□ ■ When the boy meets the girl

□ ■ When the boy will see the girl again

□ ■ When a boy and a girl

□ ■ When the boy sees the girl in the third time

□ ■ Boy past girl

□ ■ Girl in the past boy

□ ■ The present boy and the present girl

□ ■ When the boy will see another girl

□ ■ Boy, girl, with another girl

□ ■ When the boy must choose the girl

□ ■ When boy leaves girl

□ ■ When the boy meets the girl

The thing happened on the eve of a period of time, and the cold flow came.

The library wants to close the door. I gotten the time. I opened the broadcast. I notified the classmates who were self-study in reading room. After a while, many men and women have successive, but I didn’t panic, and the movements came up. When I saw it When the fish gets the gate, it has created a superior sense of unhappy.

Because it is an industrial reading, there is a sense of reading of everyone using the reading room, so it is always a chaotic, of course, this is just a few small things, and when the new book is published, I always have a way to see it. and many more.

“Ah …” I gave an yaw, swing around the body, heard the bones showed “喀”.

“Sitting is too long.” I pinched a piece of shoulder, closing my eyes and enjoy this comfortable massage.

When I saw me closing my eyes, I immediately ran over and picked up his backpack. After signing into books, I signed his name, and then I didn’t pay attention to him, I hurried to the door.

“Hey! What? Give me a roll!”

I found that this guy secretly called it.

This vicious guy has a continuous week, and I have to help him return the key of the library reading room to the library of the building, and I am too late than the scheduled time. I think it is not enough, so I pay special attention this time. Tell him to take it back.

However, the Tao high is one foot high, and this guy actually 趁 I don’t pay attention, I am so far away.

“Hey! Please! I will go first!” The A Department lost the key to me, and then dressed as a ghost face, “Hey! My girlfriend is in the room.”

“Hey! Go to you, be careful, don’t make your stomach …” Since the wood has become a boat, the rice has changed, I am in Mo Koi, I will issue a mourning of “grief”.

“Reassure, goodbye!” A system waved his hand and flew it.

No way, the boys have to have a girlfriend, and our single friends have to give them three points, and there are many unfair things, but you can’t, if you insist, the crime of unsatisfactory You can fall on your body.

But this is not tight, worse, if his girlfriend is a big mouth, that is a pass ten, ten pass hundred, say a “bad person” that has become a personality, not good, then you can really find it. Go to a girlfriend.

Unfortunately, the girlfriend is like this.

So even if I shouted, I know that there is no road, the top is more, I will show me more, which day is crazy, suddenly I want to talk, I will regret it, then I can thank you.

After closing the side door, I took a short distance, and the key is paid to the library, it has been at 10:30.

Night is very quiet, in this bleak walk.

I will move in the campus, tomorrow is the expected examination, today’s nominal is not finished in the library, I haven’t finished reading the electronic control project, the range is large, and the content is also obscured. I have a whole day, Down to these tangibles, why is it as enthusiastic about that boring society.

A cold wind rolled leaves, making me a chill.

I stretched a lazy waist, I noticed that there was a walk in front of it, very far, I can’t see it is a male.

The man seems to be drunk, it seems that he can hear him in a mess, it can’t come out.

I slowly approached him. He seems to have some support, and suddenly stand straight, and then the body began to fell forward.

I was shocked and quickly ran over and grabbed him.

He is not unexpected, but it is very light.

It turns out that he is a …

A wind blowing, her elegant long hair blows my face, it is a very soft, a bit of a bit of flowers.

I put her on the walk and took her face with hand.

“Hey … Hey …”

She didn’t respond, still continued her sleep.

“This girl is really, don’t you know how dangerous?”

I complained.

After watching the watch, the value of the programs should have returned to the dormitory. At this time, I think about what I think, let a look.

“Ah! Worse! Don’t you need to check the door?”

After the school door, it was not allowed, because our school dormitory and campus were separated, so once they got closed, there was no half of the school in the school, unless you had enough equipment and courage, or this zone was more scary than the cemetery. . She fainted the place in front of the biological museum, I thought about the lifelike specimens, my heart was hair, people have been very horrible, if you still bring a group …

I was scared by myself, I didn’t ran back a few minutes. I finally saw the door. Fortunately, Aberg was able to catch up.

Fortunately, otherwise I have to scare the disease.

I took her to the crossroads not far from the school front door and stopped.

“If you walk about a little longer to the right, bend into the road, turn a few bends to the girl’s dormitory.” I looked at the dim, and how many pedestrians of coal were thinking.

I originally wanted to carry her, but I am too tired on the one hand, and on the other hand, if the instructor asks me about her, what should I do? I don’t think it is, I will think that I am deliberately drunk, or what is … Anyway, how do you see their students? I believe that everyone knows that there will be no good things.

I thought that I was white by this little Nizi, I would like to send her back to the kindness, I will be “dog bitten Lu Dongbin”, and a unpleasant heart is unhappy.

So I thought about it and stopped a taxi.

I opened the door and took her into the back seat.

Then I obviously don’t know the driver of our school dormitory, I want a pen and paper, write down the address of the dormitory, in order to avoid trouble, even the graphics is very careful.

I handed the address of the driver girl’s dormitory and told him to send her to the girl’s dormitory, then closed the door, handed him from fifty yuan in the window.

Anyway, I don’t know where she lives. I simply sent to the girl’s dormitory, let the instructor and 舍 to hurt this brain, and will also let the instructor and inspect them to give her a lesson, who told her to delay me too much time.

Suddenly, I found that I am actually a genius, hehe!

I saw the driver gradually accelerated, when I was prepared to leave my line, I was so worried that if I invited the people, I was not serious for her hair, or to violent her, or put her Selling into the fire pit, isn’t I harm her?

I want to be afraid, I don’t dare to say that I haven’t done it, but I am a fucking money, hiding the transcripts of the test, but the most serious, it is hit. A few slap and so on, these are small things, but now it has become a commission of human dealers!

God! Can you break my yin at the university!

So I took the very fast speed to catch up, and I ran loudly, I want to park.

The driver is about to hear, stop the car, pull down the window, and look at me very unconventional.

I ran to the side of the car, holding the roof in one hand, said that I didn’t touch it: “No … No … I don’t have trouble … I will give you one hundred, don’t use her back NS… “

This driver said very well. When I heard my car, I was happy to open the door, and I also helped me to put her away from the car. It seems that the driver I originally worship is very good, forget it, because I am here The car money in the dormitory is less than 50 yuan.

I should shoulder her, walk on the floor step by step.

Open the light, I am relieved, fortunately, I have just sorted out soon, or I don’t know how to arrange her habitat in accordance with my room habits.

I placed her on the bed, and I sat next to the desk alone, watching her quietly.

I don’t know why she is drinking like this, is it a loss? Is there anything that is not satisfactory?

Looking at her messy hair, she has a fascinating magic than usual, so that she gave me full of compression, my chest is dramatically, causing breathing to produce a strong turbid nose.

In fact, in the movie agency, I have long noticed her, but she is very long, but it is more than Li Fang, the lattice of the motor is a boy, it is a little bit a little, so I feel that she is also a beautiful person. Impression, as for why? Anyway, it is not that one thing, the flowers are everywhere, but it is necessary to pick a bigestine, as long as it is a man, which one is not like this?

Maybe I shouldn’t bring her back to my residential unit, just a way, I sent it back, I didn’t have a few minutes, even if I was asked by the instructor, there is enough reason to refute them.

It’s really stupid, just like this, you won’t walk this!

My idea is established, picking up a coat, set on it.

Suddenly I heard a sound, it turned out to be her dream.

At this time, she took a leg and turned it slightly.

The collapsed legs, but she slipped into her thigh in her thigh, showing almost all limbs, and saw that my breathing was more urgent.

I don’t know, I just swept away, I didn’t consciously leave the chair, walk to the bed close to her feet, I moved my head and looked at her legs carefully.

“Ah! I can’t do this …” My rationally urged me.

But I still gained her body, I actually feel that there is a different pressure sensation in front of my trousers, keeps expanding, swelling … I want to take a closer look at her depths.

I took the center of the legs that opened his legs, put the skirt between the two legs, revealing her privacy.

I don’t know, I swallowed a sigh of saliva and made a big voice.

Going to her, looking into it, I can see her underwear is white, there is a white pattern of lace rolling, the triangle is vividly as if there is a blurred black shadow, the skirt is above the waist, so even her lovely The navel is exposed, reflecting the slim waist, her thigh is well suited, the white belly is unlike some girls.

“I don’t know what her chest is born?”

An evil desire is quickly pouring into my mind.

I quietly covered her skirt, and then moved my body, and the fingertips trembled with the buttons of her vest, pulled her top with polar, extremely light force, opened her second Light clothes, it is hard to open to her chest.

She wearing a Bikini, like an 8-glyph, a round cup is just a good breast filled, both a pair of jade milk, but not like some girls, clearly without real materials, deliberate Buy a large number to black.

The center of the round cup is slightly picker, and it is definitely her nipple.

I opened the opening, nervous and said, slowly got up to her, the arm did not hurt the hand, the palm was covered with a cup, and her chest was only one cent.

I have never dare to pinch it, just the distance, the shape of the shape, imagine the palm of the palm of the double breast.

My breathing suddenly was very urgent, I originally wanted to put it down in her chest, put her rich breast, then stretched it, and took the mystery of nipple.

At this time, she suddenly hugged me in sleep, repeatedly shouted “Don’t leave me”, “Don’t leave me” and other sentences.

Under the caughtion, my whole person was forced to stick on her, and both palms happened to press her breast.

Although the thin barrier is blocked, the soft and warm feelings make my breath are extremely dramatic, my gods are also flustered.

Her body swing in a hurry, I don’t even have to do myself, there is a wave of peristaltic waves. I slowly hold the palm.

Wow! It turns out that this is the feeling of the chest!

My chest confusion is more urgent, and the expansion reaction in the trousers is even more fearful, young, full of fantasy strong desires to make me lose rationality, I have already done my out-of control.

I started annoying why I didn’t shoot, or it wouldn’t be like this.

I have never been touched by a woman’s carcass, and there is no immunity against her, especially her clothes are so messy, and she is as drunk.

“Rapstream, raped, raped …”

It seems that thousands of people hide hands in the hands of cheers, the brain is full of these ideas.

She still didn’t let me let go, but turned over to press me, she used her to kiss the dry lips by the wind, perhaps it was sucking, my cheek, forehead, eyes, and nose, etc..

It has been strongly stimulated by the breast touch, but also add this, my desire is even more, even if I eat her part of the tofu idea, I’m thinking about the place.

Then her lips hit my lips, like reflexive movements, she didn’t want to open my lips with her lips, even the tongue stretched.

I almost flipped her, pulverizing her shirt, torn the bra, took off the underwear, and then played on the video tape …

Suddenly she made a mixed voice, some sad tone, to think that she is mistaken, I don’t leave.

“Don’t leave me, I love you, don’t leave me …”

A drop of crystal tears dripped on my cheek, suddenly my hand and the whole body, like frozen in seven-foot ice, kept shaking.

At this time, she completely stopped any action, and the hand of my neck was also relaxed, and fell into her dream again.

I saw the tears of the flow, I hurriedly pushed her, as I was seen by people, like the castrated male dog with the tail, so that I broke into the far corner.

“Fortunately, else, it will be clearly clear …”

Recalling the scene just now, I collapsed a little …

I slowly returned myself, so I just sat down on the side, because I was afraid of the girl’s tears.

I looked at her in my sleep, I am very emotional: “Hey! If she is my girlfriend, how good! Unfortunately …”

Later, when I was bright, I was very surprised to find that I was asleep in the floor in order to look at her well.

After waking up, I hoped to take the head to the bed, but she should be in bed, but I have gone.

I feel some disappointment, so I stood up, and the cotton was “唰” slipped from my body, and a white note paper slowly floated to the floor. I grab it.

Thank you very much for your stay. PS. I don’t know how to go class, I turn the alarm clock for 7:30, I hope it will not be too late.

