First time

A record line …

“Boss, have there be a” String String “??”

“Sorry, I will sell light yesterday, you will take a look at it in the afternoon !!”

On October 17 afternoon, Jindin Music Studio …….

This time Sensit Hua’s “String Tone” is so excited that the entire company is up and down.

“Huang boss, congratulations!! This time you dug into the treasure of Sensit Hua, earn a lot of money for your company, plus advertising and TV theme song, really earned !!”

“Where !! You are not bad !! Your jade girl singer —- Ye Mu, it is also a big red person, now it is not a notice to pick it up !!”

“Let’s drink a cup quickly tonight !!”

“That `s a deal!!”

After hanging on the phone, the yellow boss sat in front of the desk and looked at the performance table on the facial wall, whisper whispering …

“Fucking old fox !! The last time I cultivated Ye Mu, harm all my heart and blood, just intentionally mentioned Ye Mu, he actually did not respond, real fucking cold blood !! But each other The Bulun Record is a big company, can’t afford it, I have to perfuse … “

“In addition to Xie Ling, all singers and production are dug from Baolun. Fortunately, I still have Xie Ling to sell my life. Otherwise, I will have a good time to reward him. ….. “

If he thought, he immediately called his secretary …….

“Li secretary, trouble you help me call Xie Ling !!”

“Boss, Xie Ling him out …”

“Do you look for a sense of inspiration ?? This kid …” The yellow boss shook his head smile …

It may be the highest place in Taipei, which makes people feel the world … The top of the more than forty-level buildings in the Taipei station, one is beautiful, the one is not a burly The man is holding a notebook, looking for inspiration for his next song.

He is Xie Ling!

He, unlike the general art worker’s hops, Su Nei’s clothes, wearing a glasses, and a hairstyle such as a very common student, it is difficult for him to associate him with love songs. Every afternoon, he always wants to look outside to look for theme. He feels that the truly shackles are not the kind of vigorous love song, but the institution can be able to be able to be able to make Because of this, he is always swim on the street, in order to find the population and touching works he wants to write. Xie Ling itself is an emotionally rich blood man, written, and everyone has been appreciated, however, he always feels that it seems to be lacking …

“Is it, because I have not talked about love?” Xie Ling in the shy, as long as I see a girl, I will be uncomfortable, let alone love with the girl. However, he has been twenty-five years old, but it is incredible to write a few moving love songs without talking in love.


However, in order to write songs, I can’t give him true feelings …….

In the evening, Xie Ling returned to the company, I saw the boss came from him. “Hey !! The trend is not good!! Probably be sharpened by the boss …”

“Xie Ling, Shi Minhua will come to Taiwan tomorrow afternoon, prepare for the Go Friends, you will pick up the plane tomorrow, don’t forget !!”

“Oh !!” Xie Ling was preparing to return to his seat, and the boss suddenly called him.

“Yes !!” The boss walked to him, tone sharply, “Xie Ling, this time you make the” String String “sales good, so that our company can play again, thank you !!” immediately stuffed a red envelope to Xie Ling This is my little heart, please accept it !! “

“The boss, when you were in my most depressed, I will pass me one hand, I will say that you can’t come, how can I dare to pay the boss?”

“Then you don’t receive me?”

“Boss, how do I dare !!”

“Then you don’t hurry up!”

Back to your own seat, Xie Ling mentioned the pen, ready to write the next song, the name is temporarily “favorite”.

“How to write a pen ?? I have never had a feeling of love, how can I understand the favorite people feel in my mind?”

second round

At the same time, a high-end residential area of ​​a coastal sea in Hong Kong ……. Here, many Hong Kong’s richest people have no depression sight because of Nine- and Nine-seven. Here, the players and corporate 钜 can be seen everywhere …….

Among one of the bathrooms in the bathroom, there is a good thing in the world. From her raise hand, there is no confident temperament, which is a general woman. Slowly, if she turned her head …….

