Du Ruo is a master of high school in Xiangjiang City. She is 24 years old. She is married less than a year, but after marriage baptism and bathing, it seems to be peaches, the chest, Nanshan, and the eyebrows are impossible. Tenderness.

To say this is of course, one congenital condition is good, Du Ruo is a common family, but the stadium is tall, one meter six fifth, the thigh is long, the skin is like snow, a thousand and beautiful faces, especially a pair of eyes Soul.

She looked at the people, smiling soft wave flowing, let people feel unlimited; two husbands are white, 25 years old, do the principal assistant, such a chance is not everyone’s return.

But in the past two days, Du Ruo is not a little bit. Because my husband always finds some small things and his quarrel, my husband is not like this. Until yesterday, my husband was playing with him. The leader of the old man and the group of the Chinese group in the office is a bit close. Du Ruo heard this laughed, the original husband was jealous. Du Ruo took the husband’s ear, haha, you, this vinegar, the original vinegar. I have nothing to do with the team leader. Just he is a team leader, many things I need to rely on him. His forty people, how can I have a relationship with him?

Although Bai Hui is relaxed, it is still said that the mouth is still said, “Your team leader Zhao Lao Master Bao Wen Ji Ji, Tongxiao, in your eyes, he is a charming man.” Du Ruo is in his husband. One said: “Even if he is Li Taibai, I haven’t thought about him.

You are so worried, I haven’t moved people for several days. Du Ruo, who is married to a year, has deeply understood the beauty of making love. I don’t do it in a few days. It seems that there is an estrus beast, let her have a few crazy white glow to remove the inner doubts, facing this wife’s wife, there is already a gun. He pulled Du Ruo’s young hand, start kissing from his hand, then put his fingers in your mouth, walking along the way, cleaning the white neck with the marble and then staying Du Ruo’s ear, Du Ruo is completely immersed in a warm spring breeze It seems that there is a warm foreign flow in the body. Bai Hui kissed the Du Ru’s ear and kissed his lips along the neck. At the same time, the hands climbed Du Ruo’s Yufeng, and her double milk was softly rubbed in his hand. Du Ruo closed his eyes and started to take off his clothes.

When you feel deep, all clothes are barrier. She likes to be naked with her husband, just like two primitives, they are lingering within their own nest.

In the blink of Du Ruo, only the bras left and underwear, and Bai Hui also leaving the underwear, and the undergings are high. Bai Hui took Du Ruo, took her bra, and a big mouth explored directly from the armpit. The hand included in a bright red nipple, and the hand was in the lower abdomen, reached into the undergarment, and the underwear was already flooded. Du Ruo gently whispered: beg you. “Bai Hui did not pay attention to, but continued to fade with a pair of full jade milk. Now this is quite a jade, and the hand also takes off Du Ruo’s underwear. A cleaned bun is forced to expose. . Usually Bai Hui like this place, it is like a mouth after being washed, close to it, feel the same hot air like it wants to make a pan. Enter it, just like entering a warm, tender and warm The meat puts your own guys who are stupid. It is full of water, and it is full of moulg. In this case, it is faster than the gods.

Bai Hui put Du Ruping, the lower small pillow. The mouth kissed the mouth of Du Ruo. Du Ruo called, called, hooligan, not coming, let me wait for it. Ah, ah … At this time, Bai Hui put the tender little clouds in the mouth, carefully taste, suck, and play. Du Ruo’s continuous out of the water, wet the sheets.

Good brother, beg you, ask you, give it to me. At this time, Du Ruo is not as dignified as usual, but it turns into a crazy prostitute. Bai Hui also loves her a little, and the kitchen under the hall is called the bed, and every man’s dream. And so the charming little woman is screaming in his own body, how can we not let the white glow from spoof.

Bai Hui also installed, you can’t care, you said that you are my woman.

