After July 2008, because the working relationship is often away on business, often chatting on the Internet when I am lonely, bored, in the QQ chat room met several women, feel each other through video chat or plain do not feel a thing, or is each other at a glance part-time porn girl, not at all not appeal to my libido. I like good and decent woman, I timid little one is scared to get sick, and second, fear of extortion, Oh! So do not for a long period of time of harvest, I not only enjoyed ah color centers (licensing by the spirit, by color guts!).

Since this time in this city on business a long time are more idle time, driving a car of their own past. One day boredom found a “skills exchange” there is a section on the local news while browsing the “people network”: I early childhood education, and would like to learn to drive a car of a friend (preferably automatic transmission), I can be good at musical instruments and friends exchange skills. Under section also left QQ number, anyway, nothing to do, my car is just the automatic transmission coincidence!

Just do not know how the preschool Auntie Mo Yang heart just kind of itch, to see to say it! Then immediately added her QQ, she finally replied in the evening on the line, the network called her baby, work in a kindergarten in the city, less than two years coworkers are talking about learning to drive the car, comparing her own family in general hand tight, you can save money if they’re not driving school to learn to apply Lianju words.

So I want to practice your skills, exchange car, afraid to open the car looking for automatic manual transmission car! I also cackle a few, to tell her that I always have time in the afternoon, in order to let her suspect that I have ulterior motives, she introduced me to the work unit Oh, I was in a province renowned research institutions work, typical of intellectuals . She presented some of their own basic situation in the QQ, the appearance issues I am concerned she did not answer, I do not pressed too fast too obvious color is not OK, ah, a woman in a hurry will scare away!

Baby tell me this time Saturday afternoon, I asked for her phone number, guaranteed not to harass her, she began a little cautiously, now seems stronger than the girl’s wariness, I put my video opened, let him look at my Mo Yang, I am not handsome nor tall, but easy to feel at ease especially gentle and reliable, is not a pervert! She said in the QQ I Twente gas people feel very at ease! Haha, I have a certain appearance beguiling, I very much color!

There are a few days away on Saturday, I’ll give her spare time taking the time to send a message being, there are times what looks set to ask the baby in the end do not yet meet the fast little impression, to say she had seen me in his own little video information not to disclose, then I too disadvantage.

After received her information, and my heart pull pull cool cool: weight 70kg, height 150cm so nice dinosaur, mind straight back down, but also very strong curiosity, she said this ratio in the end is what countenance ah,! really I want to witness it!

After a while the baby also received information that “scared of it, scared to flash!.” I reply, we are not afraid to pay the general friend and not a virgin girlfriend or find a lover, my favorite kind-hearted look unimportant. She replied, “you wait regret it.”

It was only Saturday morning on the early completion of the work process, simply eat more rice should say that is not excited, I am curious! Four points more minutes received her phone, her career might be especially gentle and sweet voice of reason, she told me at the north gate of a plaza and so on, he said he wore a blue dress, a cowboy shoulders back pack.

I told the baby car colors and grades, less than 15 minutes to the square, standing behind parked the car at heart a little acceleration, if she’s really ugly, terrible, is not out of politeness would have to teach her to practice driving skills, It is hard, wearing a light blue dress girl came to my parking place, Oh! Finally see her, a lovely baby face almost without modification pull her hair back, a pair of beautiful eyes, rosy round face, small nose slightly upturned a bit, look small and tall up eye candy, more like a school of high school students!

She is not high (155cm) or so, due wore a dress looks a particularly pure and well-behaved, I have been looking at the smile seemed a bit naughty, I looked at her blankly did not know what to say, she was my stare intently sorry, face turned to the side of the mouth upturned Alice says: I did not scare you! I was surprised when it comes: you are a small liar, on the train it! She smiled and sit co-pilot position, the first time I told her to learn to drive people to the place Canton Road dilute to go, do not worry about bumping into someone else, she nodded her head!

Since I am often in this city, for here are very familiar with this new development path is especially good, I say let the baby go zone Lianju. The way he asked her knowledge of car you have not driven a car, answered only been in the car has not touched the car, I told her a good car to learn to do is be able to learn a few days, but also hard work and practice to really get Jiazheng road after the job.

Baby asked her to describe his appearance received information there is no fear? I said that is not afraid to fall particularly curious, weight 70kg, 150cm tall girls will be sawed? Her naughty stick your say worried that I was a pervert to feel them out to me, huh! If I received a message no longer care for her, she will not regret it. Baby very cunning ah! I asked what baby likes music, flute interested in it, I should say not to mention the musical tone deaf, I rarely even sing!

