It will also usher in New Year’s Day, can’t help but recall the story and the story of Yunjie, and many years ago. Night.

The first time I saw that Yunjie was a birthday party on the boss. I remember that I was in a group of new and old employees, and I was airy. NS!

At that time, the scene was quite a movie to switch the feeling. The focus of the whole room was concentrated at the door. The boss and the old employees greeted, returning to me, Xiaojuan finally let me know – the person is The first beauty of the company has been stationed in the field of the field – Yunjie, the man-character face of the Chinese sister is the husband who is getting married, Ji brother, tall and powerful, instrumentation hall, with the cloud sister’s windbreaker, long hair floating Floating, two people are like a goddess. This scene was fixed into a unpleasant beauty stationed in my heart, and it is still unforgettable.

The second time I saw Yunjie, it was another year later. When the Yunjie has not yet arrived, the little Xiaojuan and the gossip will remember Li Jie, which has made most colleagues – the cloud sister and Yun Jiafu on this road are exploring a feeling of emotional war – the specific reason is The little eyes of Shi Ge (I want to come and not surprising – a man with a beautiful wife seems to be a little careful), at this time, although I have an inexplicable concern to Yunjie, but with my age and state for married The woman’s family is still not interested, so I haven’t learned any more; I only remember that I saw that the cloud sister was unhappy, my face was a moving mourning expression, and I have made my heart a sadness!

After the third time I saw the cloud, it was already 6 years later, and this will not be calculated again in this future – 2004, I have become a close-time partner – as a beauty supplies The company’s positive and deputy general manager, in the future, we have a work together, get along with each other – destiny! I have a woman in my life!

I and the intersection of Yunjie’s life is because of the business inspection of only our two people.

In fact, I and the two people who have been invested in the work. Although I have a long time together, I am appreciated each other, I have a good feeling, but I really have no development, and this time, Liberation of us from the daily busy affairs, we can share with a relaxed, release of the mood and status, and finally cause our feelings to burn like a dry firewood!

In the trip of the business trip, starting from the access hall, Yunjie is happy like a child. From time to time, I will talk to me. For example, I have to take care of the lady’s cloud cloud, I also make fun of jokes.

At the time of the boarding, because the end of the year, everyone is more, so it is very chaotic when looking for a seat. Walking in front of the Yunjuyou was crowded by a box of passengers in front of the box, fell in me, I consciously grabby her, my arm is pressed against the chest of Yunjie, I feel it. A very soft feeling, remember that it is like a miraculous – the little brother is hard, straight to the huge buttocks of the clouds, and feel the magical and contradictage Soft and elasticity; in fact, it is only a moment of the process, I will naturally hold the cloud sister, I don’t know if the cloud sister is very different, but this is my first and cloud sister ‘s intimate contact, It was started at this time, and I burned the wooff bear of Yunjian!

When I arrived at the destination, I called my family to report safely, and I stuffed my family, I don’t have to fine table. The reception unit takes care of no slightly, treats diet, entertainment, arranges the schedule, of course, is quite a lot of freedom. Also call the company, know that there is no fire, let go of your heart. So I started to give a street bodyguard for the next afternoon, I’ve called a street bodyguard – first arrived, I naturally care about the development of local women’s work, and women’s comrades, shopping, especially advanced The supply of shopping malls – this is a famous work! And I have a beautiful person, my heart is not hidden, I am happy to accompany; let alone crossing the road to avoid the car flow, Yunjie always can’t help but hide behind me, and live off a small woman, let me It is full of gains of men’s tofu, just like returning to college, do not need to be cautious, everything is arbitrary!

Differently orphans are in two days, I am so fast that I am with the feelings of Yunjac, I should see the feelings of the rewards from each other, but we don’t dare to smash this window paper, I, personality Inside, there is a good wife, although there is a good wife, although it is stupid, but it is really afraid to have serious consequences. Come back! As for the cloud sister, although she was very cheerful, I was very disappointed with my husband, but I know that she is absolutely not a casual person. We all expect, but they don’t dare to actively change the status quo. Therefore, recalling that we were really like a pair of suffering, so that I was about to steal the banned fruit. On the third day, travel to the county in the county, did not entertain the unit to accompany, this should be due to the tacit understanding of our two people. Then we stayed in a very old villa guest house. When I was stationed, Yunjie hesitated to tell me, can we stay a room? I am a bit in a living here, I don’t dare to live! I naturally be happy, but my heart keeps trying to figure out: Is it that Yunjie can’t help but tempting me? May I have a active point? What should I do if I don’t agree? Yunjie agreed, how do we get along with you in the future?

