One-on-one white-headed love … is not suitable for him at all? Wang Mingchen suddenly became a bit lost, and there was also a taste of cracked tips. He turned it on the bed, then rushed to go to bed, then rushed … “Ah, so cool! It’s so comfortable! Wang Mingzhen, I just like you. Big guy, I am coming … I am a little bit, I still use it! “Moon is still as before, when I love, I like to praise Wang Mingzhen, give him a self-esteem, and only she can bear Wang Mingzhen like a lot The best collision is given to him the most perfect and faster vent. “It doesn’t matter, shooting inside, all shots!” Wang Mingzhen has been so refreshing for a long time, and even the number of outbreaks, let Zhang Qian’s legs tightly with his waist, Wang Mingqin, I have been very long, “God, how long have you been?” How long? “How long?” How long? ” Who knows? In the past, when I was strong, although Li Wei was very cooperated when I was doing love, I didn’t want him to bring it, but she didn’t like Wang Mingzhen too barbaric actions. She would prefer gentle slow into the feeling, but even even At the safety period, she didn’t want Wang Mingzhen to play intracence. Every time I felt the signs of him, I immediately pushed him on the hands and feet, how good, how good, I was instantly destroyed. After graduation, Wang Mingzhen did not let him enter, even later, even later, every time, Wang Mingzhen came for a long time, she reluctantly agreed, then lying down, let Wang Mingzhen, etc. When he shot immediately, he turned to sleep, so her attitude said that her perfunctory is commended. Therefore, Wang Mingzhen has really remembered that it has not been so refreshing anger. It is a very good angry. It is very good to have a very good. It has finally slowly scattered … Maybe, the month is the woman who is best for him. But … Moon, the picture of the two men’s fans once again appeared in front of the eyes, Wang Mingzhen sighs sigh, and then refused her invitation. Moon, I tried to persuade Wang Mingzhen to go out with her, because she has invited some peers to go to Hainan Sanya during the Sanjun, and Wang Mingzhen can imagine those people, and know how this so-called vacation will be Other men yearning, but he still refused, the reason is very emperor, “I haven’t seen my mother in four years.” Later, I sent Wang Ming to the antique market in Hanzheng Street later. ” Wang Mingzhen knew that his mother became more and more believed in Buddhism. Wang Mingzhen is reluctant to think, but since it is going back to her mother, give her a little gift. There is something in the ancient market, but the fish is mixed with pearls, but the anti-Wang Mingzhen is not a professional play. He just came to picking up the eyes, while the picture is a cheap … Well, this is actually because he also There is no extra money. The moon is holding him all the way, causing many people around you, this side Wang Mingzhen is not careful while walking. Many things are very good, but he has no money to buy, and he is not willing to let the moon to pay, so it can only be installed unhappy, because he knows that he will give him a favorite look, the moon will give him, no matter what How much is more expensive … Although the two are divided by two years ago. However, when Wang Ming, Wang Ming, is unstoppable, and he is strange to look at a bronze pot that has a push-up of the stalls, it looks like a long time, and it is clear that Different and conspicuous, but no one goes to see? “Do you see the bronze pot?” Wang Mingzhen pulled the moon. “It seems to be broken … Do you look at it?” Wang Mingzhen turned to look at the pedestrians around, and did not pay attention to this bronze pot. Even the moon around him couldn’t see it, but only What did he see? So Wang Mingzhen walked in the past, and she was put on the rumble of the stack of debris, and then picked up a bracelet made of as if jade, “boss, how to sell this “” Five hundred! “The boss of the buckand is a face fascination.

“With this broken bronze pot together, I took one hundred!” “At least two hundred fifty two!” “Just one hundred!” Yuee took out his wallet out of one hundred readily lost in front of the boss and then slightly bent a smile, “the boss, you say, OK?” “good! good!” the boss staring deep cleavage Yuee chest, suddenly gulped, where also say Goode good? “Thanks!” Yuee smiles tenderly soon, Wang Ming Chun left arm. Back in the car, took the bronze pot Yuee taking a closer look did not see anything special this bronze pot, the largest modeling is fairly rustic, but the top was missing a large piece of angle, and looks like It is broken like …… but this is not the bronze it? How would it broke this? So Yuee lightly write the next mouth. “What do buy it? I’m afraid this thing not worth ten dollars.” Probably someone thinks so, so it will be treated as trash heap of throw debris inside the bar! But Wang Ming Chun did not know absolutely, because when he got bronze pot in his hand, suddenly felt as if something was calling him. The two things at random into the backpack, and then went straight to the train station, standing on the platform last look at the city of Wuhan, the sky, looked at Yuee, Wang Ming Chun finally freed hint of a smile, “I did not expect last come to see me who is your …… Yuee, I will remember you forever. “” why say so sensational, so you come back after the New Year, I find someone to introduce you to some good work! “Zhang Qian greatly Fang Fang Wang Ming Chun in the mouth Qinliaoyikou, then watched him board the south of EMU, this time, she can not think of course, Wang Ming Chun has once again come back completely different. At a speed of moving vehicles, to the time at 78 points, Wang Ming Chun has stood in the export of Shenzhen railway station. “Boats! Boats, I’m here!” “Mom! I do not mean to take it? I’m not so much do not know how to find a place ……” looked old and somewhat of a mother, Wang Ming Chun heart full of guilt, went up to my mom hold fiercely into his arms, “I’m sorry, mom, I’m late!” “coming …… like!” Li Guihua nose suddenly a sour toward night and I think of her son finally returned! …… “Come on, this is your room, you want to know, all the stuff I bought all new …… small is a small point, but now can only make do, and so we have money and then another big room to you. “Li Guihua took his son’s hand, his face wearing a very satisfied smile, God knows how long she has not the case? “Ah, okay, but just a place to sleep.” Wang Ming Chun shut the backpack thrown on the bed, “Mom, you go to the store with me to see it, starting today, you have to rest!” “Good! Good ! “beauty shop name is very common, called ‘Yaling Beauty Center’, which is simply the name has been carried on by Li Guihua down when he took over the shop in, because signs fairly new so, the entire store is pretty not small, has two stories, together nearly five hundred square feet, but because of a bad lot reasons, the rent was by no means expensive, just more than six thousand a month, utilities and count the tax mess, a month Wan succeed, but there are also rented quarters more than four thousand a month, every month for meals and count down the young girl’s wages, number twenty people a month is at least forty or fifty thousand, that is to say, the monthly turnover of the store no more than 100,000 basic is losing money. It is night, the store is fairly busy, there are seven or eight people in shampoo, which also has private room to do five or six people in health care, some people do eucalyptus Mount, business still said in the past. But in recent months after rolled accounts of Wang Ming Chun’s face was not very nice, because the past six months because of the impact of the financial crisis, the number of Hong Kong people over relatively small, so the store is completely at a loss, it is no wonder the old color is so poor mother. And when Wang Ming Chun in the store in a circle, with all the young girl were greeted, suddenly you will understand some of the main reasons. Li Guihua came here four years after it took over the shop, she picked up a number of sister came home from the country, it also allows the store really fire for a while, but four years later, these juicy sister also had this Shenzhen the dissipation of the world to tarnish a beautiful package after another was walking away from the line, but generally pretty little potential has also been heavily dug another sub shop to leave, because someone over there to the treatment of their higher …… followed by Li Guihua come here, but it does not mean they’ll never sold she is not? She worked for more than two years can be considered generous in the.

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