First – four guards

Chapter (new enemy)

Chapter 1 (Warrior with Love and Beauty – Sailor Venus)

Chapter 2 (Warrior for Love and Strength – Sailor Jupiter)

Chapter 3 (Love and Wisdom Soldiers – Sailor Mercury)

Chapter 4 (Love and Available Warrior – Sailor Mars)

The second – external Solar Soldiers

Chapter (preface)

The first chapter (the new era soldier, showing gorgeous and elegant style – Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune) (上)

The first chapter (the new era soldier, showing gorgeous and elegant style – Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune) (below)

Chapter 2 (Destroyed Warrior – Sailor Saturn)

Chapter 3 (Lonely Guardian-Sailor Pluto)

Third article – Month Princess Sailor Moon V (v for virgin)

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First – four guards

Chapter (new enemy)

Today is Sunday, the ground guard (that is, the dress mask) just wake up. He knows that it will be very idle today, because the girlfriend month family goes to Jiuzhou explore, staying at home today. He no longer rely on the bed and got up into the bathroom shower.

Under the water flowers of the shower, the past battle has a scene in the mind. Queen Bell, Devil Tree, Black Monthi …. In that battle, he and all the beautiful girl soldiers were almost all over the army. If the Sailor Moon is adventurized to participate in the Milky Way Center, the roots of the stars will be purified by the source of the evil source “Gust”, there will be more than two years of comfort.

The ground bathroom was completed, and wear clothes before the mirror. In the reflection of the mirror, he suddenly saw a geeks wearing a black robes behind him, there is no face on the face, actually a 骷髅. He shocked, who is there! I suddenly sounded my brain, and I hurried back. I just saw it from the mirror to reach out of a flash of spiked sickle and smashed my head.

Chapter 1 (Warrior with Love and Beauty – Sailor Venus)

In Sunday, Shanmai, Aiyui (her real identity) is running by Venus Guardian Love and Beauty Sailor – Sailor Venus.) Is running in the park. In these two years, she has rushed from a high school, and she became the main attack hand of university volleyball team, and even hoped to be selected for the Japanese National Delegation. Mei Nai is a famous beauty, and a waist is blusted. . The tall and exquisite floating three are more enough to make people feel enthusiastic. Especially when she is wearing a narrow volleyball suit, when she jumps on the court, her chest is swaying, and people see the nosebleeds directly, want to be high, I can’t wait to tear her clothes right away, press I have been taking over the same time.

Surprisingly, it is still a shadow in the shape of Mei Narby. Of course, there is no pursuit, but she always can’t see it. This is myself, I know that she is actually a secret of the Earth Prince — Moonlight Princess Moon Rabbit. Starting from the beginning, Morbiazi has liked this beautiful man. Although it is known that it is impossible, the heart of Meiyi is always can’t let go.

Mei Dui ran. In the past few days, she especially lonely, because the love cat Atti Miner looked at the rabbit’s female cat Laina went to Jiuzhou, and she didn’t even have the only companion. At this moment, she was beautiful, seeing the ground to guard in the park’s bench, elegant sitting and reading. The footsteps are unliked, and I walked to him.

“Hi! Morning.” Mori Zi is a sweet smile to the ground. On the ground, see being Mei Narby, also waving returns. “Earlier! Will you run so early?” Mei Dui sat down next to him, full body sweat, and vigorous. “Yes, the rabbit went to Jiuzhou, no wonder you so leisurely.” The foundation Wei took out the hand towel from his arms and gently wiped her on the amount of sweat. Merrily stayed. The sweat towel wys on the cheek, the powder …. Ah! I even wipe it on the neck of the top. The beauty of the Polyfari is flushed, but it is not willing to reach out.

“There is a rock concert in the big stadium today. Do you have time?” The ground is returned to the sweat towel and said to Mei Zai. “Have time! Have time!” Mori Zi didn’t want to think, immediately agreed. “See the door of six o’clock.” The ground gas station got up and waved to Meiyan. After a while, Mei Ni Zi came back to God, and he felt slightly wet in the legs, just actually.

Mei Dui immediately went home to comb and dressing, and his heart was uneasy. Although I am a little guilty, I feel sorry to be a rabbit, but the reason is ultimately defeated. She is happy and happy, and she has selected it for a long time in the wardrobe. She finally selected a fresh yellow short skirt. Then, a sexy unspeakable shaped cream, and a translucent underwear. She tied to the red bow on the signboard, still spraying a perfume on her body. After she dressed up, she still didn’t worry in front of the mirror. I am proud of my own arrogance and worry about dressing too sexy. The chest seems to be lower, the crisp is semi-dew; the skirt seems to be short, not only half of the butt, but also see the underwear. Both, watch watch, get enough! Also can’t take much, I will put on the shoes immediately, and I will go to the meeting. When The big parquet of the stadium sounded six. On the entrance of the field, Meii Zi has already placed the flagpole. Her beautiful face and sexy dress are deeply attractive to the greedy eyes of every passing person. “Hey!” The ground guards hit her, Mei Nai smiled and greeted. “You are so beautiful today, yeah! It’s still fragrant.” The founding of the ground said. Mei Dui is shameless, does not understand, just look down. The ground sister saw the shame and said: “Some people are shy!” Mei Dui is even more shame, reaching out to play him. Awu is busy stunning, taking a picture in Mei Ni Zi, I don’t pay attention to her delicate. Put this beautiful woman, double double into the concert.

The concert will start now, the music is deafening, so that everyone in the field can hear blood boiling. The band appeared, this is the most red rock band in today. Music is known for the unfold wilderness. The crowd shouted, and everyone’s attention was concentrated on the stage.

There is no exception, and she is also in the furious music like others. Suddenly she felt a tight chest, Awa was shifted down on her shoulders, touched on the chest. She shocked his head, his mouth has been sealed by Awu’s mouth. Mei Dui’s legs are soft and have no resistance.

The hand of the chest is heached and fad, and it is beautiful and beautiful. At the same time, I feel that the other hand of Awan has been stroked between my thighs. Menui’s heart shrugged, busy struggling. But the body was hugged in the back of Aki, kissed told. Awan’s hand stretched out from the collar of the upper, dialing the cream, pressing on the breast. Mei Nai is only a straightforward, and the whole body is weak, and the Tan Tan is tenth. Awa’s tongue stretched into it, sucking with Meiyan’s Xiangjin, picked her incense tongue. Since the pleasure, the Mei Dui lost rationality. Fall in Ashiji. A silhouette of a wet is flowing down along the thigh, and it has flowed out of love.

The crowd around is still calling, intoxicating in the music. But Mei Ni-Zi can’t hear anything, only feel that the whole body snake ants are going, half of the body has been outside the shirts. Snow white pepper is a healthy brilliance in oblique sun. The fresh red riots are tall and is intense. Awu’s hand has dials the underwear of Mei Dui, and well with thick hairy. The love liquid flowing out of the pussy, along the back of the hand. The hand is handed to cover the pussy, and vigorously squeezes. Strong irritation, so that Mei Nizi’s whole body shocks, and the nostrils are strong. The mouth of the cloister has flowed out of the mouth of the two, drizzles the breasts of the United States.

Awu left hand pinned the delicate nipple of Mei Dui. The right hand finger, more in the middle of the lips, and climbed the loneliness of the nineteen years of juicy nucleus; at the same time, the two ways, the middle finger directly explored the road, and the loving liquid, forced by the spring The open closure, broke into the people who have never arrived.

The upper body and the lower body are attacked, and the Mei Dui felt that the eyes were black, the climax flooded, and the limbs were weak.

When you go to Meiyan to restore the perception, the people next to them are still being called high, and no one pays attention to their actions. Mei Dui felt that the lower body is cool, looks down, his small underwear has fallen to the ankle, and it is so wet, and the thigh is full of love. And a hot and hot object is on top of your bare butt. She touched her back, just touched the penis that was going to be, and quickly smashed down. But between the contacts, Morribi has felt the rough shape of the mask. Very thick, you still have one hand, but the length is about a seven-inch, and it is rough and hot. Heart is surprised and happy! I am in trouble, I have already felt that the vaginal mouth is lost, the city gate has been killed, and the big glans will break through the obstacles and insert into the core. “Oh!” Mei Dui could not yell from Jiao. Awei left hand grabbed Mei Dui’s jade milk, right hand to her lower abdomen, but the buttocks, the penis is not in the mountains, and the criminals of the four walls are opened. The female film of the girl soldiers, straight to the hom port. Dramatic pain is transmitted by the lower body, and the vagina is like inserted the root burning iron. I have a cold sweating, my eyes are straight, and even the call is also called, and my tears are hurt. She knows that with this pain, her precious chastity has lost, can’t help but sorrow, tears are more uncontrolled.

A brunette viru blood, along the vagina port to the thigh of Meiyi, leaving long blood marks on the white skin, and looks a grievance. Fortunately, Awei did not continue to be rude inserted in the rough insertion of the first lower, temporarily stopped. Mei Dui can come back and forth, she is long enough. Feel still a pain, the big penis is jumped under the vagina, and every time she has a shock. After a long time, Mei Dui felt that she became slow and she began to resign. The atmosphere of the concert is getting vigorous, and people’s screams come together. It also mixed the beauty of Mei Poly, because the throduction of Awei started. At first, I was concentrated in a slight tweet in the vaginal mouth, and the finger was pressed in the nipple and jerotic. Mei Dui felt that there was a complicated feeling between the masolaity and brought both painful and happy. The pain is gradually alleviated, but it is more comfortable, and the emptiness of the vagina is getting more and more intense. Slowly, she began to sway the waist. The initiative backwards, hopes that the masher can be more deeper, to fill the unfasteable void.

Mei Dui’s astonishing is strong, there is a dream in the mouth: “Ah … ah …. Heavy …. Yes …. Is here …. Ah …. Hurt …” arrived later Yeah ‘s wheezing. The pumping of the mask is more faster, and the amplitude of the thrust is also getting better. Slow and gentle delivery, no longer stopping the desire of Mei Poly. Her ass is like a madden, and the rotation of around the side is up and down, and it is moving a madness. There is nowhere to place, so he tightly seizes the Awa’s trousers. If you don’t feel like you feel like a piling, rapid and strong flush, the glans hits the uterine mouth. From the vagina, the love liquid has flowed over the legs of the two.

It’s more and more strong, and the beauty of Mei Dynasty suddenly “Yeame”, the body does not stop, the whole body is a buzzard, pretty face, the powder, the breast, even the thighs are flora, like peach blossoms As beautiful. The two legs shake, and the prostitution is like a water, and the grass under the grass is wet a large piece. Awa’s penis also felt the climax of Mei Dui, slamming a few, hot and strong semen such as arrows, straight into the uterus, I was so hot, and I immediately climbed another climax. This feeling is strong, Meiyan feels that the horman in the body is like a volcanic explosion, bringing strong shock. Every penis is sprayed out, and the soul is drifting. When the masher shooted the last dripper, this kind of dead feeling slowly disappeared.

The huge mask who lost his gods slowly commissioned, and the tight vagina was forced. Mei Nizi supports Awan’s arm standing stapped. “You are necrosis! It’s so painful!” She turned back as being spoiled, suddenly saw “Awan” is full of evil. A shower in my heart: “You are not Awei!”

“It’s too late!” The “Awan” mouth spit out of the hair tall. Mei Dui suddenly felt that there was an unprecedented feeling from the small abdomen, and quickly spread the whole body. She looked up at Awei, and her eyes were gradually blurred. At a glance, I quickly reached out to help, but I found that my hands can pass the body of Awu, not thinking about it, has lost awareness.

Awei looked at Meiyan’s body slowly became transparent, then the whole disappeared. The short skirts, bras, underwear and footwear wearing in Mori, falls on the grass. There is only one light yellow crystal floating in the air, making a soft light. I saw the universal smile on the Awu, put the crystal into the arms, and turned to disappear in the crowd still in the carnival.

Chapter 2 (Warrior for Love and Strength – Sailor Jupiter)

Time is at night, there is no one in the campus of Ten Street University. Of course, the Sunday night during the summer vacation, everyone is being carnival, who will stay in the school? In the vast campus, only the road of the empty hand is still bright, and there is also a burst of snoring.

In the road, the wooden hankey (her real identity is the warrior of the love and strength of Jupiter – Sailor Jupiter.) Lonely is practicing the karate. In the Galaxy a battle, she was easily knocked down; after, she continued to practice the karate, and now it is four paragraphs of black. It is already invincible in the academic world, and even the boys are not his opponent.

The girl has a handsome feet, it is not very good, let alone the high-ranking figure of the authentic piano five feet, and there are few men who have a boy who self-defeating, and dare to pursue the innate piano. But this is never said that the innocent is not beautiful enough. On the contrary, she is a big beauty in the school. She has a high birthday, and she has a well-known skeleton, an impressive three-wheeled and pretty face, and there is absolutely a condition for modeling. The truth is usually loved to take a brown hair, and it is easy to manage it. This makes her seem to be a heroic, and all of the cheerful character.

The body is full of body, and it is the fact that the university is all. The cause is exercised in an empty hand speed. When the truth and teammate practice, it is always greedy that it does not wear underwear. When there is an exercise, the opponent pulls her robe. A pair of heroic bombings played out, the meat was fragrant. People calling onlookers look straight. I heard that several male team members really stream nosebleed. Since then, every time she is coming to play a large number of students. A person is now hoping for the school, but most people, especially the boys, are a rare scene that I hope to get rid of spring glory. Somehow, I started from the evening today, the piano has been in mind. But you can’t find the reason. In order to suppress the disturbance in the heart, she specially returned to the school exercises, and he kept playing the sulking in the breast. She is really good to make a punch, start, and the tiger and tiger, it is so powerful. This is almost a few hours, the true piano is full of sweating, and it is very tired, and the heart is also retreat. I plan to pack everything and go home to sleep. At this time, the door of the road suddenly was opened, the innate piano turned back, see the ground site. “The truth is you! You are still practicing so late!” He said.

The ground must be a graduate student at the University Engineering Department, and the dormitory is in the university. The true piano knows that the rabbit has went to Jiuzhou, and he said: “The mood is not good, to exercise it. And I walked over to Akan. How come Awu special handsome? The truth is thought. Usually there is a rabbit, the true piano is so careful, and the boyfriend of the old friend can do it! Awan is still two or three, and there should be six feet high. People have been handsome, and Ali Rabbit is really a few students. You can get such a good Rhygo Jun. I thought about thinking, I have gone to Awu. “Hey! The piano, how to do it, who is thinking?” Awu said. The confident feeling of his own disappearance, ashamed, red ear. Hey: “What is your business? Is it not owed?” At the same time, it hooks a frame. Who knows that Awei smiled and said: “It is good, I haven’t loaned my bones for a long time, I will play with you.” Taking the back hand, taking off the top, revealing the exquisite chest muscles, walking into the center.

The truth see this, saying: “You will not ask for a while!” Then I attacked the Aquat. The two men’s fists have been fighting for more than ten minutes, and it is difficult to understand. This evening is only exercised alone, naturally not wearing underwear, and the robe has been loose early in strenuous exercise. A pair of milk, swing up and down. The truth is full of attack, and I have not perceived spring leakage. Suddenly she saw A Gui’s burning, looking at her chest, looking down, he found his pair of breasts, has been in a list.

The true piano is shy and full of red, the bottom is slow. Awei recruited “Double Dragon”, attacking, and hit his hands to the truth. The truth knows that it is too late to dodge, just have to take advantage of your luck. How is Awan’s hand in front of the truth, and tall the towering of the palm of the palm of the palm. The authentic piano can’t stay. I saw the army of Awu, and the right hand has already extended from the robe to the back, holding the soup of the piano, holding her firmly. The real piano is unfained, Zhang Da is beautiful, watching Awei, long eyelash slightly fuse. “You ….” Just wanted to open, the cherry lips have been sealed by Awu’s mouth.

Awan’s hand is in power, hold the hakey, the fine hair in the chest, stab in the smooth skin of the authentic piano jade, make the truth from the heart of the heart. The pink uli in the double peak is rapidly expanded, and the fresh red milk is also expanded. Both hands also naturally hug Awu’s back, and fiercely responded.

Awu’s left hand has gripped the halver of the true piano, and it can’t grasp it. Although the jade milk is big but full of elasticity, the soft feelings do not hesitate. The fresh nipple is more sensitive, and it is softly smashed in Akah, slightly shaking slightly. The truth feels that the pleasure is hired by the chest, only the blocked scent, petite, and gasping at the same time.

Awa is a low head, and the mouth will succeed that the other side of the nipple is like a baby. The true piano feels blood straight to the brain, and the legs are on the ground. Awu Shun will put the innate piano, but the hand and mouth have not left the ripe and full of jade. Two people are lying on the grass at the road, the robe’s robe has been completely opened. The thick upper body has been completely exposed, the meat is overflowing. A pair of tall talls, completely without the influence of the stereotropic suction, even if the posture of bedding is still towering. Awan buried between the double breasts and crazy. The real piano side heads, the beautiful looks, enjoy the thrill of tide. The nose is heavy, and the charming low is.

