The younger brother, I have been boring, I ran to a beef farm, but I have experienced a strange experience, so I wrote down with everyone.

Friends living in Kaohsiung, Tainan, may have heard of even the theater! It is located on the roadside of Kaohsiung Road. I was really boring this day, so I killed thousands of people to go to the country to see that the quite boring strip show.

At around 2:200 pm, I finally came to the entrance of Wan Guo, watch a little thirty point in the opening time, and I went to buy a bottle of drinks, and then I was a ticket entry. (I haven’t sneaked it out)

After entering, there is a lot of books with the Tainan Big Song (PS. Tainan Big Songs seems to be suspended, because the police officer is too tight, it has not seen the head SO …), it is to do the beef field today Almost (PS. Now make a movie today). One row of fixed seats, coupled with a bit high stage, as well as a row of lights on the front of the stage (PS. Why do you come to the back? If you don’t understand, you will know it), everything is normal.

After entering, I found a second row of seats to sit down and started to sweep the scene of the scene. Sitting surrounded by some people, the level seems to be quite low, and the age is not small, oh, a few, there are a few in the middle. There are also a bit like office workers. Of course, my purpose is not to make a census, which people are watching. The main thing is of course, there is no stripe! Fortunately, there is no yeah! (Of course, there is no! If there is anything that will tell everyone!) Hey! It seems that there is a wonderful look today!

I closed my eyes and wait for the good play. However, after a long time, it was a bit drowsy, why didn’t you start. The scene seems to be filled with an irritating atmosphere, and some people seem to have a lot of people. Ugh! It’s hard to keep a hurt, it will not be played! Is it difficult to say that because the stripes know that they can’t be played, I didn’t come to the whistle? I can’t help but think about it.

However, these doubts are not too long, and the host will come out.

‘ㄝ ~~ everyone’s good afternoon! Hello everyone! Today, I will stop power because I will stop. . ‘

‘米 A! Wheat stop! Amo loves! ‘Some people in the audience have been dissatisfied.

‘Ah! Your wheat is lost! I haven’t finished it yet! ‘(PS. It is too tired to make a table, I will change Mandarin.)

‘Na Guo Taipower is temporarily notified today! The boss that even passing the theater, saying that there is a friend who has a far away, don’t let him talk, (like I am), I will go to rent the motor! So everyone can watch today! ‘

‘喔 ~ An ㄋㄟ! ‘

‘right! But wait a moment, ah, the generator is picking up! ‘

fine! fine! I almost didn’t see it! Anyway, I have to see, not bad.

I have been ten points, the show has not started, the air conditioning light suddenly gone!

‘ㄝ ~~ Par! Because the generator is still not connected, it is a little later! Ah, there will be, I will have no cold at the time! Because the generator is not big enough, only enough lights! So, please forgive! Ah, the show, I try to put him “下”, so you can see you cool! Ah, no cold, cool! ‘

‘what! Ok! Ok! Open a little! ‘

‘what! OK! It’s just good! ‘

It is about five minutes, and finally the stage lights up! However, only a few fluorescent lamps are bright.

‘ㄝ ~ Dear friends, now, because the generator is not fully connected, only the fluorescent lamp can be bright, don’t let you wait too long, so do you open it first? ‘

‘Good! Ok! ‘Most people are a bit impatient.

‘Anzhen! Come! Open! ‘

The music sounds, a woman who is about two dozens, wearing a stuck in the clothing, singing while singing. The light is not bright enough, the girl is dark, and there is really nothing. After a while, a song came out and the host came out.

‘ㄝ ~ Then sing the next one, the audience is waiting for too long, so let everyone cool down! ‘

The girl didn’t comment, and the music came again together!

General show, usually one person must sing three songs, and to the third day to say that there is a glasses, so I want to have a wonderful yet.

However, this time is not the same! The girl sang half, suddenly walked into the background, I haven’t figured out that she is going out before she wants to do it. Digle! Nosebleed! The girl actually hangs! I am very unexpectedly, I quickly told it carefully. In the Tainan Big Song Hall, there is also a small trousers that wear the pot almost transparent, this is actually naked!

But oh, the light is dark. No matter what I try again, I can only see that her body is not bad, the skin, the long phase can not see it. Digle! Rotten power! Dead power! Nothing to choose today! Dig!