Guo, Li Fu Yu 7:14

As soon as I saw this, I hope to the alarm clock.

The alarm should indicate 7:20.

It’s a step, if I get up early.

I sat on the bed along the bed and looked at the font of the paper, and I didn’t care about the Chinese department, giving people a classical beauty.

“The National Wine Department, one year, Li Fu Yuwei … National Wine Department, one year, Li Fuyu …” muttered.

Old feels that there is a feeling of being lost.

Suzunbell …

“喔 … 对 喔 … Today … Today’s test …”

□ ■ When the boy will see the girl again

In the morning, I will come back to the residence. In order to find a student card, I can’t find the room, but I still didn’t find it. I really was very annoyed. I didn’t know that the damn guy stole my student ID card. I can’t take the test. Fortunately, the previous and my previous achievements are very good, I can make up the test, just this semester can’t take the scholarship, it is …

Anyway, I didn’t have a book. So I was sitting at the table, and my hands took the next to her, thinking about her yesterday.

I want to want to go to the conclusion, what should I have to be my girlfriend!

“Li Yu Wei, Li Yu Wei,” I looked at her message, “How do I think you want to pay attention to you before? Li Fuwei …”

I don’t want to face, I am in her signature, then I will fall asleep.

After a long time, someone opened the door of my residence.

“Hey! Get up, sleep so late, don’t take the exam?” A department woke me, today is our motor system test, the science building is used by us, so the exam is taken tomorrow.

“Oh …” I looked with a face of sleeping, “no way, no student card can’t go in …”

“That … that … I remember that there is a broadcast, saying that you want you to claim your student ID.”

“Yes … is it?” I suddenly came out, excitedly leaving the chair.

Suddenly, I feel that the pants is wet, and the place of my things …

“… oh …” I looked down at the lower head, it was really enough.

At a great way, I saw such a thing, I watched my head, “Don’t worry … I have helped you take it, remember not to be expectant, I don’t help you return.”

Then he stopped, patted my shoulders, put it out of a very downtime expression, helping me complaining, “Hey! Brother! For a while, the Journal of Spring Palace is not wanting to see, it is to give You are shooting. It’s really, where did you read it … “

It is described as that, the graphics will be at least to be angry, but I didn’t take care of him. I think that he said there will be a little reason, and he ignored him, and he hit his own business.

But the truth, the Jojun magazine is a flower gong’s overseas version, and the Women who have balloons with balloons and the big black caves that are masturbating machines. I will look down on the appetite. I will look like it. Dogs are doing things, I am not interested, I am not awkward, I have to shoot?

I only know that I am because of her …

When I took a shower on the same day, I was very happy to give yourself, the first object is not “a look”.

From then on, all the announcements of the National Art Department specially pay special attention, prime to looked for any information about students, see if there is her name, and then discovered that I am actually a lot, and Li Yu Wei is actually a very good student. Almost every book is seen to her name, in terms of text, not only on the list of scholarships, in the martial arts, she also represents the national art department to participate in the table ball and the external karate competition.

My God, I saw this, my heart is cold, I will only study, I will have a good life, the beauty of the art is not good, don’t say that men and women, just have to meet her. She has to consider it.

After two weeks, one day in the afternoon, I just walked out of the science building, I saw her standing in porch, a pale yellow shirt, the hair has been specially tied.

I think she is probably waiting for my boyfriend, I have been thinking about her, I have been greeted with her, and I will think about it. I don’t know much more. If it is ran, I’m going to take it. Pull her in my stay, this is not very good.

So I got an idea, I didn’t know her, I plan to stroll around her side.

She is looking at it around. I saw me bypass her, I immediately grabbed my hand, and I said that I happily: “Faster, our dating is going to be late.”

“Hey! Hey! I … When is I …” I was in a foggy water by her, I didn’t know when I had a date, but I didn’t come to express my words, I was inexplicable by her. The land is walking. Originally, I was walking together with the A Department and Alin, now I was pulled away, I only left the Alberta and the two people in Alin stayed there.

“Are you talking about her?” Alin, I asked Alin, Al Lin raised his head from the book “Yes, it is her, nothing to ask me a bunch of his academic, personality, and dating. Hey? It’s strange, since the two feelings are so good, why do you want to ask him? “

“Who else is asked?”

“Anta, Arms, Jia Lin, Xiaoyuan, etc. … I don’t know how to drive to the middle of the nose with your hands,” This kid didn’t know what dog, there is such a dog. Beautiful girl chasing him, really envy … “

That day is really surprised. In the afternoon, I was inexplicably went to watch movies. After reading it, I went to the cafe to eat something.

Are you doing this in the north? Which male likes to pursue this.

I think about my wish, maybe it’s just thinking about it, it will be realized, I began to feel the magical and curious of the creation, but I like this.

That night, I was the most impressive in the cafe. At that time, her face under the golden light decoration, appeared, plus her good voice, soft music, making me sinking Invitation in a graceful atmosphere.

It has been around ten o’clock in the evening, and we ran a family of cafes, cinemas, playgrounds, and community parks.

I am going to be exhausted, but she still smiles.

Finally, we used the way to go home, almost all the topic of the incomplete work, there is a laugh, I found that she is also very talking, nevertheless, the content is very connotation.

When I went to the stairway in my residence, she actually proposed to go up.

I don’t know what she wants to come back with me, watch the movie, have a meal, shouldn’t you say that you should go home?

I think in my heart, maybe this is the process of the northern date, I don’t know, it is best not to talk, so as not to be laughed, I have never seen the world.

Open the iron gate, “铿!” Very big.

I opened the light, the bed is very messy, I feel sorry.

She walked into bed and sat down and said, “Is this the place I slept during that day?”

I closed the door, I should have a sentence: “Yes. But not so messy today, there are too many days.”

“Hey? What is this book?” She took the magazine I put on the bed.

“Worse,” I quickly ran over and won the magazine that she was going to open in her hands.

“Oh …” She shocked his lips and gently smiled “Sorry, I should not mess with your boys’ favorite things.”

I am shameful, why do you have a particularly aggressive?

I heard this, my face is more beautiful, and my blush is more hot than the fever of just now.

I took it into a dress, and I walked to her and took her nose with my finger.

“you… “

“How?” She picked her black hair with her hand and pulled her head.

I saw such a good thing in a time, I actually said, forgot what I would say.

She took her hand with her hand, a pair made the soul of the soul, watching me.

I am embarrassed, I will not go to see her, low, ten fingers turn anxiously.

At this time, she suddenly grabbed my arm and turned me to face her.

I almost couldn’t think of it, she closed her eyes and put her lips over.

This is what I have never happened before. At this moment, I’m excited and fear, I can’t take any of her or to push her judge.

Her sliding soft tongue squeezed the lips I sent, into my mouth, keeping there is her fragrant Jinjin.

I think that I actually like this. The first time I first kiss is inexplicably gave people. It is not my take-off, and this is too shameless with a boy!

She stretched out her hands tightly hugged me, tongue stunned in my mouth, smashed my lips, my tongue, mixing our bonuses.

Her hand climbed into my top, rude and eagerly pulled it up, revealing my bronze skin, warm hands fiercely caress my back, stroking my chest, then she started to solve my belt .

All of this is standing in my eyes, but she asked me to close my eyes.

I originally wanted to open her, but I remembered a lot of words.

“The ‘flesh’ doesn’t eat, it is more stupid than drinking water.”

So I just let go, let her use her hands.

She knows that I will no longer rebell, push me into bed, two legs stepped on my legs, pulling my hands, unlocking her skirt, revealing the mixed round breast, and white underwear. I lowered, and she really wants to make love with me.

I thought here, I started a bit fluttering, so I didn’t say my body.

Can only accommodate a half-bed bed, now lying two naked body.

All this is too sudden, I am stimulated by the vertices at once, I am squatting on the bed, and the body’s vertical meat stick looks a little scary.

I grabbed her thigh to separate.

The first time I saw a woman in black and red, my breathing was quite fierce.

right! That’s it!

I closed my eyes and slowly move forward, I have to put me into her body.

I was a little dizzy for a blizzard.

My hips are returned, and? What’s so easy?

I secretly opened my eyes, I found out that my stomach part was on her sake, and the mosqudy glans brought her slightly protruding.

If there is a mirror at this time, I can see my face is hot and red, I can’t get rid of the ground.

I haven’t going in all!

So I adjusted a bit, still going to top with hips, didn’t enter.

I will re-use the center of the center of the lip to start Shi Li.

The two red-lined meat were slowly squeezed, so that I can see the caves from the center of the muscles, and gradually expanded with my invasion.

The thrill reminds me to close your eyes.

Is this doing love? Curious feeling, feeling of complete and masturbating is different, the light is the softness of the meat, but the best than the palm, not to mention beautiful faces, delicate double breasts for actual love.

When I am intoxicating, I will not enter this, I will not be dizzy, and I am a strong pleasure. I found that I slipped out of her longitudinal depression.

I tried it a few times and found that I couldn’t let the expansive place to put in a place, so I simply braked with my hand, and I tried it again, but my eyes did not dare to look at her, afraid to see her because of me. There is no experience, the stupid smirk, it is really blezy.

I finally squeezed into her cave, although she was not a virgin, but she did not have a few experience than me, because it was still a bit narrow.

After entering, it is a feeling of imposing, plus a little compression similar to hand palms, and a heat inclusion.

Although Wei is guided, it may be in a lot of experience, and her legs are in the dead, when I am moving quietly in her body, I will not hit independently, maybe it will be pain …

I secretly look at her, her face is so beautiful.

From the understanding of the love, although after a month, we met more than five times, and she turned out to go to bed.

It can be seen that she must be a very open person, but if so, why didn’t you have heard her boyfriend, and she is tight?

Although I am confident, I am not small, but it is just the size of the average person.

In short, her physical condition is shown, in fact, she is not a kind of sexual impression that is a class of nature, but what do she given before me? Who can there be such a blessing?

what! Whether it is … no matter … this is most important at this time.

I slowly smoke the meat stick, a strong stimulus suddenly spill into the brain from the lower body, that is a sudden, even if I can’t preparate, it is short.

This is a love expert not only can’t play, but also even don’t love it.

Because I first add tension, my posture is incorrect, I haven’t experienced such a strong excitement, so I feel unhappy after I put it out.

Under the urgency, I quickly added a few times.

“Don’t be so fast, don’t be so fast … don’t do this.” Wei looked at my stupid look and gently correct my error.

Ah … bad … Can’t do it … ah! How come out …

The first time I loved so ridiculous, and the ejaculation in masturbation is more cool than this.

That is not to cast ejaculation, charge it, but it is like peeing.

I stopped any action, I looked at her.

“Are you really the first time?” She widened his eyes, showing very uninterested expressions, lying in bed very careless to me.

“This … this …” I am a bit like being awkward.

Finally, I just got some nodded.

I quickly put down her legs, with my “rookie” exited her body, then sat down at the edge of her farthest.

The slight red expanded flesh is closed as my exit, the viscous body is like a spider, and a long-term connection to me and her.

One leave, the filament.

My head is low, I don’t dare to see the Wei, my heart is waiting for the TV staged, the girl got up, took the clothes, gave the boys and a slap.

Damn! I will say … I must give a wife for the first time, because the two have no experience, so there will be no psychological pressure at all.

I cried.

If the next is a slap, or a punch, or a leg, I will not be surprised, natural if I hold a broom, I am very unexpected. But it is more unexpectedly, and she raised him, leaning on me, or kissed my cheek, still use her sweet and intoxicated voice, gently talking to me.

“It doesn’t matter, the first time is this …” encouraged me “… will not …”

“Really?” I looked up at her “Next time it will be?”

At this moment, I just got tooth decay, but I thought I had a terminally ill, I was very anxious asked his mother.

“Well … I am relieved …” She took my chin, very gentle, my face, “Next, the next time will never, just like my previous male …”

She suddenly stopped any action, leaving me slowly, still gently asked me saying, “Can I sleep here today? I don’t want to go back to me.”