Awan reached out to unlock the rope knot of the true pants, and the probe entered. The authentic piano has not been worn. There is no difficulty to open the dense shame, and look for the source along the spring water. The true piano is even more delicate, and the prostitute flow is more anxious. Awa quickly found two fat and beautiful labips in the pussy, and was spoiled out of the spa-like love liquid in a single jitter. Awan’s hand did not leave the village and strongly fro it on the guardian door. The true piano feels the shocking pleasure of the legs, can’t help but scream. She can’t stand this violent excitement, and she wanted to avoid it. Suddenly felt the vaginal mouth, Awei’s fingers have been turned off and closed, invading their own charming meat. Another new plenary, and then scattered like a huge wave. The authenticity of the truth is black, and the perception is lost in the climax. When you go to the innate piano, the body clothes have been peeled off. Under her ass, the pussy has been put together. And Awu is also naked, squatting between his legs, and across the mask. The truth is shameful, even if the ear is red, I saw at least seven-inch long, thick, a big candle, and the red glans like a chicken egg, and it is ready to go outside the house. Prepare to attack the city.

“Awa …” The truth is shy, and the play: “Gentle!” Awu smiled and did not force the glans into the vaginal port. Two tender red petals have been supported, and the tightness contains the glans. Strong pain, I can’t help but “oh”. Awan re-implemented, the penis opened the rock in the cave full of love liquids. It was until you met the door of the hymen to stop.

The female film of the real piano is very tough, otherwise it is broken in dramatic sports. The innate piano feels hot, in the lower body. In addition to being a little painful when the vaginal muscles are so painful, it is only a bit of uncomfortable feelings. But the last thing, but she made her very painful, even tears squeezed out. “妤 妤 …. Light ….”

Awu is gentle, and her huge breasts, while the waist is very. The glans is on the tough virgin hybrid. The true piano is very painful, and the hands are grabbed on the back of Awu. I can’t break through the hymen. Awu is busry with the mask, retreats to the vaginal mouth; heel heel strength, and condense the force of the whole body. With the trend of thunder, tearing open the sturdy city gate, the horman is not exhausted, with the debris of the women’s film, collide with the end of the vagina. Awu’s pubic, also hit the pitch of the fastener, the shame of the two is close, no voids. The dense love solution is like a cylinder, from the vagina stuffed, and the virgin with a silk. Put a crimson under the grass.

At a moment of melon, the happension is like being torn on both sides. In the scream, the hand tightly grasped Awei’s tiger’s back, the nails broke the back muscle, and there were flowers.

A Devili stopped, and immediately launched strongly. The authentic piano is only bitten to the teeth and endures the powerful impact of the mask. At the beginning, the true piano felt that every piece of the penis, brought hard pain. But she stubborn personality, but she told her to endure it without shouting. Gradually, the pain is weakened, and it is replaced by a pleasure from undesired. A wave of waves quickly covered the pain of melon. It is unbearable that the truth is, and the Tan has no longer gains, and begged the soul. And the authentic piano is slowly inserted from the beginning, and it is turned to active warmth. Although it is the initial test cloud rain, but the physical fitness of the piano, it quickly adapted to Awu’s strong setting, taste the infinite pleasure of sex. Her limbs are tightly entangled Awa, and they don’t stop the opening of the mask. There is like a woman who just melon, just like a prostitute.

Awa is facing the true piano, and there is no pity and jade. He grabbed the super-breast milk of the innate piano, buried in a deep cleavage. The penis is quickly extracted, and then strong insertion. Every time you put it, you will cut the petals. The two people were crazy inserted almost one hour, and they have experienced several climax, and they still do not have tired. Finally, I only see the true piano’s eyes, the head is back, the whole body is spasm, and then reaches the climax. And Awu also tiger screamed, semen, rushing into the uterus of the fastener. People are also able to volve on the truth. For a long time, Awei climbs up from the truth. Looking at the true piano is a crystal jade body of sweat, it flashes the beautiful light.

The authentic piano is lying on the ground, and it is afraid that the aftertaste of the climax is tired. I suddenly remembered that my boyfriend and my friend’s boyfriend were stirred up. How did you plan? I am busy sitting up and see where Awei has something.

She sat up and gotten the evil eyes of Awu, and I was awake. I still don’t care about myself, and I am busy jumping out of the defensive rack. The true piano feels that the lower body is hurting, just is it too crazy. “You are not Awei, who are you?” The truth is roaring.

“Hey … I am not Awu! I am …. Your …. Dream!” The sound is like a golden iron, and it is sinking to suffocate.

The air is still full of sweat and love liquid, the plaque virgin blood, like reminding theory, her precious chastity has been ruined by the demon of this unclear. The true piano is furious, and a punch is attacked by his chest. But the less pain between the legs, but slow down her speed. She has been easily avoided in a row.

I saw “Awan” lightly falling in the way. I smiled and said: “It’s too late!” The truth suddenly felt from the uterus, rising a kind of monster feeling, quickly expanded to the whole body. Her heart shock, reach out, want to hold the lower abdomen, then lose awareness. The body slowly disappears, only one light green crystal is left, and the light green is left. Awan put the crystal into the arms and pushed the door of the road, into the darkness.

Chapter 3 (Love and Wisdom Soldiers – Sailor Mercury)

“Sorry, it.” Water Yapan Mebin said. The old gentleman stood up from the chess table. He is a bit uncomfortable, and he has lost three times in a few decades. And it is lost to a small sister who is twenty years old. He shook his head and said: “Comfort! Comfort!” Ammy is also very respectful and owed. The onlookers have this beautiful female chess newspaper with their sincere praise.

She is Water Yamai (her real identity, is from the love of Mercury and Wisdom.) Sailor Mercury.) Sailor Mercury. It is a pillar of the Ten Articon Chess Association. The association will set up the chess game in the public hall on Monday, welcome to challenge. For more than two years, no one has won a game in the hands of Water Shanyama.

However, the onlookers are not all the western chess fans, many people are actually as Yami. Yamai is a famous beauty. She has a fine five senses with a beautiful jacket, a refreshing short hair, showing a white tender neck, and the body is sluggish and not exaggerated. People are gentle and skilful, cordial, is a typical dream lover. Yami has always been relatively low-key, and the emergence of a lot of flowers. But her elegant beauty is still attracted to a large number of skirts. Yami has never false rhetoric, her volunteer is a pediatrician, she doesn’t plan to be involved in the field before volunteering. But in fact, the most important reason is because there is still no one to make her move.

In fact, Yamari is not very good today. Let’s be too weak, you can’t afford the war; two come from yesterday, there is a disturbing feeling, but I don’t know what is. When swimming this morning, Yamei had detected that the water flow performance was very quiet, and the depression of the storm. In the past, Yamui can’t solve everything, it will go to the water. Sometimes I don’t even have a swimwear, and I even have a swimsuit, simply naked, so that the water is gentle to touch each pore on the body, and the brain naturally will be awake. And …. The feeling of masturbation in the water is even more unparalleled, but this is the secret of Yami.

But this morning’s swimming fails to solve her trouble, only adding her depression.

“Hi! Please advise!” Yamui lifted the beauty, see the next one, and today’s last challenger sat down. Is a boyfriend of the ground, the rabbit!

Yami never knows that A Gu will go down the western chess. This is no wonder that because the rabbit does not understand the game, Awei must never chess in front of her. Yamui smiled and said: “Awu, is you like to play chess?” A Guard today seems a bit different. The burning shines up and down, and the beef is jumping.

“My chess is very poor, please leave your hand,” Awan will take a look at the ear of Yamui, said softly: “Yamui, you are very beautiful today.” Yamai heard Awei’s praise, and even feel happy. . Because she is dressed today, it is deliberated. Although it is a low-key, but the girl is still a girl, always loves someone to appreciate her beauty. Yami wears a blue into the rain today. Exposed young and smooth beef and pink jade arm. The white skin is not allowed to remove the eye.

“You are broken, the dosage is flowers, I want to tell the rabbit.” Yamuijiao. “If you lose, please ask me to eat!”

Awu Ying said: “This is not a problem. But if I won?” Yamui is full of confidence in his chess, she said: “You can win, but I will win.”

The chess game started, one start, Awei is crazy to attack. Yami is almost imposed, with her chess, even the super computer “deep blue” will also lose in the 50 steps, but Awan is hard to understand. Yamui made a mixed-in number, and he barely barely brought the offensive of Awu Nikou. Yamui was deeply attracted by Awa’s chess, and this boy gave birth to a tall and handsome, and the knowledge is good. Even the chess is so high, it is rare. Unfortunately, he has a famous grass and is the Lord. Otherwise … I thought about it, the ear came from “General, you lost.” When you look at it, the defeat has become, you really lost.

Asian American said: “Awu, you are very powerful. I lost my heart to take okay.”

Awei grabbed the Yamui arms, laughing: “Come, let’s swim.” “Swim?” Asia is strange, ask: “Why …” The words have been interrupted. “Do you want to do what I want to do?” Yamai remembers his commitment, I think “it is good! It is also immersed in this cool weather.” I promised, ” Wei Wei left the hall and walked to the university pool.

On the road, Awei and Yamai said a smile. I quickly arrived in the pool because it was a summer vacation, and there was no one in the school pool. Yamui and Awa have changed into swimsuits and swims in water. Awa’s swimming is good. I saw him swooping, and I still sneak into the underwater bottom, and the troubles of being chased, the two were very happy. Two people swim for a while, and they were a bit tired. It is climbed from the pool and takes a rest in the jacuzzi next to the pool. Asianee turned, lying on the water, enjoy the feeling of the body from the water column emitted from the nozzle. Suddenly Awa came from the water from the side, helping Amei’s floral waist, soft in the ear: “In fact, I am going to the public hall not for playing chess, I am for … I want to see you.” Yamei I am shocked, the hand is loose, almost calm down the water, but fortunately, Awei hits.

Yamui is busy lifting pretty face, I want to ask A Wei to understand. I saw that Awei was close to himself, and the eyes were full of enthusiasm. Yamui gave it a confusion, and the powder is flushed. Awa’s nose is almost attached to the small nasal nose of Amei, and the two are looking forward to it. It feels the heavy breath of both parties. Amei’s heart gave confused, Awu’s lips were close to Yaman’s cherry with a very slow speed. Asiae avoided, a little late, the lips have been sealed by Awei. She is a matter of study, and she is rushing to rejective, but her hands are caught in the same time. Awu kisses is more enthusiastic. Yamui struggled for a while, giving the kiss and chaos, the nose is getting messy. Awei grabbed Yamui’s hand slowly released, seeing her no longer struggling, surely letting her wrist, go to caress her chest.

Yami’s breast is not very big; but it is very firm. Although it is wrapped in a narrow swimsuit, it is still concealed in the perfect shape. She is wearing a head of a hanging strap, and the material is very slim. Awande is isolated from the thin fabric, and the breasts are smoked, and the nipples are pinched with Amei. Yami is touched, and there is a semi-opened, the Tan Hou is half open, has been taken by the tongue of Awei, sucking her incense tongue. Amei Sakura is disappearing, but it is even more shy. But it is also astonished by this fresh thrill, but it has to be thinned by Awan.

After the arrogant reached out to the Asian napper, unfold the sling of the swimwear. Yamai only felt a cool chest, and the water blue swimsuit was cut, and it had been pulled to the waist. A pair of high and tender jade milk, has not been reserved in front of Awei. Crystal clear, slightly shaking slightly in the water. Awan will not hesitate, and one hand is licking. Yamui feels like a feeling of electric shock on the breast, and it is eager to come out, but the lips are sealed, only from the nose. It’s better to be more and more strong, and Yami can’t stand, only vigorously push away the hot kiss of Awei, the mouth of the big mouth.

The two are immersed in the jacuzzi, the indoor pool of the empty caves, full of Amy’s excitement. Warm pool water, like a push-boost bar, one layer of open-ended defense. Awa turned to Asia, and volts were in front of Asian American breasts, licking her young skins, and left hand, according to the jade milk, hard. Yami’s milk gave A Wei sucking and sour and happily, he had to look back, soaking in the water, the soft waist, and there was no consciousness.

Awa’s right hand made a beautiful pussy in the thigh in Yama, pressed against Yamui in the swimwear. Asia Mary doubles red, delicate. Awa took the plane with his fingers to open the Yami swimsuit, from the water to visit, and covered with your hands in the Yasui. However, the pussy pussy is slightly toned, warm, arranged with the shame, soft, the yin nuclear, the yukucleot in the river, peeping to the strange guest.

Yamui felt Awa’s finger, in both petals, but never take care of the lonely small yin nuclei. The heart is eager to look forward, but it is ashamed to express the teeth, only twisting the waist, and the mouth “is” Dujo “. Akan Zhi Yami is already emotional, and I quickly removed Yamui swimwear, and the Ametar is half closed, and the fascinating fans, I don’t forget to raise the butt, which is convenient for Awei to fill the swimsuit. With the single swimsuit falling in the pool water, Amei’s entire beautiful flesh, naked is completely presented in Awei. The fine white meat of the whole body, crystal clear, pure brilliance in the water wave light. A drum, the breasts from Sai Miles, like a string pearl slipped water: surrounded by the skin of the sputum, rushing back and forth in the water, and occasionally disgraced with a powder.

Yami was initially exposed to the body in front of the opposite sex, and naturally shy. Seeing the red eyes of Awa’s greed and full of fire, and quickly overlapping the slender and strong legs, both hands were also interlaced to cover up two blushing. Amei felt the heart of the heart, and he was eager to first trial the cloud rain, and the mental and desires in his head. One side telling that the beautiful man in front of him is a lover, but on the other hand, the bear wants to fire again and more boiled, and the two unconscious are not hierarchical, and the Ameramy is unbearable. Awa but she didn’t wait for her decision, and she has reached out to the soft flank of Yama, so that the beautiful pussy will rise up. I saw that the pussy of the micron rose from the pool water, like a sleeping lotus floating on the water. The water droplets are like a shame of the slightly curl like a noodle, and the honey is oozing from the petals and exudes a special virgin.

Awu buried down to the petals, sucking sweet honey solution, licking the beautiful red beautiful petals. New stimuli, clean the buttons of the Namadam’s anti-smart, clean. She is holding the head of Awu, as I want to push him; but keep in touch with the penstick, I close the pussy to Awu’s mouth. When I used the tongue to use the tongues, Ya Mei has two climax, which has long been gainful. Awan reversed the Amei, let her kneel in the poolside, the whole abdomen and peach, half immersed in the water, the cilia is spreading in the water, and the charming jade Hole. Awu hands separate the hips, the petite chrysanthemum bud is so shy to shrink; two petals pull the power, revealing the red tender meat. Awei explored the finger gentle in the open village, and the earthquake is like a strong tremor in the valley. The finger explores the source along the outbreak mountain, and screams in the ecstasy of Yamui, explored the vagina. The finger is in a small circle, and the side of the urgent meat is digging. Yamui only felt that the lower body was invaded by foreign objects, bringing a pain and a wave of pleasure, but he had to bite his lips to endure. Awu exits the finger, holding the Yami’s jade hip, slowly put the big penis on the petals. “Yamui, it’s coming.”

Asia is shy, do not dare to look back, say: “Don’t … stop … Don’t” weak opposition. I have already had a giant close to the pussy, and it is very uncomfortable in the petals. Yeah, the hot tips of the object have been caught in the petals, seal the export of jade holes. The male sexual organ shape in the class has slightly smoked Amei’s mind, and the heart is surprised and happy. pain! Yamui felt the sealed vaginal mouth was strong, she knew that she had been invaded by the glans. The book always said that the woman’s first time will be very painful, but there is no more detailed description. Yami is now a little regret why it always refuses to see the erotic novel, now you have to experience the experience of melons.

The glans support the sealed labipings, and the A can slowly advanced, and the mask broke into the depth. Yamui feels that narrow jade cave is forced by the penis, and it is strongly painful. She is a little call: “Pain … Don’t …”, avoid it in front. The hands are released on the pool and want to block the offensive of the mask. Awu horse caught the Amei wrist and continued to advance.

The glans opened the mountain, finally arrived at the female film, and retreated later. Amei feels a special pain just now, the mind is always moving, and the message of melon is flashing in my mind. I quickly smashed: “Don’t!” I feel that the prime of the mask is fast and re-inserted. The lower body will come back to tear a strong pain, and she has a sudden crying.

The masher takes the effort to break the power, and the whole roots insert into the Virgin vagina. The blood of the melon is red, and the Siamese stocks are reddish. The masher straight to the hoggonate, and the vaginal feels the stretch trend caused by the pain of melonia.

Amland has not finished, and Awei has begun to extract the penis. The tenderly shallow wall is pulled to strong, and it is another haunt. The horman is almost retracting to the jade mouth, and the vaginal muscles around them are tightened, and all gaps are filled. But the jade hole that has been opened, but it came from empty feelings. Blood is still rushing from the vaginal mouth, but the heart is eager, looking forward to the re-impact of the mask, deissue the difficult void.

Awu did not let her down, and the mask is again inserted into an urgent vagina and gradually increases the speed. Yamui uses the pool, tall with ass, and withstand the ruthless thrush. It turns out that the feeling of love is like this, the first time is really very painful, but people are willing to continue to do it. This is the knowledge you can’t get on, you can understand it. Yamui feels that Mournington is open, and the body’s pleasure is even more difficult. I only feel the pleasure in my body, I have arrived at the peak, I’m going to dialect, and the vagina produces strong spasm. At the same time, the hands are weak, the body is soft, and it will be downward.

