals because I was very convenient to take off. Get me almost street erections. After eating a meal, we took a good time in advance and opened a room at the hotel. Close the door, the curtains did not come to pull, she turned back to my arms. I have a good time to kiss her back neck. She hurriedly touched my face, and whispered to my face, whispered to me: “Are you very thinking?” “Of course I thought.” I kissed her while kissing her, while using the following rubby her twists Twisting big butt. She seems to be very enjoyable, let me kiss, my mouth has already begun, I have made me, and my hand will catch her breast. I didn’t expect to go to the clothes yet. She suddenly broke me, smiled and said, “I went to hurry.” Turning and immediately entered the bathroom. I have to have such a step in it, I don’t care about her, I will take a care of her coat, leaning on the bed, open the TV. For a moment, she came out. The outerwear has been taken off, wearing a white vest inside, the cream is obviously taking off, the nipple is clearly printed on the vest surface; she is wrapped around the white bath towel, revealing two full thighs, looks like a towel Ultra skirt. I will make it in the past and want to hug her. She first hid me, hiding for a while, suddenly grabbed my hand, put me on the bed. She glanced over her face, long hair falls on my face, watching my eyes, said that it is as bright: “Little lamb, what do you think now?” I said: “I miss you.” She asked: “What do you think?” I replied: “I want to furte you.” Said that I tried to kiss her lips. She spoiled: “Yeah, you are so bad!”, While half of the half-half dodge, let my lips will never stay on her face. This is tossing for a while, I am tired with her, and I have a breather with each other. After a break, I suddenly made a force, suddenly got up, finally the guest was main, and suddenly overwhelmed her on the bed. I went back in my face to kiss her face, she also swayed his face and hiding his lips, said that he did not stop: “You are bad,”, I can’t get it below. Since I can’t open it, I am not as good as the target. I low down, turn to kiss her chest. She still wants to let me get my hand, but the body is can’t move like my face, and I can only cover the chest, I can bite her nipple easily. At this way, she seems to have been like a hole. I didn’t resist the strength of the resistance. She only hurts there: “You are so bad.” I didn’t stop it, I pushed the vest. Two white breasts suddenly jumped out, the nipple was hard, and immediately was sucking my lips.

This is obviously sucking that it is too stimulated by itching the zone boots, and her body starts to twist the mud, and the mouth is constantly moving. Looking at her departure, I will take my fingers while reaching out while I want to pull out her “towel miniskirt”. I didn’t expect that she still had a mood in a comfortable fragrance, and I want to stop my actions. But I am in her, it is impossible to stop, and the top more is just obstructive. I quickly pulled the towel, and her whole body suddenly turned a lot, black hairy haired in a plump thigh, covering the yin. Since she is already stripping, I don’t have to wear anything. I quickly smashed all my clothes, naked, kneeling in front of her. At a glance, she saw my erect’s penis, and she reached over and catching a smile and said: “I have to break it!” I said: “I broke the time.” She said: “She said:” Do you want it? “I said:” Yes, you don’t want it? “She didn’t answer, she took Gu with my penis. I went to her thigh, and I went down and touched … I wet. I smiled and asked her: “I don’t want to be so wet?” She was embarrassed, pointed at my penis: “Who told it so hard!” I don’t want to talk to her again, and suddenly put her legs. On the shoulder, try to slow down the penis. Because I am not very familiar, I didn’t find the hole twice, or she guided me himself, I was so comfortable. When she went, she sent a very soothe, her eyes were blurred, “Oh, it is so thick …”. I didn’t answer, start slow and powerful. Although I don’t have a lot, I still have a loud lake every time she is all in the vagina that is obscenity, it sounds extremely sensuality. I asked her while I asked her. She asked me, “What do you say?” I don’t like her, I don’t answer my question. I decided to punish her. I suddenly accelerated the speed of twitching, while the speed of evolving quickly, asked her again, she was cool. This is clearly refreshing, the mouth of the mouth is very good, first there is no sound, then I can’t help the loud call: “Ah … ah … I want to call … I am cool …” I am afraid I am afraid. Her name is too loud to be heard, on the other hand, so violently, I can’t eat it, I have recovered the previous slowness after spending a while. She slowed away, opened the moist eyes, and the hand love pityed me, whispered in his mouth: “Ah … I am so good … I haven’t been cool for a long time … You?” I nodded, low Kiss her lips. She no longer avoids, but directly open mouth, reach out the wet tongue, let me lick. I kissed, while slowly twitching, I decided to sprint again after a break. I let her turn over, squat in bed, but the butt, the wet hole is just before my penis. I support her fat buttocks, it is easy to get in the back. People who have loved their love know that this posture man is very effortless and comfortable. Looking at the woman’s bare naked squats in front of him, the fat buttocks were swung before and after their thick black penis, and the sense of strong conquest is even more exciting than pleasure. She kneeling there, a call, mixed my lower abdomen hit her ass and the gods sent in the vagina, filled the entire room, and flooded our full body and mind. From the back of the backward, it is far a strong position, and I have a ticking for how long I feel the prelude of ejaculation. I didn’t want to shoot behind her, then I turned over and changed her under normal male. I have a high-end separation of her legs, and the pleasure is driven to impact her vagina before the climax. She called with my twice: “Fast, fast … work hard … I am going to … ah … ah …” For a moment, the mad storm rainstorm has arrived at the end, I am low. Have exhausted semen for a long time, she also hugged me tightly, as my last twitching excited in my ear, shouting my name, body twisting almost 下 下 下. The long waves of the climax gradually disappeared, I squatted in her chest. She hugged me quietly, and the chest is also substantially ups and downs. I apologized to her: “Sorry … Is it a bit fast …” : “Come, wash it.” The comfortable shower is rushed to bed again. We snuggle together, watching TV while talking to couples. I didn’t wear anything, and she was just wrapped a bath towel. I have been touching her during the process of watching TV. Looking at it, or touched, she didn’t seem to work, kneeling in my chest. This kind of delicate embarrassment is the most exciting, and I have erected the penis and erection.

