The first chapter teachers Zhang Yuping Zhang Yuping is very satisfied with their current life, whether it is a family or family, can give others an envious color.

Husband Chen Tianhua managed a company, not only profitable, but also planned to go to the United States at the end of the year. My son is the perfect darling of the school, a number of words in the school, and the school. The top three of Kokok are ranked.

And she is, it is also an English teacher in this private high school, not just in front of colleagues, is a good and beautiful and beautiful teacher. If the students in the class, students are also can’t afford to her class. Human edge, that is absolutely called a good.

Zhang Yuping’s favorite thing is to maintain the skin. Every three days will go to a beautiful hospital. Now it is part of her daily life. Although she is all four hundred, but her smooth and white skin is in other people like maturity. Charming newly married young woman, this is also the biggest pleasure of her beauty.

She just came out from the beauty salon, she suddenly received a text message from the Chief of the Teaching Department, and the content is a simple single word: Yangyang is committed!

Yangyang is a small name of Chen Yang, which is the three good students of Zhang Yuping.

Zhang Yuping saw this text message, immediately stopping a taxi and rushed to the school.

Chen Yang has a high head, but the two of the same class began to stand at the entrance of the Academic Affairs Office. Hu Qiang Yong is more than one head, and the two faces are hung on the same green and swelling blood clots.

I saw that my son was hit, and Zhang Yuping walked in the past and asked them: “What is going on?”

Both people do not sound.

“Hu Qiang Yong, you said, why do you want to fight?” Zhang Yuping asked with a blame.

“Hey.” Hu Qiang bravely smashed his neck, a full expression.

“Chen Yang, you said, why do you want to fight?”

“Nothing, just want to play.”

“How do teachers usually teach you, what do men move?” “Yu Yuping said very angry to them.

Chief of the Teaching Department, Xia Li and heard the voice of Zhang Yuping, from the office leisurely, helped the mirror box, said to the two: “You two of this fight event, serious violation of the school regulations, give other students and The teacher has caused very bad influence. After discussment by the school, Hu Qiang courageed the punishment, deduct the credit 10, give Chen Yang oral warning, no deduction, to show the warning, go. “

“Hey, there is no matter what your mother supports, walking.” Hu Qiangyong snorted and left.

Zhang Yuping hurriedly walked over and touched the brownness on Chenyang’s face, but he was opened by Chen Yang, and he did not say, and he left.

“Yangyang, Yang Yang …” Yu Ping looked at the son of angry and shouted.

Seeing the rebellion of his son’s first show, Zhang Yuping really wants to figure out the cause, of course, she also knows that because of her own, Chen Yang is just a verbal warning, and there is no deduction.

“Summer Director, what is the situation, how do two people play?” Zhang Yuping followed into the Xia Lihe office and asked.

Xia Li and pick up a paper from the desk, handed Zhang Yuping: “Let’s take a look, your class Hu Qiang bravely painted.”

Zhang Yuping took the paper, painted a beautiful portrait of a beautiful woman, and the beauty of the portrait did not wear clothes. The pair of chests in front of the chest was obvious, and the thick black jungle and small ditch were quite vivid.

Seeing this, Zhang Yuping’s skinny face has been slightly flourishing. When he saw a string of small characters next to it, she finally understood why her son Chen Yang and Hu Qiangyong were fighting.

Next to the small word written: Beautiful and sexy English teacher Zhang Yuping.

Zhang Yuping took a long time, suddenly felt that one hand came from behind, sexy little waist was collected by Xia Li and in his arms.

“You look, because you are too charming, even your students have gone to you, huh, huh.” Summer and smirked.

Summer and so, Zhang Yuping showed a clear dislike, struggling to say that Xia Lihe’s arms said to him: “Summer Director, please sincere.”

“Self-weight? How can I not let me save my weight in bed?” Xia Li and closed the door of the office, slowly took off the coat and walked to Zhang Yuping.

“It is time for work, many colleagues and students can be outside, and it will come in.” The Yuping’s skilled face revealed panic and shy expression to him. “Don’t worry, in addition to the principal, no one dares to come in, fast, let me see your beauty effect.”

