The door “touch” ground. When my wife left, I immediately grabbed my daughter and kissed it.

“Don’t do this, um .. Dad, my sister is at home.” Xiaowen she put his head, slightly retraining the body, gently resist. “They won’t come in.” I ignored her resistant to take her bed and started to touch her cheeks. “Don’t. Um … Dad. Don’t tease.” She continued to struggle.

I surely make up the hot lips to pose the daughter’s mouth with the hot kiss, my tongue is unable to stir in her mouth, lick her gums and stunning tongue. She really relaxed, just lighted my wrist with her hand. So I continued to kiss her lips while I started to solve her blouse.

“Well .. um …” she didn’t resist. I will continue to put my hand into her top and stroked her smoothing white belly, fine waist. “No … Well .. Don’t ..” She only turned into the body. I boldly stretched her hand to her crisp, and lick her breasts. The daughter’s breath is aggravated, and my hands are also loose.

I didn’t scruplely unlike her bra, and her cream was unspeakable. She was tall in front of my eyes. Her skin is soft and smooth, and the two fresh red nipples are standing. In the cutting edge of the breast, I gently smashed a charming meat ball in one hand while kissing another breast with his mouth.

I first caress the plains around the double peak, then slowly squatting along the bottom, rotating, I should take a face or gently pinch the snow white powder, and the other side is softly licking with the tongue. Meat ball. The daughter is unable to relax. Only two nipples are excited to stand on the milk milk filled with chickens, and the double milk is brought out of the pink color. I will further allow her to be sensitive, charming nipples. . Sure enough, I just touched the nipple, and her body was not autonomous, and the breast was slightly trembled. I took my hand, and I credited a nipple, and the other was teased by his mouth.

My lip is a brisk suede on the breast, then in the breast, and lick her uli with her tongue and gently bite the nipple with the teeth. I changed my rhythm from time to time, I took my hard and bite hard, and I will kiss slowly. “Oh … um … um .. Dad … Don’t tease …” The daughter twisted the body, and the hands of the sheching of the bed is difficult to resist.

Another hand that extends to the daughter under short tight mini skirt, and makes it softly toward the white thighs. The small narrow skirt was broken on the waist because of twisting, a small tripped pants that were blocked and pulled with pink. The fat is high in my hand, I see her breast has flourished. Pink Color, knowing her sexual desire. So I reached out to her tender hole, and I didn’t expect it, and my daughter’s Xiaoyao has been soaked in a large piece.

I took a slightly smuggled small tripped pants, I used the little finger to use the little finger to use the thumb with the thumb with the thumb. The daughter’s buttocks are constantly moving, and the breathing is getting worse, and her hand stretches to my crotch set up my hard big cock.

With such a stimulation, I boldly stretched my hand to her small tricks, and I suddenly stuck my hand, I couldn’t help but knead. I feel that my daughter’s prostitute is soaked, the soft smooth small labello is gently standing in the slippery groove, and the vaginal mouth in the open blog is moving with a one-piece and beautiful big lab. . I slide in her vaginal ditch, gently scrape along the vaginal ditch along the vaginal ditch, the big lab, the lips, the fiery vagina, my thumb is inserted into the vaginal mouth, it is surprised by her vagina Smoked in.

God! The daughter actually waves like this. I can’t smoke my thumb and simply put the index finger into the vagina and slowly plug rotation. He is more awkward, and I will get more and more, and my middle fingers began to insert her ass, her asshole has been leaned and wet, so my middle fingers, I am in turn, My ass, the tenderness double clamping, she only has a copy of the pussy.

“Itch … itch … itch dead, don’t … 喔 … don’t … I don’t tease again, Xiao Yan is itchy.” See Xiaowen’s righteousness, I am excited Almost crazy, immediately divide Xiaowen’s full thighs to left.

“Dad … inserted me … Ask you to insert me … put Xiaolang points … Tell Xiao Yan.” She began to lose rationality: “X Xiawen is yours … Dad … insert me, insert me … kill daughter … Fast .. Let’s take off the skirt. “She shouted at the fertilizer.

I pulled down her zipper, and she pulled down her tall ass. A wet small tribe, if you have a black hairy, you are in front of me. I can’t help but hit the thigh of my daughter and put the mouth up with the bottom of the small tribal pants. I used the tongue to slap in the bottom of the trousers, I can’t eat the whole small trip pants. Due to the force, the tripples of the most metal are early by my tongue into the vagina. “Oh … oh … itch … itch dead .. Oh … don’t .. Don’t get people. I don’t ignore the way to fly the tongue into the daughter’s small corner. She couldn’t hold it entirely in the poison, twisted, and kept in the mouth. “Hey … Hey .. God … itch is dead .. itch.”

