On this day, Zhongying took a son to find a specialist Liu doctor to see a doctor. Dr. Liu’s forty is in the middle of this year. And Zhong Ying often took his son to see a doctor, and Dr. Liu was also familiar. Liu doctor saw that today’s patients said, “said more people to see a doctor today, it is better to take son to my house at noon.” Zhong Ying thought about it, this is good, at least you can save medical expenses.

At noon, Zhong Ying and his son have finished the meal. He said with her husband. Zhihua said: “I don’t have to pack myself.” The first image is very important. “Yes, I am busy. Replace the sleeper. Just rushed to Dr. Liu.

Dr. Liu bought a house in Binjiang in these two years. One person lives the greatest benefit is freedom. When I took a break, I came here, and a lot of people played and sang and sang. Dr. Liu knows that Zhong Ying is coming, and the house is packed.

After a while, the doorbell will ring. Open the door Zhong Ying standing at the door: “Sorry, Dr. Liu, you will have trouble.”

“It doesn’t matter, anyway, I have time, nothing.” Liu did not entered the door, and he asked if Zhong Ying son’s condition said: “I want to do a careful examination of him, please bring him to inside The room came. “

Dr. Liu’s family is very large, there are three rooms, of which this house is used to help people see a doctor, so it is very special, a big smell, there is a doctor. After the medical examination of Liu, he gave Zhong Ying son to eat medicine.

Zhong Ying sat on the sofa, Dr. Liu fell down the glass of water. On the side of her son’s condition, I started to get the gain.

Zhong Yingzi is not very high, but the body is very well. It’s not beautiful, but I don’t hate it. A casual dress puts her dress outstanding sexy. The plumply mature charm exists from every part of her body, and the snow whitening thigh is exposed from the skirt, shining with charming white light. The outerwear buckle is not buckled, and it is a tight powder shirt, and the two breasts are large. Two feet are not big, wearing a white cotton socks outside.

Speaking of the son’s condition, Zhong Ying can’t help but sob, in order to treat his son, the savings in the family have been used in seven or eight eight, and the husband has recently laid off, oh! Bell, because of excitement, tall breasts in the chest also shake with sobbing, and it is soft and flexible when shaking.

Dr. Liu borrowed the borrowing and braving tears, the right hand is inadvertently put on the bell, soft chest, said: “What difficulties do you have to tell me, as long as you are willing to be with me, your son is saved, how Sample?”

“Don’t do this, Dr. Liu,” Zhong Ying took the best to break away from the hug of Dr. Liu, stand up, “I am not a thin woman, if you will help us, we will thank you, I will slowly slowly Also give you. “

“Awing, you are not stupid, you have been more than 30 years old, my husband has gone, I am afraid you have to wait until the Mono Moon can return to me, can you cure your son’s illness, it is difficult to say, there is no way you don’t Will find me, this world is to pay for it. Qian, I don’t miss, just say women, I want to rely on me, I am too lazy, I will see you, I To assure you, just once, you will follow me, I will treat your son’s disease, and I will not be looking for you. Women I can’t finish. Ok, good, you will come over, not good, you go out, I can also save money. “Dr. Liu sat on the sofa, looked at Zhong Ying, and took tea to the side of the other to stare at her fantastic body swept.

“What should I do?” Zhong Ying listened to the words of Dr. Liu, and the heart rolled down. She didn’t want to make things about the loss, her conscience, the education she was told by her to be loud, this people After the door, she went, but she went, her son’s treatment will bubble, this, this …

“Awing, people want to see a little, is it.” Dr. Liu stood up to Zhongying, and hugged her with her hands and stretched her ear. Her clothes.

What to do, how to do, Zhong Ying only felt a blank blank, see Zhihua in a while: You don’t want your face, see your son’s disease, play in life.

In her mixed, her top has been open, the tall breast jumps out, the cream is thrown into the ground, the short skirt faded under the ground, the pink underwear was pulled to the knee, when a thick hot When the mashed is inserted from behind her share, her brain suddenly made it clear, and it shouted: “No, don’t, ah …

Dr. Liu … ah … don’t. “The body is struggling, pulls the underwear back, wants to earn Dr. Liu’s arms.

Before she could react, Dr. Liu has lived a hold her, kiss her mouth half open immediately lips. When the doctor Liu tongue into her mouth and began to suck when the bell excellence react, she struggled hard to get rid of Dr. Liu hugged, kissed mouth was issued “Well ……” ambiguous sound. Dr. Liu hugged plump body have always dreamed of, hard touch rubbing, so full of warmth elastic body let his mind to forget everything around you. He ounce piece bell mouth, soft, moist lips, tongue licking her smooth, hard teeth and beating hot tongue, sucking her saliva, the mouth feel very sweet.

