I hope, Dongfeng is coming, the footsteps of spring are also close.

When the winter is coming, the ripe Wang Meifeng has stepped into the season of the wind and waves along with the beginning of the season.

Mei Fang is still a pure girl, 189 years old, has a charming figure, apple as a face, looks not high, attractive voice plus the charming, there are many men who are fascinated by her fall.

At home, Mei Fang is very lonely, a maid Lin Qianhui is a 25-year-old woman, and it is a girl who has been married. In Mei Fang’s home, she and the thousand benefits are best.

Whenever the United States has various problems, she always finds a thousand studies to study solve problems.

Although the weather is a bit abnormal, the US Fang has recently been a bit abnormal.

Zhao Zhengming is a big figure of Mei Fang, twenty-six or older, is also a man who is very handsome.

After coming to the Wang family, I’m smart and lively and beautiful. It has already got to make her hand, so I will be pleased.

Qian Hui has already understood the meaning of the right, because I have just been here, I have been familiar with the personnel and the environment after a while, and thousands of benefits are also a bit meant to him.

In a wind and day afternoon, it is in the living room, and thousands of benefits sitting on a look.

Zhengming said: “Lin Qian Hui, I can’t see you in one day, I will be sad.”

Thousands of love said: “Don’t tell you so serious? Is it true or violated?”

Zhengming said: “I am completely true.”

“Your man’s mouth is sweeter.”

“You will try my mouth and don’t be sweet.”

Qian Hui red face said: “What are you doing like this? Who wants to eat your mouth?”

Zhengming also laughed: “You don’t want to eat me, then I will eat you.”

“You are less, thick face, be careful, your cousin is coming back.”

“She is coming back, two people eat together.”

“Do you kiss a lady?”

“You kiss me, tell you again.”

“Forget it, I don’t know not to kiss you.”

I hugged her, she first pushed a few, pushing down in his arms.

Zhengming first kissed on the thousands of faces, and thousands of semi-pushed half of the kiss, and the thousands of hearts were comfortable. Suddenly, kissed her lips, thousands of benefits were trying to avoid it, but he was tight by him.

I have kissed it for a long time, and thousands of benefits took the tip of the tongue into the right mouth, gently sucked, and the crowded thousands of kiss did not breathe.

At this time, thousands of benefits have been distinguished by the positive Ming.

The right hand moves up and down in the thousand Hui, stroking the millennium, thousands of benefits deliberately put the chest.

I know that she is now needed now, and the jade legs are touched by the thousands of jade legs.

The right hand is in the thousands of tribes.

Qian Hui took the right hand and pressed the hand: “Don’t touch, there will be a lot of water inside, will get on your hand.”

Zhengming is also anxious to go to Qian Hui: “Do we go to your room?”

Qian Hui: “No, come back at night.”

So Zhengming hugged again and kissed and touched her to mix her. It took her hand to touch her hook.

The thousands of hands just hit his mask, and the thing was touched.

Qian Hui suffocated his pants, touched it on the top, and pinched it again.

Zhengming put the mask from the pants.

Thousands of low-looking face is also red.

Red tapping head, round, top, a meat.

The long hormon is hard to rush, and there is an eight inches long.

Thousands of help, I can’t hold it, I’m: “How are you so big?”

Zhengming: “Don’t you like big?”

“So the conference killed people.”

“No, I will be very careful.”

“You must have flowers, have you gone?”

“She has not yet opened! But I touched her little tender hole, very small!”

“Why don’t you get into?”

“I didn’t wait until the opportunity, she and you are very good, have the opportunity to please help you.”

“I can help, I can’t help it.”

“I don’t want her if you have you.”

“We can play it, you can’t talk about other things.”

The night is quiet, the moment is waiting for the moment, it is always in the Mei Fang, and I can’t remind her in my heart.

Zheng Ming lying in the thousand-made bed quiet, etc., I don’t know how long I have heard the footsteps.

Zhengming pretended to fall asleep, thousands of benefits to the bed slightly smiled: “If you really sleep, go back, don’t lying on my bed, blame.”

Zhengming opened his eyes and smiled: “My little baby, I have been so sad, you can come back.”

“Look at you, I am not interested.” Zhengming hugged her and took her clothes.

Thousands of puzzles are not interested, I want to get that kind of thing, I will take off the outerwear, and there is a triply.

The plump breasts are quite in the chest, and the crowds are gently stroked. The red nipple is coming out, and it will suck it, suck her itself.

“Light suck! Itch!”

Zhengming put her in bed, Qian Hui eight characters opened in bed, criticism to take away thousands of tribes.

“How are you so urgent? You will take your time again.”

It is rushing to rush to himself, and the big mask is tall, almost met the lower abdomen.

Thousands of Hui see the underwear, the big yang has revealed, so thick, thousands of hand, and sit down carefully.

Thousands of watches, the reddrops of the red dumps are hard to ruthless, pinch in the hands of hard borders, the small abdomen is dense, and the following two follicles have fallen very long, more much more than ordinary people, with that hard The big mask is really wonderful.

Thousand Hui can’t hold the big cock, smile:

“How is your thing so big? Hard to scare people!”

“This thing, it is trying to enter your Taoyuan cave.”

“My little meat hole is afraid not to install.”

“You take the triangular pants and let me see.”

“Go see your cousin!”

“Don’t tease me, good sister, I am so crazy, get rid of!”

“It’s okay, you don’t want you to come, just keep watching, you can touch the most touching sticks.”

Zheng Wang nodded, Qian Hui took off the trippers, and the eyes opened up with both eyes, and the mouth was directly in the mouth.

Thousands of people laugh:

“See you, swallow your mouth? I am so good?”

“Of course! Men will be killed by the thing.”

Thousands of benefits to open the leg fork, and shake a few white hips.

I’m carefully appreciating her, the snow whitening breasts, the walrow round big fat hip, the lower abdomen highlights the high yin, long and short hairy, the following reveals the charming cave, the flesh contains Many water.

Zheng Ming hugged her jade leg, gently touching the cave with hand.

The more I don’t touch it, and she is touched, and the water in the meat is getting more and more.

The crime of the big cock is harder than the previous year.

Thousands of great trees have risen much, and the road:

“What is your person going? Look at my things and your things will get more and more big, getting more and more thick?”

“I want to die, let me insert this meat stick to your small hole!”

“I don’t want, then the conference is dying, just already talking well, only allowed to see it.”

“You haven’t played, what?”

“I am doing a little meat, then have you so big?”

It is urgent to talk about it, and you will get her point.

Thousands of watches, knowing that he wants to swim, just hurry with the legs, so that it is not possible.

“Oh, how do you do it, let me plug in!”

“You are really unreasonable, and I don’t want to get my consent!”

“Good sister, save me, I really have a hard pain, let me gently put it.”

“You have been eager to make this one with people, and there is no patience, I don’t like it.”

Zhengming has seen that it is hard to do it hard, change the way, then kiss thousands of benefits, thousands of Hui also kissed the right, he hits her neck, chest, on the back, and kiss her.哼, 正明 下 下, kiss her willow, navel, thousands of Hui, turn down to the upper chest down.

Zheng Ming was kissed by her sketch, and kissed it in a thousand ass. When kissed his ass, it was lightly ass.

Thousands of gaps:

“Oh! How can the place be done?”

Regardless of her, continue to take a while, use the mouth to suck.

The thousands of ass fidels were sucked, and the body was trembled, and the mouth was just uree. He took force and flew out, he went to the tip of the tongue.

The thousands of hearts are tight, the whole body hair, the hole is also flowing out.

“How can this? My God! I am so fate, it is comfortable and sad, I still have this taste.”

Thousands of Apis, I am happy and nervous, I think: he will play, I have a comfortable to play. Thousand Hui and 呻吟:

“Good brother, my ass succeeded, how can I 舔, this is a good fortune, oh, the whole asshole is turned out.”

The right thing is sucking, and she stroked her breast.

At this time, I can’t eat a little, I want to let him don’t have a little reluctant.

Thousands of Hui couldn’t help, the body was fierce, but the butt was turned down and lie down, and his mouth was still breathed.

I saw that she turned over, and kissed his lower abdomen and kissed it. The soft and hot meat was high, and Zheng Ming was sucking.

Thousand Hui is thinking, his sucking kung fu is really home, making me all body, suddenly, the labello is sucked, so beautiful.

“How can this place suck!”

It is clear that I will take a bite and make Qianhui.

Gradually, the right mouth kissed the small hole, the tongue tongue on the pee on the eye.

Thousand Hui lights:

“Oh! This is can’t be lick, don’t suck, pee it.”

Thousands of benefits have not been trembled, and the hands are closely related.

Zheng Ming took the next sucking the thousands of tender eyes, and the tender small hole immediately had water, and the right to extend the tongue and smashed his eyes and smashed.

A sucking a bite and licking against the jet nucleus.

Thousands of Hui said:

“Hey .. 哟 .. Small hole is .. 舔 .. My life .. Others .. Okart .. I will encounter a man who will play .. 唔 .. hole is faster .. Sorry .. Good brother.

It is close to the jerki and use your mouth.

Thousands of benefits have to taste this since the birth, it is so comfortable, and the lascivious water flowing is eaten by the right.

Thousands of hibiscus, there is a burst of shaking, suddenly called:

“Ah .. Good brother .. Parent-husband .. I am dead .. a small hole .. How can I be so beautiful .. 哟 .. I have to lose ..”

Thousands of benefits said that a yin is shot out, and it is full of fullness.

Thousands of comfortable and breathless:

“Good husband .. I am alone .. I don’t do it. I don’t do it .. I will die .. Waiting for me .. Land gave you .. Now………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… “

I didn’t eat it, I stopped sucking and said:

“Small hole, are you comfortable?”

Thousands of savory:

“It’s so comfortable .. You are so good .. My hole gives you the cock .. Insert .. This is a business.

Zhengming hugged her to the toilet to let her sit, he stood in front of her, the big hi of Hard Bangbang was very high, a good one.

“This didn’t eat things, but I just smashed!”

“Only you are so worried, harm the big masks are fast.”

“It looks so scary, let me bite a bite?”

“When you break, you have no things.”

“I want to bite! I will stand it quickly.”

It’s just a little bigger, just a little big cock, just on her face.

Thousands of mids look at it for a while, and use their hands to get a few times, the big cock makes it with the iron rod, she contains it in the mouth.

I saw that she had a big cock, and the glans was hot and uncomfortable, I took the chicken to her mouth.

Thousands of Hui wow, spit the cock out, and said:

“Death, how can this be top, not a hole, I will spit it out.”

“Sorry, I didn’t expect, let it.”

“Don’t, wait until you go to bed, let’s talk, you can’t talk.”

“Okay, you have a urine.”

“Okay, you hold me, I can’t move.”

Zhengming took her to bed, and went to sleep in the past, leaning his head on the pillow, and it was sitting on the bed and appreciated the charming carcass.

Thousands of pairs of big cocks, pinched, the big talents rose bright, and many prostitutes were also flowed on the front of the horse.

She laughed:

“You are too big, I love again, how hard it is still not soft for so long.”

“I didn’t get the meat hole, how can I be soft?”

“The head is boiling on the top, and the stick is bright and fun.”

“You can see it very fun, my dicks are fortunate.” “The following follicles are bigger than others, look good!”