Xia Li and once again held Zhang Yuping, and opened the hair in Zhang Yuping, so that her white ear cervix was revealed, and then put the nose over, deep sniffing: “Sure enough, the fragrance “

“Let’s let go … I don’t let go, I can shout.” Zhang Yuping said very angry to him.

“Shout, I just want to listen to your call?” Xia Li and not only did not let go, but immediately reached into Zhang Yuping’s clothes, allocated her flexible breast.

“Well … Hey …” Zhang Yuping’s chest sensitive breast was grasped by his hand, and the instinct’s petitude.

“How? There is a reaction.”

“Don’t … don’t …”

Xia Li and twisted Zhang Yuping’s face, started with her sexy lips.

Holding Zhang Yuping’s breasts, the other hand has been free to Zhang Yuping’s trousers, looking for the mysterious and exciting triangle.

Xia Li and across Zhang Yuping’s underwear were teased with her small labia, not much, underwear wets.

“Well … Hey … ah …” Zhang Yuping began a weak breath.

Seeing Zhang Yuping slowly entered the state, Xia Li and was going to Zhang Yuping’s trousers, there was a hurry outside the door.

When the two suddenly pulled out from the excitement.

“Who?” Summer and rush to organize clothes and asked.

“Is me? Old Mo, old summer, what do you do in the house? What do you have a big day?”

“This death, I don’t come late, I am coming, my mother is.” Xia Li and my heart.

I heard the sound outside, Xia Lihe and Zhang Yuping were panicked. As Xia Li and said, no one dares casually, in addition to the principal, and now, the incident outside the door is the principal. Yuan Ming.

“Hey … I …” Xia Li and hesitated for a long time, finally decided to open the door, see Zhang Yuping’s clothes have been organized, and she is sitting on the sofa, and there is a cup of tea in hand, this is a significant is two people What is talking about what is going.

After Mo Yuanming came in, I saw Zhang Yuping’s inside, very surprised, asked her: “Teacher Zhang is here?”

“Hey, she … she is coming …”

“I am coming to dealing with my son’s Yangyang.” Zhang Yuping said that he couldn’t say a word in Xia Li and a half day, he said to the principal of Mo.

“Yes, yes, the Hu Qiangyong of their class is not fighting with Chen Yang? Zhang Teacher came over the situation.”

Xia Li and quickly added.

“Oh, right, I have just learned that they have been fighting, and I still don’t know the specific situation. What is the reason? This is a silly big man Hu Qiang Yong, is it envious of Chen Yang’s achievements, in case of our school The seed player gave it bad, this fast college entrance examination can be troublesome. “Mo Yuanming also said a little angrical.

“Nothing, the two are some small disputes, I have given Hu Qiang Yong to the place.” Xia Li and hurriedly said to him.

“Well, it’s okay.” Mo Yuanming said that he was relieved.

“The principal, you have something to talk about me.” Said that Zhang Yuping got up.

“Well, go first.” Mo Yuan is nodded.

Xia Li and looked at Zhang Yuping, a face, just not easy to bring Zhang Yuping’s water to the, this old, the principal, what kind of chicken is there?

After Zhang Yuping came out from the Xia Lihe office, he suddenly had a feeling of uncomfortable, perhaps the desire to be interrupted? Or the undergarment that has been wet is uncomfortable between the undergarment?

Zhang Yuping has no lesson today. If it is not Xia Li and send information, she will go shopping with the dating sisters to go to the Xinli.

Sisters came to the phone to start reminding Zhang Yuping, and Zhang Yuping should hang up the phone and went to the class. When I saw my son Chen Yang’s face was covered, I still concentrated in the classroom, although some distressed However, there is no reason for the college entrance examination, and there is no study in his study. Zhang Yuping rushed to the shopping plaza with good sisters Lin Yao. Seeing Zhang Yuping’s arrival, Lin Yao’s face is unhappy, “all blame you, just over time, half-price goods are over.”

“Okay, wait for me to send you a free, you can be more than half price.”

