Everyone has always thought that the police were terrible, they didn’t dare to get close. I thought I thought it until my female friend (not what you imagined) boyfriend, (later, I called my friend) once Drinking, drinking, everyone has been drunk, I will ask him that there is no good-looking police in you, he said no, but there is a female policeman, graduated, not good to calculate the police, probably calculate the police. I quarreled him, he said, but he said that others can’t see you, I can’t help, I have a smile (this is 180, long is also good)


After 3 days, Wat 6, my friend told me to go out, saying that friends introduced me awareness, secretly telling me that I don’t want to dress, I said OK, so I took me 4 years earrings. Down, wear a suit to meet, hot days, I am not crazy, there is still a taxi, it is also air conditioning, I will enter the tea room, my friend is loaded, the woman is still equipped with police , Can play 80 points, be a little fat, and later I asked her, she said that she had 112 pounds, MM is very big, I think she wore this dress to do her, I walked, everyone introduced each other, starting with each other Chat, I’m still constant, I don’t dare, after all, people are police, I will have a good time, my friend is leaving, so I only have me and her, I suggest go to watch movies, huh, huh, It can be borrowed close, so she said that she said to walk, (I am in a suit, hot death, then she told me that I deliberately played with me, I was angry) to take her half an hour, then called Taxi, to the cinema, watch the movie, I started to hook her, but I didn’t dare to easily Chain. The film ends, I have been thinking about how to engage in her, I still don’t know what to read, then eat, and finally send her home. I haven’t forgotten to call her mobile phone and her home. She is not willing. I gave me.

Probably two weeks, I think it should be entered, just say that I have a throat. These days can’t come to pick her off work. I didn’t expect to see me on the 2nd day. I also bought cough medicine, I see I took her in the future, pressed into bed, and then kissed her (it was really afraid), she didn’t resist, I started to attack, and my hand was slowly touched her MM outside. It’s so big, pro After a while, she started to solve her clothes button, so she was a bit stopped when she stopped me, she finally got her mm, finally touched her mm. , So cool, I have a heart disease, still unhappy, after all, there is a milk, fooled her milk is the first understanding, if it is behind, I really don’t know what to do, she finally half naked in front of me. , I started to add her MM, so cool, basically you can suffocate me, I have added it a little.

I think it is a chance to take back her pants, so I will pull a hand down, pull the pull train, I finally encountered my dream for a long time. At the time, she had no resistance, but also as well as enjoyable I started to attack, after 5 minutes, I started taking her pants, she started to fight back, said that she didn’t want to be so early, I can’t be too casual, I said, what is the era? After this kind of thought, after a pair of lip guns, it is still not promised. This is true to retreat, so I will continue to reach out to touch her, touch it, she will under the water, take this like this When I took her pants and underwear, she had the reaction. So I touched her, while I took her pants, I had finally taken her, I started taking off myself. The clothes are, but fortunately, I’m worn is pajamas, and I will take it off.

Then I started slowly, she touched her, I want to ask her to say that I will go in, but she looks very cool, but I don’t say she wants, I am already a post, so I am ready to go in. When I went in, she began to relax, hug me, I was very tight, but also told me to lightly, when I said it, I feel so hot, but it is very tight, but not Virgin, it is estimated that I haven’t done a few times before, because I haven’t had too much demands in the first time, I don’t dare, just a posture, her scream is very big, I am really afraid of hear part, (Oh, but that is not Maybe), when she did, she also told me that I had to be good for her, otherwise I wouldn’t let me pass the door, afraid.

After a half an hour, she began a climax, watching the woman’s climax looks really cool, she climbed a big beach in the bed, but also a mat, there is nothing, but she has to change the bed. After she finished I, have you? I said, what do you say? Didn’t you feel? As a result, she was played two times, then she used my fastest speed to use my fastest speed, just like a madman, what all said, so interesting, like anything is so fast, I am bad, you are very powerful. What did it, there wasn’t a laughter afterwards, and I springed for 5 minutes. I released my descendants. I felt so cool, I was so fear, I was good in the safety period, and later asked her, why are you not a woman, she Say that I don’t know what I did before, and a very good boult happened.

I didn’t know why she didn’t know why she didn’t know that she born. I didn’t ask me. When she asked me if I didn’t be a man, I knew that I didn’t want to lie to her, but I still lied her. I am a man, today is a moment of impulsive, please forgive me, I don’t want to catch me like a child. The result is smiled and stabilized. She told me that she would ignore her words. She is not good, she is welcome, I said, how can I say, In your own area, avoiding the graves. We are in July, the time is not long, but we have made many times, and it will become more and more open, and it is also very good when wearing a police uniform. I feel very good, I feel like a film. Really cool, everyone has the opportunity to try, really feel good, the people who are most afraid of people when steering chives, but they are also very good in bed, some are more likeless, usually really It is a very orthodox. You don’t know it in bed. You don’t know, there is a policeman to conquer your feelings. What do you still have to conquer?

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