Well, it’s a mess, love novel, a arrogant commencement version.

Mr. Yang Jun, is you Mr. Yang Junsheng?

I am from the University of XX, the late school girl, you may have never seen me. I am Bai Yiping.

Said to hand over a business card.

Bai Yiping gives me the feeling of being a little age, but the type of ideological mature. Maybe she has a very elegant, and the temperament that is generally not in the same age, I feel that she is extraordinary.

Our schoolmates before and after, I didn’t expect to meet in this case.

This time, I sent me to the business, and I was looking for people.

indeed! I put a smoke.

Bai Yiping also took a cigarette from his own leather bag, very elegant ignited, and then closed his eyes and gently sucked a bite.

Her movements are naturally skilled, and the fingers of the smoke are meticulous and make my heart move.

Cafe walking into the company.

“Hey! Bai Yiping, hello, I am sorry to let you first.”

“It doesn’t matter, I just arrived.”

I carefully ended in Bai Yiping, on the white face, with a mature gentle. Long-haired shawl after brain, elegant temperament, this kind of style, you can never find the girl in the twenty girl. But I will never believe that her age is more than twenty-five.

This is the second time, I have enough time to go to the side, but I find that she is also on the side. Touching four, she looked at me in playful, and her eyes didn’t blind.

“Ha, don’t leave your eyes! Such a big man will be shy.”

“It’s just not used to it.”

“Hey, how old are you.”

“Thirty-year-old” I pushed glasses.

“The year is not forgiving”

“Not big! Men think about it, mature men are more attractive.”

“What is the definition of maturity?”

“Work stability, can you lose your mind? ………………… 唉! Don’t talk about this.”

In fact, Bai Yiping said this, has already aroused my subconscious mind, I want to know more about her impulse.

“Tell me about some of your things, Bai Yiping.”


Bai Yiping took half of the smoke and looked off in the corks and retreated. I took a bite and then spit out a deep white smoke.

Her eyes flashes in the smoke.

“I know, I shouldn’t tell you, but now, I do not want to tell you my story.”

She took a tea.

“I was twenty-seven years old. I got married last year. Marriage is broken. I have realized a lot.

Before marriage, I always feel that love is everything. After getting married, I know that the most illusory thing in the world is the love between men and women. “

I heard this sentence, I am shocked, I think I am.

I am married last year, honeymoon travel back, I gradually have this feeling ——— Everything is not as good as it is.

I have been with Xinhua for seven years. At that time, she was still a special student. At that time, she was kind and purified, and her eyes revealed wisdom, smart, and the people of the school.

We have incomplete outlook on life and have a student event. More no goodness, but today?

Today, I am fascinated.

“I have been married for three years later, after three years of marriage life, and later divided by each other ………………….. ……. “

“More than a year, in this day, I have a deep understanding of more and more thorough.”

Her eyes have been buried behind the smoke, the smoke of the finger is burned, there is only a cigarette butt.

“Maybe this is called ripe!”

If I feel, I spit out a sentence.

Say goodbye to Bai Yiping.

I walked out of the coffee shop gate.

, Unimplement, walk on the street, can’t think of who is looking for. This is a summer, no wind.

I remembered the scene with “Little Green” and finally met.

At that time, it was the noon in spring, we were silent to walk on the road of the road.

Wooden cotton on both sides of the road is half a day.

That day, the two were walking with shoulders, and they hoped from time to time, and there was something to turn in the throat, but they swallowed.

I kicked a wooden cotton trunk, and suddenly dropped two huge red wooden cotton on the tree, following the lifetime of the place.

Lying back to the back, just like I am with the small green, back to the back of the uneven wooden cotton.

I know that the wood cotton is beautiful, and the same is the same as our feelings, will soon fade.

“I know you at that moment, I will predict that there will be today.”

I picked up a wooden cotton on the waist, and torn a fresh petals.

In my hometown, there is a village, around May, the cotton cotton will be a hard husk.

In June, they will burst into a tree branches ………………..

She caught in memories.

“………………..” I didn’t pick up the cavity.

“Cotton is like snowfall, flying in the air, I like to run the cotton cotton that snow samples … have you seen the scene of snow in summer? Junsheng.”

She turned her head.

“I haven’t seen it.” I replied indifferently.

“The wooden cotton of Taipei, only blossoms, then a blossoming, there is no result ……………………”

She shakes, I don’t know when, my eyes are red.

“We are like a wooden cotton that grows in Taipei ……………..

“I can’t bear to say the following sentence, only let it go back in my heart.”

“…………..no result.”

“Jun live!”

The little green shakes his head, and the two skewers rushed through the cheeks, falling on the red bricks, forming two brunette dots.

