I am a regional supervisor of a well-known domestic appliance brand, responsible for the overall market control of the province. Due to the reasons for work, it is almost foreign in this ancient capital city. There are not many daily work, that is, develop a work plan, arrange the implementation to people, and visit the market, eat and drink. Although the work is very relaxed, it also feels that there is a lack of point.

It may be that the time is long, and it will be like my current state – Sorheng odorless. I feel nothing, don’t worry. This feeling is getting wrapped around, I have a long time for more than half a year, and I will mix the day all day. There is also a more realistic question is that the 30-year-old energy is too strong, and it is also a trend, so physiologically demand, it makes me feel more depressed.

Moreover, it is, I also feel that my sexual desire is so strong, and now I am still hard, such as iron, I can’t disclose it. Sometimes I suddenly flashed the idea of ​​”masturbating”, but I have been negated by myself. After all, this stuff is still more disgusting, at least in my heart, I still don’t accept it.

It’s so insisted, although it is very wrong, the days will pass this day a day. I didn’t live in that day, I really got a masturbation. Wake up in the morning, lying on the bed, I clenched the big penis with the hand, and the upper and lower comes. With the palm of the palm on the penis, the foreskin was pulled, pulled down.

I hit my brain once again, I felt. After about 10 minutes, the thrill gradually strengthened, I didn’t want to stick to it. Then accelerate the operating frequency in your hand. Probably getting more than 100, shot! When a strong semen is thin from his own penis, I shake it.

what! ~ I finally knew the feeling of masturbation, although I enjoyed the flow of discolysis, but I didn’t have the feeling of love, and it was more like WC. Forget it, there is at least one morning in the morning.

After washing and brushing, it is particularly good to eat breakfast. I ate two eggs and got a glass of milk, and I added a protein that had just lost. Think about it is really disgusting, you will make masturbation.

After arriving at the company, the documents on the table look at the table. The document has not been seen half, the fax machine automatically receives running, a notice from the head office: The 10th anniversary celebration of the company, 5 years old employees can enjoy a 3-day holiday. Looking back, I have worked in the company for 8 years. Mom, 8 years, small Japan will give back to Dongpu Island.

So, have I also have a 3-day holiday? ! Then I worried about it, fucking, doing a masturbation, now I can go home and play with my wife, and things are clean.

Still decided to go home, after all, it has come out for half a year. Also bitter my dear wife, how can it be grateful to meet? Before going home, arrange the personnel manager to make up the vacation position of the vacancy as soon as possible, and then hurriedly climb the train to go home. The current traffic situation is really good, fortunately, only our company celebration, and displaced the legal holiday. It’s straight to the house.

No more passion, husband and wife are better. I didn’t describe it carefully with my wife’s situation.

It is still not to share with others. The wife also invited the fake to accompany me at home, of course, mainly, still accompany me. Lying on the soft body of my wife, I feel so happy. How many times I didn’t know in that two days, anyway, I have something to eat, do it for a while, say a while, do love. I feel that there is too much to owe my wife, and I even want to give her one-time compensation to she. After leaving the last lingering, I feel that my back is sour, and walking is a little slogan.

Finally, I have to pack the bag and return to the job. The tears in the eyes of the wife during the end, let me my heart, so far, I am unforgettable.

… Reast returns to work, all department managers have come to report me the work of these three days.

There is a horse fart, there is really working, this I have seen it. But I didn’t deal with any one, after all, they are still loyal to this team, this is enough. Is there still a peace and Liu Wei around Qianlong?

I am ready to close the eye to adjust the status, I came to knock on the door.

“Come in!” I almost didn’t have a good time.

The door was gently pushed, and I stared at the eyes of the laptop, I almost didn’t leave the screen, and I waited to report the situation. Everyone is basically used to my working style, and you can use it.

“Master, this is the two-day account bailout, please take a look at it.” He said softly, let me feel in my heart. Listen to the voice, I can’t help but look up and look for the masters of the wonderful sound.

On the front of you, it is indeed a bright eyes. I can’t help but look at it, I suddenly adjusted it immediately after my loss.

“You are?”

Gradually, I felt that there was no softening in some parts of my body, but it became more firm.

Fortunately, there is a high-level work desk to avoid more direct embarrassment.

I triggered the focus to suppress the impulse. After a little time, I started greeting her sit down. So Liu Hui walked from the door to the desk, sitting on the couch with the front. One of the aroma came, I didn’t know what kind of perfume she used. I started slowly with her, and I would like to admire this escape.