Eye, sweet smile, and soft long hair, isn’t this sensitive ?? This is not the most surprising … I hope to her eyes, I will lying in the bathtub. Holding a man in a year … He, it seems that he is not different from ordinary people, but his persistent eyes tell the world, he is probably the new generation of the most achieved entrepreneurs. “Jack …” Minhua drunk into the bathtub, slowly lying next to him …….

Jack is a small opening of a multinational group in Hong Kong, and throughout the day, in order to expand its business between major cities. He and Minhua have been in three years, but there are very few opportunities to meet. The entertainment circle is like this. The female star is often looking for a rich man to marry, and I don’t know whether it is married, or marry money …

His figure is similar to Xie Ling, but the two are very different types. Unlike Xie Ling’s childish, Jack continues to experience the various challenges in the mall, excellent judgment and excellent leadership, so that he is almost determined to become the company’s successor. As the saying goes, it will be warm after a lot of money. If you start with money, you will start to use money to do anything, including contact with female artists, and Jack, he is sensitive …….

Who knows that the jade girl in their minds is not the same as the first place in private ??

After the two bubbled in the bathtub, they finally had actions …….

Jack’s right hand gently knead the sensitive breasts, left her hand in his arms. I am intoxicated to kiss Jack, while using my hand with my meat stick. After a while, Sensum screened Jack, with her tongue slowly licking his glans, under such stimulation, Jack spit out of the breath of breath from the mouth.

Xie Ling in Taiwan, at this time, after a record line, looked at the records launched since the exhibition, and he couldn’t help but feel the intersection. Although it is a Taizu, he rarely wrote a song for other singers, except himself, and —-ens of monsters. In other words, the record launched by Minhua can also be said to be the composing process of Xie Ling … At this time, in his heart, inexplicably gave a inexplicable feelings …….

Back up to the two people and jack, transfer the battlefield from the bathtub to the bed. The two people have their favorite six-nine postures. When I was already picking up the tongue of Jack, I couldn’t help but the honey, the honey got, and it was very bright, and I couldn’t help but People want to taste.

However, Jack is not rushing to enter, his tongue still has not let allergic meaning, but also become a snectic to picked her bud, and smashed her hips anxiously, under the light of the light, more show Her splendid. She can’t help but spit out from the mouth containing the penis.

“Jack … I … I don’t … Ok … 喔 … fast … Come in … “

At this time, Jack hands lightly dials the private parts of Shenhua, and use the tongue to explore the meat stick, and Minhua is a sudden pleasure to erode, the whole person is in his body, and the strength of the meat stick is not too come out.

Just a few minutes, Jack finally advanced the pocket of the meat stick, and Minhua also told Jack’s posture, and clamped his hips with her line, uniform legs, and did not let him leave easily . “Well … Jack … I am fine … like … um …” Minhua said helloked his chest and behind Although Jack has long been interrupted from all over the years, it has never interrupted the physical exercise. It often exercises his physical fitness in the gym, and because of this, his body can always keep itself, and so let the woman is intoxicated.

Jack lying on the bed, said softly in the ears of Minhua, “Min Hua, change you it above.” Minhua kissed Jack, across his body, guiding his meat rod into her Among the vaginals. She put her ass, the whole body shaped, and the flying long hair and the double peaks of the upper and down, the image of her pure jade woman was very uncomfortable. At this time, she is almost unrelenting to the woman. It’s just a woman who is eager to nourish. Jack swing on the side, while stunning the pink nipples, there is no gracefulness in the mouth …

“Well … Jack … I … …”

Although I am intoxicated in the climax of sex, Minhua is constantly chasing Jack’s lust with her expression and wheezing, so that he can also enjoy the beauty of sex … with jack interaction, Minhua knows that he likes her for him, knowing that he likes a woman, knowing that he likes to listen to her, knowing that he likes to shoot delicates in her mouth, she doesn’t vote, not only for him, but also It is also a exchange of interests, with her female color to change the interests of money. Perhaps someone will look down on their move, however, this world is not this??