So the Qian Hui took a mouth with a big talents, and I was seeing that she contained her mouth, the glans had a lot of long, the glans were hot.

Her mouth is very big, the eyes are also flushed, just with the lips, the big cock, Zhengming is so comfortable.

It took more than ten times, thousands of Hui spit it out, holding the big chicken, holding out the tip of the tongue, gotting the tip of the tapping, looking at the big tapping, the whole body pores are all open.

Thousands of Hui got a while, and lick it back to the big cock, licking, holding a follicle with a mouth to suck the egg, two eggs are too big. I want to put two in my mouth, I can’t contain one, and there is one, two eggs are turning a while.

Zhengming is tight, I am screaming in my mouth.

Qianhui smoked, the more fun, the crime of the big cock was sucked.

“The small hole makes me get it! I can’t stand it, I will give you a pistol!”

Thousands of Hui spoiled big dicks and laughed:

“Don’t face it, there is no point to pistol, shameful!”

“Small hole, I want to do it!” After I finished riding a thousand gap.

Thousands of flat lying on the bed, both legs have been opened.

Zhengming mentioned the big cock, smoke the thousands of legs, riding behind her butt, big dicks are right, are preparing to go in.

Millennium is holding the 阳 具:

“Good people, don’t be too reckless, slowly go in, I didn’t get such a big mask, I have to gently break the holes.”

Zhengming point:

“Don’t be afraid, I will gently insert it, come, you now hold Zhengzheng.”

“A little bit, don’t plug in, do you know?”

After that, Jian Hui took the big mask and sent it to his eyes. The holes were itchy. Sao is a lot, and the cock is sent to the hole.

I feel hot and slippery, ask:

“Isn’t it?”

“To the top, you insert it!”

Zhengming took the butt, the chicken is very hot, and the glans is hot, and it feels that the glans of the hard Bangbang are settled.

Thousands of mouths shot a mouth:

“Oh! Go in, so rising, the points are standing by the glans, don’t go in, I don’t want it.”

I know that the woman’s psychology, knowing that she should not get too much now, wait for a while, I will be inserted.

So Zhengming kissed her face on her, and there was still no movement below.

Qian Hui is a little nervous, the big talents are put into the points, although the ups and hips are good now, they don’t hurt, a little rising, the hole is empty, I reach out, the big hi is outside There is only one glans inserted in, and it is itchy again and asks:

“Do you do it?”

Zhengming laughs:

“Of course!”

“Then how do you get a little?”

“I am afraid that you hurt, so I don’t dare to plug in.”

“The conscience is full, you will get it, I will itch, plug in a little more!”

I know that she can’t stand it, I have turned into a little.

“How are you doing? Old hanging people appetizing!”

At this time, it is not polite, and the big cock is inserted into the end.

Thousands of bails, the eyes have been greatly called:

“Oh .. Oh .. 唷 .. my hole .. Break it .. Good pain .. make people .. so deep .. Quickly die.”

It’s just that the big hi is in the case, although the thousands of points have passed, but it is still very tight.

Make her hole up, the cavity turned very big, the middle of the meat sticks straight, just pugged in, she would call, now he will go.

“The masher is inserted. Why don’t you send it?”

The right is gently shaking, and one is very light, and the top is about twenty or so.

Thousands of benefits began to swallow water, the more swallowed, and the screaming, holding his neck, his legs also raised, he changed another intersection.

First put the mask two times, and pumped it into the hole of the hole.

Qian Hui was saved, and the righteousness was stunned:

“This .. is.

I saw that she had already rumored, and it was changed to three heavy plugs to the top of the hole, so they were on the top of the hole, so heavy three in the bottom of the hole.

Thousands of Hui were topped three times, “Oh! Oh! Oops!” Three sounds, two underneath is only in the hole, the mouth is “! Hey!” Two sounds.

Drawing of Dingding, also sounded the hole. Chieko is big penis get twenty minutes, although very uncomfortable, but overall did not catch the most itchy place.

Masaaki mean to tease her desires Daihatsu, always under heavy and light a few a few.

Chie really could not help myself, his hands clinging to the positive Ming:

“You look at the first stop, I wiped the water again.”

Masaaki pull out the big penis, Chieko turned and put him down on the bed and said:

“You sleep Now, let me get on top, get a long time people are worried to death.”

Masaaki bed, big dick Alice above.

Chie legs apart ride on him, pointed at the large penis’ll sit down ass, big penis and shoved it got into the crypt.

She will raise the upper body to get down to your own ass, what about the blasted sit down, sit down each hole into the penis all heart.

Top each breast Chieko also put it, is lying on top, bigger breasts, Masaaki below stroked the breasts, buttocks also send up top.

The breath even at a hundred top, side wave cried:

“Phew .. pussy .. bloom .. very comfortable .. good fun .. big dick hole .. .. .. good hard to break. A ..”

Masaaki see her own thrusts himself Langjiao, he laughed.

“What are you laughing? Devil.”

“I think you get yourself dick called, full of fun.”

“You’re boring you, so I did myself, you have the nerve to laugh?”

“I’m afraid so dry you broke, so just gently get you.”

“Thank you for your kindness, too light is not fun, get to know their own weight.”

“You get top heavy than me, each and all efforts to reach to the top.”

Chie catch their breath:

“You root penis is very good, but will not get.”

“For now I’ll get the package you refreshing!”

“No, I get, come out, and then a few will be lost.” Having Kuangchou up, sit down ass too loud pops straight, dens and lost a lot of water.

Masaaki hair all wet, the lower abdomen is also flooded with Saoshui.

Chie smoke was heaviest top most ruthless when suddenly Masaaki also mess up top, got Luanyao, pussy tight big penis firmly set about shaking, then waves his big penis is dumb, like the body like electricity.

Chie hold Masaaki Luanyao ass again and said:

“I .. I’m finished .. lost .. lost ..”

Masaaki penis is also a crisp, direct upward semen, Chieko is also facing the glans to direct sex fluid, “Buzi! Buzi!” They both ejaculation.

Chie fell Masaaki side and said:

“I am exhausted! “

“I ejaculate!”

Chie rest a bit, put the penis to pull out, people down.

Masaaki next to the hair on the belly are the essence of water.

Thousands of people laugh:

“You look at the hair, surrounded by white milk your body, hee hee ..”

“Are you, pussy to get above my belly is.”

“Go wash, or else are not even in bed.”

So Masaaki put away the water, hold the Qianhui to the bathroom to take a bath, after bath two quickly fell asleep.

Dawn, Masaaki a light sleepy, in bed grabbed Qianhui narrow waist, drowsiness totally disappeared, the spirit of times.

He kissed Chieko Jiaoye, sliding a hand on does not slip lost breasts, and rubbing ask.

Chie hands pushing him and said:

“You do not meet last night?”

“Die, Why did you look so tender and beautiful flower, Lu is also the man Liuxia heart ah!”

He said a stand in Chieko’s body, bulging big thick penis fierce pressed down towards the inside moist Roudong.

Scared into not heard the whole root.

“Oh .. lightly ..”

“I will not tell you the pain, I promise you the enervating, die happy.”

Masaaki grabbed Qianhui Jiaoqu layman pumped from shallow and deep under the tens, then nine shallow a depth, he saw provocative ass with a fall, such as superficial light smart fast, like bees play as a core stick and rise.

Ass until it sank under the tenth, heavy hit polygamous, has been washed in the end leading to the mouth of the uterus, this tactic is most likely to trigger woman sexual desire, especially lewd woman is most effective.

Masaaki clinging to send hundreds of Chieko repeatedly inserted under her smooth interpolation was Yinye such as injection anomalies, he said light-pity honey love in her ear:

“My dear, so you play yourself? Enough stimulation?”

Chie then tasted delicious, and she nodded sweetly:

“Ah .. ah .. a little .. point .. ah .. still early .. can be a little heavier weight .. .. hard ..”

Zhengming is as good as the sacred purpose, immediately fierce, a fertile poppet stab, he is smashing, he is like a crazy beast, the Mercedes-Benz, and has passed the plain to jump on the mountain. Thousands of Hui, there is also a very fast-moving delicious drop.

The right movement is getting crazy, the more intense, like hunger beasts to tear food.

At this time, the bottle of the millennium, the love of the vocabulary, the sound of the waves.

“Oh .. Oh .. Oh .. Proud brother .. Pear husband .. Sister. It’s so beautiful .. Beautiful .. Happy last day ..”

“Brother .. You are also comfortable .. .. Well ..”

Zhengming also astishing a lot of cow and kissed,:

“Little sister .. Heart liver baby .. Brother. It’s so comfortable.”

“Sister. You are so beautiful .. Brother .. Fu Yan in our life .. Fu .. Can get your heart.”

It is young and strong, and the sexual desire is extremely strong, so the peony has a peony flower in the mourning of the rain.

Zhengming and thousands of Hui are really like a fish, such as glue is like painted, so sweet.

It is more than half an hour, and the thousands of people have lost their body.

She is screaming:

“Well .. Well .. Tessic brother .. Sister .. It’s already lost .. Take a break .. Proud .. You are too powerful .. Sister .. Can’t stand.

Zhengming is really very considerate, she holds the petitude on her, softly stroking her skin kisses her cheeks.

“Good sister, you are so cute, hey .. Hello, take a break .. My brother, I haven’t bleed it .. Good sister ..”

Zhengming put the hot hoods to take the heart, frequently beating, and gently pumped, take this warm taste, let each other in a sweet and pleasant wine.

His lips kissed her soft peaks, sucking hard, gently rub the lubricated skin, these teasing skills, so that the loss after the lost, the spring love is flooding.

Under the big talent, she took advantage of the shadow wall, like a baby’s sucking, and it feels unparalleled, and there is another kind of flavor than the fierce.

I can’t stand it in the mouth:

“Ah .. ah .. Little kiss .. Take the clip .. Help it .. Good ..

Thousand Hui eats and eats a smile:

“People are very tired, no strength!”

Zhengming is re-pumping in the fire, I can’t help but raise and rising, and the weight is more important, I have a deep heart, every time I hit delicate flowers.

The thousands of piety trembled, twisted like a snake, not checked:

“Ah .. Brother .. You told my waves again .. 唷 …….. Itchy itch ..”

It is pure to see her pure and tell:

“Sister .. You .. now .. No .. I’m .. Go .. Sale ..”

Thousands of Hui is in the beginning, still spoiled to push:

“Don’t come .. Brother .. You .. bad .. Nasty.”

Zhengming smiled:

“Brother .. Not bad .. Sister .. How do you .. will .. comfortable ..”

It plays her in the face, one side “Buzi” madly plugged her meat.

Silent sky is overflowing the movement of life.

Tri-fish eating water, squatting and rudely sang into a beautiful maternity, they like two volcanoes to break out, the sky is moving, the wind is colorful, the sun is light, like a storm like the rain Rainy rains in the shore.

Thousands of benefits were not so excited, the blood rushed in the body, every cell was trembled, two hot body entangled together, first kiss each other, now is a crazy impact.

The thousands of body are trembled, due to the evaporation of blood, excretion of endocrine, exudes strong meat.

The right movement is more crazy, and the energetic energy supports him, almost the power of sucking milk.

Thousands of excited, almost fainted, scattering and sinful, while sending a sinusoidal embarrassment, in half perspective, she shakes, because the original need to twist like a snake.