I nodd him in a locust, but he hesitated the word “male” in her.

I will definitely want to say that my boyfriend, but she stops, um, her boyfriend is definitely a very important person. Anyway, it is not that he is abandoned, it is an accident, or she will not like this. .

I remembered that the first time she was drunk, she was very determined that her boyfriend abandon her.

If I meet the man, I will definite him, such a girl is not, then I have seen that there are not a few girls in the world to make him want.

In the night, you can hear her weep.

I got it on the horizontal, she was still gone very early, no one next to me.

□ ■ When a boy and a girl

Walking in the campus, I can’t wait for the “spring” in my heart, I am really very angry. Yesterday, why did you use it? Someone is a night, but I am a minute, it is really enough.

But it doesn’t matter, anyway, I have already had her.

When I fell in the campus, the A Department suddenly ran to find me. I didn’t know where he came out, but I didn’t say anything, just grabbed my hand and desperately The toilet next to the motor is running.

“Hey! What can I say here? Is there anything in this chemistry?”

“Hey … I’m right.” He said that he did not take a breath “I spent a hundred yuan.”

He took me into the male toilet. Before we entered, there were more than a dozen people, but they didn’t have a “vent”, I don’t know why do you do a dozen people, in front of a single door, every one of the colors Listed face, as if there is anything worth listening to that door.

I wanted to speak, what is the situation, just opened, I was blocked by the A Department, he probably knowing what I want to ask, but shake his head, still indicate that I don’t say anything, then he can’t wait to get together, Leaning on the door.

I know that this will definitely have a weird, erect the ear, and listen carefully.

If you don’t have the expected, there is some sound from the door. It is like a collision sound of two groups, very regular impact, and then there is a shameful turbidity, some is very heavy. Coarse, others are very light fine sounds.

I know what is doing this, just it is difficult to believe that someone will be so bored.

About five or six minutes, after being sent out of a slightly smuggling than the previous slightly, everything inside, except for a very light breath.

However, a group of people gathered outside seems to be scattered.

At this time, there is a man and a woman in a dialogue. After a while, I came out of a quarrel. Then the door was opened, it was an A Department of classmates, a senior name called the king, he took the girl’s clothing, I was faced with the three-character scriptures, and I was obvious that the girl was able to listen to the girl in the door. In addition to him, and others were known to him, he This is to give her a lesson.

The king took the clothes and didn’t tighten it. Mored, he turned out to open the door.

I suddenly ran out two meal balls, the brown nipples stunned, indicating that the fierce, thick black hair flashed on a thick white liquid, and could not cover the woman in the door, just being bullied by the man outside the door. fact.

A naked body is exposed, is facing everyone.

It turned out to be a luxang! Loss her or the flower department of our motor!

That group of boys started a laughter, some excessive turned out to take the door to the door, dragged her out, push down the wet dirty floor, then someone jumped up to her body, 亵The ground is touched on her white body.

“Wow! I touched … I touched …”

“Don’t run! I have to stick your hair back …”

Among the unusual screams of everyone, my brain, what kind of schools are there, even the so-called “bad students” will not happen.

At this time, I noticed that only I and Lifang was a new year in the first grade. In this group of people chased her gaps, I saw the Di Fangjie white body, the film of the floor, the beautiful face was strong, and chestnated to find other toilets.

Finally she took out the group of metamorphosis, and ran into the door of the toilet.

After hiding in, she cried, she didn’t seem to be strong. She cried.

Everyone watched did not sing, and after some obscenity, he was surrounded by the king.

When the king walked over me, I lost my clothes to I watched my clothes, “Hey! First grade, wait until she will give her.”

Although I feel extremely angry for them, but I have no way. Who told me to just come in school, and I don’t want to make a stain to make my parents. Although this kind of person is not a mixed, it is definitely not fighting the courage, but Bad, bad, his old man is a public opinion representative.

Fruit is really auspicious.

Anyway, this kind of person has been bullied by genitals all day long, as well as Zhang Qiang to eat to drink, it is almost nothing to play with the relationship between schools.

I believe that in this eating society, I am a small citizen.

After they arrive, I approached the door of the crying, knocked it.

After a long time, there is still no door, I will knock on the door and finally make her probe.

I took my clothes in front of her, and she said that she took her.

I saw my clothes, she immediately took the past and quickly locked the door.

When she wore clothes, I said: “Don’t you take it?”

She didn’t reply.

“Why do you want this? Tell the instructor! It’s too much like this. Do you not think? Even my bystanders can’t see it, leave those guys …”

After a long time, I said, “I said:” No … can’t … he is my boyfriend, I am not good, I am angry … “like hypnotics yourself, her voice shakes, Hysterically muttered.

What is this nonsense!

But what do you have? One is willing to play a wish.

So I stood like this, I finally passed half an hour, she opened the door.

“Thank you.” She took a deep breath, and it seems that it returned to normal and smiled at me.

Looking at her gradually, I asked in my mind: “Do you commit suicide?” I shook his head, “Don’t be stupid, the girl in this year will not be so stupid.”

After the event, she really didn’t commit suicide. I found my thoughts and still stayed in the anti-communist anti-Russian age, but I really don’t know why she is so strong about the baboaster, what is the feature of the bastard? NS? Is it the reason for his old man?

Finally, I can’t find the reason, I have to ask myself: “Is this the gentleness of Chinese girls?”

I only feel like a mental disability.

In the evening, Aquan and I have dinner in the Songzhu restaurant outside the school.

“Hey, I am so cool today?” Aquada is very evil smile, not thinking about the drove of being cried, although she is very messy, but after all, how do people see people after all? I really don’t know what to say.

“It’s not enough! I think you are too much today. ‘

“Over? Forget it … Who told her not to guard the woman, which one is good.”

Look at such a big man, I am a sprint.

“Do you still remember that the atroke and a chaos? I heard that they also have one leg, this mortar, I also parallel with them.”

“But she can’t do it! You have only bullied her. If you don’t move, you will be very pure, and you are also dirty by you.”

“That is that she is too called, so good, if we dare to move her like the last time?” Angya said indignantly.

Because the last time they went to take the female student, they were called raped, although they were explained, but they were harmful to the tutor.

Indeed, the girls in our school are really stupid. It can be said that they can be said, they still follow the indulgence, they have no complaints after being smashed. It seems that the senior represents everything, and how can they, if this It is a reading to die, so it’s hard to test the results after college, then I will not be willing to let my daughter will be subject to this crime.

Obviously, our education only teaches us to be loyal to the leaders, can only teach such idiots, and they cannot teach people with independent thinking.

I thought that the first grade girlfriend was in the first half of the year, I scraped two uterus because I was a third type of group across the second type, so I knew that such a fertility in the future. There may be adverse effects, but the Al don’t care, but also say that you are not the most, because there is a guy who has three girlfriends, and the number of abortion in the three girlfriends is second. They say that he is good?

Is Wei’s first time to be lost by such guys?

I really don’t dare to think. “However, when I said this …” The left palm of the A is bent into a circle, and the right-handed food stretching has been imitated. Will have children … “

I saw that I didn’t really respect the seniors like an old label.

“I? Thank you! I have experience …” I was very proud of the chest, although it is really enough.

A “”, it seems that I have to spit out the juice in the mouth, look at me with a very unincroped eyes.

“I … I am talking about making love, just a man and a woman take off light, lying on the bed … Little ghost, not to say a gun,

“Do you think I am idiot? Do you, I really did it.”

“You are really stupid! The prostitutes of this year can’t call it, it is not a gonorrhea, syphilis, I advise you to pray!”

“You have not too small to see me, who said to have passed …”

“That … oh … Your guy is not that and you dating?”

“Well!” I smiled.

“Okay! Your guy! This is so big that this is not telling you!” Amazing knocked on my head, and then “Sensual” said: “It seems that we can make a Male Union ‘, exchange experience with each other! “

“Hey! ‘X big’ finally the first man is not talking!”

“It’s really you got, but unfortunately the woman is good, it is really bad!”

“Forget it! I am still normal, unlike your girlfriend, I really ‘bad” is wasteful … “

So I and he played with him in the madness that day and celebrated my first time.

Surprising enough! This is a boys.

□ ■ When the boy sees the girl in the third time

I returned to the residence, and the spirit of the opposite is actually very good, it may be too excited.

I reached out to hold the door, opened the door, and was very dark in the room.

“Strange, I remember there is a light!”

Just when I wonder, I suddenly had a hand behind it.

I was shocked, but a very soft, with a dotted lip has been over.

That is Wei, I thought she would come back from that day, I won’t come to me again, I obviously I judge the error.

Her tongue stretched over, I cont met the past, it was more intense than her, I slipped over her mouth, sucking her fragrant liquid liquid, the tip of the tongue came back to her tongue, white teeth, and then She naughty tongue.

Our double lips are tightly lean, so that breathing begins to make it.

This time I have more experience, and the A Department teaches me how to calm the skills, plus what happened in the male toilet today, I want the desire.

I don’t hesitate, I have a thin blouse, and I stroke her, then hold the size of the hips, hold her to the bed.

Although it will still be nervous, I am flexible and unnecessally unsatisfactory.

With the breath up and down, the gradually expanded hemispherical breasts are open in front of my eyes, and the pink nipple is standing up in the ulterous dizziness, which strongly exits hungry radio waves.

I leaned over her body, pinch the breast, put my face into the cleans of the kans, and then put her double breast to my cheeks, and feel this wonderful touch, greedily Sour from the beautiful breasts of rich flavor.

“You … it doesn’t seem to be nervous …” Wei side touched my hair while talking.

“Can you?” I asked if I can let me be happy in her body.

“Can I say it?” Her voice seems to lose the soul.

So, under the tacit understanding of when I formed, I got up and stood on the bed and let her unlined my clothes.

At once, our body is not hung naked in each other.

Her body and face are actually so flawless, white color, delicate skin, fresh touch, under white unclear light, as if the fairy is beautiful, a beautiful breath.

I went out of her double peak and the lower body, looked at her, I called my heart in my heart, reach out of her hands and tender hips, put her on me.

A very straight meat stick is pressed to her legs, and the thick fever and glans are caught in the genus, I am more embarrassed to pinch the two sip, violently The privacy department can be more tight.

The hands of your hands are on her hips, making her thighs delicate skin and down my glans.

I kept speed, finally, I uttered a cry, her beautiful legs suddenly Bankai, then press the body up. Without the slightest resistance, she raised my beast, I just want to drunkenly frantically pumping her body temperature and humidity, just want to bite her bloom areola, in the mouth craving to chew.

I simply impatient save caress her, so that she can work more moist, immediately send it in, all of a sudden the whole root mercilessly confiscated.

Wei later when she shake a little, then too late to make the body back in situ, to my shock and sent up, again and again and again, losing the last laid-back face, showing a terrible twist on Wei pretty face, white face full of bright crimson rose.

It is unspeakable, like being raped general excitement.

Steeped in an atmosphere of strange, I was pumping out enough force, due to the expansion of the penis in her enough time to secrete Aiye lubrication, vaginal smooth enough but a bit left and right sudden, hard pillar portion fiercely push poor the nuclear small meat and labia, cystic parts Roubang roots violently hitting the upcoming spasm petals, compose a chaotic war march.

The thrill is not enough … not strong enough pleasure ah!

I frantically shouted in my mind.

Wei frequent pumping the time to spit out a groan, it was washed away under a groan, repeated again and again to cover, like a drowned in the water is about poor people children.

Even her body wall secretion of lubricating fluid enough out of me when consumed, once secreted, the umbrella is immediately drawn to the glans with them, moisten two people eating the forbidden fruit of the pubic hair, into a wet mess, seems like excessive sweating in general.

In this case, it is difficult to distinguish me under pressure in the body of her what pleasure or pain and more and more? The degree of tension from her body, I really do not see.

I do not know how long, my cheek on her breasts, drunkenly open your mouth, let the saliva flowing shamelessly on her chest.