Zhang Yuping’s gentle comfort.

Lin Yao and Zhang Yuping were university classmates. After graduation, the two were as good as the city, but Lin Yao married a civil servant. My husband was a small president in the Civil Affairs Bureau. Although the conditions were not in Zhang Yuping. However, his daughter was admitted to American universities last year, and the future is bright, and the small days are not bad. After that, the two people are more convenient, and the friendship between the twenty years is not covered.

“Hey, this is almost the same.” Lin Yao sat up with Zhang Yuping’s arm.

The two people walked into the shopping plaza, the shape of the colorful clothes, got the two people dazzled, but for such shopping, the two experienced as usual as eating.

Zhang Yuping’s lower body has passed a strong discomfort, and the underwear is getting wet, and after being automatically subjected to summer, the small hole is still flowing.

It has to be recognized that Xia Lihe is practicing.

“Yaoyao, let’s take a look at the underwear under this side.” Zhang Yuping pointed to a close-fitting women’s clothing.

“Ok, I should buy two new, my family’s underwear is almost the same.” Lin Ya said not to say.

“Don’t be so big?” Compared with Lin Yao, Zhang Yuping appeared more than, she didn’t have Lin Ya, after all, she is a people teacher.

“What are you afraid of? I am telling the truth, don’t tell me that you will add your underwear? Oh, yes, your family’s old Chen has recently been very busy, I heard that it seems to be available. How, don’t you take it? Haha. “Lin Yao smiled.

For the good sister Lin Yao, Zhang Yuping is directly speechless. However, Lin Yao has also said Zhang Yuping’s heart, otherwise it is so strong that he has just been careful, it is so strong.

“Hello, welcome to beautiful fashion underwear.”

What did Zhang Yuping didn’t think of it, is this lady’s underwear store actually does a man who is a shopping guide?

“Your store is selling ladies underwear, you really want to buy?” Lin Yao is a rectum, and there is something to say directly. For Zhang Yuping’s scruples, she will come out.

The man smiled and smiled: “This shop is me, because these days are relatively busy, the store is not enough, so I will come and help.”

“Oh, it turned out to be a boss.” The two nodded unconsciously.

“So handsome boss sells ladies underwear, there must be a lot of little girls come in.” Lin Yao smiled, she usually like kidding.

“Oh, okay.” Handsome boss exposed a charming smile and replied.

“Ok, then we look well.”

“Ok, if you need anything you can call me or other clerk.” Handsome boss left.

Zhang Yuping picked up a favorite pink lace underwear, Lin Yao also tried her bra, and this store has two fitting rooms, Zhang Yuping waited.

At this time, the handsome boss came over, “Hello, do you need help?”

“Oh, I want to ask you that there is no other fitting room in this store?” Zhang Yuping asked.

“Two things there are.”

“The two are all people.”

“Oh, this is …” Handsome boss meditated for a while, got up and down, then revealing his signature charming smile, “I have one behind this, please come with me.”

Zhang Yuping nodded, followed by the handsome boss, from a side of the store, there is really a fitting room, and more than the outside of the outside, Zhang Yuping is very wonderful, why do you have such an example? Large fitting room?

Of course, Zhang Yuping did not ask, directly entered the fitting room. The fitting room is blocked by the curtain, Zhang Yuping’s scruples can’t be so much, and there is already a disaster, and if you don’t change it, you will not move.

Zhang Yuping picks up the pants, take off the underwear, exposed the lower body and two moles with a white tender leg, the lower abdomen is completely exposed, and the obscenities have also given the inside of her thigh. It’s more confused, and the skilled white face is red, and Zhang Yuping will find that I forgot to take a paper towel, and the bag is placed outside the fitting room.

Zhang Yuping hesitated for a long time, he didn’t know if there were any other people. When she hesitated, the voice of the handsome boss came in: “Hello, beautiful woman, do you ask your clothes Is it right? Need me to give you big Is a code or a small one? “

“Oh … no.” Zhang Yuping replied.

“Oh, then, then I am gone, you will change it yourself.” The voice of the handsome boss passed from the outside of the fitting.

