Yuan Wen 22-year-old Lin boss 55-year-old manager 38 years old ===================================== ================ [I am going to participate in the graduation ceremony of Yuan Wen? Don’t you go? ]

Because the mother’s mother is not suitable for the hospital last night, his wife temporarily participated in his daughter’s graduation ceremony.

[I have to go to the hospital to take care of my mother, I really can’t go! ]

[O ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ]

[Yemuan Wen graduated, not you graduated, you will find a position to sit and watch it! ]

[This, okay ,,,]

After his wife’s exchange, he could go to visit his mother’s mother alone, and I opened the car to take the daughter to school.

Sitting on the seat of the car is my daughter Yuan Wen, who is preparing to graduate. At this time, she is holding the foundation and the mirror of the portable and the mirror to rub the fat powder, Yuan Wen The grades have not been very good. Now the school graduated is only a medium-level university, students, and professors’ quality levels are also uneven. I have long been working hard, and I am not suitable for my wife’s discomfort to Yuan Wen. What is the wife complained about, I will go with her for a long time.

How many people in the class, what is the best friend? How is the result? ]

I want to explore some information, so that I will pay attention to the scenes, who is from Yuan Wen’s classmates who I don’t recognize.

[Oh, you drive, you went to you. Ask someone to get rid of you. ]

Yuan Wen returned to me very impatiently, probably I born to her makeup, let me be a helpless.

The city’s weekend is still many people. We are blocked several traffic lights, which is just giving the opportunity of Yuan Wen to make makeup, she still sits on the mirror, it seems that the position of a hair is not I can cause her dissatisfaction, my heart is secretly shaking.

The eyes were inadvertent but saw a shout, it was a pair of snow whitening thighs, profitable, with the movement of the line of sight, came to the important part of the girl, the development of mature delicate, even in clothing It is still quite a scale under cover.

Going up, yeah! It is the face of my daughter Yuan Wen, who is dressed, and rushed to see the scenery to see the scenery outside the window.

What happened, I have seen my daughter to see the fans, and the body has reacted.

I didn’t send a word in the next car. I couldn’t help but think about it. It was like the magic. How long has it feels that I haven’t experienced the feeling of exciting, my heart has a subtle feeling Not come out.

================================================================================================================================================================================================ ======= Go to the school, from Yuan Wen with me, all the way to their class, [Hello, are you Yuan Wen’s parents? Welcome, still see you for the first time. I am the director of Yuan Wen, I am surnamed Li. ]

[It turns out that Li Director Li, Lao Lian Wen mentioned you. ]

The two sides have a few words, and there are other parents behind them. We don’t have much to say something, just find a place to sit down.

[The director of Li Li looks very good, quite good. ]

[呿 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,) ]

Yuan Wen turned a white eye, I didn’t dare to say more, afraid that other parents sitting next to hear jokes.

The classroom is still very lively, and all parents are talking about the sky, [Hello, you are the father of Yuan Wen. ]

A parent next door suddenly asked me, it was also alone.

Yes, hello. ]

I watched him curious, he was a little longer than I, the suit is quite, combing a grip, a look of a couple, I have not seen him.

Hello Hello, I am Lin Xin’s father, Yuan Wen often goes to my house. ]

Listening to him, I thought I thought, I have heard that Yuan Wen mentioned this name. His daughter is very beautiful. It is a bit of a sense of Korean drama, because in my opinion, she seems to be with Yuan Wen, or Yuan Yuan Wen is more beautiful.

Suddenly Yuan Wen and Lin Xin got up to the classroom door, I guess is to get into the bachelor’s clothing wear of graduation, and there is not much care, but I just caught the eyes of Lin Xin, Dad, the next door. Because Yuan Wen is wearing a new short skirt today, the parts below the thigh are exposed, how can my wife allow her to wear such clothes?

But now this is not a focus, the focus is Lin Xin’s father, the eyes are like a fire, from Yuan Wen, I have been got up and sent her out of the classroom. I can’t see Yuan Wen’s figure, he still refused himself. That greedy eyes.

I feel angry in my heart. I didn’t expect this person to make such a bad bad, and the children of the students gave those dirty ideas. I cacked it. I didn’t look at Yuan Wen at the time of the car. Is the body reacted?

Not right! wrong! Different, I am her, what is the relationship, what can he stare at my daughter like this?

I can only use this uninterrupted excuse to comfort yourself.

While waiting for Yuan Wen, I recalled that I have been taught to Yuan Wen in the past few years, because of my busy relationship, I did not care about my daughter’s good father, until I launched her to school today, I only It was found that the original girl ignored her, and the little girl who hugged in his arms was so big, and it was really surprised.

