After running the bank, just want to take a break. The odor of the contracted house is tired of the massage of Thai bathing point (of course, the love of Thai bath is very cool, Thai bath girl is called bed, the ability of tongue and pussy pump is definitely the ecstasy] Open newspaper and found a family-style skin care finger phone.

‘What is the oil pressure? ‘

’90 minutes 2000 yuan. ‘

‘Miss young?’

‘Are you very young, guarantee satisfaction. ‘

Very strange, know the answer to this question, but still ask.

Drive to go, enter the door, and the furnish is really Yangchun. In the room, empty swayed only a beauty bed.

‘Sitting first, Miss is here. ‘

The lady behind the door did not dress up, the fullness, slightly full of full.

‘Waiting for it, you have served me. ‘

‘. ‘

She wants me to change the trousers, I don’t have to use it, the clothes are squatting on the beauty bed.

‘Do you want to take a shower first?’

I think it is good, but the sound used by the next bathroom.

‘Then I will help you massage first. ‘

‘Good, thank you!’

Her technique and acupuncture points?

In fact, I have a little regret, I know that I should go to the Rose Garden to find a horse.

The little child, long, still fresh, the first time I saw it, I thought it was pure oil pressure. She wore a simple T-shirt and a narrow skirt, and I talked to me after the oil pressure. I have been immune milk powder, but it means that the law is really good, I still fell asleep for a few minutes. However, after turning over flatness, she asked in a flat and context, I was still full, I almost fell from the bed.

At that time, because I was tired, I didn’t want to make a full set. She helped me out with my hand. I was so cool to go straight. I also stroked her thighs and hips, very strong, no sagging, I would be very enjoyable after you have sex. Her chest is not big, the nipples are gently stunned, and the breasts are full of flexibility, showing her age, she said that it is 64 years, I believe. Originally, I want to find a chance to be a full set, people, this kind of thing is thinking about it.

After the massage was pressed, she applied emulsion on my back, and the oil pressure and the referral were actually very different, and it was pressed in massage meridians, removing muscle tight, and the oil pressure can relax the nerve.

After turning over, it may be very easy, the old two immediately constacked, I can feel the old two with the rhythm of the blood pulse, for a 32-year-old man, this kind of imagination, angoon The performance is quite gratified.

After she massage my leg, she hopped on my old two on my elderly. In fact, she is quite understanding to let a man are unloading. It is not too difficult for three minutes to clean. As long as you use your hands, you will drive from the glans to the root, regardless of this man’s big, small, long, short, thick, Thin, it will be surrendered.

I looked at her side while reachinging her thigh, hips, waist, with breast, fat, but not too fat, do love should be, but she did not want to reverse the action , Just try to set up my erect life. Weird, no one will give up this opportunity to earn more 2,000 yuan.

‘You are young, should you be twenty-old?’

‘Not so young, you will really speak. ‘

‘Do you have a full set?’

‘Yes, but today you can’t. ‘

‘Physiological period?’

She nodded. No wonder, she just wants to make my old second, and the extravagance.

‘This is good, I want to do a full set, you ask me to ask if there is any of her lady to do. ‘This case is full of Cases in the accommodation.

She nodded, she didn’t forget to provoke my old two. There is a noise outside the room, for a while, my mother is coming in with a lady. I didn’t wear glasses. In the blurred, this lady had long hair, thin, not high, wearing a pink and tired skirt, very much like a counter beautician.

‘Mr., is this lady to serve you?’

‘Well, you can. ‘

‘I am going to prepare. ‘This lady said her voice is slightly hoarse.

‘Mr., pay 4000 yuan with you’

I gave money to my mother.

‘Mr., you have to pay 2,000 yuan with you. ‘

‘Why?’ I have a big fire, it is a bad debunch.

‘No, not, sir, finger the rule of the oil pressure Everyone receives everyone’s own money, every lady is basically 2,000 yuan, you have to do a full set with the second, so the first lady receives 2000, second Miss received 4000. ‘

‘Forget it, for example, I don’t do this, you still pay me, I have to go. ‘

‘Mr., you will wait. ‘She is a bit anxious,’ Otherwise, I will ask her that she is willing to do. If she is willing to come in, you will wait. ‘

I am lying on the beauty bed, telling the truth, there is no interest.

The door opened, and Miss came in. She approaches me

‘Sorry, you have to trouble you. ‘

‘It’s ok. ‘She gently stroked my chest,

‘I originally want to help you do more hydraulic pressure, because everyone’s techniques are not the same. ‘

She has a little bit of the general hotel, the accommodation, and even the dust woman in the hotel. I can’t say it.

‘You grow beautiful “

‘thanks! ‘

‘What you wear seems to be a beautician, are you a beautician?’

‘No, I am going to work in the hospital, this is my uniform, I am coming to partially. ‘

Aspect! Very similar to the newspaper, you can see: young, students, nurses, beauticians part-time, “, ‘Hey, you are working! ‘

‘There is no way,’ she dialed her hair, ‘My mother needs a special reading careguer, more than a thousand pieces, my work salary, I can’t support it. ‘

My heart is.

