I want to tell a true story about myself.

I am now big. There is a student in the community (temporarily said that she is a gentleman), she is one year old. From me, she takes care of me very much.

Although she already has a boyfriend, it is very loving. But the psychology is still a little fantasy and hope.

Just a while, it is the last time, she and her boyfriend (temporarily said that he is a small school leader).

君 她 她 男 朋友 大 我 我. That is to say, although I am two years old, I am in the society, but I don’t have the graduation of my brother. Every time I sing, he will find our group of school.

So look at this pair of lovers into a pair, and the psychology is always a little taboo or if it is lost.

Don’t say how beautiful it is, how good your body is. Light is a small score. The style is high, people are high, drinking wine is cool, wanting to drunk him to five or six schools, and is a dead wheel war.

Now I don’t know what they break up, but I think maybe because of my reason.

When I am a big two, because the relationship between the community is often going to. And I have just in the same team with the junjun, Xiao Ming, because I have to go abroad, three days, I have to make up GRE, and it is also a state of half an exit.

Many activities did not participate. Just occasionally come to the community to chat and fart.

I don’t have the deality of the school, and the physical style is not good. The results are more rotten (the results are also because the relationship between the community).

But the Junjun’s student seems to take care of me. Every time I face her eyes, I always feel that she is implying to me.

Perhaps it is my own passion, and the eyes of the students are beautiful. She feels the eyes of the eyes.

I went to a place that day (I dare not say a place). Xiao Ming Xue Long did not follow, this is the first time, her boyfriend did not go out with him. This day, the student seems very excited. It is also more familiar with my attitude. It is not asking if I have a pen, I am looking for me. Let’s work together.

Of course, I am not a stupid, but I just want to determine whether I am 麻 麻 麻 eat swan meat.

Students have 176 cm, and I only have 169, and Jun is the kind of festiveness, which is like Katteen, the heroine of Tieni, this film is also what I have learned together with the student).

In the evening, because it is March and in the mountains, the weather is still cold. I learned my hand to see the sunset.

This is what she first touched my body. She didn’t know if she was interested or unintentional.

We walked to the front line of the mountain. Students may be deliberately cool, and the body gradually hides in my chest. I don’t know how she moved position.

Things happen this way.

If I want to explain to Xiaoming, I will definitely blame the sunset that day is so beautiful, I and I have a look at the sunset. Saying a personal childhood, I am holding a girl in the first time, so the following is straightforward to support the assassin.

When I was erection, I was still slightly backward. Not too dare to let the students come. But the student is hard to come over, so exciting, I am tighter.

Talking about talking about the star blood type. I suddenly picked up my hand and said to see my life.

I have been there in what kind of Feng Shui, fortune telling is a blessing, but she is talking about what I am talking about.

Suddenly, it seems that the hand is finished, and the students put my hand back on her waist, but this time I made her deliberately, because she put my right hand to the location of the lower body, and her The hand also posted on my back.

This kind of idiot should know what is going on next, I actually didn’t move, my hand put it, I am in jeans, my right hand is put on, I feel her lower body. Warm. And I was sitting and holding her, so my hand was a bit of her legs.

It’s just a half an hour. Maybe I see that I seem to be very timid, just put the head back, leaning on my shoulder. Smell the long hair, the heartbeat is not accelerated. Even the breathing is going to get gasp.

I’m talking about what I almost can’t hear, I can only be acknowledge.

My psychology is only thinking about: “Is she breaking up with Xiao Ming’s school?”.

I don’t know how long the heart is pouring. Suddenly found that the sky is dark. The mountain is not very high, and the road is also very familiar, but if you want to touch the return to the camp, it is a bit dangerous. I would like to interrupt her. At this time, I found that I was asleep in my arms.

In the dark light shadow, the face of the old man reflects golden. Looking at her lips I really want to kiss like this, and finally, only kiss her cheek, and then gently wake up.

I found that I really fell asleep.

On the evening, I have to open the cadre meeting to discuss tomorrow’s work.

The instrument sitting next door asked me where I just ran. At this time, the student actually truthfully, I almost jumped out.