Her soul is like floating in space, floating, wants to die, like a fairyland, she trembles with sound.

“Ah .. Brother .. Sister .. Want to go to day .. No .. ah .. To die .. ah .. ah .. I lost .. I lost ..”

I saw her fierce pussy a thrown top, and her hands were soft after pouring a lot of hunquin.

She is embarrassed by her, like a dead snake. Soft, on the bed, it is not moving.

The right talents are hot, and the horses have a lack of bones. I can’t help but feel a loose, “Bob” talents jumped, a strong hot sun essence also rushed into the uterus. The rain is sunny, and a mellow battle finally ended.

One day, Mei Fang is watching TV, a person has unlimited depression, and in recent days, it is very little close to her. It is not as before, it will sneak the kiss and hug each other.

Recently, Zhengming saw Meng Fang just hurriedly greeted, people gone, what is this? Mei Fang is constantly thinking, undoubtedly, countless questions are in the mind in the mind, almost crazy, this is the phenomenon of Sichun’s girl.

People in meditation, the heart is floating, some people come into, and the US Fang has not found out that she was hugged, and she kissed it on her face. Mei Fang was shocked, and the focused attention was confirmed.

“Table brother, how do you scare me!”

“I think you are thinking, don’t know what you are thinking?”

Mei Fang is a smile:

“Anyway, I don’t think you, you are a big bad guy.”

“Ah! I understand, I can’t see it in a few days, there is a boyfriend.”

“People are not yet, people are thinking about something else.”

“Do you want me to introduce a boyfriend with you, people are great, you will love it.”

Mei Fang smiled:

“You are not good, this person is there, you bring me to see!”

“I am here!”

Mei Fang Positive Tao:

“Table brother, what’s it! I haven’t told me that I will bring the wild man, what is going on, I am going to take it, I can’t see it.”

“You can’t see this person, but it must be seen anyway!”

“Who must see me, don’t see it, the shelf is not small!”

Zhengming refers to himself, watching Mei Fang, she will understand, show:

“Dead watch, don’t face, who wants you, thick face.”

I was hugged with a beautiful kiss.

“My good cousin, let me touch your nipple?”

Mei Fang listened to his face, red, and glance:

“If you die, you will want to touch it, I don’t want it.”

“Good baby, what is the relationship between touch.”

“You are very bad, every time you sneak me, give you a touch, eat it, it is difficult to eat, itch.”

“This time no, don’t believe you try to see it!”

“I do not want!”

Although I said in the mouth, but the body of Mei Fang, I have fallen in the right, he kissed her lips, she also spit it out to make him suck, kissed for a long time, kissing the merits in my heart, like a drunk Same.

The right hand touched the chest of the United States, Mei Fang did not dare to move, closed his eyes and enjoyed, slowly, and the crush was unsuccessful, and the cream was also unspeakable.

“You always love this, what do you explain to your clothes?”

It is easy to take off her clothes in his speech.

“You go to the door, if you are seen by thousands, more people.”

“Thousands of benefits are coming, even she also take off!”

Mei Fang laughed:

“You really don’t want your face, I know, I will definitely die.”

Zhengming put the door, hugging her, taking off the beauty of the shirt, the two tits are exposed to the outside, like two water peaches.

It is gently touched by his hand, and she touched her and shouted his hands and gently pinched the nipple.

The beautiful nipples have grown up, as if there are two cherries, so beautiful, so moving.

The right hand seems to have a current, she is also like a touched electricity, all the body is shaking, and the mouth gasped in the mouth.

“Table brother, I am so itchy, try again!”

Zhengming is slightly aggravated, and you can touch the breasts.

Mei Fang is a little bit:

“Good brother, hold me to go to bed.”

Zheng Ming picked up Mei Fang to bed, he kneel on the bed, continue to knead the breast.

US Fang lost its resistance, only in the mouth gasping.

He touched the breast and touched her down by hand, and the US Fang was slightly moved twice, and did not refuse.

The right hand stretched into her trip to go, and the body of the beautiful belly is full of pussy, which is full of hair, which is short but a lot.

Zhengming is thinking: thousands of hair is more than her.

Mei Fang is thinking: he touches me, I am afraid I want to get me.

Zhengming, I took off my clothes, the whole body is naked, the lower penis is so high and the iron rod is the iron rod, and the Meng Fang looked red, and he said: “Dead watch, what do you take off?”

Zhengming put the mask is very angry:

“I have a look at you, a cousin, help me touch.”

“Who wants you to touch your things, so big, so afraid, but also.”

Although I don’t want it, I will see that the glans is so big, and they will reach out and hold it.

I saw her pinching the big mask. She immediately took the beautiful tribe of the United States. She didn’t resist, and quickly took off.

She was shy and red, and she called:

“Oh! Don’t do this, bad watch.”

Zhengming takes off her tribquel, white tender skin, towering elastic breasts, fine waist, and then equipped with a pair of long jade legs, it is a natural thing.

Zhengming has also kissed the US Fang, and also touched her breasts and pussy, but that is just a clothes, has not let himself see her figure.

The American pinear is very full, tall, hairy, long in the lower abdomen, two red labians are so beautiful, this is a mad naked girl, which has made the right to tease .

It is touched by her tender points, and the Fang is also slowly, and the mouth said:

“Take a brother, touch it!”

I am gratifying her that I want to be afraid of the expression, I can’t say that I can’t say anything, he said:

“You don’t have to be afraid, I will not touch it.”

“You can touch the outside, don’t insert your fingers.”

“Do you have insert it?”

“I sometimes want to plug in, but my fingers are painful, so I don’t dare to insert.”

Zhengming is holding your own big hi, facing the Meiyan:

“It’s good to use this east.”

“No, so thick, so long, how can I get in?”

Zheng Ming grabs USA:

“Let me look good in Pése?”

“No! People’s hole is very small and have not been, how can I? I have been very good to you, I still want to get it, you are really bad!”

“Do you really haven’t opened it?”

“You really will be mad, what do you? In addition to you try to kiss me, I have never happened to be free with other men.”

Zhengming thought: I must get her today. I’m going back to her pussy, and the Meifang was stroked. It was like a lot of worms. It was still very comfortable. It was also very strange. Why didn’t you touch it?

“Good cousin, let me use the glans to grind you?”

“Don’t! You will get in.”

“I won’t let go, you try, use the glans to worn the very comfortable!”

Mei Fang’s heart thought: his glans turned like a small egg, red tender meat, if it was really comfortable to go outside the hole.

“You don’t lie to me?”

“I don’t lie to you, how can this hamper?”

The United States is also a bit moving, she also said:

“How to grind? My hole is touched with your mask?”

“You sleep, put your butt on the bed.”

Mei Fang hesitated:

“You have to be good to me, don’t go all over, I will sleep.”

“You will be good to you, you will not be all over you, you can rest assured.”

The US Fang is leaned outside, lying on the bed, but the butt is placed on the bed, the legs open, the red small hole is wet, and the short incapacity is bright.

Zhengming stands on the floor, and the hot bangs stand in her legs, she wants to see what is like, but I can’t see it.

Zhengming put her legs on her shoulders, the big talents were aligned with small tender points. He used the glans on the point.

Mei Fang smiled and she said:

“How do you get it, a hot thing is on the outside, and it is strange.”

“It is my glans grinding in the hole.”

“I want to see.”

“This can’t see it! You only feel, the taste is better than looking.”

“I don’t look at it, I don’t look at my heart, your man is so good, will see.”

Zhengming used the glans to grind the labipings of the Mei Fang, turned the lips and turned it with hand, the top of the glans in the eyes, two labips Packed the front end of the glans.

“How do you get?” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “

“The pain is not painful, but it is a feeling of inserting.”

Zheng Ming glans light acupuncture, look at it.

Mei Fang feels very comfortable, no pain, no pain, one of the lames, itchy, there is also an outstream.

Zhengming thought: The soisho of the small hole flows out, I must insert it with force. But I am afraid that she has a temper. I don’t get it again next time, so I will stand my eyes and touch her breast with my hand.

Mei Fang also issued “唷! 唷!” In the mouth, the sound of “唷! 唷!”, The correct glans is up, up and down.

More and more, asked:

“Table brother, is it like this?”

“The posture of getting is like this, but the masher wants to put into the point, the two are comfortable!”

“I want to get a try, but I am afraid of pain, you are like this, I always go out, I really want to go in, I am afraid that the small hole is not installed, the hole will be broken.”

Zhengming laughs:

“You now have a lot of water, you will slide in, but it will have some pain, but it will not be too powerful, because you have not opened it, it will not hurt, you have been there. This is natural, this is like this, you have played once, and you will have it. “

“I listened to my classmates, they will have a pain in the first time.”

“They gave men, have you go to school?”

“Yes, it is to speak in the classroom next day after I have been going to school!”

“They have told you that their caves are broken?”

“There is no bad, we went to the bathroom, it is okay.”

“This proves that I didn’t lie to you, did they still want to get it after driving?”

“I know that you didn’t lie to me, but I am afraid of pain, my classmates are thinking about this every day.”

“This proves that the point of the hole must be very comfortable.”

“Oh! Don’t talk about this, I ask you, if I let you get now, will it easily plug in?”

“You now have a lot of water, very well, but you will be a little pain.”

“Table brother, you will not be very painful at a point.”

When Mei Fang is at this moment, I really want to plug in, let him open, anyway, I have to open, I’m very eye-catching, he will not make too painful, then ask clear, let him If you have, there is such a big glans can’t play more, she said:

“Table brother, if I let you get now, how do you get in?”

“Now my Yang is on the eyes, your eyes are in water, very slippery, and will always have a bit of pain, but it will be fine.”

“But my hole is very small, I am afraid that you can’t install your big mask.”

“The woman’s hole has a telescopic, and it will be opened in the top, and you will be loaded.”

“Are you inserted in a whole?”

“I said, I don’t have pain inserting in plugging.”

“Well, let you open, as long as you don’t break, you will not be too painful.”

“Good cousin, you relax the spirit, while opening the legs, the hole should also relax, don’t clamp, you hurt you.”

“I need it now, my brother, as long as you hurt me, the little hole will have a little bites.”

I am very much touched by my heart, my heart is very moving, I love the pity kisses the beauty, and Mei Fang also automatically sent the tongue to let him suck.

He used a pillow pad below her butt, the small hole mat was so high. He worked with the glans to hold a few points, and the obscenities were filled with the whole glans. The hole also watered, so he was prepared in advance. Just to her:

“You now try to open your legs, I put your legs, try to open your points, I want to go in.”

Mei Fang nodded and said it was ready.

He bowed his head, his eyes and waters, the red laborarily opened, just put the glans to the mouth, Mei Fang felt a rising hole, and closed his eyes.

Zhengming saw the glans has been stuffed to the hole, and the Meng Fang did not call. He told the big mask. He took the whole 阳 具. The glans were tight. The root hook suddenly inserted into the point.

Mei Fang suddenly felt that there was a hard border in the tenderness. This plug was stuffed. Even the flowers were full, and there was a dramatic pain in the tenderness. It seems that the whole hole should be torn, and the tears are also Falling out, calling: “Oh! My God! I am dying, my hole is broken, my brother, I don’t want, too painful.”

The right big mask inserted into the bottom, it is not moving.