“We are completely different people, living in different worlds ……………..”

I am sinking, my heart is not sad.

“This is the most beautiful wooden cotton in Taipei. It is also open. It is …

She stood, and her eyes were empty. “Take this last flower, there is no loss …………….”

“I will send you away! Little green”

I am calm.

She moved a step, still stopped, a little hesitated on her face, looked up and saw the redness of that will be lit. On the dry branches, like a lonely redhead.

“Believe me, Junsheng, you are someone I have seen the most loved ones, no more people can make me like you love you …………… ….. “

She took off the right hand refers to the small silver ring. Set on my little finger, then turn around, go to the exotic, the place she is yearning.

I looked at her back and smiled, and there was no sadness in my heart.

When her shadow disappeared in the street, the last wooden cotton, bulld, I felt in front of me, I felt the cotton tree that lost the flower, just like my mood.

“Hey! Also lonely.”

Today, my cooperation details of Bai Yiping have been close to the final case, so I am interested in talking.

“Right, I know that you are also an amateur writer, I have read your prose and novels, the writing is delicate and melancholy, very beautiful.”


She said some: “I have cultivated the habits of writing, and I have spurred some emotions through words.”

“I just wrote a lot of songs, but I would like to come to fill the words!”

“I think there should be no problem, but I have a lot of works in the bookcase, I have to find a time to finish.”

“There may be no way for a short time.”

“I will help you.”

“Those things I have already sealed more than a year, I have to go to the box, it is not convenient.”

“It doesn’t matter, anyway, there is nothing, it is better to help you.”

“All right!”

Bai Yiping rented a single-family small attire and is located in Yonghe City. There is a living room, bedroom, kitchen, is a very cute “nest”

At the loft, three-sided window, can look at the new store broke through the window, green.

There were a lot of ball ferns on the window, there is a book in the bedroom, there is a sound, a pot of star. At the desk, you can put a draft paper and some information books, and a picture of the canvas next to the desk is a self-portrait of a girl, looking at the long hair.

I know that she is painting.

I can’t help but think of myself.

After graduation, Xinhua works in a publishing house, because of work and selling, intelligence is active. The second year immediately promoted the business manager, and the wedding ceremony was just in the first month of her manager.

She gave me before marriage, is a smart, there is a day, pick, frugal. These features after marriage, but it becomes quite horizontal, proud, be careful, one hair is not easy.

Plus the proud of your career. This year, the bigger trek is transient.

Originally, I am not a people of Shavou, plus Xinhua, work overtion, and work at night. Therefore, for the care of the family, I will do myself, I have never had any regrets. If you don’t want to enter your own nest at night, you want to enter a big cooker.

“Yang Junsheng, what are you thinking.”

“Nothing, just confused by your paintings.”

“Stop it……”

Said, suddenly the phone rang

“Hey, 77889956, will I ask that?”

“……… I am!” The tone suddenly changed.

“I …” You ….., ask you, don’t call it again? Don’t say any more, …….. Ask you! Don’t … ….., don’t you bother my peace? “

She is excited in her hysterical. The hands of the hands holding the phone, almost crushing.

“Hahaha, do you drive me? Your body has been developed for many years. Are you getting out of my control, I still miss the day before the bed?”

Little green, tell you, what we are doing.

“Sister! Now, the sister is separated by a tripage, grinding my mad sand as a rang! Mom is sucking the mask of the husband? Dad’s brother and big sister are also? Go to you? Sister! You are coming back! “

“Ha! Small Said, I heard your sister, this time I must call the little ghost to make you don’t have bed in three days, the kid is Yang Junsheng! Your pussy is no day to open my big mask. “” ……. Don’t say it! ……. I don’t want to listen, … “Don’t use evil to control them. Ask you …….. …….. “

Bai Yiping squatted his legs, I don’t know if it is angry or irritating, the whole body is shaking.

“Ask you …….. Ask you ……….”

Bai Yiping screamed with tears, and the phone slipped in his hand and fell to the ground.

I hang up the microphone, Bai Yiping couldn’t help but cry on my shoulder, I suddenly felt a bit of measures.

I don’t know how to comfort her.

I suddenly thought that Bai Yiping was a beautiful and friendly person, I looked down at Bai Yiping. The white face is a gentleness, and the brain is long and diarrhea.

“Junsheng. I want to be very good and gratitude, now I will tell you, now I will tell you a story about my family, please do not criticize, please don’t blamed.”

Since then, I have a ghostage with Bai Yiping. Beast. The ridiculous relationship between incest is also showing.

Liu Xing is a son of my father. In my big two years, my father suddenly bleeding. This disease not only puts the accumulation of flowers and the disease, but also makes the family aggravate.