Hand end live roots, her hand holding a slender waist, kept pumping, the more reduced the use of more tight Roubi, pink to stimulate the glans, to friction hard as stone chime cock, softness, so that their flying high, to reach the pinnacle of sex.

Suddenly a black eye, warm feeling filled the cover gathered in close contact with the local delivery of us, more abdominal contraction as spasmodically more tight, a final form.

At the final blow, too late to make my whole root below the bottom of the hole did not, I strongly halfway injection in her slippery wall, that was swell ejaculatory semen of a sudden feeling of liberation closed off, joy the thrill quickly swell my brain, deprived me of thinking.

With each burst of smoke dynamic ejaculation, my body involuntarily twitching.

This time should be the real love it! That time I definitely do not admit yesterday.

I stayed inside her a little bit, and so after the climax, I patted her on the side of the hip, said:. “I can not do, you have the opportunity to do it.”

Wei fragrant perspiration dripping to breathe, I hold up the body with one hand, it is just the place to pamper stroked combination of clusters of smooth hair disheveled.

“Will it hurt?” I looked at her index finger and middle finger slightly pushed to her still swollen labia, and then pinch slippery fleshy core.

With my every movement, she constantly trembling, dim consciousness shook his head, for a moment, she could not afford to shoot open my hand, I was not allowed to continue her confusion down.

After a child, Wei reply from the pleasure of orgasm in mind, the naked body close to me, lying on my chest, as if with a kind of happiness, but also like to meet face haggard playing with her fingers, or play with my nipples.

“Is that alright? You’re not too familiar with me, he told me on the bed twice …”

“You say I do not know you? I know more.”


“XX private high school, the first school graduate, worked for two years squad, a vice squad, only thing is when the first grade semester, when mainly because we do not know you.”

I Zhangtailiaokou, was surprised why she so clearly my bottom line.

Her breath a little bit, go on, “best friend Hu Jin-wide, like most parents is the most annoying is the exam, the most sad is that … summer? There …”

“So how do you know you …? … Is it difficult …” I interrupted her.

She is close to my face and kissed me, and then again fell on my shoulder and into my ear: “I’m sorry I have investigated you,” she was leaning against me, panting slightly, “That day I am wake up, at first I thought I would be raped people, and found that he was what did not, and then you saw a man sitting on the floor. “

“So the whole time I saw you in an hour, you do not know, I do not know why, when I saw you have a strange feeling that you like to watch. In addition, you do not for me how, on the one hand want to thank you in the future, on the one hand you probably want to know it, so I took your student card on the table, he went to counseling rooms lied to some of your data back. “

“It turned out that you can’t take this bad egg!” I suddenly realized. “Don’t know like this … People know that there is a test that day, just don’t know if you have, so for you to be late, or turn your alarm clock, but I have forgotten the exam and have a student card!” She piled up Smile, using a smile offens to try to capture my defense.

I was still being captured, who called beauty is hard to be rejected.

I suddenly moved, “I don’t want this way after! Well, you will be my girlfriend, so there will be this kind of thing in the future!”

“Isn’t we now not? I investigate your information is not to bubble you?”

It’s a active girl, I really took her.

At this time, I almost cheer! I thought it was she wanted to pay sins, deliberately and I got bed. This is the northern girl in my concept.

But since she has already said that she wants to be my girlfriend, this … this … this is a wonderful thing!

“Right! Why are you writing ‘Summer’ two words on the ‘most sad thing’?” She looked at me.

“Do you want to know?”

“Well, my girlfriend has the right to know everything from my boyfriend.”

“Oh? Then I said, remember that it is my high school thing …”

I looked at the slightly yellow ceiling, as if there is a magic, bring me into a gray-yellow scene …

□ ■ Boy past girl

It is our class flower, no doubt.

Grace and beautiful, there is a good gorgeous, awkward people, in addition to this body is also good, because she has the beautiful and devil’s figure, don’t say that the boys in our class are fascinated. To die, even her “name” is also popular, there are many classes, as long as they hear our class name, usually, “Oh!” Asked this number.

Naturally, I am also one of the admiries of the embarrassment, but I am more inside, I don’t dare to express my affection for her.

As long as you can see her silently, it is the biggest wish I go to school.

That is in the afternoon of a summer, Affiliated I went to his home to see the latest video belt, I agreed to him, this is our secret.

In fact, the video belt is the kind of strap, youth, curiosity, how can you not want to see? Especially this time this time is particularly different.

After I ride a bicycle to his home, I found that he has already begun.

I slammed his head, across the sofa, sitting around him, then take a can from the soda basket on the coffee table.

“Hey! You are very mixed, not promise me, don’t you see it?”

He is very mysterious: “No, if you don’t look at it now, you will not …”

As soon as he said, he suddenly stopped his mouth and smiled insidiously.

I have an obvious that there is a weird: “Oh … What will happen?” I buckled his neck and started to play “said! Don’t say it? Otherwise, ‘Aruba’!”

“Ah … painful pain …” He was used as such a happened, and he didn’t even himself. He had to point to the screen “.” “

This evil kid has used tiger from the mountains and the sound of the sound.

In order to avoid missed these wonderful lenses, I put him.

He sorted out the crumpled clothes, fingers pointed at the protagonist of the male and female on the screen.

“See! Is this a very red jade girl? It turned out that it was a broken sock.” He pointed at the center of her thighs on the screen, a black velvet was inserted by a man. “According to the pipeline of my film, as long as I spend hundreds of thousands, you can also take the guy in the screen, come with her …”

I am playing a haha. “Don’t be stupid, spend a few hundred thousand? Tell you, even the principal’s daughter can’t play!”

Why do you want to say the principal’s daughter? That’s because her long appearance is a bit more than ordinary. In other words, “Ager”, so it is a thirty woman can’t marry, only desperately intended to be these young people, to meet her metamorphosis Psychology, so we all hate her.

I close my face close to the fluoresch screen.

“Wow! Is this true and false?” Looking at the face of excited and distorted, I can’t confuse. She is my favorite singer. When I broadcast her visit yesterday, she also said that she said from small to most. Haven’t booked boyfriend!

“Don’t be stupid, of course, it is true, one portrait may be fake, then three people are like?” Aquan pointed to newly join her man.

If it is the acting star, then I definitely don’t know.

However, the two men have become gray I recognized, one is a broker who brought her a record, one is recently successful, even the generals of our pivotive textbooks must be read.

It turned out to be such a thing, that broker is still economical, whether it is a turtle and the right to charge a hacker. No wonder when electing lovers in the army, it must be this jade star award, and the number of votes is almost twice the second place.

“Ah! I started to bite … I started to bite …” Aquan started with the video tape every time, he would call it, because he once said that he saw that there is a special excitement of the mouth. So he solved the belt and was ready to give himself.

“Hey! Don’t face it, didn’t see it next to me?”

At this time, the gate is in the bell.

A full of his trousers, the remote control is pressed, change to another channel.

Pressing the bell is not someone else, it is eager.

I saw her, staying, I can’t help it in Aquious?

Ugh! Really her …

Aquan is my good friend, I am so small, every time I have trouble, he is standing for me, remember that the country has a small guy in the class, he introduces me to know the “boss” “, As well as” friends “in some countries, ask them to help me out, flat to that guy quickly transferred.

Ancient Mingji, when friends look at the same girl, they must be regenerated, swearing, this is the lesson of history and the law of the biological industry.

Why do you want to tease me like this?

“Hey!” It’s a lot of your shoulders and smiled and said: “I can’t think of you, I still like to see this …”

I went back and saw that the two magnolia missiles on the on the screen were launched.

“Not bad! The child’s unbelievan …” Aquan pushed the building behind him, on the one hand, I dressed as a ghost face, “We hurry up!”

After they go, my heart is still unable to calm.

Looking at the screen of the jade stars grabbed the two men’s meat sticks, I didn’t respond to the left and right.

After about five or six minutes, there was a sound upstairs, and suddenly disappeared.

The prostitution of the jade stars sounded very harsh.

I started sitting hard, I don’t know what they are doing.

So I got up, I walked up on the floor, I went to the second floor, I heard that there is something that is in the kitchen, I have a small to the first floor. I can’t listen.

I judge that they should be in the kitchen.

So I pushed the kitchen’s door to a slit, I want to see what they are doing, why haven’t been done for so long?

While I opened the door, I found out that the feet were ambitious skirt.

I have a spectrum in my heart.

Search along the messy clothing, the situation in which I was printed is that I am unforgettable in my life.

The body is lying on the table of the kitchen, and the slender legs hooks the neck of the neck in the air, and the two-white arms are incredible to put her down, like touching, and like a pinch Something.

I look at the high feet, Aquati is also nakedly attached to her, grabbing her thigh, hips rapidly, and hit the waves from their handover, making the breasts and half a big breasts.

A full of backwards, the eyes are close, the half-open lips are not exhaling, and the saliva cannot be controlled from the corner of the mouth. With the potential of the pump, the neck is moved up and down, showing how he is. happy.

It is not quietly lying quietly, and her hand moves without a destination, or presses her double milk, or cares for her lower body, it seems that Aqui’s delivery does not completely meet her needs.

I don’t know when they start to make love, just waiting for me to open a peeking, Aquan has already supported, and then the ghost called “Hey”, hurriedly took his things out, the meat stick has been I can’t help it, I can’t pick up a white turbid liquid in the lower belly of the embarrassment, dipped in her breast, small belly, and the crystal liquid diverged with a strange gloss.

I noticed it at this time that the little belly is flat, very flat.

A full of curse, as if he tells you that he will never don’t have a shortout, as long as she is waiting for a few days, it will bring her more happiness.

However, she did not respond, at this time, she didn’t usually have a shame in my heart. In order to picture my own happiness, her hand began to move, holding an armed thing, anxiously, each When Aqui is slightly moving, she can’t wait to put it into her meat.

But no matter how you caress, Aquious things can only be more than half of the truly excitement, with her hungry, it is never erection.

It doesn’t matter, it seems to be really painful.

Seeing this, in addition to the shock of sunny day, it is also excited with a little bit of dead voyeur, and I pee about the yellow film under private.

I suddenly couldn’t bear to continue to look down, I can’t bear to see my goddess and Satan turned into the clouds, I can’t bear to see her unrelated hunger, which really exceeds my imagination.

I gently covered the door, get up slowly, turn it, and go down the floor.

At this time, the feet on the stairs, the feeling of my heart is hard to describe, like sad, like a breather; sad, my good people are so unbearable, because I am fortunately, I don’t really fall in love with her. . This is the illusion of secret love, just I don’t know why it is so blood, and suddenly throws my entire person into the abyss of the illusion, and people who like to open such a big joke.

At that time, I walked down the stairs. On the screen, the two men just were ejaculation, the prostitution of the heroine was like a tuned.

Today is really inverted, I was forced to break two pure “style vases”.

I don’t have a mood, I am embarrassed, I will leave the message after I left “I will go back to the third-level film”, leave Aquan in the family.

If you have witnessed the good things of Aquan and a good-end, everyone knows that my “re-” word is double, but the future fact proves that they don’t know my intention.

I lay in bed that night, hired in the cotton and cried in the cotton.

“What?” Qi asked me.

“What else can you have, after I found out that, I deliberately gradually alienate, because I am not very familiar friend, so she doesn’t know what I have discovered that day, I have been like this. It is gone in a meandering. “

Wei is very concentrated, and the eyes are still moving with me.

I turned her, I was very touched by her intimate, and then I hope to talk to the ceiling again, and tell this outcome.

“But she later also done with Aquiforn, listening to the class is a reason why I can’t be human, in fact, I know, but I can correct the mistake, Aquada is not a humanity, just not lasting.”

I have done it, I want to think about it.

I still said that the courage is said.

“Anyway, beautiful girls are like this. Who is like, whoever, who doesn’t like it, and it is playing with boys. Who told them to look good, everyone wants?”

After I finished, I turned back with her.

She knows what I just did, but she didn’t have embarrassing expressions at all, but she maintained a pose, then her hands and a booth, lie back.

“Do you think I am playing with you?” Wei’s words were vaguely stabbed.