“I am your woman!” “Say your favorite let me day.” “I love you the day!” “Haha, good wife, husband to reward you.” Take off the underwear, a few bar, nourish, even the root into, Du Ruo’s little mouth is tight, then Bai Hui hits your hip, the brightening, the three minutes, the three is deep, so hundreds, The long shite of Du Ruo, is cool, and the forced obscenity is also stretched. The sound is sound, and finally the climax will go, Du Ruo’s legs are tightly in the waist of Bai Hui, in the fast top of Bai Hui In motion, the two reached the climax, and then hugged.

The next day, Du Ruo, which was full of rain, with fresh flowers, with delicate water vapor. She is comfortable, so she is sexy. V-type short shirt, beige short skirt, purple high heels, into the campus, immediately attract the attention of the wolf. After the first lesson, many teachers went to class, leaving only Du Ruo and team leader Zhao Ningcheng. Just a question to ask him, so he talks about the problem with him. Since Zhao Ning City is sitting, Du Ruo leaned over, so the pair of eyes in Zhao Jiacheng can see the mountains. Du Wei seems to be aware of this, looking at his own clothes, there is a look at Zhao Ningcheng, saying “Zhao teacher,”, did not wait for her to say, Zhao Ning City got up, and hug Du Ruo, “If I am, I I have already like you for a long time, today you will come from me. “Du Ruo was basically shocked, she never thought that her respected Zhao is actually such a person. Just when she stayed, Zhao Ning City pushed her to the sofa of the guests in the office. “No, Mr. Zhao, let me let go.” At this time, Du Ruo is still taking into account everyone’s face, do not dare to lighten, but how to push Zhao’s famous city, but how does she push like sports height, one meter seven-five? Zhao Ning City.

Zhao Ningcheng grabbed her hands, pressed his legs, pulled up her clothes, a pair of big milk could not be seen in the purple chest cover, and the other hand of Zhao Ning City to Du Ruo’s bra tape. So the white pigeons whitening meat flew out. Zhao Ningcheng has a mouth of nipples. At this time, the door was pushed away, and it was actually Du Ruo’s husband. Bai Hui saw such a situation. All blood gaps, grab a steel bomb bench and called the head of Zhao Ning City. . Zhao Ningcheng has not, ah, called, from Du Ruo’s body, roll to the ground, the blood on the head is going out, and the artery of the probably. At this time, Du Ruo saw his husband, panic, pulled the clothes, and even the bra belle did not system. I was thinking of being in my husband, who was known to gave Du Ruo, a palm:. Then go out.

But their fight has alert the teacher of other offices. They have come over and saw Zhao Ningcheng lying on the ground, and quickly called doctors. But the story has not yet finished, and Zhao Ningcheng went to the hospital, but this thing must have a statement, so he said that the principal there. The principal hosted a lot, saying how to actually have such a thing. Then he called the Bai Hui couple to ask this matter. Bai Hui said that Zhao Ningcheng and Du Ruo were stealing in the office, and the bra was taken off. Du Ruo is not, Zhao Ning City is forcing her, she disagree.

At this time, the phone rang, the principal took a call and said, “Bai Hui, you will go to the Education Bureau to take some materials, Zhao Ning City also enters the hospital, I don’t know how it. Xia Du, you will stay, Take a whole time, look back, I will talk to them again, try to control things in a small range, don’t let too many people know, you are all young and beautiful people, I have a bad influence on you. I have a good reputation to the school. “Just like this office, only the principal of the president and Du Ruo, Du Ruo included the tears of the grievances, this thought that her husband came back, but did not expect my husband but doubted myself.

The 明 器 does not say this, he just went to Du Ruo, who sat on the sofa, took the paper towel to her tears.

And said that she said gentle: “You are very wronged, I know.” Du Ruo, who wronged, suddenly feeling the understanding and gentleness, suddenly need a shoulder and embrace, and the natural rush is in the shoulder of the principal.

After a while, I waited for a while, I said to her, “I listen to many people say that Zhao Ning City is not the track for you. In fact, it is also like you, which man is not a heart.”

Huan Ming is 35 years old, but it is already a love venue to understand the woman’s psychology. This is warm and compliments, which makes Du Ruo very comfortable. He went to say “He also tells your husband, saying that he is very close to the prostitute outside.”

