I have more than 30 this year, there is a harmonious family.

I have a daughter, this year, high school, age you know, I have always been a prostitute, the first few of the school, with a very glasses, but she has become very rebellious, but as long as she is asking her To learn, the school uniform has begun to wear.

Start a daily makeup dress, all kinds of exaggerated beauty, but also because the pigs are directly closed outside the door, the results have been smoked, and they are still smoking in the school. Teacher has played a few calls, I belong there. A relatively casual character, so there is no much tube, I think the daughter can be happy.

There is a double-time, my daughter said that I have to swim with a few students, let me drive her, I promised, I thought I hadn’t swim for a long time, so I won’t involve them, but I don’t intervene them. Go to the two laps, you have fun to come to me, let’s go home together, she agreed …

I am very energetic in the water. When I am aiming there is no beauty, then I will see my daughter and a few students in the entrance and then have a laughter, my daughter is good, about a cup, then leg And the hands are very fine, very white, she is wearing a white bikini, looks quite sexy. Her girls are almost very good, they are quite good, there are two boys, they look very thin, a more sunshine, one looks bad.

They went down, I watched them in the distance. After a while, I suddenly found some unsatisfactory, I always felt two black blacks before my daughter’s chest. Due to comparison, I didn’t see clearly … …

After a while, I found that there are many men around my daughter and then peeking her, very obviously sneak, as a man is the most sensitive to this matter.

I feel curious, so I deliberately potentially in the water, from my daughter to the front of the past, I went, I didn’t read the wrong, her bikini was very thin, and the water would be transparent, and the whole breast and chest were completely vague. Exposed, there is still a black black two nipples and uli, and you can see a clear two, then the next half can see some black hairs, but fortunately, there is a thicker cloth cover, if you don’t have it completely naked. .

I am traveling to the distance, and I haven’t want to swim at all, but pay attention to her, she and a few students play very high, it seems that there is nothing to care at all, and there is a man around him. There is a man who is constantly surrounded by her week. Around the circle …

After a while, she went out, seeing her looks should be tired, I fuck, the whole milk is missing, the uli is particularly obvious, then the butt, two buttons are also tight, except the shy cloth below, I feel She didn’t wear anything, she walked all the way, and everyone stared at her, including women, it is also surprised.

Her two boys have been talking about what she talked behind, it might be related to this, but I think everything is related to her. She seems to don’t mind, I will go with such nature, rest on the seat, and I have a laughter with a few students, then return to the water to continue playing …

After two hours, she found me to say that they would go to play, let me go home first, I have nothing to say. After I went out, I sat in the car and smoking, smoking the sun, and I saw my daughter. I came out, I wiped, my daughter changed a suit, she took another set of clothes today? The daughter wearing the kind of Japanese school uniform, white shirt, open the button to the chest, revealing the black lace bra, then the lower half of the red lattice small skirt, very short, to the thigh root, then one pair of boots.

I saw my daughter and they waved, and then I left alone, they didn’t go out? So where she went, I was very curious, so I drove in a far away, she left two streets, then started calling, after ten minutes, I came to a modified car, I didn’t see it clearly The people’s appearance, it feels that it is a young man in his twenties.

Then I drove them with them. After ten minutes, they stopped the car into an economic hotel. I wiped, it turned out to be like this. I understand that it seems that she is really hard to learn, but I think I think Nothing, anyway, it is estimated what happened, I will go home.

The next day, my daughter suddenly called me, I went to her room, she asked my computer how to put it, I gave her to check it, she sat there, wearing a very loose pajamas, people forward When the whole dress, a big hole, it can be seen that she didn’t have a bra, I tried to avoid the realization to avoid embarrassment.

I said that this is very complicated, let me sit down, she let me, sit down, she is very smooth, I will sit on my legs, I am wearing a four-corned panties, she also wears a very short pants, whole The thigh is light, I feel that the skin of her whole thigh has been on my leg, and she hurts my head, saying that my father is so good, what will be, what? I feel that she presses the whole chest into my face, I don’t know why I don’t need to react, I want to distract as much as possible. After a while, she said that I would like to put her, she went out, I can’t come.

I said it.

Then I gave her a soft body, I suddenly found a photo album on her desktop, I am very curious that she is usually going, what is it.

So I just went in, n albums, every photo album has the name of the place to play, I have some in seeing a few, it is very exaggerated action, there is Selfie, and there are several classmates. What, I quit, I will continue to see, there is a photo album is shame, I am curious, I will go to see, there is still a layer, I will continue to get into. I rub, it’s my daughter’s self-portrait, naked! It is a naked shot of her light. What actions are all, unbearable, it is simply a female protagonist, I don’t know where she has learned.

I tried to suppress myself, but I still can’t help but I can’t help it. No one in my family, I opened my daughter’s nude photo to the biggest, and then fly against the computer, I saw a sitting On the ground, the feet opened, then use one hand to open the small hole, and the action on his face is still can’t stand it, shot.

That night, I was taking a bath and my wife was lying on the bed. Suddenly daughter rushed in, I said you, she said that she urgently, no, I didn’t think much, I will take a shower, I will continue to take a shower. Suddenly, the curtain was opened, I looked at my daughter, she still looked at me in her face. I said you, she didn’t answer me, she just took the pajamas, showed it. Light is half-length asking me, Dad do you like me, I am talking about it.

I am surprised. She is close to me and then say, I know that Dad you like me, then grab my penis with hand, I still have no movement. Then she took the mouth and got a few of my glans and then put my glans in the entrance.

I said you, I haven’t finished it yet, she shook his head to indicate that I don’t talk, then swallow my penis, this is deep throat, where she has learned. At this time, I have lost my reason, my heart jumped quickly, and there was a chaotic in my mind. She keeps me, add my hand, with my penis …

After about three minutes, I came back to God, I think it is not right, so I said that she is cold, you go out. She looked at me, my eyes may be full of fierce, she was a little scared, I went out, I said, my father, I want you, then I will be shy.

That night I was completely insomnia in bed, thinking about a lot of complicated things, not talking more here.

But I think that my daughter will come hard, about the late night, I feel that there is a door in my heart, so I got up to my daughter room, sitting around her, touched her face, she woke up, call Dena, then I started to pull her up.

She is very cooperated, takes the whole body clothes, then holds me, touch my head, watching me, then her mouth is right, her lip is so soft, the mouth is so small, exquisite , Then I think the soft tongue has come in, go to play my tongue, my tongue and the tongue stir together, lick it, look my tongue, and her very small, she is constantly overflow Saliva flows from her tongue into my mouth, warm and delicious.

I took off my trousers and reached out and touched her. The following is already a lot of water. I have left it. I will apply my thick and powerful penis. The whole glans are slippery, then Slowly inserting her little hole, she kissed me with me, asked it, it should be held by this big glans, and I started slowly, slowly pumping until the whole root Can enter her small hole, her small hole is so warm, so tight, as if it has never been developed.

That night, I didn’t have a few minutes, I shot, I shot on my daughter’s belly. After the end, I didn’t say anything with my daughter.

Just from now, I think I have embarked on it.

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