My surname Li, forty-three years old, in the United States, in the United States, to get married for a month, now the engineer, in the class, three to 12 pm.

My wife Ya Liling is forty years old this year, and the bead Yu Yun, the book is sent to the school, and the father is a Chinese professor. Although my wife has been forty, the skin is clear, because I can’t give birth, the body is still good, and I also have a family, hurting at home , Gentle, just like a haired wife.

But in the past two months, she found her actions, the clothes, the secret of God.

When I was accidentally called home at night, I found that there was no one to answer, and I came to check the unannounced visit. I found that she actually had a traveler, and the sentiment of the Vietnamese, the Chinese people around the age of thirties, and his appearance, so I asked her.

She wants me to forgive her to tell the truthfully, I said that she wants her to say, no longer continue, it is not in the past, but she is still ashamed.

So I went to bed with her, turned off the light, under my hard question, my wife also came from the real trick, telling me that the love is the Qiangqiang, in a restaurant as a waiter, everyone calls him to strong brother.

Here is the day before my wife’s self-mention, I have a good sister Yami to go to the restaurant. She is temporarily having something to come, and Yaqiang sees me alone, and I will hook up.

I didn’t feel good about him in the early morning, but when he used the eyes and emotional eyes, I found that I was attracted to him, I couldn’t help but look at him, and I was actually a matter of mind.

It’s really awkward, I don’t know how to, I gave him my phone number.

Two days later, he called me, the first quarter said some passession, followed by the loan words, there is a lustful in the words, so that I listened to the mood, there is an extreme, the man is comfortable, so fascinating According to the address he gave, a person went to his residence.

He lived in a single apartment. At that time, his door did not lock, I pushed the door, seeing him, sitting on the bed, he was naked, and he wore a leggings.

I suddenly took a hot, he told me to close it.

After I closed the door, he stood up, approaching me, I was looking forward to him by the huge huge mask in his underwear, and I didn’t feel the hard jump.

Then, he smoked me in a dress, slowly taking off my clothes, she took off my top, I nervously loured my chest, he took off my underwear, I have to give up the top below.

I was taken off the light. At that time, I felt full of hot, I found it immediately and guidelines, but my heart is also solely shameful because it is the first time to the male deficiency outside the husband.

At this time, YAqiang has also taken off the underwear, and the right hand holds me, and I take my right breasts left hand, and the following uses huge masks to attach my lower body.

At that time, my lastrophies were more and more high, and finally stunned, I hope he will insert the mask as soon as possible, and I will be insulted as soon as possible. You can eliminate me to fire, but he is in the eye to look at me, left hand slowly Love my fat milk, and I can’t help but hold his meat stick with his hand.

YAqiang has pushed me away, I have to have fun, I have never tried blowjob, I can’t help but not.

Herdous, he was in my lips, took my pussy with a feet, I was in front of him, and he fell in front of him. He put his meat stick in my mouth, taught me again, and Teach me how to succeed.

After playing for a while, he put me on the bed and slowly smoothes my rich breast.

When he touched me, he said, “Your hairy is more dense, it is a natural food woman, I believe that your husband must feed you unsatisfactory. In fact, I will see you at your eyes, I know that I must take off. Your underwear, and my cousin, I also said that you are both glamorous and solemn, and it is said that if you play once with you, you will be willing in a short period of time. “

At that time, I heard it, it was shy, and I was self-contained, and I was praised by his good words, and my size of the lace below was also touched and itchy.

I can’t help but I can’t help, I will separate the legs, whispered “Qiang brother … you … give me”

YAqiang said seriously, “Your S.

I was very shy at the time, but I still took it, I don’t stop seeking him to say “Qiang Ge, do it,”

So he inserted the meat stick into my lower body, followed by desperately pulling it, and I also twirled the hips, and a hole in the cavity and smashed his meat stick, excitedly, and a wave of waves.

About twenty minutes later, Yaqiang was thick and thick, and strong and powerful, and then fiercely into my uterus, the beauty and comfort, so that I truly tasted the Turk of men. After a week, YAqiang called me again. I was in the fifteen cars in the hearts of the fifteen cars. I wanted to give me happiness, but I feel that I was played, humiliated, and a husband.