While understanding her work, I know that she is 28 years old. I have been married for 2 years. I have no children, my husband is a technical worker in a honesty. More important, my eyes have been ignorant from the top. Liu Hui is approximately 163cm. Because it is the first summer, wearing a single professional suit, but it is also completely packaged.

The idea is a bit confusing, re-describes Liu Hui: Face can be imagined to Angelina Jolie. And the big waves of the back of the back challenges a few dark purple, blowing the bomb, white skin, let me not help but bite a bite. In particular, the set of necklines is relatively low, and the two hemispheres exposed inside and a deep gap are attracted to my eyes.

Since Liu Hui is sitting on the sofa, I can see the strength and scale of the meat ball. There is also a pair of slender legs to wrapped in a tight skirt, lines. All all this, all gathered in this woman, I believe which man will see more about it easily.

I believe that Liu Hui has discovered that I was free to be free. Her face is flourishing, and it is more shy to add a little more shy. The body of the young woman, the shy woman, is really a natural thing.

However, I found that Liu Hui did not perform very cautious. Instead, the eyes flashed a demon charm, tilted the body, and then the legged the legs towerped. The two simple movements let me see more part of the hemisphere, and the purple lace underwear inside the short dress. What do you mean, Liu Hui’s teasing me? I almost can’t believe my judgment. My cock is hard to help, put the pants tap higher. It seems that this is definitely a shopping, and the heart is jealous: I will never let this good opportunity.

The time of conversation is not short, Liu Hui should go back to his desk. I habitually got up and sent Liu Hui to go out, every employee who came to my office, I will send them out. When I walked to the door, Liu Hui suddenly turned around, and the hand after the hand just met my dick.

At this time, my cock has not fully calved, and I can’t help but “Oh!”, The scene suddenly is awkward. I quickly transferred the topic and took out my own business card to Liu Hui, and then tell her about work, if I don’t understand what I don’t understand.

Weird, feel weird. I blame for several days.

The phone rang, when I was ready to extinguish the office. The number display is a unfamiliar local number. When you hear the sound of the phone, a familiar feeling suddenly produced, which is Liu Hui. Her husband is not at home today, so I invited me to accompany her to have dinner, by the way, I will work some of the questions about my “ask”. This obvious signal, of course, it is to be grasped. So I told him anyway, I was also here, I promised it.

At 7:30 in the evening, I knocked on Liu Hui’s home, Liu Hui enthusiastically put me in. Looking carefully Liu Hui, wearing a loose bright red semi-transparent pajamas, very obvious to see that there is no underwear in underwear, two grapes on the pajamas in pajamas, with walking Bulp. The thick fur in the triangle of the legs is a small piece of black black.

I suddenly can’t control myself, suddenly pounce, hug Liu Hui, on her neck, my face, kiss on the lips. I really can’t control myself, this woman is too crazy. Liu Hui was suddenly struggling after he was hugged, and it was also immersed in the special pleasure of being violated. My hands are nearly roughly brushed through each detail of her body. Liu Hui also excited, responded to my kiss, my exploration.

Liu Hui still pushed me, “Don’t worry, time is long. Let’s eat something.” Then Liu Hui turned into a bottle of red wine, two cups, and her hand made from the cabinet in the corner. . I am like a girl, and my hand is still keeping with her round buttocks around Liu Eleid. Liu Hui’s buttocks belong to a round, and the round circle is so lubricated. I suddenly tougeted her pajamas under her pajamas, fingering the butt stitching straight into her vagina. Liu Hui’s ah, the body is treated, the two legs suddenly stepped up.

“Don’t move!” I tough ordered. Enjoy the warm feeling of the fingers to be inclusive, Liu Hui is already flooding. Mom, this scorpion is really stronger, and I will see how I kill you.

Liu Hui turned his head and smiled, “I hate, scare me. You are necrosis”, but Liu Hui did not move.

My finger is slightly hooked in her moist vagina, and it comes to her chaotic villain and sultry, I feel that a hot flow shocks my fingers, this scorpion actually climax, Zhen Sao!

When I took a finger, Liu Hui took me before the table and handed me a glass of red wine. To be honest, Liu Hui’s cooking is really good. I have been so thinking now. Although this dinner is very rich, because I have to do more fierce exercise after the meal, I haven’t eaten. It is red wine to drink two glasses, and I only have a vision. Hey-hey! The wine is full, the thinking is.

Liu Hui got up and took my hand and surrounded her bee. “The bedroom is over there,” I picked up this soft and straight bed with Liu Hui. I still prefer to take the initiative woman, as well as and active women. In that, I have time and effort to enjoy the process of making love. Liu Hui helped me to relieve the shackles of clothes, making our two soon naked.

