There is a beautiful counselor when he college is called Fang Fang. She is simply our whole department, or is the whole grade, even the dream of the whole school. I saw the beautiful heroic cheek when I saw a film, so I couldn’t help but think of Fang Fang. Point a smoke, recall my beautiful college career, and recall the Fang Fang in my knees.

Let’s start with the school, I, Akai. A 19-year-old boy carrying a simple luggage, stepping on the train in the south. Give a beautiful college career. A big school, it is said that there are hundreds of square meters. The trees on both sides of the road are lush. Since I went a day before the new report, the reception did not. So, I am getting lost. At this time, I hit a fragrance, a beautiful girl appeared in front of me. Height 160cm, with a weight of about 42,43kg. Three surroundings, there are 36, 24, 32, the eyes are big, the lips are very sexy, the nose is slightly, the skin is very white. Hair is white behind. Wearing a white sling, same white shawl. A white-washed denim dress, hasn’t passed the knee, black stockings, a pair of black high heel sandals, and the lace is around the ankle. The world is in the world, I can’t help but swallow a water. Silly looked at the beauty of myself, I have forgot to ask. Suddenly, my right arm came from a shock, one person went to me. “Hey, you don’t look at people.” I looked at this brother and found that his eyes were not looking at me. I looked at his eyes. It turns out that this brother is looking at the beauty that I have just passed by me. Hey, people say that I said that I am a color, this brother is still awkward. “Hey, he, don’t look, you have to go to me” This brother finally returned to God, “咕咕” swallowed the mouth.

“Ah, I am sorry, do you know where the new report is everywhere?” “I am also a new life, just come today.”

“Oh, I just got a for a while, no one in the school, I only met a beautiful patriotic watch, forget to ask. Forget it, come on tomorrow, have you eaten? Just now I met you Please dinner. “On the dinner table, I met the first friend of the college – Awei.

After eating, we didn’t go to the field, plus the tired of the journey, I and Awei came to find a hotel, in the chat, I really realized that I and Awei are colorful. For the fanatics of sex, it is simply a mold.

I have started school, I accidentally found that Awei actually and me in a class, and the beautiful girl, actually our counselor, called Fang Fang. 23 years old, college graduated. I don’t want to see her as a student when I have encountered it. When I was divided into the dormitory, I reported between the two. Let us live together in order. Beautiful college life begins. Internet, drink, go out to find your sister to become a compulsory course for me and the weekend. Youth is indulgent, the department is also hanging. We are a minority of thousands of university students. Of course, if it doesn’t happen.

One day, I will continue our Warcraft in the hostel. The union is landing, I don’t want to go in class, it is really no time. Incidentally, I have encountered a school leader to check at the attendance, and we have a famous list.

After the late study, Fang Fang came to the dormitory to find me and Awest. Listen to the knockout outside. I have passed the computer quickly.

Go to open the door with a laughing. Fang Fang looked more charming. White Tshit, beige short skirt, no stockings, slippers. Hair is wet. It should be a bath. I can’t help but swallow the mouth.

“Akai, Awei, why didn’t you call today?” If you spit out from Fang Fang, it is so good. I saw her teeth is the legendary shello, be careful, white, flashed with pearl.

God, why do you give Fang Fang? “I, I, we are sick.”