Soon a song ended, the girlfriend will not go back to the background. Then the host came out again.

‘Par! Look without Taiming! I can’t expect it, I can’t stop it. I can’t stop it! Everyone will look at it! it is good! The next one is Miss Mi Mi! Bring a one. . . ‘

Digle! I look at the flowers in the fog, and I am willing to waste a few hundred. LinLausley ….. The second girl, the same two songs, also take off light. However, it is unclear. The heart is murder, suddenly the light is still interesting!

For a while, the host came in again.

‘I am rude! The fuse of the generator is burned! Everyone will wait a little, and I will change it immediately! ‘

Hey ~~ How is this! Seeing a show is also solarmed!

There is a bunch of viewers can’t help but squeeze in the export to refund. The boss will apologize with the boss and then change the ticket to those who can’t go.

Hey ~ Do I want to check the ticket? . . . Anyway, go back and nothing, then wait a minute!

The audience of the theater is probably only half of the original, everyone is not closed, it is a leisurely, waiting for the endless show.

After about twenty minutes, I was sick, the sound sent a sound, and the electricity was finally there! The rest of the audience quickly shut down.

However, it is bloted, there is still only a fluorescent lamp. Hey ~~~ It’s a kind ~~

The music is together, the girl has been luminous and singing! Unfortunately ~~ ~~ If there is a nightview mirror!

At this time, the host did not know where to come out, and put a flashlight with a small sunlight.

So speaking, the host took a flashlight with a small sun, and the girl who took off was asked for some songs. After the host walked to the girl, the small sunlight lit up, and the hand got the girl’s cross!

I was immediately turning on the spot. Because the girl sings, the legs are fine, and the lights under the cross are just the most privacy of the girl. The girl is still unknown! I have been going to the girl, and my hips tougee it a little. I suddenly surprised!

The girl is going to play the host, the host rushed: ‘ㄝ ~ ㄝ ~ ㄝ ~ ㄆㄚ \ ‘

Said that the scripture is clear, take the small light lamp to the front, this is more clear!

‘Ha ha. . It seems to be on the water frog! You x Le! I am absolutely not a six lottery this month! In this way, stabilize the bar! I heard that I came here to come here to “ㄛ ㄛ”, I played a mahjong lost 10,000 yesterday, I also looked at the water frog today, stabilized for a month. X! ‘

The girl sings songs to go back to the background, and the host hits her.

‘Hey! Come here! Wheat is tight! Go to the front! ‘

The girl is very cooperative. Before going back to the stage, a small railing before going to the stage, open the two legs, and sway the ass. I finally knew that Liu Wenzheng will swear the butt, which is learned from here!

Moderator, the hand takes a small sun light deep to the girl to cross the next photo, this is really a strange scene! The light is that the pot little honey, as if seeing a shiny hole flying on the dark stage. As the girl swings hips, the little lips are slightly tight, and it seems to be ashamed, and the heart is in the hearts of all men.

The girl was exhibited by the left to right, and after the audience of each corner, he went to the table. Then there is another girl, going to stage. As usual, the singing of the second song was taken off, and the host came on the stage and took the cute flashlight. Just when he got the flashlight to all the most hoped positions of all the audience, suddenly came from a crisp!

It turned out to be the girl to enjoy him!

‘X!系 巴 ㄒ ㄠ /! ‘The host cursed. ‘This is the boss of the theater, you are doing small! ‘After finishing the sunlight.

“Hey! Hey!” This host was held in the palm of the Pakistan!

‘X! ‘The host is very helpless to say’ Mo Gift! This is a big brand, ㄏㄧ ㄠ / 要 死, I am not in the eyes! ‘

Digle! Depend on! This girl is in front of the previous points, actually can only stand, I can’t see it! If you have a long positive, you don’t have a good look.唉 ~~~

It’s dim, I really use it very much, I can only appreciate her body, even if the skin is good, I can’t see it. Hey ~~~ I am so weak!

Not long after another change, it is also taken off, but this girl is working with the host. When you say this, you don’t say that both legs are all, just shake it.

‘ㄝㄝ ㄝ! Please, your Gy Mao is dialing, ㄏㄡ ~~ That hairy, long too long! “Kang” is also covered! (PS. Cave cover) ‘

The girl actually cooperated, putting the long and micro-roll of grilled two sides, showing the biased coffee color B. Then display the parties again in a way out again. Wow! This also felt that it was not false.