[Ok, then please participate in the parents of the graduation ceremony to the gymnasium. ]

Like a few students who workers drink, I will take photos of their instructions to the venue, to the venue, people in the mountains, I can’t see where the Yuan Wen is, this, I used it for 2 hours. The mobile phone went to Yuan Wen, watching her head hat, wearing a picture of the graduation suit, I have dropped my tears, my daughter is really growing.

Seeing that I tears, Yuan Wen first is awkward, then gave me a hug right away, said: [What to cry! I am dumbful! ]

Yuan Wen is in my arms, there is a fragrance of the body, that is a woman who is fusion of fragrance, maintenance, and girls, and let me take the emotions from moving emotions, greedily suck a few The mouth, then swallow the saliva, everyone knows that the man is a lower body animal, when there is a woman who is so close to you, no matter how strong, the body is still resistant, and I will hold the Yuan Wen, let me I posted her breasts in my chest, and the thin shirt made me clearly felt that the Yuan Wen naked was naked.

[what! dad! You ,,, you have not been empty! ]

Yuan Wen laughed and opened me, and I didn’t know my desire.

After separation, my eyes continue to stare in the upper and lower gims, the line of sight from the top of the top, for their own daughter, I have already suffocated, the lower body is slightly charged, and it can be seen in Yuan Wen, misunderstanding Dad saw her graduation and surprised, and even took pictures with her in various angles.

================================================================================================================================================================================================ ======= After returning home, of course, I didn’t mention my life for my daughter. In addition to care for my mother’s condition, I chatted with my wife: [There is a girl named Lin Xin in Yuan Wenban. Don’t recognize it? ]

[Know, she is very good to Yuan Wen, Yuan Wen also said that I have to go to work, what happened? ]

[Go to Work? Why didn’t you tell me? What is her home? ]

[Tell you! That day, you hurried to work, and back to me: Yuan Wen has adult, developed with her! ]

[Yes, have this? ]

[Take a look at you, you didn’t spend my father, I still want to think about it. ]

[No ,, ]

I didn’t expect my baby to go to work. Will it be sexually harassing?

The man is obscene, but I seem to be qualified to say what he is, ogh, follow her! I will not mention this thing first!

================================================================================================================================================================================================ ======= After dinner, I went to the bedroom. I said to my wife. I saw the eyes of Lin Xin Dad, staring at the legs under our Yuan Wen Short Skirt, the focus is the man greedy The gaze is like a fire, the daughter is too dangerous to go to work. The wife said in a blindly, and I said: [What is it? Can you guarantee that our beautiful daughter will not encounter a color wolf colleague? ]

The wife said again: [Even if he stared at our Yuan Wen, what? Ok, his daughter and Yuan Wen are classmates, how do you dare to get it! ]

[And then, the daughter will always be married, and the sexual relationship with men is also so late, what are you worried? ]

[But, but, but can’t you have a relationship with this old man? ]

[Who said to have a relationship? I think your own thought is not simple, treat others as yourself! ]

Be said by his wife, I can’t say anything, I am afraid that I am in the people’s daughter, and I can only agree with Yuan Wen to Lin Xin Dad’s company.

Dark set, clean and refreshing, three-inch high heels, revealing a piece of thin ankle, just the right slightly, the beauty of Yuan Wen dress, let such a beautiful daughter to cross the bus, squeezing, I don’t know how much pig brother How many salty pigs attracted, so I will be self-evident as a grouse, and I will go to the company early every day.

Sometimes Yuan Wen sleep, leaning on the window, I don’t know what to do, I think so, I still can’t help but sneak, sigh: [Unfortunately, unfortunately! Why is my daughter? Is it a normal woman? ]

================================================================================================================================================================================================ ======= After about three months, Yuan Wen asked me in the car a day, she said she had to go with the boss to Thailand next week.

Looking at her beautiful face, good body, let me constantly tangle, brow down, see her boss – Lin Xin’s father, the 亵 神, once again in my mind, I I understand that men love to enjoy women’s beauty, but I saw that my daughter was appreciated so, I really didn’t taste, so I was constantly questioning like a household woman: [How many people do your company go? Several people? Is there those people going? ]

Yuan Wen said faintly: [Ask the boss, manager, and me. ]

[manager? The manager is a male still woman? I am a bit anxious.

[male. Yuan Wen’s expression continues to answer.

male? So is it two men and a woman?

As a father, I am a man, I understand the terrible man’s terrible, even face the daughter, I can’t suppress the congestion of the meat stick, let alone outsiders, Yuan Wen is a native, and every part of the body has a man. The ability of sexual desire, how can the outside?