Mei Fang butt put a few times, I want to take the mask out, but I just swing and swing again, she called:

“Oh! Don’t move! I am dying.”

“I didn’t move, it is yourself in the move.”

“I want to know that you will get you.”

“Do you hurt now? I have not moved.”

“It is not very painful now, but it is very powerful.”

“Waiting for a while.”

“How long do you want? Your mask is still in a full rise, and I have gained it.”

“Waiting for one will know so beautiful.”

“As long as you don’t hurt, I don’t want to be beautiful, just put it.”

Zhengming put the big mask into the tender point, squatting in the body of Mei Fang, but his hands did not stop, in the US Fang’s body, touched the double milk, pinched the nipple, one hand in her white buttock Soaring, Mei Fang now only feels rising, on the body, the breast, butt is very comfortable.

“Table brother, you can don’t stop, I’m so sad again.”

“Is your small hole still pain?”

“One point, but it is very big, when you just come in, it is harmful.”

“Let me make the mask flash it?”

“What should I flash? Isn’t it very good? I will hurt when I move.”

“Okay, wait for a while, you have to flash, you don’t feel uncomfortable.”

“Don’t touch me to tease me, tell people in the eyes …”

“What happened?”

“I can’t describe what it tastes, it seems to be a little itchy, not, this doesn’t know why?”

Zhengming smiled and didn’t say anything. I actually got the buttocks of Mei Fang. I used the darkness to gently put the big mask. She felt that the points were suddenly itching. The water in the hole was more than the previous flow. More .

“How is it itchy in the cavity?”

“I can’t itch, I am very scoring.”

“Itch is not too powerful, I still told you, I can’t help but tell you.”

I just said that I screamed, not only itch, I’m still itchy, she is 呻吟:

“Oh! How can it be itchy? It’s not uncomfortable! It’s itchy.”

“The dry hole must be flashed, then there is a bubble in the hole? It will be itchy for a long time.”

“Death, do you know why not say early? I said that I will let you get it, so! It is itchy.”

Zheng Ming stood up, she raised the legs of the US Fang, bowing down, her little tender hole was rising and drums, two labips turned outside, and the water traveled.

Zhengming stood up with the hood to the small hole, and the strength was very heavy, and the belly boulder belly. Go in.

Lianlian-linked movement, pumping hard, Mei Fang feels that the hole is also painful, but the comfortable taste is more, the precise, her mouth, one of her mouth, and connects to the top.

At this time, the US Fangtong screamed:

“Oh …. My hole …. 唔 .. this .. this is what .. Taste. Big cock …. Good heart …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. .. .. .. .. Oh .. Oh .. The heart should be .. Want to explode …. 唷 ..

It is a good time to see her, the waves are wonderful.

“Tender gogg, my big chicken is good? It is itchy.”


“Big cock!………………………………………………………………………..

The madness of the crowd, the more the big mask is getting hard.

Mei Fang did not feel hurt, just felt very very, the small tender points were full, as if they came in a happy stick, although the first time, she has tasted the fun of dry points, plus him The mask is thick and she will be considerate, so she forgets her pain. “Hey! Hey!” It is also dozens of madness, and a beautiful hole in the Meng, the tender red meat in the tenderness has turned out and turned into it.

The more she is more comfortable, the more you let him do, think in a heart: No wonder a few female students will often find men’s dry points, it is very comfortable. I used my brother to do my points, I was refused, if I know so cool, I have already gave him. Thinking about these, Sao Water flows more.


“Table brother, my sauage is really, there are so many still flowing, you have wiped me, then it is going to the asshole, it is so bad.”

I was going to the top, and I was over again and heavy. She had a direct place in a mouth, and the small hole rose tightly. The big hood in the hole was always collided on the heart.

Dry the most beautiful moment, Mei Fangtong screamed:

“Big Cock …. Table …. Dad …. How to top ………………………………………… .. .. ah …. “

Mei Fang is excited, like a madness, the right mask has been doing nearly an hour, she feels that the whole body is loose, especially in the tenderness, speaking, it is not acid, it is a crisp. Crisp.

Suddenly the body shakes a few times, Mei Fang wants: How can this? The crowd of the masculine is a few times, and the Megang’s heart is crispy sour, “Bu Tour!”, Shooting the yin, the heart seems to fall, people seem to fall.

“Oh! Take a brother, I .. I want to fall .. What is this! Is it a melody?”

The whole body is also a lot of comfort, a crisp, big hi is a hard, a strong semen is shot, shot is very powerful, and it is a lot, and the beauty is very young. The hot was released and held his hand.


“How did you do it? I am exhausted, the heart is caught by you, what is the things in the point? How to screamed, my nose is the throat, even the buttocks on the back and the farthing, It is comfortable and tired, and the little tender hole is suddenly hot. There is sticky thing shot in a flower heart, how is this? Why is this? “

Zhengming pulls the big mask from tender points, “Bu Tour!”, The big hood is red and white.

Mei Fang’s hole flows again and red is a white mixed concentrate. It is rubbing her tender hole with a toilet paper. It is also white, much better.


“What are these? The red white and milk are like milk.”


“You just felt that you scattered, you shook it, you shot yin, you will follow it, you feel that you feel the heart, I am shooting, shot in your small tender flowers, so hot hot It seems to be wrestling. “

“Dead, how are you so stunned, the small hole is bleeding.”

“The blood is a first stream, my big omelet is going in, when you call your wife, it has broken the hymen, that is the woman’s red, there is no next time.”

Mei Fang is tired to hit him, but he can’t play, just ask:

“Table brother, why don’t I have a lot of strength? Does the hand can’t be caught?”

“You are excited, wait for a while.”

Mei Fang looked down and not hard, and did not just be as big as it. Your mask. “

Mei Fang touched, the soft one did not, asked:

“How did this hook becomes smaller? It is also soft, it is not enough to touch, just a hard time.”


“It will be soft, wait for a while, it will be hard, don’t believe you try two times?”

Mei Fang took the mask and connects up and down. After this set, the big hi is skyrocketing, and it is hard, and it is high, and it will come to the belly.

Mei Fang let a laugh:

“Dead, don’t face, only two, hard, so big, I don’t touch it.”

“You are hard, I want to dry again.”

“Table brother, I am exhausted, you will give me the mirror.”

“What do you want to do with mirror?”

“I want to see what the hole turns?”

Zhengming gives her mirror, Si Fang sits up and open his legs, use the mirror to look at the point, it looks like it is almost the same, the two labiars are a little swollen, the eyes are a bit closed, and the eyes are covered by the mask Opened a small hole, touch the lips with your hands, a little bit of pain. Mei Fang:

“Dead cousin, you see, the small hole is broken by you, the eyes can’t get it, the dead, the man.”

Zhengming said with a smile:

“Don’t tighten, wait for a while.”

“I don’t know, I hate you, how are you so embarrassed, like bandits?”

“Well, don’t send a temper, and will be good.”

Beauty is not, laugh, said:

“Hold me up, I want to rest, but urine is anxious, can’t do it.”

Zheng Ming holds her to the toilet, a piece of lying in bed, after a cross, he is a bit tired, she is very strange, but the spirit is so good, seeing the eyes closed eyes to sleep.

Mei Fang asked:

“Table brother, what’s it? Really sleep?”

“It’s a bit tired and want to take a break.”

“Table brother, let’s take a bath, I want to be more comfortable, ok?”

After the consent of the confidence, Mei Fang is called thousands of Hui.

Thousands of benefits to the bathroom brush the bath, open the water pipe, and put it full of water.

The US Fang has been put on the pajamas at this time, and it is also put on the clothes ready to take a shower.

Zhengming and Mei Fang have to lock the door of the bathroom.

Thousands of Hui looked up at the floor, see the door of the bathroom, thinking: This is not stunned by the heat.

She walked outside the corridor, there are two windows on both sides of the bathroom. The two small windows above the window are open, although the two big windows are closed, but they have not been closed.

Thousands of Hui got in the past and saw it in it.

She saw that it was already getting light, and the US Fang was also unpisped, and the lower part of the basin and the water were rushed twice with water, and then use soap to rub it again in his lower part.

Thousands of Hui, the mashed mask was so high by Mei Fang, she was shocked, and she saw it in the inside, and I saw that Mei Fang was using hands in the right mask hits a burst.

The crowd of the mask is tall, posted on the belly, Mei Fang reads just laugh.

I heard Mei Fang smiled and said:

“I just got it, now I am so good, I am so powerful!”

“Mei Fang, I want to play the hole again, play here?”

“No, you have given it to bed.”

“Don’t tighten, just eat snacks here, eat a big meal after going to bed.”

“I want to eat my dinner every day, I have to add a little bit, and I will be tired in the future.”

“Come over, the cousin baby, I will touch the hole first.”

Mei Fang is separated by the legs, and the belly is tall, just seeing the right smile and stretching a while, then pulling a few cavity, just smiling.


“Oh! How do you catch the hole?”

“I look at a little longer?”

“I have given you every day, the cavity is much more than before, and it is not necessary to say that the woman’s hole will often touch the man, how long the cavity will be!”

“Mao’s woman is more like, I like this.”

When Mei Fang turned around, I put a pot of water in the water pot, rushed on the point:

“Waiting for me to first, the water is touched by you, I will play it with you.”

At this time, the right is also rubbed on the mouth of the US Fang, and then stands up from the water.

Zhengming looked at Mei Fang for a while, his hands on the side of the bidet, but the butt was very high, the legs were also open.


“Come, I am ready.”

At this time, I saw that the mashed mask was just hard. He walked behind the buttocks of Meifang. Holding the mask with his hand.

Mei Fang laughed:

“Dead phase, how do you use the mask?”

“I saw your ass to tender, play two times!”

“Dead, I am itchy, quickly come in!”

At this time, I took the hard mask with my hand. I took a few times on the mouth of Mei Fang. It was a striker, and the hard chicken was stuffed into the point.


“Oh! It’s too heavy, the hole will explode!”

I don’t talk about it, hug it with my hand, just in the back.

Thousands of gains to shake straight, while the water in the hole continues to flow.

She is thinking: This is really impossible to think, it will really make people mad. She didn’t want to see it, but she will not leave, and they will be tight on their points. She saw that the Zhengming made a good job, and Mei Fang also screamed.

“Ah .. ah .. The hole is so comfortable .. Rapid a little …”

Listening, use your hands to hold the two tits of the United States with your hands, the following uses force in the sluggish.

After a while, I heard the sacred sacred sachets.

After half an hour, the right and Mei Fang took a shower, Qian Hui heard the opening of the bathroom, and didn’t dare to watch it again, and quickly ran back downstairs.

The two of them returned to bed, and they were in a piece, and they fell asleep soon.

Since the two of them get it, they will not be opened for a few days, and the two are in the US Fang’s room. She has a very sexual desire. I have to get her two or three times a day. He has a strong strength, and he adds him. The big mask, she made her like.

Thousands of benefits have been in the night, and sometimes I miss the big mask, but recently, Zhengming is accompanying the US Fang, thousands of benefits can not be close to him, seeing the two things, I understand, although I understand It is impossible to say that only looks in the eyes.

This afternoon, I went out, I didn’t come back in the morning, I didn’t come back at night, and I was sitting in the living room and holding a newspaper. It is looking out of the room, wearing a pajamas.

Thousands of disappointments came in, and immediately stood up with a resentment of the eyes. He also understood it.