Awu is inserting, and suddenly I feel the violent spasm in the Yamui vagina, the glans is bubbled from the prostitutes that are ejected in the climax. The tiger is like a shock, knowing that it is about to be ejaculation, and quickly put the penis into the end, while trying to grasp the beautiful waist. Yami’s skin does not slip, Awu’s hand is wet, and the hand is slippery, and it has been caught in the beautiful body. Amei’s body fell forward, volts on the pool. The horman is extracted from the vagina, and then a large number of semen is taken, shooting on the pink butboul of Yami, most of which are shot in the water. White semen, make the pool water turbid. Awu’s hood kept emitting the semen and scared a scared breath.

Yamui body is in the pool, and it feels that the penis is flying, the butt is hot, and a large amount of hot liquid is filled on the jade hip. She came out of breath, I thought: “After it!” Suddenly heard Awei’s breath, look back, seeing Awu’s eyes, there is a strong demon. I have a sharp turn, I know that there must be a problem. The legs are supported by force, flying from the bath, falling in the corner. Only, there was a pain between the legs, but the legs were soft, almost unstable, and quickly support the wall. A 红 血, flow along the thigh.

Yamui settled God and looked up and only seeing Awan immersed in the pool, still shooting the semen. The mouth of the monster is screaming in the mouth, with a strong demon. “It is a demon!” Yamui no longer hesitated, immediately motion out of the stick, fragrant: “Mercury Crystal power … transformed!” The body has turned sharply, and the whole body makes a brilliant light, turned into Sailor Mercury. Her jade hand turned off, from the eye mask on the face, see the entire indoor pool, full of colorless gases. Her jade flew in the keyboard of the handheld, and immediately calculated the ingredients of the gas, actually a violent trick; the gas source … is actually the Awa in the pool. Through the induction eye mask, Yamui saw that the aphrodisiac gas was constantly emitting from the pores of Awei. No wonder it will lose homemade! Suddenly, the eye mask exhibited “Awan” body, in addition to the glory of the gold crystal of the Earth’s prince itself, the glory of Venus Crystal and Jupiter Crystal is also included. Yamui lost his voice: “Meii Zi and the true piano …” “Yes, they have already …” Awa in the pool, has sprayed the last dripper. Start crossing. Yamui does not return backwards. Awei used a harsh voice, slowly said: “You are lucky! Otherwise, my golden semen is in touch with your egg, you will be like Venus and Jupiter, there is no shadow It is close to Yamui. Yami knows that you must notify you as soon as possible. Let’s make a trick, “Mercury … Radesite …” water column such as chaos arrows to Awu. Solitaire, all hit! There are countless water arrows in Akai, such as flying in the swimming pool. Yami is cheering, sudden in the swimming pool, the strong shock wave is flying from the water, putting the violent pressure on the wall, the palm of the hand has smashed, the sailor in the body, can’t stand strong impact Slice. Awan fled from the pool and fell on the opposite side of the pool. The blood cave covered in the middle water arrows is full. After a while, the wound on the Akan quickly healed, and the impact wave was stopped.

Pressure disappears, Amei body pain, naked down on the ground. I saw that Awu smiled and said: “The golden semen just just now is not all waste, there are still a few drops to enter your body. … … ….” Amland is shocked, and I really feel a demon, Diamond in the lower body. I don’t know how it is good, I only hear Awei said: “We are better to come again …” Stepping on the water.

Yamai knows that it is not spared, but it must be a time to issue a alarm. A bit bite, fragrant: “Soap bubble … Flying … .freezing …” Concentrates strength to two fingers, one backhand, and insert it into your own jade hole. The entire vagina and uterus are isolated. Amei is screaming, and I feel that the demon in the body is still struggling to expand, know how long ice is sealed. Immediately press the communication device, I want to transfer the warning, but I have not responded by it, and when I see that the communication machine doesn’t know when it has hit it, Yamai sent a desperate wailing. At the same time, I feel that the ice seal in the vagina has begun to dissolve. And Awu has come to the front of it, separated his legs, and reinsert the mask. Awa’s penis sends a high fever, a slap inserted the Yamui frozen vagina, inserted into the uterus like a broken ice boat. The Yami is tired, and it is more painful, and the eyes are dark.

Awu was in a coma, still inserting crazy, until the body of Amei fell, only grabbed light blue Mercury crystal stone, Shijoo left.

Chapter 4 (Love and Available Warrior – Sailor Mars)

“Bing. Bigh. Fighting. Everything. Array. Column. In. Before, in Wiring Shrine, a long hair and waist girl, a witch dress, squatting in front of the altar, hitting the spell, twiddle Buddha printing. She is the hostel of the shrine (her real identity is the love and aura soldiers guarded by Mars – Sailor Mars.). She is trying to appear in spiritual power and showing the morphology of the demon. I saw the spark on the altar, and Alice was sweating, the beautiful face was taken under the fire, and it was still so moving. She is tight, and she is strengthening spiritual power.

On top of the fire, a black shadow slowly formed, vaguely seen a humanoid object. A Liejiao, the Buddha’s revived. The black shadow gradually became clear, the face has been recognized, there is no five senses, very horrible. A locked in the heart, the spiritual power is scattered, and the black shadow is also exhausted.

In fact, since Sunday morning, Ali Xin has a homogeneous feeling; to Monday, she is more realistic about the evilness. Therefore, this special open level is desirable to determine the origin of the enemy. Just now she has lost a lot of spiritual power, and the whole body is very tired. Ali is thinking that the enemy of this time is fierce, and tomorrow must notify other beautiful girl soldiers to strengthen alert.

After Fire Shanli was in the Galaxy a battle, it has been devoted to the performance industry. Her first personal album is more popular. In the record, she set the composer, fill and began, and became the talented woman of the idol. With the beautiful young Yanyi, such as the beautiful, a well-known body, a well-known hair, plus the special identity of the witch, so that she is popular all over the country. If her grandfather passed last year, she inherited the shrine and had to take a year, she may be in the national inspection performance.

Alili loves her grandfather, so I would rather suspend the development of the business. According to my grandfather, I will find a suitable successor. In the past few months, Alice still remembered the grandfather who died, rarely played out of other beautiful girl soldiers. But another reason for Alice is closed, in fact, is a field guard. In the beautiful girl soldiers, Alice and Moon hare have the deepest, and earliest knows the love of Awu. Allen was a long time for this, because she also like Awan. It’s just that the goddess is, and the king has no dream. Alice will bury the heart of Awu. But in the funeral of Grandpa, Awei once led the shoulder, let Alili cry, Alipae found that he had not forgotten to him. In order to avoid sorry, the rabbit, so she decided to enclose himself and let this love lose. Alice wipes the amount of sweat. More than two years of calm life, lack of fighting and exercises, and the use of spiritual power is a bit sorrowful. She opened the gods of the altar, let the breeze blowing the breeze in the past.

Allen sat on the promenade and looked up at the sky in the sky. The moon tonight is round. Suddenly Ali felt that there was a cold breath in the wind, and she hit a cold. The beauty is shot, see one of the pine trees, and it is very familiar with it. The Alijiao is jumped, as an arrow shot under the tree. The black shadow knows that the body is exposed, and it is flashing into the woods. Aili is chasing, a few last fall, finally next black shadow. I saw her delicate, and the jade palm was cut into the black shadow. Unexpected black shadow suddenly turned back, Al Li, actually Awa! I quickly closed my hands, but because of the punctuality, I lost my balance, I immediately hit it into Awu Huai, and the two fell on the ground.

Allen is in the middle of the people, and the heart is sweet. A pair of water, the beautiful beauty, looked at Awu. Awan sword flashed the camera, said softly: “Alice, I am very losing you!” Alili heard that the heart was shocked, and it was ashamed to be red. I only think that everything in the world is not important. “The rabbit ….” The cherry smashed. Awa is no longer talking, and his lips slowly kissed the sandalwood.

Alice is in hand, and the head is slightly, the cherry is welcoming. The lips are connected, and Alice can’t control it, and the hands are naturally holding the back neck of Awu. The two enthusiastically kissed, the tongue and the liquid solution constantly communicated. Awu’s hand slowly visited the Allen’s neckline. Ali wear traditional witches and clothes, there is naturally not wearing a bra. A pair of pepper, and immediately fall into Awan. But the skin is smooth, and the mountains are waiting for it. Awa’s hand, swim in the newly skating body, no one corner. Alice gave the whole body, and the nose was stunned. Jade hand unconsciously smashed the hair of Awei. Awa is raging on a very straight-handed beauty, and the other hand has set off the Ali’s kimono, stroking the skin of the inside of the thigh.

Alili worn, the lower body did not wear the underwear, the waist was only surrounded by traditional crotch cloth. The dense fragrance broke out by the crotch, and gave Awu’s gentle.

Under the dark night sky, the two lying on the small air floor in the woods. Alice’s kimono has been unspeakted, a pair of towering breasts, slight jitter on the night wind. The crotch cloth of the lower body has already been pulled down, and the two legs are separated, and the pussy of the micron has been completely wetted completely. Beautiful faces are also slightly twisted with strong pleasure. Awu took his hand to the Alega’s thigh, buried between the legs of Alice, crazy with the tongue on her clitoris, and covered with obscene. Alice is excited to open his mouth, and suddenly the face is hot, Awu’s penis is in front of him. She knows that Awu’s intention, 10,000 people are willing, but they don’t dare to take active because they are shy. Awu knew a girl’s mind, move the mask close to the Allen, slightly, and drove her closed cherry, inserted into her mouth.

Alice contained Awu’s mask, the tongue was naturally licking on the glans. I only feel that the penis is heavy, the cherry is a big one, and the Awan is gently sent, and the masher will stand the throat, very uncomfortable. Just use the tongue to top the tongue, only to the glans, constantly sucking.

Awu’s hi is very comfortable. He returned to sucking the bright petals of Alice and the yuki of the expansive protrusions, while using the tongue as a pioneer, exploring the Alegle closed virgin. If the vaginal mouth is closed, even if the thigh has been to the most, the city gate still has no voids. Awei is a force, the tongue is inserted into the vagina, and it will be compactly.

Alice has a foreign body to break into the ground, and I am poured in my heart; but the mouth is in the mouth, I can’t call it, only from the nose. Awu’s tongue continuously moved forward, one side sucking the prostitutes that flooded like a tide, and gerbeled the yuki with teeth. Allen only felt that the whole body was full of pleasant pleasants, couldn’t help but spit out the mask, screamed in the night sky. Suddenly the whole body drama, the hands and feet, there is a red wave in the positive body, and the first time I have experienced climax.

Awa turned, put the beautiful pussy that was still flowing in obscenity, and kept shaking, holding the Alice ass, the waist is hard, and the big glans have been inserted into the vagina. Alice felt a swear, can’t help but show it out. Awa is the confidentiality, Xu’s force, and insert the penis into the virgin vague who has never been there. Allen only felt that the penis continued to deepen, and the vagina was swollen, very painful. Suddenly, Awu made a strong and uncomfortable tear a female film that guarded the forbidden land. Then, the mask was drawn, and the woman’s blood was spilled on the glans. Al Legend came, the pain was almost fainted. At the moment of breaking the pain, Allen suddenly felt a clear soul. It is the most embarrassment of the “Awu” to climb the “Awan”, and the most embarrassment is inserted in the vaginal. Ali is not thinking about it, he is rising, drinking: “Evil debate”, it turns out in the hands, and the hit of the arm is on the amount of Awu. Under the arrival of Awa, the mask was separated from the Body of Allen, and he fell back.

Ali was built with the pain between the legs and stood up. The naked piety trembled under the night sky, the silk of the silk, flowing along the thighs to the ankle, and the obscenity has not stopped from the pussy to the grass. Ali was relieved, she still felt strong evil, and the attack did not defeat this demon.

“Hey … I know that in the beautiful girl soldiers, you are most difficult to deal with.” Awa stood up from the ground, and hard masks were still tall. The bloody glans pointed to the naked Alice. “Your spirit will definitely induce my camouflage.” Awu made a mission on the amount, and a piece of hose had burned a crucible, faintly exposed the bone. Very scary.

Alice felt a heartbeat, no longer hesitated. It’s raising that it has been sahed for more than two years, and the mouth is called: “Mars Crystal power … transformed!” The whole body made a glory, a few turns, turned into a Mars Beauty Soldier — Sailor Mars!

“Fire Dance … Mandaro!” Alice spelled a series of fire rings and flying to Awu. I saw A Wei’s shadow, lost the trace, and the fire rings were empty. Allen is so powerful, hurriedly enhances spiritual power, and a quiet in the mind, and immediately feel the correct position of the demon. The trick “Flame … Sniper!” I only heard a miserable call, Alitou Zhongdo called: “Incident!”. Approaching, just a piece of wood! Suddenly, the sound of the wind sounded, and I was busy turned to meet the enemy. I just turned, a pair of wrists and ankles, have been firmly grasped from all sides. The voice of the harsh sound: “That’s just the difference.”

Alice is shocked, only the limbs are greatly opened, and the whole body cannot move. At the look at God, I saw “Awei” gave birth to a pair of big hands from the shoulders, and grabbed their double wrists; and their own ankles, they were caught by another pair of demon from the waist. Awa burned the face, but it has been restored, and the eyes can’t say.

Awukou sent a hair tailored voice: “It’s not very good, you wasted me a lot of time, I won’t let you have a good time!” Between the moment, Alice was again naked in front of the demon.

Allen has been shocked, and suddenly feels the hard objects in the lower body. Looking down, I scared. I saw Awan’s mask expansion until approaching a length of a long, and the thickness was large, and the concave convex is full of mausoleum. It is simply like a wolf tooth. She was scared, and her eyes were full of fear of eyes.

The demon reached out to hold Al Li’s peaks, and hard to do it; The masher also frozes before and after the yin outdoors, while leaning over, licking the ears of Ally.

Ali heart is extremely unwilling, but the body is not controlled, and the snoring is more and more columns from each sensitive location, and the lingering situation has not stopped in the brain. I was only forgotten that it was just a demon, not the inner court guard. She is responsible for her limbs, can’t be catering, only to twist the ass, Yi Yi, the soul of the soul. The demon knew that Alice was released again by the demon law. He started again attacked.

Ali climax, has been dug virgin vagina, was intolerable emptiness. Ass could not help twisting around, and strengthen friction penis. It is time, Ah Wei hand holding Ali’s waist, penis positive vaginal opening, forced nearly foot-long monster, slowly forcing Rua Li body. Ali came to speak, pants severe pain, pain she looked up straight, Zhangtailiaokou, issued a piercing howl. Demons not listening, but straight forward to push the bottom, while, it will be the root of the whole penis, vagina Rue Li nail completely. Ali has a faint pain, beautiful face hanging in the chest, a hair, messy scattered. Demons turned a deaf ear, a penis pump to start pumping strong.

Alice is awake, the young and tender vagina, the people who are junior, can’t stand the wind and rain; not to mention the rapid thrush of this super-mask. The vaginal has expanded to a largest, such as the collapse of a large amount of love, barely lubricate the vaginal immersion. The masher is like a fire rod, and I hit the uterus of Allen. Alice feels the spicy, and every insertion of the mashed mask, it seems that it is necessary to drill a hole in the body. Strike, in the pain, actually mixed some pleasure. The accumulation of plenant, gradually covered, the climax hits, Allen is invincible, keep shaking. The demon did not slow down because of the climax of Alice, and it was still crazy impact Ali’s body. At first a few times, Alice was half a bitter. But after another, the gap is strong, Alice gradually felt the body. The vaginal is slightly thrust, and the secretion of love has gradually dried up, and the blood is started. The lower body is getting worse, Alice is finally unbearable, coma is not awake.

The demon seeing Aisi, laughing loudly, but the lower body is still inserting. Finally, a lot of semen will be taken into the Yinhuyin. The semen filled with vagina, spilling from the vaginal mouth, flowing with bloodshot full of Alice white thighs. The demon song hangs Alice’s strange hand, Ali horse is angry if the filament is fell to the ground. The demon will be completely recovered, and the body will change back to the body of the ground. Standing on the side, looking at the stunned fire, the body became gradually transparent until it completely disappeared. He reached out to put Alice’s power crystal, pink Mars crystal stone in his arms and turned to leave.

Suddenly, the demon figure flashed and shot. He just flashed, a light ball, has brought the position of himself to be smashed. Two 窈窕 ‘s figure drifting into the grove, it is Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.

The second – external Solar Soldiers

Chapter (preface)

In the world of Sailors, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, and Mars (Mars) are called four guards. Their four people and princess Moon Moon is close to, and five are about 18, nine years old, just raised universities. They often meet on weekdays, it is also good friends. They are all re-enhanced during the destruction of the month, so the power is weak.

And Uranus (King) and Pluto (Pluto) and Pluto (Pluto) were called the three warriors of the outer solar system. They did not participate in the moon world to destroy the war; and guarded the external enemy to take advantage of the external enemy. Their attack power is relatively high. However, due to the age of the month, the princess is larger, there is already four or five years old, so it often acts as the role of the seniors. In the silent savior, the outer solar warrior was first debuted. But their powerful attack power is impressed.

Among the many beautiful girl soldiers, the power is the greatest, which may be Sailor Saturn (Saturn). This warrior called the Star of Destroyed, usually there will be; only in the most dangerous time, she will wake up from the sleep. But once she awake, she will wavitate the silence of silence, all things, no matter what kind, and ugly, all completely destroyed, and then reborn. Therefore, other beautiful girl soldiers always seal her, do not want her a day. In the silent savior, Sailor Saturn’s Sailor Moon was rescued by Moonlight Sailor Moon, and chose to sacrifice himself and retained the world, funeral with the alien life “Frank 90”. Later, Saturn was reincarnated for the baby and was adopted by Uranus and Neptune.