One pair of plump Yuru naked in front of a doctor Liu, rubbing his hands kneading, nipple due to the natural physiological response of erection, and immediately becomes larger hard, then he opened his mouth kissing suck up. The lower body is Mixue Dr. Liu underwear stroking his hand across the bell immediately weakened against the British down, but her heart is still hard to resist, constantly remind ourselves can not do the things I’m sorry husband, but doctors Liu kiss so all her defenses have collapsed, Zhong Ying provoke lust is up involuntarily clinging Dr. Liu broad back, gently break up.

“Look, you are all wet.”

Panties are removed and the fullness of the hips, thighs to faded, petals has the slightest pubic secrete large amounts of sexual secretion.


Bell British blushes torsional side, she has been unable to control their lust, and fell limp on the blanket, despite Dr. Liu stripped her naked naked.

“Come on, baby.” Dr. Liu held her Jiaoqu, the hard penis is inserted struggling to move forward, at the top between her vagina, expertly inserted into it.

Zhong Ying grunted softly, a strange sense of fulfillment from under rising, her body a soft, dark heart cried:. “Finished” line tears rolling down. Fiery penis depth of her body, Zhong Ying heart burst of pain, she did not want this house last night, she would also Zhihua twice, finally forcing Johnny to touch her genitals moment, bell excellence in With the upsurge in spasm. After the climax, she fell into a deep sleep. To his son, and now it can only be the case.

“Do not cry, you will not see me tolerance of it than you are old.” Dr. Liu pushed her forward bend lying in bed, let her ass backward tilt, fast and suddenly from behind, thrusting forward.

This is the first time she was a man from behind dry, a strange excitement from my mind, speak every penis is inserted into the depth Zhihua never have achieved, which met from time to time-sensitive soft flesh, every touch will evoke a strong pleasure, could not help shaking ass around, looking for his thrusting rhythms, exchanges shuttle up, tears from his eyes gradually dried up in my face flush again. In this most direct stimulus, this has been buried in the heart of the libido was again spun up.

Since last night to two, and now is again and again Choucha Dr. Liu, Zhong Ying vaginal opening some swelling, black pubic hair has been paste filled with mucus. Because of her labia congestion, bright red, like, like blooming flowers, the place where the flower is the vagina, which is still out of mucus Chung. Zhong Ying Flanagan hard cock just feel like a pillar of fire, and burning in the vagina, burned her Jiaochuan endless spring tide everywhere, she kept twitching moaned, “Please, please hurry up ? “Dr. Liu was done an hour, he had not finished the track like. Zhong Ying just to him to hurry. Son in another room, woke up not imagine the consequences.

Zhong Ying white body with the physician Liu shock trembled, his hands clutching the sheets, frowning, look do not see is happy or painful. Smooth and firm breasts severe bumps.

Dr. Liu fascinated by her steaming narrow cavity hang, hard cock deeper than the last piercing her body, it may be man’s nature, every kind of strong love Dr. Liu conquer and destroy desire, we want to make Zhong Ying complete collapse in his attack. Dr. Liu Ying Xiang Jian Zhong holding the penis more intense depth of her body. They hit the lower abdomen sound emitted over her moan and gasp Dr Liu.

Dr. Liu penis spasms in waves, “Soon, I’m going to.” Frenetic gasped.

Zhong Ying suddenly opened his eyes, his legs twisting, panic pushed him in the chest, shortness of saying: “No, no, do not shoot in me ……” She could not resist the doctors struggle Liu violent force. And she’s moving just bring Dr. Liu earned more intense pleasure.

The man who becomes thick and shortness of breath, speed suddenly accelerated out of the penis, Zhongying Ming white man’s climax approached, she was overcome by a sense of grief and shame, she did not know what to do, can only be turned to face, despite the provocative man rapidly in her body, tears once again out of the corner of the eye.

Suddenly, Dr. Liu repeatedly pressed her body, tight, and a low throat was issued. Zhong Ying felt that the penis in the vagina deeply arrived in his own uterus. He was jumping into a fever-hot mucus – Dr. Liu shot the semen into her body. Zhong Ying frowned and closed his eyes, half of his mouth, he sent a snoring every time she spurt. “I … I am sorry my husband, I am inserted in ejaculation!” Zhong Ying’s painful thought, couldn’t help but cry, a blank body. What should I do now? At this point, I didn’t dare to think of my family in Zhongying, and there is a very sorry family that is very sorry. I can’t afford my husband. When I think of these, Zhong Ying’s heart is like being pinned. She consciously escaping her current situation, she felt a kind of shy for her family for her own kindly.