So, for this time, Yuan Wen is going to have a bad thing, I have expressly dissatisfied: [No! Can’t go! What is the two men and a woman joke! ]

Yuan Wen stunned, I didn’t expect that I would be so excited, she also said quite ridiculous: [What is the two men and a woman? Going to work! No matter what I am from small to big, what are you doing now! ]

I don’t say a word, the gunpowder of the two sides is filled with every corner of the car. When I returned home, I said this thing about my wife. I didn’t expect my wife to stand in my daughter. She accompanied my face and said to me. Dynasty: [People’s business trip is for work, how many years now, light people can’t find a job, or don’t want to work, why do you want to stop her? ]

Ok, I still don’t want the heart of the heart of the gentleman, maybe my thoughts obscene, others are not as I said!

I can only probably like this now, so comfort yourself!

It is also impossible for a father to follow the daughter throughout the day. I can only try my best. Before Yuan Wen abroad, I bought a can anti-wolf spray to her, so that she only! just in case! just in case! It can be used in trouble.

================================================================================================================================================================================================ ======= Just on the first day of Thailand, Yuan Wen is happy to play her photos in Thailand. Everything is so natural, so happy, it seems that I have more.

The next day, Yuan Wen came back to a bikini, white long legs, white long legs, bombed skin, could not live with her majesty, and see my father. Heartbe, at night, take the wife to sleep, special points open Yuan Wen’s face book, pick a few pure and unconscious beauty, let me be crazy, exhausted with your own glans, obscene Yuan Wen One. On the third day, Yuan Wen came to her and the boss, the manager’s photo, and the photo of Zhongyuan Wen dressed up preference, she said she was ready to attend a workfather.

On the fourth day, Yuan Wen did not pass any photos, only in the dinner time, I came back, I heard my wife said to her: [Uncomfortable, take a rest, there is a medicine that can be eaten? ]

Soon, Yuan Wen hangs on “”.

What happened to Yuan Wen? ] I will ask my wife to ask.

The wife’s looks say, [Yuan Wen will seem like to eat bad stomach last night, today is very uncomfortable, will take the plane tomorrow, you will go to the airport to pick up her. ]

I didn’t discuss the abroad of Yuan Wen and I would like to discuss the girl. We said that the daughter finally grew up, doing anything, don’t have to worry, then slowly wait for retirement, that night I Work with your wife, I still have a special temperature before going to bed.

On the horizon airport pick-up, Yuan Wen out of the airline, only to see her face, shake the desire, I have been waiting for, I have been helping her, she is white, she asked: [Yuan Wen, how ,,,What’s wrong? Physical discomfort? Only one person? ]

Dad ,,, dad ,,,, I ,,, I have a bad thing, and the body is uncomfortable ,,,]

Yuan Wen seems to have a heart, the body is weak, and the steps are difficult, the body’s discomfort makes her hands holding, and the fingers have been grown.

[Why didn’t you see the boss? ]

[He ,,, them go first ,,,]

Yuan Wen is smilling, using the corners of the eye, two men are stopping the table.

After getting on the bus, I took the bottle of water to Yuan Wen. She was unable to pass, the finger was trembling, and I got home on the way. I started to tell Yuan Wen to understand the trip to Thailand.

[What do you do? Go to Thailand ,,, work, the body is uncomfortable, just like this! ]

Yuan Wen didn’t give me an answer directly, but I was very vigilant. I didn’t ask, [Dad, I didn’t bother me. ]

She simply found an excuse to close her eyes on the back of the backrest to sleep.

I have been uncomfortable in my heart. As for what happened, I still don’t know if I really eat bad stomach? Still other hidden love? I have to do the worst plan in my heart.

================================================================================================================================================================================================ ======= The next day, Yuan Wen still is still unwell. She invited the company to the company. When I drove to work alone, I found a portable disc that was discovered in my driver. Slide, I want to install the company’s important document, I will be very anxious, so I took it in my official package, I want to say that I will give her home.

It’s a busy morning in the morning, it is very difficult to have a neutral in the afternoon, sitting in the office, I think of the moving discs you picked up in the morning, although I want to respect the privacy of the child, but based on the life of the daughter, care My daughter’s work, I still will open the card.

[Old days! This ,,, this is! ]

I am sitting at the desk, I can’t help but shout in my heart, my brow is deep lock, I don’t consciously fight, I got up, drag the legs to the door because of frightening and slightly weak legs, and put the office door Anti-lock.

There is only one file in the player disc, a movie file for an hour, the film picture quality is quite clear, and it is deliberate shooting.

[Yuan, Yuan, Yuan, Yuan Wen! This ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ]

I have to use the whole body to bear to bear the curse that has been rushed to the mouth. In the film, Yuan Wen screamed, she kept cough, he kept shaking his head, there is also me to give her. Anti-wolf spray, it is estimated that the anti-wolf spray is robbed by the bad guys, and Yuan Wen also reversed the attack of the anti-wolf spray.