In the battle of the Galaxy Central, all outer solar system, including Sailor Saturn, also participated. After the war, they did their new life like other beautiful girls.

After the war, Sailor Pluto returned to Pluto’s position and continued to guard the door. In order to achieve a wish, Dynasty, I decided to participate in the Grand Prix of the Formula, which must be the first world champion female racer. Sea Wangmei Shu continued her artistic life, became a violin player, two people rushed to tour competition and performance around the world. The Middle East Runxi running, there is no idle. However, this kind of life is actually more suitable for them, because the potentials that they have adopted are growing at the speed of ordinary people. Between these two years, it has been five years old to ten years old. If they stay in a certain place for a long time, others will definitely detect the abnormal growth rate of the fire.

At first, they did not understand why the small gullet was rapidly growing, but in the last two months, the growth rate of the small fire was significantly accelerated; before they returned to Japan, Xiaofeng has grown to twelve years old. They have begun to detect that the solenger is growing rapidly, and it is necessary to prepare another awakening! In other words, the new enemies have already appeared!

When Yesterday, Mei Zhi is performing in the Paris Opera House, they received a short and incomplete warning message. Is a rescue! (Yami’s efforts have no whitepess.) So they immediately stop the trip to rush back to Japan. In the aircraft itinerary in just one night, Mei Zhiji pays attention to Xiao Fire and grows up to one year. The crisis seems to be more gorgeous! After going to step, I just in the hotel, I’m a good fire, and they induced the Sailor Soldiers turned into the signal, and immediately rushed to the firemon shrine, but it was a late step and saved Alice.

The first chapter (the new era soldier, showing gorgeous and elegant style – Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune) (上)

The King Dao (Uranus) and the NEPTUNE screamed and jumped toward a small tree. A arrival suddenly stopped, a punch on the ground: “There is a … When the small set is changed, the people are open to the side, only the front impact of the light ball. But I heard a scream, I saw a arm on the ground, and the demon of the arm was broken.

At the same time, Mei Zhi Li has silently flashing to the enemy. I only heard her delicate: “Shenzhen … cold wave”! The demon is turned back, and it has been hit by a water blue light ball. I saw that the demon was bombed for a long time, and slammed into a big tree, issued a “bombing” loud, and the crude big trunk of people also gave it broken. The demon will fall on the ground and have no breath. Abyy and beautiful Zhizhi carefully approached, the mud under the demon is suddenly trapped, and the defects of the demon will be drilled into the mud. Ah came to chase again, but it has lost the sensation of the demon between the transstals.

After Sailor Uranus and Neptune knocked down the demon, I immediately flew back to the crach on Alice. But they came late, Alita had a soul of cigarettes. The grass is covered with women in the grass. Two beautiful girl soldiers squatting on the ground, smashing the witches under the Aili. Hai Wang Mei Zhi Li picked up Aleg’s crotch cloth, and found that the wet, taking it close to the nose, a mixed sputum, the unique odor of the male semen, the unique odor of the nose, could not help but the gods, the powder surface flew. It turned out to be impulsive in your heart, licked the semen on the cloth.

Hai Wang Meishi is Sailor Neptune, and the guardian is the Neptune. She has been three years old this year, there is still no experience. Although she is a beautiful violinist, she is famous for the art world; but in the past two years, she follows the Sailor Uranus, and the Sailor Saturn, who has reincarnated, and the world tour of the world, fundamentally There is no time to fall in love. Moreover, she is with a long time for many years, there is a kind of feeling that is difficult to speak. They did not make a lesbian, but they became a lesbian, but they had this impulse in the hearts of the two. Therefore, on weekdays, I deliberately tribute to this question. At this moment, the beautiful Zhizhi suddenly felt the heart and swaying, and the heart couldn’t help but love to Ai Yao. So the red face and steals the eye to the far away.

The king is in the tour, and you can search for the demon. She felt that an evil force was still hidden in the dark, peeking, waiting for the opportunity. She all god, did not pay attention to the singular vision of the United States. what! felt it! I saw that the Ai is suddenly vacant, leaping in half, and shoots the light ball to a small tree. “Boom”, blowing a big hole on the ground. In the dusty dust, I vaguely see a shadow.

A far jumped to the United States and stayed around. The dust gradually dissipates, and Ayao finally clears to see the morphology of the demon … is the ground! Auntie angry: “No need to pretend, now you have the original face!”

Awei replied with a harsh voice: “This is my original face! I’m esteem ….”

Aby is shocked, asked: “It is impossible, the ground must be the prince of the earth, how can it be a demon?” “Yes, just because Awa is the prince of the Earth, all changes on the earth will affect his Essential … “This is also known, and in the Dark Crescent Empire, Awa has been almost killed because of the serious destruction of the earth. “…. Today’s human selfishness and sophisticated evil spirits have been severely polluted, and I wake up the darkness of the buried on the site sanitation …. That is …. I!”

Awan continued to smile with the voice: “It’s a joke. It turned out to have the desire to rape every beautiful girl’s warrior. I …. Of course I will help him achieve the wish …. …. Ha … “smiled and smiled, the figure flashed, the person has jumps more than ten feet. Auntie: “Don’t go! Beautiful Zhizhi, chasing!” The fairy body is bomb, and it will be chasing immediately. Several landing has disappeared in the woods.

Meishi left to the Aby Drink, set the god, and then walked from behind, but it was a few steps. There is a trace of two people. Mei Zhi stayed slowly, jumping to the highest tree, hope to find a position of A.

Tonight is the full moon, the moon in the sky is big and bright, and the whole wood is light as a white. Mei Zhi stayed on the treetop and appeared in a very similar. Her heart feels special wave tonight, mature and full of flesh, and it is slightly desirable, and it is mouth-watering. A green (? … good, it is green!) The hair is floating, the towering chest is rushing and rushing. Water’s big eyes shine under the moonlight, exudes seductive light. Short mini skirts are pulled in the evening wind, showing a pair of slender and smooth legs. From the tree, you can also see the pure white small panties under the skirt. Moreover, it can also see the shape of the pussy of the pussy. what! There are some somewhere in the underwear! It is just now ….

The first chapter (the new era soldier, showing gorgeous and elegant style – Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune) (below)

Beautiful Zhishi left around, there is a quiet in the woods, what is the trace of chasing! She is hesitant, and the heart suddenly rises a very familiar feeling. This feeling is too familiar … this is the feeling of being smoke! It is like the feeling of being staring at the colorful eyes of the man who is surrounded by the man’s colorful vision when the beauty is in a low-breasted, and when it is in a short skirt. Mei Zhi stayed with the most confident in his body, in fact, she also enjoyed this kind of pride that is eye-catching. At this time, she clearly felt that someone under the tree, looking at my skirt under his skirt. Somehow is very exciting, I don’t consciously divide the legs slightly, and I feel that the lower body is moist and begins to flow out of the honey solution.

Mei Zhi has dressed in the heart of the heart, bowing down, even seeing the King of the King, looking at himself under the tree, looking up smiling. The beautiful dish is flying, but at the same time, the heart is big, the flying is leap, and the light falls in front of it.

“Give him a flee!” A remote warmed. The eyes are staring at the pretty look of the beauty, and the eyes are branched.

Meishi left to the confusion of Ayao, Hu Shizhao: “So go back, Xiaofeng is waiting for us.”

A far, slowly reached out to support the beautiful shoulders of the United States, and close to her ear. “” Beauty stay, are you wet? “At the same time, reach out to the Meishiki skirt, just touch the wetprints on the underwear. Mei Zhi Li is shameful, and the heart is like, only the legs are wet.

The hand under the skirt will be covered with the finger of the honey solution to the United States, say: “Beauty stay …. is a … a bad girl.” Then will be full of love liquids, including the entrance. Before the breathing became turbid, it is like a slow sugar that is like a lollipop. The other hand hits the United States.

The small panties can be dripped. Beautiful Zhihou has stopped standing, and it is stunned to breathe in Ayao. A far’s hand is moving on the underwear, which is neither a rude, and it does not even look at it. Every subtle movement is just right, and the beauty is so comfortable. The sensitory of a woman is of course a woman yourself. No wonder that many women’s clubs are homosexual.

Meishi left to touch the fire, kiss the mouth of Ayao. The two are lingering in the tree. At this time, there are only two puzznes in the air.

In the other corner of the woods, the king is being pursuing on the ground. The two leap in the bushes, and the far away is exhausted, and it is never possible to catch up with Awan. At this time, A arrived that the beautiful Zhizhi didn’t keep up, and the mind is turned, and immediately stopped. Awei saw that there was no longer chasing it, nor to escape, flying below the tree of the far away. The strange smile is revealed on the face: “I finally knowd it ….”

Ai I know that the beauty of the United States must be a thing, can’t help but feel anxious: “What happened to Yizhi? If you dare to hurt her hair, I will never let you go!”

“You can rest assured, I am very happy now, very happy …” Awu smiled and said: “Sorry, sorry to separate your two. If you let you cooperate, I have to spend more work. I don’t want to spend more. I am hard to fight with you. If your beautiful carcass is injured, it is not good. “Double eye is evil, and the body of A.

The eyes of obscenity are like to look like the clothes of the clothes, and A far is simple, it seems that it is true, it is very unhappy. Although she always loves to put on men’s clothing, and often appears as men’s identity; but in fact, she is also a beautiful woman. Although a blond hair is short, but it has no damage to her beauty, just adding a little inflammation, but also has a cool personality. Slim and high-spirited body reveal in the sailor. Aby is looking at the heart, this feeling is very strange, very uncomfortable. I can’t help but get up from the heart, I lift my legs, kick it. Awu fought, and the two immediately launched a fierce battle.

The sailor suit of the United States has been unsatched, and a pair of strong milk is being smashed by Ai Yao. Beautiful Zhi Li felt a soft hand, swayed around the body like a charge, opened their own skin, and said to Shi Taotai. And a pair of jade hands in the United States, nor, in the back of the Ai Yao and jade hips. Two people have a tongue, double double lying downgrass. Ah is looking down with the jade milk, the little tongue is licking in the milk, and the beautiful body of the beautiful Zhizhi is trembled. Gradually, the tongue of A. The tongue moved down and reached the lower abdomen, and I was still slightly smart in the navel. The more heaches of the beauty of the United States. The tongue finally reached the lower body of the United States, accepted on the top of the panties, with force top in the yin.

The beautiful smart underwear has been wet, it becomes translucent. It can be seen that there is a fat pussy and thick hairy. Her shame is very lush, narrow underwear can’t cover it. A silky silk hair has climbed from the edge of the pants. Love liquid is like a fierce hair, and I have got to eat the belly. A farm climbed in the United States, I licked for a while, and reached out, I pulled down the beautiful underwear, dialing the thick black forest, and explored the candied valleys that were out of the large quantity of Qiong Yao jade.

Strong pleasure, let the United States have fallen into a crazy state. She is delicious, her eyes are like a silk, the star is half open, and I saw the buttocks climbed on the body. So I also pulled down the panties on the body and kissed it on her yin.

A far-faced “hot kiss”, one side, attacked the petals of the United States with tongue. Sweet nectar, constantly pond from pink village. A far with his fingers to open a fresh petal, bite the bloated yuki with a teeth. Mei Zhi Li feels a strong pleasure that cannot endure the body, I want to call out, but I will not leave the pussy of Aya, only violent gasping, sprayed in the yin of Aya.

A arrived around and kneeling between the legs, separated her thigh. On the one hand, gentle care about the yuki, on the one hand, use the forefinger to explore the Virgin vague of the United States. Beautiful Zhi Li is a beautiful pink, and the body is constantly shaking. Ah arrived over and leaned over to the United States, using the pussy with the lower body of the United States, “grinding the mirror”. For a time, the small woods were filled with two beautiful joy.

A. The A Du play dozens of batches, and it also does not take up the upper wind. She will go to the demon just want to contain himself, it is delayed. I wanted to retreat to Awu several times, I can’t succeed. Under the anxiety, there are almost hits several times. Auntie is healing, only makes it. “Super …. There are …. 荡”, play a huge light ball. I don’t wait to see if I hit the opponent, and I will go back and go back.

Amo rushed to the forest, and finally returned to the vicinity of the militan lawn. Suddenly she heard the sound of Mei Zhi, and immediately ran over. Just under the big tree not far away, I saw the beauty of the United States and another naked lying on the ground. The air is full of sex and sweat smell. A. I have been confused by the demon. I saw the beautiful flesh of the United States and Zhizhi, and the peer is a feeling of jealousy. She feels very angry, exchanging, the body is on the grass, two meat insects Shot.

But at the same time, in the soil under the farm, suddenly emerged four dumps, grabbing the far-sippler. Abyanyman is in the air, there is no dodge, and a turn-on arm and the calf have been firmly caught. The Aya is open to the mud, and the distance is only 10 steps. She vigorously struggles, but how can she earn it, but only loudly shouts beauty. I just opened my mouth, I have blocked my mouth; I can only look at Mei Zhi, I will continue to be insulting.

Beautiful Zhihou and Ai Yao are tight, the two are grinding, the tongue is tongue, the four full breasts are constantly rubbing, the beautiful legs are wrapped around each other; the yin house is strongly squeezed, and the sound of “…” . Mei Zhi Li feels the pleasure that can’t be said, especially the squeezing of the yuki, brings a shocking pleasure like a tsunami. Finally, she shouted, the whole body drama, and the gaps in the Yudong lost a lot of prostitution and spelling a climax.

Mei Zhi Li feels mixed with Shurt, but still feels empty in the jade hole. I am eager to: “If A is really a man.”

A far and four limbs, the mouth was stuffed again, and the eyes looked at the beauty and “another self” in fake phoenix, but he couldn’t help but stream. Suddenly, she felt that there was a hot hand on the back of the jade back to touch, and the governor did not say the wretkehood. She felt that the hand stayed on the jade hip, accepted in the panties, and smoked the pine. She tried to twist back, I saw that the ground is squatted behind her, and the eyes shot in the eyes and smirked towards themselves.

Awu reached out the back of the sailors of the Ai Yao, “”, Aijing feels the jade back, the sailor has been torn. At the far side, only a narrow underwear is left under all, only wrapped a full butt and blooming flower office. The crystal jade back does not have a slap, and the snow whiten skin shines under the moonlight. Awa made a brightened and shouted, and his hands were self-excited on the jade back, and he was still stroking with the breasts of Ai Yao.

A far is very humiliating and tears. She desperately twisted the body and wanted to avoid it, but the limbs could not move, only biting the teeth. Let’s take a soft touch, knock on the door of your lust. Auntie endured, with strong willpower, suppress the enthusiasm of the heart. Suddenly, the lower body is cold, and the final barrier is also torn. The smooth jade hip and delicate petals are no longer blocking, slightly shaking slightly under the night sky. At this time, the lower body is painful, the petals have been invaded by Awu’s fingers; at the same time, the tongue is also keeping. The finger is ruthless to the vagina direct diamond, and Aby is very painful; on the other hand, the asshole is opened by people, and the tongue has been drilled in the cave. One time is pain and is sour, two different different feelings come at the same time, and A far can’t help but infattern. The petals have also begun to exude honey solution. The demon is satisfied with satisfaction, more powerful. A far is strong, and it is still not willing to do it.

Awu wrote a while, seeing A. There is no effort in the petals. He rushed, “you don’t work with me, you will only be more painful. It seems that it is only strong.” He said, turned to the farm, and worked together her lower abdomen; then spit out the mouth , Use the tongue to apply a buttock and pussy. When I look forward to the head, I just saw the scorpion of Awan divided into two, each of which had a feet. The screth of beauty in the ear.

Beautiful Zhi Li lie in a forefront, and the long rhyme of the taste is. Suddenly, she felt that there were foreign objects between the thighs, and the hot baking was like a root rod, hit on his own pussy. Between the refold, I feel that the fire rod has been over the petals, and the top is on the city gate. She doubtfully looked at the Aby far on the body, suddenly found that it was not a king, but the ground. Mei Zhi is shocked, is being pushed away, but the lower body has passed the painful pain, and the closed jade hole has been inserted. The masher is unimpeded in a virgin vague of nectar, and the film is ready to open. The vagina is strongly squeezed, and the virgin of the love liquid with a melon, from the petals, flow to the ground. US Zhizhi is not screaming from a pain.

The masher is inserted, and it is straight to the end. The vagina that Mei Zhi has been infected is strongly turned away, and everything brings a torn pain; but on the other hand, it feels unpracused, slowly forgetting resistance. Also automatic slightly waist, together with Awei’s throduction. On the side of the Awa, I used her hand to make my beautiful petty milk, on the one hand, insert her beautiful petals, and enjoy the bed of this art world, listening to her moving. Mei Zhi Li is full of pleasure, she feels like a valuable violin, under the performance of Awei, spending a moving movement, exudes Vientiane Guanghua. She is like a silk, and finally saw it in the absence, and the far on the ground, herepened the other Awan’s crazy thrust.

Abye heard the beautifulness of Mei Zhi, I saw that Awei inserted the big mask into the beauty, followed by non-stop. And the sound of beauty, also slowly became a joy of joy from the premiere pain. I saw a happy expression on the United States, and I was a little fascinating. Is this doing love? Suddenly, she felt that the asshole and the spin were hot, and the two cone pain repeatedly passed from the lower body.