In the struggle in my thoughts, the two have been washed to their respective beds, and Yunjie seems to be heavy, deliberately pulling a joke, let you and I have a room, don’t want to be 歪, In the past, we did the market outside to save money, men and women hit the common thing, don’t have pressure! I said, you can rest assured, are we not a sister, how can I think more, but look at you, cross the road is afraid of the car, the store is afraid of black, it is not like a sister, call your sister is still almost!

Later, I have been talking again. As a result, I can’t sleep again. When I shut down, she is afraid of black, so I will take a hands in generous: Come, I have two hands and sleep, so you don’t have to be afraid! In this way, our handshake has a first night – regulatory torque, there is no small action in your hand, although my heart has been boiling!

After another day, when I returned to the provincial city, it was the last day of that year. At night, we didn’t have any troubles of the reception unit, only two people celebrated the upcoming New Year in the hotel restaurant (at that time, no one was concerned. Woolen cloth!). When we talk about this trip to relax, we also realized that the beauty of Liangchen was short. We will soon to participate in the faint feelings. When I go back to the hotel, I have been filled with a strong cloud sister. Back (Yunjie wine is much bigger than me) Yunjie is red and said, ok, so special tonight, let’s talk together!

So I took my room, lived in the room in Yunjie, in a embarrassing atmosphere, I was washed, I shouted my headache, the cloud sister came over to massage the head, I wanted to hug a few times Yunjie, but always did not move – it is really not going to take this step! Think of your wife! Remember your child! Think of Uncle Lei Feng! The ancestors! At that time, I am really a absolute good man!

And each lying down, there is a chat, and finally I have burst in the silence. The Warcraft will drink it in my heart: You have to miss, fool! Then in the preface, I didn’t talk to Yunjie, I want to hug you, do you?

Yunjie said, sat up, and then I saw a shiny shine in her eyes and a blush, line! It’s a new year, let’s have a new year!

When we were sitting in bed with a standard embrace etiquette, the World of Warcraft in the body had been blurred by the two short buttages in the chest. I said in my throat, I want to kiss you, NS?

Yunjie suddenly broke me, scared me, she took her tightly with the quilt, while saying, no! This can’t! Don’t move! During my mistake, I saw the naughty smile contained in the eyes of Yunjie and his mouth; so I took her in his arms, shaking her head and looking for her red lips. At this time, she has laughed out, one side Shike while shouting, unhealthy!

Previous concerns and restraints were dissipated, and they submitted a shares of shares in the space. We laughed in bed until I finally kissed her lips, soft lips! Her two hands hugged my head, a small tongue in the mouth, also came to the white tooth side, trying to extend into her mouth, repeatedly hook, squat, press, bypass in both parties After a few rounds of negotiations, my tongue finally successfully convinced her tongue. Her tongue retired back, and then a strong sucking, marking my tongue to her mouth, and the two sister’s two The hand is also in my head. I really want to take my head throughout the whole, oh, Yunjie is so passionate!

At this time, I was separated by the quilt. We kissed for a while, rest, gasped, looking at it, the eyes of both sides were endless spring love. At this time, I feel that I have been hard like the root iron stick, I The iron rod moved outside the quilt, separated from the top of the clothes, the quilt is between the two legs, the cloud sister has been wet, and there is tears to flow out, the corner is a playful smile, and the legs Twisting, avoiding the attack of my iron rod, finally, when I kissed her lips again, when I was tangled with her tongue, my great bar was accurately hit by the quilt – hit The result of the target is: Yunjie vigorously exhale breatha – ah! Then the two legs of the clouds suddenly became stiff, and the body was horing up. I saw that the eye of Yunjie’s eyes, an exciting tears spilling angle, and I didn’t matter very rich, I knew that the cloud sister is climax! And my first intimate! I was wearing a shirt and stimulated by the quit! This scenario makes me eternal life! Subsequently, I naturally drill into the quilt, with the cloud sister, don’t need a language, we silently taste the intoxicating passion that is slowly scattered. Later, we were sleeping in your own bed – after the passion slowly retreat, I didn’t know that there was a embarrassing atmosphere between my and Yunjie. In fact, two of us still have concerns, I want to be true. People who have experienced this kind of emotion should have the same feelings! At least I was distressed at the time, how do we get along with us? I am appreciated with the clouds, two love, breaking through a little scale, and do it! Nothing, but we didn’t realize the final derail, but fortunately, can be grammar or restraint, after all, we are all people.