I borrowed a lot of money to his family. I didn’t expect him to unite with Dad. I used my father’s borrowing for the excuse.

Mom actually sold me, I am married, I have been spending the night of the newly married that day, I know that he has raised a little ghost, and the whole family has already been chartered.

Master, please help.

“Sorry, this door can’t be careful, I love Mo I can help.”

“It’s not that I don’t help you. It is a clear text of the ancestors. This door must not be a ghost.”

“And the process is dangerous, it may still be lost, you still find a high person!”

“Can the master help me find other masters?”

Master saw him, see him insisted on it.

Sighted, said:

“Okay! Since you are insisted. You can find a master of Mao Mountain, try it.”

“Thank you.”

I went to Hualie to see the general altan master and quickly explained him.

So under the help of Mao Mountain, I started refining, first of all, you have to find unmarried men and women with me, death is not in the evening, the soul of 14, It is sealed with a thunder, and the second inches is long, and the six-point width is thick.

Wooden cards on Mo Shu “Spirit of a Soul”

Then, when the ugly went to the grave, the switched small wooden grave, took a bowl, three cups of wine, and struggled. Different incense, one pair of white candles, first immersed in the soul, steps to stepping. Taking the “Soul of Soul”

After the sacrifice, the five-year-old fight is changed to the trip, in the burn, the soul of the soul, the door tiger refers to the thunder, concentrates the spirit, the condensation, to show me the soul.

The soul of the soul, the soul brand immediately took the chest of the ecstasy.

Big drink: “Lock!”

Immediately put the soul card in the coffin, and the sealed seals were sealed in the coffin, and the red line seven circles were added.即 回 坛

Place the recovered licking in sixteen, every night, for a bowl, draw a three-way.

Before the altar altar, I thought about secrets of the mortgage, and the burning is three ways to turn. It is completed in forty-nine days.

If the soul of the sacrifice is the girl’s soul, you have to add a small dish in front of the inquiry. After practicing, the soul is in full with fragrance. After practicing the soul, it is necessary to embrace the wind. If you want to make a soul, Things to make a mantra, the soul is active.

If you want to go out during the day, you will have a curse in seven times, ordered the soul of the ghost, and the deceased is around. Diet must leave a little. Enjoy it in the soul, or leave more.

Seven years after raising, it can be protected, if it is in the order, it is in the sub-incense, drinking the: “Present”

The yin is now the key.

Remember that ghosts’ desires are endless, especially this type of color ghost that is not married, I like to enhance my mana by men and women.

Of course, its mana has the ability to help you, but when it is high to be able to control, you will fall back when you will fall.

do you know?


Liu Xing promised, but the heart did not think so.

The skill of nonsense, is of course higher, how can I destroy it?

The next thing you have to remember, if you want to ruin the devil, you will enter the scorpion, take it to the fluster, and get on the ground. Reading to the curse.

“Panying the clouds, the mountains and rivers, the heavens and the earth are no longer sing Yangguan, the soul of the soul, arbitrarily go back, you will decide, the mystery of the witch ………………. … 急 如 三 帝 帝 大 令 令 ………….. “

Then the curse. Take a bunch of tao, rushing in front of the ground, turning around, don’t look back.

Anyone who has raised the ghost, the end of the end, it has not been sent or transferred, and the birthday is the seven fear, never super life, remember! Remember!

Sure enough, Liu Xing borrowed the power of the ghost, not only high school lawyers, but also the money rolled.

Sometimes it is clearly a small stealing crime, but the case will be a small newspaper in the police. Strive for performance, but become a strong crime, let him have a lot of space. It is obviously a case of selling drugs. It is also a death in the spot. He still has a way to contact between the bid.

Both sides make a good move.

Wait until the day, our LIU lawyer appeared.

“On the court, I have no objection to the death penalty in accordance with the martial law regulations, selling drugs, this problem is in accordance with the point of view, he is handed over to each other at the cost of one thousand yuan, and the other party also takes items with one thousand yuan. In accordance with the definition of trafficking, it is a place to make interests, and the square is sold.

I think my parties should be called!

The prosecutor and the judge did not say something, and suddenly judged.

Waiting for a loss …………………..

However, the difficulty of later cases is getting higher and higher, and the mana of the little ghost is no longer qualified.

So the devil put forward the requirements of the practice, and Liu Xing also agreed. After the little ghosts, I finally found the mother of Bai Yiping.

Just a good family, it is a distant family of his family, so he deliberately pleases.

A family of family should like this boy. Bai Ying, who lived outside, is quite disgusted.

This day, the late night, I came back, because of late night, so I was very careful, afraid to wake my family.

I want to go back to the house, after the mother’s room, I heard a heavy snoring from the door.