Awei force hurts the waist eyes of Aya, two huge penis forcibly seal the asshole and vagina while inserting the king’s remote body. Because of tension and painful, tightly wrapped the glans. Awa Huang Huang did not fully wet, and insert the mask into the hole. A far feels dramatic, like being torn on both sides. The dry vaginal and rectal gave a tough through. Auntie has a dark tears, and it turned out to swallow the mud of his mouth, and the screams were called.

The masher is inserted and inserted, and every moment is difficult. A far has only the top of the head, and the mouth is shocked in the body. When I finally stopped, the two feet long masks have been completely nailed to the Aiyuan body, and the female film did not know when it was broken. Blood and incontinence of urine have flowed up with Ai Yao’s butt and lower body. A far feels the whole body in a pain, there is no other feeling, it seems to be saw like it.

But when Awan is like pulling the penis, she feels the existence of the lower body again. Another strong pain came again, and Ai Yu felt that the whole body viscera was taken out, a knife cut. The mask has been inserted again, like rushing from the mouth. Ah is still can’t stand it, and it’s dark in front of you.

Although the beauty of the United States, although I saw a painful situation of Aya, but the pleasure of the whole body didn’t allow her to think again. Under the rhythm of Awa, Mei Zhi Li feels unprecedentedly shock, like it is under the vortex, keep turning, turning. Finally, finally arrived at the center of the whirlpool, there was a strong sense of sputum, and the love liquid was poured out, and the perception was lost in the climax.

At the same time, Awa also shocked, emitted from semen with gold crystal power, direct into the uterus of the United States. Instantly fill the entire vagina, but also overflow from the two people, flow to the grass. Awu gasped in the body of Yizhi, whispered, “said the mature woman has a different flavor.”

He climbed up slowly, sitting around the gods of the gods. I appreciate the mature women in the initial test Yunyu, there is a feeling of reluctance. Gold semen is in contact with the egg produced by Seng Xing Crystal, and only the beautiful light of the beautiful belly, then the whole body gradually became transparent, and finally disappeared. A sparkling water blue crystal rose, and Awei grabbed the crystal and put it within the body. Then slowly stood up and walked toward the princes that were being smashed. A arrival wakes a few times. The vagina finally secreted the love liquid under the pump. The anus also gradually adapts to the attack of the big mask. A far is not so painful, and knows that the buttocks can avoid the pain. In a painful pain in a pumping, A.Te is a little sour, that is not pain, but a little … a little comfortable. This feels more rare in many painful centers. Auntie began to take the initiative to move the waist and seek this pleasure. Suddenly, the head of Ayao was lifted, it is another Awan. Then … US Zhi Li …. Oops! The mask is unparttingrily grinding in the end of the ass and the vagina. The fresh and strong pleasure is like a seven-level earthquake shocked the soul and body of A., one of her Tan, shouted out. An open mouth, the Awan in front of him will insert the big meat stick into the little mouth and do not stop.

Under the starry sky, I saw a proud, elegant king away, and the three meat holes were inserted into the big mask, giving two exactly the same ground to defend in crazy. A farm has completely lost ingredients, only one wave of pleasure in my mind, a climax of a shares. Finally, the two ground sans were screaming at the same time, took a lot of semen, I irrigated the beautiful body of the king. A large number of semen overflows from the vaginal, asshole and mouth bar. The yang of ejaculation has continued to plug in the far body, and it is completely disappeared from her body. Two ground gardens stand up, the body is tight and fused, turning back alone. He picked up the Dawn Crystal of Ayao, under the moonlight, slowly leaving the grove.

Chapter 2 (Destroyed Warrior – Sailor Saturn)

In the luxurious suites of the airport hotel, the Tu Meng Fire is looking at the cartoon in the TV, and the snow is eating the snow. Her growth is getting more and more faster. In the past hour, she has grown up to one year old, and it is close to the 14th year. Although her mind is still a little girl around eight, nine years old.

Within a day today, the body of the earth is from ten years old to fourteen. When in the plane in France, the horses are still a little girl who jumped, but in the evening, she has been completely like a girl, and the usual clothes are not worn. Abyy and Meizhi arrived in Japan, and he immediately rushed to save the fire, so didn’t buy some new clothes for Ah, I had to take her temporary clothes. The village of the small fire is very curious about his own body, it is no wonder. The girl will experience the chest by the chest by the flat, and it has grown soft hair in the yin house.

Small fluorescent looks at the card on the sofa. She is wearing a man’s pajamas in Aby, from the broad neckline, I can see that Xiao Fire is indeed growing up. She certainly did not wear a bra, a pair of full breasts have been formed, showing a large half of the cleans, the meat is fragrant. The most important thing is to lined on the sky, the innocent angel face, it is no wonder that the waiters who have just sent the snow, they also see the eyes, and they are in the water.

A far and beauty stayed out have almost a hour. The little fireflow is full of confidence, so there is absolutely no worry. And you can see the night-night TV show, she doesn’t know much more. If you are usually, you will keep her bed. She played with the TV remote control in her hand, turning in a mess. The TV screen jumped to jump as a small rush, suddenly the small fluorescered, the eyes were branched, and the picture on the TV was firmly attracted.

It turned out to be a fee-free adult TV station. A naked male and a woman appeared on the screen, and it was crazy. Little firefly looks at the woman, is a big meat intestine of the man, keeps the set. She has never seen an erection male organ, of course, has not seen it. Men and women on the screen have been in bed to do love. Xiao Fire I don’t know what they are doing, just feel that the whole body is hot, and there is a feeling of itching. Under the talents, I found my sleeping pants even wet. Is it peeing? This must be given to A.

“Oh,” Someone is finished, and the small fire is fast. If the fruit gives beauty, I know that I still have to watch TV so late, I must get the butt. She went to open the door for a while. At a glance, it turned out to be the foundation to Guide. The little firefly is awkward, flying into the ground hedges.

Huang Flu is very likes to get this big brother. Every time I go back to Japan, she will be looking for a rabbit and Awi brother. Others are not bad, but all are a very basic, not fun. Only A rabbit and Awu brother are not too small, the sum of small fire is playing. So the little fire is like the two.

“Awi brother, how can you come to me? I am a good time!” Xiaofei rebelled in Away.

“You grow up a lot, the small fire, has already arrived at my chest.” The groundwood is more than the big head. “What did my brother bring to you?” He said with Yan Yue. It will also be taken out behind the things, it is a small bear doll. “It’s so beautiful!” Xiajun is very happy to be on Akan, but also to reach a mouth to kiss him to express much than a thank you.

The little fireballs took the hand of Awu and dragged him into the living room, and opened his heart and sat on the couch. “Beauty is left? Is it going out?” Awu asked Xiao Fire.

“I don’t know. They have come out. Leave me alone is very boring, Awu brother, you will play with me!” The little firefly is big, and the little mouth is aunt.

Awan Li’s heart is looking at the earth. Although there is a speech, Xiaofu still reveals the idiot of children, but on the appearance, she is a beautiful girl who is a more than ten years. The ground guard knows that this is the ancestors of Saturn Warrior awakening. When she grows to approximately seven, eight years old, the dark warrior hidden in this pure girl will wake up and become Sailor Saturn. At that time, she would waving the silence of the knife and destroying the whole world. He must pure her before she wakes up.

On the occasion of how to start, the ground is on the time of how to start, and suddenly it is a little higher! Her growth speed is more faster, and it must be induced that the danger is approacuated.

“Wait for them to come back?” He picked up the remote control and opened its TV. The little fire rope leaning on his lap is suddenly jumped, and the scene must look at the ground. It turned out that she was driving the door, forgot the turntable, one turned on the TV, was the adult program just now. The small nuts will be full of red, and the eyes have tears and almost cry. “Don’t tell A, is it good?”

“Good. … good …. Don’t cry.” He put the little firefly in his arms and gently swept softly on her back. “Oh …. So comfortable … It is a little …. Through the arm of A’Dan, the little firefluna glared at the scene, and she was deeply attracted by this new strange place, and even the Sacred is forgotten.

The woman on the picture is sitting in the constant fluctuation of men, and the two people engage will be clearly visible. The little fire is very excited, the whole body is hot, the little hand is unscrupulous, and the little nose is beginning to take the sweat.

I don’t know when, Awu’s hand has come in from the pajamas of the small firefly, directly stroking the fire of the phytors. Small firefly skin is like a baby, and Awa is simply love. He touched up and down the spine, and he only felt that the nose of the fire was getting more and more. The hand moves forward along the jade back to reach the root of the breast.

Xiao Flu is very comfortable to give A Koge brother and has no resistance. Holded the hormifocard breast, and the petty nipple immediately turned. The chest of the small firefly is not small, and it is more than just a big bigger, and one hand can be covered. “Awi brother, so strange! This feels …” Xiaofei feels the full body itchy, the heart is full of strange and unfamiliar impulse, what you want to do, but don’t know how to react. She looked up and saw that Awu brother was nearly imminent, and the heart was moving, and naturally sent a kiss.

The lips were connected, and the blazing sparks were burst. Small Fluorescent Turning from the hands of the lips in the lipstick, the heart is tens of Shurt, so he is more powerful with Awei hot kiss. Awa is no longer hesitant, he puts the fire, let her sit on the lap. He released the mouth of the fire, gentle: “Brother teaches a small fire to play a fun game, is it good?” Xiaofei was very popular, she was happy: “Okay!” So Awu Her mouth and the little fire are also actively kissed again with the mouth. In short, I have learned the fitch of the tongue.

On the spot, it is sanctified to open the banquet of the hinger, and slowly fuel men’s pajamas. Both hands according to a hill, the small firefly breasts are both stiff and enough, is a first-class level. And the size is still moderate … He clearly feels that the mammides of the horminger have grown up when you first see. Now the body of the body, there should be fifteen years old. There is not much time, he immediately releases the hot kiss, attacking the ear of the fire, and the hands of the pink neck, and the hands are more exciting. Xiao Flu is slightly shaking, and the mouth is emitted. Oh, a pair of jade hands don’t really touch it on the back of Awu.

Awa took a hand and explored it from the small firefly back. Small fire snapped did not fit the underwear, so there is no wear at all. Under the tentacles, young buttocks have been wet. The hand goes forward along the stock and found the Glen in the flooding spring water. There is a few can’t be numbed on the hill, and the fingers are again explored, and they are caught in two petals. Suddenly the shoulders are painful, the original small fire is not strong, and the Zhang has biting a bite on Aka.

The little firefly is extremely itchy, and there is a lot of nephew, and even the sleeping pants are wet. Awu took the opportunity to lift the squatting the body of the girlfriend and pulled the pants down. Time, a semi-cooked naked female body is present in front of it. The pretty face is in detail, and it will be a big beauty after growing; the crystal clear skin, is white, and it will be smooth; the body is uniform, uneven, and the legs are long and have a beautiful line. A pair of snow-white beauty is tall, the nipple is fresh and red; the petite pussy is slightly toned, and only sparse flexion on the tender red petals; the fascinating petals are ooze the fragrant honey solution. A Guardian looked at the mood of the small fireflunction, and the heart was unasshed. Since Awei feels like a small forest, he is very thick. He pays attention to it, and “see” the shame of the small firefly grows. He knows because the growth rate of the fire is accelerated. When the growth rate is current, the small fire is in one and two hours will arrive at awakening. If you want to speed up, he will immediately attack the small fire.

Awan bowed his head and licking the nipples, and stimulated the young groove with hands. At the same time, use your fingers to explore the virgin cave. “唷! Hao hurt!” The fire is getting uncomfortable to invading the lower part of the body, twisting the waist. “Small fire, it is not painful for a while.” Awan has temporarily withdraws his fingers and concentrates on the yaw of the yun.

The little fire is full of sour, and the petals are ooze a large amount of honey solution, and even the thighs of Awei are wet. How can she receive a series of pleasure. Awa is more re-embraced into the vagina, and the index finger is also inserted with the moisturizing of the loving, and the closed small chrysanthemum is inserted smoothly. Because there is a full love liquid lubrication, the crowd of the two women’s spaces in front of the front and rear, but only blocked very unnatural, but under the survival of the throne, this swelling pain can be accepted. When I started with my fingers, she felt a little pain; but accompanied by pain, but another new pleasure. Small fire snacks can’t stand loudly.

Xiao Flu is asthid, as Awei fingers are thrush, gradually increase. Finally, she is a lot of drama, and the hands are tightly grabbed by Awu’s shoulder, and the two eyes are full, and they lose consciousness in the climax.

Awu horse relieves the bondage of the body, she feels that the fire is growing up; the breast is bloated, and the body is also a little. He sat on the couch and then hugged the little firefly and let her sit on the lap. He lifted the mature ass that positively petals. First, use the glans to slowly ground slowly on the jet core, and only the nectar is flowing out of the petals.

Xiaoyi replied from the climax, she felt that the lower body was topped by a hot and hard thing, very sad, she bowed: “Awi brother, your sausage is more than the brother in the TV.” ! “She grabbed Awan’s penis:” Hey! It’s still hot! “She remembered the picture on TV, and said to Awu:” I know what should I do. “So she squatted on the ground, Open your little mouth, I want to include the big meat sticks to Awu. But her mouth is really too small, I have tried it for a long time to accommodate most of the glans. So she used the tongue on the glans, like eating a lollipop. I only feel that my meat is more and more rough, and the small mouth of the small fire is great. Awu softly said: “Is it very fun? What is more brilliant next?” In fact, his meat stick gave a small fire snoring and unknown, and he couldn’t help but stop. But he noticed that Xiao Fire grows up, the body is almost sixteen years old. He must fill the golden semen into her uterus before the Saturn Warrior awakens.

He pulled up to the big meatnut, still looked with a small fire, let her cross. “Now let my brother’s big sausages into your body, okay!” “Okay!” The big sister on the TV is also swallowed with the brother’s big meat stream with the cave, and it is still very comfortable. So she is exciting with a small hand to separate the petals, expose the exquisite small floral core, and make closer to the high high up. The nectar drops from the jade hole, and a drop is falling on the glans.

The little fire is slowly sinking the butt, and the lips come into contact with the big tapping. Awu micro force, “Bu”, forced the glans into a small vagina. “Oh! Pain …” Xiaoqi has squeezed out. “Awi brother, good pain!” “Xiaobang, it will not hurt.” He said, one side seal the cherry bluxed cherry, while glaring with a good slim waist, no Let it break free. On the one hand, I will then make her strength.

The pain of Xiao Fire is slightly retreat, and Awa will start slowly. The vaginal of the small firefly is very tight, and Awei must be very hard to enter. The little firebag is blocked, but the tears come out, flowing, and the small hand wants to push away. Awu is inserted, and it is gently plugged in all the way. Finally encountered an obstacle, he temporarily stopped forward, only slight shaking the mask, so that the small fire is slowly adapted. Sure enough, the resistance of the fire gradually stopped, and the nose was getting more and more. The secretion of love has also grown. He released the mouth of the fire, asked: “Is it still painful?” Xiao Fire also contained the big eyes of tears, and poor Baba was nodded, but he couldn’t help but breathe. Awu hit her in his arms, vigorously rushed, and torn with her virgin marks, the whole big mask is full of plowing, completely considering the virgin vagina, which is heavy, and it is in the uterus. . A silk melon is blood, along the thigh of Awu, flows into the carpet. “Oh!” The hymen was torn and taught. Fortunately, this is the top floor of the hotel, otherwise it is necessary to have a murder case. “The pain is dead! Stop!” Awu was plugged in, and stopped. The vagina of the small firefly is extremely narrow, just a thorn, he also pain. He is still quiet, enjoying the compact vagina.

Suddenly Awei felt some small birds in his arms, he looked at God, I saw her body and it seems to be seventeen, eight years old. The pain of melon, must be stimulating to her potential energy, her growth speed is accelerated, and the distance is not far away. It is not easy to say, he started to inters with force.

The little fire is awakened from the pain in the pain, and the insertion of Awei brings a new pain. She burst into tears, the small hands constantly slammed the chest of Awu. But Awa is not slow, and the vaginal of the small fire is very shallow, each can be inserted into the end. Slowly Xiao Fluy feels in a continuous pain, and it comes from a trace of pleasure. This pleasure is not the same, and it is more and more intense, and it is more completely covered with pain. She even needs to be big, and she remembers the big sodes on TV, and she begins to understand the reason why she is happy.

The small firefly unconscious well with a pair of big breasts, while twisting your ass to match the throduction of Awei. The gasping of “Johi” in the mouth. The climax is close, Awei accelerates the speed of the throduction, and takes every moment to the vaginal mouth, then fully insert. The wheezing of the small fire is gradually improved with the speed of Awu, and she is also crazy to sway the waist. Finally, Xiaobang was shocked, stopped, the whole body continued to tremble, and the love liquid was discharged from the vagina. Awa’s glans was hot, and couldn’t help but beat it. The golden semen shot out and immediately filled the hooded uterus and vagina. From the hole overflow, flow Go on the ground.

Finally, the golden semen was shot, and Awan came up. He closed his eyes and enjoys the burst of the virgin in the climax.

Suddenly he felt that the body of the girlfriend was quickly cooled, and he quickly opened. I saw the little firefly, I was so cold, and the rays of the show, the Saturn Warrior should wake up! Awa is shocked, just wants to take it, but it is still not completely swollen, but it is unlocked by the vaginal of the Xiaoliang, how to pull it.