I want to think about it again, I can’t help him in the phone, I will have the spring heart, I went to him again. After arrival, I would like to know that his cousin is also present.

Available in the restaurant packing a dish, he is sixteen years old, and Yaqiang saw me, and immediately called me to take off the clothes.

I stunned, I didn’t want to take off my clothes in front of Awen, but the Siamani drunk me. He said that if I don’t take off, I will leave immediately. I will not come again in the future. When I came over, he did a good person, he said with Yaqiang While started with me, I was trying to commit the committee. I was unlocked by him, open my clothes.

I didn’t wear a bust. He held my chest meat in one hand, and also used his fingers to pinch slowly in my milk.

I immediately faced the red and ear, itchy, I hit it, I thought of sexual done, but I saw a bit embarrassed, because I and him, as if I was in the same age.

At that time, Yaqiang said again, “Ya Wen wants to do you, although he is still young, but his things are not small, you will try it with him.”

I was also emotional at the time, I didn’t want to reject the resistance, put my heart, but I took off my light, let the boy picking, open the two legs, holding him into the arms.

At that time, I think it is a man, no one can inters with me, but Yasu Wen is still holding a gentle snoring, there is no further action.

Until my lower body is so late, then he pushed me on the bed, shot my two legs, a meat stick directly into the depths of my neutrients, a burst of urgent attack, his things are not small, plug me very Enjoy it.

Maybe he is not deep, experienced, and then dried two or three minutes, and he will vent it.

He took a break, and I had to contain his meat stick. The other hand touched my teap. After a while, he told him again, and he took the gun on the horse again. He let me die, from the back, I will insert me. end.

When I was dried by Asia, YAqiang has been looking away, I feel ashamed, but it is more excited.

Later, Siaqiang came over and stuffed his east into my mouth. He simply made me want to die …

My wife said that it was ashamed and excited, and my red scorpion can’t go.

After I listened to my wife, I feel very emotion in my heart. In fact, I should be embarrassed. Since my marriage, I can say that there is no holiday to produce her happening.

I don’t know why, I am always less emotional, I will not be angry. After the number of tests, the body is normal, but the second time is still like it, I don’t dare to face my wife in the past ten years. Sleep, and her Wen Yuxi, never complained, recalling, I am indeed negligent, I am determined, I said to my wife “I can’t blame you, but I want to see it. He, I hope he is not a bad person, except because it is your carcass attracting him, there is nothing to do, I will keep you the current relationship and continue. “

She listened to me, there was a red on the face, saying “Well, I will go to him.”

I don’t know what to do, I suddenly be excited, and my wife also seems to have, so we have done it, this time a lot more than before, but I think she is still the highest benefit.

I checked the man said by my wife, I know that he is not a black man, and also put it down.

After several days, YAqiang appeared in our bedroom. He really is a hard man, the shape of the thick line, is not a hooligan, five feet five, speaking very volatility, thoughting.

He didn’t know what he had understood and my wife. After a while, I used to tell him the intention to tell him, saying that he and my wife goes to bed, but I love her, I can’t leave her, and I also show my mind: he is friendship to my wife, ventilation.

We talked out in the room, my wife is waiting in the living room, she is wearing a light-colored tapegow, not wearing a milk, two tears, if a pair of hiking, the eye is looking at YAqiang, YAqiang It’s also welcome, I hugged her, and my hands took her pair of fat milk from the back.

At that time, I saw my wife’s red ear, it was not ashamed, and I thought it was a stealing, I thought: I would like to send a Buddha to the West, I said, “You can play, I will go out,” Mr. Li, Mr. Li, you Leave or have good problems with your problems

I thought that “my wife must shake my ugly.” But I still left.

Looking at my wife, I caught my flesh, Ren Yaqiang took her pajamas and leggings through and she wanted her on the edge of the table, slamming her ass and labipings from behind, she didn’t have any arms. YAqiang put his fingers into her lower body. She “ah”, shook his hands, and called “strong brother I … I … I want?”

YAqiang said, “How do you forget you?”

My wife looked at me, finally called “Qiang brother, do you do it, do it, do it.”

YAqiang quickly took off his clothes and took the meat stick.