Every time I lick, my daughter’s yin is moving up. I will take her fat buttocks, insert the tongue into her little prostitution, then take a big bleach along the vagina wall. White prostitute scraped out. I swallow my mouth, while using the upper lips to allow the yin nuclei.

The daughter itch is difficult to say “喔 .. too itchy .. God … I am too itching … Oh … don’t .. 喔 … I will kill me.” Her small hole It’s high, a small trip has already been broken by me. “Don’t .. I will die … Hey .. Itch dead .. 喔 .. 喔 .. 喔 .. 喔 .. flew. 喔 我 …”

After a crazy movement, my daughter suddenly crashed my hair, tall with a pussy, and a hot shallow excitement was embarrassed into my mouth. I swallowed in a big mouth, licking, after a while, she was in a burst of smashing, I was “me .. I .. I can’t … it’s too cool .. too cool .. 喔.. God … I am shot. Ejaculation. “

I looked up at the messy daughter, really can’t bear it, the hair is scattered, and the mouth is full of mouth, the two pulsate are pinched hard by her own. The small belly, the inclusion is soaked, and a small tripped pants will answer the wet on the yin, the thighs, the sheets are soaked in a large piece.

I quickly took off my clothes, then I said to her clothes and said: “What can’t, my big cock can have not eaten yet.” I pulled down her tripping pants, my daughter opened her legs, high Qianxin replied: “Then come to eat. Come, I want my father’s big cock to put it in.”

I quite a cock, and I am inserted with the acupuncture points. The daughter’s small hole was first lick, I have been excited to be red and swollen, so my dick is inserted by her two fatty and tender, and then the glans will pass a shaft of shaft. Itchy pleasure. I can’t insert a few times, I have been excited to go straight, and the dick is stuck in hot and slippery, and I’m very fast, plug.

“It’s good .. 喔 … 喔 .. 喔 .. I want .. 喔 .. 喔 .. too good, um .. um .. 喔 .. 喔 .. cock is big .. Europe .. Cool .. 喔 .. too cool. “The daughter turned his waist, stunned, and couldn’t help but scream, obscenity is more parking and flowing over the entire small street.

I am more cool, I can’t help but get her double milk. The daughter’s breast is really different. As long as the insertation is sufficient, it will begin to flow out of the milk, the fragrant milk, I causing the more, and more tight, the more you have. I will not stop inserting it below, and I can’t hold it slowly. A mouth is a licking, and the daughter is born with the daughter with his lips.

My dick is careful, and the thoughtfulness in the daughter’s vagina, the tongue is trying to bite at the same time, picking her high nipple. My tongue is close to the nipple roll, bite, the cock is slow down slowly along the vagina wall, twisted. I am more excited, the more healing, the cock is inserted in the vagina, and stirring. The daughter flew in the yin, the vagina smashed my cock, suddenly the daughter twice her ass, the pussy was clintered with my cock, and a thick yin crossed my glans.

God! Too cool! I have such a daughter to die. At this time, I suddenly came from the door to “touch” to a loud noise, I was shocked, and I quickly took the slippery cock turned back, I turned out that my little daughter “Tingting” fainted at the door.

I hurriedly jumped out of bed and ran over and took her up. I saw that Tingting was hot, the apricot eyes were tight, and the heart jumped quickly. Waiting for her on the bed, after reading it, I put it down.

Tingting’s face is red, God is unclear, only a white and translucent vest is wearing a white and translucent vest. If the two breasts are hidden in the vest, there is only one bright red silk transparent tripper, and the whole underwear is soaked with the thigh, and the right hand is soaked. . It turned out that this little daughter watched us in the door of the door to see us, and it was difficult to dug their small points with hands, and finally fainted because they were too stimulated. I asked her “What should I do?” “Save her.” She replied. “How do I refer to how to save?”

“The sister is hot, there is nowhere to vent, the body temperature is too fast, the heat is not smooth, but the remarkance, so I have to go to the fire.” She didn’t think about Ting Ting’s trip, at the same time Road: “Help take off your clothes. Cheap father.”

I took off Tingting’s vest, so I was a delicate, beautiful naked little beautiful, and I was in front of me. The little daughter’s body is well known, the skin is soft and smooth, and it naturally has a ray. Two size moderate breasts are very round.

The little daughter Tingting’s hairy is not like a sister Xiaowen’s inclusion, soft and thinner. The taste of obscene is different from the sister Xiaowen, more acid, more salty, more strong, more, two big laces no sister’s hypertrophy, but softer and more tender. A pink fine meat seam contains two pale small labians, and is positively spitting a burst of obscene. Two round smooth thighs are slightly tight along the bottom of the yin, and the little daughter Tingting’s legs and sister Xiaowen generally standard evenly, and fascinating. Seeing such a perfect carcass, it is not hidden in my eyes, and a hot stream is not allowed to have a huge cock, I must never stop her death.