Du Ruo sat said, “How is this possible?” 明 器 说: “You don’t want to be excited, I don’t believe, but he sneaked your husband’s behavior, then Into the disc hand to me, you see. Subsequently, the 明 器 一 一 碟 碟 屉 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 米 米 米 米 米 米 米 米 米 米 米 到 到 到 米 米 米 米 米 米 米 米 米 米 米 米 米 米 米Inside, the husband has now entered the famous flower city hotel, and the lady enters the room, and the scene of being crazy.

Du Ruo said: “How can I shoot in the room?” “Zhao Ning City said that your husband has been open for a long time, just as a relative is safe and defending in the hotel, stealing the camera.” This Du Ruo I believe it thoroughly.

It’s not good to say, “I am not good, because I have to receive guests, I have taken him a few times, I didn’t think of it, he …, Du Ruo, I haven’t worry, I haven’t worry. What happens today is so fast, so that she reacts in happiness and calm. Yesterday she and her husband’s vows complained with each other, and now everything has changed. It turned out that the husband was still in front of the prostitute … Du Ruo seems to stay completely, and the principal is in front of Du Ruo. The hands are softly touching Du Ruo’s thigh. Waiting until she returned, I retired, “the principal, you?” “Du Ruo, you don’t quench. You see your husband, now you know that he is not a good thing, he is a monk, But he is not a chaotic with the prostitute? So you can’t suffer, and let him marry you, it is better to come once, so you will be good. “” But I can find Zhao City, he is qiangjian me. “Oh, Du Ruo, you are so true, you said that Zhao Ning City said that he is more beneficial to him or qiangjian. You are not clear.” “…” Du Ruo speechless. “Du Ruo, don’t be stupid, your man is so good to you, you are still unique, you are so defeated and use it,” said the person reaching into Du Ruo’s skirt, I don’t know if there is no reaction or Deacuity, Du Ruo did not move. The 明 器 见 把 把 把 把 倒 倒 倒 倒 倒 倒 倒 倒 倒 倒 倒 倒 倒 倒 倒 倒 倒 倒 倒 倒 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了Grab the legs of the legs, the large number of people will enter. Then he slammed Du Ruo’s two thighs, such as both, so it would not allow her to resist the pain and Du Ruo’s resistance. One trick is like it is the same as it is a good fortune. Du Ruo has struggled, but there is no one, and it is a warm meat, that warm meat, the warm meat, the hot meat, it seems to be more than husband. It’s still hard to be hot. It makes you can’t escape, you will bring you harm to yourself. Later, Du Ruo said in a honesty, it is the most comfortable QiangJian.

The 明 见 见 若 放 反 反, 知道 成 成 成 成 成 成 成 成 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 上 杜 上 杜 配 配 配 配 配 配 配 配In front of it. The 明 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 物 物 物 物 物 殄 物 物 物 物 物 物 物 物 物 物 物 物 殄 殄 物 物 物 物 物 物 物 物 物 物 物 物 物 物 物 物 轻 轻 物Gently touch it, then look at Du Ruo, if it is three times. Du Ruo’s heart suddenly felt emptiness, hoping to get a strong kiss. Her mouth is slightly tight, and she hits her own lips to kiss her lips, and then the right hand cares for the black long hair, and the left hand climbs the jade peak. It is easy to lingering with Du Ruo’s tongue, and two people have a long sucking kiss. At the same time, the lower body is slightly pushed, and Du Ruo is incentive.

Du Ruo’s mind is not awake. She gives up all rationality, I hope to stay away from everything, as long as the meat stick, as long as it is inserted, as long as the pleasure is pleasant. She seems to have forgotten who is on her body.

From slowly twitching, Du Ruo’s forced is more slippery, and it is obvious that it is obvious. So he accelerated speed. In this round, he smoked it, pumping out each time and then inserted low. He is to use this strong way to conquer this beauty, let her taste the happiness that her husband is not. The first round of climax arrived in Du Ruo. Du Ruo is exclaimed in the climax, and the instrument pulled up this beauty, holding her in her arms, and a few sides of the squad, so their face face, two people seem to lose all the reason. , Just two naked animals. The sweat flows along their weeks, adding a breath of obscenity.