The small fluits on the sky flashed the highlights, and the fierce light was now, she ignored the mask in the vagina, and there was no expression. The mask of the groundwell is actually tiered by hard-eracent, and blood is shot. Awu has been hurt, and after madness.

The small fireflies are standing, blood, obscene, and semen from the mask on the petals, flow to the ground. Xiao Flu is turned, the mask and a large number of semen are in the vagina, and the “all” sprayed on the ground. The small firefly is sloppy. The amount of Saturn tags on the amount once again shot out of light, and there was a strong impact wave. “Bang”, the entire room was fried seven-zero, the roof also fried a big hole.

In the bright moonlight, from the hole in the roof, the whole house, in the drifting dust, the small fire is turned into a Soil Sailor. She is full of dark rays, and there is no expression like ice on the face. And the bruises, the bruises, leaning against a column, is gasping, the wound under the umbra, there is bloody. The little fire is rising, and it is far away from the ground. It is slowly drifting to the frightened unmanned Awu, and the eyes are full of murderous. Awei feels unprecedented, in the eyes of Xiaogue, he can’t find a man, only to see destruction and death!

Awa is screaming, hands with hands, two energy waves are shot from Sailor Saturn. But seeing energy waves only flying around the small fireworks, if the mud cow disappeared, there is no trace. He stretched his right hand, his arm screamed, and his big fist came to the small fireworks. The little fire is not flashing, and there is no sound in his hand. She waved with hand, A Wei’s arm was cut into the window in the blood flowers, and the Awei pain was very wild. At the same time, the body changes, countless tentacles have ease from the back, from different angles to small firefly. The tips of the tentacles are in dark blue, which is highly feeding.

Enclosed a dark-flock of the hunger, suddenly expanded, “wave” one color, toxic tuning is like hot wax in forechard melting! Awa was shocked, just want to escape, but the powerful shock wave pressure can not be moved, and the whole body is not lost. The little fire is forced to close, “Thank you for the power you have liberated.” Xiaofeng cold road, found less than half of the emotions in the sound. “But …. You have to …” “” “Let me purify this sinful world … but … I have to pack you first, this dare to take my guy.”

Dark Black Claus continues to expand, the four walls of the hotel fly away like a sheet of paper. Awa was pressed, and his monster did not use before the power of the Saturn Warrior. The squats in the small fireworks, and the hands of the Awa’s hands appeared like tofu, leaving only the head and the body, like the meat, pressed on the wall. Awa began to regret it. He too underestimated the terrorist power of the Saturn Warrior. He should kill her before the earth, and simply abandon this crystal. but now……

“This time …. The turn is your head!” Awu only closed eyes.

Suddenly “When”, the powerful oppression has disappeared completely. Awei lost the body of “five” limbs fell to the ground. He quickly opened his eyes, only Saturn lealed against the sickle, surprised to hide the lower abdomen, and the darkligh of the whole body was rapidly narrowed to completely dissipated. Gold semen played! Small fire bite, pain, step by step, step by step. “I …. … …” buried … “She lifted his sickle in his hand, and gave the head to Awu. A Guo avoided, the scalp has already felt the cold blade, and I thought “I am over this time!”

At the moment of the sickle on the head, Saturn was shouted, and the body fell disappeared. Only the remaining black laminated sailor soldiers crystal, suspended in the air.

Awa lie under the rubble and took a break. The limbs and the masks will be re-slowed. He helped the weak body, stood up, grabbed the small firewell crystal, shouted, disappeared in the night sky.

Chapter 3 (Lonely Guardian – Sailor Pluto)

Pluto is the most peripheral planet in the solar system. Since the distance is too far, humans have recently discovered the existence of this planet. Similarly, the beautiful girl warrior who guards this planet is the same mystery. She – Pluto Snow, since the Queen of Month, the Queen of Moon assigned to guard the legendary time and space, it is completely disappeared. The secret of her and time and space is like disappearing from this space. For hundreds of years, I don’t know how many demon, I want to make time and space with the gates of time and space. They can’t find the hidden of Xue Ni; and fortunately, she can find her a few demon, but also flee the five guidance of Xue Ni, no one can live back. Therefore, the secret of this time and space is still unknown.

In the uncle of the Black Miller, the little princess “Bean Rabbit” in the Qi 3th Crystal Crystal, with the Time and Space Gate returned to the beautiful girl soldiers at the time, and the position of Pluto Snow was finally exposed. It turned out that she hid in the back of Pluto, always carrying the sun in the darkness of the sun. Since the identity exposure, Xue Ming also became an earthquistence, participating in the future race. Until the end of the Galaxy Central Decisive Battery, she gave up the opportunity of ordinary people’s life, returned to the door of time and space, and continued to implement the mission told by the Empire Queen, lonely guarded the sacred time and space.

Sailor Pluto and Neptune are the same as that there is no experience in destroying the moon world, so there is no reincarnation. Although her appearance is only half years old, the real age is actually a hundred years old. The spiritual force of Christine is stronger in all the beautiful women’s warriors, which is better than the SaiLor Mars called love and spirituality. Her reasoning to give up ordinary people’s lives, in fact, because of their deep depths, still feel a trace of evil ideas. However, since she still can’t completely affirm it, she decided to return to the door of time and space alone, prepared the next big battle. For her, “loneliness” is a matter of course.

Finally arrived at the track of Pluto, and the ground health did not help but feel a breath. Spatial transfer is very fit, especially to explore the correct position of the time and space. Nice girl warrior is aware of the back of the Time and Space, but because the snow is moving short-distance spatial transfer from time to time, it is extremely difficult to transfer to the correct position of the time and space.

Dark ground saving has gathered gold, wood, water, fire, soil, king and the sea of ​​warrior crystals. Just get the guardian crystal of Pluto Christine, he has the mantramid crystal that can restrain the moon. In the dark, the dark will be fully awakened, the universe will be covered by the dark.

On the spot, the dress is dressed, he presses the reaction of the demon and the crystal of each warrior, carefully walks to the time and space. Among the smoke, the magnificent time and space is slowly displayed in the dark.

“Who!” The sound of pleasing but cold snoring in the smoke. A flavorful body image is in the fog. Before the foundation and responses, the crisp language sounded again: “It turned out to be the prince of Andys.”

The smoke gradually dissipated, in front of the door of Jingguang’s splendid time and space, a beautiful female warrior. She is Pluto Christine Sailor Pluto. That is a completely different kinds of beauty, different from the beauty of the green, the beauty of the four guards of Meiji, and the beauty of the masculine and the beauty of the Yizhi, the beauty of the beauty, and the beauty of Xue Ni, is a mysterious beauty. As long as you look at it, you will deeply succumb to people in meditation. Xue Ni is the most elderly emerging in many beautiful girls. From the appearance, she should have five, six years old, the body is high and even, is a standard body of a first-class one. A black long hair, first on the head, and then long to the hips. But the most visiting is her consistent elegant look. The nose is small, the cherry is a beautiful red, but a pair of beautiful eyes are like black holes, attracting all eyes, deeply unspeakable. On the spot, Snow is good at inherent induction of the enemy, so carefully controls their emotions, so as not to be discovered by her. He is fighting, but it is easy to move to Snow.

Xue Nai is kneeling; “Andys, Wangzi, you are driving, unknown?”

Awu horse helped her, saying: “The new enemies have appeared, Saturn is also awakened, have you not induced?”

Xue Ni turned, looked up at the door of time and space, sighed: “Yes! I also induced Saturn awakening the spatial shock, I also perplexed Saturn’s dissipation. But my mission is the door to guarding time and space. I can’t leave without the queen. “

Awa is another step forward, saying: “We met the most powerful enemies, all the beautiful soldiers were killed, the princess also fell into the enemy. Now, no one can save the princess! “

“Even the princess is …” Xue Ni is obviously a bit.

“Do you want to be alone here? Also ignore the death of humanity? Is there a princess?” Awan further, as long as the snow will leave the door of time and space, her strength will be big enough to discount, It is time to start.

“How is the princess?” Xue Ni came back and sent a fierce look.

Awuqiang stood: “She caught by the enemy, and no longer rescue immediately.”

In the beautiful gods, the snow, finally, she looked up and said: “Well! Go!” Said struggle to the ground. The foundation is big, and it is going to get out of the protection of time and space.

Snow came to Awei: “Let’s start! You are responsible for determining the goal of spatial transfer. Let me first close the door of time and space.”

Awama should be said: “Good!”

Snowy raised her time and space, it was actually the key to open the legendary door. The dense fog surrounded, and the door of time and space gradually disappeared. Suddenly, in the unambiguous, the time and space of Snow Nai was seriously hitting between the Awu strip. Awu has no anti-avoidance, and it has fallen far away. Xue Ni is a flashes, and it has been a step, and the time-space rod is in a thunderous power, and then hit on Awan. A sweetener in Awei, a sprayed blood, and even more than ten steps were stable.


Xue Nijiao, has been awkward again. The people who have not arrived, and the heat of time and space has enclosed dust. Awama’s power, the powerful power of the gold crystal, only blocked the head, but the arm has shocked. He has retired more than ten steps, and his hand is in the chest, it is obviously not light. “What is it …?”

Snow is not hidden, people have disappeared in the dense fog. “The prince of Andys, should be said to be the incarnation of the prince of Andys, you should clearly attack your reason!”

“Ha … ha …” Awu mad smiled, no longer hiding the evilness on his body. “Call”, the powerful shock wave, completely discussed the smoke within 10 feet. The fierce in the eyes.

“Sure enough, you can’t be honest.” Awu searched the location of Xueli with a cultivation, and succeeded. The two of the two times just hit, although she did not cause internal injuries, but she still got into the heart.

“Death … Calligraphy …” 叱 叱叱 from Akan. Awu was so busy, I saw a huge energy that flashed dark dark rays. He immediately flew the flashes, but the energy bombs were like automatic navigation, such as tracking. A guil is free, only with hand. For a time, the power of the two battles.

The dark light is stiff in the air, the energy is constantly accumulating, and the survival survival is gradually discounted to this powerful energy. Finally, I saw the beautiful standing standing in Snow. The time and space in your hand is sparkling. “Andy Shero, in fact, in the moment you stepped on the battle of Wang Xing, I know your identity. Not bad! You hide very well, there is no evil in the body …”

“What!” Awu’s heart shock, the dark light group was laminated. He must strengthen strength to make a mobility.

“The earth is the most contradictive planet in the universe; the very few of the universe can accommodate bright and dark, and can make these two opposing power to coexist. And the coordination of bright and darkness, also makes the earth become the universe A diverse planet. “Snow’s voice, sweet and convincing. “The reason why the earth is unique is because of this feature. Because whether it is bright or dark, any power is sitting on the whole earth, the earth will become monotonous, boring and losing light. And if the fruit is bright or dark. Once the power is overwhelming, the force will definitely resist the natural enhancement. So since ancient times, the earth is always a war, but it still maintains a consistent beauty. Earth, essentially half Bright, half dark. And you are the prince of the Earth, in fact, it also has half the dark essence. Fortunately, there is a pure moon kingdom’s traction, the prince of the Earth has always been good for evil; but there is still no evil spirits And you are a clean purity. So I can easily detect your camouflage. “

Awan couldn’t help but felt, his luck increase the power to force the light ball. However, the light ball is actually a spiritual, and it has also been enhanced. Awu’s pressure did not alleviate.

“Prince, you turned back! You just have a short-lived blind, you have to remember, the true love of human beings is the general treasure in the universe! Princess is absolute!”

Awan only heard her upset, he felt the hurt in the body, and the Awa, which was bright, the light, was struggling.

“Prince, remember how Qian Di Di kill it by Bell? Remember how you mysterious?” Snow’s voice, inserted from the heart of Awu like a quarter. He felt that the monster was rushing, and the soul was invaded by Xue Ni, set off a wave of waves.

“Prince, let me help you, drive away the evil idea!” Snow is a step by step. ” She yielded the Pluto Star logo issued a golden light, and the idea flew into the sea of ​​the ground.

The idea of ​​Snow looked at his memory in Awei brain, and wanted to find out why he was treated in the dark. The evil power is constantly resistant, and the snow is only strengthened, open a page of the memory.

From the memory of the ground, Xue Ni saw a beautiful girl soldier was defeated by the demon, and the scene of sex scene, he saw her heart as a deer hopped, red and her eyes. She has never seen such a demon of soil, and she has been skipping this paragraph. She finally arrived at the depths of the Awa’s heart.

Xue Nai saw the love life of Awei and Arena, sweet and warm, romantic and holy. She can’t find anything else. It’s there! Xue Nai saw the warm memory of this group, tightly wrapped in a small group of darkness.

Snow knows this is the root of the problem. She takes her body, and the closed dark memory will be released.

Awu knows that it has been invaded by Xue Ni, can’t help but urgency. But the dark light group does not take him closely. He is anxious, the power in the hand is unconsciously weakened. It is very strange, the power of the Riga is also automatically weakened, just like automatic adjustment. A sweat in Awei, suddenly realized. He immediately removes all resistance, and the dark light group has disappeared. It turned out that Xue Ni was just using Awei’s resistance, making it a big anti-dark light ball, and the rebellion of Awan is more stronger, and the oppression is also stronger; as long as the resistance is given, the light ball will lose power.

Awu looked at the snow who lost his consciousness and laughed.

He made a big hand, the beautiful girl’s sailor on the body was torn, and the crystal flesh is presented in Awei. “It’s beautiful!” Awan couldn’t help but make a sincere praise. Snowy skin, this is especially white due to long-term exposure to sunshine. The double peaks in the chest tower tap and is the most perfect shape. The bud on the ridge is a bright and tender, slightly scattered a sweet fragrance. The lower abdomen is flat, the hips are full; a pair of jade legs are not only slender, but also have a beautiful line. The pussy of the micron is scattered with the clumps. The creek in both petals can be seen in a faint moist. Is Xue Ni’s consciousness affected by sexual desire? Awan is not deep, he is a low head, including the fresh nipple of Xue Ni; a pair began to explore the beautiful carcass of Xue Ni.

Although the flesh of Christine lost their consciousness, the body’s stimulation will still react. I saw her positives immediately, and I was a blush, and I started slightly shaking, and the moisture between the legs was significantly aging.

Awu kissed a while, then put the body of the snow. Several mucus in the mouth, stuck the hands and feet of Xue Ni. Then squat between her legs, slowly discovering the “old beauty” virgin.

That is a super-seal, and the snow is trying to set the seal. Just a moment she is going to exhaust, the dark seal “wave” is finally unspeakable!

Rendering in the eyes of Snow is a desire of one, full of sexual desires! There is a spring light under the skirt of the beautiful girl soldiers, which may be a battle in the battle, or the battle scene of the clothes, or the casual light of the usual life, it is really very exciting, some shots It belongs to yourself, and the snow is also red. All of this, I have been deeply stayed in the Awa’s brain, of course, the real-life sanquen, but only a bloody big boy. There is such a sexual fantry. Snow continues to explore, see the most and most intense, it turns out about the moonlight princess month. Among these memories, there is a fierce kissing and lingering caress. Snowne can feel strong in love, but also inductive strong inhibition. It is this excessive depression, hindering the normal play of love; these do not have the desire to reject, and moved to the dark road. And it is unable to clean up, and realize the hidden sexual fantasy. If it is an ordinary male child can’t hold, you may only need to watch a two set of A, you can vent it by hand, you can vent it. But the ground must be the prince of the Earth. He insisted on the persistence, perfect, holy love, the further relationship between the love and the love of the rabbit, and the light and darkness thus lost balance. He is negative with the burden of the globe and the darkness, once the heart is conceivable, the cultivation of cultivation is an imaginable. Xuene can not help but laugh, all the roots of turmoil, it turned out to be due to excessive destruction! It seems that this little prince is really a good counseling. On the other hand, it is really important to re-estimate the sexual desire for humans. This is the weakness of the beautiful girl soldiers.

The spiritual power of Xue Ni has consumed seven or eight eight. She immediately packed the heart and will conscious back to the body.

The body is aware of the awareness, and Xue Ni immediately felt the thrill of embarrassment. This is an unprecedented new feeling, and the beautiful women’s warriors are remembered and feelings, such as flashing, the heart of Snow. “Oops!”

Snow is struggling, but the hands and feet are sticky in probabilistic. She saw that Awei has exposed a big hook, it is going to be straight, and it is anxious. “Andys Oro Wangzi! You make a mistake! Your object should be your lover Qian Di princess, not me!” She yelled!

Awu’s glans has fallen into the two-piece flower office of Xue Ni, and then inserts her meat. “Qian Di Di Princess …” he has a little hesitated.

“Prince, wake up! Go to the princess, get along with her! Don’t use the emotions, you must know that you are the marriage of the world, you don’t have to attract it!” Xueli continued to guide the guidance, hope to wake up Awa Good consciousness. “You belong to bright, the princess will not like the Dark Andy Prince Prince! Wake up!”

The soul of the ground is fighting, and the handsome appearance has exposed a very painful expression, and the whole body is constantly shaking, and there is a strange breath of terror. In the painful snoring, his head began to expand and swelled. Xue Ni saw another side hole on him, it is a bright side of the bright side to struggle! His head continues to expand, slowly bloating is as big as people. The demon is screaming, screaming straight into the rain. Suddenly “Peng!”, His head exploded, a whole naked ground Wei flew to his feet with flesh and blood blurry. The original ground guard lost his head and fell on Snow. Bright red blood and yellow white cerebrose, splashing her body collapsed.