Awei said. “What is the disease?” Fang Fang’s big eyes are full of puzzle, like a young sister in Japanese anime film. “Head hurts, fever.” I took my head and secretly looked at Fang Fang’s reaction. “I touched.” The soft little hand touched my forehead “I don’t burn, you lie to me.” Fang Fang’s face turned a little angry. We have no nutritious lies very easy to expose. At this time, it was just blowing a wind. A dormitory door of “嘭” is closed. I don’t know what I think, look at the big beauty in front of you, the color is from the heart, and the gallbladder is rising in the brain. A patron was pressed against the bed. “Awei, what are you waiting for. You are not thinking about Fang Fang every night.” Ah Wei listened to me, jumping into bed. Sitting on Fang Fang, holding her mouth with hands. The mouth is still not not not nothing: “I don’t want to be dried by us in this way.” I died in Fang Fang’s thigh. ” Fang Fang continued to struggle. This is not good, I can’t do anything. Revealing the threat scenes that often appear in the A piece, I took out the treasured hidden knife from the drawer, and I took a few times before Fang Fang’s eyes. “You are best to be honest, or if I shake your face, I am afraid.” Fang Fang is somewhat scared. Struggling is not so powerful. I took a knife in one hand and the other handed upstream in Fang Fang smooth. Awei, licking his mouth in one hand, and the other hand touched the color of the peak. Awei’s big hand left pinned, right pinch. Fang Fang’s pair of 36D halver is changing the shape of the big hand. My hand does not stop in the inside of the left and right thighs. Fang Fang’s face began red. The gasping of the nose is also rough. “Said goods, just so much.” Awui said it is welcome. The force in the hand aggravates a bit. I am almost mature. The knife threw, and the hands of the square flanks on the beige skirt. “Wow, Winnie Viet, true sexy.” Winnie Viet’s trousers pants more stimulated my nerve. In the panties, the Fang Fang is full of purse. At this time, Awei has taken the TSHIT of Fang Fang. The pink bra thrown one side and does not press Fang Fang’s mouth. One hand pinching the soft breast, the mouth is another, Fang Fang’s nipple is standing up in the province of Awei. “Well, um” in your mouth. White small trousers are seep over. Listening to the sound of the milky head of Awei “”, I pulled a Fang Fang’s underwear. It’s beautiful, and the lip is slightly raised, and there is no hair. I am still the first time. I can’t stand the stimulus. A head that pounced in Fang Fang’s lower body, taking care of Fang Fang’s tempting garden. The hand is slowly dial, the tender meat inside is pink. The vaginal viscous liquid is slowly moving. My tongue licks the pary beans raised by Fang Fang. Fang Fang’s gasping is even more thicker, and the snoring of mixed is also big. Suddenly, Fang Fang began to struggle. Without me, Awei let go of the breasts that have not been tired, and the dead is still holding her mouth. And I have a hands and smooth thighs, and the tongue is still attacking the delicate little peas. Fang Fang’s struggle is more intense, and the hands are pushing my head outside, and the flush is rising. The force on my tongue is getting bigger and bigger. Fight, Fang Fang’s body trembles a few times, a warm flow has passed my chin. Actually, I was gave a climax by me and Awei. “嘿嘿” I smiled with Awei. “Fang teacher is comfortable?” Fang Fang did not know that it was ashamed by her student. The face is red. I faded my pants, and I had a fang to get the fang of Fang Fang. “Come, contain.” I said to the opponent. Her dental bite is dead.

At this time, Awei swayed the mobile phone in his hand, smiled and said “I want the photo to spread on the Internet.” Fang Fang once compromised, very reluctant to relax, my dick, watching the old high-top beauty teacher I have a mouthful of mouth in my own, I am excited to shake. Hold the head of the square, and the waist is kept inserted. My dick in Fang Fang’s cherry pouth to enter and exit, and from time to time to the deep throat. Fang Fang’s mouth is dry, and the mouth is smooth, and the squat is constant. This scene, I only have seen in the A film, and I think I can still be so indulgence. Come up to speed up the intensity of the thrust, Fang Fang is blinded by my two eyes, and I want cough and I have completely occupy the oral cavity, cheeks. The shaped hair is getting messy because the reasons why. Look at the lascitation of the beautiful teacher. My speed has accelerated a bit. After inserting a few minutes, I won the waist.

I can’t know. The glans deadly shot out of the throat of Fang Fang. I just pulled the dick from Fang Fang’s mouth, Fang Fang is still coughing loudly. “Hey, I am.” A Wei smiled and inserted his dick into Fang Fang’s mouth.

I sat on the side and looked at the mouth of Awei’s Fang Fang. This is not only saliva from the mouth, and it is also mixed with white liquid. It is also the semen that I have just gone to enter the Fangfang Food.