The muditer hugged the Du Ruo, and Du Ruo also felt the neck of the holy, and he felt the pleasure of the desire of the fairy. She has always thought that her husband can make her climax every time. Unexpectedly, in this place, this man, in this way, his more thick, bigger, harder, and more understanding each sensitive place, knowing to master the fire and pleasure.

He wants to send yourself to the extreme. Even if I am dead, I am not afraid.

She said in my heart, Japan, Japan.

In fact, she is not in my heart, but I am also talking in my mouth.

Hearing such a snoring, the heart is ambiguous, and a few bar is more energetic, and all the plans are successful.

It turns out that this is the link meter that is hierarchy.

First of all, Du Ruo and Zhao Chengcheng have such a legs. If he is unresolved to reveal to him. Bai Hui is coming from someone else.

Last night, he said to the university of the university in the hostel (this relationship no one knows), you can do Du Ruo tomorrow morning, I will send it out. Just don’t forget, Du Ruo has one. This morning, he said to Bai Hui, Xiaobai, I can hear, Zhao Ning City and your wife, … … so, there was a just that was just.

As for that disc, it was what he made a brother of a university computer. Although Bai Hui did indeed with him to go through the hotel, the things with prostitutes were completely computed. The heart is ambiguous, and the Du Ruo, and feels her warm layer of meat.

“Say, I am your man.” The right Du Ruo is fascinating, “You are my man” Haha, the hilarious hug of Du, starting crazy, so they have arrived another heavy climax.

Du Ruo lost his arms in this man. The laughter of the lunker, laughing.

The fourth chapter has been in the foreigner, and there is a summer vacation. Du Ruo is completely used to life, although the heart is full of contradictions. I think of these days at home, or I feel very sorry for my husband. After all, it is a step by step. Now, in the middle of your own home, you will fill another man’s penis. Look at the double photo of the photo, Du Ruo is mixed with shame and inexplicable pleasure, she also wants why so. But Ar, the man is the tenderness of the man and the charm of the man, just decisive, the means, whether it is doing something or doing. Although Bai Hui is also very excellent, it is still a bit tender than the honesty.

When she is not there, she will recall every time they have, and the body is like the ants, the heart is like the water, and there is no such irresistible, stick to the eyes, fantasy him. The big cock filled his soft hole, and that place was wet.

Now Du Ruo’s life has a new content: and the wife who is hunger is chatting.

When the homework said that she would introduce her to his wife, Du Ruo was shocked, “You are crazy”, gentle gave him a powder, “She knows how much I am alive?!

However, it seems that it doesn’t care if it is as bad or bad.

At the moment of the wife of the 明 大 大 大It’s not just a ghost. However, the wife who faintly feels the mandrel is not like his own imagination. Later, I wanted to understand that in everyone’s imagination, a colorful principal often had a fat wife, overbearing, vulgar, ugly.

However, the wife of the holymer is completely not like this, the clothes are decent, the appearance is noble, and the character is gentle. The first impression is beautiful. Although it should be almost 30 years old, it is still more than 20 years old, but more mature charm than 20 years old. The full plump, the slim slim, Du Ruo is dark, she doesn’t lose myself at all.

In the morning, I have passed in the short chat of the parents in the first time, and I have been going out for lunch, saying that there is still something to drive. Leave two women. Looking at their enthusiasm, people can’t see anything wrong with the couple, can’t help but change Du Ruo to their usual views.

The first sentence of Xue Wei after the mating device is that the sister, you sleep with him?

This can’t stand up in Du Ruo, so I haven’t experienced it. But I am relaxing right away, because Xue Yu said with a smile, “You don’t haven’t sorry, I don’t do anything else, I know that my husband is a big wolf, I have a number of other women, huh, huh, this big bastard, He also has this matter. But this is the first time to bring a woman home. It seems that he likes you very much. I don’t care, he has never been cold, as long as at home, I have made me very comfortable every day. “Du Ruo This relaxed some vigilant. Slowly start with her to talk about this private problem. It turned out that it is also from the university to fall from the university. She now makes a small boss in a bank’s branch, and seven or eight people are managed. Because they are all open people, they are not ready for children.