Her thighs have been pressed in my body, so she felt, looked up at me, spoiled to say: “Oh … how is it hard?” I am welcome, I have been able to hold her, reach it to her. The bath towel touches her breasts and answers: “Because I still want to fuck you.” She said “hate!” A turned to me, hand to touch my penis. At the same time, I also opened her bath towel, and the two breasts were hanging on my mouth because of gravity. I didn’t miss the time. The thrill of the nipple is sucking can not be easily endured. She is a delicate, satisfying me, whispered: “Ah … you are tight … people are smoked by you …” I don’t care , While sucking, I reached out from her butt, I immediately found that she was wet. I drove my fingers into her wet vagina. I asked her to ask her: “How is it so wet … isn’t it too much?” She said that the voice “hate”, then my action Clear and breathless. I asked: “How? Is cool?” She shook his head while shaking his head: “Too thin … I am thick …” Haha, finally trick. I took out the fingers of the lascivious water and said: “Then you come to you.” She glared at me. It seems that she is coming to come to himself, then support my penis with his hand, separate the legs, Slowly sit down. Looking at my thick penis is very exciting, when she is completely sitting in my body, I also sent a comfortable 呻 with her. “Oh …… … “. She sat on me, her eyes were half, and she was talking about her words: “Ah … so thick.” Start swinging the ass side. Because I haven’t fully resumed the vitality, so I lost myself, just moved myself, but I kept touch her breast and thighs. Perhaps because of a little fat reason, she moved very hard, breathing, but can’t bring me too much pleasure. I can’t help but take the elbow bed, I started to get up. As the penis is strongly inserted into her vaginal, she started to call again. I have to tease her. I moved it, asked her: “Is you thinking about me?” She started just laughing, did not answer, then I surely stopped, you don’t say that I will not move, see you is too powerful, Anyway, I am still very powerful. This is annoyed here, saying: “You don’t want me to still want to!” And lick your bed. At this time, I saw that my penis took off from her vagina that took out a big burst of prostitute, and took a long one with her patenta and my thigh. I can’t help but laugh: “You are so wet, don’t you want it?” She got a snort, turned to twist the butt into the bathroom. I can’t spare her so. I followed the bed and follow the bathroom. She is leaning over to the water temperature of the test tub, and the plump buttise is in front of me. I walked over and grabbed her waist, and I didn’t say anything to put the penis from behind. She is obvious that I will do this, I hate it in my mouth, I will put it along my homework along me. I have never been done in the bathroom, I feel very exciting, the penis does not help but start quickly, rub the rubbing of her meat, whispered. She first whispered, then turned to look at me, ask for it, “I want to call, ah … I can’t call it?” I said that your voice is open, so you can listen to it. It’s not good. She didn’t wait for me to say that I have already begun to call it, ah, the connection is constant, the sound echoes in a small bathroom, it seems very loud, I am afraid to be heard, go to her mouth with her hand, no I thought that she actually biting my hand, got me, and I had to enjoy the pain of the palm of the palm. After inserting a while, she turned, sat on the washstock, back to the mirror on the wall, the legs big separate, the pix house naked naked. I stood in front of her, picked up her legs, slightly, the penis was just in the position of her genital. I used my hand to open her wet labi, let the soulful pink meat hole is completely exposed to my swelling glans, a little with a little, licking the red glans slowly drilling the same ruddy meat In the cave, she made a delicate and soft, and the eyes were blurred, said: “Come on … Come … My little lamb …” I support the tabletop of the washstone, immediately start before and after . She first looked at me with a charming look, and then naughty from the sink next to the water waters in the lower part of our non-hit. With the extra lubrication of water, my movements are more violent. She finally can’t stand, stop everything that is nothing to do, turned to concentrate on the embarrassment. So it was once again embarrassed again in the bathroom, breathing and water. The prelude of the climax is coming soon. I am getting faster and faster, she is getting bigger and bigger. Because I am standing on the wet bathroom floor, I have gradually increased, and some stations are unstable.

