After retiring from the troops, it was distributed to a state-owned enterprise. On the first day of the work, the Ministry of Renaissance was reported. He was attracted by her, and wearing a standard professional suit, tall body (height visual 170cm Around the left and right, the slender thigh, the breast hips, the face is very good, the shared shoulders (always like a long-haired girl), let me watch it at the time.

Sensitive saw that I looked at her, flashing a lot of fans, the original serious face also smiled, gently said: “What is the stupid child?”

I have to have my little life, and I am so beautiful, just like a blooming flowers, it makes people feel comfortable, I swallowed the water, stupid say: “I have never seen such a good sister! “

Min said: “Silly small mouth is very sweet!”

I was a matter of being, and I said: “I swear with a military person, this is never shot, it is definitely a heartwood!”

Sensitive was teased by my move, and made a silver bell-like laughter, smiled while playing hands: “Okay, my sister believes you, ha … ha … ha …”

The atmosphere was active, and I would like to sit down for a while, I said: “Okay, don’t kid, say it! Look at your resume is still very good in the performance of the army! “

Here, I will introduce myself, my name is Huang Guoyao, 22 years old, 185cm high, born in the military, the age of the service soldiers, according to the rules of the family, first a five-time field reconnaissance The soldiers are the arrangement of Dad, saying that it is necessary to eat hard, and then do the volunteer soldiers to do the instrument to do the instrument until the retirement.

“Hey, your special is playing basketball?” Sensitive looked at me said.

I said: “Yeah, I like to play basketball from a little, I have gone to the troops to participate in the basketball team, playing a lot of games!”

“That’s good, just the group company asked the subordinates to carry out sports, including organized basketball game, you can just participate!”

I immediately said: “There is no problem, actively participate in the company’s activities!”

“In addition to being a paperwork, what else will be?”

“Oh, it will not, in addition to the paperwork, just fight and shoot!” I said that I thought about it.

Silently listened to me, smiled again, said: “Xiao Huang, you tapped!”

I quickly said, “Is it true, except for these others.”

When I laughed, I laughed and she came back. At this time, the full chest is more prominent. I found that my brother gradually lifted his head. In order to cover the old two, I said: “Sister is so beautiful, I have to be so beautiful. How is your sister, I recognize that you do your sister! “

Silently, I said that the cheek is slightly red, a little shy to me: “I am more than 10 years old, don’t make my sister, I am going to become old!”

When I heard, I was so busy and wanted to say: “My sister is lie, my sister looks more than I am two years old, which is more than 30, your sister, I believe it!”

Min listened to me, my heart is very happy, which woman doesn’t want to hear himself from others, “Okay, don’t naughty, I will see your performance later, I am now Take you to the Executive Department to report, let the administrative department manager allocate you! “

I am listening to it, I am a bit slightly disappointed, but I will think about it. I will have a colleague. Time is still long, so I want to suddenly open it, I will nod.

With the rear of the sensitivity to report, look at the sleepy back, the tempting big legs under the short skirt, the stockings wrapped with thighs, sometimes flashing, just a little bit of calving, the second It’s time, it’s okay, there is no other person in the hallway, otherwise it will be ugly.

“Hey!”, The elevator stops the door, Sister said: “Wow, the general manager is good, so many people!”

I looked up, I stood at the door is a middle-aged bald man, fat, and standing a beer belly. I stood four or five people. I saw the general manager: “Is Xiaomin, I sent the important customers. How many floors do you go? “

“I went to the executive department of the first floor, bring a newcomer to report.”

Sensitive said, with the experience of this for so many years, of course, knowing that state-owned enterprises have a deep pass, even busy with the fat man: “General Manager is good, I am a new small yellow, please take care!” The fat man gently I got hit my hand and said to me: “The young man is handsome, I have to do it!”

I quickly said: “Yes, please also ask for a lot of criticism after the leadership, but also make me progress as soon as possible!”

Silently listening to me, I smiled again, I was obliquely. I gave me. Due to leadership, I mitred me to stand at the most inside of the elevator, but I didn’t let go of the hand.

This elevator is a bit old. It is relatively slow. This is all my mind, you can enjoy more people’s little hand, because I have a long playing basketball, the hand is relatively large, and the sensitive little hand is gently rubbed, sensitive The little hand is very tender, the skin is like a baby, I feel that the old two is erected. I want to be broken, the movements in my hands are also stopped, and I am hitting her hand stopped rubbing, slightly obliquely glanced. At a glance, I saw that the old two pants of the erection took a big tent. In the eyes, it flashed the flash, and the nails were gently rubbed my back. I can only returned a smirk. .

