In the meeting room of the company, she is a newcomer of the Propaganda Department, the propaganda department and the technical department jointly recruit new people, and a total of fourteen.

The propaganda department has enrolled eight girls, and it is a beautiful woman, perhaps because the director of the propaganda department is also a beautiful relationship. The entire propaganda department seems to become a beautiful woman. The propaganda department swayed.

When the new employee introduced itself, the publicity of the publicity of the propaganda department will not attract a burst of whistle.

It is not that I can’t pay attention at that time, but we started to appreciate each other’s capabilities after we started working with the plan.

It is not only a beautiful appearance. She has really attracted me, and the feelings between us have climbed between the three weeks and gradually become friends who have nothing to do.

The relationship between us is also slowly upgraded to the relationship between men and women, because I am relatively high in the company’s level, in order to avoid gossip, we are very careful in the company, but we often go shopping with the street, holiday after get off work When you come to the suburban tour.

On the day of my birthday, I was a report in the company. At 9:30 in the evening, the people of the whole company walked. Suddenly someone pressed the doorbell, I thought it was forgot to bring things, opened the door, it turned out to be beautiful like.

She is wearing a lavender, and she will show her beautiful curve.

Beauty is like a few packs, hung a sweet smile on his face, shouting, I am happy: “Happy birthday!”

If you give me a big hug, I can smell the fragrance behind her just bathed, she is coming back after home.

I have been busy picking up the big bag on her hand, close the door, I put things on the table, and she is with her.

“How do you know my birthday? Run so late?”

“I have to give you a surprise to the person of the person room! I want to secretly give you a surprise, how is it? I am very happy? I am special with a cake!”

“Of course I am happy!” I looked at her cherry, I couldn’t help but kiss, she squatted, the whole body is in my arms, and she only took a breath.

Push the table to the table: “Let’s cut the cake!”

After a wish, I blew the candle, we brought this little cake, sitting on the leather sand on my office and smiled.

If you suddenly ask me: “What is your wish? Let me listen?”

I said: “I have made three wishes, the first is Guotai people, the second is the wind, rain is ‧ ‧”

It’s like smiling and saying: “Less covers! What is the third wish? Is it the peace of the world?”

I laughed and looked at the beautiful eyes and said: “My third wish is ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧”

If you look at me, take a look at my shoulders, say: “Well, this third wish is hard to achieve, I have to barely promise you!”

I stunned, I just want to open a joke, I didn’t expect that she would really promise.

I looked at her, bowing down her scent lips, beautiful, lipping slightly, I stretched the tongue, stirred in her mouth.

I picked her tongue and let her reach the tongue into my mouth, gently sucked.

My hand slammed her waist, gradually moved, and stroked her chest along her curve.

I put together her breast below, I usually look at her chest is very full. Although I am just feeling in contact, I can still feel her elasticity and firm.

I asked gently asked: “Can you now? Do you want to change a place?”

Beautiful like, “I can’t wait … no matter, just here!”

I bite her ears, like Gege smiled, I stroked her breast’s power gradually strengthened, and another hand moved to her thigh and stroked her thigh.

Beauty is close to your eyes, rely on my arms, thighs micro, I striered her leg room, she wore a cotton small panties, there is already a small piece of wet.

“Wow! Flooded!” I deliberately exaggerated, beautiful, laughing, laugh: “I hate it!”

You deliberately laugh! “

My hand was can’t move between her legs between my legs, but my fingers still arrived between her two lips. I gently smashed her with my fingers. Her prostitute gradually became more, so that her crotch was completely pasted in her yell, I can use my fingers to feel the curve of her labia, full of yin.

The other hand is smashed with her nipple over the clothes and bra, and it is like gentle, like it is very useful.

I put it on the beautiful, picking up her narrow short skirt, take off her stockings and underwear.

The beautiful genus is not covered in front of my eyes. Her incapacity is triangular in the shame, the labia is narrow, and the prostitute is full of hole, it seems to be dripping.

“Come, pick your foot.”

I let the beauty raise the right foot, cross the sofa. I fell in the sofa, slipped to the beautiful leg.

Then use the fingers to separate the beautiful labips, revealing the obscenity hole, I kissed the beautiful hole, the tongue is lightly eyegles.

“Ah … ah …” is like trembling, both hands holding my head.

I turned in her yuki, acupoints and three parts of the Yin, attempted to find out what she was most sensitive, I found that her joy nucleus was very sensitive, so I concentrated on the jerki, my fingers are in her. Part sliding.

Beautifully twisted waist, the body is not bent down, she seized my hair, and pushed me between her legs.

“Ah … hurry … I want … I want …” fast … ah … a … “

I have a narrow asked her: “What is it? What do you want? To make it clear!”