Liu Hui’s face became blusted because of alcohol, and his tits were upstream. The screwdrous body is really exhibited by my side, and we are intensely kissing, touching each other. I kissed her forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, neck, tits, and hands upstairs in Liu Hua. I hardly squeezed Liu Huijian’s tits, which made me crazy meat balls were pinched into various shapes.

Liu Hui sat up and suddenly stunned, his face showed a surprise expression overflow. Then I contacted my glans inhable. Liu Hui’s mouth is really very good. Just starting to pull her long hair to put his penis into Liu Hui, but dozens of absorbent, I have made me feel away. .

So I took the back of Liu Hui and said that she stopped. Liu Hui did not have a reminder, turned with her fine tongue licked every part of my body. This kind of sexual desire is high, it seems that she will take her a good job tonight.

? The fingers are smooth from the neck, waist, slide into their vaginal port. Pull the big lips, the pink meat is exposed, the bright mucus flows slowly from the vagina, and the hairy is also wet, and it is sticked to Liu Hualai in the lower belly. I don’t want to wait any longer, and I can’t wait.

Along with Liu Hui, I mentioned the cock that has already rished early, with a rising purple glans rubbed a few times on the joy and vaginal mouth, and the hole is aligned. Sure enough, I didn’t have a child’s, or very tight. The feeling of the whole penis is tightly wrapped is really cool. Liu Hui’s body is struggling forward, and the chest taps tap. I am not a person who is pity, I have never thought about Liu Hui pity. Conquering this woman is my only goal.

Liu Hui seems to know how I want to get it, “It’s a big, slow dot, I am afraid of can’t stand it” “Small Saima, I am can’t stand it, wait for me.”, It is my almost long. 20 minutes of dramatic spot check. Liu Hui squid loudly under me, waving. The sound is called the call from the desire from the bottom of the deep valley, and it is like the charge of morale, which makes me more struggling. The tender meat in Liu Huiyan has been stretched with my dramatic investigation, and the obscenity is also covered with my thighs and eggs.

The entire room is full of vulnerable atmospheres and two people who are rushing to breathe.

“I am going to the top, you have taken a break” I didn’t expect Liu Hui to be so thoughtful. What’s more, my physical strength does have a lot of physical strength, and there is no complete recovery. I can’t help but give her a deep kiss as a reward.

I used my arms to grab the waist of Liu Hui, holding her from the bed. Then Liu Hui ride smoothly on my cock, start slowly twisting the waist. My hand is not idle, grabbing two big tits.

Liu Hui is very enjoying, like a dream, like a cry. I am lying in a soft bed, looking at the wonderful body of the body, a pair of meatballs rocking, highlighting its pride and flexibility. After a little rest, the physical strength has also restored. So I turned over to Liu Hui in the body.

“Good … Bar … plug … I have … I … good … cool … hard … again … hard … a little … ah, ah,”, with my re-insertion and constant Delivery, Liu Hui started the waves again, and the arm was tightly looked at me, as if I want to put me all people into her waves. Gradually, Liu Hui’s voice became loud, and there was also regular contraction in the vagina. The body was a bit stiff, it seems to be climax, so I also stepped up the frequency and strength of the pump.

“In the case of shooting, it is a safe period”, Liu Hui seems to be a worm in my belly, know what I am thinking.

This makes me more exciting, so it is almost more than 200. A current is straight to the brain, so it is open. My glans make the top in the Liu Huifang Palace, injecting a lot of essence into it. Liu Hui’s vagina has also shrunk in a sharp contraction, and we actually reached a climax.

I didn’t take the penis from Liu Hui’s small hole, so we embracing each other. Doing love is really a very consuming thing, we have slept in the past.

When I woke up, the sun has come out, my penis is also inserted into the vagina of Liu Hui. Looking at Liu Hui, Liu Hui, who hadn’t woke up, charming after a night, and my penis unconsciously and hard. The change in the penis will wake up Liu Hui, and the blocked apricots with blur of charming eyes. I started slowly, and the heads enjoyed by Liu Hui back. Until we are full of satisfaction, they will pay a gun. After that, we hurry to pack the finishing, because the husband of Liu Hui is going to get off work back, we should go to work.

After this time, Liu Hui is nothing to go to my office to “ask”, sometimes on my desk, sometimes on my car, sometimes in the wild. We have been doing this, so there is no other person to find out now.

. . . over. . .

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