Gefi and Gu Jun are the gold partnership of China’s badminton, and the world champion will be taken. It is born with 1975 to think about being 28 years old.

Gefei is my girlfriend, after graduation, I went to the national badminton second team to do a player, and my parents’ home is far from the city where we live.

After taking me, she stayed with me. Gu Jun is a teammate of Gefi, they are very good friends.

Gu Jun is also 28 years old. Gefei is a real woman, 1.65 meters, well-behaved, her breast is like a big hoe, can’t hold hard in hand, and delicate. When you are with Ge Fei, we are all every day.

However, the time is long, everyone is too familiar, every day’s movements, the posture does not need to be used to understand, slowly feel that there is no taste and new idea, just like the completion task.

One day, I said to Geifei: “Find a woman to play together. I thought she would oppose it, I didn’t expect that she was pleased to agree, and asked me what? I told her to find, she I like it. In this way, Geifei found Gu Jun, Gu Junbi made a few months, so her development is surprisingly mature, two breasts and her figure are not proportional, 28-year-old breasts almost Don’t tall tall tall don’t have any carrier.

That is a day of holiday in August, that a while, we met in a tea house, I first arrived, after more than ten minutes, two young sisters took hands, filled with youth, and jumped.

Ge Fei still wears her little skirt, small look, there is no impression of the whole body, just a “”

Description. Gu Jun wearing jeans, tightly round big butt, a sling is heart, did not wear a milk, the nipple over two small dots on the heart, the round breast is going to squeeze down from the necklace Out.

We found a clean position to sit down, Gefi sat in my opposite, Gu Jun sat in my left.

Geifei looked at me, full of desires, curious, unfortunate. Gu Jun lowered his head, looked up with his mouth, shy, looked up at me, and his eyes were 忐忑, long-awaited and even more light.

After we introduced, we only went through the subject. I asked Gu Jun: “Is Gefi said to you?”

She nodded her shy.

I asked again: “Are you not a woman?”

She is still shy shake.

Geifei said: “You don’t want to look at her, she is very powerful, I am afraid that we will not be able to stand by the two sisters.”

I want to try a trying to Gu Jun, I ask: “What postures do you like?”

She is still a shy answer: “Don’t ask, you will know.”

I intend to tease her, say: “I and Ge Fei have to be two hours, not to pick the time, my brother will take the dick into Gefi Xiaoli.

After listening to Gu Jun, looked up at me, rising red face, rushing the chest, the horror of the words: “Really? Is that Ge Fei suffered?”

Gefi took the words: “I have been able to get it, my brother is so gentle. He never hurts me. He is slowly 肏. Just the brother’s dick is too big, I am so afraid, I am so afraid. Come in it. “

Gefi also encouraged Gu Jun said: “You are definitely no problem, you don’t say you have a lot of water, you will not be afraid of your brother’s cock!”

At this time, Gu Jun raised his hand to take the waiter’s towel. I didn’t inoperately saw her breasts from her armpits in the small back heart, there was a short half of the vest, the big girl youth breast icon When I call my sex, my chicken is like a horses, unfortunately, my big panties are not tight.

I called Gefi to my right side and said, “Feiier, you look at the Jojun sexy, I just don’t dare to see her.”

I also said to Gu Jun: “Do you know? I am hard.”

Gu Junhong’s face with the light of the eyes, is still so shy: “Really? Brother.”

I pulled Gefi’s hand, put it in my crotch, Gue Fei’s lighters, died in the middle of my legs.

I held Gefi’s hand touched himself with her, afraid of seeing, we covered our hands with the Taiwan cloth.

Gu Jun knows what we are doing, she knows, “What are you doing?”

I said: “You look at it yourself.”

Gu Jun made a shocking: “Oh, you are so courageous, this is dare …” I pulled Gu Jun’s hand in my two legs. But she quickly took the hand back. She said: “I don’t dare to go here, let’s go.”

Gu Jun’s proposal, I got up, we got up, go out, I quickly returned to my house. After the door, we sat on the sofa, Gefei sat on me, licking me kissed, I used the tongue to teach the tongue of Gefi, lick her tip of her tongue outside her mouth, one hand holding her big Butter, standing in the skirt into her back. Then, look at Gu Jun with your eyes.

Gu Jun was cheerfully looked at us, red face stimulated smile. I quietly said in Gefi ear: “Call Gu Jun came over.”

Gefi called, she can’t move. I pulled her by my side, turning my head, add her ear, with her earlobe. I took a hand and took Gu Jun’s hand to I was dragging me.