“Thousands of benefits, what is it? Who is angry?”

Qian Hui Road:

“Is it angry? It is angry, and can only be angry with yourself, how to get people’s gas?”

“I know, you are angry with me.”

I said:

“How do I dare? Now you are a generous, with a newcomer forgetting the old people, the conscience is very good.”

“I didn’t forget you, and I was wrapped in me every day.”

Thousands of thousands of ripping:

“I don’t need me to help now.”

“Don’t be angry, I apologize to you, I am sorry.”

Zhengming smiled and bending her, he would hold her.

Thousands of Hui ran to one side:

“Don’t come here, if you are seen by your cousin, you are miserable.”

“Don’t do this, I always have you in my heart, I can’t forget it in my life.”

“I said that your man’s mouth is very sweet, is it?”

“This is not sweet, it is true.”

“I asked you, you and your cousin got me, but these days, have you come to find me once?”

“To be honest, I am thinking of you every day, but Mei Fang is tightly entangled, and it is inseparable from one minute.”

“She is inseparable from you, will I leave? Is there a relationship with you, I am sad every day, and you have no comfort, I am more sad!”

I saw her pain, I was very sad in my heart, I came over and hug her, and kissed it.

Qian Hui Road:

“Don’t influence your things!”

“No, come, let me look at you.”

Thousands also did not refuse, did not speak, fell in his arms, Zhengming slammed her, and kissed again.

The hug of the right, almost made her breathless, and thousands of soft, let him squat, just gasping, kissing, his hand touched up and down, enjoying this kind of love, thousands lost The control is placed in the right place.

After many days, I have been eager for such a day. Today, the chance of challenges will be made. The two will grasp, they are clearly touched her, the meat has already watered.

Qian Hui Road:

“Let’s go to the room.”

Zheng Ming hugged thousands of Hui went to the house, put her in bed, and said:

“Today you have to be good to me, let me enjoy.”

“Of course, I will make you satisfied.”

Zhengming first stripped clothes, and then gave thousands Hui took her clothes. After taking off his meat sticks were already hard, thousands of help, touched the mask, and rough and hard, love not to release hands.

“This meat stick is killed, come over, I have a look.”

“I still have to watch it in my hand?”

“Of course, I have to see if I have been eaten by your little girl?”

“She is not small! Every time she is inserted, I have to play a ghost every time she is inserted.”

“Your thing is big, and I will call me too.”

“You did not get off these days, how do you do that?” Chie shouted:

“Do you think that only you are a man? Humph! Man in the world is more.”

“Well, well, do you blame me with Meifang, so to speak, and you must get someone over?”

“If I get someone else, you also forced to.”

“Well how do I force you?”

“You every day and get her, do not itch my point? I’m looking for someone else to get the itch?”

“Forbearance and tolerance thing waiting for me.”

“Fart! I have to endure it? I did not find someone, and get my fiance a few times.”

“It should be, you get him enjoyable it?”

“Can not say fun, better than nothing, at least you can stop itching.”

“Let me see your points have not been broke?”

“Lifeless, he will not ruin it, his stuff is very small, your effort and no good.”

“No wonder, these days, not in every night.”

“How do you know I’m not?”

“Two days two or three o’clock at night, and I Meifang dry hole, made uncomfortable, she slept with my room, you find you do not have to, now I understand.”

“You really come to me?”

“Of course, you also just call me heartless, I called this time may be back!”

“Good brother, do not do this, and I look for him also affected by your influence.”

“Anyway, you have a point, but I tell you.”

“Do not talk about that today, I’ll be fine, so you just get right?”

“Give me suck big dick.”

“You and her cousin also gives you suck it?”

“She will not, I told her, she do not, when I touched her ass hole get her not to.”

“You are bad, you still want to play the hole to the asshole, you’re bad!”

“I’m not too bad! I did not get you too!”

“I do not give you, if you give, you will get into it.”

“Now you do it again, okay?”

“Dry hole can be, do not dry asshole, will be killing people.”

“I’ll get gently, will not let you hurt.”

“Good, really do not do my asshole, then I will give you, not today, today, to play point, I waited for so many days, you just want to suck the set of martial arts, a good man, I want to die, give me licked once, I go do it again. “

Masaaki think Chie than Meifang will enjoy, than to Saolang Meifang to mature some, if looking for a woman, or find Chieko better.

A few days did not go near her, Masaaki was a little sorry, so today especially nice to her, kissed him step by step from the face down to kiss the chest.

Masaaki it gently suck her nipples sucked, and tongue against the four weeks of the nipple, is a lick with one hand and hold the other nipple.

Chieko is sucking my body pores Qi Zhang, her mouth just “ah! Ah!” Humming, Masaaki suddenly let go of the nipple do not smoke, do not lick and suck, she’ll have a feeling of emptiness.

Chie asked:

“How do you now? To me to death, people being comfortable, you do not suck.”

Just ask them, Chieko armpits felt Masaaki stretched over the lower jaw, mouth good scratchy beard, a bundle of a bundle of kissing, rubbing in.

Chie comfortable whining good brother, and my heart was thinking: his skill is really home, so would suck, penis is so big, although there are so many advantages, but they did not catch. Thought of this, Chieko Xinyi Heng, I always want to find ways to get him at.

Masaaki Qianhui to please today’s effort is particularly hard, in the armpits in kissing licking get for a while, and lick down, lick and suck up to her waist.

Chie thought: lower abdomen is coming up, and then further down, Nenxue about to be sucked up. Masaaki bite her waist, gently bite with their lips, but also repeatedly rub a few.

Chieko a hemp body, following Nenxue in and out of the water to surge, Masaaki continues to bite rub.

Chie could not help but say:

“Elder brother, I’m so beautiful, reach penis on my face, and I want to suck it!”

He fell inside out, Chieko prostrate, Masaaki sitting on her face, big penis into her mouth, so upside down ride.

Masaaki head just two Chieko crotch, her Nenxue being aligned Masaaki face.

A whiff of perfume floating entered into his nose.

Zheng Ming sent a smile, the lower part of her down, the thighs of the thighs were fragrant, and the crowd was in her two kneads.

Thousands of comfort, hook his head, his big scales have been pinched by her, she first licks the big eggs, licking, licking the big oval, an egg The egg was inhaled by her, and the whole body was comfortable.

Zhengming hands hugged her white butt, his mouth smashed with the lips, one side, one side, two labipings were red, thousands of worship, one side pinching the big mask, specifically sucking the ovary.

Zhengming lick the lips, the more heavier, the more you get, the thousands of sucking folk eggs, also sucking very well, one of the sorrows smashed in the mouth, hurried out, and smashed the right side It is squeezed that the big mashed mask is hard to have a blue gluten.

Thousands of bails pinched the big mask, and the crowd of the two lips of the thousands of lips in the mouth, and thousands also took his two folk eggs in the mouth.

At this time, the crowded tongue stretched into the thousand-benefrared points, and the big mask was held, and the glans included in the mouth.

Zhengming is connected to the mouth of the hole, and thousands of Hui also lifted the crowd of the big talents, and suddenly, in a small hole in the thousand Hui, I took force.

Thousands of Hui spoiled out of the big mask, “唷!” Said:

“That can’t suck! That is urinary hole, urine sucking.”

Regardless of the eye, the force of force, the hardships of Qianhui, I want to use my hand to push the right mouth, no longer enough, I have to succeed.

Thousands of benefits, I am afraid that the urine is sucked, and the big mask is pinched. The horse’s eyes on the big talents, a bright crystalline water bead like a glass bead, thousands of benefits to extend the tongue to the mouth I have a good time.

The precautions of the masses have risen, the more the water of the Qianhui Acacia is also flowing, and the water on the eyes of the Ming Ma is, and the Qian Hui bites the big mask. I pinched the folk egg. It’s also to suck the yin nuclei, and the red and tender kicround is not known, and he is coming to his mouth.

She is sucking to put the head, and the squat is called:

“How can I get the most itchy place, don’t pick it up, I will be addicted, people want to give you a lot of people every day, a little bit .. .. .. 到 眼 ..”

Zheng Ming licked her ass, thousands of farthes, straight into the eyes, the right to succeeded, the farthered eyes, the red and tender, it is just able to bite with lips.

Chi-Hui called:

“Oh! Sour of the fart, this will also succeed, good brother, you want me to die, asshole.”

In the case of the festival of the farthered eyes, I used the tip of the tongue in the eyes of the tongue.

Thousands of waves:

“How can this be tongue?”

Thousands of waves can’t stop the hely of itch, while sucking the big hi, I called, while I thought: He lick my asshole, I came to lick him. “

If you think about it, you will extend your tongue and put your mouth to his asshole.

Thousands of powerful sorrows, the right ass is also sucked out, itchy itching, it is a feeling, and the body is shaking.

Thousands of sucking, it is really not able to succumb to the eye, he stops sucking her ass, and holding the eyes.

Thousands of Hui also let go of his ass, bite the big glans, a mouthful of sucking, and sucking the big oval.

Zhengming stretched the tip of the tongue, stuffed into the thousands of tender points, thousands of Hui put the ass to go straight, hoping that Zhengming squatted in, his tongue tongue up to her tender point, put the tip of the tongue into the reach When I went in, I licked it. After pulling out, I bite it to the lips, so it is connected.

Thousands of comfortable “um! Well!” Is called a non-stop, the little tender hole is made more refreshing than using the big mask. She also came up with a way to get the big mask. I contained the glans in the mouth. Suck, hold the back of the big mask, connect the big oval with the hand, pinch the big lean egg, knead.

It is so comfortable to fall.

The thousands of points are also comfortable to get better.

In the small tender hole, “Zi!” Has flowed out of the yin, shot his face, and the crowd of the mask is sucking again and is stunned. It can’t control it.

A strong smoothness is straight out, and it is shouting in a thousand-made mouth.

Qian Hui asked Zhengming:

“Good brother, you are dry every day, how do you have so much fine water in Big Trees?”


“You see, you are also a lot, so much.”

“You are really, I will wipe it.”

“You also wipe my big cock.”

“Everything is eaten, is there anything in you?”

Sucking, the two were ejaculated, and it was a bit tired. Thousands of benefits were busy, and the peeing of the dead, after such a gameplay, the interest of the two increased much.

Qian Hui softly asked:

“You are really my good person. These days have died, I have to come out of water, my tenderness has not eaten big cock.”


“Although I am shooting, I can still get it, don’t believe you, this meat is hard.”

Thousands of benefits to see the big cock below the right, really started, and use the hand:

“How is your libido? Just ejaculate hard, I really can’t afford it.”

“If you are tired, you can take a break.”

Thousands of gold kissed on his face, said:

“It is full of stickers to me, I don’t know if it is true or false.”

“You are really, it’s not good to you, what do I do?”

“Deliberately tease you, don’t be serious.”

Zheng Ming grabs and kissed, she also kissed him, and put the thigh on him, and the right to put her thighs on the waist, push her, told her to sleep, the right body is oblique, two people The squat is pulled together, the right belly is right, push her, call her sleep flat, the right body is obliquely, the two people are clamped together, the right belly is just right below her belly. Thousands also also came together to his body, and the hi-riguous righteous mask is facing her hole.

Qian Hui Road:

“This will go in, you are bad!”


“Do you have this?”