And when I was sexually invading her, I was in the graduation ceremony and I have a dad of Lin Xin, who had a side of the edge, look at another voice in the picture, is applauding the manager of Yuan Wen! After reading the time of shooting, Yuan Wen was attending the work of the workfish in Thailand. It is estimated that after the meal will, drink some wine is miserable.

Inspiring underwear! Mr. Lin pulled down the underwear of Yuan Wen, pulling out the underwear, and Yuan Wen stretched his foot and kicked, and did not play the villain in front of him. Instead, it was immediately played a big slap.

[婆 娘, now life is not criticized, I have to take us, be careful to kill the necrose, we will escape return home! ]

He looked at Yuan Wen with a fierce look, Yuan Wen was also obviously scared by him, [呜,, 呜呜,, don’t like this,,,,,,, ,,,]

[how? Will you be afraid? Don’t be afraid, just give us refreshment, we must have to kill! I will be very comfortable! ]

Mr. Lin put his finger into Yuan Wen’s yen, pressed, smiled, wretched, smiled and shouted: [Tight! Tight! Xiao Zhang, wait, we have a cool! ]

The place where the picture did not shoot came to the applause: [boss! Vigify! Vigorously! She is called the ecstasy! ]

Then, Mr. Lin strongly kissed every inch of the german, and she kissed her sensitive neck. He lick her neck with his tongue, making her itching, this lunar legs are straight because they are stimulated. At this time, Mr. Lin also suddenly increased his finger, and the moment of his fingers stuffed into the deepest place of Yuan Wen.

[what! A scream, Yuan Wen is shaking, she has not received such a humiliation, she closes her eyes, bitter and standing all the eyes, Mr. Lin kisses her face, bit her lips, and even explore the tongue Her mouth.

I suddenly looked at the picture before the computer, I felt that the whole heart was like a lot of breath, I can’t imagine my daughter in the environment, helpless? despair? pain?

It can look at the body of Zhongyuan Wen ‘s infringement. As a father, I can’t help but get angry quickly. This is a long time has not had the impulse. After the old age, I can’t excite me. Wife is a lot of enthusiasm to help me to do many pre-play. Now, I am surprised to find that my penis is not less than I am still twenty young guy.

It is said that the young girl is the best spring medicine in the old man. This is the old man who is playing outside. Why do you like to find a young girl, you have to find a young feeling on them, just me. I think that I have the same effect, I have the same effect!

The scene returns to the movie, [No! Do not! no, do not want! Yuan Wen is called, the man took out his own meat stick, and that did not know how many girls who had adulterated prostitution, the sickness of the good young woman, the most terrible nightmare of Yuan Wen was about to happen.

She was shrinking by Mr. Lin used his finger to shrink, and the vicinity of the vicinity, Mr. Lin saw the opportunity, laughed a few words: [Yuan Wen, isn’t the first time? Don’t be afraid, Boke will hurt. ]

Yuan Wen is quite afraid to wavily waving his hands to resist, but the strength of the weak woman is the opponent of the man in front of him, the man is under the pleading of Yuan Wenni, and I stand my legs between her legs, my hands raised Yuan Wen’s double Legs, folding them in the chest, so that Yuan Wen’s yin is also lifted up, the small hole is not retained to expose the man in front of the man.

Then, the man grabbed her mask in one hand, and smiled at the entrance to the small hole of Yuan Wen. ] After the language, the man is stringing in the middle, and the whole, the whole root is all inserted.

[what! Hey,, 呜,,,,,,,,,,, Oh, ,,,]

At the moment of the meat stick inserted, Yuan Wen was shouted, and the hands took the bed, and he couldn’t stand the powerful excitement of each way. Yuan Wen’s hole constantly contracted, which made the man’s meat stick to enjoy the super good, man hard The land operation, the easy-to-earth, and even the bed is shaken.

I deeply understood the pain when I insert this young girl’s hole, because I have also played a new young girl in this company, with power, money consumed their youth, insult their flesh.

For men, this is undoubtedly a maximum enjoyment, but when it is a person who is a daughter, then the feelings are completely different, my heart is like a knife, but it is not possible to extract from my daughter. Controlled on the most painful picture of the father, no matter how painful, I can only look at the picture, Yuan Wen is hosted by ugly men, pressing him. This picture is about five minutes, and the man who is in Yuan Wen seems to have not been strong. He is more accelerated by the sprint frequency, then shouting: [call! call! Too cool! Can’t stand it! Yuan Wen, I am shot! ]

I heard the man said that Yuan Wen shook his head and cried: [Don’t, you can’t shoot it! Can not! Don’t shoot inside! ]

I didn’t pay attention to Yuan Wen’s cry, and men used to “Hey! Hey!” After the top of the top, she hugged Yuan Wen, and I can imagine that men’s semen have emerged in the Yuan Wen vagina.