After a few minutes, Jack finally couldn’t help … “Min Hua, I have to shoot …” At this time, he smoked the meat stick from the sensitive honey hole, Min Hua immediately contacted the standing meat stick into her mouth, let the thick semen in her mouth. She looked at Jack smiled, swallowed the semen, and constantly licking the semen left on his meat … She knew that tomorrow her bank account will have a deposit …. ..

At this time, returning to the Xie Ling in the family, I am embedded, I wrote the song “the most love”, when he is just thinking about the sensation to stay in Hong Kong …….

Third round

On October 18, there is only one day from the days to the Taihua.

With a tired return home, Xie Ling immediately fell on the sofa. Although his small nest is not big, it is full of warm feelings, and elegant layout often makes the guests who come to his home. Looking at the poster of the “String String” album hanging on the wall, he seems to start the heart of the people …….

“Now I pay attention to the sensitivity of the sensation. If I can have such a moving girlfriend, how good … forget it, I want to mind, people are so beautiful. And there are many sons who want to pursue her, how can I go around me … “

When I came to the piano, he began to imagine his competition between hello, acquaintance, pursuit, and then enemies, and another note was unforgettable to describe Xie Ling’s mood. However, when I arrived, he suddenly stepped …

He didn’t have the courage to write down the end …….

“Is there a happy ending with a lover that loved to become a genus ?? Is it helpless?? Still … 唉 !!”

He can’t write it …….

“”, He turned the piano’s cover, leaving only a unfinished score to scattered …

At this time, it is far away from Hong Kong, and it is homes and is expected to be very compact in Taiwan’s itinerary in the next few days.

“The bell … bell …” The alert phone voice interrupted her.

“Hey, sensitive ?? I am Jack, now I am talking about business in Tokyo, how are you doing now?”

“Fortunately, yes, I will go to Taiwan tomorrow, I can go back to Hong Kong for a few days. I hope that your business can talk smoothly.”

“Right, I have something to negotiate with customers, bye!”

“BYE !!” When I want to hang the phone, I seem to have heard anything …….

“Jack, come over, come with me !!”

I didn’t expect Jack during the period after talking to the phone to hang the phone. I actually heard this female voice … just when I was full of fox, I suddenly remembered a thing …….

Slow !! Jack is responsible for the business of the Hong Kong Corporation, how can I travel??

“No … It should be me to hear …”

In order to confirm that she heard the wrong, she decided to go to the Jack home to see. I didn’t expect to go to the Jack home, I actually saw Jack and a woman who dressed in the door, and the movement was very bold.

“I am evil … I have lie to me to say that he goes to Tokyo … I didn’t expect to give me a stealing in Hong Kong … It turns out that Jack is actually such a person …”

On the way backhaul, I have long been smiling, crying …

Fourth back

On October 19th afternoon …

Xie Ling, Huang Boss and Minhua Three people are going back to Taipei …….

Looking at Minhua, Xie Ling continued to write his songs, while he turned, he tried to let himself integrate into the emotional world of male and female. The problem is still in the tail …….

“Minhua !!”

“Hey, Xie Ling, is there anything ??”

“I am writing a song, there are two tailings, I will give you now, see which one you prefer.”

He joined the small tune representing the mourning in the first tail, giving a low back to the shock. When he sang once, ask, “How do you think this feel?” She nodded, it seems that it is not bad.

“Okay, then I will swear again …..”

“Xie Ling, beg you, then I will listen to me the first kind …”

“Ah … I hope … I can give my love … all give you all … You are my favorite …” The hidden artistic conception in the song, Xie Ling’s mood is more downs …

“Minhua, you … feel?” “Xie Lingqiang asked laugh.

Minhua did not answer.

“Min …” When he continued to ask, he found …….

Sensitive, suffering from yesterday, has long been crying …….