“No, only you, can you get into, you are bad!”

Zhengming feels that she did not move, just put the big hook to the top.

Top a few times, the glans came into the eyes.

“What is you? The big talent is in the eyes.”

“I also feel a little hot, the glans seems to have a set.”

“You are less covered, I want to have a dry hole, tell you, secretly get it, don’t face!”

“I want to insert it in this way, hold you asleep for a while, rest, and then add it.”

“To plug it, put it all in, put it in the inside.”

Zhengming will take the mask, and the big mask is in the tender point. Thousands of Hui took a mouth, and the tenderness has been filled. He felt that he had inserted it, and he stroked her. The nipple, her tenderness is tight and rising, very comfortable, she said:

“Let’s go, let’s chat.”

Qian Hui Road:

“I tell you the truth, you can’t lose me, I can’t lose Wang Meifang. If we don’t have the three people, you will see how you are disposing, I don’t don’t have the relationship, I love you, I love you. I will suck it, it is to die, I will not let you go. “


“Not so serious! No matter what, I will find a way for you.”

Asked Qian Hui:

“Have you give it to Mei Fang?”

“Nothing! She just wants to do it, she wants her to suck Yang.”

“From today, I will do it one day, you can’t do it, if you can promise me, I will make you feel happy.”

“What is unaptious? Let me first.”

“You always want people the asshole, you promised me to give you.”

I am listening to the spirit, he said:

“Is it good now?”

“For you first, you have a cousin, you will forget me.”

“It is absolutely wo, I don’t believe, she will come back, I will tell her, she doesn’t want, I will sleep with you tonight, see what she do!”

“You are very nice, seeing Mei Fang, it is going to change.”

I am very eager to say loudly:

“If I lie to you, I will die.”

“What is the sweat? I am laughing with you!”

“A few days ago, she was tight, so didn’t find you, from now on, one night, no matter whether you don’t give it, you will decide.”

“This is called a conscience, anyway, I will give you.”

Thousands of benefits to kiss him, and the masculine will be gently shook a few times. She feels a bit itchy in the point, and I feel something in the top, and the road:

“Do you use dark and dry acupoints?”

Zhengming laughs:

“Yeah, bubble is too long, hard is hard.”

“First pull it out first, let me see, do you do it again?”

The whole roots are all Sao Water. Thousands of watches the big masher, and they have got bigger. They also have a lot, and they are very hard and asked: “Soak for so long, there is a dry point, the small hole is broken. “

“Do you like big, is this not very good?”

“The big big, what is the use?”

“Okay! Xiaolang points, I don’t know you this time, you don’t know how it!”

“Buffaking! The last time I made more, I have to come out, remember?”

At this time, it is called her to kneel on the bed, lift the big mask stands behind her butt.

“What tricks do you have to do? Isn’t it going to dry your fart? I don’t do it!”

“No! It is a dry point! Try, never sneak your asshole.”

“Dry hole is there? I don’t do it!”

“Oh! How are you so be careful? I won’t have you all over, haven’t you get this before?”

“Nothing! I have a sleep, let men do it, or I ride it with a hole in it, and the other didn’t get it.”

“You will be very comfortable, don’t believe you try!”

“You have to do your eyes, I have to hit you!”

“Okay! Try!”

Zhengming called her butt, her heart is a bit nervous, I think: this is a dry butt! No way, I have to tall the ass.

It is the same as the big butt of the white and green, and the light is slippery, and it is so delicious.

Qian Hui Road:

“How is you always touching your ass? It’s itchy, you have to hurry!”

Zhengming uses hands to touch her tender hole, said:

“Is this not a small tender opacity? It’s going to take it in the back and call you comfort.”

After that, I checked the big mask in one hand, I touched her butt, grinding the glans on the eye, and I used to force the “Zi!” In the thousands of points.

Thousands of benefits feel a hole, the big meat stick is in the end, calling:

“Oh! Get it, so good, good!”

“I didn’t lie to you! What is it?”

“Good people, this is a hole! Yes!”

The positive Ming gives the mask and connects to the top of the hole.

Thousands of benefits are completely different, this is very comfortable, the big talents are in the point, the side of the following is coming to the top, and the top of the top is coming below, so beautiful and beautiful feeling.

Zhengming see the eye is big, the water is also flowing, and the buttocks will be thrown into the guru. Every top will be topped in the top, and the glans will pull out Outside the hole, plug in again.

Thousands of courtiers, there are more comfortable clothes, there is more taste, there is a lot of sweet, and the appearance is complete, the right belly is touched on her butt, “!!” Keep it.

The thousand Hui yarn is called:

“Zheng .. Ming .. Brother .. I am small .. Small hole .. is really comfortable .. Oops .. Sweeping .. Oops .. rising ..! .. good .. Good .. Ah .. 唷 …. oh .. Broken .. Oh .. Good .. Use force .. I will die .. I .. my day .. oh .. .. this .. this is What .. 啊 .. beautiful … “

It is more embarrassed to see her waves, it is more embarrassed, and she holds her two big breasts behind her, one side hole, and touch the breast.

Her breasts were caught, the nipple was also pinched out, and one tight in the hole was happy, then the waves were called:

“Good brother………………………………………………… Um … “

Zhengming is also a swing, so that the soish, the more you, then ask:

“Small corner, is this enough?”

Qian Hui Pisted:

“Yes! Good, enough! Why do you do this, a lot of tricks!”


“Your ass also rises!”

“I am a bad heart, what is the one who wants people?”

“Now, you have dry butt, there is water on the mask, and you will go in one!”

Thousands of fear requirements:

“Good brother, pro, don’t dry your eyes, I am so afraid, I beg you to let this, wait for the next time I have strength and give you a good time?”

I am seeing that she is poor, she can’t bear to say:

“Darling, do not be afraid, I will not get.” Chie said:

“You’re my good brother, I am not afraid of you, you are afraid to mess things up, asshole broke, not the stool can not see a doctor, and more shame!”

“Little Langxue so doing okay?”

“Well! So beautiful, how can you so much?”

“Now and then thrusting okay?”

“Well! Fast top! Tickling!”

Masaaki severely and repeatedly thrusting, Chieko heart of the cave has been “Buzi! Buzi!” Rang in the top for a while and took a large flower on top of the glans, Masaaki ass up and down the torsion pendulum, special grinding bother meat tenderizer, making her feel glans mill bother, butt welcome back straight, wave and shouted:

“Oh .. ah .. Fa Fa .. broken .. .. how can wear ah .. Well .. .. all efforts to reach all meat tenderizer ah .. Well .. To come out of the water .. Oops. I forced too much .. again .. .. top .. ah …. “

Masaaki top to see her again, that she again lost fine, desperately hard dry up, Langxue this time changed voice, “Bobo Zi! Goo AIDS! AIDS Poof!” Even ringing, straight out Saoshui run, flow over the ground are.

Thousands of Hui said:

“Ouch .. My God .. My God .. how so .. Well .. ah .. US .. US big dick brother is dead .. my point .. good will ring .. ah .. even even outside the gate .. .. .. have heard numb .. dumb .. ah .. “

Masaaki see the waves that I could hardly control her, and know immediately to throw fine, and put on top of the glans bother, grinding twice, three times Zaiding, just grind a second time.

Chie people rewind, and two body shaking shaking, “Cuckoo AIDS! AIDS cuckoo!” Nenxue burst of itching, white pulp fly out, and even the top Masaaki next number, got a dumb, semen shot on polygamous, Chieko was his hot hot Seiichi bother, got shake a few times, there weakly and said:

“This time I .. Phew .. dead .. not .. not move ….”

She had finished speaking, people volts, but also down to the ground, Masaaki see put on the bed and hugged her, she fell down to sleep, Masaaki refined water to help her wipe, but he is also weak, and yet Cawan he fell asleep at her side.

This time she was speaking to a dry hole, and now is to get the men from the beginning, the first real straightforward, it has been a fine, in him, is the most happy one, so it is tired badly.

They hold together asleep, Masaaki one hand around her, one hand on her breast, the two are wide open legs to sleep, this piece Shuixiang people looked, I know they are tired of dry dry hole He was asleep.

I do not know how long he was woke up.

Just listen Chie said:

“Masaaki, up next door to Mrs. Lee to find you.”

He opened his eyes and got up, stumbled to ask:

“Who is Mrs. Lee?”

“Li’s wife is next door.”

Masaaki With Chie out of the room, into the living room and saw the original and their apartment door to door Mrs. Lee, he rubbed his eyes sober look, sat down on the sofa.

Masaaki Q:

“Mrs. Lee Something wrong?”

Mrs Lee said:

Mrs Lee said:

“Mr. Zhao, I want to trouble you one thing.”

“what’s up? “

“Please do as a tutor to teach mathematics Susan, twice a week, once every two hours, eight thousand yuan a month to you, okay?”

Chie at the side of applause and said:

“Well! This treatment really good, I have half a month’s salary, only a fool would not agree.”

“So, please Mr. Zhao Jia Zuozuo to me.”

Chie-generation Masaaki replied:

“Masaaki, good, you go look at the talk.”

Masaaki should be a cry, changed clothes, and Mrs. Lee on out the door.

Mrs. Lee walked into the door, opened the door and said:

“Masaaki, come in.”

The wife of Li Zhengming is very familiar, it is said that her husband is the general manager of a chemical plant, only fifty years old, bald head has a half, I heard that there is a small mansion, who looks on the outside of fertilizer , belly protruding high stature is not tall.

And Mrs. Lee’s height also belongs to the moderate type, about one hundred and fifty centimeter feet tall, aged about thirty-one-year-old is said to have married her husband of forty wife Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Lee was only twenty-one , so only a difference of as much as nineteen between husband and wife.

Mrs. Lee entered the apartment, to believe they do have money, the living room is the most advanced of all the decorations, even the sofa all goods in Europe and America, very beautiful!

“Masaaki, you sit ah!”

Masaaki sat down, was very refreshing, after all, expensive sofa, has its comforting reasons.

Mrs. Li took a bottle of foreign champagne opened in the living room. When “Hey!”, After the champagne bottle covered, he immediately took out white bubbles. Li Taitai is ready to prepare, and the white bubble is sprayed out and immediately uses a big cup. When the white bubble is finished, it will put a cup to the right.

He asked Li Mao:

“Is this champagne?”


Zheng Ming took a cup and met Li Mao’s jade hand. He tried a little mouth, really very good, sweet grapes were very strong, he drank a big mouth, put the cup on a small coffee table, wait Li Mao Open.

Mrs. Li did not sit down, but said:

“You sit, I will change clothes.”

It is quite strange, and the woman is really sensitive to the clothes. It is necessary to change the clothes and return to the home.

Mrs. Li went to the living room.

She is wearing a half-transparent pajamas, there is no pants or skirt, only a small pink tripper that can’t be small, she does not wear a breast, so the Shuangfeng can be seen.

Zheng Ming thought: It’s really a peach, and I encountered a woman who cookedly hungry.

The strange thing is why Mrs. Li will send himself?

It will know if Mrs. Li will pay attention to him, because his hood is too large, there are more than three inch, often there is a possibility of jumping out of sports pants, and Mrs. Li is coveted.

Mr. Li sat down next to the right side.

Zhengming suddenly remembered that people deliberately dress the purpose of seeing themselves, if they are not interested, don’t live up to the beautiful people, Tang Yanmei, is really sin.

