I am a candidate who is preparing for the employment exam after graduation. When I am going to participate in a state-run recruitment, because the examination room is located in a female school, most of the school buildings is a female toilet, but in order to cope with the candidates who should test. Some toilets will be labeled as temporary men’s toilets outside.

In the last section, because the end of the exam, I have to wait until the end of the exam. I can go in the topic. Although the teaching of my teaching is five layers, only three layers are used by the examination room, and the toilet of my three test rooms is passed As a temporary male toilet, I want to say that I am going to wash your face first.

Just when I entered the bed, I heard the sound outside the high heel came into another, then I heard her tear the sound of the cotton, then I would like to say that she really povered the test and encountered menstruation. However, this has nothing to do with me. After going to the toilet, I walked out to get to wash my hands and pulled my mouth. Suddenly a big hand covered my mouth, and there was a strong arm from my waist to put my hands from my waist. Hold the waist together and put me back.

At this time, the right hand that grabs my mouth is left from my mouth to the door lock, but I still can’t make a sound, I just posted the tapered tape in my mouth, and he actually On the left hand of hugging, I took me away from the ground. I could only use my feet to keep kicking him, but it seems to have no effect.

Then he grabbed my shirt with your right hand, pulled it out of my shirt. Then he started touching my breast at the same time, saying softly in my listening: “The tits are really beautiful!” But my mind is just thinking about how to flee his machi. I haven’t left his words. At this time, there was a footsteps that wearing high heels girls in another aliens. He smiled and said: “There are only two people left now, I will let you turn down!”

He picked up my bra and pinched my nipple with your fingers. Although I didn’t have an idea in my mind, my physiological response is not aware of what I can control, and this strange man is constantly challenged. The lower body begins to flow out of prostitution. Then he will go to my short skirt, I try to clamp his legs to stop him, but he also brought my legs outwardly from the rear.

“It is already wet, it is still false!” I heard him ridicule, I was anxious, but he did not seem to be noticed.

I felt that his hand reached into my underwear, and I came back in my hole, and my hands were constantly struggling. Suddenly his finger reached into my vaginal start, slowly puffed, and I felt very comfortable by his fingers, after a while, he suddenly quickly accelerated speed.

“Hey ~~~ It’s really comfortable, I am almost!!” My small hole suddenly spurting a lot of obscene, “cool, I am a little kinkage !! Look at what is going to vent it,” although he humiliated But I have no strength to resist him.

He seems to have seen this originally held my left hand, and the right hand tied my short skirt with my underwear.

“Everything is finally over.” I thought about it.

Suddenly, I feel that the lower body is a pain. It turned out that he had set off my skirt and plugged in. I extended my hands and wanted to push him away, but I was caught by his hand!!

His meat stick pushed forward and stopped, and then began to smoke. I thought he would take it out, I didn’t expect that when his meat stick left my small hole, it was struggled. This time, it seems that the whole meat stick is inserted into my vagina.

And I also felt more dramatically, the whole body could not be trembled.

“Mom, I didn’t expect it to be a woman !! It’s really earned!”

His meat stick began in my body, but I only had pain, but I was too dark, but I can’t cry because the mouth was blocked by the tape.

I don’t know how long his meat stick suddenly stopped, then he whispered in my ear: “The little beauty is so tightly the best, it is very cool, then I am too cool, then I will shoot my semen. By your body, you will be guilty! “

I heard anxious, I want to ask him not to shoot inside, but I can’t open it, I can only hit her head.

However, he seems to be a little no longer, I started with the meat stick in my body, and this speed continues to accelerate, then I feel that the front of the meat stick seems to swell, then a hot stream is angry to my uterus. deep.

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