“Quick plug in … ah … ah … I want … Fast …”

I stood up and took off my clothes. The mashed mask had already hit hard. I pulled down her zipper and helped her take off.

If you take it off the bra, you will show that the pair of full-scale breasts, I am sitting on the sofa, let the beauty on my thigh, I put together her breast, gently bite a beautiful teap.

If you hold me, the waist is twisted, and the guyslid is to the guilty head, slowly sit in, my glans supports her narrow vagina, sliding the deepest place of her body.

Because there is a sucking obscene lubrication, although her vagina is very narrow, my mask is still unobstructed in her body.

My meat rod is finally income, and the two of us are relieved, and the beauty is tightly grabbed my neck, and the snow white butt is slowly turned, and a circle twists.

The meat stick stood against her vaginal wall, and the hot glans scraped on her vagina wall, and the flow of obscenes.

Beauty as a side, a sweet 呻: “It’s so cool … Dear … Are you comfortable?

. . what. . . what. . . So cool. . . “

I support her waist and help her turn, gradually accelerate, the beauty is changed to be quite, but the butt is one after another, the meat stick is in one of her points, and the meat of the surprise .

I talked her ass, let her go up and down, the flesh rubbing brings a bit of fun, driving the peak of the like.

“Ah … ah … I am coming … climax … so cool … good news … ah ..

. what. . . Can’t stand it. . . marvelous. . . what. . . what. . . “

Beauty as the whole body, she clungs my shoulder, and a long-term wave-like mobility, a plump breast jumped up and down.

Beautifully keeps the head, regardless of all forgetting, I tightly grab her hip meat, she keeps moving tall, let the glans stick to the uterine mouth, I feel her vagina burst, obscene The flow of the small river is a trembling, and the whole body is soft, holding me, keeping breathing.

I picked her, walked by the sofa to the window sill, one side of the waist, let the meat stick jump in her point, continue to stimulate her.

I put her on the windowsill, back on the large glass window, I looked up her thighs to separate, strike, and the thrill of the meat stick made beautiful as a continuous climax.

She held the window along with her eyes, closed his eyes, my meat stick was inserted back and forth in her point, with her red phenoli, turning into the body, and constantly twisted the body, constantly elaborating the 呻 吟, Sweat mixed with prostitution, flowed from her legs to the window sill. “Hey … 噢 … ah … no … ah … you are too strong … ah …

what. . . what. . . Pause. . . what. . . what. . . “

I pulled the meat stick, beautiful as the whole body is sweat, soft soft in me.

I bowed my head and kissed her hair, bite her ear, and I kept breathed, her breath with a sweet scent, I took a few paper, helping her to wipe it. Sweat and obscenity.

After a while, I opened my eyes and looked at my hard mask. Surprised: “Wow! You are so fierce! I have a few times a few times!”

I laughed, as soon as I took me, I went to the sofa to sit down, she fell in my arms, reached out, holding my meat rod up and down.

“This alright is fun, borrowing me to play, is it good?” It’s like a sweet laugh, the waves said.

We went on the big sofa in the office, enjoy the warmth of the passion, I played a beautiful breast milk, the touch of beautiful fingers made me very excited.

Beautiful, the more you have to play, the more you have, the speed is gradually accelerated, she seems to have the meaning of my ejaculation, one side of the lesser says: “Comfortable? So waiting like this Don’t you run out? “

“You have been playing like this, what should I do if I am ejaculation?” I said.

It’s like accelerating the speed, the waves said: “If you eat … then I will eat it …

I touched her breasts, and the beauty of the beauty was covered with my meat stick, and squeezed my mask. One side sucking my glans, trying to let me shoot, but I don’t want to put it so simple. Over her.

After playing for a while, the spirit has been restored, so I started the second wave of offensive.

I let her go back to the sofa, on the upper body, the round butt is high, I support her beautiful buttocks, my fingers are separated from her labipings, and the glans is gently topped on her yuki, Returned back and forth in her hole.

After a while, the beauty is probably impatient, she holds the sofa armrest with the right hand, the left hand has been reached from crossing, holding my meat stick, guide me to her hole, slowly insert the meat stick.

I will go forward, the meat stick is full, and I entered the body of the body.

Beautifully snorted, the active front and then moved it, let my meat stick twitch in her point.

“Hey … too comfortable … … faster … hard … … ah ..

. So cool. . . what. . . You’re awesome. . . what. . . Force. . . what. . . “

I am very moving quickly, and I also twisted my body to catering me, beautiful as a fast reach a second climax.

I turned over her body, let her lying on the sofa, but the butt is hung in the edge of the sofa, I grabbed her ankle, separated her thigh, and the meat stick took into her points and continued my job.

The beauty of the beautiful wave has not retired, the climax of the third wave is coming to her, and the beauty is holding the sofa, yelling, and the obscenity is not stopped.