“Isn’t it like this?” I naturally met.

After the speech, I am not so bad. What is too straight? Why don’t you think about the brain first, do you want to say it? I am idiot!

Weidaled, and then looked like a god of gods, and smiled softly.

She did not give me any clear answer.

The dialogue between the two is interrupted, and even the atmosphere between me is still very stiff, I blame me too much.

In order to avoid such an atmosphere, it will continue to be deteriorated, or I will open it first.

“how about you?”

“What?” She didn’t look at me.

“What is your first love? For example, your first kiss, the first time … I love it for the first time …”

“I?” She has a mysterious smile. “Do you want to know?”

“Of course!” I quite a chest.

So she slowly closed his eyes and enclosed himself into memories …

□ ■ Girl in the past boy

She is in high school, and the old age, plus the ammondenation of the transformation, and always let the young people lose laughter, and I am going to the competition in Er.

With her current results, plus a good appearance, natural is a treasure of parents and schools, and for her, the future will inevitably be destined, and her only trouble is the Joint test for too long.

Of course, in the eyes of her good conditions, in the eyes of the classmates of the public star school, they are really envious, but they can’t compete with her, so the narrow mind is constantly hurting her, but she It is not too popular, she has a unusual mentality, the thin thinking, making her own characteristics.

Also, he looks a little incomplete, the same is a public star school, but his name is big, and every time you have ended your school year, you must pray your own customs.

However, he has an ideal that exceeds youth youth. He has a dream. He has a enthusiasm. He has the so-called good students in the general population. He is not willing to look down to unreasonable teachers and students, he has courage to metamorphosis The school institutional challenge, although these are all context of the teaching and reading machines under the transformation machine.

Just like this, the individual seems to have some intersection, and she slowly disclaimed his sincere mind. She appreciates his love for the society, and the sense of the crowd, his one fell deeply attracting her, From him, she also learned what is friendship, love and love, which are not in her cold living environment.

She found himself in love with him.

For a certain day, they went out together, nightdown in the mountains. His arms are very warm, strong arms gave her peace of mind, and they were afraid of black, the first time I felt the warmth of the night, I don’t have to tear the darkness of the rainy night, although only the entire wooden house They are both paint on the outside of the wood, occasionally coming to a few ridiculous dogs, and the ghosts like a mountain wind, she doesn’t feel scared, that is because of him.

For a tired body, they are reluctant to separate.

She walked into the bathroom, when the warm water turned in her white body, I didn’t know why it seems to be hot hot water, and her heart, so that her rational gradually disappeared, even when she was touched, she accidentally touched her lower body. I feel that the feeling of sin is not seen, she only feels hot.

Lost the sinfulness of the usual place, driving under the inexplicable consciousness, she gently cleaned her body, squatting a mature chest, carefully using water, it seems that the lower body will never feel clean.

The water in the water is hot.

She turned, and he found him standing outside the door, but she couldn’t be angry because she couldn’t be angry.

He opened the door, walked over and grabbed her, and the wider rough palm pressed her back. His lip covered her lips, the tongue spent her tooth, kept around.

A dizzy almost suffocating her abandoned the last harmonious resistance, mixing his jinco and wonderful touch, she let his enthusiasm into her stomach.

His hand slides over the body and came to her chest, holding a double breast caused by caress.

“Ah … don’t …” She yielded in a wonderful grip.

I don’t know if he has experienced experience. His another naughty hand attacked down, pinching her stuffy buttocks, flexibly playing.

He slowly squatted, handsome face and hands in breasts came to her slightly thin triangle.

In the red eyes of the narrow, she looked at the water in his wide back and wet the only clothes on his side.

Suddenly he dials her closed thigh deep, see the virgin ruddy thin seam, then extended the index finger, and rubbed down the slight slit slightly. .

“Ah … No …” She was confused in his heart, but he was in contrast to the heart, he kept shaking his body and chased his thrills.

He didn’t force the index finger into the open petal, and his finger abdomen stimulated her in two slipper lip in the wall, and found a small hole in a small hole.

The bright red jerk temptation is like erection, as if he doesn’t know where it is the best to please her, he feels embarrassed, using the middle finger and unknown fingers, the thumb and the index finger, the eaten refers to caressing the inner wall, The thumb is bullying, she is generally like a labie.

Suddenly he put his head in advance, accidentally hit him to send a sexy sexy place, when the nose contrary to her small core, suddenly the soft softness made her weakness, fell on the flipping floors.

Lying on the floor, constantly feeling the body’s smooth wetness, let her bloom the petals of the bloom uncomfortable, she rose legs, let the knee become the vertices of the thighs and calves, the legs are as moving as much as possible.

From the horns shaped from the thigh, she looked away from the remaining clothes.

She looked from the floor. His young and firm meat stick slowly came to her close to her, and the bullion of the illegal grease looked so huge, and the pillar of the pillar of the slightly, it appeared from her thighs to her navel, tightened The scrotum looks like this.

“No … don’t … don’t …” She felt fear.

“It doesn’t matter …” He held his stuff in one hand, in the emitted glans.

His one other hand pressed her petals, index finger and middle finger parallel to open her, then put the glans with a fresh red female film, gently so that the hips were slightly retired again, so that the women’s film is like The calm sea, is aroused on the highlighter or falling waves.

“I am afraid …” She shook a few words, but they were unable to get rid of him.

He pickedly picked in, although the first geese wall was so narrow, it was not allowed to be too intense, as his tough stubborn personality, he still did not enter him completely.

The lower body is full of enthusiasm after the pain, with the extravagance of his penis, it is once in the abyss of the pain, it is like a thoughtful eyelid, but is pulled by both hands, so that the previous play The thrill of triggers is expelled.

Strong body keeps pumping in her body,

“Hey …” strong pleasure passed from her deep, and she had never had a comfortable feeling, accompanied by pain, so she could not control himself.

The adhesive meat is attached to the coarse meat stick, keeping up with the puff movement, his chest pressure is actually a form of pleasure, the deposition is in the chest, always reluctant to face up She is a desire to desire, the kind of heart is completely tawned.

It is a feeling of feeling fatigue. Just a sharp pain has gradually disappeared, and even increasingly raised the thrill, she is almost coma.

She slowly opened, as lost control, she was very shamefully found that her mouthwater flowed down, the muscles tightened hips began to come up, not only let him take the initiative, they also have a pleasure to pursue pleasure. He does not know where to learn skills and experience, let the first taste of the people want to die, don’t be nervous, the violent hand is flexible, and the lips are attached to her lips again, and they are not commens Her beautiful cheeks of iris.

His fingers clamped the firm nipples, crossing half a body, drifting into the sexy central zone, pinching the small meat core that kept hitting the column attack.

The stronger current is hit from the lower body, then the warm boom slowly extends, the fresh petals, smooth belly, the soft breast, forget the cherry, when she felt the boom to the top, while triggered The position of the shudder, the throat is like a plug, she can’t call the sound, then the hot vagina begins to pull it, the feet began to spasm, she keeps down, it seems to hear from the body. Some kind of uncoordinated, with no regular sound, suddenly there is no dryness between their hands.

“Hey … ah …” Swelling and beautiful pretty face, after receiving the most beautiful feeling between men and women, she is very helpless, weak, weak …

This is a climax, she consciously thinks.

However, he still did not stop, and the thick meat sticks were still colliding in her body. She felt tired, the body began to relax, even tightly grabbed the sheets of the sheets, and unconsciously opened.

Suddenly he was inexplicably accelerated in the body, and he stopped, from the body and the touch of the body, she found that he also had a slightly picked feel.

The body is interrupted, and there is a moment between instantaneous and relaxation, and it is strongly touched again.

The cold body is constantly being emerging warm-up, the first feeling is so warm, and the vaginal wall of the pumped vaginal is even more than the pleasure in the time, and the excitement of strong entry makes her deep The gains in the climax of Wang Yang, lost in the passionate jungle.

After the night of the mountain, they were more deeply embarrassed to each other. Whether in the body, psychological, date but not only with the intelligence of communication, but also young and dynasty love, they love, then they make love …

□ ■ The present boy and the present girl

I heard here, there is a kind of inner mousse, now I am now saying “he” since I just started the “he”, especially in the bathroom of the Wei, I even shouted in my heart: “Wei! Go! “Although this is already past.

When I said that I and Wei, the relationship between super friendship should be her boyfriend. I now have Wei, because I am currently and Wei become a male and female friends, I am “I played his woman”, I It should be proud of it, but I obviously the character is easy.

I thought of an extremely important thing, asked her: “Since you love this, why do you want to leave you? Is it … Is you cheated?”

She suddenly was very excited, her hands hugged her head, very sad: “Yes! Is him, is he don’t want me, we have sent a vow to be old, you should always be far away, it is him, he is him not good… “

Wei was crying and smashing: “He suddenly bought a car accident, in the graduation ceremony, just because he helped him to go out to buy things … Help him friends … he lie to me, he said in this life. Will leave me … “

“He died in a car accident like this …” Wei fell into a confusion that could not be self-made and kept repetition.

Seeing this, I just feel uncomfortable in my heart, obviously she loves him very much, and it seems that I can’t forget him.

Some people say that the first love is the sweetest, usually the most bitter, but I don’t know that the first love of Wei is so deep and sad.

I don’t know how to comfort her, because after I hear her story, I found that she actually loved me more love, my feeling is even more cool, although he is a past style.

Finally, she was helplessly licking her, patted her back on her back, and said that one or two “formula conversations” came to school to comfort her.

I think so I also want to cry, Wei is my real first love, but tell me this, how to say, when a lover heard another lover, even though it is holding, hugging this kind of small affairs will be angry I am going to bed, but she gives me such a fierce medicine, not only saying that her body belongs to him, but even the mood is unable to forget him.

I am really idiot, don’t ask her, will not make me so sad.

Now I know that after her extent to be loved someone, I started to have the same love like him, there is no confidence.

But I think that she is in my arms, but the heart is in someone, my expression will be distorted, even some pain.

“Don’t I eat a vinegar who has passed away?” It seems that you can feel the suffering of love, I am going to sleep, and someone looks quietly to the ceiling.

It is that night, I and Wei became a pair, eat together, live together, although she did not retreat her place. Perhaps because of this, my life has a goal and gradually beat.

I think, I have already fell in love with her.

Every time I finish love, I always like to hold her, touch the play to make her slender nipple, tell her that I love her, then ask her to love me.

But she always refused to answer me.

Sometimes she said that she likes me very much, but it means that she doesn’t mean love, and then she can’t don’t have me, but she just can’t understand her confidant.

“Once I say ‘love’, that is, I am willing to pay my life to him. I am willing to sacrifice for him …”

But I can’t always make her say “love”.

Therefore, although I hugged her in the arms, I felt that there was a kind of feeling, I was afraid that I had more than her, and more fear, I would lose her.

I started to feel pressure, although I clearly came from her to me, I can judge that she is love me in 99.9999.

And this zero zero has become an obstacle in my heart, because, in the evening that she is in the dream, she speaks that word in the dream.

I care about this is this.

Because I feel disdain to myself, I hate I only have her flesh and care, I am embarrassed, I am full, I am finished!

Old Tianshimin is open my joke, because the two are not only the same, and the individuality of each other is also coming, after the past life, Wei is a good wife in my mind, just why She is going to grow in the north!

God! Why can’t I get rid of the careful eyes of the southern boy, to accommodate the past of the northern girl.

Just because of the two growing environment, it naturally has fairly different.

I can’t forget the first time for the first time. The male protagonist is a man, but the actress is not a woman’s fact, especially she is not willing to say love me, let me more humiliating.

I started feeling tired, this pressure is very heavy and pressed on me.

She has long noticed that my behavior started an abnormality. I didn’t just attend my friends, and the dispute between the two was gradually.

She also started to live in the original for three or four days, I don’t want to talk to me.

Maybe because of your feelings, because of her “motherhood”, she will deliberately find some time I am sure to return to my residential unit, help me to organize the room, clean the clothes.