‘Are you local? ‘

She shook her head, ‘I lived in Miao. ‘

‘Miao Cheer? Are you open daily?’

‘Well, yes, can you wait until I go to the train station to take the train?’

‘Hey,’ I have hesity, ‘Good. ‘

‘thanks. ‘

It’s a strange encounter, I looked at her quietly. She stands on the bed, turns it, turning back to me, don’t worry about her hairpin, take off the shoes, down the zipper of the clothes, in order to put on the ground, her bra and underwear are powder Purple, very sexy, she then took off the bra, underwear, turned it, gently touched my body.

She is very thin, but the proportion is very good, the breast is not big, there is a flexible, there is no lower abdomen, the hips are not sagged, the age should be under 30 years old, my hand is from her knee joint along the thighs, her legs It is very tight, it seems that I don’t let my hand enter her mystery.

She poured some lotions on me, I closed my eyes and enjoyed her more.

She pushed the upper body in my chest and abdomen. I can feel her breasts and nipples in my body. This stimulus is that there is no way to have a big breast woman. You often only feel the two groups before the breasts. Soft meat ball is rolling. She lighted my nipple with his mouth, picking my old two in one hand.

I can know that the days in the sea are not too long, to be honest, his tongue Kung Fu is better than the old experience of Thai bath, but her calm and soft but I have never had a feeling. My old second is gradually convulsted under her podification.

She helped me set up the safety case, cross the beauty bed, ride on me, to guide my old second into her body, there is a little bit, she is not impatient, finally a little still Slowly go in, then she kneel, but the hips are not accepted, and it is very stunned before and after the rhythm.

I hugged her waist and back. She swing slowly. I took a waist. She slightly, I feel that the old two has been deep into her body ,,,,,

She didn’t have a general lady who would want to bow down for 3 minutes, and the time, she began to kiss my chest, shoulder, neck, myth, when she kissed my cheek, I suddenly had one The impulse of her to kiss.

There is such a saying in the dust, Miss I am willing to kiss with the guests, because the body has given guests, if you kiss, you will make your feelings. I have also tried many times, no matter how much this woman is called, the body will cooperate, but the butt will be twisted, hug you, as long as you are close to her mouth, she will definitely turn the head immediately.

I put her head with my hand, lick her hair, slowly, cheeks, no hair, cosmetics, perfume taste, vegetarian, and family feel. My nose touched her the same part. I didn’t have rejected, I kissed her lips, two people’s tongue entangled ,,,,

Her tongue has a lot of tongue and has a sweet taste. Some people have said that the saliva than when women make love is the jade liquor.

In fact, I am a little surprised. She actually did not resist my invasion. What kind of girl she is?

She left my lips, said softly in my ear: ‘Wait for a while, left it to me? ‘

I stunned, or replied: ‘Well! Good. ‘

It is very wonderful to make love with her, and it is not generally urgent, violent venting, but there is a feeling of pity. I took her to sit and let the second go deep into her body. I held her, watching her, she did not directly with my eyes. I bowed her own double breast, which found that her uli and nipple show very beautiful pink.

I picked her pink nipple with the tip of the tongue. She closed her eyes. Before the waist, the head was slightly, and her hands hit my back, but did not make a sound in his mouth ,,,,

I am sitting on the bed along my hips, hugging her hips. According to experience, such pumping is often made of the glans, the woman will be very comfortable. She wrapped around my neck, I saw her long hair flying ,,,,

The caller sounded, really the scenery, I picked her, she was not heavy, and the old two still left to her body and walked to the pants.

I stood in the beauty bed, let her lying down, separate and raise her legs quickly, I looked at her. She didn’t have a special expression, the side of the eyes, I have a mercy in my heart, and

Suddenly she opened her hands to me, ‘Hold me,’ she said.

I took her tightly hugged her, stoping taking, but I feel that her pussy is tightly clamped with my life ,,,,,

‘You will be sour, will it be tired? ‘I asked.

She shook his head, still hugging me, I have a little reluctant, and the old two slowly slowly.

‘How about this! You help me with your hand. ‘

She nodded, I stand on the bed, let her lying flat on the bed, quietly touching her body. Her skin is very young, there is some acne in the shoulders, I think it is the relationship between sun. My hand swims on her, waist, hips, and when my intention is inserted into her legs, a resistance appears. She turned and sat up, leaning on me, buried my head between my chest and abdomen, one hand hugged my waist, another hand gently stuck me the most sensitive, excited part ,,,,

She is not like the former lady, just wants to play me, she wants me to reach the climax in the most comfortable, most exclusive state. what! what! ,, I can’t help but call it out.

Her hands slowly accelerated, I feel that it is more harder, it is increasing, and it is tight from the back of the spine. I reach the climax, all some semen spray in her breast, along the waist, belly , Flowing the thigh ,,,

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