When I went to Awei, I also shot the thick semen into Fang Fang’s small mouth. Fang Fang, who had poor breathing, was fainted. After resting, I rubbed on the doctrine of the cock in the virgin of Fang Fang. There is a lot of prostitution, not long. The sheets were wet on the sheet. The bed of the bed is closed, like fell asleep. I can’t take much, my cock is inserted into Fang Fang. The tender meat in the vagina is tightly wrapped, and the vagina is like a small mouth-like adsorption with my cock. It seems that Fang Fang has not been dried. I climbed the pair of pearmies in my hands, my fingers pinch the two standing nipples. The waist keeps in-depth. Over. Fang Fang was slow, and started with my interstitial rhythm. The normal position was dried for a while, I turned Fang Fang and used my favorite old man cart. The vagina is tight, every time I can get to the homergard of Fang Fang. Fang Fang also called it. My hand pinch on Fang Fang round buttocks. White butt, tight thigh, I can’t take a few times. Awei saw this scene, put him again in the bed again in the mouth of Fang Fang. In addition to the women outside the vagina, I was first encountered, and the hand held the small waist of Fang Fang, the cock gallop in the muddy path. Fang Fang is too sensitive. Didn’t have been long, the pettyity tremble, the warm liquid surrounded my dick. “Teacher, this is not good.” I don’t forget to humiliate the temple. ” Perhaps it is the reason why the vagina is too tight, or the reason for our identity. The second erect’s dick quickly erotic in the vagina in Fang Fang, released the moment, I felt a warm flow surrounded my glans. “Awei, I have let the teacher climax three times. I look at you now.” Unplug the dick, I will show you to Awei. “Hey, you are optimistic.” Awu got up to my ass. Before I first took out the right ass, I didn’t wait for my children, and I can’t wait to insert his male root.

On the spot, I still see that Fang Fang’s snoring has never been broken. Thanks to the sound insulation of the school dormitory. I and Awe will do an unscrupulous doing beautiful counselors. Insert a meeting, Awei felt still not addictive, he was lying in bed, holding Fang Fang sitting on her dick, female man underwn. I saw a big cock from behind, I was perfectly hidden into the vagina. Fang Fang “ah” called a sound. Holding the Awei’s legs, his legs have been hugged by Awe, and the head will not sway with the dicks in the body. I have a little bit of horses.

So, I stuffed my lazy dick again to Fang Fang’s mouth. Let the tongue of the dick and the beautiful tongue again. Awei’s throduction is getting faster and faster, Fang Fangchang has opened my dick, and it began screaming in his mouth. The head is constant. “Ah” Awe is awkward, stopping the thrush, and hurting Fang Fang. With a few jitter in the Awei waist, a strong semen stayed in the depth of the uterus of Fang Fang. “Two” A Wei smiled.

After me and the baptism of Awe, Fang Fang’s naked lying in bed. A large mixed liquid in the chest, my small rhizosphere and the semen mixed with the Awei mixed outflow. The nipple is still towering, the body is slightly trembling.

I am sitting on the bed and smoking a smoke, looking at the beauty of the beautiful teacher, my heart is full of conquest desires.

After about ten minutes, Awei said, “Akai, I haven’t gone through the back door, I will try it today.”

“Okay” I laughed. Fang Fang heard our words, the body trembled again. Throwing smoke, four hands pounce towards the body of the beauty. I put my fingers into Fang Fang’s small mouth. I was just so tight, and the tender meat surrounded was tightly biting my finger. After plugging a few times, I feel wet, I started to turn on the chrysanthemum. “Pink, I saw dark brown in the A piece.” Awei’s head said before the anus. “I also saw such a beautiful chrysanthemum” said that I put a finger. Go in. Feel the temperature and package of the rectum. “Pain, hurt” Fang Fang Tudi. “Want photos to go out?” Awei sang a black face. “Nothing, you will be very comfortable soon.” I sang red face. Fang Fang no longer speaking, the muscles of the anus were clamped a bit. I have tried it a few times, so I gave Awest to the opportunity to give Fang Fangxia. Awei is also welcome, learn my method, applied with his fingers to the foxhole. Plug in the big glans in the chrysanthemum. “Hache, pain,” although only half of the glans, Fang Fang’s tears came out, the big eyes flashed with tears, the little mouth is big, no longer called. Awe is on the string. Another strength, the whole cock is all inserted. Fang Fang loudly screamed, the head left. Awei has no skill, so that the anus is in the anus makes his brute force. “Or after the door, it is much better than the little bit.” Awei said with a smile. “How, the brothers are not bad to you,” I said to the beauty of the beauty teacher. “I didn’t say the brother”, “Awei said, did not forget to play.