[what! Shot! I am shot! Good! This feeling is great! ] ※ www.jkforum.net | JKF Czech Forum After the ejaculation of Yuan Wen, the man gradually stopped, and the legs of Yuan Wen gasped, it seems to be aware of the physical and mental satisfaction with the young girl to Wushan, [cool! It’s too cool, I finally let me live in this best, it is not to be born! Small wheel! ]

The man’s face exposes the semen is a happy expression of a physical sensory to achieve extremely excited. When he finished, he didn’t forget to greet the accomplices, and he saw this, I saw this. I can’t help but get cold, but when the man took half a meat stick, I saw that the glans pulled a white liquor to leave Yuan Wen’s body. My sexual desire is suddenly high, itching the front end of the glans, it is difficult to endure I don’t fight for the belt in the office, pull out the meat stick, and immediately fight my daughter in the computer – Yuan Wen.

[These bastards …]

I think that Yuan Wen is raging by two evil wolves. Although my mood is quite heavy, the sexual desire is a conscience, let alone this is a film, the fact has already happened, I can’t save anything now, then, then, then, then, then, then Let me see a film, I’m cool, is it cool?

So I continue to appreciate my daughter – [I finally took me! Women are still young! Look at the boss, this scene is so cool! I will try it too! ]

That manager Xiao Zhang, who had been a long time to Yuan Wenhu, saw Lin boss, and couldn’t wait to support the meat stick and relay.

Well! Hey, oh, 呜呜,, don’t,, don’t, ,,,]

Yuan Wen did not breathe, once again entered sexual exchange, Yuan Wen’s love liquid and Lin boss lubricated the vaginal wall, so that Zhang Manager’s mask was easily inserted, Zhang Yi was dramatically crazy, Yuan Wen hangs A pair of tender milk is also rushing again.

In that, the two men do their daughter, only the immersive desire of the birds, there is no humanity, they call her slap, to obey her, they vigorously, she wants her, Yuan Wen’s body, For pure venting tools.

At the moment, in the screen, Yuan Wen kneel was in bed, and Zhang Manager swallowed her behind her, [Oh! Oh! Hey! readily! readily! I can’t think of being fed by the boss is still so tight! Cool! ]


Yuan Wen is blamed, she has never experienced such a shameful humiliation, she buried her face into the pillow, ashamed to see people, but this posture makes Yuan Wen’s hip tall, but also seductive, Zhang Yi is satisfied Focus on the front of the eyes, I am happy, he picked up the belt of the bed, tall high, instant, tough, and flexible belt with the wind, the wind is retroired.


The whole room echoed with a loud sound. Yuan Wen, who is in bed, only feels the spicy persistence of the butt on the hot, and she took the tears in the pillow. She looked at the manager, crying: [manager ,,, Don’t,, don’t hit me,, 呜呜 ,,,]

Zhang Yi looked at the hips of Yuan Wen’s snow, there was a redprint, and said: [Don’t hit? That’s a good time with my boss? ]

I haven’t waited for the reply of Yuan Wen, and Zhang Yi once raised the belt in his hand, “”!

“Snapped”! “Snapped”! “Snapped”! “Snapped”! “Snapped”!

This manager is not only once, and he continuously hitting Yuan Wen, Yuan Wen shouted: [Good! it is good! Don’t hit! Don’t hit! I want to do anything! Don’t hit! Oh, ,,,]

Yuan Wen kneeling on the bed crying, sounds trembling, continuously beat Zhang brought her intense pain, had run tender white ass red and swollen at the moment, so I looked quite distressed, but when I see through after everything is impossible to reverse, I can not restrain myself to Taonong penis in front of the computer, continue to look at how these two animals tortured my daughter. When Yuan Wen will be weakened, Zhang winking on the direction of the lens, I knew he was suggesting that forest owners came up with joy, sure enough, I’m the boss also appeared on the screen which, walked to the Yuan Wen.

[Come and sit on me, mouth do not idle! Good service boss! ]

Zhang lay down and let the Yuan Wen to sit on his cock, this position is called Buddha sitting on a lotus, also known as female superior, the woman could easily be the man to the top of the cervix.

Then, a re-awakening of the forest owner ugly penis by the past, Yuan Wen alarmed to see him, I saw a shallow forest boss laughed: [want to endure the pain it? ]

So saying, he pinch Yuan Wen nose, grabbed her mouth, pressing back of the head, cock it towards his mouth Yuan Wen advance, [ah ,,, ,,, do not vomit ah! vomit,,,]

Yuan Wen faint sound of air shouting, seems to be his mouth could not say anything, only feebly light shaking his head.