Zhengming asked:

“What about the heart?”

He said while using his eyes, he looked at Li Mao’s pair of breasts. He frankly said that this is beautiful, and it is a pear type, that kind of breast is said to be a wonderful product.

Mrs. Li was seen by the heart and said:

“Su Xin went to her grandmother home, I will come back very late.”


Zhengming said, turned to her trip.

It turned out to be a pink cave tribed trousers, I can’t get a little less, maybe because it is too small, even the hammer can not be packaged, because it is the cause of the cave, some yin is not listening to the command, run out of the hole The eyesight of the eyes smile.

Her hairy is not much, very thin, may be longer than thousands, the skin does not have a cousin, but also crystal smooth, thin and tender, the most beautiful, the most beautiful, flat.

Mrs. Li was can’t stand it, she was not a woman who was surprising, but her husband had bounced since his stomach, it was only two-inch mask, and there was only one hide.

One half, one half, there is always better than good, but after the husband has left her, she has left her. She has to have a rape, but she will think, feel that husband, who wants to give her All right.

What’s more, my husband registers the shares of the stocks in the factory to her and daughters, even if they caught the rape, only noisy, there is no end.

Today, she has the following policy to temptation Zhao Zhengming, it is really no already.

She could have already made a boyfriend outside, but the people were hard to measure, let alone in this society, the land is too big, handed over this kind of boyfriend, the sweetness can’t eat, the bitter is a lot, not only the money is abducted Or forced to dig empty, and finally left the scandal.

Mrs. Li will throw a glance:

“You are not only smart, but also the gallbladder.”


“how to say? “

Mr. Li said:

“I found Wang Meifang and Lin Qianhui and you have an legs, haha! It’s a double carving, there is always an explanation.”

This is like a Zen’s head and wakes up Zhao Zhengming.

Zheng Ming thought: Mrs. Li is really a high section, around this a large circle, original you want me to touch your pussy and breasts, high tricks, I don’t know if you have the beauty of Li Mao, also I have mixed so many years outside. Ok, you have to let me play, I will have a pain, tease you to get the ground, and make you survive can’t ask for death, your Mrs. Zhao also appreciated my Zhao. Zhengming’s trick!

Think of the right to say:

“I have to show you, let you see the taste of three carvings!”

At this time, Li Mao was ashamed like a girl’s face.

It is also a woman who can jump up. After all, a woman can make people feel like a woman, and it is necessary to have a woman’s taste, a shrew or a woman who is better than her husband. Her charm is still very limited. .

Zhengming thought: Such a woman also wants to seduce a man, it is too selfless, since you want to seduce, I don’t dare to let go, it is better to pick you.

Thinking, the right to pull her hand with hand:

“Come, I explain, let you know.”

Zhengming is only holding her hand, a shot and joy has spread all the cells in her body, she is soft like sheep.

Two people stop, Zhengming Li Her hose hits their hook, then said:

“Li Mao, came, internship internship.”

She is shy like a girl, covering the chest one hand, covering the pussy one hand, I don’t know how to answer.

Zhengming knows that you can’t make the atmosphere too stiff, hurry and smile:

“Come, I will help you.”

So he forwarded her back with her hands and said:

“Mrs. Li, you are so beautiful, so charming.”

Mr. Li shake like electric shock, seeing the right and love and pity, such a woman is really more fascinating than the girl who shims.

Zheng Ming gently put Li Msai into his arms, holding up her delicate kiss, tenderness, kissed her double lips:

“You are so charming!”

When he kissed her, his big hook was also on her pussy. She only felt that she was burned fur, that kind of feeling is very good, and her life has never felt so good.

Zhengming thought: It’s a soft sheep!

He said:

“李 太 …”


At this time, the right and pity and love, her lips have been hot, the powder is fever, and the face knows that this woman has been hungry to the extreme, but it is too soft, it seems that she must rape her, so he wants to tease her. .

He opened her away and angry:

“do you want? “


She screamed in a crucified embrace, and her hands were licking his waist, and said with his mouth:



“Mrs. Li, you are really strange, you seduce me to your home, wearing sexy clothes teasing me, your purpose reaches, I accept your seduce, you don’t say anything.”

Mr. Li said:

“Don’t be asy!”

Mrs. Li hit the right, her pussy was posted on his big ig, her willow waist swayed, the pussy was frozen, and she couldn’t say anything, she didn’t want to say anything. She is taking advantage of:

“To .. What do I want me?”


“Take the door.”

After Li Mao took the door to the door, he was immersed in the bed. She was really ambiguous, only nervous, itchy, the small hole is like lacking.

At this time, it’s right to pull her hand over your own mask.

Mrs. Li hit a cold and took the jade hand and then took it back, and trembled:

“I .. I don’t dare!”

“Sorry, I have to go.”

In fact, there is a might of seeing it. Li Msi’s delicately stamiticity, has been teasing to tease her.

At this way, Mrs. Li is really anxious.

She stood up and put into his arms and shy:

“Don’t go!”

Mrs. Li is looking away. The big masher is six inch, and the heroes are rational, and her whole person is drunk, and there is no strength. Get her head.


“Okay, you are afraid, are you afraid? The only way is that I will help you take off your clothes, you don’t seem to be?”

It is said that it will help her take off her clothes.

After Li Mao’s clothes were rushing, the first thing was to put the crucifix, the two jade hands were like two snakes, and there was a sound in the mouth.

“Hey .. Zhengming .. um …”

Mr. Li has a good soul, and her pair of breasts are pressed against the chest, and the pussy is close to his big hi. It has fluttered.

It is really very poor, and the long-awaited Li Mrs is also too pitiful, and the heart of sympathy, plus unfortunately and pity, he also kisses her with his lips.

Mr. Li Xiaoji:

“Hey .. Well ..”

She is comfortable to shake, almost fainted.

Zhengming was entangled by her, she had to hug her waist, so that she was shoveed, and she was on the bed, and she pressed her on the bed.

“Ah .. Zhengming ..”

Zheng Ming was lying next to her, he reached out and pulpted her pussy, the incadvenation, the crowd dialing the yin, found the Taoyuan hole, and it was wet.

She only felt the right hand like a fire in hot fire, when the correct finger stretched into her small hole, there was a spasm, and it was so sad again.

She then hugged Masaaki just want to turn over to hug him, who knows her he had proof to this trick, with the other hand pressing her right shoulder, so that she should not tamper with, she moaned:

“Zhengming .. I .. I want ….”

Masaaki she had wanted to have fun for a while, to see her like this, she would let a non-satisfaction, not to other things, so he mounted up on her body. Masaaki holding her hands, has groaned, and Masaaki aligned with the penis of her pussy, slowly insert.

“Ah .. painful .. .. Masaaki pain ….”

She has pain Fenlian white, head kept swinging, body trembling, a pair of stretching the leg twitch chaos.

We get a long reluctantly stuffed into a penis.

Mrs. Lee Johnson shouted:

“Masaaki .. Oh .. you .. .. your penis is too big a stake .. pain .. I’m afraid .. Well .. I ..”


“Mrs. Lee, pain is not it?”

She cried Jiaohu waves:

“Well .. painful .. hot .. very itchy .. not .. Ma .. ah .. very refreshing ….”

Masaaki then forced one.


Mrs. Lee, “ah!” Is heard in twitch a few times, actually fainted and vomited white bubbles, chest acceleration and downs.

Masaaki but the big penis into the third.

He really do not understand, a woman in his early thirties, pussy like a girl so small, it’s no wonder, Mrs. Lee was her husband’s penis hard up two inches and more, like a little sausage, and Mrs. Lee this life only her unique pussy there eat, and only this small sausage, not to mention her vagina is narrow winding type, no wonder her pussy also like the same girls tight.

Masaaki also feel very good about, his penis was sandwiched tight, warm and comfortable, no way that he had to wear them.

He carefully turn the mill, really take effect, Mrs. Lee and hum babble up.

“Masaaki .. ah .. United States is dead .. Hmm .. .. to .. you Haohen rape .. ah .. I want to die .. ah .. evil villain .. Masaaki .. yo ..”

Masaaki while grinding the side of mouth latch onto her nipples, licked Mrs. Lee brightening.

“Ah .. ah .. United States is dead .. ah .. .. hard point Masaaki .. ah .. ah .. hard point ….”

Masaaki Mrs. Lee called a hard point, he really forced a plug. “AIDS!” Is heard.


Mrs. Lee and twitch up, Jiao mouth slightly open, breathless, no big penis there are two inches into the vesicle inside.

Masaaki think is not the answer, today moved Lianxiangxiyu idea, careful and considerate of her everywhere, so get down, I do not know when we can come to an end, as a little cruel.

So desperately thrusting again a few times.

“Ah! Ah!”

Mrs. Lee Jiaoqu flutter flutter a few, and unconscious.

Masaaki this time really Lianxiangxiyu, with a piece of cloth to wipe the saliva of the mouth of Mrs. Lee, a very affectionate kiss the wife Lee. This time, he was heard to Mrs. Lee’s body, emitting a very specific body fragrance is indescribable.

The nose fragrant and comfortable, he kissed her Fenjia, this a charming face, he kissed her nose sweat, and kissed her red cheeks, like a love of the boys kissed a girl Huaichun .

Mrs. Lee was a Wenxing he said:

“Killing me, hello cruel!”

Masaaki thousands of tenderness to her mouth, but said:

“You say, I will draw my coming!”

“Do not! Do not!”

Her panic Masaaki hands clinging tightly exhausted his life the greatest effort, fearing Masaaki really drawn to.

“Do not be angry!”

In fact, Masaaki large penis is inserted in their dens Mrs. Lee, like a burning, like poker, burned her body burning, and happy and sad, she lived thirties, ever so happy too? This ever enjoyed? She Zenken let Masaaki come out of it?

Masaaki kissed her and asked:

“Hurt very much?”

Mrs. Lee replied:

“Well .. very comfortable ..”

Masaaki first gently, slowly, mill work.

“Oh .. ah .. Phew .. I .. I .. I stand ..”

Masaaki more wear faster turn more speed.

Her three souls and seven soul also left her Jiaoqu, fluttering Dangdang I do not know where to go fly.

“Ah .. ah .. United States is dead .. Masaaki .. nice of you .. Phew .. United States is dead .. Well .. ah .. I .. I .. Masaaki yo ….”

Mrs. Lee was worn die happy, sex fluid fly, helping them bounce.

Masaaki know that time is up, to switch to pumping way to start a smoke a plug, also a bit jerky, after a few, is already a straightforward task.

“Phew .. I .. I was going to die ….”

She trembled a bit, a paralysis of the legs, and a coma.

Masaaki really a bit discouraged, she was actually this does not work, before thrusting a dozen to clean yo.

He now Mrs. Lee also hold a kind of “life to serve the purpose,” the purpose to deal with her.

Her girl is ashamed to make him pity, and the right to decide to give her a good dripping tonight and make her unforgettable.

I have to lying on her temporarily rest, for a long time, she woke up, and she is right.

“Zhengming, I love you.”


“I said like this, love is too cheap, I said that a truth is given to you, love is a little stacked, just like the parents love children, like the love between husband and wife, the care of each other With concerns, time makes love more and more, that is really love, like this is not love. “

Li Mao Jia Jiao Tao:

“what is it call? “


“Currently, you are just two people who have been burning, wait, you pass your wooden bridge, I will walk my Yangguan, two are not coherent.”

