I am 35 this year, height 180, my wife 31, height 165.

I am a master, I am going to work in a large state-owned enterprise. My wife is graduated from undergraduate. I have been working in a business unit. I have been married for more than 5 years. I haven’t had children, and the pressure of work is not too big, so I have a full time to enjoy Sexual fun.

I believe that people who are born in the 1970s were more conservative from small education and growth social environment. Therefore, this generation basically has a depressed depression age, and the end of the 1980s by the early 1990s There are many nights in the university era. After all dormitors are turned off in 11 o’clock, they have to open up, the topic is eternal, the matter between men and women.

At that time, there was no internet. I didn’t now sell the yellow VCD, DVD (which time I still used a very expensive video, only rich families).

Everyone’s sexual knowledge comes from some new marriage manuals, novels, etc. at that time, although there is basically no sexual experience, but talking to everyone is eyebrow dance, happy, many nights, everyone should talk about 1 am Only there is no longer sleeping.

At that time, a discipline of the school was if the student had sexual relationship, it was to be removed, although the school is so strict, every year, there is a breeze every year, at that time, students also rarely sell housing outside the economy. The hotel or small hotel’s registration system is also very strict, so the classmates or lovers have to sneak to the boy’s dormitory to steal, especially the family in the field.

Each semester will have a classmate because of the sexual relationship being caught and the annexation of the big red seal is posted.

I am a good student who is recognized in the Bachelor of Science and Master (of course, familiar with my classmates know that I have some physician’s title), and I have paid a girlfriend, but I have not derailed it, I want to be afraid. Outside the school, there is still no environment, like the current college students, don’t move out to rent a house, I don’t want to have intimate relationship.

After graduation, I was 25 years old, or men, sweat.

At this time, it is about 96 years. The domestic environment is more open. Later, the Internet began to appear, the chat room is everywhere, and the men and women who have finally, the shame is a platform, after all, in real life. People now can seduce each other with the computer screen.

My wife is I met in my work. She just graduated at the university, people were very beautiful, we were very persoculated, but they were very conservative, chasing more than half a year of relationships, but after half a year, I lied to bed, huh, huh.

I really didn’t expect her to be a woman. She was a little pleasant at night, but under my tuning, progress was very fast.

Later, when I was running 30, we were married, after marriage, I deleted the contact information of those friends on MSN and QQ, start washing your heart, be a good husband, our lives are very happy, wife is also very happy. Smart, many moves I will teach, sometimes we have learned some new technologies online, in our husband and wife life, so for several years, I can guarantee that these years, I am also Occasionally derailed (a good man is very difficult, huh, huh), but overall, it is definitely a good husband.

However, the husband and wife live better, and finally there is visual fatigue, when various postures and methods have used countless times, our body has been cooked in the chest, and it feels really like Guo Da, Cai Ming’s “Left hand and right hand” said.

So, I couldn’t help but began to steal life outside. It was very experienced in this area. The anti-investigation ability was extremely strong. She didn’t be accused by my wife. She still caves for me, satisfying me.

Whenever I am always embarrassed, I am also determined that no longer steals, but the man’s nature wants to try it, and now this society is tempting, and people can’t stop.

Every time I cut, I have returned to my wife to buy a gift, bringing her abroad to travel, etc., but the heart is still there.

Finally, one night, when the wife gave me in the sale, and swallowed my semen, I made a bold decision: change my wife, let my wife also enjoy more fun! Earlier, I have heard about the story of wife, but I always think that it is metamorphosis, how can men tolerate their wife and other men? But that night, I suddenly understood that there was a means of transferring couples, improving sexual life, and couples who had sexual life were looking for their own lover, only those couples were very good. Will be exchanged, only those selfless husbands, or their wife will allow their lover and other couples to enjoy the fun of sex. Moreover, the wife is a safe way, both sides are husband and wife, they are very clean, and their husband and wife can stop the family disputes caused by one ordered.

Of course, the key is to find a couple of couples.

After this idea, I started to turn the corner and raised my wife. I didn’t expect it. The warm wife who curled up next to me is very intense: you are crazy, how can I have this idea! How can you take your wife to exchange! I repeatedly explained: This is just a way to make couples live more and fun. When the husband and wife have sex, imagine that the other party is a movie star, this is a harmless activity.

I love you, I will want you to enjoy more, updated fun.

Wife is firmly opposed, I have to make a good job.

After that, I found some couples exchanged. Some of the feelings written in the exchange in the mailbox. Sometimes I don’t have any love, I have to talk to her. After a while, I can see that. The wife’s prejudice to the wife has eliminated a lot, but for my suggestion, she is still unassantal: others change is their freedom, we don’t change! I am now discouraged here.

Once I went wrong with my colleagues and friends, I was too much, I couldn’t help but discuss the topic of my wife.