“How to anneaze?” I asked again. “She is still so hot, it seems that I have to calm the sister’s want to fire, so I said cheap father.” “Is it cheaper me?” I don’t understand.

The big daughter Xiaowen didn’t answer, just took a stack of toilet paper on the top of the pillow and then padded under Tingting’s ass, then start massaging the little daughter Tingting’s hair, shoulders, waist, back and thighs, while the same Use your mouth to slightly the lips of Tingting; or carefully use the tongue in the tongue of Tingting. After a while, Xiaowen suddenly took the mouth to Tingting’s yin, I saw her fragrant tongue flying quickly and smashed at Tingting’s jeapline and crazy in her. Inserting in the vagina, both hands are smashed with a strong fragrance of Tingting’s two groups.

“Um … um …” The little daughter Tingting was born by her sister Xiaowen, and it became gradually woken up. The double-eyed is still closed, but the hands have stretched into the hair of her sister Xiaowen. “.. … people are good … people itchy, 喔 …, sister … hard .. hard to lick, hard to do. It seems that you have to put the whole head to Tingting’s small yin.

The small daughter Tingting tall the pussy with her sister Xiaowen’s squatting, tap it. “Sister … um … good … so beautiful, sister is got on the sky, … 喔 … fly, 喔 … Sister flew, sister, sister love you too much, you every day It’s so cool, oh … sister …. “

Daughter Xiaowen once mentioned her like naked sleep. The two of their sisters were doing this every day. I have to play with the two daughters, where to stand, a big cock has spread into the following jitter. Just a smart daughter Xiaowen Snow White Powder Round The butt is just right, and it is tipped at the bed without stopping.

I quickly jumped into the bed to climb Xiaowen’s little butt, I was tangly moved my purple chicken. When I saw her little tenderness, I have already watched it, two fat under a dark woman. The laboraries are tall, and a pink vagina is just a big mouth, spitting a lot of prostitute, the whole film and the pink and tender thighs have been wet into a large piece, and there is more along the thigh. The waves flow to the sheets, and the sheets are also wetted. I can’t help but grabbed the daughter and inserted it to the daughter’s little tender hole. Oh. . . Oh. . . itch. . . Itchy itchy. . . Day. . . Hoot. . . Plug in the heart. “The daughter started to call again.

“Hey … Dad, fast plug … put the daughter’s rogue’s plug …” I finished her nipple and fidelit her, and her vagina was soaked and wet. Slip, the big cock is smooth and incomparably, every extra chicken pulls the big cock out of the small hole, and every time, the big chicken is inserted, and the burden is close to the daughter’s pink little tender hole. Every time I flooled to her cervix.

“Oh …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Crazy with fat, hung, and hugged my ass. “唧 … 唧唧, 滋 滋 …” A box of pockets did not have ears. “Oh … no … I have to … it’s too cool.” After the daughter Xiaowen’s waves were crazy, a hot hunger strongly rushed to me. Glant, I am more excited, more brave.

The daughter Xiaowen’s vagina started shrinking, so the vaginal wall put my cock tightly, when inserted in, the glans was tightly smashed by the daughter’s small corner, a strong stimulus from the glans The brain; when you pull out the cock, the pink point meat of the tenderness is pulled out.

My whole body is almost necessary, obscenity is splashing our whole body is, the pussy, the thigh is even more slippery. After I was crazy, I took a few hundred, my daughter had already had a whole body, and my head was on the hairy of the little daughter Tingting. I don’t know how many times she ventied, only a burst of heat waves constantly rushing to my cock, the waves are too early, so every one of my plugs will stick the daughter Out of a large piece.

The little daughter Tingting has widened his eyes to watch this lascivious scene, excited to dig his small hole with his hand. She shot again and after Tingting suddenly squatted: “I have to, Dad, I have to swim, my holes are also plugged in.”

“Hey … Sister is changing, people itch is dead.”

“Tingting! Open the legs, Dad wants to insert you.” I took out in the daughter Xiaowen, the old fiery cock pushed her to the bedside, and I walked in the body to slide the body.

She immediately looked at me, put together the passionate lips, I strongly succeed with her faint tongue, grabbed the hard daughter, her hot small hole.

“喔 … Dad’s big dick … Good … I am so big.” I didn’t hit it in the small hole of my daughter. This little ghost is more than her sister. Also wave.

“Hey, God! Plug in the heart … 喔 … 好 hard … Hard meat stick …” I was stimulated by the waves of the little daughter, and the hands grabbited her. The legs are tight to her, and the whole fatine is more tall. When I slowly inserted, I felt that there was a hot hot, my worship, the more the cock was surrounded, and the feeling of fast melting was generated.

“Well .. um … plug in, plus it in .. ah! Sister .. Dad’s big dick .. Europe .. Chicken .. Cock … Hey. Sister .. How is the small hole inserted so cool.