Then I did something I expected, and even thought of my physiological needs. Every time she sang, I left a note, saying when she would wait for me in her place.

Her beauty actually became a bigger dream in my heart.

Almost every time I have a deeper humiliation and inferiority, as if she is pity, I will play more than before.

After fiercely, we just lying in bed and silently silently.

My classmates really can’t see my humble weather, and I have to let go of the way to make our relationship to normalize, but I have failed to come.

I am because of the big man in the southern standard, she is because she is because of the northern part of the temper.

And these kinds, as long as I can solve it in one sentence.

I have never been.

□ ■ When the boy will see another girl

In the day of meeting, it was in a warm spring holiday evening.

The big campus is almost people, plus holidays, and no one will want to come to school in the evening, so I took the schoolmates of the nest in the reading room to go home, and I cheated them to say time. .

Today, I have already written it on the word, the cold war almost two months, I still want to look for her face, go to her crispy breasts, and smooth the heat.

Walking on the tendo, I saw a group of people in front of the front, being entangled in a school girl who just went out from the reading room.

I walked by them and noted that school girl was recently stayed in reading room reading, and sitting in front of me, a quite attractive girl.

I have already said that our school has a small number of senior senior schools. I don’t know how to play people. Although I don’t know much like a schoolmate system, this is for our boys. The sister’s words are different, not only don’t dare to resist, and even more thanks to the bodies, it is solemn than seeing the instructor.

It is a pity that the school girl is more than half of them. In fact, that fly is easy to take, as long as it does not twist, the attitude is firm, then they are not. If it is like Wei, they dare to go like her, that is not to be admitted to the instructor or the police station.

So if it is in school to integrate men and women, most of them are doing face-level students, and the pure school girls, according to my girlfriend, a girlfriend, a senior boy, will From the bottom of my heart, the whole body is hot, and it is not compromised by the autonomous place.

“Oh!” I called out.

No wonder our school’s abortion rate will be a championship.

This is the “metamorphosis” tradition of their girls, and no one knows when there is.

I am already three grades, but I am a natural closure personality, or if I can’t catch it, do I have a way? This is what I have been suspicious. Although people have almost all said that I have a good condition. At that time, there were several fourth-grade students were entangled in her, one of which was still desperate to happily, but she was refurbished, and she was desperately retired.

I am approximately ten meters from them, I think that it is that they are in the prank, and they will go slowly to them. This has been here to be used, since the man will not play too much in the campus, and later The little girl will definitely become the girlfriend of the man. This is a practice.

Suddenly, I heard the flower garden sent an unusual sound.

I am smiling, “Why do you fall to the grass!”

So I turned, but I found that there was something wrong. The girl was forced to the corner of the flower garden, and the group of people had about five or six people, two of them grabbed her arms, pressed her on the ground, and other one Her mouth does not make her sound, and the other people have started to bring it in the heart.

This is a violent!

I feel extremely none to this kind of person, and it is not satisfied with more than one more than one in the school. I don’t want to harm a good girl.

I can’t bear it, I can’t bear it, I ran over.

“Hey! What? Let her let her go!”

When they heard me five people, let her let her go, turn over to me.

“Hey! School brother, know the point of knowledge, so you will soon!”

One of the lengths of me, it seems that they have long identified that since the school girl can’t resist the academic length, the school brother should also learn to handle this.

I still don’t look at them and stand in order to fix it.

I saw me without retreating. They started to have people who couldn’t help them. They were extraordinary and more than people. I want to be unfavorable to me.

This year, I only had a country in the middle of the country, and I can see that this group of people have not grown up. When high school is, the star school is born, because the school is bullied by the school, think I am very big.

Two people are approaching, holding fists to spend.

I flashed them, one of the guys fell, and people fell out. They did not stabilize their pace, and they were irritable. They really verified the assumptions they did not have.

So, I am not afraid of them.

When I rushed on my side, I grabbed his clothes behind me. I went to him, and I waited for the suspension time of them, and I went to the past. Finally, I raised the feet toward the guy who wants me to take a leisure to kick.

They were frightened between them.

This is a thing that is unable to imagine in the campus. I think they think that I have taken money to buy some of the hand and flexible, or by side by side, there is an incident, there is a bad thing “mixed “So, self-respecting.

Unfortunately, who told them to meet the guy who is mixed with this middle school.

The two people who have no injured don’t even help the companions, they flee them, and the remaining people leave with hurt.

Look at the kind of fear, it is really a laugh.

In order to avoid them to tell the parents or the instructor (this is the most fascinating thing), I deliberately shouted, “There is no more coming! Laozi, who will move, who will move!”

They ran faster.

I went to the side and found that her top has been taken off. The skirt was pulled down. She covered the chest, she held the belt of the skirt, and she was afraid to cry. Fortunately, I came to the time.

“Thank you …” She covered the chest and finished the top of the two meters, and I want to give her.

I follow her instructions and handed her.

Very strangely, this girl’s half-length can only be seen, the shoulders are just the ancient morning, and I will refund the popular underwear early.

I can’t see her chest and back, I just watched her back, I found that her shoulder is beautiful, especially under the yellow guan of turns.

She noticed that I seem to be peeking, and I turned a little shy and looked at me.

I responded very quickly, I immediately thought about my face, and I watched myself. I was appreciating the sunset of the sunset. I was a gentleman who was a gentleman, rather than colored.

She immediately got up and walked to me, respecting me, respecting me, saying: “Thank you … I really thank you.” Then I said some I didn’t dare to remember the “魂 soup” “.

“Don’t mind, as long as people will help, I just happen! No need to hang. Ha! Ha!” I played a haha.

I said that I am very moral courage. I like road to see the knife. The ghost … In fact, it is my judgment “Note” correct, if you teach my “boss”, don’t say fight, Even if I am, I don’t dare, let alone five!

She told me like this, I am embarrassed to be embarrassed.

My hand is very unsettled and touched, and a stupid smirk smirk, and suddenly her short hair caused my attention.

Looking at her hair, I learned that the girl’s hairstyle is to cooperate with her face, as well as the exterior, so it will look good, like her short hair gives people a fresh and lovely lively. She gives me her name.

I am aiming at a glance, “the country is a, Wang Xinru.”

I think of the class of Wei, can’t do this girl, is it. I have to ask her to see if I go back.

□ ■ Boy, girl, with another girl

I opened the door, Wei has waited there, but she slammed her head, took a head to one side, so I can’t see her gloomy face.

I went to the clothes and hanged the jacket.

She stood up at this time or deliberately covered her expression with beauty, unlocking her top, skirt.

I saw a piece of clothes on her body, and when I was bare, I couldn’t bear it.

Maybe it saved a person today, my mood is very happy.

Therefore, although I can’t say it well to Wei, my movements have been gentle, I pinch her shoulder, low head, and kiss with Wei.

Half of the semi-push, give up her, slightly opened the cherry, accept the tip of my warmth.

Then, maybe it’s a tacit understanding of our two! Wei actually grabbed my breast collar, leaning on my chest and started.

The first time I saw strong, she would cry, I really hate myself.

I gently put the head on her hair, and then open my arms tightly hit her.

“Everything has passed, I promise that everything has passed …”

I put her on the bed, then kiss her with her lips. Everyone touched, all of them made the body slightly trembled. I extended his tip of the tongue, slid into her wonderful triangle, slowly kissed Her petals, then extended their fingers and thumb, move the hidden labipings, revealing the small hole that seems to be met.

My tongue tongue is hidden immediately and a smooth hole, like she is separated, then the tongue is attached, and she will take her with a rough tongue.

Vehicle is touched by a sexy current, and the whole body is not horing autonomously.

Then I went round lips, one to two petal cracks, anxiously looking for cute little meat core, then touched her with the nose, biting with her lips.

I put my fingers into the meat, I feel hot, almost burn me.

I started to take the fingers, I saw the sticky soft zone sticking on, kept turning into my entry, I thought about my oppressed places, is this?

Gently bite the erectile ruddy yolk with the tooth, then start moving the body, the mouth does not leave the moisture zone of Wei, and then puts me in the body of Wei.

The hard meat stick is squeezing her wet lips, and the swivel tip is wrapped by her flashing tongue. I also began to consciously blur, but the tongue constantly spending the feeling of spending around my glans is too strong, and it is not enough. I extended my hands, walking with the ruddy gap, rubbing it, or pinching her.

“Hey …” her mouth contained the erection penis, and the voice could not be clear.

“Ah …” I have flowed out … “I shouted, sighing her tempting meat, more moist more than just now.

Promote the tongue, roll up the love liquid with a point, feel a bit sweet.

“No … no … don’t …” She yelling in mixed.

I pinch and put her small core, and I put her mouth with my mouth, and then more intensely sucked more of the liquid solution from the depths.

More strongly stimulates to her body, making her crazy, accidentally put my penis out of her mouth, mix the spit and the penis of the secretion, draw a flashing trail on her beautiful cheeks.

I once again bite her, and I would like to put the meat stick in her body’s impulse. I moved fiercely.

“Let you first climax.” My mischievous thought, because the Actian School leader said that after the woman’s climax, it will make her more succier in you …

I used my fingers instead of my mouth and played her, and then turned back to observe her.

She has no strength to bite my meat stick, just reach out of the tongue, and touch my roots, make the fascinating Jin liquid stopped out of her mouth, wet my meat and hairy, also Her face sparkles.

See this scenario, more evil beast is dyed my thoughts.

“Let you vent it …” I thought of porn cartoon dialogue.

I quickly martedly her holes and small cores. Suddenly, I felt that she began to dramatically, and it seems to have an unable to describe the magic, suck my fingers into her deep body.

“Is it a climax?” I saw this, I got up, and I didn’t fade with the thrill of 趁 薇 慉 未 未 将 将 将, 褪 褪 褪 褪 褪

“Ah …” Wei’s voice seems to be a nightingale, gumped into my heart spleen.

I didn’t hesitate, I immediately fought, first pumped a few times in the depths, and then took out, then I immediately entered it. “Well … 唔 …” Dramatic pleasure is accompanied with pleasure, like the wind, sweeping her, just gave a climax, I was like this, and I was floated by my desire abyss, just kept Excited, excited, almost even breathing is no way.

The two feet of Wei rely on my shoulders, the beautiful thighs kept suffering from the impact of my abdomen, issued a sound like drum.

I don’t know why, she has a climax that she has strength to clamping me, and it is tenacious to resist, using the most mysterious weapon to stop my advancement, wait for me to fight, I can’t retrail.

“Ah … You are bad eggs …” I have my hands on her waist and gradually shout. “

She found that if she didn’t start against attack, she had already eaten her loser loss, and she will yield in my violent throduction. I have a long way to make a few times, so that she feels like it is simultaneous. It is very embarrassing that several men gang gang rape, just like a prostitute.

“Well …” Wei once again lost his breath, and a strong hot flow in the lower body seems to be out, and his hands unconventionally swayed in the air, it seems to come …

When I was very excited, I took a pillow under her hips under her hips, and use the skill on the posture to make her more quickly entered another peak.

Because I have waited for the afternoon, I have been waiting for the afternoon, secretly playing once in the residence, so it hasn’t feels there is no feeling of three or four hundred.

This time is purely to make her crazy.

I keep moving forward, actually makes the waist of Wei’s waist, and the delicate buttocks have been hanging in half of the air, stretching straight legs, and the body, just like a pour U-shaped type, then I started using my finger’s power, I went in her private, dialing her dense triangle, went in that the two mince sticks opened the privacy, pinching sexy hills.

“Ah … ah …” Wei was touched by my fingers, a cold, climbing another flood, the whole body contraction, especially the handover.

I am striking, and the lower body is strongly puffed, and the fingers are fiercely kneaded.

“Hey …” Wei seems to be crying, the cherry is exaggerated, sending a very voyage, the slender hands are placed in my chest, like pushing me, but I can’t make it completely strength.

“Hey …” I am very proud, I don’t know why, let a girl have been indulge in the pleasure of climax, so I make a laughter.