She touched my dick in my pants, my cock was very big, plus the pants, the feeling of the hand is even more rough.

Gu Jun said: “It’s really big.”

Geifei said: “Brother, give Gu Jun look down?”

Gu Jun is busy shaking his head and said: “No! No! No! I don’t look, you play, I am watching.”

Geifei is angry: “I hate, Gu Jun, I will give you a good, you are fake.”

I strangely blame: “Ge Fei, don’t tell this, Gu Jun is the first time, it will be good.”

At this time, Geifei said in my ear: “I went to take a shower, you won’t refuse alone alone.” Ge Fei got up to the bathroom.

I moved to Gu Jun’s side, tightly, I said to her: “Hey, you don’t have to worry, you want to give you, you don’t want to give it, you want to see, ok?”

Gu Jun nodded. I pulled her hand and pressed between my legs and asked her. Is it very big?

She just nodded. I asked again, want to see it? She still nodded. I opened my zipper, took out my bleed a long time, put it in her hand, Gu Junnynum can take back the hand. I said: “It doesn’t matter, my sister, if you are afraid, my brother touches you.”

So I slowly touched my coarse cock, and I looked at Gu Jun with a lustful vision with a deep feelings.

She looked up at him later, I couldn’t help but went to see my hand dance.

I asked: “Do you want to see you for your brother.”

Gu Jun said very well, “Don’t! Gefi will blame me, she has not yet you have to finish.”

I also said: “Then you don’t want to touch it now.”

She nodded, I pulled her hand with my dick, my hand holds her little hand and helps her to pick my dick. Then, I put her hand in my scrotum, I want to hold my pill, I will touch my dick.

I have already desire to fire, and the sound of Guefi is shower in the bathroom. I pulled up Gu Jun quietly came to the satellite deputy window, I left the window when I renovated the house, I want Gu Jun and I will look at Gefi to take a shower.

I stood behind Gu Jun, hugged her, with her butt with a thick dick, holding her breasts from the back.

We also look to the bathroom. God, my well-behaved Ge Fei is sitting in the bathtub, separating her little with his fingers, looking at it, lie in the face of the face.

I obviously felt Gu Junqi’s tits, she said softly: “Ge Fei is good, you are also very good.”

Gu Jun said: “You said, brother, I am also Sao?”

I said: “That let my brother try.”

She turned her head, holding my neck, looking up, reaching out of his tongue. I lick her tip of your tongue and reached out and decoured in her jeans. God, she turned out to be a whiteboard, and there is no one in the light of light, it is really slippery. Her prostitutes have already been wet, and they are a little wet inside the trousers.

I asked: “Hey, why don’t you hang, don’t wear inner pants?”

Gu Jun said: “Do you don’t like girls without hair in the summer?”

“No! I just like it.”

In this way, we look at Gefi to touch it in the bath, I touched Gu Jun smooth, she lick my tongue, I didn’t know how long it took. Finally, Geifei washed out, surrounded by bath towels, we returned to the living room and sat on the sofa, Gefi is on the right side, Gu Jun is on the left. Gu Jun sorted out her clothes and sat. I hugged Geofi in my arms, holding her neck, woring around the front chest, holding her tits, and pulling her nipple, the other hand stretched out of the towel, holding her Tender.

I asked: “Ge Fei, what are you doing when you take a shower?”

Guefi Jiao said: “You are comfortable outside, no matter what I, I only touch yourself!”

Gu Jun shy loudly: “No! No! What we didn’t do?”

Geifei said: “You are still installed, I have seen it, I am give you a chance to make my brother comfort you.”

Gu Jun did not tell. I opened the towel of Gefi. It’s low to contain her tits, I will spit it out, and I will contain it. I used the tip of the tongue to lick her teap, Gu Jun looked at the side.

Gefei twisted her little butt, squatting: “Brother … brother … itch …”

I looked at Gu Jun asked: “Do you want to participate?”

She doesn’t talk, just look at it. I pulled her hand, pressed in Gefi’s tits, I contained one, Gu Jun touched one, but she only put it on it. I held her hand and taught her to stroke on Geofi’s tits.

I took a hand, reached into Gu Jun’s trousers, this time, she did not refuse, she was so embarrassed to open his legs, let me put it easily. At the same time, she took the initiative to touched Geofi’s tits. I put Gu Jun’s prostitute on his finger, and then wipe it on Geofi’s tip. Gefi’s symptoms are not available in language.

Gefi made an angry look: “Her tits are so big, you don’t touch, touch me alone, don’t do it.”

Gu Jun actually said: “It’s my brother, I don’t touch it.”