What happened to Snow’s hands and feet still stick to the ground? She clearly feels that the roofed ground must be pure, there is no existence of the demon. Is the kind body of the prince of Andys, resisting the demon, out of your own body? But the air is still full of strong magic and aphrolithic gas. The demon is still dead.

Suddenly, I suddenly came up, and Xue Ni quickly bowed. I saw the demon brain paste with scattered and the body, and I was slowly lost to the wounds of the head of the head. The plasma meat is slowly condensed on the demon neck, and the burst of head is gradually recovering. Snow I feel powerful, this is a pure dark force, and the demon is separated from the light. The heart of Xue Ni is straight down, she knows that the only hope of awakening the good territory is empty!

Do not spin, the demon has recovered the original handsome appearance. Just, anyone can feel the strong evil spirits, and dispersive a feeling of nour feelings. He coughed a few times and said, “Now much! No, he is in an obstacles …” The demon eyes flakes the horror horror, and the snow will hit a cold. “… we can enjoy it!” The lower body has been hard, and the mask has been rushed into the vagina of Pluto.

Xue Ni screamed, dried meat holes were ruthlessly torn. It is more embarrassing the bone in the hypothesis, and the demon is infiltrated from the pores of the whole limbs from the pores of the whole limbs. Xue Ni is desperately resistant, with the only spiritual power to hold the beautiful girl’s guardian crystal. On the other hand, the demon has already launched a full-scale attack, and the mask is seriously improving the vagina. Xue Nai has been weak, but he has to bite the teeth to endure the body’s unparalleled pain, and use the meaning to resist the embarrassment in the body.

The demon kept inserted, and the pain of Snow is a more stimulating. He flexibly expands the sun, and there is a long-awaited arm. The vagina of Xueli is so bloated, and the prostitute and blood are full of blood. The demon is inserted, and the sorcerer pumping the thigh of Xue Ni, and the masher bombarded the hardships of the drilling, and there were countless blood flowers. Snow still felt that the flesh was not smashed, she barely took the will to the flesh, forget the pain on the body. As long as you protect the crystal, there is a reborn day. She continues to endure!

The demon is finished with the vagina, and the mask is pulled into her ass. Painful pain constantly erodes the will of Xue Ni, 唷! The masher is inserted into the anus, and the will of Xue Ni is a little relaxed, and the demon of the crystal is immediately enhanced, and she wants to break through her nepon. Xue Ni quickly biting his teeth and refused to use it. The demon is seen, and it will be more powerful, and the mask is like a knife in the rectum of Snow. He wants to mobilize the will of Xue Nai, for a short!

Xue Ni felt that the meat hole in front of the blood was still filled, and the original monster had given another big mask in front and then clamped. The cruelty is even like never yet, and the snow will die. Finally, in the demon mad sound, spurred the hot fairy. Snow is getting more and more stressing around the crystal, she is about to be disappeared. The demon saw that she was still embarrassing, and her wrist and foot naked were hard. The cone has broken the will of Snow, and the demon will immediately invade the guardian crystal. The will of Snow is forced to go back to the flesh, and the pain of the whole body is now emerging, and the snow is immediately fainted.

The demon is cold. Disddor grabbed the soft body on the side of the ground. Have him in the chest and then mix back. At this time, Snow has been assimilated by the demon, and there is no shadow that disappears, and only her Pluto crystal is emitting lonely light.

Third article – Month Princess Sailor Moon V (v for virgin)

“Hey! Hey!” The doorbell rapidly, and the ground also tired into the door. Although the Sailor Pluto’s fedger is not dramatic, the spiritual loss is extremely huge, he has been sleeping for a whole day. The windows are raining, since Sailor Saturn awakens and disappears, the world is like lost balance, and heavy rain has continued for two days.

The door opened, a fragrant female body was put into Awu Huai, which is the princess of the moon hailor moon – the moon kingdom! She has a tear mark, and the chest is undulating, it is very excited. “What did you do?” Awu said softly.

“You are fine! They are …. They are all gone!” A rabbit lifted up, and the beautiful big eyes will still roll tears. “Meiji, the truth, Yami and Allen … all are gone! Even the Ai Yao and Meizhi have lost their contact. Must have something happening!”

“Don’t cry!” A rabbit’s piety shake, she wets all over the body. She is coming in the rain. In the family of Hokkaido, she induced Saturn awakened strong shock, and contacted the other beautiful girl soldiers with the phone; so I immediately found a group, and I returned to Tokyo. She tried to find Alili, and tried to contact Ayao and Meishi with a communication machine, but the audio is all. Calling the call, Awa but because it is too tired, you can’t hear the phone ringtones in the sleep. A rabbit is in a hurry, and it is rushing to the Awu family.

Awu is tightly holding her, this is his love girl – month hare. In these two years, the rabbit has also raised the university. Although the results are still just strong, she is working hard to learn to be a good wife. She is very useful to cook with the piano, and at the same time, she has to learn sewing and housekeeping. She is a bride who is aunt. However, the rabbit is still a consistent care, and often gains a mess, I can’t smile. But this string of small episodes are just in love with men and women, they will only deepen the feelings of the two.

Awei feels that the rabbit in the arms is still sobbing. He supports the weak shoulders of the rabbit, saying: “Look at you, the whole body is wet! Let it come in again.” He dragged the thrive of the rabbit. In the house.

The short skirts on the rabbit are wet, wet and sticked, and the list of exquisite and floating flesh. She is five feet four, five high, chest is not very good, and the waist is lined with the long legs, and the body is called full and not exaggerated. Although the hair can drop the water, it still feels very soft and shiny. Her facial faculty is beautiful and meticulous, and the poor eyes are more people who are drunk! Under the wet clothes, the underwear of the strawberry pattern is clearly visible, and the chest is more than the cold, and the two legs are also faint to see black. Awan was very clear, and even the towels on his hand also forgot to hand it on the rabbit.

A rabbit is frozen on the sofa, but I see yourself. She bowed her head, I knew that she was shining, she couldn’t help but joined: “What? Color!”. She grabbed the cushion on the sofa over the past, and grabbed the towel on the hand in one hand, and wipe a wet hair.

“I feel the awakening of Saturn, is to say A Yoshitomo stay away and have returned to Japan, but I’m always on and can not contact them, what has happened?” A rabbit said, while raising their hands, wiping the hair. Chest pull in the next hop hop brake is attractive. “You take a bath and put on dry clothes it!” Ah Wei convergence of mind, to propose to the A rabbit.

“Yes!” A rabbit temporarily forget the tension, jumping bouncing walked before Ah Wei wardrobe, leaned over to look for pieces of clothes can be replaced. Rounded shape toward the peach ass just between Ah Wei, legs, in wet underpants in clearly emerged, even in the middle of beautiful Roufeng can vaguely see. A Look at David’s blood boiling, can not wait to go past, tearing her clothes, the large meat hook through jade holes to go. A rabbit looking for a while, only to pick out a big T-shirt. “I went to take a shower and you have not dined? While I cook curry for you to eat, okay?” Then he walked into the shower.

Ah Wei lived in a suite, there is no bathroom, only a frosted glass of the shower room. By translucent glass, Ah Wei to see A rabbit slowly removed his clothes, like a goddess to show good posture, light meat, cover cover Yang Yang, as people see itching. “Sprinkle” is heard, filled with steam shower, Ah Wei heart desires somewhat subsided. He sat on the sofa, looking back and rabbit A happy scene.

Tuxedo Mask and Sushi month hare love is marriage, their past lives prince Earth and moon Andy Li Austrian princess Qianni Di, two for love, he was killed by a jealous queen Bell. They reborn in the world now, but reunited again become lovers. They have experienced many times through fire and water together, every time relying on the power of sincere love, we can defeat the enemy. The past two years although they have been very Qinmi, but always Affection, beyond the ceremony, is not supposed to cross. Prior to the incident scenes drifting mind, Ah Wei sudden chest pain. Is the bright side of Tuxedo Mask awakening! A guard quickly convergence of mind, thinking mind crotch Jiaoti reverberates in many Sailor Moon moaning, my mind instantly repressed sense of justice lived.

“Hey! Good comfortable ah!” A rabbit has finished bathing, stepped out of the shower. She wore a light gray Ah Wei large T-shirt, there is a big “LOVE” word above. On large T-shirt can not hide her good posture, exposing half breasts and deep cleavage from the neckline. Two long braids has a solution, golden hair garment down to the bottom. Although A rabbit has been put on shorts Ah Wei, but the T-shirt is too long overshadowed shorts, just like did not wear; two slender smooth legs swaying in the T-shirt has caused, it has opened look impulse. She turned in front of a body guard in Afghanistan, said: “? It beautiful” Ah Wei see straight swallow.

“Come on, let me cook for you to eat.” A rabbit said as he walked to the cooking surface.

“Ah Wei, these days you did not notice anything special happened? Logically you should be sensitive to the appearance of Saturn’s ah.” A rabbit has begun to cook.

. “I have not sensed any special events that may calm the past two years weakened the sensing capability of the” Ah Wei replied: “And, just as one of your heart and mind.” I do not know why these words blurted out . Sailor Pluto’s talk again flashed Ah Wei heart —- “Human love is a unique treasure in the universe!” A guard stayed hearts rough, difficult to calm down. His love for the rest repressed force A rabbit study, in order to rule the universe, in order to carry forward the forces of darkness, he must get Silver Crystal month hare!

“You Zuitian slip of the tongue, a lie.” A rabbit are too busy, do not see Ah Wei’s inner war. She had been cut and good food, the ingredients of an ancient brain child into the pot. A guard already walked behind her, around her waistline, indulge in her hair side, affectionate said: “! I’m so worried about you.” A rabbit hearts sweetly, stroking her arm Ah Wei, He replied: “I hung Jom How about you, too.” They hug together, the world is still just the same.

“Well, incense!” A Guardian first broke the silence. “Yeah, you want to turn off the!” A rabbit awakened from the sweet, rush off the stove. “I mean, hello Shannon Yeah!” Ah Ah Wei literally sniffing rabbit hair. “Talkative!” A rabbit turned, like a show of hands for the fight Ah Wei. Jiaohan as people look beautiful heart, Ah Wei hand and he grabbed her wrist, pulled along the A rabbit to pull into his arms. Both eyes first met, A rabbit sounded crimson, beautiful eyes closed waiting kiss the groom.

A guard looked pretty thin girl’s face it, like a red apple noodles, long eyelashes quivering, she more and more cute. This year, they respond to a normal life, to share in the joy, support each other when trouble. This girl really love his own; but he is also wholeheartedly love her … “No!” A Weiqiang heart in love, his hands hugging the arms of the female body, while occupying the lips A rabbit.

A rabbit is a love kiss, she responded with enthusiastic. A guard she felt particularly warm today, do not think that only a small after very excited, do not care. A guard from the T-shirt behind the probe into the hand, stroking the silky A rabbit jade back. Hot contacts, bring a strong stimulus, A rabbit’s breath getting heavier. The other hand has been wavering on smooth thighs, egg Jiaoqu A trembling slightly, but did not resist Ah Wei caress.

The tenderness of the tender skin is first class. Awu’s hand moved from jade to the front, in the root of the breast. The rabbit is a bit surprised, and Awu us usually does not touch these sensitively. He is afraid that it can’t help but, this kind of thing should do it in the cave. There have been several rabits, they can’t hold it, but also blame A Guai conservative! But she has no time to think, Awu’s hand has climbed the mountain, the finger is pressed, and the nipple is immediately swelling. The finger is lightly pinned with delicate buds, and the rabbit is softly leaning on the Aki, and the legs have been warm. The palm is grinded on the towering lotus peak, bomb, press, twist rotation, and the rabbit has passed. The hand harassing between the legs has dive in the broad pants tube. A rabbit did not wear a wet underwear, so the sports pants were vacuum. The hand climbs the round ass, sweeping through the divide, the chrysanthemum wheel immediately scared and turned down; the fingers have not been moved to the pussy, and the spring water has been wet. The finger is moving forward, and the small circle is played on one side. Every finger is turned around, the little fart jumps.

Ah! The finger is in the village! A rabbit couldn’t help it. She broke away from Awu’s mouth, and volts breathed in his shoulder. The finger is in the river of the mountain floods. A rabbit is hard to bite the lips and enjoy the venue of the mountain. Awei used two fingers to pinch the congestive small peas, and the middle refers to the water source directly. A rabbit, the spring water is short, and the two eyes are turned, and the soft is in Affiri.

Ah! The finger is in the village! A rabbit couldn’t help it. She broke away from Awu’s mouth, and volts breathed in his shoulder. The finger is in the river of the mountain floods. A rabbit is hard to bite the lips and enjoy the venue of the mountain. Awei used two fingers to pinch the congestive small peas, and the middle refers to the water source directly. A rabbit, the spring water is short, and the two eyes are turned, and the soft is in Affiri.

Awei put her up in bed. One hand pulled high her body, and the whole crystal clear crisp is immediately exposed to the air. The snow is generally in the white skin, which is flourished, high-spirited breasts, with breathing in rapid jump. The red print that was pressed by the palm of the palm was still not faded, and the skin is out of the skin. Awei went down, a mouth included a pink delicate ribut, and licking it hard. The stimulation of the breasts, wakes the rabbit from a half-perspective pleasure, she holds her hands tightly, twisted her body, like avoiding the sucking of Awei, but also likes the other lonely breasts .

The other hand of Awa is not idle. He pulled down the shorts that had already loosened, and pulled his trousers to the calf. The hand has covered the banned area of ​​the rabbit. The finger dials the flexible hair and then invaded him and did not have arrived. “Oh!” The section of the finger has been inserted into the cave, and the rabbit feels a little pain, can’t help but call it. Awu is busy stopping, using a finger to gently stir in the hole. At the same time, I started to patrol with my tongue on the flesh of the rabbit. The tongue slipped from the peak, first turned a circle on the foot; then follow the small belly, the navel, and finally fell in the yin.

A rabbit has an exact path from Awu’s tongue, which has been estimated to its destination. She is shameful and afraid, the whole body is stretched tight. Suddenly the little hand was caught by Awu, with a strange place. The rabbit jade hand touched, holding a hot and hard object, she understands that this is a man’s tanker.哗! So big! A rabbit does not imagine how you can’t accommodate this big meat stick. She really wants to see the shape of the meat stick, but it is shy and dare not open your eyes.

Awan turned, the hands were separated from the petals, before the rabbit came and the reaction, the tongue had been underway, rushed into the core. Soft and humid tongue, there is no pain, only a shocking pleasure. A rabbit loudly, and jade hand crossed the big meat stick.

Awa broke the beautiful body of the rabbit, the masher has been topped in the lips of the rabbit. When she shouted, she opened the small cherry. The meat stick will be full of the small mouth of the rabbit and become more and more. A rabbit only has desperate open mouth, and the tongue is not consciously drilling on the glans. Awu Lingxia’s tongue brought a very irradiation: “Wei … bathroom … fast stop … fast … I … I want to urinate …” I didn’t finish it, and a yang has rolled out. A large number of fragrant honey solutions are poured from the meat, and they are all over. On the same time, the rabbit felt dramatically jumped in the mouth, the mouth was hot, the meat rod spurted the hot semen, and he gave a cough. I only feel salty, I don’t know how much.

“It’s so beautiful! It’s so comfortable!” The rabbit is swearing. Suddenly remember the girl, immediately ashamed red and ear, and bury the powder surface under the pillow.

A rabbit’s crystal jade body is in bed, beautiful and perfect. In fact, every beautiful girl soldiers are a beautiful woman, beautiful appearance. A rabbit is a princess of moonlight, and she doesn’t consciously disseminate a holy beauty. And she is the beloved love of the ground, and the eyes of Xi Shi, in the eyes of Awei, she is the most beautiful.

He reached his hand to support the bunny side shoulders and pulled her. A rabbit is just a slight struggle, she opened the United States, staring at the lover in front of the eyes: “Wei, I love you!” Then closed his eyes, waiting for the ground to defeat her ban. Awa is a little longer, and finally, as long as the magic silver crystal of the princess of the moonlight, he will have the most powerful power in the universe; but the rabbit will also spread at the same time, never super life. He has a feeling of being reluctant. The darkness is overwhelming again, and Awei bites teeth, leaned over the girl’s jade. From the rabbit slightly villated body and tight limbs, he completely felt tension and fear of the girl for the first time, can’t help but pity.

He gently kissed the cherry of the rabbit, and his tongue was unbacked deeply into her Tan. The two enthusiasts have not been idle, and the hands of Awei are not idle. They have been divided into two ways, and they enter the delicate jade milk and rehabilitation. The contradiction between the rabbit is twisted with the delicate body, and it is escaping, and it will meet the passionate touch of the lover. “Hey!” The finger has fallen into the river valley, and the sexy little ti is swayed.

“A rabbit! I am coming!” The ground is inserted into the two eyes of the month, separated by her clamping thigh. “Don’t be afraid!” A rabbit tremble, she is very afraid. Although she is very eager to come this day, how many deep lonely nights, how much she wants to be together with Awei’s body, integrated. But at this moment, she is still coming, she is afraid! She is afraid of full body stiffness, whispering.