It’s so relaxing, I suddenly feel bad, a strong current rushed to my sex to think about the center, warned me that I was coming.

In order to avoid this happening, a machine is disconnected, I temporarily extract the narrow meat hole, temporarily take a break, wait for the body to go to “whole”.

Wei seems to feel that my situation begins to be unfavorable. She summits my upcoming foresee from our two sexual intercourse from us.

I have learned that I have to make her conspiracy in my self-esteem, she decided to give me the head and hit it, I want to turn my army.

So she quickly reached out, pinch my hips, did not let me leave, then use my own physiologically and different structures to start vigorously.

“Unfair … you … You have to come out once …” Music him swells red cheeks, and it means to express her meaning.

“Oh …” was dismantled with this happened, plus it already excited, let alone her face is very beautiful, I have been upgraded to the highest.

Tiaowei stopped the movements of her back, but the round of attacking more intensely, in order to make himself more exciting, I made the whole force to endure the kind of hot flow, the frequency of the pump is increased to infinity.

“Hey, 咚, …” The world’s voice disappeared, only the testicles hit the sound of the labia, only the sound of the thigh hitting the hips, only the belly hit the sound of the thigh, “咚,, 咚, 咚 … “

Wax red stick nitrified glycerin, the flame does not stop into the cotton line, Zi …

“Ah …” I put your hips and made Wei’s body in the back of the back.

At this time, we fully grasp the sheets. The whole body is like the last moment of stimulation, biting the root, and the chest is coming.

Very serene, she grabbed the hands of the sheets, slowly relax, floating the chest gradually, then moved to her chest, as if the virtual off, stopped in the air.

The beautiful face is a burst of red tide.

I closed my eyes, grabbed her leg, so that I could closely integrate with her, greedily enjoy the serene in the crazy storm, and quietly waiting for the pleasure.

After approximately three or four minutes, I moved my body, exited her body, and then close her lower belly, along her delicate skin, bite it in a inch. I slipped over her skin, sucking her sweet milk tip, breathing the milky in the milk, then attached her lips, biting her ambiguous tongue, and finally the cheeks of the hot.

“Do you like me?” My face sticked to the pillow next to her head and asked her.

“Um… “

“Do you like it?” I gently bite her earlobe.

“Um… “

“This … you … love me?” I still followed.

Wei is still intoxicated in the temperament after the incident, always closed his eyes, showing satisfaction, did not answer, even a word.

“Well?” I deliberately forced her.

“Um… “

She still avoided “love” as before.

I will not stick to this time, I stopped a little.

After I put it in my hands, I lay in bed, and Wei’s body shrinks into a group, leaning on my arm.

I have emerged in my mind, so I said.

“If, I am like it!” I gave a letter to ask Wi, “If there are a few men want to violent you, what will you?”

“Rapth?” Wei looked up at me, I was very happy to say “I am relieved! Unless there is a weapon, the knife is still not, don’t touch me.” I immediately showed it. The expression, “If someone has a way to move me, the girl under the world is about to be strong.”

She smiled very openly.

I remembered that she was a karate black belt and asked her that she was nonsense.

I asked her with what I happened in my evening. Even my hard work, I just understood a few tricks and some rude and unsatisfactory courage, I can give those “weak chicken” very big. Ma Wei, let alone are her? I will enter the hospital for the old morning.

I suddenly became cold, I was very much with her, but fortunately, I didn’t have too much. Otherwise, her lion is tempering. Then I can spread the scales, fell to the ground.

Her weak body is close to me with a strong tone that is concentrated.

“Dear, are you worried about me …”

Suddenly became very mysterious.

“Is it worried about yourself? Reassuring, I am willing to go to bed with you, no matter what you do, even when I don’t want, you will never use karate to deal with you. of.”

Ah … ah … ah … Yes … Yes … Yes …

This kind of naughty hint expression is revealed.

joke! Although this is said, but this is a threat! Even when you use your fists, you will die, how can you dare to her …

After the words were finished, it was closed on my chest, closed his eyes, and I want to hold her into a dream. After a while, she fell asleep.

This is no wonder that today we are doing very fierce, she will be so tired.

But although I am a man, I can’t sleep at all than she uses.

After she fell in peace, I took her to me, then slanting, holding a cheek with one hand, and staring at her body.

Unconsciously, I looked at the girl in the evening, Wang Xinru.

The same is a girl, but the two are extremely different, one is a happy family, one is a bucket of small family.

I found that Wei’s status in my heart has been different from before, a little decline.

A few months later, once again, fate seems to have to arrange our two.

I slowly stepfully at the department, the weather is very bad, and the black pressure is in a piece, with a silky rain, there are still in the same.

I shouted “not wonderful” in my heart, at least five minutes, I want to rain, I hope this time must not rain, otherwise this thin coat can’t save me.

So I settled my mind and ran in the legs.

When I ran through the classics, I noticed that the girl named Wang Xinru stood there, wearing a thin white top, is a typical material that will be translucent in the water.

This rain suddenly came, the morning is the world, and there suddenly turned around in the afternoon. The wind was also bigger. It was quite a mountain rain to cover the trend of the building, as the northwest rain of the summer standard.

I saw her like this, I immediately ran over.

Because I am wet, it is not very good after she is wet, and half-transparent clothes, if they encounter some boring students, they will certainly do things.

“Hey! Remember me!” I stood in front of her wet.

“Ah … it is you!” As with Savings, she is very happy to speak.

“Don’t be happy, I didn’t have an umbrella.” I remind her. “It doesn’t matter, there is a friend to accompany me, so I am not afraid of harassment.”

“Don’t I harass you?” I deliberately asked her.

“Will you?” She smiled gently, two small wine nests on the cheek were very cute.

“This … Of course, it will not.” I took a look around, I would like to ask “Hey? What about your friends?”

“There are a few senior students just have taken them.” When she mentioned that her tone was very cold, she visible her friends were the prey of metamorphosis.

“Look at the rain, you may get to night, this …”


“Do you want to adventure?”


“Um … just like this!” I pretend to bow my head and shout out.

I haven’t returned to God yet, I will put the coat on her, then picked her, I don’t say it, I will run immediately.

“Hey!” She shouted anxiously, although I understood what I won’t do, but I was hugged by a man in the street, she was very embarrassed to study from the southern part.

I played a thunder, and the rain was scattered on our body.

I keep running, I will be slightly struggled. She is completely put down, wraps her hand to my back neck. It is very gentle to look at me, like to give everything to me.

I saw her looked at me, I smiled toward her.

“Boom …” The thunder is crazy, and the lightning flashes flashes.

“Hey …” The rain is getting bigger and bigger, and hitting it in me.

A small water bead with a point is dripping from the hair.

“Spirit …” I jumped over a big beach and splashed in the foot.

Hold her abuse into the alley.

“… …” The water pipe next to the house is constantly flowing.

Finally, I saw a girl’s dormitory in front of you, and there was a carport with a dormitory.

After putting her down, I got a lot of big mouth.

“It’s really bad, the whole body is wet.” She took out a unsatisfactory handkerchief, gently went to my face.

I am a little disappoinstick, she said to me: “I am sorry, our girl’s dormitory is not allowed to enter, otherwise I will help you dry … Are you cold?” Since the end, she is hard to ask, almost To cry out.

“I didn’t matter … this … I have arrived, hurry up …” I still breathe.

“Don’t you really have?”


“That … then thank you. Your body is also wet, hurry back to take a bath, or you will catch a cold.” She turned over and looked at me, said very carefully, then lowered the sound “you have a cold, I will feel very distressed … “

After I heard, I didn’t dare to lick her.

So this looks, we have gained a while, two red lips slowly close to each other, with two rapidly jumped hearts.

However, it will be one or two centimeters. If it turns back to God, then in a hurry, I am so embarrassed, and the red face runs back to her dorm.

Looking at her short hair, suddenly discovered that she was so cute, so I had an impulse that I want to take her.

I stood there, after a few minutes, jumped excitedly.

“Ah … it’s a pity!” I took a stone, throw it out to the sky and shouted towards the sky.

Although I worse, I lied to her first kiss, I was a little disappointed, but I learned that I would like to me, I am even more likely that even the coat is forgotten.

After returning to the residence with a pity, I found usually at this time, I will not stay in my room, sitting at the desk.

When I saw my body and went back, I was very concerned about it, helping me let me put hot water, then took a bath towel to go to take a bath, so as not to catch a cold.

I should have a place, then enter into the bathroom.

Lying in a warm pool, thinking about the scene just now, breathing is a little urgent.

“Hey! Awe!” I called her.

“Well? What?” She came over and knocked on the door of the bathroom.

I didn’t pay attention to her, I quickly opened the door and pulled her in.

“I hate, do it!” She was ackless.

I pressed her to the wall side, rudely kissed her, then told her:. “I want you, I must have you now”

Then I reached into his inside her blouse, violently pinching her breasts began to swell.

“Well …” She was stretched past my tongue sealed lips, I can not refuse tough offensive, just kept pushing my shoulder.

My other hand into her skirts, underwear privacy will be resting at the open, then caressing her fingers and land.

“Do not ah … ah … ah … I do not,” Wei mouth vague said no, but the body can not hide that she wanted, slippery Aiye began rapidly wet palm of my hand.

I come into contact with mucous palm warm, as there are palm-like pleasure, lower body violently expands, along with a sense of friction between the glans and underwear, made me very uncomfortable.

I quickly stripped me and her clothes.

I squatted down, Wei deep in the cheek triangle, slowly moving my head back and forth, her dark hair and soft Mosuo my skin.

Her body twitch.

Then I left her pussy, so I face her, her rosy official temperature and humidity of the labia, lifted her hands stretched past two Rouchun, then Couguo tongue to lick her slit lips sucking her small nuclear mound .

Wei kept shuddered, unconsciously, I was induced sexual desire, she began to frantically, because we are so close, action is also gradually fornication.

Her hands around my head, straining to pressing, slightly open your mouth, greedily enjoying the pleasure I bring her: “Do not stop … do not stop … Do not stop ah …”

I am proud to side motion with side looking up, Wei hands attached to the chest, with her body surging up and down fluctuations, violently pinched her breasts, playing with the nipple.

Cohabitation two or three years, from the outset let me just lay in bed the action, to present the active pursuit of pleasure, I lamented a woman of change is so large.

After a few minutes, I was holding the hand of Wei, then slowly lower body area, so I myself lying on the floor.

I touched Wei cheek, and said to her:. “It’s your turn.”

Wei nodded, then that is a burst of warmth attack caught my mind, can not think of Wei even have such a skill, so I can not help but sigh.

She was warmed containing wet lips into my penis, using a rotation about the flexible tongue in the glans portion of the umbrella, and then after a while her lips imitate labia, the slide up and down on the cock.

“Well …” My chest burst of oppression, exclusion of non-stop live atmosphere.

This is clearly a method of the past few months we were having sex, but he began to feel strange.

Wei She sucked bite for several minutes, then got up and sit on my penis stands, hands close to my belly began to come alive.

Wei actions modest, but each hit very close, her tightly against my lower body, intense rubbing her sexy clitoris produces large amounts of current, the secretion of juice it was wet body hair so that the friction is reduced to a minimum.

After a child, Wei tilted back, his hands hold up her upper body, legs propped her also slightly lower body, to begin more intense ups and downs of her junk, let her Roubi more violently and rub my cock.

Wei breasts shaking up and down, slapping the thigh and buttocks tender voice is so great that I deeply revel in the sense of this wave after wave of attack.

“Well … pro … dear … you like that … it?” Wei out of breath, very vague said opening, and a very intense groaning.

I do not know why, I was originally ignited by the flames of war, the initiative turned into Wei.

“Ah … ah …” Wei began to literally cry out.

I stand up to her to the ground, pushed her feet, I became a totally grasp the initiative, then began thrusting.

Wei tightly around me, on a beautiful face constantly emerge out of twisted excitement, groaned met.

I rapidly pumping it, then she shouted: “!! Not come out not come out.”