[Little bitch, I let you experience the death of Deep Throat, was stabbed to ensure u die happy! ]

Forest owners cock rubbed on the chin Yuan Wen, pushing her tongue, then turning back to drilling Yuan Wen throat!

Yuan Wen nervously tightened throat, but suddenly I’m the boss’s penis to her throat a poke!

[Woo! Um! ! ! ! ] This time seems to Yuan Wen chest was forced to punch, big dick fast stabbed her esophagus!

She was Yede “whining” call out, uncontrolled saliva hung that Zhang Qingxiu little face from the mouth, and body under the Manager Zhang also rude to start moving upwards quite phallic manipulation Yuan Wen, [Oh! Oh! ! Ah ~ ~] Zhang smoking a breath, his eyes misty, Yuan Wen ass he was lifted up, and pull down vigorously, sat down heavily.

[Woo Woo ,,, ,,, ,,, gag gag ah ,,, ,,, ,,, NN]

[Yuan Wen, who have no uncles putting cool it? Two men and a woman does not cool it was great? Not cool it was great? ]

Zhang Yuan Wen constantly make little ass lifted down, enjoying the female superior, to the top of the uterus girls pleasure.

Lin boss kept towards the esophagus Yuan Wen’s mining, huge penis to keep her esophagus inside drill, Yuan Wen like being choked as large food groups, continuous nausea: [vomit! vomit! ,,, ,,, er ah ah ah! Ohh ohh ,,, ,,, vomit! ]

[Flap flap flap flap ,,, ,,, ,,, flap flap]

[Thanks to u turn on your parents born so beautiful, just let something uncles was great! ]

Daughter Jiaochuang Sheng, banging the flesh, for sitting at a computer in front of me, I really like the song after another reminder soul song, a moment, I felt like a penis from the roots up conducting, with a force delivery, the glans after beating a few times, a surge of heat pouring from the horse’s eyes, spray directly on the keyboard, look, look, they look as if the eruption has never been so much semen Similarly, the whole body relaxed after spraying, there are shares of ecstasy like to enjoy .

In this metamorphosis of gang rape, the film continued Bofang I do not know how long, Yuan Wen seems to have been too little exercise had no strength, suddenly, picture, forest owners hips swing towards the glans Yuan Wen deepest throat poke in the end, then shake a few times, I could clearly see Yuan Wen mouth thick white liquid poured out, can hear slight “Puchi” sound.

I understand that I’m the boss full of semen shot into my daughter’s mouth, and can not end like this, Lin Wen-yuan boss suddenly grabbed the neck, all of a sudden Yuan Wen can not seem to breathe!

She struggled desperately want to get up, the two men’s power to make her struggle strength was very small, gradually, less and less air, Yuan Wen eyes are more lax, and this time, I’m the boss and a hard place poke, Yuan Wen semen immediately intrusion into the nasal cavity spray out!

Moment, full of semen Yuan Wen little face, while “vomit” is heard, Yuan Wen stomach and semen acidic water also flooded out from the esophagus, the filth well it happens to be sprayed on the body zhang , Zhang laughing, Yuan Wen touched himself vomit, he vigorously pushed Yuan Wen shouted: [go u bitch shit, made me one! Interest gone! ]

I looked at the picture, I thought that Yuan Wen could escape a robbery. When he got up, he took the hair of Yuan Wen and his hair: [dirty! but it does not matter! I can make it dirty! After the language, he dragged Yuan Wen to the place where the picture was visible, and he heard that Yuan Wen screamed, about Mo Yi, two minutes later, the lens was closed, as for their daughter, what is done, I I don’t know.

================================================================================================================================================================================================ ======= After the film is turned off for a while, I still can’t take it from the picture, my mind is constantly being the picture of the rape in the mind, watching the desk and daughter, all Wen’s colleague, friends feel very amazing, the father who is unstopped has such a beautiful daughter, in the photo, Yuan Wen’s face is not any powder, but the beauty of the beauty, what gods on the Internet, small mode ah And there is no ratio in front of her.

Looking at her carefully, I will find that her face has been fine and distinct, and the slightly confused willow leaf will. There is a pair in a slightly deep eye nest as if there is a big eyes of Lingshan fog, and the nasm is a nasal nose. Running to drop the water.

There is only a bright show of oriental girls, and a Western girl’s pointers, and she is wearing a red slim dress, and it is a perfect body that is outlined out.

The shoulder of the dress is open, and the white shoulders are vague. Although the chest is not a low V-neck, the two groups of white tender meat have supported a small hill, the skirt is not long, only about 15 cm above her knees Place, revealing a pair of slender legs, the skin on her legs is even more like silk satin, and the foot is a pair of silver, which is highly pickled.

