Come to this company, I have been almost two years. I feel that I am so beautiful, but because I don’t have much, I have not deeply conversed, just from my colleagues, I am a few years old, married, there is Two children.

Later, gradually became more familiar, because the age will not be a lot, plus the supervisor puts us in the same project team, so many chatting opportunities, learned from the colleagues, knowing her husband in these years, almost noisy last year Divorce, and so she has not sexually lived with her husband. How can this thirty young woman don’t stand for a long time? I always want to get close to her, I want to nourish her almost dry little hole ….

In the beginning of last month, the company has a celebration, she followed another colleague to be assigned, seeing him twisting the little waist, lips slightly, born with a child’s hip, which is more tempting, then The eye of the music rhythm, revealing the temptation of sexual hunger, unconsciously, my soul is rumored to sway, she is the gesture, let me rush to the toilet after driving the jump. , My heart is in the dark dish, I must go to Hin!

After the celebration, I often borrowed her to discuss the group’s things, and I often got her at noon. For my invitation, she never refused, even in the last two weeks, she would deliberately stayed overtime. The closer distance from me, the closer the distance, slowly add some limbs, harm me every day, I want to hit her pistol, have a few times, I want to do it, I want to do it, I If he is awake, he will be willing to be.

On the five days, we left overtime, and there were only two of our office. She ran to sit on my next door, discuss it for a while, the theme was transferred from the official, I asked her to her husband Is there a better thing, she said that her husband is still entangled with others, I asked her: Can you ask you a relatively private problem?

She said: You ask!

I asked her: Do you have sex with your husband?

Her face is shy red: How to ask people this kind of question I stare at her, she slowly said: I haven’t been there.

I then asked her again. How can I get a woman to achieve sex?

Her head is lower, I certainly win the chasing: You taught me, I have no experience!

I said: What should I use?

At this time, I sat there quietly. I didn’t take the next time. I seem to wait for my further action. I looked at her shoulder, I thought it was almost ten o’clock. The office should not be coming back, just right. Didn’t have loved in the office, today is God giving me an opportunity, but I think, last week is more than ten o’clock, the madman Wang Manager also comes back to take the next day’s conference information, think about it, don’t take this dangerous So I traced the shame of Hinji with hands, telling her: Next time you have to teach me, she is shy, I nodded …

Today, the supervisor told us to go to Tianmu to make a customer to report, just another group member please sick, I think, it is today, and the old man is reminding me. After departing from the company, I put my hand on the car in the thumb, the thumb, and what is more exciting? She didn’t push my hand away. When we went to the customer, we did a perfect report. After signing the contract, we were happy to bid farewell to the customer. On the car, Xin Hao was very excited, I said: Xinxin蕙, you have a good idea today, go back the manager must be happy to die, come to hug!

She actually rushed over, not only hug me, still in my neck. I think, I will be hot, the opportunity is to keep the people who are ready, so I said: Today is really tired, getting the hot spring in Yangming Mountain is good?

Hin 蕙: Which is hot in hot spa?

I said: Do a lot of things is nothing to do with the weather.

At this time, Xin Hui’s eyes showed a sensual temptation in an instant. He nodded.

On the side of the car, I opened the Yang Ming Mountain. I found a hot spring in my heart. I searched for a while. I remembered that I only had a hot spring suites. I decided to let Xinhu avoid it.

After getting a hot spring hotel, after I took the key, I was tight after I was tight, I was completely a feeling of opening a room in the hotel, especially I have never got married women, such a sexual fantasy, I don’t know what I have made me. How many guns have been played today, today, today, I have to dream!

I opened the room, I was scared to say. How do you have a bathtub!

I didn’t say a word at this time. I started to worry, will I fail today? So I said .. You are so booked!

Xin Hui took off the jacket, from the shirt, I saw that she was wearing a red bra today, she said: There is no place in the bathroom, I am going off here, you turn your face. I turned my face, thinking, she took off this way, if she is not successful today, I will sway the palace. As the bathroom came back, my younger brother also tall along with the spa symphony, I asked her. How long have you been washed, too late to go back to the manager.

She said: I asked if I asked. The bathtub is big?

Xin Hui actually replied: two people should be able to listen, immediately take off the only one underwear, the testive rotating bathroom door, wow, no lock, heart, Xin, I will let you wait too long NS.