“”, The elevator finally arrived on the first floor, the general manager took the customer first out the elevator, and the sensitivity saw all, and said a “small color ghost”, I can only say stupid: ” I can only blame my sister is too beautiful, can’t blame me! “

I am so bus out of the elevator, I am so busy.

At the entrance of the executive department, I said that I said that I said to me, this is the office of the executive department leaders, and I will be careful with her, I will ask: “Why?”

Min said: “She came over from the superior company, a bit background, anyway, I have a careful point!”

Then raised your hand and gently smashed the door. I only listened to it, I could open the door. I saw my direct leadership, and the one was a little short, but the chest was surprisingly, it is estimated that there is a 35D Dyed a yellow long hair, the face is not bad, the mouth is small, about 40. Just listening to the saying: “It turned out to be a manager, how can I have time to come today? Hey! Who is the big handsome guy behind, it is a little black, ha … ha … ha …”

Min listened to saying that I have a little black, I also laughed, I am busy: “The manager is good, I am a new small yellow, I am afraid because of the soldiers, there is no way to turn back the little face. ! “

Two beautiful women listened to me, they were smiled and turned back, especially, it was shaking on the breast, I saw my old two, and I got me again. At a glance, it is a clear eye to put light, and the throat is obviously swallowed. Only heard: “People I will give you, this is his information, you will look at it, I will go back first!”

When I finished, I walked to the door. After I was around, I glanced at me, I can only say that I am reluctant to say: “Sensitive manager goodbye.”

After hearing, I went out, I opened the door.

As the “” is closed, I took me back from my thoughts. I saw that I was watching my information. I observed the office, there were two office desk to let go, face-to-face, one side They are all file cabinets, and the other is a sofa, I think it should be used when it is.

After reading the information, I still stand, say to me, “Sitting on the sofa!”

I said, “Thank you!”

珮 珮 珮: “I am also very polite, now you have a young man, and there is not much politeness.”

I quickly said: “It is a troops education, and then, how is our help? Young people, the sister is also a young man, and the manager is gently, it is really not simple!”

I heard me, the sister is happy to laugh, stand up and walk to me, I also take it to the sofa, say: “The little guy is so sweet, in the army, I will definitely shoot the leader, I still Young, there are more than 40, you have wrinkles in your eyes! “

When I forth, I immediately went to it, I immediately smeared a faint fragrant flavor, and unlike the taste of perfume, I said: “The sister is so fragrant, so good, what is the perfume?”

I heard a smile: “What is perfume, I never use, my sister is really fragrant?”

I used to say: “It’s true, don’t lie to you, deceive such a beautiful sister will go to hell!”

After listening to it, I smiled again. “I will definitely swindle a lot of little girls.” I said: “Where is it, I have been sent by my old man in my grandfather, just retired I came to our unit, how can I have a chance to meet a little girl! “

I listen to me, I flash a shining in my eyes, say: “So, even friends have not talked, do you want your sister to help you introduce one, our unit is beautiful little girl!”

I said: “Then I have to look like my sister is as beautiful as my sister, if my girlfriend can do it!”

I heard that I said that I said with my hand and said: “I really like my sister?” “

I was so scraped by the hand, and the old two in the world was standing again. I said red face: “Of course it is true, there is absolutely not to mention fake!”

I looked at the big tent, and said softly: “The small color is not honest.”

I can only smirk.

珮 珮 回 回 到 到 到 办 到 说 对 「「,, 小, 部 部 部 部 部 部 部 部 部 部 部 部 部 部 部 部 部 部 部 部 部 部 部 是 部 部 部 是 是 是 部 部 部 部 部 部 是 部Work, I will introduce you tomorrow. “

I quickly said: “Thank you for the appreciation, I will work hard in the future, and repay the cultivation of the sister.”

“Oh, I haven’t fallen in the glass for so long, I’m thirsty?”

I am busy.

“To drink, others have to say that I am slightly my brother.”

When I said that “Xiaoyi” three words, I particularly increased the accent, and then gave me a water driver, suddenly the feet suddenly, I suddenly came to me, when the soldiers were practiced The response speed made me jumped up and hugged it. It was the erection of the erect’s old second. The top of the bonus was in the middle of the ass. “

I said: “There is a little bit of pain, you hold me to sit down on the sofa.”

I am, just like this, the old two below is still in the ass, sitting on the sofa, but I didn’t put it on the sofa, but on the side, I was sitting on my leg, so firmly The old second is still able to enjoy the full hips and slowly rub in the ass ditch.