But these are not the most proud of my father. I am satisfied that I am white, her mother has passed her mother. Her skin is like crystal crystal, like the skin of Belarus. General, white glare, but different from the Belarus girl, her skin is delicate and smooth, there is no thick pores of the Western girl, almost not sweating, can be said to be the advantage of the East and West.

All of the above, this is also unwrite that Yuan Wen will become the most sweet prey of the wolf, and even my father, because of her beauty, she is so hinking, let alone she treats her.

At noon, because Yuan Wen’s sex movie shocked my thoughts, I invited the company to go home, I want to stay quiet, I want to handle this, I have heard that 90% The rape case will not be disclosed, and those victims often choose to bear everything because of various reasons.

In the past, this sentence is just a statement, but now it happens in his own daughter, but it is a fact that I feel distressed!

Decided by Yuan Wen decided to endure humiliation, do not let the boss, Zhang Manager violently, gang rape? Why didn’t I return to my home?

On the way home, I bought a snack of Yuan Wen, I plan to talk to the neutrality of the wife and Yuan Wen in the afternoon.

[叩 叩,, 叩 叩 ,,,]

[叩 叩,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I knocked on Yuan Wen’s door, I didn’t see any response, so I turned to open the door, [Yuan Wen is good? ]

[dad? How come you come back? Not only afternoon? ]

Yuan Wen woke up, looked at her glamorous show, the skin blowing into the skin, recalling the villain in the film, the villain of the film, the white tenderness of the body, thinking that they are so despicable Rapered her perfect jade, and now she is still going to endure this?

I feel an unusual depression and anger. I feel great in my life for Yuan Wen. Isn’t it happening? Will you?

[Yuan Wen ,,, I,,,] I can’t wait to reveal everything, then pull up her hand to the police!

Love and pain in my heart, mix with hate, as if the hobs of the bears are generally burning my chest.

I urgently wanting to live fast, the heart is hop, and I have to do it in the mouth. It is like the first time in Middle School to the girl’s table, and I am worried, but it is difficult to speak.

雯 ,,, me ,,,]

However, if I say this, how would Yuan Wen?

I can accept this without a mustard, and her weak shoulders can’t wear this sudden blow? In this case, I will give her more scars without a self-decision.

Or, should I find the two wolves alone?

Seeing that I am awkward, Yuan Wen said that it is impatiently: [Dad, what do you have? No, go out! I’m sleepy! ]

Yuan Wen’s response made me helplessness, so I was welcome: [Just he didn’t listen to my advice! ]

[What? ]

Yuan Wen pumped the cold, fell into the confusion of 浑, widened, asked me, she seems to be afraid that I said what amazing secrets, seeing her contradictory mood, I don’t know how to explain what I understand. Content, so I didn’t say anything, didn’t do too much instructions, just slowly take the way to fall in my car, [妳 的? I got on my car! ]

Yuan Wen’s chicken skin was full, she got up excitedly, and the limbs were trembled to me, [you ,,, have you seen? You read? Have you seen things inside? why! Why do you want to see! Ohh Ohh ohh,,,]

Yuan Wen screamed, she is grievable and angry, mixing with swallowing, and the powder fist will fight my back, there is a feeling of crying.

[why! Why don’t you obey! Do not obey, it’s alive! ]

[why! Why do you want to see! Why violax my privacy! I hate you! I hate you! ]

Why is the two sides who want to blame each other’s fault, but they also have the helplessness and pain of this matter. Yuan Wen does not divide the green sauce against me, in the anger, I force the arms of Yuan Wen Angry her: [I am concerned! It’s usually not listening to me. ]

Yuan Wen does not give me weakly: [Who wants you to care! You are not concerned about me! Is infringing my privacy! Improving my privacy! ]

In the face of unreasonable daughters, I feel that the whole heart is like being blocked, it is not too angry, [! ]

I smashed her slap in anger, and suddenly squatted: [Casual man can take off! Do you still have privacy? Do you still have privacy? And still two! ]

Yuan Wen fell on the sofa on the side, leaving a touch of powder, and slightly slim, gently sobbing, this is not, but I didn’t let me have a mercy, let me think of the daughter in the film in the film, The two evil wolves are also like this!

After I read the picture of Yuan Wen was raped, I was hopped with Yuan Wen. If the relationship between our father and daughter has dropped to the ice point, I have given up, I gave up this daughter, what I have, I am not here. Take her as ordinary woman?

At the moment, the idea of ​​Yuan Wenjiao is not in my mind, erosion my reason, the reason is that the enemy is full of desires, my heart is frankly, my head is chaotic, the mask has already been tall high, one is not Do two things, I just got a good job, so I faded my body, and the position was in front of Yuan Wen.

