X University Library recently invited the work to read, she called Chen Yanzhen, about twenty years old, still studying in the university, long good, the body is not bad. She is mainly responsible for handling the library.

There is a half of the day, the people in most series are gone, and Chen Yanzi is going to enter the computer because of the recent book information, so this day will be ready to go.

Just when Chen Yanzhao took a good thing, he suddenly heard the sound of the elevator door opened.

Who will still stay in the restaurant at this time? Chen Yanzhen felt very strange.

At this time, the door of the library was pushed away, and came in a middle-aged middle-aged person who was forty.

Oh! Director Chen, I haven’t gone. Miss Chen asked with a pleasant.

The Director Chen named Chen Wenzhong, recently, has just been promoted to the department.

Well, I’ve been busy writing a book for some programs! I want to use it.

Director Chen went to the photocopy and started operating the machine.

Chen Yanyi mentioned the leather bag and said to the Director: Director! I have to go back now, I am bother to go to the door.

Please wait, Chen Yan, this machine seems to be broken!

I saw it, um …. It seems to be a paper jam …

Just when Chen Yanzhen kneelted the machine, Chen Director saw Chen Yanzi’s shirt in the shirt of Chen Yan, and the movement of the repair machine was shaken.

Director can not help but look out, the throat is unconscious, I feel that he has the lower body to change.

When Chen Yanzi was repairing the machine, he suddenly saw the trousers of the director of the body, and the powder face was blushing. She also knows what happened. I just want to hurry up the machine to avoid this embarrassing scene.

Director, okay! I have to leave Chen Yanzhen to hurry out the library.

Director Chen saw a smooth walking, holding her waist.

The male body temperature of the shares, passed to Chen Yanzhen’s body, so that she did not hurt the autonomy. Although she also liked Chen Director, but the Director was already a woman, she quickly said director, beg Let’s let go!

But the director did not let go, but in turn, the palm of his waist was pressed and gently kneaded on her.

Chen Yanzhao feels that the director’s hand is smashed on the breast, really shy and comfortable.

She is still a virgin, usually is only a masturbation to solve, and now I was teasing like this. It is like a million ant rhizes in the small hole. The pussy has also begun.

Director looked at her shy appearance, I thought that she did not try to taste the person, my heart loved, and the palm of her hand was more powerful.

I haven’t passed the house, I don’t want to think?

Chen Yan is ashamed, and there is a few times, but I think about it, and I shook my head again.

When I can’t stand it, is it solved with my own hands?

Chen Yanzi’s powder face is red over the ear.

That’s more difficult! Yan Wei, I like it, let me solve it for me?

Chen Yanzhen didn’t say it.

Director got her powder face, kissed her red lips, Chen Yanzi was kissed with the powder, and the eyes were shocked and hungry and thirsty, and the small points were 淫 水, even the tributs are wet.

Director hooks her shy appearance, knowing that she has already a lot of spring love, urgently needing male caress, so she reached out to patted her ass, the kind of flexible and soft feelings made the Director’s hearts. Shock.

He originally wanted to return the hand, but he lowered Chen Yanzhen. She bite the cherry, shy to the head, did not express her disgust or dodge, so the Director started to gently smoothly.

Chen Yanzhen felt that the warmth of the head was touched in your own hips, so she did not dodge, it was nothing to do, let the Director to touch.

But the more powerful, more exciting, not only stroking, more kneading the butt meat, more testing, moved to the middle of her ass, gently touching it with your fingers.


The director was encouraged, and the sure was picked up in her skirt, pressed the hand on her powder and gently stroked.

Chen Yanzhen had to move his hand to the girl’s hand, don’t say it, Director! It is very difficult! Yan Wei, don’t be tight! Give me a touch, what are you afraid?

The director took her pants on the photocopy, put her hit her hit, and immediately put it into the skirt to pick the trippants, and touched the long incapacity, the finger is exactly to Taoyuan hole, already a little wet Confucianism.

Chen Yanzhen has never touched his own homework. Fang Xin is also happy and afraid, even busy with your legs, do not let Director have actions.

Don’t! Ah … please let go … Hey … I am still a woman .. I am afraid … don’t …

Hey … How do I let me put my hand?

Chen Yanzi originally wanted to make a finger of the director, but from his palm of his palm in the pussy, the male enthusiasm came out of the yin, has made her full body, and it is weak!

Ah …. Please hit your hand … itch … I can’t stand it ….

Chen Yanzi also touched his own jellyfinder when taking a shower. She has experience. The finger is 壹, it is itchy, it is more sour, it is more sour, it is difficult to pinch it, it is difficult to different.

The director’s fingers did not stop, and the continued softly excused her Taoyuan Spring hole, wet convulsions, slender, licking, digging …

However, Chen Yanzhen suddenly stunned, called to jet … What is yet! Wow … it is difficult to die …

Director laughed, it is the prostitution, knowing it?

Director said, the finger is in the pussy, and it will be deeply in-depth …

Oops! Help … Don’t go in, so painful .. Ask you, good, don’t! Take it out ..