“Xie Ling, you are angry with emperor.”

“Yellow boss, no, I …”

“Xie Ling, there is nothing, don’t worry about me. Just, you just have just tourt it, I … this song is really good …”

Three people are on the car, there is some embarrassment in the scene …

After the night and the boss met with the boss, Xie Ling was tired to return to his nest. TV is playing his “String Strings” with Lihua Chorus.

“Well … I am really tone with Min Hua …”

Although Minhua is also 25 years old, it is full of mature beauty. On the contrary, Xie Ling seems to be a new university, and the face is not taken off. Although the two are matched, there is always a little strange feeling …….

“Bell …”

“Who will call it at this time, is it the boss ?? Will n’t !! The boss has always knew that I didn’t answer the phone at 7:00.”

Although I don’t want to pick it up, I don’t want to make a phone noisy.

“Hey! I am Xie Ling, how are you?”

“Hey, Xie Ling, I am sensitive.”

“Minhua ?? Do you have anything to find me?”

“Don’t like me to give it to you?”

“No … is not …”

“Xie Ling, my mood is not good, I want to go out. Are you willing to take me?”

“Ok … ok … then I … I am going to the hotel to pick you up …”

After hanging up the phone, “Yeah !!” Xie Ling quickly changed his clothes, riding his “old two killer”, and rushed to the hotel. Perhaps it is to facilitate the travel, I am in a T-shirt, take a t-shirt, and put her graceful body completely. In order to avoid being recognized by others, she also specially covered her long hair in a dark blue baseball cap and wore a flat glasses.

“Minhua, where do you think of it?”

“Hey !! You want to be recognized ?? This is good, you are called me, this is my little name, except for my family, you are the only known, cheap you !!”

“Beauty, get on the bus !! Yes, where do you want to go ??”

“This is good, you take me to your usually find inspiration !!”

In this way, the two came to a building in front of the train station.

“Wow !! The wind is good!” “” “One arrived in the top floor, Min Hua immediately became a strong wind, shocked the arms of Xie Ling.

“The first time to the top floor !! Beauty, do you know?? Whenever I come here, look at it from the height, I feel the heart of the chest !! I will be in the time of no one. Singing here, yelling, unhappy in the heart. Do you want to try? “

“String sound … Whether it is confusing …” Minhua face Xie Ling, low 吟 吟 俩 的 …….

String external sounds are confusing everything, you can’t figure out, please listen to my word sentence, I hope you can understand my heart

I don’t know if the soul of the two is, this time they are far better than the performance of the record …

Fifth back

Now I have already been eleven, Xie Ling and Minhua two just went to the Eastern District. During the way, the people who have always lean on Xie Ling. The past people don’t know that she is sensitive, saying that he is like a female singer …

“It’s not early, I should send you back to the hotel.”

“Hey !! You haven’t taken me to your place to stay !!”

“Oh, the dog’s nest, there is nothing special …”

“It’s okay !! Look, just fine …”

In the home of Xie Ling, first reflect the sensitive eye blind, it is the “String Tone” poster hanging on the wall. Minhua does not dare to add it, so unreasonable …….

“Right, Minhua, you just sit casually, I will get a dessert to you.”

Go next to the piano, Minhua believes in the score of the ground. This song was in the afternoon, Xie Ling gave her the song.

The musical notes of the score are full and text, including “uninvigangible”, “acquaintance”, “choice” and other bridges, and the most sensitive interest is that his “final chapter” There are two kinds, and these two ends, that is, this afternoon Xie Ling gives her to hear …….

“The whole song is designed for me …”

“Xie Ling, can you sing this song?”

“I declare first, this song is only half … If you sing, don’t you laugh !!”

Xie Ling picked up the score and started singing. At the end, he found that the representative was a successful ending, there was a pink lip.

Minhua has accepted him …….

In the face of the sensitivity of being in the heart of the verge, Xie Ling gently sang this song …….

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