Maybe I am better with my studies, so everyone didn’t say anything idiots, just say that tomorrow is going to see the sunset.

I just said that there is more beautiful in the sunset, and we are talking about. Of course, the limb movement is omitted.

When I met, I didn’t even see that I didn’t look at me. I made a little sad down to do notes. Maybe I really have a self-employment.

When you are finished, everyone is all busy, some will continue to sit and chat, some go back to the house. I looked at the school, I watched the door, I hope she can look back at me.

The instrument suddenly asked me if I have already got a meeting, I just said that my body is not very comfortable.

In the next day, there was no happening in the third day. Just on the fourth night, the campfire party, everyone is crazy, the program is planning in the last school, of course, is very brilliant. I also took the opportunity to temporarily forget my heart.

Wait until one end of the beer, I am a cup picking a cup. In fact, I don’t just drink like this, some people still drink more than I am fierce. So no one will pay attention to me. At this time, I walked over and went with me. At that time, I really want to hold her.

I would like to ask me to sit here. Of course, I have a clear grass in a small piece of no one, I haven’t spit it), so we are sitting together.

Drinking, I am going to go to the toilet. I think she is not going to urinate, I have to go to the hug.

I helped her and fell down, and I spit it in less than five steps. At that time, don’t say that the boy spitting a mess, the girl also spit it, even I am turning the stomach.

I have spit a few mouthfuls of consciousness and a little awake. In fact, the girl is drinking and spit is not really drunk. As long as the spit is finished, it is still normal.

I said that I want to blow the hair, I will take her away from the crowd. About 200 meters were sitting down. At that time, it was a paint in other places near the campfire. She also called me to help her massage, drinking alcohol is not very comfortable. I am thinking about what I think about.

She took her own jacket, I was not polite at this time, maybe it’s been ignored by the alcohol and add these days. The action is relatively bold.

In fact, I will not help others pinch. I pushed a few pieces in the spot, and then my hands gradually moved from the back to the front chest, still when she was squat. I have already feel soft in her chest.

The chest of the Junjun is a big name, and the usual boys are intended to be intentionally aiming. My body gradually rely on her back, perhaps just want to revisit the old dreams before three days.

I can’t help but hold my hands. At this time, I heard that I was gasping, I didn’t bother myself.

I put the 君 on the ground and looked at the eyes of the student. It seems that I am email my action.

I am tall than me, so I can take her pants while kissing her chest. Looking at her undulating chest, I accelerated the action. When I took off my pants, I found that I didn’t wear underwear, and the bra was the former opening.

I don’t dare to take the souvenir, in case someone is coming back. In fact, people near the campfire because they couldn’t see the dark place at all, but it was only the case. So just pull the scorpion to the chest to open the bra.

There is still a feet in jeans, I don’t know how, the following is plugged in.

The student’s chest is really big. I kissed and bite again, I made her breathless. At the time, I was very noisy, but I didn’t even dare to call the sound, and I was more careful, from time to time. Take a look at the front.

The first and women have a relationship, so it is not only to shoot, and it is still in the student.

I have seen the A film to play a pistol, and I know the situation of the fast-ejaculation, but this is my first time. I can’t control myself at all. I am still a little regret after being shot inside. In order to greed for a moment, it caused a terrible fact.

But the student seems to have no climax, nor did I find that I was ejaculation. Maybe she is already drunk, my head seems to be awake. I feel that it has become a big disaster.

I rushed to put the student’s clothes, everything is better, I still have a special look, I am sure that I have to wear underwear, so that I will not be drunk, leave the undergarment at the scene.

At this time, the student has become a stall, which cannot be walking at all. I don’t even think that sin is deep, it seems that people are drunken and raped.

Even the trailer is brought back to the room, there are several clear school girls to pick up the past.

On the evening, I was afraid of can’t sleep, but I was afraid. When I took a shower, I found out that I had blood on it.

After returning to the school, I can’t read the book. The head has been resoned to the lingering of the day, as well as the shadow of fear. I want to find a student talk, but I can’t afford your courage. It is also planned that ostrich hopes that the students can’t remember what happened. So I didn’t go to the community at all.

But what should it come or come.