Chen Yanzhen is really painful, and the director takes her pain and not preparation, and quickly pulls her pants.

At her hole, her hole is full of soft and unhappy, and the director took her hips to go up, and she took her tribe completely, took off her body clothes, and she also took off the cleansing.

Director pulled Chen Yanzi’s legs to the photocopier, and he was in the middle of her legs, first watched her pussy.

Her pussy is highly raised, full of 片 泛 光, soft and elongated incapacity, slender ditch, pink big lips are closely closed, the director uses hand to open pink big labiarous lips, The grain is like a large jellyfather, and the bumps are on the top of the ditch. There are two small red lips in the micro-holes, and the tightly sticked on the big labia, the bright red is mixed. Light.

Beautiful little hole … Damei …

Don’t look like this … I lost my face …

Chen Yanzi’s powder face full of spring, bright red little mouth slightly fighter, straight spaghetti vomiting asland, 双 双 大 型 型 尖 尖, pink, lotus seed, small tap, high yet standing in the ring The bright red tissue is equipped with her snow whitening skin, white snow, red bright, black dark, three colors, it is a bright eye, beautiful, fascinating.

The director of this scene is to make a bride, and immediately take the body to suck her teap, and she is like her breasts and breasts. Miss Chen is full of merits, I don’t know………………………………………………………………………………………………..

Ah … .. ah …. Director ….

The director stood up and said to Chen Yanzhen said to see my big cock!

Chen Yanzi was correctly asked to enjoy the thrill of being smashed by the director, and he heard the eyes and opened his eyes. Shy said!

Why is it so big, so long!

Don’t! I am afraid … she said with her hand to cover her small hole.

come on! Don’t you still itch?

It’s itchy, but … I ….

Don’t be, only my guy can answer her words in my mouth, my hand is kneading her yukuclear, and the mouth will not stop her fresh red nipple.

Chen Yanzi was made by the director, itch, kept shaking.

Let me come back to itch!

Don’t! director! However, the Director did not facilitate her legs, and the Taoyuan Xiandong has already opened a small mouth, the red little labia, the tender meat, so beautiful, good …

The director holds the big mask, and the glans will be more lubricated when the purse is gently rubbed. Director slowly moved his ass, because the glans had a lubrication of obscene, and the sound of the whole big glans came in.

Joy! Don’t … Hao Hao … don’t …! Come out …

Chen Yanzhen took the head and took the head and hurriedly used his hand to file the pussy, and he did not let him insert it.

But it’s really a big hierarchy, but I’m smashing the hand, she is really shameful and afraid, I don’t know how it is good.

what! It’s so hot! So thick, so long, scare people …

Director picks up Chen Yanzhen’s hand holding a big meat, first grinding in Taoyuan Spring Festival, and then, let him insert it.

Director, 妳 Good bad memories, doing things like these shame.

Director tangled his ass, the glans inserted it again, he began to gently rub it, and then repeatedly used the strength to get quite, the big cock has entered a more than two inches.

Oops! Don’t … it hurts … Don’t you … …

The director saw that her powder had a pain, and the whole body trembled. He was really unbearable, so he stopped attacking her breast, knead her nipple.

I will bear it, I will have to work hard in the future, and the joy is endless!

Hey. It is so thick, and I am bloated and painful, it is difficult to die, I will not dare to have it, I didn’t expect sex!

Virgin is painful, if the first time does not get in the end, then play more painful, bear it!

At this time, the director has already felt that the glans are top to the item, he thinks this is probably the so-called female film.

He also can’t stand it, he suddenly hesitated his butt, and the thick big cock, the sound of the sound, Qigen entered her tightly small hole.

Chen Yanzhen screamed and joined! I am dying!

Director is slightly smoked, and I saw Chen Yanzhen’s hurt, sweating.

Light 点! I am hurt … don’t … I can’t stand it .. Director ….

The director is really happy, and the taste of the woman is awesome, the small hole is tightly packaged with his big dick, so comfortable! So cool!

Is it still painful?

Director asked now to be better.

The director is inserted, and the side of Chen Yanzi’s face is close to the expression of Chen Yanzi. It is pressed with her snow whitening carcass, and the hands play with her bright red teap. Chen Yanzhen is shocking down, and the flowers flow out of stock. coming.

Ah … …. Director … ..

The director was shot and shot from Chen Yanzhen’s hot fluid, and then she looked at her hometown. They didn’t pity, he fought, and the big talents were smashed. Dead, twisted, shot spring light.

Ah …. Director … .. um ………..

The director listened to the blood shock and rising, desirable to be more blazing, hurriedly had a high her legs, put on her chest, so that her whole flower cave is more high-spirited, the photocopier has a fierce movement with the two Shake.

Ah … I have to die ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

After the fourth and three seconds of Chen Yanzi, the director also took the hot concentrate into her uterus. Miss Chen was shaking, and the two began to soften in this passion. It is also intoxicated in the long run of the climax.

Two-piece mutually binding properties, still in a slight smile, not willing to separate.

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