Dr. Liu received the appearance of his semen, excitedly stopped and stopped in the 10th and comfortable, and it was unable to breathe the body. breast.

When Zhong Ying, he wiped his tears and pushed Liu Dr. Liu. Dr. Liu lifted his body and lifted the softened penis with the vagina, but the finger was still greedily pinched with her nipple, “Aying, you are awesome, I am so cool.” Passionate After the breast, Yu Yun was not eliminated, still trembled, slightly red.

Zhong Yingzhi supported a soft body, and wiped the bottle of white clouds that were out of the vagina with toilet paper, rushed into the bathroom.

The lotus head “is placed in hot water, brushes a naked carcass, crystal water drops slippery to the white shoulders and back, then pass over the hip and slender legs. On the ground, form a small vortex in the lower water.

The bell under the head of the lotus head is closed, and one hand rubs his chest high-standing double milk and breasts on the breast. Under the hairy, the hypertrophic petals were stirred by the fingers, and the large white semen was in the vaginal port. With the hot water flowed to the ground, Zhong Ying was rinsed with the vagina, and wanted to rinse today. Lose. However, the spirit and flesh have been trauma, so that the legs have not supported the soft body, slowly sit down on the floor of the bathroom, and the red hot face sticker with white tiles on the ground, the hypertrophic big butt is high.

Dr. Liu came to the door of the bathroom, looked at the woman’s show, the thick hairy between the legs, the thick labipings were hidden under the masking of the hair. Her charm, the desire of Dr. Liu immediately raised, the softened penis is hard, seeing a plump woman to play the jade naked in front of himself, Liu did a blank, both hands groped her Hip. Zhong Yingwen squatted, and a plump buttocks did not prevent the man who was given to the body.

Dr. Liu took the penis that he had already had a hard time, inserted to Zhong Ying’s vagina.

Although Zhong Ying knows that it is difficult to flee it today, but do not want to give up the resistance, so desperately twisted body, want to avoid the attack of Dr. Dr. Liu, but in addition to the waist can barely twist the other parts of the body, the other parts of the body I can’t move, she can only look at Dr. Liu hugged her full hips, and put the meat stick to my naked petals, slowly inserted.

“Don’t like this … ah … ah ……………….

Zhong Ying is now there is no way in addition to the break of the big.

“Wow, it’s so cool!”

Dr. Liu began to pump, and the coarse meat stick quickly entered and out of the wet vagina in Zhongying, and issued a “, 嗤”, which made Zhong Ying feel humiliated, physiologically The demand begins to gradually exceed the psychological argument. With the gradual acceleration of the thrust, her mouth has been emitted: “Ah … ah … Oh … you … this … this … ah … ah … “

“Well … Good … Your small hole is tightly lifted my big guy … … I … I can’t help but …”

Dr. Liu is a small hole of the Zhongji Ying, and it has also said his feelings. Whenever Dr. Liu is more hard, Zhong Ying’s hips are more crazy, because Zhong Yingneng feels that Dr. Liu’s thick guy has gone to his deepest place.

“… … English … I am going to ejaculate …” Dr. Liu seems to reach the edge of the ejaculation. When Zhong Yuton felt that it was self-contained, the vaginal and uterine walls couldn’t help but start shrink, secrete more mucus. Her body is looking forward to the big guy of Dr. Liu, which is also more powerful, and caught the hips while it is more crazy.

“… … Awyn … I want to eat …” Ah! … can’t … it’s going to be lost! ……what! … “Zhong Yingfu fluffy, the soul of the soul. The clock in the climax, the body is shake, her hands are in the back of Dr. Liu.

Dr. Liu felt a contraction in Zhongying’s vagina. Heat is hot and hot, and the prostitutes, the prostitutes, and the outflow. Drinking on the bell in Zhong Ying, I also wrapped like a snake, and smashed the burning rod on the heart of the heart, shot it comfortably. Office …

Zhong Ying’s grievances hugged his back shoulders in the corner of the bathroom, so that she as a woman’s capital: breast, pussy and butt completely posted Dr. Liu. The two labies are still in slightly, and prostitution slowly override her small hole …

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