In the next two days, we slowly adjusted their own mood. We will communicate with your eyes when you are around, and you can’t help but hug kiss, but we all endured to do the final breakthrough! The feeling, both sweet, and hard, really like the child in love at school.

Finally, our trip is over, we have returned to the previous life with the secrets of your heart!

When the business trip came back, I and Yunjie finally couldn’t help the emotion. I broke my heart. I have a reason for my own. In fact, it is already a thing of the business trip for 5 months – Although we have a chance during the period Glove together, kiss your breasts, even touch the yin (all clothes), but never have sex, huh, huh, admire, you will force first! Why! Don’t! In fact, the essence is fear, I am afraid that the wedding is full of fire, ruining the family, ruining the future! I am also afraid that I can’t go to my heart! Yunjie should be the same as you, then we are absolutely good! (Oh, it’s so stupid! I want to think about it now. It’s just a good person who has made a small mistake! – The key is that the loved wife has silently forgive me, still Can you say it? Now you have a wife number!)

And the true breakthrough of Yunjie relationship originated from the difference between our work, there is a respected government department’s entertainment needs, we participate in each other, and let each other, Shandu (our main force) Charge, the guests are scattered, but the clouds of the mood are already in the east, because the cloud sister is very far, generally paying more than night, living in our company’s contract hotel, so I am placing her with the driver. Hotel, then let the driver send me home, not far away, the mobile phone receives a text message, it is the cloud sister sent: I am very uncomfortable, can I come to spend with me?

I didn’t move the car to the door, and sent the driver, and called his wife: I also had to take a shower. I didn’t go back. At the time, I had realized that I and Yunjie finally had to go out!

Send a text message to let the Yunjie open the door, flash into the room, just like the drills over 100 times and semi-familiar, welcome me is the red lips of the cloud sister, there is no language, no need to hint, ear, fast, we are already Cleaning, the hands of both sides are eager for a long time, do not stop, seem to have retrieved the baby who lost for many years!

I wrapped around the arm on my neck, patted the cloud sister and white soft big butt, felt a wave of rippling, telling her, I will take a bath first, come back to pack you! Wait, don’t worry! Yunjie smiled and smiled.

When I came back, I was still waiting for it. I moved in my heart. If I have a camera, how moving a woman is looking forward to the expression of Lang Lang! (No wonder the special hobby of CGX, the woman is really moving!)

Entering the nest, the hand explore to find Taoyuan secret (often accompanying departments to lead entertainment, in women’s business techniques are still good), 乖! and hot! Wet! Skay! It is tender to tender, slipping without leaving, a small stream, the more, the more water, the higher the temperature! After a few times, in Yunjie! Oh! In the sound, I suddenly took out the hand, yelled: Wow! The volcano should be erupted! Run! I turned the cloud sister, I hit her and walked the butt and took a shower. Today I have to use the younger brother! I have already washed it; ah! So why still so much water? Just let you kiss! Haha, so much water, my baby is really a good thing! Of course! Well! what! I beg you! Come in! I want you! Said, the hot meat stick is caught by a cold little hand, squatting, the force is loose, and occasionally draw the egg, it is really comfortable!

Baby! Will I do you? willing! willing! Two arms were tightly held, the beautiful head was stuck in my neck, did not let me see the red and full of spring!

Then I will be welcome! I picked up, let the great sticks slide between the clouds sister, slowly get close to the charming tropical valley, the original 凄 凄 草 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 下 在 在 在There is a very special pastry!

When the head of the head entered the depression, when the occupation of the unmanned valley, I felt a wave of earthquakes. The front hillside slowly tilted, a huge category opened from below, but it turned out that the cloud sister filed two legs, lifting the ass, With my entry! During the meat stick slowly enter the meat hole, our two silently experienced this combination of wonderful, the cloud sister is not usually the soft, but the soft, it is hard, let me surprise It is this Miao Cave that makes my brother’s hoop very tightly, as if countless hands holding my little brother, how can I be cool! When the final egg card is in the vaginal mouth, we have grown out, oh! feels so good! We use the eyes of the joy to look for a long time, I said, we are now the closest people! Yunjie is excited to have a layer of fogwater: come, baby, do it, please do it!