These immediately dispelled many of Du Ruo. Du Ruo knows that in the eyes of Xue Wei, what kind of person is the mating. Xue Yu told him that no matter how others evaluate him, it is a good man in his heart, when the university, the mating is still very poor, and the self-study fees, but no matter how busy every night, they will accompany her. One night he came back very late, the dormitory of the house was locked, he also ran to the floor to call her, she squatted on the six-floor window sill. Said these past, Xue Yu seems to be immersed in huge happiness, happy like a little girl who is loved. Xue Yu said, at that time, he made a determination to follow this man, no matter whether he is a gentleman or a big bad egg. Now we are a bit of identity and status, but also busy, but he is still the same as before, no matter how many women are above, basically not outside overnight. Going home, this bad man must die. I don’t know where he is so much energy. Du Ruo this only remembered that he didn’t have a few times with him. Du Ruo also told Xue Wei in some things that he happen these days.

Xue Yu is asking her hand, you see what he is, I said that.

Du Ruo is still a bit embarrassed, it feels hot. Xue Yu touched her face joke, huh, huh, the girl is still shy. Say. Du has admitted that he is really very powerful.

Two women actually exchanged. Du Ruo feels incredible. How fast is it for the first time. However, life is always full of incredible, who will know now in or half a year ago?

Xue Yu pulled Du Ruo’s hand to her, the sister, I saw you in the first place, so I said that so much smashing. Let’s don’t care about the stinky man, let’s we are willing, if you are willing, we will be a sister, and there is a speech in the night. When he is not at home, you can accompany me. Although I also know some work, they will be treated, how can you be more than you?

You see that your husband is not at home, a person is boring.

Speaking of the heart, Du Ruo also likes Xue Yu, generous, gentle, beautiful, calm. Since she said, Du Ruo had to be under.

What she didn’t think of, Xue Wei really highly efficiently and be real, immediately ran into the storage room to take out the fragrance, pulled her into another room to god, took out two worships, I am smashing in front of the statue. Later, Du Ruo said that there was no such thing as Xue Yu, and he said that he didn’t think that you have some similar places in these two women, and they can’t get along with them. So they are risky Try, I didn’t expect it to have a good thing.

On the evening, Du Ruo didn’t go back. She and Xue Wei waited together to come back, announced this news to him, and she was willing to be happy. After dinner, Du Ruo and Xue Wei watched TV chat and hit the device to take a shower. Listening to the water in the bath, Du Ruo actually had an inexplicable expectation, I can’t help but feel a little, Xue Wei seems to feel a little, and she doesn’t pay attention to the next side of her skirt. I feel that she is wet. I am talking about her, you are wet. Then shouted at the bath, the husband came out, giving his sister.

After a while, I really came out, I was unexpected, and I didn’t wear it, and I didn’t say it. I didn’t say it. One hand hugged them in the bedroom. Xue Yu is obviously used to this thin, with the neck of his own hands, the thighs open the card. And Du Ruo is still a little shy and half push. In this way, the three people took into the bedroom, and Du Ruo was immediately pushed down in their big bed, Du Ruo, don’t say three people, it is five people.

Since everything is already as illuminated, everyone will understand. So there is no extra speech and shy.

Even if there is no excessive play, the 明 器 开始 脚 上 上 至 至 至 至 至 至 性 性 翻 性 翻 性 野 野 至 至 至 至 野 野 至 至 上 野 野 野 野 野 野 野And naked lust, he absorbed her tongue as if you want to swallow up and sound, just like a baby sucking milk.

His hands continued to make her double milk. Du Ruo had forgotten everything without a scruple or loving, she can’t help with his dick with his hand, I feel that it is like hot animals. Slide in your own hands. Du has already felt that the lower body was wet, and she grabbed the penis of the mandarin against the blessing land. The mandaver has not been asked for several days, so it is no longer picking, and the path is straight.