This is simply giving me fighting spirit and courage. I am also in a minute, I am going around the neck of Gu Jun, extends into the chest, and reach into her small vest. A full, firm, Guanghua, full breasts in my hand.

In this way, I hit Gefi, with Guefi’s little tits, I touched the little tits of Gefi, and I touched Gu Jun’s big tits, listened to her sly and losing breathing.

After a few minutes, Geifei can’t stand it. Her hands tightly grabbed me to figure out her light, and I moved together with me.

My name is Gefi to take off the clothes of Gu Jun. Gefi got off the little vest of Gu Jun, two round, huge, high-raised girl’s breasts expanded in front of me.

Geifei is stunned: “It’s great, you have this mother.”

I want Gu Jun to stand in front of me, I want Gefi to take her pants. Gu Junqiao said with his butt, Gefei took off her jeans. I held her butt, licked with my tongue.

Ge Fei is in front of Gu Jun, holding her tits, including her nipple, a tight sucking.

I extended my hand in the middle of Gu Jun’s legs, smashed her little, wipe her prostitute on his finger, and wiped it on Geofi’s nipple. My mouth contained her ear, earlobe, softly said: “My sister, my two sisters, my little tender, my brother likes to touch, is it to touch my brother.”

Two big girls are sour: “Yes … Yes … My sister is my brother … My sister’s tits are also my brother …”

Half hour. Two women are already imperative. I told them to sit on the sofa, two sisters next to the big butt, the small hands crossed the other side, Gefei slammed while pulling Gu Jun’s little.

In front of them, take off my tops first, then slowly fade my pants, and I don’t move it.

Two sisters looked at me surprised. I said: “I want you to appreciate it.” Then, I first took the dick from underwear, red, glimpsed, and the little mouth was poured out of the crystalline love.

I hold the dick in one hand, slowly take off my underwear, first, the freshest, my dick, and my scrotum, two big pills, in a big dark, long-lasting cockroach The huge dicks of a high, tall, somewhere, full of blood red, non-inhibitory men.

I pulled up two sisters, a cock, a cock, a spagged pill, with their sensual rolling, set, pinch, pulling, and pulling them. Looking at the two big girls flipped on my thick dick, I want to fire in my heart.

After half an hour, I sat on the sofa. I took Gu Jun hugged back to me, sitting on my thigh. My cock was close to her little, friction in her little, and also grinding her clitoris.

My hands took her from her, and crossed her big tits, and smashed hard.

Gefi squatted in front of Gu Jun, holding my big dick with hands, sticked to Gu Jun’s little, as I pulled.

Gu Junyi touched Gefi’s tits, and touched his little. Then, I let Ge Fi are lying on the sofa, separate the legs, I am squatting in the middle of her legs.

Gu Jun squatted on the sofa, she held my dick in the sofa, topped on the little phenanthus on Geofi, sliding with my dick on the little boy, I wo the Guefield’s marble little breast. Directly gave Gupi Called: “You this is a mother … You have a mother … brother, you go to Gu Jun, go to her …” Said, she actually reached out Handsome little, smashed with your fingers.

Gu Jun wanted to pull her hand, tangted: “Brother you see her, my is not inserted, it is a big cock to my brother. I want my brother’s big dick, don’t you Hand. “

I pulled up my two sisters, sitting around me one left. My hand touched two little people, my two sisters, one right of my two sisters, and I put on the prostitutes on my dick. The water of our three is mixed together.

The sisters used another hand to rub their tits, and the sound of obscene: “Brother, comfortable … It’s so comfortable. I itching doesn’t itch? Itch … itch …”

I asked: “Where is it itch?”

“Small keto …” Ge Fei said.

“My little bit is itchy …” Gu Junshen.

I finally couldn’t help, I extended my left and right fingers, while two, gentle, rotating into my two sisters, two young girls.

I was in a small bow, I told two sisters to say: “Brother sprinkles your little, do you want?”

“To … to …” Two little sister’s little hand rolled down on my dick, rhythm with my little, I am so fast, I am slow, I turned around, I turned around Holding their tongue, face and ears.

I can’t stand it, I feel that my semen has to spray out, I shouted: “Fast, fast, fast, my sister … Oh, God!”

I am ejaculated, my semen spurted on their faces, on the chest … I want to stretch my fingers in the little girl in the two girls …

I slowly slowed it, I wiped the semen in my two sisters Gefi and Gu Jun’s body, breast.

The three of us lying in bed, blocked, kissed each other, squatting, hugging, soothing, gentle, poetry generally talking about lust and love …

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