After a half months, I am looking for me to my room. I have to do experiments on the same day, so I returned to the room. It is already 9 o’clock in the evening. I have been waiting for two hours outside my door.

After you ask her, the tears of the students have not stopped. I have been crying in my shoulder.

She said that MC has not been here for two months. My head is crazy, unfortunately, she has not really checked, so I don’t know if it is. She dare not tell the boyfriend, she doesn’t dare to see her obstetrics and gynecology, meaning that I will go with her.

She said that there is a way to buy the pregnancy, but the indication will be valid for ten days to fifteen days after the MC has not come. I have been two months when she is not right.

All right! It is still responsible for it. It is a good time, and the boyfriend is not at time. Let’s check it.

When I arrived at the hospital, I took a supersonic wave, which is reliable, and there is nothing.

He was overnight in my room, of course, took a set.

I will clearly see the body of the student at this time. I’m also like liberated, and I have a full opening of my audio TV. Hand over the madness of the school sister.

Pointed with soft and huge tits, looked at me with my eyes, like A, I joked once every time, her call increased.

The slender legs have been kissed from the foot finger until my tongue is also inserted.

I actively turned around, bent down and kissed my lower body. I have been with a set, and I have said that she has a contraceptive, so she simply simply realizes the fire. Whenever I want to take me in her body or my mouth.

I didn’t sleep all night, I have a total of five or six times, her yin, my mouth overflows my semen.

The tits are also semen, lip and teeth, especially the nipples have been red and hot, but I seem to take the wild horses, but I will attack her the most vulnerable zone.

And I have a love liquid that she exits her lower body.

The scholar’s hips were smashed by my strength, leaving a large small strand, the inside of the thigh because I support the rubbing force, and the white legs dyed a bright red mark.

When my tongue is moving in her diamond, I will bite the periphery of the lips from time to time, and I haven’t used my violent climax. I saw the student’s eyes and whitening, and the body began to fight, I will more sell more.

When the student’s prostitute called a mountain, I struggled to bite the nipple. When I learned that it seems pure, the tall body walks from the road to a plurality, especially the breeze blows her long hair posture. It is even more awkward.

At this time, she is lying on her bed, I have always been mechanized like the Mechanized Dog.

When she is helped in the bed, the two legs are standing upright, I am watching my stick, I’ll swaying, and the cold may be ahead. Then drag slowly.

When I am too bright, I am exhausted, I will see her, semen, dental marks, lip, handprints. She began to tremble with the whole body, I can see the flip of the lips, I think it should be the last time.

Pushing her milk with hard, I am like a few times, like a rotten mud, slow down the legs, seems to be fainted. In this way, we didn’t go to class for four or five days. Because when I got up in the afternoon, she said that I made her dysfunction, she didn’t see people. So the time, hiding, but this hide is a week, even Xiaoming students cheated himself to travel to southern.

And I secretly touched her in the middle of the night.

Before the summer vacation, she often comes with me, until she breaks up with my boyfriend, I don’t quite clear.

Because we seem to be established in sexual relationship. So don’t pay attention to the feelings of the other party.

Although I said, I still hope that she belongs to me. I have never found her, nor I walked in the campus. So no one knows what I am doing.

Once I asked the team, was it the first time she? Because I saw blood on the day.

She replied: She and her boyfriend have been two years, but they are all regulations. Maximum kiss.

I just thought I happened to me. As a result, I put it in.

I don’t know if they break up, it is really because of me. Still a little pilot, knowing us.

Or she personally tells Xiao Ming.

But after breaking up, I have never seen a senior, maybe because of the soldiers, or I don’t want to see me.

I said that I didn’t like it. I didn’t like it. If you break up in the community, you don’t know how many people will have a different eye, and later I met me, she felt that this is the ideal lover in her heart.

After the seniors, I gradually dared to publicly actively in the campus.

Of course, we both quit the community. After another half a year, I have to graduate. If I have sex, I am eligible to restrict her. Because I have taken my good friend’s heart and take his woman. And this beloved person has also abandoned me two years of boyfriend.

At this point, if I can’t own her, it should have no regrets.

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