“Wait … I will wait.” Zhang Yuping called the handsome boss: “That, can you help me take my bag?”


Zhang Yuping stood on the edge of the curtain, and the voice of the handsome boss came in: “I got it, I got it, I stretched it.”

“OK, thank you!”

Sure enough, the handsome boss took his hand to carry his own bag, then let Zhang Yuping still come to scream, handsome boss pulls open the curtain, come in, and Zhang Yuping did not wear anything, black jungle is also more clear juice.

“The lady looks like to help?” Handsome boss looked at the naked body of her exposed smile and said to her.

“Ah! You … how did you come in?” Zhang Yuping saw him suddenly came in, and the temporary was shamefully used his hands to cover the privacy below, while panicked to him.

“No need to cover it, I have seen it, the water wets the inside of your thigh, I will help you.” Said, handsome boss held his hands and gently touched the inside of the thigh of Yuping.

Zhang Yuping only thought that a burst of mesia came from the inside of the thigh. At this time, her brain was blank, and there was no idea, and she stood up.

Slowly, handsome boss touched from Zhang Yuping’s thigh, reached out a finger, gently dialing the labians of Yuping, black, and hypertrophy were shown under the eyelids of the handsome boss.

“My hand has been wet by your water, what should I do?” Handsome boss feels that his fingers are wet.

“Ah … grace …” has been in the hair of Zhang Yuping, the labie is uncomfortable by the handsome boss’s finger.

After the handsome boss played with the Yin Emperor, the middle finger on the laborah, fierce, inserted Zhang Yuping’s vagina.

“Ah …” Zhang Yuping sent a snoring, and quickly grabbed his mouth with his hand.

Gradually, the middle finger of the handsome boss began to pine it in the vagina Zhang Yuping.

There are more and more water in Zhang Yuping, and the tick on the floor has always been dripping.

Slowly, the index finger of the handsome boss has also plunged, and then there is no name, and the three fingers are inserted in Zhang Yuping’s vagina.

Zhang Yuping is already in excitement. The whole body is softly backed by the handsome boss. The other hand of handsome boss is not idle, reaching into Zhang Yuping’s top, kneading Zhang Yuping’s elastic breast, finger in Zhang Yuping’s vagina Made inserted …

Zhang Yuping’s breath is getting more and more serious, and the two hands are desperately grabbed the arm inserted into the vagina, and force it to the inside.

Suddenly, Zhang Yuping only felt that the body was trembled, and a strong urine was hit, “ah”, a pale yellow liquid spread from the vagina.

Zhang Yuping reached the climax, and a butt was sitting on the floor. She was unable to be thared by her handsome boss. She didn’t respond, and she was got a climax. It is really dizzy and ashamed. NS.

“This underwear is given to the lady. When I do it, I will give a gift, but you have to give me a commemoration for me?” Handsome boss smiled and took Zhang Yuping. The wet underwear is satisfied out of the fitting room.

Zhang Yuping has been gave a climax by inexplicably wonderful boss. She wakes up her underwear. She woke up. It is temporarily ashamed to be red. This kind of thing can’t go out, so I have. In the fitting room, it faded the charm of the climax, and then changed his underwear. When you come out from the fitting, Lin Yao is in a bit impatient outside. Seeing Zhang Yuping came out, it was a complain, “How do you run to the back to try your clothes? Is there a fitting room after?”

“Well.” Zhang Yuping took a shy and shouldered it.

“Hey, are you do you want to test underwear? What about my underwear? Why didn’t you see it?” Lin Yao suddenly found that Zhang Yuting did not hold underwear in his hand, asked her.

“Oh … this … I didn’t like it, I put it inside, let’s go to another store to see it.” Zhang Yuping said with the horses.

“Oh, okay.” Lin Yao listened to it and didn’t doubt her, I nodded her.

“Two slow walks, welcome to visit next time.” The handsome boss smiled at Zhang Yuping, and extended three points to make a swing posture.

Zhang Yuping pretended to see, quickly pulled Lin Yao as a shy and nervous mood, and quickly left the underwear shop …

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