When the meat stick is inserted into the root, the breathing of the little daughter begins to urgently. “Europe .. and get it .. Dad wants to fly me … too deep! Too cool, Dad … Dad plugged me. Plug .. Insert .. Plug. Plug .. .. Sister! I am inserted. Beached by Dad’s Big Cock.

When my ass begins to draw a circle, the lower body stimulation of the little daughter is also more intense! Tingting tried to separate his legs, just like the legs to be ascended in the air. I looked at the breasts of the little daughter, one side sucking Tingting’s spring tongue, and put his tongue into her mouth.

“Hey … ah …. …” In the sobbing of the little daughter, there is also a sexy with a woman who has a climax experience. “Ah …. I have to, I have to ..” The little daughter Tingting requires a sweet voice of the dream.

After I heard, the meat stick was more fierce, and the little daughter’s butt was on the lips. The pink laborary was congested. With the meat stick, bring a lot of milk white love liquid, walk along the little daughter Tingting Under the butt tute, there is a white bubble on the bed, glittering in the sunlight. I couldn’t help but ask “Daughter, are you happy ??”

At this time, my plug-in movement is more violent, and the coarse mask is inserted and put out. In terms of little daughters in experience, the petals of the labipings are almost turned over, which is extremely powerful. “Ah .. I. Happy .. Of course … Dad’s big … This is inserted, I am very happy, ah ..”

“叽 … .. 叽.. 叽叽.. 叽 叽.” We crazyly joined the voice in the whole house. I am more inserting into her uterus, and the little daughter holds his waist and squats. We are full of hot and blood.

I hate I can’t insert the whole body into the little corpus of my daughter. Suddenly, I didn’t use it. The cock didn’t insert a lotion. She hurriedly quite a high yin, I also inserted it again, and the result was accidentally, the big cock was inserted into the fart in the little daughter Tingting. “Oh … day .. day. God! .. fart. Ass … 喔 .. Dad inserted into my asshole .. .. Ah plug it into your stomach. The little fart is so embarrassing, plus it, it is more tight than the waves, and the big cock is more tight. I didn’t want to come out, but I quickly pushed it. My big chicken is along her intestines, keeps inserting into her belly, and the glans look at her uterus across the intestines. It is also strange, I inserted the little daughter’s ass, but the little daughter’s small hole but kept out of the prostitution. I am more excited, I can’t hold her little hole, and the other hand pinchs her bombing breast. After I plugged into the asshole, I have some dry, and I will plug in her wet and wet, the chicken is wet, and then her ass. “Oh … 喔 .. 喔 .. The stomach is broken .. 喔 .. 喔. God .. I will die .. 喔 .. I want .. Sister I want to be urine … 呜 .. I have diapers…………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

After I exchanged a few assived, she began to shoot yin. I kept inserting, she kept the spot, a shadow of shadow, was full of her pupils. “喔 … day .. day. God! Big chicken Dad … I am you, I am all your body is yours .. The little mouth is yours, tender milk is your, fatty little tender The hole, the ass is Dad. “

After plugging a few hundred, the little daughter Tingting has not been exhausted, but it is only soft, and it is not enough to scream. I am afraid that she can’t stand the stimulus, and she will fly a few times to her ass, so it is a sudden stimulus rushed into the brain from the glans. “Daughter, Dad, I want to shoot hot milk into you.”

“Ah … ok … shoot inside the deepest, the deepest uterus.” Inserting in wet leaching, my big cock is almost exploded, the big meat stick is crazy in the vagina of the little daughter. Insert motion. From the little daughter Tingting slightly, the lip is revealed in the intermittent sob.

“Daughter, I want to shoot it.” The little daughter Tingting hit me tightly. “Ah … still …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. .. Well .. Um … um … “The little girl’s legs tightly clips my waist. At this moment, my mashed milesty was shaken, and a deep semen were injected deep into the vagina of the little daughter.

I have all the strength and feelings of my lower body. With this shot, I will vent it to a two net, and I can’t move, the little daughter’s face shows the satisfied smile.

I looked at the two of the young points that I am red and swollen, I am satisfied with the middle of their sisters. The right side is stuck in the right, the naked body, and the left side of the big daughter. Wen, gradually entered a dream.

The so-called life, two times, the little daughter Tingting passed this time, their sisters did not exist as if I didn’t exist, when I was in my face, change clothes. Sometimes, I will immediately take off the light.

I have to make love for a bath. Even three people will love together all day. In addition to like each other, the sisters also like to use small cucumber, eggplant to interpose each other.

They also like to stroke me, lick my big cock, or one with a small tender set of my big dick, one with tongue to push my ass. So I also fell in love with this game, I prefer the daughter, the two sisters use their hands, with their mouths, use the tongue to pick my big cock.

Make love

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