Mrs. Li heard this truth, and kept the crowd, the lips like a rain in his face, said:

“You are right, Zhengming, I love you, I love you, I am 1 million, 10 million love you, really, this life is unchanged!”

It’s a bit of laughing, which is simply a cow piano. Since she doesn’t understand these holy, she doesn’t understand, I have to actually act. He fiercely pushed.


She screamed, her eyebrows, delicate and red, routing:

“Hey .. .. 正明 .. my right .. Well .. Beauty is dead .. I love you .. I only love you alone ……………………………..”

I am listening to her waves, I heard the heart, and I don’t feel the fineness. “Bu Tour! Bu Tour!” His semen sprinkled with her entire entry, it was extremely.

One day, Mei Fang came back from the outside, could not find the thousand benefits, returned to the room and took the key, went to the door of the thousand, opened the door.

Because the sky is dark, there is no light in the room, she turned the electric light, opened the light, and the Meng Zi called:

“My God, these two dead people don’t want to face, and I haven’t worn together.”

After another look, I want to run outside, but I stopped it again, and the two people in bed slept together, and they were holding thousands of bails, put on her nipple.

Thousands of miles of the masks of your own points, sleeping, sweet, her hole has many white liquids, a large piece of moist and wet white on the right mask.

Mei Fang’s heart is jumping, and thinking: they must have a hole, and there are so many white liquids on it, it may be too tired, maybe just sleep, she looks too much.

Just caught a book to the bed and throw it.

“Table brother, cousin, thousands of benefits, thousands of benefits, two don’t want to face, hurry up!”

Thousands of Hui were woke up by this mad and book, and Zhengming was also awakened. The two were sitting at the same time, opened the red big eyes, and saw it was a beautiful, two people jumped.


“You don’t want your face, thousands of benefits, are you worthy of me?”

The two of them grabbed their clothes and hurry to put on clothes, wear clothes, thousands of to pull the curtains, attitude is very calm, and it is not nervous.

Mei Fang cried:

“Hey .. Hey .. Hey ..”

Thousand Hui Xiang Dai Fang said:

“What do you cry? We are responsible for what we have made, I am going, you don’t need to be angry.”

Mei Fang Huang said:

“You are good, walk far away, I don’t want to see you, go now.”

“Well, I will go now, I will tell you, I can’t get your brother, I don’t believe you, I will say it, I don’t have your husband. He and I have a relationship, you grab it. It’s not easy to go, but I’m still thinking about people. “

“You will gave me now, I don’t want to listen.”

Thousands of Hui smiled:

“Don’t listen to it, you are a lady, stealing a man and talk to me, but also rush me, I don’t go, can you eat me?”

Mei Fang wants to be correct:

“Table brother, why don’t you speak, you look, thousands of bails are bullying me.”


“I asked you, you don’t give me a face, tell you, I am a man, not afraid to lose this face, you must be intimate, don’t quarrel, put things out, thousands of Hui, until you are still you Unlucky. “

Mei Fang is also thinking about it: If thousands of leaves, there is no reliable person in the family, at the same time, the cousin will go, I will not fall. “

Mei Fang wants for a long time, it is a thousand Hui Road:

“Thousands of benefits, sorry, things have been in the past.”


“This is a good cousin.”

Qian Hui Road:

“I have just speaking, don’t be angry, I apologize to you.” Mei Fang said:

“Oh! Don’t tell this, blame is embarrassed.”

The right thing is to pose a beauty, kiss it on his face.

At this time, I was ambiguous, pulled the US Fang to the bathroom, took off the coat, and went to the bidet.


“You wait! You look at the hair on your body, first use the water outside, and then press it in.”

“Simply take off your clothes, help me wash.”

So Mei Fang took off the clothes with the fastest speed and came to the bath.

Mei Fang took a pot of water to his belly, with soap on his stomach, it was wiped up, rub his belly and hairy with hand, Mei Fang is light, bending the waist in helping The hands are swayed, and the breasts in the chest also shake, and the crowd will see the breasts and cute, and they will reach out.


“I hate! Help you wash or honest.”

I was touched by a breast, and I touched the belly of Mei Fang. I have already touched a small hole.

“Hey .. Hey .. Don’t .. I will hurt ..”

Don’t say that you don’t want to put the mask tightly.

At this moment, Qianhui came to the bathroom and took a bath towel.

One hit, the Qian Hui saw that the light is sitting in the basin, and the Meng Fang also lights in front of him, holding the big hi, holding her nipple, digging a tender hole .

I laughed in thousands of love:

“Oh! I am not the time, hit your good things.”

Meifang saw thousands of Hui, said:

“Thousands of bails, you are finished, the dead watch wants me to help him, how to get it, the whole body is the kind of water.”

Qian Hui Road:

“Not me alone, he also has a lot, you will help him, he will repay you next time.”

At this time, Zheng Ming pulled thousands, and the bath towel below was lost, so three people took a shower.

Mei Fang saw her so generous, not shy at all, playing the basin water down, put the soap on the belly, rushing away with water, and the thousands of tenderness have been red.

Three people talked for a long time in the bathroom, Mei Fang and Qianhui were touched by him, making it itchy, and the thousand benefits seized his big folk eggs, and the beauty grabbed his big mask.

Thousands of benefits to USA:

“Let it hard, you will play with him.”


“It’s not emptying by you, it will not be hard for so long.”

Three people joined them, washed in the bathroom for two hours, finished finishing, went out to have dinner, and returned to ten o’clock.

Thousands of truth is too tired. When I came back, I went to the bed. I went to the bed. I went to sleep. I was going to the bed in the room. I didn’t take off when I didn’t take it off.

A man closed the door and went to the bed, helping the clothes on the body, and even underwear.

She also stripped, the tenderness is itchy, I want to get it once, push the push him there is no reaction, see him tired, and full.

I want: Forget it! Don’t take it tonight. But I don’t want to, but the small hole is not obedient, it is itchy, the more itchy, the more itchy, what is this? Only one afternoon is not together, I will get it last night, why do you need this night? Thinking of these really can’t stand it, your legs are stretched, and the crowded thighs are between their two.

Mei Fang went to touch his big hook, holding soft in his hand, there is no one, but also in the middle of the hand back, although it is big, but it is still soft.

Her heart is good, but also rumored:

“This is a lot, and he makes this look, and he will not be like this.”

After the joy is thousands, what should I do again?

I am in a hurry, just smash the little hole, I have been a lot of sweaters for a long time, but it is still very itchy.

Mei Fang’s heart wants: How is the big mask? So the big mouth can’t put down, just barely put down, so long, don’t break the throat, let alone, there is a teeth in your mouth, is there a big tale? I think that it is sitting here, holding the mask, see if it is hurt by thousands of benefits, I won’t be hard, I haven’t seen the wound, or I have been intact as before.

It took a long time to turn around, and it was almost eleven, and her waters were still dripping, but people wanted to sleep.

A beautiful legs, holding his thighs between the legs, holding tightly, tender acupoints on his thigh, fell asleep in the right arms.

I don’t know how long it takes, I feel that someone is pushing the thigh and puts a few times of breasts, and the beauty wakes up.

Looking at the window, the sky is bright.

I returned to the bed after the toilet, Mei Fang also got up to the toilet, went to the toilet to touch the bottom, still wet, the urine is finished and washed with water, returning to the bed, seeing the right, the eyes are in the god.

Suddenly, Zheng Ming picked up Mei Fang and kissed, and stroked in the breasts.


“Don’t tease me, you won’t hard, I will endure it, teasing out of fire, you can’t do it, I have to be miserable.”


“Who can’t talk? You look!”

Mei Fang looked at him, the big hook was touched again, and he was very hard to touch it.

Mei Fang laughed:

“How to do it? Not hard, now it is so hard now.”

Zheng Ming is glowing, just putting the mask on her body.

“Take it! How can I not engage in my body?”

At this time, someone is smiling and whispered:


I asked Mei Fang:

“who is it? “


“Who will be, thousands of benefits, you are lying, I will deal with her.”

Zheng Ming lights out of the butt, and pulling a half-naked woman back, he said:

“She is itchy, come to my dry point.”

Qian Hui Road:

“Are you polite? I don’t itch, I will come to the toilet, I heard you in the famous hall, so I will find it.”

I hugged her bed and pulled her tribe.

Qian Hui Road:

“Do you have to rape?”


“It’s hard to listen!”

Zhengming to USA Road:

“Don’t take her, let her look at it, come, let’s get again.”

Mei Fang rose red face:

“How can I see it, deceived, really and lacked.


“Let Qian Hui teaches you to lick your efforts.”

Qian Hui Road:

“I taught her, you have to give her, or I don’t do it.”

“Yes, you will teach.”

Mei Fang is a bit embarrassed, now there is no matter what it is in your mouth, and it is a sucking with thousands of benefits, and it is also cheering.

Zhengjing he sucking such a sucking, the big hi is harder, I want to have a dry point.

Qian Hui Road:

“This is you, give her a good, squatting.”

There is no way, I have to separate her legs to the tender points, and the lips are licked, just put the tongue to her points.

Mei Fang closed airway:

“How can this be 舔? Oops! My God, what is the east to the point? Slow, the pocket water will drop.”

I am listening to her saying that I want to drop, I will move my mouth, I am afraid that she is dropping.

Qian Hui Road:

“You are really useless, you have to drop it.”


“People give men first time! How can I eat? I ask you, how long do you make him lick?”

“At least one hour!”

The US Fang stretch the tongue expressed that it is very interesting, and she has already felt like a little witch.

Zhengming also does not speak, pick up the thigh of the US Fang, lift the big mask.


“What’s it! Thousands of bails are here, how do you have a point of people, don’t face!”

When I was just finished, I felt that the masher had come in.

“唷! Tap, kill, so embarrassment, one pass, the points must be split, there is a good rise and full!”

Thousands of benefits to see him in the same side, I was anxious. On the side, I turned my nipple to the top, and the sauce is DC.

I saw her, and she was drowned.

Qian Hui, use his hand on the point.

So, she stood in front of the crowd, and sent her in the mouth of the right, so I was doing a siph of the United States. I went to the tip of the tongue with his tongue to pick up the disaster. It’s really awesome, it’s not lively, a brilliant seasonal climax.

It is doing Dai Fang, dried more than 20 minutes, Mei Fang is fine, not moving in bed.

At this time, Zhengming pulled thousands of Hui, she didn’t go to bed, she was tall and talked, and she was in the next stop, and the big hi was plugged in.

Mei Fang saw a thousand Hui to put a mouth, and it was a lot, she didn’t look different, asked:

“What are the two people on the dry fart? I am shameful.”

Thousands of Apia Apia:

“Not a dry point, don’t believe, you will look down.”

Zhengming and even the top, the US Fang got up, and the correct bashite was inserted with a tender hole. Her hole was red, the eyes were dripping water, and said:

“Table brother, how did this get in? It seems to be very comfortable.”


“Will you get you?”

Mei Fang said: “Of course, it! Have you hurry!”

Qian Hui Road:

“You don’t want to be urgent, I am still not cool!”

US Fang is sitting next to the bed, looking at the right and thousands of bails, my heart is in silently: It’s better! I am! It’s so good! I am!

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