After a few rounds of testing, their husband and wife have had several exchange experiences! In fact, their husband and wife are very familiar, his wife is very cheerful, 30 years old, 162, very small and exquisite, people are also very beautiful, my colleagues 184, the same age, very burly, really, their husband and wife a year ago The exchange has begun.

It turns out that I have always feel very far away, and I hate my mysterious call wife. We laugh relative to the windows of this layer of windows.

After laughing, I feel that we have two pairs of original exchange objects! And he told me that he had already coveted my high-fenced wife, and many times he was fantasting with his wife. She was my wife.

However, it is only thinking about colleagues.

You can have a chance now.

I told him not to be too early, because my wife resolutely disagreed.

He said that you are responsible for your wife, as long as you agree with me to seduce and give me an opportunity! Looking at my doubtful eyes, he laughed: “You don’t have to doubt my motivation, this way, you will make love with my wife first, then you can work with me to get your wife.”

I agreed, but warned that my wife was very conservative, when he couldn’t worry, the responsibility is not in me, when you don’t feel that I have already made your wife, you are unbalanced.

He said: No problem, can be made, I recognize.

After the business trip goes back, the colleagues started to arrange, one day, colleagues told me that my wife agreed, let me go to his home on Friday night.

Although I am stealing old man, the first time and my wife’s wife do this, I still have a little uneasy, I tell him that you have to go out to go out, or I can’t do it.

Friends, laugh, say, you are really conservative.

No problem, wait for you to finish, give me a call.

Weekend, after giving his wife, I came to his home, the doorbell, her wife opened the door, still so enthusiastic, I couldn’t see any signs, just, she wore a touch of clothes, curve Painted, it is unlimited.

It seems that I am not natural, she put me on the sofa in the hall, giving me a glass of water, and then I sat down.

I don’t have to write anything below.

Ha ha.

In short, the new feeling, the happiness of the ecstasy is difficult to describe the language.

Two hours later, we sailed, my colleague returned home.

When I met, I asked him his wife: How about, have you entertain my colleague? Her wife laughed and replied: You have to ask him. I quickly nodded and said, very good.

Looking at my constant, they laughed.

My colleague said, I was jealous, you haven’t waited me yet.

After finishing, the clothes didn’t have much, then they started a war in the sofa. After a round, I couldn’t help but join the battle, and the battlefield was transferred to the bed of the Rhodam.

Under the two thick men, his wife screamed and wanted to die.

Next began to implement a plan for my stubborn wife.

I invited them to come to my house every weekend, cook together, eat together, two women whisper in the kitchen, I know that her wife will brainwash him in accordance with the plan, of course, the first stage can’t make a topic of wife, Prevent my boy from being disgusted.

When you eat, our two men have more drunk, began to talk about yellow jokes. His wife sometimes attached, my wife, although it is a bit shy, but also laughs.

Sometimes they have more drinking, just in our face, kiss each other, touched each other, and then everyone is very familiar, once, his wife is drinking more, after a meal, after watching TV, head Buried in the crotch of my colleague, I made a blowjob in his trousers.

Another time, both of them were drunk. When we were in our face, the husband took the wife’s breasts to play.

And my wife didn’t dare to show weakness, and the sure of her husband’s trousers was unveiled, and his big foreign matter made him masturbation.

My wife also knows that this is a couple of friends, holding me, sitting while having a smile, watching their jokes.

At the same time, every night, when I made love and my wife, I also started to work. When she arrived in a climax, I would ask her: Do you want to let other men with me to get you? She said at the beginning, I didn’t say it, I stopped until he couldn’t stand it, beg for, I would like other men to get me with you.

After two weeks, I started to ask him: I don’t want to let XXX (my colleague) get you with me? If the law is made, she also begins: I want you to get me together.

After that, their husband and wife sometimes played too late at our family. Once, once they had a love, they didn’t pay close to the door. I also left our door to sewing, so faintly listened to them. I also love my wife, I feel very excited.

My colleagues sometimes still come to my house to eat rice, sometimes they work together in the kitchen, my colleagues will take the opportunity to combat my wife’s hands and sensitive parts, my wife does not know, but I can also feel her emotions, I can even feel that she started water.

Once weekend, I was put into drunk, I watched TV after meals on the sofa, my wife sat in the middle of our two, I started to transfer my wife, my friend said, my wife is not coming, you are like this, you are like this, you are like this, you are like this, I am excited.

I pushed my wife and said, you are excited, come here.

My friend also hugged my wife, I came, who was afraid, my wife began to protest, but he was tightly held.

I also took the trend of her, she said in the embrace of two men, said: You are crazy! But the breathing begins to be heavy, and my friend starts touching his breast with hands, but the wife seems to be awake, and firmly filed a friend’s hand, I can’t see the fire, I will give a friend, put her into the bedroom, close After the door, I started to kiss her, take off his clothes, seeing her whole wet, so I slammed.

One night of romance ~~

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