Little green blush, Dad is so big, I didn’t expect to be so brave.

I also made Mother waves, but I thought about it, but I didn’t, did my father don’t do it? This time I thought about it, and my mother could steal.

But I saw the mother, but naked, naked, a horror, iron-skinned, iron-skinned skin, corruption, ulced man, was reaching out of the ink, and the hands of the bones fiercely grabbed the mother’s breast.

And the big chicken is angry, less, there is also eight inch long, three 吋 thick, the red-red glans seems to be the child’s fist, and the green gluten is revealed.

I want to insert into my mother’s small hole.

I saw that my mother looked at him, I saw him laughing, and the green eye beads left a bright red blood.

“Small green is scared to find that he has already moved”

“It” didn’t speak, but the little green can feel “it”.

“I look at your mother is doing it! The next time I will turn you.”

“It” tone is weak, and it is cold, and the cold laughs.

I saw my mother’s cheeks, and the eyes were like silk, and the desire is completely revealed on her beautiful face.

Skip fierce, my husband, I have to give me.

Just listening to him, the bones, the bones, the hands of the mother, catch the mother’s towering double milk, I saw my mother’s pair of eyes and semi-closed, and the incense sticks into the man. Rotten lips.

The long tongue of the hanging ghost is constantly in your mother’s mouth, tumbling.

Snow is idling in the mouth,

“It” looked at my mother and showed a laughter.

In the case of such ass, the big glans and the cock have entered three inch.


It’s stunned,

“I died, my husband, your dick … It’s too big …….. Brother ………. Good brother ……. …. I can’t stand it ………. “

“It” more powerful cock has inserted into the small hole of your mother.

“Ah! Husband …….. You are so worried ……… I … you want my life …”

Snow gentle emoticate, exciting, “it”

I saw its mask, even more skyrocket, and climbed the rotted flesh, tightly pressed the mother’s full body. The bones of the white bones are hands and shoulder the mother’s shoulders, and Xiao Green only feels watching a obscene magic.

The other hand fierce mother’s breasts, drinking and drinking green liquids in hand. Big cock in my mother’s small hole, it is more trouble, more impression.

The red red tongue dropped, and it is still risking into the mother’s light brown ass.

But my mother is just a feeling of dementia, I saw it inserted and suddenly, but the beautiful light on her face became increasingly.

Inserted mother asthma, like a cow, eye-catching like a silk, full body tremor. Dried mother’s full body is boiling, a wave of climax fierce.

When the snow is waved from time to time,

“Ah! …….. Husband ……… I am so hurt …….. Well ………

I have to vent …….. Husband ……… Your big dick ………

…….. So thick ……. I am so comfortable ……. … My ass …..

Ah ……. I have to plump … “

Little green looks at my mother, but my mother is like her, but she is still happy. Xiao Green only feels that his face is getting more and more red, cute, like a small white rabbit, the waist is twisted, and the slender jade leg continues to be involved in the pen. “It” seems to be, the cock is still dried with a snowy pussy, and the tongue has tightened the soft milk. In this way, it violates one hundred and eighty degrees of the violation of human institution, revealing Sensen white teeth, likes to choose people, and bleeding, it is sneered to her.

Small green is not cold.

Snow is shameful by its big cock, inserted the eyes like a silk, wants the fairy, the prostitute in the small hole, and let the lips and smoke the glans.

I saw the ghost, still buried her mother’s tender hole, mother is born with tender meat, put the tight uterus of the big chicken Palestini sucking the big glans,

“It” knows that the snow will reach the climax, and the hands are tightly embarrassed to the snowy buttocks. Raise against your own lower body, use your strength, desperately thrush, the big turtle avatar hit on the yuki of the rain.

Mom is comfortable at this time, the soul is flying. The double-handed feet died tightly “it”.

The snow has reached the climax, and I can’t happen, and the uterus will open it, and the slumbs are sucking the big talents.

At this time, “it” appeared on the face of evil, and the mask has skyrocketed, and one sucks, and slowly operates.

Pull the shadow of the snowy talents inhand into your soul. Only between blink of an eye, the chicken rose more striped more.

At this time, the snow feels that the whole body is like it.

“Ah ……. I beg you …” You will plumme me! …….. I am hurt ……. Ask you slow. ……I can not make it…………”

Under the hamlet of the wind, the snow only feels that the obscenity flows.

Xue firuo shouted: “I beg you …” I really can’t stand it ……….. I beg you …..

Stop ……. … I have to die ……. “

I saw “it”, the body is shaking the dead, and then still does not move.

Wait for a long time …….. Long …

Little Green saw that the mother’s face was palebled, I have already paused.

Human hearts

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