Poor beautiful teacher, poor people’s chrysanthemums, it is so badly of Awei. Fang Fang’s scream did not stop. “Ah …” Along with Fang Fang’s hoarse voice, Awei once again injected into Fang Fang’s body. At this time, Fang Fang’s ass has been red and swollen, and the Awei’s dick is also stained with bright red blood. “Teacher, now I don’t hurt.” After the Awei left, I quickly insert my dick into Fang Fang’s ass. I know that the Awei’s semen that is not flowing is the best lubrication. Sure enough, the tight ass is more feeling than a small mouth. Because there is a semen of Awe, the ass is more humid. Fang Fang did not hurt it. I don’t slow down. Fang Fang is no longer screaming. The climax of the five times before and after, plus the beepup of Awei.

Fang Fang’s physical power consumption is very large. The sweat on the body is dry and dried by the fan.

“Fucking, Zhen Sao.” Awei helped the head of Awei. The cock is turning on Fang Fang’s face.

I looked at the gay of the goblin. I took the Fang Fang to lie down and let Fang Fang lie on me. For the Awei Road: “Come, you come together.” Awei had a tacit understanding of the cock in the small embarrassment of Fang Fang.

3P I still do it for the first time. Like a sandwich. I am at the bottom, the middle is Fang Fang. Awarth is above.

Thanks to the weight of the square flavor. I don’t feel pressure. I took out in front of the front and rear caves in Fang Fang.

I can feel the tick of Awei Cocker across the intestines. Fang Fang’s snoring started echoing in the dormitory.

A pair of beauty was squeezed in countless shapes by four big hands. “Awei, let’s shoot it together” I have made my waist from my anal oppression. “Good” Awei responded. The rhythm is also accelerated. Fang Fang was first pifted before and after the first time. How can we get our efforts. The snoring became a scream, and it turned it into a cry. Yinjing has been discounted again. And I and Awei, in the total of more than two hours of sex. Physical strength has not been branched. Each of the semen is incorporated into the body of Fang Fang.

“Teacher, cool, there is a rest will come again.” Awei wrote a slutty on the face. “No, I am worth the class this evening. I have leaders, I have to go back. The dormitory building is closed.” Fang Fang said with an qi. Surrey, get up slowly, wear clothes. The mixture of sweat, saliva, obscene, and semen is also adhesive, and the semen of me and the exquisite medicine are filled. I went out with a heart. I am afraid that she is alarm, she followed out: “Teacher, remember to take a photo.” Fang Fang, the head did not return. “

Go back to the dormitory, I let Al Wei give me the phone, I want to see the photo. Who knows that the mobile phone of Aweizai is running out of electricity, it is completely scared by Fang Fang. “Hey, you have to take a photo, you can play in the future.” I said some frustration. “Don’t worry, she will come.” Awei seems to have a bamboo. “My linen, how to become like this.” Looking at the bed linen covered with fangs and blood, I said. “You don’t say that you have just dried Fang Fang, our counselors.” Awei said that there is no lungs. I am dizzy, dare to be, not his bed.

Sure enough, I will not have a wealth, in the future, Fang Fang is sent out by our two, once again come to the dormitory, and I have a fairy life, once a time Three people’s sexual blessings. To make our contribution to human reproduciation, continue with men and women’s eternal theme, continue to be the ridiculous teacher and students. Fang Fang made me and Awei more than three years of sex tools, which became more and more charming under my moisturies. Outside, she is a beautiful teacher of cold, the whole school, is a dream of everyone. In the dormitory, she is just me and the Awe ‘s play, just our sex slave.

Only by our graduation, I and Awei left the city to go to school. After graduation, I have never seen a Fang Fang, just I heard that she was pregnant. I don’t know if I am still like a more than Awe.

I would like to miss my beautiful university life, miss my good brother, and miss the Fang Fang in my joy.

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