Her sense of sexual interest is true, ha ha! We spoke to the zone, in a wide street no one stopped, I told her to use the car’s gear, brake, accelerator and other common sense in the car, and then we changed the position, began to practice on the road a baby who pretty delicate brain more intelligent, deft hands and feet is less than half an hour already bigger way, I sit in the co-pilot position constantly reminded, encouraged her, so she practiced for nearly two hours of high tension has been more tired, I said, another day to practice step by step.

On the way back I jokingly asked, how I treat it the coach invited me to dinner, and she readily agreed. The first time we met I was very measured, in particular, should leave a good impression on her after she would be more eager to get close with me, and here I advise you to let the beauty of the Friends of the wolf willingly throw herself must have patience special attention method (we can not be strong with girls, so it is not too fun), do not wait, huh, huh!

This time I am very gentleman tell the baby, I and several colleagues here at night but also dinner (in fact, no such thing), the next time I invited her to dinner but also the way she can drink it, she said no problem drinking beer of! (Ha ha, wolf pack as long as a woman can drink alone and you want to go to bed too easy!)

Long said short that often on the QQ chat in the next few days, and occasionally send information call. One night she was on the line, made a long list of sad crying expression ……, I asked to know the day of a class of naughty children she scraped his head, on the way to send the children to the hospital for treatment to the lost phone back kindergartens the principal and parents about face on the carpet, no money to buy a mobile phone recently gas ate dinner. I comforted her about it, she asked where I was going to buy her cell phone, she said, how that line can not accept such a precious gift, I even lent her insistence, the answer is still the North Gate Plaza bar. I was delighted, the opportunity to come!

She later met a lot of comfort, but also gently Loulou her shoulder and she did not refuse just looks bad mood, not the last charming smile. We quickly went to a mobile phone shops so she selected a women’s mobile phones, it seems that the baby will live NOKIA pick a price less than a thousand.

I say that since the evening did not eat, we go eat dinner now, how the nerve to say that the last time the baby did not invite you to dinner, but also let you spent a lot of money to buy a mobile phone, open the capital next month to pay you! Oh, now I can not say she was not, so she would be vigilant, I do not need the money so that she later also!

She said it did not want to eat, I unhesitatingly say we drink beer, she nodded her head, we looked for a good music bar, a dozen beer to drink slowly up, she sat opposite me, to see her very clearly !

Pretty girl is engaging, charming smile, it is the Chouchangbaijie people who do not have a flavor! I slowly told her my knowledge in the country, sometimes interspersed speak some fun little joke (not colored, Oh), baby slowly wreathed in smiles, and looks more fascinating. At this time I hath departed waves, I have been trying to be stripped of what she looks like, but the surface calm and collected. Within half an hour, a person drank three bottles of beer drinker can also view the baby, just a little red Fenlian more tempting!

This time the bar lights gradually dimmed, the music more beautiful sounds! I went on liquor sat beside her, put her gently my arms a little baby does not reject homeopathy half lying to me, said to me today grievances, the truth lay in my arms crying! Probably drink more reason, she really cried a lot of tears nose, get my body is!

I stroked her hand to tell her grievances do not hold in their hearts, but not allowed to be happy tonight, we will be happy to drink a still more happy thing. Her character is very cheerful, really one will subside, and one would then say Xiaohe know I’m lucky, thanks to this wolf did not expose the nature of the satyr, the thought immediately I was willing to let her pressure in the body any checks, little brother could not help but hard.

Drinking beer listening to beautiful music, the beauty is very pleasant! I propose to play a small game to drink, it is the tiger bug game. The sky will always win. The more the beer is more and more, the more the powder is getting more and more red. After a while she whispered to go to the bathroom, I am reluctant. Opened her! When she stood up and walked, she felt a bit swing. I feel the best time. I have to completely conquer her for her. At this time, I feel that the little brother is hard, I can’t stand up, haha! After she came back, I care about it, I didn’t drink too much. I didn’t have to go to the toilet. I used the beer to the wolf. I sat inside, or gave her a happy story. This time, this time she is colored but not too exposed. She listened to the smile and not stopping the face. It is getting more and more powder. Going to her ear light, the tip of the tongue gently didn’t have a few times. She closed her eyes. The mouth was low. The body twisted in my arms. The baby is a natural estee of essence and is very bone. The girl of the waves, I don’t have to be polite at this time, my mouth still keeps kissing the ears, and one hand began to touch her breast. She gasped is getting more and more anxious. I can’t be too worried. I have to pose her sexual desire. Get up, after a few minutes, her hands began to touch my back, I will close my eyes with my back!