The door opened a sewing, I slipped in, the fog in the bathroom, Xin Hui seems to look at me with a surprised expression that is put out, I said: Save time!

I slowly entered the bathtub, Xin Hui was only whisper: Don’t look at it! I thought, of course, I won’t be chaotic, this kind of good opportunity, I must see it, and not just watch … Through the water surface, she has a lot of tits, and then look at it, then look down, wow, yin, long incapacity float in the water, oh, God, I have tolerated today In the past, I must be sexual. I deliberately poured water on her face, the old trick in this movie, the handful of the way, then I also splash my water, I said: I hid into the water, you can’t splash!

After finishing, I took a deep breath, I went into the water, slowly took the head to the chest of Hinju, greedily included the cherry nipple, gave birth to two children, the nipples also took a touch of pink pink It is really not simple, there is no way in the water, there is no way, I rushed out of the water in a flash, I didn’t push me away, I said: Xin Hui, last time you said that you want to teach me some Things, remember?

Xin Hui didn’t know that it was too hot, it was still shy, or the Spring heart was ripple, the cheeks were red. I said: Good hot, I deliberately stand up and breathe, the younger brother just next to her face, Xinchen did not escape, so I slowly put my mysterflake to her, the oil-bright glans teasing Her fresh lower lips, slowly went to her two lips, I can’t help but I can’t help it, open the cherry little mouth, contain my yaw, with the end, the kind of greed, I am sure to wait a certain Will be more crazy, the skill of Xinhu is really not covered, when it is fast, the fiber-optic jade is dial with my egg, I am intoxicated, I want to look at her expression, I didn’t expect Xinyang. Good, look at me with the naughty eyes, it is the same as the four eyes, that kind of visual pleasure, look at my yin, I will be in the lipron, I really doubt this is not a game. Dream.

At this time, I was completely liberated. Her hips were oscillated forward and behind, completely cooperated with my entrance, in order to give her a stronger excitement, I deliberately moved against her, so it can hit her more hard to hit her, let Yin The eyelashes are completely topped to the cervix. Suddenly, I am shooting between a mad, I am shot, and I seem to have not met, my hands stretched back to pull my hand, still oscillate her beautiful buttocks. Let her holes continue to be met. God! After ejaculation, it is like being climbed by thousands of ants. I am rushing to hug her waist. I don’t let her continue. At this time, I actually protest: Hello, I am satisfied, I am satisfied. I want, I am joke, I have so easy to let you go, I said: Xin Hui, I know that you are hungry for a long time, this is just appetizer!

You should count! He said that there was a small mouth that had just contracted me.

I will continue to ask her: What do you solve physiological needs?

She said: I have a rubber, occasionally in the toilet in the office, but I feel too much with today! Said, Xin Hui actually reached out my hookes and took a deep breath.

I haven’t smoked her for a long time. This kind of picture is too excited. Before a few hours, Xin Hui still wearing a neat set of elegant OL, now only wrapped a bath towel, smoke in front of me, this kind of conflictive scene, make me Identally excited.

I took the hair of Xinli, slowly slipped to the chest, gently and shook it, and took her over the bed and gently licked the two cherries, really Soft soft tits, kiss it in the cleans, I haven’t watched the beauty of Hinji, my tongue is gently licking on her hairy. At this time, the waist of Xinyang suddenly It is like being treated. I will detect it again. Xinyang’s hammer is really, but it is very dense, but it is very neat, it looks very sexy, then look at her labia, completely unlike life After a child, I will know very little to make love. I use the index finger to play with the yinki of Xinyang, and then slowly open the tempting labie, the index finger, slowly slide into her vagina together, come back Delivery fifth, stretched out, Xihu’s prostitutes have dropped from my fingertips, and I am very beautiful in this world. How can I miss it. I first use the tip of the tongue in the jerotto of Xinyang, from slow, and then I accidentally slammed her labiaries: Oh! Xin Hui called out, I will continue to lick her beauty, the more the thighs of Xinyang, the tightening, the lascivious water is constantly flowing out from the vagina, the taste of the strange taste, the smell is crazy, I want to make love, I certain I received a single collection, I looked at Xinyang, at this time, her teeth were bite the lower lips, constantly emit um … um … um … 呻吟. Xin Hui suddenly reached on me to pick up, I feel that she seems to want to play my yin, I moved it up, my mouth is still sucking the beautiful hole, I didn’t expect Xinyang to move the head to my lower body. , Wow, enough, she actually wants to come to a 69 style, be crazy, come crazy enough today, I think.