Dad ,,, you ,,,, what do you want? ]

Dad ,,, you ,,,, what do you want? ]

Yuan Wen glared his eyes and showed an incredible expression, and she would never thought that there was such a day – her father prepared to extend her wolf paw.

[Yuan Wen, give Dad once? ]

[Crazy ,,, crazy ,,, dad,, you are crazy,, no ,,, I don’t want ,,, I don’t want! ]

Yuan Wen is like a frightened kitten, hurting his body on the sofa, looking at me in a horror.

[Other people can, why didn’t Dad can’t! ]

I show an angry cock, strong congestion, go to Yuan Wen, the seriousness of the things is unpacking, Yuan Wen is in a hurry to fight, but still can’t take me halfway, [ah! dad! do not want! Can not! Dad ,,,, 呜呜 ,,,, 呜呜呜 ,,,]

[Yuan Wen, give Dad once! Just a time!乖 daughter! Give Dad once! ]

The two of us touched together, Yuan Wen’s crying, screaming, fragrance, crazy awakening me to conquer her desire, my lips are in her face, leaving her face, in order to smash the ear tip, neck, fragrance Shoulder, while pulling her underwear, Yuan Wen twisted the body, resisting me to remove the hindrance, but a weak woman is the opponent of my big man, I have successfully pulled her underwear, and holds the five fingertips I have a huge mask, sweeping in front of Yuan Wen’s honey gates, and under the urgentity, Yuan Wen is great to bite to my shoulders, [Oh! I am called, although I stopped, but the pain did not stop me, but also stunned my most original wild beast. I even got the two slaps of Yuan Wen and gave a punch toward her abdomen. [Ah!!!!!! ! ! ! Hey ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Located in your own daughter’s mouth, confirm the position, and insert the dick immediately!

I only heard the “Zi!”, I have no hindrance to the insertion of Yuan Wen, [Dad! do not want! ]

Just this second, I and Yuan Wen, our father and daughter are laid to the recent … Recently …

Since then, our world is no longer the same.

Yuan Wen firming the vaginal wall like a creepy little mouth, keeping in my hook, uterine like there is a bracelet, tightly walking my big turtle head, comfortable my whole body capsule Open.

If you have a dream, I raself the honey hole of my father’s honey, the body’s honey, the physical and honesty, the physiological plenity and psychological beauty, so that I am soaked in her vagina, the mask is more strong, I started quite Movement, rehabilitation organs, make the combination of the flesh more true.

I have a full-strength sprint with my daughter, and again, as my father can’t lose to the wild man outside!

Well, grace ,,, oh ,,,, oh ,,, good! Yuan Wen! feels so good! daughter! ]

呜, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

[Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa,,,]

Yuan Wen was smashed in me, and the mouth was scattered, and the mouth was great. I really want to scream, but I can’t make a sound. I can only call it, and I will be more short and the whole body shakes. The father’s genital assault, sprint, shocking Yuan Wen’s heart string, one, two, three times, “,, 啪,” Every suddenly broke the heart as a daughter, Yuan Wen is lying on the sofa, At the chest dress, a pair of tender skating white breasts gently fuse gently, she lost her soul to resist my body, because of sex, I torn my father’s dignity and identity, but I didn’t regret it, I can see my daughter. Two eyes lost their gods, blur, thinking to escape to the other side of the world, everything is worth it.

Well! Well! My good daughter! Clean your father is so refreshing! Well! Well! Yuan Wen! My good daughter! Clean your father is so refreshing! ]

I am violently moving the body, and I will quickly enter and exit in her smooth and humid vagina like a piston.

Tucalyptu hiji is like a pile drum to bring Yuan Wen’s prostitute in “滋!” 滋! ” why! why treat me like this! I am your daughter! I am your daughter! Ohh Ohh ohh,,,]

[I hate you! I hate you! Ohh Ohh ohh,,,]

Yuan Wen is moving with long hair, and the sweat is soaked in the sweat, and the cheeks are pink, the powder is slightly unable to control this tempting and sophisticated picture. Wen’s weak body, metamorphosis, the sweat of Yuan Wen, unable to control the round-lunar buds, as if prepared to pinch a balloon.

The crazy penis is like a fanatical warrior, and the Yuan Wen, with the bodies of Yuan Wen, I can’t help but I can’t help it. I am deeply thoroughly thoroughly thoroughled into Yuan Wen’s uterus, and I am crazy. White turbid semen kept hitting her uterine wall.

I had a total of my daughter – Yuan Wen three times, I tried all kinds of positions, lying, standing, squatting, sitting, can say that she has a transparent, comfortable, comfortable I am so good, there is a daughter, hehe!

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