Look at the time mature, I said, let’s return to the head, I nod, this time I can’t wait until she can’t let her passion, the brain is awake, everything may bubble. I and she returned to the hotel with the fastest speed, I got her in the elevator, I feel that her sexy chest is hard to top, and the younger brother who has no interest will be up again. She holds her hand. A few pieces of 黠 黠 我 我!

After entering the room, I turned to hug her, I didn’t care about this lovely little white rabbit, I didn’t run the wolf’s hand. The tongue added up behind her neck ear (all wolf friends, this part is basically all women’s sensitive districts), she not only didn’t avoid it, I hugged me, I was not polite to put her on the big bed. Under her skirt, she suddenly closed my eyes and no longer looked at me. I was sophisticated to her bra. I was stunned by her youth and beautiful ketone body, and the snow whispering, a pair of small breasts Lying on the white chest, the skin exudes a healthy color like jade, there is a touch of fragrance, then I don’t have to retreat to her underwear, I didn’t take clothes, wait for her to pick her up to make my little brother Can you completely obey her from your heart.

I looked at her hands in my bed. Like a snake, the tongue is like a sauce. It is like a breast. It is like a kiss in the mouth and keeps admiring her beauty. Her appearance will attract men, but full of youth. The carcass is a rare temptation man! My right hand stopped to her lower abdomen to reach into her underwear, the finger touched the little clitoris gently pressed, she couldn’t stand it, but the ass begun, the mouth is the kind of soul. At this time, I am more and smaller in pressing the clitoris, but my mouth tongue is more and more intense.

After a few minutes, she can’t stand it, I shouted: hug me! I still stupid, my tongue slipped to her navel part of the finger released the small clitoris, and the hands started to gently cute little pigeons, with the chin put the underwear and retired, she didn’t pay attention to the tongue The small climate was raided, and it was the kind of vibration of the air from the clitoris, and her leg holder became a few times. My chin felt a hot flow, huh, the original beauty The climax is coming, I found that the following is wet, I have retired her underwear. Her whole Yin is coming out. It is actually a rare taro yin, love liquid is constantly moving, it is a native of love!

At this time, I took off my clothes and showed a strong little brother. She pressed her a big talents in her vaginal mouth, and she didn’t enter it just gently rubbed. Her little hand suddenly reached a little brother. Shouted: It is itching below, saving me!

When I was completely conquered, I came to you, I touched her: I called my brother, save life! She really can’t stand it again, and she didn’t want to hold and shame: a good brother, so itch is dead! I pushed her little hand, my brother took a few times in the clitoris, and the glans didn’t feel obvious resistance (the heart thought this is poor may be done by others), she shouted: ah!

The little brother of the wolf felt comfortable, the wonderful, the whole younger brother was wrapped in tightly, the little brother felt warm and lubricated wrestling, could not be a thousand miles, I would miss her. Love.

I have a deep breath and don’t have a hurry. The mouth and the tongue are still in her chest, the little brother slowly pushed up, ask, she nodded and shook his head opened a pair of beautiful eyes, sweet smile Sensual saying: The following pain is more comfortable! At this time, I was shot at this time. Fortunately, the wolf has the secrets of the preparation, can’t be thrown again, I slowly pulled it out, she shouted a good pain, then lifted the powder punch. I two.

I saw the little brother on white water (no Ding point red), hehe! Such a beautiful escape is even more than a man, and there is a little inexplicable vinegar. At this time, I can’t ask her before, not only the big scenery will still destroy her lust! I put the little brother before her face: you see it is poor! She fingers a little talent with my finger: I don’t necessarily! At this time, I wanted her to give me a blow, I scattered the feeling that I just wanted, and she smiled shook his head, which could not be hard. She gently touched her little brother, and the powder face was smashed. It seems that only the little brother is so cool to make her cool. At this time, I gently care about her, and praise her rare and beautiful small pussy.

She slightly retired at this time, the more the face is more and more and more and more, and the Yanfu, the wolf, and the wolf, and the blessing of the people, too blessed! She sighs sighs: I will call you brother in the future. You are not always in love, and you are like other women just like! I have been put it very wronged: Do you look like that color wolf, because I like you too much! She sighed a breath: I hope so, I will not forget me in the future, I don’t want you to find another woman! I am thinking about him: I must!

She sat up and opened the quilt to cover himself, say: Let’s take it? ! I can’t ask for it, I can wash a bathroom with the beauty. Dear her forehead: you wait, I will put water. In the bathroom, you will be simply washed in order to let her take a little brother and have a good mouth, and the focus is to wash a few times with a bath, it is ready to hold her, huh, huh! Beautiful girls enter the bathroom. It turns out that the beer is drinking too much to pee, and the beauty is laughing. Laughing: You go out, it is convenient.