Hot Roubi almost make my penis burns, slippery mucus almost made me almost slip out.

“No … No, ah …” Wei has been my first step, triggering a climax.

As she had told me that after a particular sex to say: “Why is it every time sex is almost always climax?”

“Ah …” I suddenly shouted out, and then a lot of sperm injection is started, the body constantly twitching.

This time is very thrilling, there are more than ten times the distance she pumped “leak” out of time to stop.

We have two people from a particular chance a year ago, a very special watch to roll videotape, men use the above tips caress the heroine die happy, and he even thirty seconds of regular play time not, so I follow the example of his rhetoric, the main use of caress, think of even a large number of shortened time to make her crazy.

But stubborn she does not admit that this is the role of caress, just in case I am very proud of sinister smile, said: “? If you really like as long as the hand, then I’ll do it, and why you do.”

So, I have been very ridiculous. Every time I do love, I can see the other party to reach the top. But there is always eight times, and I lost to me nine times.

I tiredly rinsed with water in our body. After waking the droplets on my body, I picked up the bathroom, and then fell to the bed and faintly asleep.

I don’t know how long, I suddenly have a personal call to me.

I picked up the phone, I should have a breath, I heard the voice of the other person, I was laughing in me, I smiled, called: “It is you!”

“Hey … it is me, the students are good!”

“How do you call me? Is there anything?” My spirit suddenly oscillated.

“There is nothing big! Just …”

“Just? What is just?”

“…, it’s right! Have you take a shower? Thank you in the afternoon.”

“Washing …

“Well … I have something to want to please you, don’t know if you can’t …”

“Let’s talk, as long as I go.”



“In this case, can you have to borrow ‘I?”


“Just accompany me to eat! Ok, just say it! Tomorrow is waiting for you before 12 o’clock in the morning!”

“Hey… “

I have not said any comments, this girl hangs.

I heard this, my heart seems to rushing a first in love, and I don’t know if I have a good girlfriend.

Just now she talks to a vibrato, I can’t help it by her classmates, it is really a girl who doesn’t understand the world, just like the country.

I hang up the phone, some of a turbulent thoughts slowly clear.

“It’s not good, she really likes me.” I have a little floating. “

“She is from the south, and I am also southern people …” I started thinking about her things about her.

At this time, a soft and tender hand climbs my neck, the breasts in my chest are pressed on my back, and a graceful touch is poured.

“Who is it?” Wei hugged my head, and Zhu lipper kissed my cheek.

“Nothing, the academic school of the motor is looking for me to eat tomorrow …” I plan to sprinkle, so tomorrow is good and as going out.

“Is it? Don’t lie to me.” Wei Weidou “Wang Xinru …”

I was very surprised to go to the head and watch her. It seems that she is my gratitude. No matter what I do, I flee her eyes. Since our two, the students seem to be with her, I just have something If you count the ‘secret’, someone will tell Wei.

I am stupid.

“I have no lesson today. I saw the weather in the afternoon, I took the umbrella to pick you …”

I think, “Yes! I remember when I ran out of the school gate, it seems to have someone who saw a pink umbrella. When I returned to the residence, I found it very familiar, and there was a rain droplet. Umbrella.

I am going to explain, but Wei is an anti-normal, stop me from going on.

“Don’t say it, I have seen today,” Wei’s tone is very cold.

“This …” I replied.

“Say you don’t want to go to tomorrow. Tell me, don’t want it?”

“this… “

“Want to go? That’s good …” I don’t know if I look at it or Wei’s expression. I saw her disappointed look.

□ ■ When the boy must choose the girl

“Tomorrow, I will go to that place waiting for you, if you want me.”

Wei’s words were obviously with threat tones.

She breaks away from my shoulders, she is from next to the wardrobe, opened the door of the cabinet, took out her clothes.

When you look at the white body, when you hide a piece of clothes, there is only a blank in my mind.


The door was taken by Wei’s power and showed her disappointment to me.

At this time, my heart jumped through, the feet were like nailing on the floor, and the whole thoughts were messy.

After a long time, I slowly stood up, bending down, picking up my clothes, but also wrote her message to me.

When you turn your letter paper, I read what I wrote above. I was eaten in Songzhu Restaurant, the date is today, draw a “x” above, next to the date of tomorrow.

She must be known to the situation of Wei Dark and if she is, she will not give me the final pass, I want to choose one in the two.

She didn’t look at this very much, recently, and the female classmates or school students, when they do things, although she will always be a bit uninterested, even talking points.

However, since these days, I also have several deliberate girls to try to explore her, but she didn’t care, even told me that if they are better than her, then she absolutely welcomes me. s Choice.

In fact, she has a confident her color, connotation, and the feelings of these days.

Is it because of the cold war in the previous while, or she began to ‘love’ on me …

I have already lost my life when the vortex fell into love, is it changed to her?

I put my hands in the back of the brain, slowly lying on the bed, thinking about things …

If you know less than two months, there is a kind of southern girl’s unique shy, holding, a pair of water-looking eyes, let anyone will be drunk.

The beautiful face, the simple figure is like a flowers that have not been seen.

Will be invisible when talking to the opposite sex.

Especially for the second time, Tiangong did not make a beautiful place and she went home, under the wet clothes, I even saw her breasts, not currently popular bikini bra.

In this chaotic society, there is no more girls in the complex men and women.

Really, she has been with me, but I can’t expose it, but I am not talking to the sky and other girls, showing her unhappiness.

Because of this, I met she made me re-picked up my ideal of my love object.

Wei is beautiful, it is also very gentle, cheerful personality, and generous manners show her confidence.

Dare to love hate, persistence on the love, so that she is willing to give everything to me.

My life in the past two years is not a slightly taking care of her. When I am under class, there is always someone to wash my clothes for me. For me to make messy rooms, I will prepare delicious dinner at me, even when my physiological needs She also likes me.

Her all kinds are complete like my wife.

What else do I still satisfied with such a girl?

She also said, very sincerely, she really likes me, or she won’t sacrifice so much.

Same as a girlfriend also said to me that they really envy me, girlfriend is sensible, careful, mature, not like their girlfriends.

Both two have the characteristics that I have to bear, why must I accept the suffering of one party? This is too unfair!

The headless flies are all in my room. Sometimes I work hard, sometimes hold the head, sometimes the old man, sometimes the face is cold …

At the end, I sat quietly in the bed along the bed, low thinking.

It’s time, it’s time for me to decide …


What is I waiting for?

The next day, I walked in the street, frequently yawning, I walked into the road in my eyes, I went to the road, and I forgot to bring the soul in the same way.

I turned to sleep yesterday, because today I have to win a choice in these two girls, and this is related to my future possible happiness, although I have desperately listed her two and my personality, advantages, shortcomings, and even Whenever the use of several little girls love to play with the game, or you can’t decide, the born is an indecisive thing, usually have to decide to be some small things, even if the deviation will not be too serious, but the big events can be given to me. There are two difficulties, and it is very difficult to choose.

“It’s going to bypass a street. What should I do?”

I am slow down, step by step.

I can get out of the head, hang a call to the two, say that I have a cold, or is entangled by friends visited by the north, can’t take it off … Waiting for the ghost.

You can see the restaurant again …

Why now I still have to go to the discipline …

Wei’s figure has appeared in front of me.


If the figure reflects my eyes.

I am worried that my cool will affect anyone …

Their two also looked at me, and Wei wearing clothes, light blue little vests, symbolized her melancholy, uneasy. If you wear a pale yellow dress, a pair of smiles that have not been personally brought to me.

what! I understand, I really understand!

I walked in the top of the waist and horned triangle, and the sudden inspiration made me stand in place.

□ ■ When boy leaves girl

If my subconscious choice, I must not hesitate to refresh, so it is like a “he is just a common friend”, because I didn’t pay very much attention to her agreement, so she will be to me. Dead, and this is what I have been worried.

It turned out that I have already chosen!

Turn a bend …

At this time, I was anxious at this time, from the breath of my eyes, her body stunned, and a betrayal feeling hit her heart, so she stood unstable. She originally thought that the content of the feelings of the past two will soon not hesitate to go to her, she pays for me, sacrifice for me, she thought that I was in touch with her, which would let us combine together, this is her Dream, when a wife who loves her love in her heart.

But she is wrong, it is faulty.

Although she loves me so much, my pace is still firm, and I will go there.

In order to make me prefer to give up the feelings of a two-year relationship, the provisional is only two months of unknown emotions?

This is the case, this is the subconscious mind I have been buried in my heart, and now I have already emerged in my choice.

Starting from the country, whether it is my secret love, first love, even in the life of Wei, it seems that it is interested in letting my object are “non-virgin”, and the Chinese teacher has married the English teacher, high school The gentleness of the relationship between men and women, successfully leading the Welfare Society and the small Mei who committed suicide after violent, and the Lifang, which is a secret love, is also a relationship between men and women.

It’s so big, poor is that I have no “pure” object, even if you are secret, really get along with a slight love, …

I can only say that I am sorry.

Just only the first time I feel what I love, what is life, what is kissing, and what is love.

Everything about you is so beautiful. I used to be obsessed with you. I used to be intoxicated for your splendid and beautiful smile. I used to be a light body, once …

However, when I was used, I was defeated by himself. I don’t like you. In fact, I love you more than any boy in the world, that is, I choose, I will never have a way. Love her like her.

Wei! Why are you already finished …

I prompted me to decide this, the shadow in my heart is the impact of my growth environment, which is the damn sand pigment.

Because I will never recognize the conditions such as myself, I can only choose in those women, using other people’s second-hand goods.

I have loved you deeply.

For these two years, whenever I love you with you, you are not a woman’s fact. Some people have burned me more than me, and I have burned me violently, so that I am unbearable, as if I am Have your death man, just hold your strong breast, just in the hot body, just put a few red print on your hip, the same, you are in your slender and more It is more fierce that this flame is fierce in my climax.

I have been tortured enough!

I must have to be a woman, a woman!

what! virgin…

She is like falling into a bottomless abyss, the cold water is wet, and she is wet.

Her whole body is weak, her vision is dark, her tears are like rain, her limbs are cold, her heart is broken, as if people around the world are laughing at her, all kinds of laughs came from all sides, she hugged her The head, looking up at the sky, I don’t believe it.

I am just ten steps left …

She is settled in mad.

Eight steps …

She looks at my heart and my eyes.

Five steps …

Wei is very sad, when everything has become a foregone, regardless of the many pedestrians in the street, finally crying, she retreats.

People who want the universe are heard.

“I love you!” She hugged her hands in the chest, the eyes were full of tears, and they kept shake the head and tried to deny this cruel fact.

“You have a mixed protein, I love you, why don’t you want me! You are idiot, I don’t care about you again …”

She shook her head, looked at me, and kept retreating.

I can even hear her hoarse in the throat when she called the last sentence.

what! She finally talked about “love” is coming.

But … but … I can’t move, I am paralyzed.

I only feel free, completely relieved.

… 松 口气, 松 口 气 … … I have been waiting for you for a long time.

Don’t care, I am telling, really what you said! Just I have never known how to open, don’t come to me, don’t hinder me and the like.

I don’t know how I don’t have the trolley heart like it. Then the decisive is brave, and the peace of the cloud is also cloud, and I am completely different.

I will say that it is still important when I have a decision of my life.

Wei hands hide face, turned around and ran away.

Mr. Mi ran away …

She ran away …

Run away …

“Who is she?” If I came, I took my shoulder and asked me.

I have a cheeks like it. “Well … Take her, anyway, not call me …”

You will be surprised.

I don’t believe that when I have to tell you that I have written to “I”, “I”, I’m here, I’m not currently talking here, but another “I” want me. Investigate a “I” to investigate a “I”, “I” embarrassed “me” when I am embarrassed to “I” “I”. I am just a private detective. I have been tracked by “I” to track “I” my “Mrs. Mrs.

Oh … in fact, maybe the next half is much more important than the past, I always don’t understand why “I” should be the judgment? Love is not very good?

I believe that “I” chooses that Wei will be more happily.

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