For the first time, we only used a posture: I am on, cloud is under (huh, 俺 is the red sun!) I just started my arm, the virtual springs were spent on her body; then the arm is tired, Pressing in her belly, going up and down; after half an hour, when the clouds of Yunjie gradually evolved into crying, I was a bit tired! Yunjie gradually stopped, wipe my forehead sweat: You don’t move first, give it a little, let me move! Oh! This is still the posture I have never experienced! it is good! Try! I won the body, I saw that Yunjie was like an eightaf fish, and the hands and feet were placed on me. He was moving up and down with a speed that I couldn’t imagine. The pretty face is covered with fine sweat; look at the smart body of the clouds, and the top of my body is moving down, and my heart will have a sense of satisfaction! At this time, my little brother is another feeling. The hot vagina that is swayed, squeezes, pull it, it is like being taken in the sleeve set, left and left, right wrench, The wrench, the lower wrench, it is just like being joked to test the elasticity, and it is like being crazy abuse! Just three or two minutes, I listened to the original vivid of Yunjie, called the bed, suddenly became oh, oh crying, when I feel the cloud sister, I finally moved a few penis. At the time, Yunjie is already tightly holding my loud shout: husband, kill me! Ask you, kill me, I can’t! husband!

The bed of the climax of the cloud is definitely the top, volume, content, and stateless! Until now, ten times have sex, at least eight times, I will be called bed, shouting to ejaculation!

The cloud sister went to the vagina to wash the hand and washed back. He touched her white skin, I stroked her white skin, that kind of warm, delicate touch metaphor, the satin is not enough to describe! Thirty-year-old women, there is no such thing as the waist, and the next one is one inch, and the transition to the butt, the hips are trembled, and I feel that I have to tremble for a long time, this love this scene I still want a hint of the huge fear and pressure to derail, and my heart is sigh: life, what is the husband?

Sleeple sleeping overnight, I actually only did it twice, just a little longer, the rest of the time is the ideological communication between us – the story of each other, painful, painful, the extremes of the emotion Action relieves! Done the most basic tacit understanding, we have reached a major consensus that absolutely disrupt families, what else does it still need? Let’s talk again!

I finally knew that the opening of the door was so uncomfortable. I used to have a big understanding and interest in the past! With the first pleasant experience, I used the convenience of the relationship with Yunjie to make countless new sexual love experience, now I will pick one or two: a unit dinner, send all the employees to the hotel, our two last At the company, the company came to pick up, watching the laughter of the cloud sister, the honest professional female image and she looked at my sweet and gentle smile, and a fierce in my heart quickly rose, and I didn’t want to redeemed the rebellion. Pull in the duty room next to the office hall, the on-billet room has just set up, only one single bed, a new cover, no one has lived, the window blocks the curtain, pour the gun room with the general small hotel is general; The house is coming, after two kiss, a meal, plus a moulush smoothly into the belt, underwear and smooth skin gap, using the middle finger to quickly advance the sliding creek (Yunjie said that as long as the time I slightly smash the breast or put the deep kiss. She will be moist immediately below. She all feels fear, so they will be a very fragrant sanitary pad in underwear every day. Take the maximum day to change five or six times. ), The cloud sister trembled: what to do will come back in a while! I pressed the door button on the door: We hurry up, just come back, you can’t come, baby! Yunjie struggled and said: Don’t take off, hurry up, baby! So I and Yunjie are pushing to the calf. I let the clouds sister lie on the bed, pushing her legs, just seeing a white big ass, the middle is the black and red, and small. The younger brother is already on the string, it is not allowed to hesitate to enter the hole. Yunjie welcomes the hole into the hole. It will always be satisfied. A shuttle bullet is shot into the hole; although it is short, we are very satisfied – it seems fresh and important condition! Quickly mention the trousers, organize the clothing, go out of the room, really need to be blocked in the room, that is enough! However, it is so embarrassing, just out of the room hasn’t taken home, the driver Xiao Wang comes in, the cloud sister reaction is really fast – OK, all rooms have been checked, safe retreat! –drink! It’s nothing to do! However, I think, the semen in Yunjie can only take it to the hotel to deal with it. I am afraid I will flow on the leg for a while! I don’t know if she is a feeling? (Here you have to explain, Yunjie is a ring, so I have never needed to bring a set, safe, clean and cool!)