As soon as ambiguous sound, clamor Burial was entered as a lubricating butter, tight and slippery. Each time Choucha, Kakitsubata can not help but moan, groan that foam can directly make the Buddha monk crack return to secular life. This time, Xue Yan lying beside them on the sideways lazy, a hand for a caress or touch what about the clamor Burial Kakitsubata that smooth firm breasts. She laments silently in my heart, this is indeed a rare woman, body, feelings, sounds are so perfect, no wonder her husband would bring home knowledge.

She really did not care, she knew that her husband loved her, so that we can do it more secure. She can enjoy their share, she could not care less there is so open and loving woman to share his own big bully. Sometimes a little too much for what he felt.

At this point the clamor funerary objects and Kakitsubata has entered a white-hot state. They chanted thrusting the collision with, stains the flyer all wet. Kakitsubata legs tightly intertwined with the din waist funerary objects. Burial try clamor of the fastest speed and strength out of the dick and then inserted.

He instinctively understand what a woman needs at this time, not gentle, not careful, not slowly, but violence violent, it is the power and pleasure. Burial with Kakitsubata clamor stormed the Yuxianyusi realm, she seemed to be asked in the cloud, the world is really no longer exists, waves of pleasure began to gush, she seemed infinite love that feeling, insisted very moving forward cater to her upper body straightened, a elbow support the body, such as snakes tongue and tongue entangled din funerary objects, given the other hand hug his neck.

Know a more intense pleasure Pikong come, she felt suffocated fuzzy feel myself suddenly soft down, no longer support it down, and then feel clamor clay image of semen Xunji shot in their vagina, hot. Among the blur, actually there is a sense of happiness welled in. This is a woman’s happiness, to accept fully the wild completely not happy after frolicking in the bedroom of any moral restraint. These are the former white-hui can not give her.

Kakitsubata limp in the big bed, from time to time in the eye to see funerary objects and Xue Xiao Yan, Xiao funerary objects pulled from Kakitsubata dick who, with semen and Kakitsubata sexual secretion directly inserted into the mouth Xue Yan, Xue Yan half lying on the bed, against the backrest, funerary objects clamor kneeling on her, constantly in and out of her mouth, see, clamor funerary objects dick slowly become larger, a martial arts and Kennedy also strong as iron. Xiao Fu Xiashen Burial was about to lick her breasts, Xue Yan do not emit sound, and that fast.

Burial took Xue Xiao Yan, in turn, tummy Xue Yan, Jue ass from white matte finish, no party was even more delicious in the light. Burial pops clamor to this beautiful ass hit a few, with the happy sounds more like Xue Yan, Xiao funerary objects insert it, and began a more intense period of more lasting more crazy journey.

Kakitsubata woke when I saw three naked limbs twist and tangle, think of last night’s crazy, can not help a little face hot. But the whole body but can not say comfortable, like the kind of feeling, not much more, such a night, and then the waves can not be overstated. Kakitsubata like the feeling that he is no longer before the Kakitsubata up.

Chapter Five threatening letters, white Hui Xian wife would have thought that the beginning of school, quit Kakitsubata on the firm’s principal secretary has not been a day job and went back to their posts, do a regular language teachers. This trick let all the people can not figure out, including those who have doubts about the relationship between the clamor of funerary objects and Kakitsubata. They believe that only a fool would give up this job attractive. Who does not know good guarding leaders speak ah. However Kakitsubata at this time to give up this position, so that they had to cast doubt on earlier speculation: that principals and Kakitsubata not do it?

However, this is indeed Kakitsubata mind. Kakitsubata know, if you do this secretary, no doubt, is the cusp, everyone’s eyes are on it. Funerary objects from the clamor is, of course, inevitable in the office and his work, but we human eye miscellaneous, can not help but eluded capture. And her husband have their own promotion, we can not help but envy and secretly under the knife. Such a thing, more to go. So, it is better to step back. Anyway, it is not very care about such positions. This will also allow many people to dispel doubts in the performance she also urged funerary objects do not retain their own clamor, din clay image itself is gifted actor, so with the perfect, no one opened out, this is a private consultation result.