Hinki is more greedy, I am more greedy, as long as I use her points, she will immediately use my body eyelashes, God! More enjoyable than just in the bathroom, this is the most comfortable blowjob in history. We use a 69-style mouth to make each other ten minutes. My yaw seems to be burst, I want to shoot in her mouth, but I am afraid She felt that I metamorphosis, so I stopped the action, I lie in bed, at this time, Xin Hui’s hole is already flooding, and the two labians have risen. I originally wanted to take a break. I didn’t expect Xinjia’s legs. The hole is swaying in the temptation above my glans. Xin Hui slowly plugged in, oh …. It is a feeling of wet and hot, and I will let me find it once. My yin, she started to swing up and down, her hands still smashed her own tits, I would have to make love with you later, promise me?

I have to joke, but I am deliberately said: It depends on your performance. She is open. I have to go to me. The beautiful buttocks continue to swing. Two soft tits will come back to the chest. I want you to surrender, and I said.

Her speed is getting faster and faster, and the sound is getting bigger and bigger, so I showed that she was suspended, turned over and lying in bed, lifting her a white thigh, let my yin’s eyelashes, entering the Side Body, I will send it back and forth in a three-shot, because I want to be fascinated with me once, I will be addicted to me once, so this time I have to use my heart, the side posture is maintained for about five minutes. , There are too many prostitutes, she suddenly asked. I am not very wet?

I said: flooding into the disasters said: I don’t believe, I will pull the brother and rely on her face.

You look at it yourself, it’s full of yourself, I didn’t expect her mouth to put my maschalas, and they were swallowed back and went straight to see me.

You look, no! God, it is too wave!

Taking nearly a minute of idle gear, I just almost shot, now it is full of fighting, this time I decided to have a bumper, I turned it over again, I still like dog crawled, hands light Holding the waist of Hinju, the yin is still easy to plug in, this time I no longer use three shallow depths, saying that it is a bit late, I have to get the bottom, I can I strongly feel that I have to get to the cervix. As I speed up, I moved to Xihu’s tits, while I was mad, and she called the wild .. I still want, then Deep a little, just a little ….

She holds her hand, one hand grabs my hand, I am trying to smash the tits.

I can’t do it, I surrendered. Xin Hao pleaded down. I think, I have not surrendered. I still quickly enter and out of the vagina, she is still crazy, I took her asked her: I would like to make love with me next time?

To … of course …. she says.

when? I will continue to ask.

You … think about … when you are ………………………………………..

She seems to have to collapse, I also a hot flow of my brain, shot, I asked Hin: Let me shoot in your mouth?

She didn’t answer, probably not speaking, I pulled out the macarishes at the last moment, I was inserted into her cherry in my mouth. I took it in her mouth, I will continue to come back and fly, Xinhu I also carefully swallowed my semen, that kind of feeling, like it is in paradise …. I went to the bathroom to wash a bath, I don’t want to be my fixed partner, and confidential for me?

Really, how can she talk to me every time, I am willing to be willing! I said, I’m always satisfied with the position.

After bathing, we wore the neat costumes of the city, and watched the neat suit. I pulled her, I said: Xin Hui, I will give you a surprise!

I pulled her back to the dressing table, told her back to me, I said: No matter what happened, you can’t open your eyes!

She nod carefully.

I took the narrow skirt of Xinyang, through her red, with lace underwear, gently carefully carefully carefully carefully carefully carefully, and wet, I took the underwear of Xinyang to pull down, she got a little resistance, I said: I want to give you a surprise!

So she will no longer resist it. I deliberately take her underwear to the knee, then I opened my zipper, took out my hard yaw, and then inserted the slippery hole of Xinyang, one is a woman wearing neat suit, one is Wearing a neat suit, a man in a tie, so standing next to the makeup table, and what is more exciting? Xin Hui quickly entered the situation, and I started gently, but I thought about it for nearly five minutes this time, I didn’t let him shoot, staying on the green hill! Anyway, Hining has promised me, and I can do it at any time.

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