Wow is really much bigger than me, he doesn’t instantly insert, but put the meat stick slowly on my wife’s labie, I will call “Qiang Ge, strong brother, I … I am so itchy. Do my “

YAqiang, insert the meat stick into her yin, my wife is also happy, “I will die, I am so good to die, I am so itch, strong brother, vigorously do me, strong brother”

I heard the passing port at the time, and now I really understand my wife’s sexual desire mentality. When I see them, my meat stick is also awkward.

YAqiang saw it and immediately called for me to join.

I am not very accustomed to, I am hesitating, and YAqiang suddenly pushed me the body of my wife, and my wife immediately took my clothes, and the buckle was also pulled.

When I also looked away, my wife saw that my mask was hard, bending my waist, lived with my glans, but also used the tongue.

I don’t know when my wife has such a “mouth skill”, I saw Yaqiang standing behind my wife butt, plugged the thick big mask inserted her vagina, I was excited, that didn’t live. It is hard to be hard than usual than usual.

My wife is still surprised, she talked out, then spit out, turned to let me insert her vagina.

I drove in my wife’s body, I looked at her exquisite to another man, I didn’t remember how long it supported, I was ejaculated in my wife’s vagina.

My wife returns to the head and uses the mark, the tongue, I hope I will reap into the wind, but I still have not improved for a long time, I will give up, tired back to my bed slowly slow sleep.

When I woke up, I saw two people in bed. My wife held Yaqiang’s mask, and Yaqiang kissed my wife’s ears, the ear, and stroked her big fat milk. The two still have not woke up.

I am in the same time, although this is a little embarrassing, some embarrassing, but I still love my wife, she is happy, I should also be happy for her, and I am in the seventeen years, my ear’s eyes, Friends colleagues have funny, and there are people to change their wives, and they are harmonious, they have their own, why must they be cautious, but they have a few years, and the Chinese for thousands of years have conservative thoughts, heavy men’s light women, the victims He Yizhen, “chastity” I don’t seem to be “Zhuang Zi Toned Wife”, and the man can have three wives and four people, and women must have sex since then, and men and women have sexual desire, this is natural physiology It is now like, so I accept and understand my wife’s marriage.

That casualmail also took his young girlfriend from time to time, she was called Qingyin, and she was a teenage of Vietnamese girls. The body is delicate, but it is slightly slim, remember her first time, have not experienced a group game.

That is in the living room. After the Asian Warm has come, I will give it to me, take a look, and put my wife on the coffee table.

At that time, I didn’t start with this young girl. I was sitting on the sofa with her. I didn’t get close to the beginning, but my wife was dried by two men, she had to dance, she had to Close to me.

Looking at my wife’s white body, being used by men, not only my sexual desire, but the green is also shaken slightly.

I looked at her hand, she did not earn.

I used my fingers in her palm. She smiled back to me, so I asked whispered in her ear. “We have to play in the room, okay”

Qing Yin nodded.

We stood up and walked to the bedroom. After entering the house, Qing Yin seems to have another person. She took the initiative to decorate my neat clothes, I also have a gift, when we met, I know why Yasuai has such a young girl, still still still So interesting to me.

Although the Qing Yin is a pornasty baby, it is a pity that the body has not developed very perfect. Her breasts, the hair of the shame, also did not grow up.

But it is strange that this girl is very excited, a bare water peach is pretty cute.

My little thing has already had a post, but I don’t understand how to do prelude for a time.

When you are helpless, you have lying on the edge of the bed, raising your legs M words, put on the plug.

I was unfair to insert dry in front of it.

My position just saw the movement of the living room, I was inserted in the vagina in the green, while watching my wife, I was so excited that it was very excited, and I didn’t forget to let me in her vagina. Ejaculation, but I have to vent it in her mouth, but also swallow my semen.

We have a very harmonious, happy, I sometimes take my wife to go to their lives.

This is the beginning of four years ago, and now it is still occasional, my wife is also very common, not as depressed as before, I am also particularly careful to me, obey, family more harmonious.

Originally, I was inconvenient to leak this kind of thing, I bored at night, I wrote a book.

I hope that the public is good, and I want to say that men and women should be equal.

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