However, there is another layer of Kakitsubata worried that her husband Bai Hui. Kakitsubata though, and his wife’s burial objects clamor became sworn, very good relationship, white-hui also know that, but he still might know something she and clamor of funerary objects. When she tells this layer to worry about when the clamor of funerary objects, patted her soft white clay image clamor plump ass that worry baby, I will let her take you to my arms.

Du Ruoyi said to him: “What is bad guys, what is your bad attention?” Huan Ming’s face said to her a small saying, let Du Ruo’s powder felt homogeneous chest, Samo said: “You are bad, playing people, people also let people know how to know, you are the first big bad guy in the world.” Helping the body said badly: “Haha, you are him Send it. “Then I put the bureau, how to cheat white glow, how to cheat Zhao’s famous city, how to take Du Ruo, how to take Bai Hui, but also in Bai Hui’s family, Du Ruo, and promote them, put them Bai Hui touched out, then using Du Ruo’s hunger thirst and thoroughly conquered Du Ruo’s process detailed. Du Ruo understood that so many yin bodies were unimpeded to be he was in the ghost. Thinking of these days of madness, actually gave birth to a pleasing pleasure, hands holding the neck of the horny, slightly, gave me, give me, I want you to ask me. “Know that this woman has been completely developed, and she has fallen in love with this kind of stealing, falling in his big cock. It is no longer ambiguous, and it is pressed by Du Ruo’s body. Under the body. Although he can do a lot of tricks, he prefer the traditional posture of this male in the woman, watching this little woman twisted down, the temper is full of desire, no hypocritical morality, no ideology The depression, only physical and desires, only simple happiness. The woman under the body is the wife of others, and I will be inserted by myself. He will have a sense of accomplishment. The cock will be very hot. Du Ruo once Said, you have to melt me. The 明 器 着,,, 没有 没有 没有 没有 没有 没有 没有 没有 没有 没有 没有 没有 没有 没有 没有 没有 没有 没有

Simple and practical, one plugged in, Du Ruo gently took a breath, it seems to be easy, the legs are tight on the waist of the mandator. This man seems to have a strange magic. Every time he will send him a wave of waves. The meat stick in the body is like a thick and big and hot iron rod, come back and forth back to the long drive, rub the circle, every joint of the whole body seems to be soft, each pore is a happiness that is difficult to say.

At this moment, it is hard to die. So she doesn’t want to go to the other things, I am willing to be at this moment.

“The quick pumping of the excitement, I entered the blessing of the spring, issued a fascinating ** voice.

He looked at the woman’s enjoyment, she looked into a perfect one, her gentle and crazy combination, the sensuality pleasing pleasing. She has learned to make a deep skill, know how men are more comfortable, how to cater to just right. He gently grabbed her long hair, and another hand rubbed Du Ruo’s double milk, putting the whole body in Du Ruo, and started the last sprint. Finally, a lot of injection.

They calmed down and slept with some love.

Bai Hui came to the office a morning and found an envelope. Only computer printing words: Bai Hui. No other information. Bai Hui disassemble, a A4 paper, computer printing, written: Bai Hui, Laozi has seen your wife, 8 tons take her to the Spring City Nightclub this evening. The signature is a black tiger. White Hui secretly surprised, how did the black tiger know her wife? He knows that the boss of Xiangjiang is a famous black tiger. This person is dark, five short body, but there is a martial arts and deeply versed a number of rivers and lakes. It is very famous in the black road. It is the city of the city for 10 years. Boss, And the official relationship is also university. The spring city nightclub is his field.

Unconsciously, Bai Hui has been cold sweat. He knows what it means to bring Du Ruo to that place. But if you don’t press him, what means it means. When the six gods did not work, he thought of the principal’s mandrel. He is his own boss, and the husband of Du Ruo worships his sister, will not sit still.

He walked into the office of the mandrel, and his mandrel has secretly revealed a smile.

“Bai Hui, Is there something?” The nervous Bai Hui put his heritage. The budget has been confused, and it shows a huge amazing: “How can he know Du Ruo?