I almost slid out several times, but I found this kind of movement that almost all, but she happily, she closed her eyes, all of them were tapped, and the mouth was ambiguous, and it was coming. Let me have a effort to move. For a while, the feeling of semen surging suddenly, we desperately tighten each other’s lower body, so that every dripper was deep into the vagina. My whole body is like on her shoulders, and he heard her in my ear hysterical, the last happy 呻: “Ah ~~~~~~~~~~” The climax, we jump into it. Next to the bathtub, you have already filled with hot water, one person is one, half-sitting is half-lying into the hot water, cleans the body to take a break. She asked me if it is comfortable? I nodded. She asked again, is it more comfortable with my wife? I said that of course, can my wife do? She laughed. How do I think she thinks? She said, “What do you say?” Bubble enough to rest enough, we went to bed again, wrapped together in a single tv with a TV. I am not idle while I am watching, and I keep watching them. Somehow, she suddenly not allowed me to touch her. I said that I have to touch, “then I went to another bed, hehe!” I wondered her, watching her seems to be very firm, wrapped in a bath towel to climb to the next door, smiled and said: “Haha, Seeing that you can’t stand still. “After finishing, I will lying down, pretend to look at her, but deliberately put me the penis that I have begun to be bare. Sure enough, only one will, she is not awkward there, and begging again. I turned around and saw that she was lying on the side of me, her body poured, her hand was moving like a touch between her thighs, while moving, oh oh. She should not be a performance. When I thought, my penis was erected, I couldn’t help but knew the bed and ran to her bed. I saw it. She saw me over, pretending to have turned over, gave me a back, and of course there is a full buttock. I reached out to touch her butt, my hand felt a strong moisture in my ass. Inserting a touch, haha, and wet. Anyway, I have done twice, I am too lazy to care, I am lying on the same side, and I will separate her thighs with my hand, and I will return to her in the Zemoguo Hem. She screamed that I was really bad, but the body greets me, with my twisted butt, let us experience a bigger pleasure. On the side, the body is not good, I have pushed her into the past, completely squatting, and the glamorous ass lets **. She buried her face in the pillow, biting the pillow, and his ass hit me. After all, it has been a round of round. I don’t think it is a bit tired. After you have a soft buttock, let her soft butt, it is just inserting your belly. She also felt my exhaustion, I took the initiative to turn over and said, “Little lamb …………. You are tired, let’s come …” So I was pressed down by her. She sat on me, first put the penis in her vagina, then not rushing to the action, but leaned down, the face was very close to me, the mouth opened, the mouth opened, teasing me Spit out the moist tongue. I bite naturally, and her lips immediately attached to me, and I sent a loud sucking. I kiss and she started. Because the face was pressed by her face, I couldn’t see her movement, I only felt that her vaginal set was started quickly on my penis, issued a snoring voice. Pleasure makes us stop kissing, and there is a breath with each other. With the intensification of the action, she didn’t force it for her halfway. So she sat up straight, half of the rapid up and down. I saw her breast beat up and down because of the strenuous exercise of the whole body, I couldn’t help but reach it. She grabbed my hand and helped me to help me more violent. She is different from my wife. When I love, I like to open my eyes, but I admit that I looked at the woman who looked at the eyes of the vicinity. It was really good. Such a half of the action should consume physical strength. She was more accompanied by her up and down, and the panting was stunned on me, muttered in his mouth: “I am exhausted me … exhausted me …”. I laughed: “Now I know how much is the man is hard?” She dared his mouth, and I made my shoulder: “Cool enough, I still said!” I laughed, not hiding, just the lower body suddenly , Still stiffen the penis immediately pierced into her flowers. She was a lot, the whole body was hard, the instinct movement. I am watching the time, my hands grabs her waist, the legs, support the lower body, and every time I put it into the deepest place of her body. She first called, after a while, she suddenly bitted his teeth, always looks at my eyes closed, then I feel her vagina like Zhang Xiaowei is desperately sucking my crazy movement penis. I can’t help it, the lower body is as fiercely twisted like electric shock, and the hand is deeply trapped in her waist.

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