I don’t want to take it, I have to serve her (with the sanitary paper.), She has not persisted. After the convenience, I start taking a bath. I am standing next to the beauty of the beauty. Don’t have a flavor. The cute little butt is a little and tender and tender. It is especially feeling. I have a feeling of sorrowfulness. The little brother has taken a break now. The moisturizing of love is enough if this will nourish it, and it will be particularly durable.

I stood next to her. After using the bath, I was light and gently rubbed, standing behind her head with the big talents, she was shocked slightly, the big glans inserted into the warm moist. Yinshui, she is shaking, no longer moving.

I used my hands to live in a soft little waist, she immediately can’t stop the soft brother’s soft brother in her body, she was full of sucking love.! She seek: I am finished, let you be like this! I hugged from behind, let the younger brother smashed out, she slowly slowed down, said that this posture is too stimulated, my color is smile: I have a more comfortable posture for a while.

After the bath is clean, use the bath towel on her and hold it to the bed. After bathing, she didn’t have a shy, and I watched me quietly. I looked at me quietly. I pulled down her legs. The cute small pussy was completely exposed to the true face, and the sparse blunt is in powder flour. Next, it is a typical tread shaped iliac nice high full of high and round, and the red small clitoris is more sensitive to a woman in the shape of a pussy.

My tongue is a big one, gently sucking the small clitoris, the hands are gently smashed with cute pigeons, the tip of the tongue or squats to the vagina is gently smashed. Her legs are clamped. The scope of tongue activity is limited. I recovered the right hand, the index finger slowly reached into the vagina, I feel very compact, I feel that my fingers have hit a semi-circular spherical soft protrusion, gently press a few times, she shouted: itch, itching &% ¥ …… !

I took a few times again, and the tongue kept sucking. At this time, she felt that she breathed and suddenly squatted, and his fingers felt a liquid flow. Oh, the little girl is really sensitive enough, and it has been gave up by my tongue and fingers. At this time, my fingers trembled, she might couldn’t be caught up: I came up, I can’t stand it! I took the opportunity to step, put the firm younger brother in her face: Kiss it, you see it, how is it …!

At this time, she didn’t shy. I naturally biting the big tapping with the tongue. I swallowed it. The little girl did not have a post (and there may be so much this) so that the younger brother is so comfortable, soft The tongue and the warm saliva little brother are stronger!

Seeing the beautiful cherry of the beautiful woman licking his little brother, the sensory stimuli is a strong little brother who felt the rise. At this time, I can’t be gentle. This is a very good time to completely conquer her, but also to move!

I opened her legs. The little brother was inserted by the quasi-pussy. Then I kept inserting it. She had a pain in her hand. She didn’t feel pain. Only the thrill of dizziness. Suddenly her eyes turned white as crying: do it … do it hard to die, kill me, itch can’t stand …! I turned in the rhythm, and I started slowly and gentle, I felt that the liquid of the vagina was out of the vagina. More stimulated the little brother’s fighting passion, put her body from flat, and inserted it on the side. Hundreds of movements have been moved, and she is in the following.

In this way, it is more than half an hour, the little brother still has no feeling of being angry, she has been completely conquered, I will pull out the little brother. She also swallowed the big talent, she swallowed his head. Sound: Love it … I didn’t expect a lady to look like a few hours in my side.

I was so excited that I took the opportunity to turn her with her, and she began to stick to it. She was a pleading: I can’t do it, and I feel squeezed.

At this time, I slowed down the pumping speed. I used the brightening of the brush to gently touch her pink ass, and there were a few Juan Juan’s fur, and I took out the little brother. Little squatted, she was afraid of seeking: Never dare to come from here, it will hurt. I gentle the white little butt of powder, let her feel like this hobby, just let her feel that it is very exciting.

I suddenly felt that she was shaking, her body was soft: I can’t do it, I am going to die comfortable. I feel that she is tightly vaginal, and the little brother who clips hardly moves. It is more warm and lubricated. A strong pleasure is spread throughout the body. The little brother will not hold a violent shot, hot semen In her small yin, she shouted in her mouth: Dry me, I don’t want to stop …!

The brother who is shot has not been soft soon, but it can’t hold more time. I have pulled out, I didn’t expect her to hold the little brother and smash it to the pussy. Unfortunately, the little brother is not yet, the soft mess will not be able to go …!

I gently licked her small cloudy. She slowly saved, hugged me tightly: Comfortable and dead, I really don’t know if I am so beautiful, really soul! Oh, I just conquered a beautiful little girl. She died, I made a few months of little lovers, which made people feel endless.

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