The next girl is then playing again. When she came to the stage, I felt familiar, it seems to be seen. Leave and right, finally gave me it! Isn’t she performed at the Tainan Big Song Hall? Last date, her performance was still in the east, and the long appearance was good, it is itchy, I didn’t expect it here again! what! The last time I installed the pair of pure conservatives, which is still not taken off here.

However, she seems to be the big show, the host wants to “use water wow”, I don’t give it to the host, I always feel that it seems a bit of a beautiful. However, I also let me know something, even be a beef field, the long-term body is still good or her benefits, you can take a pretty pleasure. Because this show, if you don’t have a good girl, it is probably no one wants to see. They love to take pretty, host, boss. The beautiful girl has stepped down, the host has come again.

‘ㄝ ~ Distinguished audience! Next, give you a good look, wonderful! The only one is a big card, can’t take, see unhappy. It’s ok! Next, my name is Lili perform some special! Guarantee! Relie! ‘

The sound of the music starts again, and a girl sang and came out. I carefully and evaluate it, I feel that it is really not inferior to the front of the girl, but the song is rotten. However, it is true, the dissipation of drunks is not in the wine, and it is not a candidate to be a singer. Who can sing well. What is important is that the long-term body is first-class, this is quite enough.

As before, the second singing to half, has taken off the light from the background. She also watched his ass to all angles, showing her slightly, the little lips slightly revealed, seeing me is not excited!

The host is very smooth, take the sunlight from the head to the end, let us see cool. The girl sings songs and wanted to return to the background, and the host quickly shouted her.

‘ㄝ ~ “Decree Kryler”! Why do you perform your stunts, I have said to the audience, I have to give them some special. Why have you give a face, show it! ‘

The girl was a host, but she was still very working back to the stage.

‘”Dakirle”! I am ready! Dear friends, look carefully! The eyes are temporarily stopped, otherwise you can’t see it! This is a special performance, it will not never come! ‘

I listened to this, he was half a trip, but it also concentrated on the attention.

The girl got him, then. . . . Wow! Hold your legs! This is really difficult to move, and it’s really giving back to the audience!

The girl’s small hole, with a slight opening with the legs again and again. But this is to be like me, and the eyesight sharp talents can be careful!

When I got to my face, I saw it when I lifted my leg. Suddenly the scene light is bright, and the row of the lights on the front of the stage suddenly bright! This is just that I have a clear two, and even when I raise my legs, I also see that the secretions in her small governments are slightly bright, flashing. The small cloudy lip is a black box, which is also seen. Sudden body blood, it seems that all blood is concentrated on both eyes. I guess my eyes, I must be full of blood!

Super concentrated attention, makes the objects seen by the line of sights have an enlarged effect, seemed to see the flash in the micro-small hole, when she is already showing every angle, I can’t see it clearly. This strange scene has been repeated.

This is really straight back to the fare, waiting for hard waiting, finally has returned. Next, although the big name refuses to come to the Taiwan front legs. But I don’t care, anyway, I haven’t suffered. More must be mentioned, the boss sang in this girl, sent two boxes of ice oolong tea, one can of each audience, thirst. This is probably not only one!

After this girl is taking off the show, the host will go up again.

‘ㄝ ~ Every audience, today’s performance is over! But oh, I want to give back to everyone! Everyone is so hard, no air conditioning light is not good, and I still do so. I can’t see it in front of it, it doesn’t matter! I now teach them all once again. Once one, the performance is thorough to everyone, indicating that our sincerity! ‘

“Hey!” “There was a man in the audience. This is really a big value!

Next, the music then puts up, and the girl is in one. Then go to the stage, cross your legs on the railing, sway your hips, showcase their small points. I can see it clear this time! In addition to having a long ugly ugly, the other girl is still good. (ps. I am not intended to advertise it, just write down the time, if you are not satisfied, don’t flattened me)

Of course, that important part is also clear! A full naked girl, showing you, this experience is still ahead, of course — cool!

The above is my beef field adventure! Maybe someone feels very bored! But I think it is very interesting. I don’t want to be flat!

Some people may see “Adventures” will think that there is “ambassador”, that is not what I want to deceive you, I really can’t find a better word, I have to use “adventure”!

Does anyone are interested in watching show! Remember to find me!

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