There is also the most fun thing: one of us is very hungry, often looking for a chance to go outside, and afraid of being recognized, I don’t dare to go, so I am looking for a blank problem. The result was much more, I was finally eye-catching in a small hotel, huh, I thought of stretching, I was just after I was just a cloud, I felt that there was a quiet, Reaction – I know that the wall of this small hotel will definitely can’t stop the voice of Yunjie’s bed. It must be a small service or single male guest. I deliberately don’t move, start the mouth, let the cloud The sister’s snorkens once again, then I stopped, using the very fast speed to go to the door, when I was wrong, I suddenly said loudly and she said: I will go out first! Ha ha! At this time, he heard the wall of the wall, then a flustered footsteps straight to the stairs! The stunned cloud sister looked at me, but also reflected it, I still becomes a little shy, and I am very fun! When I came out, I saw the first cloud sister’s face was still like an apple.

Let’s talk about the most crazy thing! Once, the two of us drove to the field, I went a highway, I stopped the car, and the cloud sister looked at me. I ignored her, calmly put half the seat, and unnovating the pants. Ball, flee the meat stick, then the cloud sister reacted, the face released my favorite flush, and the kind of shy model that I was unforgettable, I was hit on my shoulder, said: bad guys, you are really A big wolf!

Haha, this is also what I love to listen to her! Then I haven’t waited for me to reach the invitation, see if there is no car before and after, I will lower the meat stick and swallow, after we frequently drill, her port sex technology is simply in the past, she is in the sky, after a comfortable I sat up and looked at her, and I deliberately said that I didn’t have a good meaning: I am waiting for you, take off, the chick! Oh, this kind of scene stimulates that the clouds are red, but she still doesn’t take the way, gasping the underwear below the underwear below the panties below the calf, I smiled: I am coming, baby abalone! One tie into Taoyuan Valley, but her legs can’t open, the space is small, I don’t open, I can’t open my mouth and love my abalone. I got up: take off! Another time, I saw the buddh of Yunjie – I don’t know that the small panty is off, the bra in the T-shirt is also holding in the hand, so that such a beautiful mature woman is so good, I am very interested in it. It is going to boost!

Take the broken rail from time to time, I have been playing in half an hour. I think about the time of the meeting, I have to continue the road, but I didn’t let the clouds wore underwear, the skirt has always been pulled over the waist On, naked, I am looking for a towel pad below the cloud sister butt, then drive with another hand to play with her slippery abalone, listen to her exaggerated lax, but fortunately, there is no accident, otherwise no accident Weird! I just started to be a little nervous, I later let go, I occasionally there are more than us, cover the skirt, and there is a trolley, I ignore, even the car passed, I deliberately extend the car. Go out to demonstrate! In fact, everyone will like the kind of pleasure experience that crazy venting, but many people can’t find the opportunity! For the nature, I think the highest enjoyment is not the release of the moment of climax, but should be a happy accumulation of emotions and feelings during the interaction between sexual love! Go back to the happy time – when it is fast to the high-speed terminal, I have a small accident! I am afraid that we can’t find the road. The other party arranges the driver in advance, etc. playing dumb! Continue to open, Yunjie is busy dressing, waiting for everything, stopping the car, I am looking at Yunjian, I will smile – how beautiful life!

And Yunjie is getting along with the five years, the number of happy memories of accumulated bits are countless! It can be said that only if you can’t think of it, you can’t do it. Of course, there is nothing – Anal sex – Yunjie doesn’t like it, I don’t bare, I think it is the kind of feelings, the most beautiful, process and body reflection, It is not worth it, it is the low level of animals!

Five years later, because of various reasons, we finally be separated from Yunjie. Today, we will do it, and occasionally communicate or text messages. Is it true when I think of me? When you come together, Yunjie once borrowed the opportunity to ask me, if you, I wouldn’t marry her, I avoid formal answers to the joke; if I am with the cloud, I will take the initiative to tell her, though The family is always difficult, but her thoughts will be in my heart, becoming a beautiful dream in my heart!

I love you, Yunjie!

It turned out that we really have a love between us. Since there is no difference, it is delicious, and it is delicious, and does not ask for a responsibility, but the world is free. Who can help?

I am a vulgar person, I love you like a vulgar person, Yunjie, do you know!

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