The masher met the inside of the soft thigh, the glans moved over the flooding spring water, finally close the trembling crack. A sweeping force, the tip is falling into a fission petal.

“Magic silver crystal!” He became a hegemon, and his hand flashed in the silver crystal. It is a monthly hare that falls at his feet. The flesh and blood of her legs, beautiful and pure petals have been smashed.

“Ama Rabbit! Don’t!” Awa crazy whispered, hard masking but uncontrolled flooded flooding in spring water.

The rabbit has a tragic tragic, and it has burst out of the shining light. Put the foundation Swellings, from the body of the moon, the body of the moon, the whole shock wave, will bounce the whole one.

After the light is over, it is a piece of dearded tile. “Here is …?” This is quite his apartment, and the ground is not disappeared.

Around the black, the surrounding is a tattered building. I have been a grand city, the sky is not the moon, but a beautiful blue planet – is the earth! here it is….

“Yes! This is the moon.” A sweet voice rang from behind his back. The ground is heated. He saw the graceful, the Queen, the Queen of Qian Di Di, is also the monthly hare.

“Here is the ruins of the World Millennium Fukuo, have you forgotten? Andy Shero, Wang Zi.” The Queen’s voice is very beautiful, and there is a kind of suction.

The ground is guarded, and the powerful demon is made: “I found it! It seems to be playing hard.” His handsome face is full of evil spirits, and the eye beads actually become a monster purple blue. A child can’t see the emotional gas, pouring from the pores.

The Qian Di Queen’s face is flat, she is gentle and unlimited: “Useless, Andy Solo. Your skills are invalid.” She fell into the body, driving the white light The yarn, the flow of fairy is like a dream. She is elegant to wave, and her aphrod gas completely disappeared without trace.

The ground must not be rebounded backwards, too strong.

The queen is full of pity: “We! We are in love! You are remember! Is it? Otherwise, how can you wake me up in the last?”

“Aggress! Wake up … Princess!” Awu was shot!

“No!” Dark power is in a stunning: “No! I don’t need to love! I just want to have a swearing, the body’s body can satisfy my desire! True love …? Let’s go to hell with you!” Strong dark shock wave.

The shock wave will be completely smashed around the shabby buildings. The moon is still quiet, her golden long and white light gauze have been blown: “I love you! Wei! Have you forgot our love? Forgot that we were jealous Is there a day before the Queen of Bell kill? Forgot our first time? “

“That night! Our … The first time …” The foundation of the Jindi, and the Queen of Qian Di fell into the memory of the past.

On the spot, “here is …?” Familiar place, he stood in a garden, surrounded by beautiful red roses, and issued a burst of flowers. This is the unique month of love, the gods, which is the unique variety of the royal garden before the death of the moon.

The melodious music in the distance is the dance of the Moon Palace. On the dark, a dark starry sky is blue, like water. The memory of the past life, the recovery of it!

This is the night before the moon kingdom, the prince of the Earth (that is, the birthplace of the ground) secretly sneak the moon kingdom, he was originally to be a big life for his lover, the Earth’s Bell Queen The scale of aggression should be, but the arrangement of destiny, he married the beautiful and pure moon kingdom of Qian Di Di at the fair, and the two fell in love with the world. There is no one in the big royal garden, and everyone still stays in the dance party. Andysi and Princess Qian Di were tightly stuck, and the love had already touched the princess’s innovative heart. The prince poured a sweet words to the princess of the sinus. “Rose, even if you replace another name, it is still fragrant. Princess, no matter what you are princess, I am also the same love you!” Under the weak starlight, Qian Di Di princess is more attractive. . Under the translucent silk robe, it is a distinguished jade of ice and jade. The prince grabs the princess’s floral waist. On the cherry blink of the cherry, the prince of the Earth is a flirtatious.

(On the ground, his nature, it is already half-native and half evil. “Zhihao color is Mu Shaoai, people are not windy, teenagers” is the motto of Andy Shero. So excessive ground It is not his own mistake after reincarnation. It is not his own nature. Talk to Xue Ni, it is in his mind.)

The first kiss was taken away, the pure moonlight princess has been completely melted by the prince, and the slap in the majestic arm of the prince. The prince’s hand strokes on her soft back, warm lips, has kissed above the nikh.

“Don’t … Andy Shero, we met the first time … Hey!” The prince’s hand took the holy breast! The princess reached out to stop, but the fast hands have been firmly caught behind. The prince’s caress is concentrated in the bud of the chest. The cherry is blocked again, and the mouth is also disappeared. The prince’s tongue, invaded the princess’s Tan Dou in Tan, sucking with sweet siping. The big eyes of the princess gradually lost, replaced by the flames of lust.

(The ground must feel embarrassed, he is jealous. Because he will meet the princess for the first time, it is doing things that he dare not implement in the past few years.)

The hand of the princess is relaxed, and the hand picked the light gauze, pressed on the thigh of slippery. There is a silky moist, the beautiful moon princess has flowed out of the passionate nectar.

The snow-white breasts were taken from the neckline of the robe, and the bloating pink whey immediately fell into the mouth of the prince. Half-naked princess is under the night sky, the prince of the first met is lightly thin. She is very confused, but in the bottom of the heart, she knows the prince in front of her, is a man who fate. After that, I will love him unswervingly.

The prince finally torn open the white yarn robe on the princess, revealing the beautiful flesh of the powder carving. The princess closed beautiful, and the body was slightly fed slightly under the greedy eyes. The strong double peak, the flat belly, the beautiful crack between the legs, the faint fragrant grass, the whole body is not a dot.

The prince separates the princess tight thighs, and there is a beautiful body. “My lover, beautiful Qian Didi, please give me you. Let me always love you forever, take care of you, meet you!” Prince pointed to the earth. After the princess gently nodded, piercing the mask into the holy palace of the princess.

The princess is suffering and satisfied with the night sky of the Royal Garden. The prince and the prince of the moonlight, the pair of the sky, have been intoxicated in the exchange of spirit and desire, and forget everything around you.

They don’t know on the distant earth, a pair of eyes with embarrassment is staring at them. That is the unmarried wife of the prince of Andy, the jealous of the Queen Bell. She clearly saw a couple lingering in the moon, and her heart was full of embarrassment. He hated Andy Andy’s mystery, so he immediately turned into the dark and launched a war of destroying the moon world on the following day.

The prince and the princess, of course, I don’t know if there is another place from the later generation. Through their love, it is a sweet experience of the past.

The prince is lying on the naked princess, and the hand is gentle to touch the red swelling petals. The shrinking mask is still covered with the princess, he kisses the tears on the prime maste. “I love you!” Qian Di Di princess is shy: “No matter how you become, I love you too!”

The prince smiled, he introduced the princess’s tape to the rebelling mask. In her eyes and happy eyes, turned over to the princess of the princess.

(The ground must be meditated. “This is all the love! Selfless love is a full dedication of the soul and the body.” He reinvented the love between the and the moon.)

The ground is awake from the memories of the past.

“Rose, even if you replace another name, it is still fragrant. No matter how you become, I am also the same love you!” Qian Di Di’s soft sound of the princess, rang behind him.

“Whether you are a past life color children’s emergency management Austrian Prince Andy, or pedantic conservative Tuxedo Mask, or is the child of darkness demons, I love you all in general.” A crystal tears from the beautiful princess drop on the cheeks.

Tears hit the world of abandoned land month, sparking a burst of dust. But in Tuxedo Mask hearts, but it is extremely heavy blow. His head in his hands, screaming.

Is a good and evil! Qian Ni Di’s princess is standing by him, this choice must be solved by the ground. The others can’t help. The ground must have a tragic scream, from the eyes, nostrils, ears, and the mouth of a large number of dark black mucus, send a bad stink filled with corpse. The mucus quickly covered him up and down. Qian Di princess is full of sorrowful eyes, the darkness has overwhelmed the bright, and everything she did is in vain.

Black mucus constantly emerges on the ground, like a boiling coated rock. He is covered with a nose, and the ugly is ugly. He lifted his hand and pointed to Qian Di Di princess, and he continued to overflow the horror mucus: “No matter how I become, you are the same love me! Yes?”

The princess is under the pain.

“Then you come to me!” Mucus is laughing.

Surrounded by a dead, it has been exhausted for thousands of years of the month, and suddenly filled with the unique and fragrance of the moon.

“You …” mucus stayed! The princess cross hands, relieved the shoulder strap of the light gauze, and the white robe was twilight.

The princess is a beautiful body, once again presented on the ground. The snow-white body is so angry. The princess slowly walked to the ground of black mucus, he could not help but retreat one step.

The dark power broke out, and the mucus flew out from the body, and the limbs of Qian Di princess were entangled. “Come on! Let me love me! My dear princess.” The hand filled with black mucus, and the princess of the princess is tall, and the force is kneaded.

The thick black mucus wrapped in the tongue also took the princess’s small mouth. She can only make a breath of ambition. The mucus flocks to the cracks between the princess, flowing through the soft aroma, stopping outside the holy palace door, and moving hard.

“Princess, do you still love me?” The voice of sour, like the mantra of the devil, piercing the princess’s ear. The princess rolls tears in the eyes: “I love you! No matter how you become, I love you!”

The mucus roar, tangled up the big mask full of black mucus, separate the princess’s lips, ruthlessly piercing into the holy secret cament. The masher is inserted into the end, the princess’s tears and the blood of the melon are simultaneously flying. The mucus ignored the princess’s sharp scream, and she has slammed her delicate body, from the bottomsting violent bombardment. The delicate lips are opened by the demon giant, and the swells have changed. Two soft lips, with the giant entry, kept stuffed out. The princess’s beauty is impacted. She is like a dream, she is still murmped; “No matter how much you become, I also love you!”

The demon screams: “Domestic mouth! I am the king of the Dark! I don’t have to love me …” The giant stick under the ulk is swellar, and there is another giant, piercing the butt eyes of the princess. “Yeah! …” The princess made a bleak pain, the anus mucosa was torn, and the flow of blood. She is already unclear, but her oath, but never stopped.

In the eyes of the ground, it began to seep over the tears: “Qian Di … A rabbit …” tears melt mucus. The heavy hush under the arm is still continuing, the mucus begins to tremble, the waist cone is more powerful, and it is a prelude to the launch.

“A rabbit!” The ground is called, and the mucus continues to drop, exposes the original body of the ground.

“A rabbit!” Yell again, black mucus, such as rain.

“A rabbit!” The ground must be completely awake, and the eyes flashed tears. The princess finally woke up, and her face is full of joyful smiles. “Wei! Victory, you finally got rid of the darkness of the darkness.” The lips are connected, and the eyes are shining. Both the black mucus sticking on the ground to bounce.

The masher intensely beats in the meat, ejects hot rolling.

With the semen of the gold crystal, emit into the uterus of the princess, combined with the silver crystal of the illusion, spelling a shining golden light. Jin Guang is slowly oozing from the two people, and it is more increasingly, and the dark moon world is toned.

Dark mucus from the ground to the ground, continuously smoke, while making a strange roar. The golden light is exaggerated, and the mucus is immediately solidified. A beautiful girl warrior crystal rises in a broken slurry.

The moon is lost from the ground to the ground. Her legs are full of blood, from still slightly open petals, still significantly discovery to discretion golden light. Sleeping on the ground is sleeping next to the rabbit, still murmured, called the name of the rabbit.

Beautiful girl crystal surrounded the naked body of the moon hare and Awu, slowly spread into a circle.

The earth still has a blue as water, and everything is finally calm.

The story ending? Still new start?

The brilliant golden light slowly retreats, and the Month World replied to the old calm. Everything is silent, only the lightweight of the field guard and the moon hare.

Do not! There are also some very weak sounds. “Plute …” is a sound of bubble burst. The black mucus of solidified fragmentation is silent, and the aggregation is again aggregated.

Awei and Auro suddenly surprised the crisis still existed, and quickly supported it.

“Ca Os …” A rabbit lost, this kind of familiar oppression, she will never forget.

Black mucus keeps flowing, but still keeps human form: “With the princess of the most beautiful crystals in the universe, I am honored to remember me.”

“What do you want? Do you think that I will purify you again!” The moon hare is helping the ground. Caos is a smile: “I am very afraid! Princess, you are willing to sacrifice your daughter, once again join the source of the Galaxy?”

“Daughter?” The moon hare carested self-abdomen.

“Ha! You don’t want to tell me, don’t know if you want to have children, is it?” Caos smiled.

The habit is red, looking at the same mistake.

“Now is the best opportunity to expand the dark power. Thank you, thank you for your sexual fantasy! Give me the rebirth opportunity, and I solved all the beautiful girl soldiers for me.” Caossor Full of arrogant and arrogant: “Although in the end, you smash me to win the dream of the slightly silver crystal …, but I still have to thank you!”

“What?” The ground is confused.

“It’s because little princess!” A sweet voice sounded behind Awu and Al. They looked back, it was the Wan Kai! She has replied to humanoid, and the whole body is standing behind them, the body is still translucent. Other beautiful girls crystal, also emit soft brilliance and gradually change back to human form.

“Qian Di Di, the prince of Andys, the true love of the two, with the combination of gold crystal and silver crystal, playing the power of the demon demon, pulling the evil life body card Os But at the same time, the princess is already in the body of the next generation of Qian Di Queen. “Snow said calm.

“During the gestation process of the sacred tire, the slightly silver crystal will automatically protect its next master, so the princess cannot play all the power!”

Ca Os smiled and opened the offensive. The mucus suddenly expansion, and the mountain in the sea is covered with the moon rabbit. The ground is busy to hold the princess flashes. When the mucus under the head is suddenly stopped, his purpose is not a princess!

A hit, sticking out from the black mucus, hitting the crystal of the Saturn warrior. “Ping Pong” sound, crystal is smashed! The tears of the moon hare splashes from the big eyes: “Don’t!”

The horrible big hand continues to give birth from mucus, and all the beautiful girls have been broken. In addition to Xue Ni, she rely on the superman’s aura, and she can be solemnly difficult. “Princess! Go!” She rushed to Caoss like lightning.

Caoss said: “These squats are not killing in my hand at all. But in order to save my efforts, I have to be difficult to do.” The giant hand fell, and the snow will homoked. Said to slow down on the moon hare.

On the spot, the official is in front of the princess, and Casa will not pay attention to him, and the mucus “Punch” is poured on the ground, bypassing the ground, adhesive the feet of the rabbit.

The ground is no more, only and hit it to Cahor. Kusa suddenly wearing a big hole, the ground is air, passing through the body of Caoss, fell on the ground. He has exhausted.

The body of the mucus is quickly moved quickly, and his naked piety of body is wrapped quickly. I saw that the rabbit was completely calm, and only the lower abdomen was slightly golden light.

“There is no strength of silver crystals, Qian Di princess will be a very beautiful ornament in my palace!” Caossa mad smiled, the body is gradually hidden, and finally and the printed moon princess disappeared. .

“Princess! A rabbit!” On the ground.

The world replied with a darkness and it seems to be more dark.

“Andy Shero, now only you can save Qianndi Princess and your daughter Xiaocui Di Princess. We have a chance!” Xueli lightly presses the shoulders of Awei.

“As long as the Big Batness of all nine planets, we can still break through the seal of Caros, rescue Qian Di Princess!” Snow is not excited.

“But …” Awu said: “The crystals of their beautiful girls have been broken, and they are not born!”

“Yes! Guarding Crystal once broken, the beautiful girl warrior will disappear. No chance to rebirth!”

“That … What can I have to set the power of all the beautiful girl soldiers again?” The ground is guarded.

“Yes!” Snow’s eyes are full of hope: “People with silver crystals or gold crystals have the power to awaken the Warrior Crystal! I can use the time and space door, send you to the beautiful girl soldiers. As long as you can Wake up their strength, they will be awakened, become a new generation of beautiful girl soldiers! “

“So you …” The ground guard pointed to Xue Ni.

Xue Ni smiled: “My predecessor is also the guardian of Pluto Xue Ni, time and space.”

“Prince, the predecessor of the soldiers is all in the ancient civilization of the nine planets. The process is all dangerous. You must go alone, no one can help you, are you willing to take these insurance?” Snow The nervous of the Na is gradually recovered, and the sailors in the body appear again.

“I am willing! This is all my disaster! For the princess, for our daughter, for the dead soldiers, I must wake all the beautiful women’s warriors!” The ground also said firmly.

“Good!” Xue Ni looked up and desperately lost the millennium remains, and the eyes flashed.

I finally finished! When you write this story, it is the inspiration of the TV cartoon of “Beautiful Girl Warrior” with the little daughter. (She is the mad fan of the beautiful girl soldiers, I know all the American soldiers, all from her.) I just want to borrow characters, add some erotic description. (I believe everyone agrees that every beautiful girl soldiers are absolutely beautiful! It is a good thing for erotic stories.)

But later, it gradually found that the world of the beautiful girl soldiers is another universe full of fantasy. The original author’s “beauty inner foundation” is really harmful. You can derive so many distinctive characters from the simple architecture of the nine planets in the sun, and a paragraph of Tianma. (To watch comics! Don’t use TV to make blue tomorrow, it is a story of a thousand articles.)

The end of the “Beautiful Girl Warrior” is difficult to write. I have written three times, trying five, six ends, and finally I chose this out of the end of a tail. Because I can’t bear it! Such a good figure, such a good story …

It seems that I have to continue to accompany her daughter to watch “Beautiful Girl Warrior”.


(November 1997)

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