“I don’t know. I may see it on the street. When he played someone else’s wife, he didn’t hear it.” Huan Ming’s nodded, expressed his approval, and then asked: “What do you plan to do, report?” Bai Hui voice trembled: “How do you dare, he does he don’t recognize it? And if you are sin, what do you say behind him? Many people don’t know, you know more, you See you can run? “Hao Ming is waiting for this sentence, but still says,” Bai Hui, I can’t stand by, but you also know that the guy is not a one. I am also more difficult. “Bai Hui cried:” President, you must help us, I know that you have been helping me, this time I have to imagine the way. Otherwise, Du Ruo is destroyed At this time, it suddenly said to Bai Hui: “Bai Hui, how do you see me?” Bai Hui couldn’t solve it, “Well.” “Well, what did I say before? ? “” Never. ” Things, it is a life, and the black tiger who dares to be guilty. “That’s good, since this, I will raise a requirement this time. You also know, although you are also happy, but how can you not be up to Du Ruo, and our feelings are not good, you don’t miss you. We will not come once for two months. I am also a man, but I can’t, you understand it. So I want to wait for me to flatten this, you promise me to let me and Du Ruo. ” Huchuan stayed, he did not expect that the principal will present such a request. But it is difficult to get on water, he has promised, and if you don’t agree, the principal will not go. With it, let the black tiger, it is better to let the principal. So Bai Hui is a horizontal, said to the principal: “Then I have to give Du Ruo to discuss it.” It’s confused! This is something between men. How do you discuss it? In the future, how do you live in front of her? This is not available? I have arranged it.

One night after this evening, Bai Hui suddenly received a call from Zhou Yan. Said to be in the hospital.

After Bai Hui rushed to the rushing device, he was lying in bed hanging a bottle. The head is wrapped around, and there are many blood on the top. The 明 器 smiled and said: “Don’t worry, Xiaobai, I get it. I am for you, take a beer bottle.

Zhou Feng intake: “What happened?” Helifmers are impatiently said: “The man’s things are less in listening.” Zhou Feng gave birth to: “The stinky man is smashing people sooner or later.” Bai Hui This moment is thinking about it. When is he going to Du Ruo?

The homing device did not have night long dreams. The next day from the hospital, and wrapped in gauze on the evening, I went to Bai Huijia. Before this, he gave a white thing on a white.

The whole banquet seems to be grateful to the promotion and trust, but they all know that the purpose tonight is just more than another person.

Bai Hui has some souls. During the bathroom. Come back and drank a cup. He really wants to drunk himself, so as not to see the kind of scene to wait later. Du Ruo also went to the bathroom. The honesty gave him a eye. He is extremely reluctant to take out the bag of white powder from the pocket, pour in Du Ruo’s red wine. I drunk myself and drunk. Then mixed into the table. Du Ruo has already come out from the bathroom, and the red wine is said to say: “You this bastard.” And then kickly drink a cup with her, say: “Spring is a moment of money, Xiaoyu Still rest. “Then two people no matter how Bai Hui on the single sofa, hugged the waist and picked up Du Ruo, knewing her gently threw her into the big sofa, so quickly of her clothes .

On that night, Bai Hui seems to hi. I have heard the laughing of men, talking, friction, snoring, hands and skin. When he woke up, he was lying on the bed with Du Ruoguang. He can’t help but have some embarrassment, what happened yesterday, is it really what I did?

Yes, of course not Bai Hui, but Bai Hui will produce such an illusion. Because when he went to the toilet, Du Ruo came to his wine in the real distant agent. And he sent it to Du Ruo, and the story of the story is sugar.

Things have not ended. In the evening of three days, Du Ruo returned to the family and did not say, gave Bai Hui two slaps. “You are babard, then in our family, the principal is doing for me, today in his house, his wife went out, he forcibly putting me, then. Also said that it is not the first two days, we Can’t come once, you said, how do you give me a bastard? “Bai Hui stupid, he did not think that the principal did this. He is now difficult to distinguish, can he say that things now? What should Bai Hui do? [Full text]

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