I feel that the old two of the hard Bangbang is twitching in her hips. When the face is red, hold my head with the hand ring, make a close, my ear, said: “You a small color, first day of work Just on the leadership, it is still so bullied, I will tell you sex. “

I listened to the tone, and when the scouts accumulated the intuition, I knew that I was hugging her, explaining that she was emotional about me. I said to 珮: “Sister is really going to tell, I am really likes to hide, I want to be my girlfriend.” Said that he was deeply looked at.

I listened to me, a pair of big eyes, I watched me, and then passionately said to me: “Sister also like you, just see the first eyes like it, if you don’t want to be old, sister Just do your first woman of this little man! “

I gently pressed the mouth of the mouth and said: “The sister is not old, in my heart is the most beautiful.”

I listen to me, I said that I kissed my lips gently. I was slightly tight. I immediately hugged, and my lips were hugged, and I kissed my mouth, kissed, kissed, did not come over , Escaped my lips, 嗔, “Xiaobi is the life of the sister, I can’t breathe!”

I said: “I am excited! My sister can kiss such a beautiful girlfriend is a bit too happy!”

I heard me call her girlfriend, happy: “Don’t be so hard!”

I immediately said that the “generation”, just kissed the 珮 朱 唇 lips, the lips and sexy, kiss and kissed, I took the tongue into the mouth, and I was in the mouth and the squat tongue. The saliva, the mouth of the water is sweet.

After the tongue kissed for a while, he said to me. “You didn’t talk about love, how to kiss so old, is it lie to me!”

I laughed and said, “My good sister, watch TV movies, I have learned, how smart, no teacher, haha!”

I used to knock my head smile: “The little guy must have seen things that do not have three things.”

I blinked: “I don’t know!”

珮 珮 珮 正 正 对 我 我 「事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿I haven’t given you the first time. Do you mind? “I heard that I said that I was also brothered:” Hey, you are so beautiful, I have already thought that you have already got married, but no matter whether there is no first time Give me, I love you! “

I listen to me, I am happy to hug me said: “I also love you Xiao Yao, as long as you don’t think about it, I will always be your woman!”

After weeping each other, we tightly stick each other, I found that my old second is more and more hard, I grabbed the right hand to the old two, I’m tight. Pants caught the old two, and the eyes said silently to me, “It’s great!”

I said: “Liberate it, you will find bigger.”

After listening, I got up, kneeling in front of me, gently pulling the zipper of the trousers with hands, pulling down the underwear, I saw that the hard land was scattered, I was very stretched, and I was surprised. Said: “My God, how is it so big!”

I am slightly proud to say: “Bar, in the troops, we raise it in the wild, compared when taking a shower in the river, our biggest, 19cm!”

I looked at my brother in color, and I took the old two in my hand, said: “How many women want to be such a big guy, now it is mine!”

The jade hand was so old, it feels too cool, more than one thousand times better than the plane, it is too comfortable, I look at the road: “Sister, can you help me with me?”

After listening to my smile: “bad things, don’t want to do good things.”

Although I said this, I still have the old two, I will smell, then I will use the little mouth to take the glans, when the warm small mouth wrapped in the moment, the feeling is really cool, though I saw the lens of blowjob, but when the moment of real arrival, that I felt like flying over the sky, I also scored a tongue with the incense, and the feeling is like electric shock, it is so comfortable, slowly I swallowed down, but my old two is too big, the mouth is small, I can’t swallow, there is a big cut outside, but I am also very satisfied, I will enjoy the happiness of the first time. .

I’m going to swallow my old second, I gradually becomingly not satisfied, starting to take the initiative to draw up in the mouth, I think about sex, I feel like this, I have to force the prank, it is estimated to be topped. The throat, 珮 珮 子, “

I gave me a big white eye, said: “You want my sister’s life, I don’t know how big your meat stick!”

I smiled badly: “Sorry, my sister, I don’t deliberately! Sister, I want to eat milk.”

I smiled: “How big is it still eating milk?”

I spoiled: “I just want to eat my sister’s milk.”

珮 Use the finger to lightly put my forehead, start on the side of the short skirt, then I am sitting in the thigh, so, my big meat stick is just in the yin, only to hear珮 珮 珮 说 说 舒 舒 解 解 解 解 解 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 解 不 解 解 解 解 解 解 解 解 解 解 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 乳 不 不 不 不 乳 不 乳 乳 乳

I listened, I immediately nodded, and I just went to explain the first button of the blouse, I knocked the door …

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