The continuous climax allowed her to start with no words: “God … great … I am dead ..

. what. . . what. . . Pause. . . what. . . Do not. . . do not stop. . . quick. . . Force. . . what. . . do not want. . . what. . . “

In a strong piston movement, I feel that I am so open, so I quickly smoke the meat stick, crowded with a strong semen, from the beautiful belly to her breast milk As a line, there are still many sprayed on her face and hair.

Beautiful, it seems that the climax of just now has not retired, I am sitting next to her to rest.

For a long time, the beauty has come back to God, watching the semen on her, we laugh together.

It’s like: “You see! Just said that you want you to shoot in my mouth, you are not quenched, now I am full, no matter what! You have to help me clean!”

I said with her hair: “Okay! Wait until my family, I will help you” Wash “clean!” We packed a mess of the office, I took a beautiful place to live. And enjoy the love for one night.

After the beauty moved into my house, I started our cohabitation.

The spring blossoms, I am really scared when I say this in the morning.

I thought it was boy with me, now everything happened!

I am lying in bed, and Yu Qian is sitting in bed!

It’s a long time, Yu Qian is so dark, just because of the relationship of the beautiful, it has never dare to express.

But when the company gathered, as a gathering of the company.

After knowing that Yu Qian has sacrificed so much, “It’s more compassion, let alone, she can share it with me, not to excite it!” Beauty as so.

I took off the beautiful clothes, thinking about it, “I think you like more people!”

The man loves this adjustment. Anyway, I will not die, it is better to be happy together, no one wants to be sad, isn’t it very good? “

I solve the beautiful bra and get a mouth to suck her teat.

Stealing the eyes and look at Yu Qian, Yu Qian wears a short skirt, sitting on the bed at the end of the bed, low head, the phoenix is ​​spring, and it is secretly looked at me.

The four eyes intersect, she is embarrassed to laugh.

“Good wow! You two people don’t pay attention to what is going on the eyebrows? Not going to take off your clothes!”

Said that you get up and pull Yu Qian, unlocking her shirt.

I took the opportunity to let the beautiful belt and take off her shorts.

There is only one pink small panties left in the body, and I reach out on her thigh.

At this time, Yu Qian’s top was also taken off, showing that pair of pepper, Yu Qian’s breasts, but quite full.

Another hand grabbed Yu Qian, palm through her armpits, holding up her breast, gently squatting.

Beauty is like another side of Yu Qian, the finger is holding the nipple, and gently shakes.

Yu Qian snorted, the body twitched, the waves said: “Small like you are so bad! Two people teamed up with me!”

I laughed: “Who will lose you! We two people waiting for you, is it still not good?”

Said that I also touched the beautiful legs in the beautiful legs, follow the trip pants, in the trip, the beautiful lascivious water was flooded, and the underwear pants put a wet stick, I took two big labiars. In the middle, the finger-finger’s finger abdomen is rubbed on this “water ditch”.

Beautifully closed his eyes and enjoying this lastrio.

I let Yu Qian 躺 躺, beautifully, the butt is high.

I took off my clothes, walked to bed, and the beautiful small panties were all wet, and the hole was clearly visible.

I took off the beautiful underwear, hold the meat stick in one hand, the glans wipes in the mouth, the waist is advanced, and the whole roots are inserted into the beautiful waves.

“Hey … my day … How do you cut it in it … so cool …”

The sound of the obscenity is called.

“If you are wet, I have to save the fire!” I smiled and said.

At the same time, the waist is like a twitch, and the meat stick is in one of her points, she has brought a lot of prostitution.

Beauty as two hands holding Yu Qian’s breasts, Jade Qian also rose, twisting the body, the yards called: “Ah … you don’t touch … good .. Good … “

Yu Qian also didn’t want to show weakness. The two hands had a beautiful breastfeeding, and the finger was smashed with a beautiful nipple.

Yu Qian started against attack, beautiful, not to show weakness, grabbed Yu Qian’s breasts to the mouth, she first used the tongue on the nipple of Yu Qian, licking the right side, then gently biting the nipple , Jinjin tasteful sucking.

This Jade Qian can be waved, and the two legs clamped the beautiful waist, the body shakes, and the mouth can’t hang in the mouth: “Oh … it is too beautiful … .. … …

I think I have to speed up the speed, because there is still a pretty and lovely Yu Qian waiting for me. So I supported the beautiful waist, the stretched puffed, my thighs and the beautiful thighs touched together, showing a louder voice.

It is even more powerful as it is a top of me. Yu Qian will smile, the finger is changed to turn, double the beautiful nipple, under this array, beautifully set up white flag.

She let go of Yu Qian’s nipple, and she can’t hold the aromatic: “喔 … 喔 … 喔 … I am going to day … Ah … a little more … … ah … ah … ah.

. . “

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